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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss Russia, Canada, and alternative food sources. In honor of George Washington’s birthday, Glenn shares some lessons from Washington that can apply today in the fight for our country. Host of "The Way I Heard It" and "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe joins Glenn to discuss the current state of America regarding COVID and the unemployment rate.

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Hey great podcast, today, four year we celebrate Washington's birthday with a little story that I think everybody gets wrong. We also talk about what's happening in Russia. I dont know what's happened, in russia- don't worry there just robbing the front room in the living room, but those are pro burglar rooms. So it's gonna be fine and no one in the only micro joins us. We should subscribe and rate and review the pot cast as well as students Amerika both available right here on Iraq has put form and don't worry to subscribe to blaze, tv at least tv dot com, a slash, Glenda Promo Code is Glenda, see ten vice chairs the package
you can t explain to Americans what exactly will they face if this happens? the president on vat in his speech, We are aware that again when America stands for half an hour, the things that we hold dear Claire, sometimes for for us to put ourselves out there, in a way that maybe we will incur some cost and in this situation, that may relate to energy costs. Now, ok, are we are taking very specific, at any rate I believe so mitigate. You know the little people are going to have to pay the costs of this, and you know it just darn it. It happens to be found.
fossil fuels. Ah, my dear where, but we're going for a principle shut up you don't even know what our principles are. I'm tired of you talking about our principles because you did spies american principles, yes you'd! Yes, you do, and I am stooge, who said to be a minute ago, I'm offended by them using the word principles Vader who dead I they have none, none. They have none. So Ray is joining us here from Pat Gray unleashed patter of you saw not on it is energy, going up now because of what what we're doing with Putin but FF murmurs yesterday, they came out with the cost of just the the inn. priests of cost of running a farm, and that's it
for farmers, but really I'm glad it doesn't affect us as only the family, and I feel bad for the farmer yeah yeah by, but this will be fine for us, yet we find a contract labour up. Forty one point one forty five point: one percent fertile iser this charge, Eighteen, fertilizer, that that most farmers use this last weekend, it was reported, is going up three hundred percent. Why? Because the next thing: LP gas, twenty two: hundred and twenty six point. Seven percent increase maintenance. is eighty nine percent increase seeds. Thirty. Sent, increase insurance, thirty three percent increase, so what are they going to eat all that cost over? Yet I gotta it'll be earlier there, so rare Jia. Can do any this. I'm telling you support your
local farmers support your local farmers. Let me show you something I found in costs go going being in costs. Go. Give me this. This is sought, thought I was a misprint, actually ask the butcher that can't be right Those two stakes are ninety nine dollars. This steak is What does it say? There are two hundred and twenty one dollars. It leads not where you is its wag, who it is yoga, but tuner twenty one dog us alive for one staying ones takes out of access at all about it. I looked at me and I will stop. Pound is like a hundred and eighty dollars a pound or some now it's two hundred and twenty one dollars about Thou, o, ok, yeah, ok, so it's it's gone up, just a low rubbing buying! not as many of those years. I usually do. I'm telling you you're gonna. Do you are they have you noticed this put over bug lenient by yachting is big. It is Couple years now they ve been hammering that bugs or below
a protein there. So you know I love you put him in some olive oil or deregulation. Everybody keeps laugh about a weird for not wanting to eat. Them. He's got attitude. Yes, it is. Yes, we are laughing because it's completely ridiculous. Americans are gonna eat, but the Americans will lead bugs. If that's the only that feeling you have listened to this. So there is a Trans transition period that may brutal to some That's why we have to harness the economic, productive productivity through nature. based solutions. This is a quote from a new look out by Charles Natural Schwab. Klaus Schwab Klaus Schwab is the leader of the great reset, so he but this out any said You know we have to have nature based solutions, because things are gonna be too expensive. That's why we ll have alternative food protein sources like being,
and bugs sterile. You eat them buys yeah yeah, be my set in people have got to wake up if they think that is all a joke. They think that that's too crazy to happen. What hasn't been too crazy. That has happened recently and look at the farm increases you're talkin about their their cost of doing business and putting him harrowing. Craw pudding amount paid out not a business if they dont razor pray? Well, there you have to raise the price except for corn in Iowa, which I guess has really fertile land there saying now because of the price of Fertilizer going up we will have a fool. Eighty per cent yield of what we normally have forty percent yield. That's not good! That's not good!
That's not good sub optimal he'd call your high. I would, and then you have what's going on wheeled out far. I gotta fill a lot about how really hate to get the emotions yeah. I know it's like back us in our what its appropriate in this instance. I think I think so. Then you go to the banks and I just like to again remind you: what can it made permanent yesterday. The government's new directive called emergency economic measures, order the order says of the banks and other financial entities like credit unions, CO, ops, loan companies, trust crypto, currency platforms and insurance companies must stop providing any financial or related services to end one associated with the protest up in Canada. that's frozen account, stranded, money cancelled credit cards are going to show you some stuff that they're doing up. They made this permanent yesterday they extended thee
The emergency order yesterday, but there's a reason why they did it in its it's brilliant: it's either. but it's brilliant, I mean that the view are going to impoverish people who stand up against things yeah and their dirt taking away the already come confiscated the trucks from the truckers yeah. In Ottawa and with glee and their auctioning in them. Now they're going to auction the mafia debts, the same asset. Forfeiture thing that's going on here here in the United States. There is no trial now than a trial in charge. Most have now have not been charged, know anything no. They. When been arrested. They haven't jail for the most part there are. Few of them did, but they ve haven't, been convicted of anything housing. It's only after you been convicted of something. Should your ill gotten booty be sold off if it was ill gotten, but even when their trucks are ill gotten, even though we ve left that, then train in the station a long long time. A long time ago, people don't understand. Asset
our future happens a lot here in Amerika it does and it just and again the F b I seized almost a million dollars this family, and this was it a case of driving around with cash in their car. They seized it from their bank accounts and took a why make two eight hundred and ninety two thousand dollars to be specific or wait y know started to investigate them. The bureau took funds from every corner of the world. Including Amy's savings that she wrapped up after decades of practicing as an attorney, and ages showed up their home, inform them that They were under investigation for allegedly depriving Amazon of their honest services play what what are you, in plain terms. The accused, Karl, the husband of showing
favoured a certain developers and securing them deals in exchange for illegal kickbacks, and he Is that never happened and its Actually why I thought this is long and his hard as I have, and they just seized me There are investigating him for this aid bird. Ninety two thousand dollars from these people. they lost their home till they lost their cars there. They sued, but they haven't supposedly reached deal where supposedly they're gonna returned five hundred and twenty five, all that's big of them, but have you know this is actually the most that one in other countries of the West General out of them? Usually there just like hey what are you? I had that cash for the ratio of track, stop and must take the money still show of short. Showing us the evidence and convicting me of a crime. You can Take your money. You know it is on constitutional to do what they're doing over and over and over at its people, just go
understand this. It's coming for every one? Yes, if you nobody safe on these step out of line it will, I mean I can t and ran Paul are trying to bring up there there bill that they tried to get past under trump limit. Emergency powers limit the emergency powers, where They couldn't get it under tromp vase think, maybe they can get it now? I don't think so. I don't think you're not gonna limit emergency powers on these guys it, but then, so. Congress should be doing and it's not, just emergency powers true dough invoked emergency powers, because he could answer He did any said. It's gonna be temporary really. Yesterday they voted in parliament to extend it? Give it its stamp of appeal,
first just got first chance: they gotta extended earth chance. They got now. They used a trick and I'll tell you about that trick here in just a minute, but do you think Our government is beyond a trick. Men of all they have to do they already. He just enacted vs G, there their finance minister, like our Treasury department, they are. As a member of the board, counselor something for E s. G in Canada in Canada She is a board member of the World Economic forum on the great reset so she's all on board. All Trudeau had to do was say you go ahead, just a nap that. we're just gonna do it through emergency powers. But this is what it's about. This is what's coming in you can't seem to get any
Eighty two really care or act I think there are. I think people dont know what to do. I well! That's it you're! That's true! I mean look at you. You ve been talking about taking your money out of the big banks for a while, but in doing that. Wouldn't protect you against this type of thing. No, that's why you, but you get to the crypto currency world, and then you see what they're trying to do to cripple currency and candid other train of know how Frida Bitcoin account anything. You can necessarily do that logic. They closely off ramps. Yeah right, You wind up there with your money in some exchange and they go through the exchange to shut it down and deny access to the funds that you have a mad at him. They're doing, every they can to control every little bit of your life. Meanwhile, look this up. doing the Hamilton project. The FED in Boston, is in charge of the new digital currency and it's called the Hem to project the guy who wanted the first central bank? The first Bank of the United States.
And their working with MIT and what's interest, it is. They said that they didn't want to work through blockchain because as they needed more transparency than that well, I'm sure, but a blockchain is every every trends action is publicly posted, how much more and much more its parents? He could you possibly need, I dont know be able to Nor does it make sure that it can turn it on an author anybody. They want to know exactly what people are doing, what they ve shown pretty much, whether they can get a hold of the blockchain funds haven't they the FBI, has, has done that already and cut him. Ok, now people's money yeah that myth, they just had a three point: six billion dollar I mean I don't know what I dont know what people think tyranny looks like more than
taking everything you only have to say that I mean you didn't go, buy food, you can't get a job. I don't know what you're waiting for what one Delano you borrow your car lawyer. Tyranny adds tyranny and looking at the story, whether from Pat two years, they charge them in two years right to have they charged and honest a million dollar seventy on. Have they charged anybody in error. Everybody in January, six are all those what's going on Lattimer still way a year and a half their you're. Listening to the best of the Glenda Programme. I am surrounded by family of people who have their life back because of relief factor, I'm one of them. I was in pained and got to
point where I just couldn't: do it anymore, else, feel like you know, I just I can't get up another day. We have a life that because of relief factor, not a television, commercial. It's it's a group of real people with real results that had real pain. Try yourself, really factor! This when he started completely bald, look at him doesn't doing for your hair, but it will help you get out of paying give it a shot tried a three week. Quick start doesn't work move on, but we're here to tell you it works relief. Not come yesterday was president's David. Today is actually George Washington's birthday opposed to celebrate all presidents, but when I was grow up. It was Lincoln that we celebrated Washington. I brought a couple of things in
This is the key to the box number seven. It Ford's theatre occupied by President Lincoln the night of his assassination April. Fourteen eighteen, sixty five, that's the key that opened that George. This is the bloody com that was taken from you could see the on the other side. Actually, you can see the bloodstains on this cough as what he was wearing that night. You can see some of the stains through it. This is the door handle of his house. and everybody who sees us like kind, just touch the door handle yeah. Of course you can. I asked you about: you can do it for us. We tell you the three after you: do it obviously exactly right, so amazing is an incredible now I get back that key already. We start here, though,
I want to talk to you a little bit about this and this is from George Washington today George Washington's birthday and Eve You're talking about how do we save our country, because we are we really of rebels? We are a country of the Boston Tea Party we were founded on questioning government were supposed to. but in the old days they used to tar and feather people. You know, you'd, be You rarely died from your run of the mill, tar and feathering you really. If they wanted to kill you tar and feathers, they could be Vienna a could do it dipping you in tar, but If they wish do dead, usually they just wanted to make an example. This was the case with the guy that you ve probably never heard of Robert Johnson and it
happened on September. Eleventh Seventeen. Ninety one so Hamilton had passed his whisky tax. And ass, taxing all the whisky and like wait a minute John, send was writing his usual tax collection rout when he was surrounded by eleven women. He thought but they were actually eleven men in women's clothing, vase dripped him naked tartan, feathered. Him took his horse and left him in the forest, but he didn't die and they didn't want him to die. they wanted his scars to be a warning to every tax collector in the region. If you try to, like this tax on whisky, we'll make your. Life a living hell, so he recalled There's an Johnson issues, a warrant for the rest of two of his assailants who he recognized. You know even dressed ass, a woman, some guy
Can't pull it off, I guess. Unfortunately, the man delivering the warrants was also tarred and feathered and left tied to a tree John. and did exactly what they wanted. He quit the tax collecting business after that. The violence, just got, worse and worse, and anyone with any connection to tax collection was a target either the collectors, wives and children's. it sounds a little like sounds a little what truth always doing: anyone even associated you can lose everything well The people in Pennsylvania was western Pennsylvania. Divided under the regime of the rebellion it was a revolt. There was up up ending. Ever but he's lives, but they they I didn't like the whisky tax and they looked for leadership.
that's. When George Washington wrote this letter, he tasks General Henry Lee with leading. twelve hundred men a militia to Wash the rebellion in western Pennsylvania now, I have heard this story a million times. I heard it in school, and I hear it all the time. I hear one of two things I hear Joe Washington. Yeah tell me Washington in the whisky tax in factor. that just last week for Michael Malice, tell me about a benevolent government with a whiskey taxed, and he just say that last Friday did Ya you that shows, you don't understand the story of Washington in the whisky tax. I have also heard you know from the others. These are really bad guys. They were just so violent and horrible and they all data to die Neither one of those are true. In this letter, in my hand,
Washington laid out his expectations for Liese army. He said first to come. Bat and subdue all those who may be found in arms in opposition to the national will and authority. Second to aid and support the civil magistrate in bringing offenders to justice, but Position of this justice belongs to the civil magistrate and let it ever be our pride and our glory to leave. The sacred deposit, their on violated, so was hoping that rounding these guys up and bringing them to justice would be enough to end the violence. He was right. the rebels scattered and the revolt ended without any further violence. Ok, but what about the whisky tax? Well I'll get there. A hundred and fifty men were tried for treason only too
met the very high standards that is outlined in our constitution, two of them were guilty. That means that they had to be executed. Washington pardoned both of them, the whisky tat, President Jefferson repealed it. Here's the thing the mobs cause, wasn't bad efforts even Washington himself thought the whisky tax was unfair and America and had been rebuilt against taxes. For thirty years, resisting taxation It was american. It used to be. Why should I people pay the government's debt. They had a point, I didn't understand. Who they were rebelling against, and they didn't understand that that's
Not the way you make friends in America, they lost their way. They got violent and that's what most people. Remember about that. The violence. You don't have to discuss the merits of of their argument of the validity of their cause. That's not what people talk about it, Either George Washington was the first to put his foot down on the neck of people or the guys we're so violent. They all should be destroyed. Well, that's not right. the story of the whisky rebellion and the reason why I am telling it to you today. Is. This is another example of Washington's leadership and Washington's credibility. He understood what was right and wrong, but he trusted the system died. Trust the system
I do trust that the people when they come to their senses will change The system. and violence d legitimate, saw a deal. Legitimize is good ideas, good intentions are forever stained by bad actions. We concept Lee walk the line between compliance and anarchy. The whole amount, can experiment hangs the balance. If we slip into mindless submission or step, and a violent rebellion we lose. Did you hear me we slip into mindless submission or Pinta violent rebellion. We lose Washington battle to those to Iraq, fires, immense discipline, discernment care.
but he knew something that I am not sure. We all know it worth doing it the right way because the it is worth saving or, let's required is to remember like he did. who he was. Who you are Hu, we are as a nation we are Boston, tea party We are not the risk they whisky rebellion, they confused, Washington set them straight. We cannot forget that by the way I have I, why look for the dark things in american history? because I think it is really important to know all the add things in american history. If we
no. The bad will be surprised. David Martin collects all the good things in american history. have looked for the bad things about George Washington. I cannot find them I can find them with a twentieth century scholar who never met them or not give me a footnote on why they think that it's just that sky dollars opinion or an opinion based on an earlier scholar, also from the twentieth century. That has no footnotes. he may have been the greatest man to ever live in America or lead a nation. And may his spirit never explode, nor be extinguished. the more we model ourselves after George Washington, the
for we are best at the Glen Bank programme. Through my mind, I'm great young look exactly the same. I hate you you're like you're, like Wesley Snipes, you never age. I thought you were gonna, go like a gordian gray. I use that at times on people and they ve been who, like now yea look. If you have to explain yeah, I, if you have to explain it analogy, if you have to explain a joke, you know You usually realise halfway through the explanation. I probably should start it's not worth it s, not worth long run for short slide, so good to see you we're in quite a different world that we were in when we feel like yeah feels like it. I wonder,
Times. You know I mean it so easy just to stare at the headlines and look at what's going on right in front of you and Klute or assumed that we are truly an unprecedented times and then you know your student of history, you look back and it doesn't take a lot of imagination to to think? Well, you know the civil war was a heck of a thing. Revolution was a big. That whoever everything right here, but I think, we're pass the end. All the sixties were kind of tumultuous eighties and sought to little bed the Seventys and they were either were left with a big ones. Well, this point we're all the stars of our own movie right, we're all the lead and our own play, we're all the protagonist in our own tragedies, and so it's it's really difficult to look around at not and not cast ourselves at the centre of all of this. We can't help it. It's the it's the fault and our stars and its also the thing I think that will inspire good men and women
to stand up and be counted, and then they are, I mean, did you leave follow what was happening up in Canada? Oh sure, workers yeah. Oh my gosh, those people there there selling off their trucks. Today, Canadians, the canadian government is starting to auction off all their trucks. They haven't been charged with it. rhyme. They haven't gone. They have court hearing nothing. You know it strikes me about all of this, and- and maybe this is somewhat of a silver lining in I kind of feel like we're about to close the the loop right when this started trucker. were right on the leading edge of heroes. Yeah they were. The definition of essentiality, yeah yeah in the course of two weeks right. They they live. We went from hero to two villain, yeah, two goat. You know and and we ve done that, though the nurses everything I've done, that with police everybody- everybody, yes, we are constantly changing the definition
words that for a long time we thought we understood, and Definitions are evolving in real time and if we question if we ask about it well look at us like a cow, looking at a new gate like what he, of course infrastructure involves. Reparations. Of course, it does sorts. Of course it does, of course, that protest was peaceful. What do you mean? You know it in so many ways we ve been asked. I think too, Billy, ignore what we're looking at and and pretend that a new language. come along with lots of words that we use to understand, but no longer do it's confounding. So how does this work what happens next? Where do we? I mean with everything that's going on in European, because you're connected to people you're watching things you're an intelligent man affect you. What the opera thing, but we might
We all make mistakes. We weird Sis gaol. Well, it's gonna go splat, now? I dont know exactly what splat means, but I do know, I think, was it Churchill who said you know when you, when you're marching through Hell, always remembered to keep going right. You gotta get through it, and you know the splat. Look like a war in Ukraine. Does it look like a third wave? Does it I dont know but but I do believe we're getting close to some kind of tipping point. Some sort of critical some sort of critical thing This is such a tiny example? I hate I hesitate, even use it, but I had a moment. Last week I was in San Francisco of all places, meaning a friend in a diner walked in and there was nobody the hostess stand. I didn't have my mask on and I just walk I could see him sitting right there. Ten feet away to both,
a woman ran to the front screaming. Sir, Sir Sir. I need to see your vaccination card soaking and I had it. I showed it to her and I started walking over to my friend and I set and sir. You need to put a mask on and I I looked at her She looked at me and she had her mask on an item. I had one of my pocket, but Glenn. I do that, For the first time during all of this, I smiled- and I looked- and I said I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I can't put a mask on to walk five feet to sit down and have lunch with my friend without a mask on. And the good part of the story is that there was a. There was a pause and she looked at me and she said I understand what about our business and I thought wait a second. That's the soldiers That'S- a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little thing, but I feel a crumbling. I too, I can feel it too and people I dont know what it's I don't know. I wouldn't want to bet
on what an airports gonna look like in a month or plain or a restaurant, I really don't know What does that mean? Well, I think it just means that, in that tiny little moment where the people who have to enforce the rules come face to face with the undeniable truth that the rules they ve been forced to enforce are not rooted, We are no longer rooted in anything. That is logical and at some point- good cops aren't going to arrest protest, at the summit would get some point. Look how many cops in in Cannes. just became, puts cops item, recognize, I know, but your question. Is how long does that go on me? answer is its net gone on forever and threw it. It's never gone on forever. Yes, let's talk
at the bull crap. That is the unemployment rate. I keep hearing from the Federal Reserve. you know our unemployment rate is is only four point. Five percent, I'm like because you're no longer counting the people who are staying home because paying them right. I mean they're key We can't have a four point: five unemployment rate when, everywhere you go, you see, help wanted everywhere, got a jobs program right. My gosh yes that was one of the very first conversations you and I had we let me here years ago which, by the way it wouldn't be the same effort, and thank you for doing that, because it did jumpstart my foundation We're gonna, give away another million dollars next month, footing, work ethic scholarships and we're doing precisely to answer the question you just posed, which is it focus only on unemployment. You take your eye off the opportunities that exist. the opportunities that exist right now are alone, nor livable eleven point, one million
right. There are so many open possess and right now and Glenn. Not a week goes by where Foundation doesn't get a call from some large companies were more often than not some association who is desperate desk to get out of their own way to hire more people, and they just don't quite know how the I mean, and if you think about it, it's not a great mystery. Companies are often their own worst enemy when it comes to making a persuasive case for Whitey work there, because it looks like advertised in looks like marketing and kids. Today they ve got such a bull crap meter. They can smell it. They know you're being marketed to. So what we ve been doing, for the last fourteen years and more pointedly for the last five or six is a war His work ethic scholarships and try and make a more persuasive As for the opportunities that do exist by car fronting the stigma and stereotypes and the myths and them
Perceptions but keep millions of people from even looking at a career in the trades. There is so much prosperity going on right now you pedal spend that that is I mean I am not send it my kids to college, I won't they. Can they can Unless you want to go to Hills, Dale you're, not going I'm not paying for it, because it's Stan Indoctrination Programme and theirs. They there are trade colleges and end trades, can apprentice in even sure that are really good. You can make a lot of money and have a pretty. life and those skills are going away, going away. Every five tradesmen that retired today are replaced by two now that I think it was Lincoln
who he was talking about something else altogether, but he referred to a terrible arithmetic, a terrible arithmetic. He he was talking about the death, of course, in the civil war. This is bad in terms of anybody can look at this and say: you'd take five and put to back. Do it ever each year for the next ten years and theirs. much there and that's what's been happening worse. Our force right now is so far north of fifty years of age and nobody is making a compelling case for tens of thousands of open positions and the mistake. Glenn people think constantly. This is a problem between employers and people who either are untrained or unwilling to work, and that certainly true, but it's also a problem for anybody who shares my addiction to. affordable electricity and indoor plumbing smooth roads right. Our our real infrastructure is hanging in the balance
One of the jobs- you know, I'm not sure if you familiar with all the numbers that are coming about a high, but a lot of jobs. be just destroyed one of the jobs it won't be destroyed, plumbers, write it hey. I can do new construction bought it can't do it inside the house will be able to that's, I mean those guys are going. They all believe me. I did my house, they all Eddie, make a lot of money who should remain and they don't have, both plumbers, I'd two different plumbers, both of said I have ride, to get people all too apprentice with me. I want to pass this on to somebody else. Get anybody to work there. two and they'll go quietly? I gotta do all of this. This is a communications problem and its appear. Problem and, in my view, one of the most important things you can do, and anybody who has
Some some limits is tell tell your plumbers story, because he can't write. He does he all he can do is preached the choir and commiserate with other plumbers and they shake their heads and they say yeah. We can't. We can't find anybody, meanwhile the question we ought to be asking the rest. You know the fat part of about three hundred, million people in the country to be saying? Well, how long do we wait for a plumber to come ass, the toilet right. You know But obviously we also want to know how much we, to pay. But how long do you want to wait for the lineman to get up the pole? How long do you want to wait for the heating and air conditioning guy to come out here during the next big freeze right these questions, impact everybody and the the best way to address it. In my view, I love talk about it and I'll find a bully pulpit now upon my shoe on the table forever, but we have to hear from the people who have prospered directly,
four mastering skilled, it's in demand and gone to work, and until we do, our kids are just not gonna buy it. So so like the will, and can we continue the conversation about jobs that are going to last through a I wouldn't you up on that at all you looking into this stuff, yeah I've I mean, I think, Oh and by a you mean artificial intelligence in the artificial insemination, also prevent or latin right life. Have you learned all that's that's early on in a dirty jobs, there was a delightful bit of confusion, yeah when I told them the network. Yes, I've got a handle on a great ally job. They were delighted. They got back, not a big with a big piece on robots, my arm shoulder and a cow badly. I gotta road. It is the first time I did that it's it's a heck of a thing is a heck of a thing, and you learn why
that guy doesn't have one sleeve effects are and why that count backs up every time. There is no easy matter this bizarre. It goes to a language, though again right I mean it's a bit. So much is swirling around you say I hear one thing. Somebody else here, something else why what I'm wondering is We are going to we're and live in a world where you have to be retrained for something new. Yes, all the time that's coming and we don't seem to have that work ethic anymore. It's it feels like as being beaten out of us well weave. We ve run it out of ourselves. We ve look it's very very tempting to if, if, if, if the guy's, a car shield can come out and take care of a problem that your dad would have taken care of himself once upon a time, yet that's a slow,
creep. It's not a bad thing. It's the very existence of companies like that that I think, is tat. because more and more of us are are increasingly disconnected from the business of work. I can change my oil. I can't even find it No, you can't, you can't go in and chase it's all chips. That's why even run a diagnostic youth, I mean we ve placed the lot of mechanics through our foundation and I'm telling you these guys there there it's it it's. quite rocket science, but when you open a hood in Louisiana TAT thing, it's pretty close out to be a software yeah. I know it's completely different, so look ay, I did you and let me tell you a story. I haven't a car that has carburetor. I draw but across the country last- and I got up into the rocky mountains that thing was dying on inmates here I need ere, I need air I couldn't find anyone who knew how to adjust
I don't know how no one in their own. This is the honest to God. Truth. One guy town said you know There is an old guy that used to fix his old tractors. I might be able to get a hold of him a note here now. This is the last art I mean it's a carburetor right, our dad's used to do that. Look, I think, was Huxley. I think it was actually who said that the greatest enemy of freedom is anarchy, but the second greatest enemy is efficiency and not effectiveness. Efficiency. So when you talk about a lie to me I immediately think of where we are we ve fallen in love with efficiency as opposed to effectiveness, effectiveness. Still, as in my mind, anyway, a human component humans are effective
machines are efficient right and some and all that is the lesson and something to be wary of half a feeling. We'll learned after will learn at the hard way, we're alone at the Hardway micro thank you so much MIKE's gonna be on the podcast that you will hear on Thursday. If you are a member of the blaze and Saturday wherever you get your podcast micro from Micro works foundation. You can follow him at micro. Dot com.
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