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Best of The Program | Guest: Nikki Haley | 4/26/22

2022-04-26 | 🔗

Glenn sets the record straight about what fascism means — and which side fits the definition— after the Washington Post attacked his book, “The Great Reset.” Glenn looks at how Japan’s inflation death spiral could tank America next. Former Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley joins to discuss how President Biden’s fear of Putin is lengthening the war in Ukraine, why she endorsed Sarah Palin for Congress, and why Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is a “win for freedom.”

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In return. Yeah wow left back is back wow. It was that leak yesterday. It was really really great show. Today we defined fascism for the left, and the media talked a little bit about elon musk has Nikki haley stopped by a lot of good stuff on today's podcast, which, by the way, is brought to you by relief factor. If you're, one of the millions of americans who suffer everyday from pain, listen up, there is hope, and it comes in the form of relief factor every day on the radio. I I read testimonials from real life people just like you that have tried really factor for their pain and got their life back. I know it can happen firsthand because it happened to me. I didn't.
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the only thing stew. Thank you so much for filling in for me yesterday. It had horrible allergies last week and A turned into something when my vocal cords and I've got the weeny is full courts in the world, and add took a couple of days off and I feel it better today. So thank you for that. Yeah back and thank you boy. There's a lot you missed one. I know and we ve got a lot on the plate, and I just I want to start with this, and I dont want to make this self serving. I want make sure that this is understood that we are. We are making sure that everyone understands base. Sick terminology bay
six systems of government, and you can come out with the absolute facts and you decide which is which ok, The washington post came out yesterday with a story. Glenn back is resurrecting rhetoric that is long, falsely targeted, democratic president's. This is strangely, after what twelve weeks out fifteen weeks out the book of the great reset, the washing posted decided to do a book review clause is pretty clear that I didn't read the book it, but it's not a book review. Its instead. An attack on me. Again, calling me father coughlan, which I if anybody, but you progressives, knew who he was, it would be so effective, but only You guys know who he is because you gave birth to him anyway
the washington post says according to the right wing commentator glenn back press and Biden is a fascist. Initially this book back in co, author justin haskins warn that britain is aligned with a ball of international elites, plotting to create a new kind of fascism. Resembles not see era controls on businesses in germany, by promoting this take over as far beckoned haskins are concerned its through. build back better economic plan. Is that ridiculous? There was just F leads to combat climate change, corona virus mask and vaccine mandates. Is that what the build back our plan is because I think the people you know maybe all around the world involved in the economic forum. Let's say
the prime minister of Japan, who also ran on his pale back. And her plan or the build pact better plan there, Boris Johnson ran on? I don't gets about mask mandates, but maybe that's just me this alleged plot not an alleged blood. It's right there. If you read the book, you'd see the about fifty page of fine print, footnote, quoting them you not having look at it. Can spirits the theory and obvious, quoting Whitehouse stock of treasury dot guff w e l, w e, F dot. Org that that's all I'm doing so it's not really. My theory anyway would delay plot, would probably surprise Biden and is surprised every day he's still wakes up.
His support for labour unions, increase corporate taxes and higher minimum wage are widely opposed by The very same bankers in big businesses that back in asking assert search our backing the fascist scheme. This guy has this guy is living in nineteen. Seventy two He has no idea, what's happening, the current business world or he's just he's either a useful idiot or he's propagandist I even live back claims, don't make sense, they don't make sense. How do they don't make sense? That's weird. You know it doesn't make sense that it's the number one best selling book in the nation has been for weeks and yeah, I'm fifteen on the new york times best seller list that doesn't make sense. The fox news host. is the sixth most popular talk radio show in the country now. Actually I,
Think I'm fifteenth in the new york times and I believe, I'm twelve in talk, radio I blah blah blah blah equally important, back his tapping into deep historical vein of conservative thinking right wing media used remarkably similar and sometimes even harsher. Rhetoric against franklin delano roosevelt in the nineteen thirty's concern. but if commentators frequently compared roosevelt to the tyrannical of hitler, benito mussolini and Joseph Stalin, who were terrorizing their countries and menacing the world during his bread, pregnant presidency? First of all, You wouldn't know that Joseph Stalin was terrorizing his people because the new york times covering up all of the atrocities. The new times was saying that Stalin was great time. I gesine mussolini. He great.
so before we move on, let's figure out what fascism actually means now for Miriam Webster. have a political philosophy, a movement or regime such as this as the fascists d that eggs lt nation and often race above the individual, and stands for centralize autocratic government headed by dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition, ok, whose suppressing the our position, who's, the one call parents who stand up and say I don't think they should be taught who the one defining them as terrorists, who's the one that says now. I've love pesos what age
by the way, have you seen as new building in virginia than the new, its again phallic shaped. I dont know what the deal is with this guy, but it's more like a pig, it's like a anyway. So I dont know what it is about. These guys were. They seem to miss. In fact, just yesterday do we have Jen saki on twitter and how we really should are. We can still talk to these people. Are we still can make lists of who should be banned and not listen.
The surgeon general has said that misinformation about covert amounts to a public health crisis. Yet I'm wondering, regardless of ownership, what the white house be interested in working with twitter, like it has in the past, to continue to combat this kind of misinformation, or are we in a different part of the pandemic, where that kind of partnership is no longer necessary? Well, I think we engage regularly with all social media platforms about steps that can be taken. That has continued and I'm sure it will continue, but there also were flop. What is she saying? What did she say why contact social media regularly and they have set it in the past give them lists of names of people that should not be taken seriously, and maybe the algorithms regions, by the way Who did you see? I gained a hundred thousand followers on twitter just last night. Isn't that great isn't had not
now. I do not see that yeah, while our people all over the country, conservatives are finding that their twitter numbers chest went up overnight? Huh, it's really weird anyway. Fascist believed others is according to Wikipedia now tell me this is Wikipedia, remember, run by marxists okay, this Wikipedia help me. Stu on what do you think? Maybe the washing in power first is missing here she's believe that liberal democracy, let me defined that liberal dogma. Creasy means people who believe in them maximum amount of freedom before anarchy guy, like liberal and art current political. No, that was casting are the change that guy. He changed it to get rid of the car. The traditional argument, so I ll
brill democracy is what I believe in kay the e fascist believe that a liberal democracy is obsolete. Which side is it that says, that's an old does the document. The founders, you know are irrelevant all The constitution is a relevant. Who is that second sentence? they regard the complete listen to this. They regard the camp wheat mobilization of society under it, took solitary in one party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to spawned effectively to economic difficulties. Now how many times have you heard them say. Global warming, vis. is a war many times. Have you heard the Biden administration say about that
great reset that this is going to be a war that lasts for decades Why is he saying that because he needs to see comply. mobilization of society under totalitarian one party state does any we doubt does anybody doubt that the fascists- or I should say, The progressives in either party wouldn't and offering the our party and just say it's all, republicans and all Democrats You'D- have few republicans but you'd have the, Majority of the Democrats, certainly have a yo see Bernie and everybody else. Ok, They also say a fascist state is led by a strong leader on they got me. They're, ok, and martial law government composed of the members of the governing fascist party, defeat
forge national unity, and entail a stable and orderly society We say that that's what happened during cove id. fascism rejects, ascertain actions that violence, automatically negative and now, like violence on January sixth was negative but violet four b, a lamb was not negative vote. Few political violence and war as a means they can achieve national rejuvenation, whom mark my words That's gonna become very important. This fall it might. Happen after the supreme port issues all of its rulings. They are gonna, go bad, crap, crazy. And I believe they're gonna just try to burn this whole thing down. They also
advocate a national economic self efficiency through protectionist. an economic interventionist policies. But even hearing lately, though I from them, global thing is not working. We ve gotta, we ve got a really come by. to our nation. I mean I'm saying that for common sense, What they're saying is: that's why we have to mobilise even more through the great reset. There seeing the terminology, but there's but we're gonna we're gonna globalize, even more we're just gonna cut half the globe out They, the extreme authoritarianism, ism and nationalism, often manifests a belief in racial purity, or a master race now I think the fascist, that's why the book says twentyth first century
fascism, not twentieth century, because the fascist then worse jews and by the way for chisholm doesn't always include race? Doesn't it off? leads to that, because people are a gentle the evil that want to rule: everybody's lives. and generally knots, and so they have to get. Of people, and so they just get rid of more more people anyway, you don't have to do that, but it So depends on who the fascist is hitler, was crazy. Nuts hated the Jews, so he did on the jews that job really comes from a socialist standpoint. We know MA system, hatred of the Jews it kind goes hand in glove Mussolini didn? misleading, didn't the Jews fact. He really really, despite
he's dead, learn for that You know it's weird it's almost library, this again the x. emma authoritarian and nationalism of fascism often manifest in a police of racial purity and a master raise kind of like white people our bad, no matter what they do, and black people or people of color good, no matter what they do so we ve lost all reason and we ve martin, luther kings, idea of race, doesn't matter whose pushing race matters, and that there is a bad race whose pushing that is that the left or is that the right
Also, a fascist regimes have been led to commit genocide, massacres for First sterilization who was at the left or the right was healthy life democratic personal reset. The progressive that tint there I don't know what you're missing washington post other than logic facts history but it's good to know that. I I'll be getting under your skin. I mean I have for you to get a call to say: hey. Would you write something on this book? for you to get that call from I dont know who you're overlord is. It must mean that this is causing them some problems and I would just like to say, The book is available. Where ever you buy books, you can
added on line or go to glens new book dot com and get it it's called the great reset Joe Biden. and twenty first century fascism, you're listening to the best of the global problem. I know what you're thinking Glenn, you see more confident today. Yes, well, my friends that started last night, I appeal I'd my new secret weapon for confidence. I call it sweat block. Guess
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I think it's really important. pan said that they would be the first great reset full adopter day and that may be curious? A few months ago, when I found that out alike who why, what I now know why they are in serious, serious financial straits they have been for. While this is. This is not a new problem. This has been going on the decline. Japan, since the nineties, I read a story. What was it, thursday, friday that the japanese yen has far and to its lowest level against the dollar. In more than twenty years, this means it takes more yen to buy a dollar as friday, the twenty? Second, it was. more than a hundred and twenty five yen to buy a dollar Normally only people
or like trading in currencies actually care about this, but the why? Behind the crap ash is why you need to care day because it could very easily lead to the crash of treasury bonds- and let me explain how treasure, but our debt, We issue treasury bonds, air time our government spends money and we religions of these out and oh buddy is buying them kay, The days of us live in high on the haug and Nobody will take this crap. Those days are over the The japanese are the largest holder of u s: treasury bonds in the world. They hold more than china, more than any european country more than any other entity, except the who federal reserve. Why
he does the? U s federal reserve on so many treasury bonds. They never did that before they have to start. Do it doing it because no one in the world would would raise. Their hand, an option and say I'll, take some of that american crap kay so no one was buying it, so the fed put brilliance of dollars of our debt and they bought them. debt by printing money guy japan is number to Japan holds two trillion dollars of our debt. Now the story that I read on thursday friday was that the prime minister had called JANET Yellin and called the press. and said we need a bail out. You you gotta help us out, but you you have to shore up the yen or we are done well. We didn't do that. We said we can't do that and theirs.
Couple of reasons why we can't so We then being the largest holder they ve been. They are they're playing a game here to show the whole world is on the shell game. They have two trillion dollars in treasuries and their forced to sell those bonds to show rub their currency, this would cause our fed more money to put Feel are trillions into buying those bonds which would now be on the market, so in nation could go to twenty percent. That's the story you'll hear if you pay attention to Bloomberg, but that's that's just a small part of what's going on. We know that jap. Japan has the worst demographics in the world. It's the old the population in the developed world, three point: five
we're retirees over the age of fifty five for every one worker under the age of thirty, so at one worker, is expected to work to support three point. Four people. nobody's entering the workforce. If you're young you're not going into the marketplace, the japanese stop having kids after the asian miracle ended and ninety nine and japan. economy crash. Remember the stories where they can go to be even interested in sex. Consider this toyota and honda to best made best selling brands in the world right testaments too japanese ingenuity and manufacturing, except the japanese devil fix are so upside down. Virtually no hunters are toys. Are actually made in japan anymore, more than a kate ago? Both companies realize they couldn't find any workers, and that's why
they're here in the: u s: indonesia and the philippines, these companies were not alone in the past, twenty years. Japan is lost almost its entire manufacturing base. Does any of this sound familiar. save a few technology sectors like mother boards and microchip microchips. Everything else is not in japan the means their taxable income is gone and as they move overseas, where labour is available in costs were lower. Some of the profits flow home to japan, but me most of the revenue generated stays in countries where manufacturing is occurring, so they had to make up the shortfall. What do you do? They had a plan, They started selling more and more japanese his bonds to cover their deficits
between the massive welfare state and the tax base, so they they just started selling since this is where we are at japan, has the purse, the highest personal income, taxes in The g, seven. It also has the highest debt to gdp in the developed world. Our debt to gdp He is one hundred and thirty percent the highest we ve seen since world war to Japan and debt to gdp is too hundred and fifty three percent. That's double hours Though their economy was collapsing. They had to sell by stan they got to the place we are and they were like nobody's buying our bonds. So what did they do? now remember this. Just
was stated by the Biden administration as something that is coming our way, what they did so the country wouldn't collapse. They were and, and they sold japanese bonds to india asters in japan at zero. percent interest? Now why would a concussion company take something? Well, I'm not gonna grow up my money and lock my my into a japanese bond for ten years. Why would you do that, because the government, mandated it. if you were a retirement fond, you had anything to do with Japan. You are investing. You had to put a percentage in two government bonds, so They bought these government bonds, which are them to then print more yen and then what did they do? They took that money
and they bought our government bonds, which were returning two percent interest to them. Now that too percent interest. Think of this that's coming your pocket so we're paying them. Interest on two trillion dollars in treasuries is about forty billion dollars a year. so we are sending forty billion dollars and that's fine. That's a deal were buying turtle tunnels, I mean you know we need those things, but Japan, The entire defence budget is forty seven billion dollars, so we are in effect, funding forty forty billion of their forty seven billion in defence, but then we also provide about two billion dollars a year and discounts for guns and Amy, everything else, so we are paying one hundred percent of their military
this isn't by accident, and it's not a bad deal actually. Our government is more than happy to do that because Japan, is the most important strategic defence partner when it comes to containing china or deferred Ding, taiwan, we have fifty Five thousand? U s! Troops stationed in Japan! Japan is the only foreign country in the world, out of which the? U S has permanently operate, a: u s carrier battle group so back to the and being in freefall. To keep their bonds at zero percent and then make that arbitrage thing work. Japan has to continue to by its own bonds, but that's require tat of easing printing, so they pay.
And more yen to buy their bonds and meantime. The yield goes above zero. Therein trouble there creating artificial demand for their bonds Wendy when the yield on the japanese governor of government bonds went to one percent, two percent, ten year bonds would not be able to service that debt, so our bonds? they no longer have the forty billion dollars for their military, etc, etc. They have a debt of two hundred, the three percent. It would cause then it would ask them to pay interest on their debt. More then they gave her collect in taxes so to paid that they have to print currency by the bonds. by ours and we buy there's an age,
start all over again because we have to print money, they have to print money, and so it into this inflation death spiral and that where they are right. Now there, the beginning The inflation death spiral so here's the problem with all of this if they collapse. I mean really collapse. Who can bail them out. We can't. We'll we're close to a death spiral, who bales them out and why happens when next september President Z goes in of his european pulls congress. And says? Ok, everybody vote. I am tater for life when that happens in japan,
And if Japan is out we are so weak, everything else that is going on- do you think we're gonna? Save Taiwan How would we even do that? How would the west protect australia. by the way. All of this is happening because the fed said and the treasury said we can't bail you out, but what you probably? You don't know that we reported on by about three months ago the fed did bail the bank of japan out the ed, gave them seven trillion dollars. that was in Q. Three, an queue for of last year, wherein cue to.
Seven trillion dollars they burn through already prepare for impact prepare for impact, because. It is happening. The reason why they said they'd be number one. On the on the boat for the great reset his beak If we say jump, they are forced to say how high But we no longer have enough juice to tell anyone to jump, because we all of that juice ourselves at the best of the best program well the programme nicky early hour. You thank you my friend, it's great to view. It is good to see you. to see you. So I want to talk to you about a couple of things. I got a lot to run through with you, but
Let's start, let's start with The noose around the world, I tell it happening with ukraine. This does not feel right. It doesn't feel cut its and feel right and it shouldn't feel good you know this is a bigger fight than just russia, ukraine. This is a fight for freedom and how we handle this matters? You know we saw how horrible we handled afghanistan. We cannot continue to have those blunders, because when, after stand fell it let every corrupt dictator around the world say this is week, america, we better move now, while we can and that's what we're seeing. How, though so, do you think we should fighting a actually in their fighting and should not be in their fighting. No ukrainians have asked us to, but when you see a freedom, loving country trying to protect her own turf, we
give them every ounce of ammunition they need. We should be pulling in and I'm glad to see nato pulling in their weight, because that was hugely yoda. They need be giving everything- and we all need to go and support a to win this fight on freedom and when he wins, no other dictator will try and do s. So I agree that we should not go in. I am a little concerned that Joe Biden was saying: hey, we let anybody take these old airplanes, because at my rope us into it, and then we are now openly saying: oh yeah, we're just leave at the bus. Stop there in ukraine I mean what are wheat, what hat and to its foolish binds running. Scared he's been running scared from the beginning. If he had done sanctions before Putin moved in, we wouldn't have seen this prison. tromp had said that we would send them equipment and ammunition in march of last year, when they had already started Biden stopped it. We were
to send another group in june of last year, Biden stopped it. All because he thought it would cause Putin to react what happens when you don't stand strong? If you stand strong before conflict, the conflict never happened You keep saying that were on the edge of nuclear war because he has nothing laughed I mean look is: are we got a date? Ebbing did so does that make it more believable, he doesn't want to die, and he listen, but at the same time, It's not ignore him. This a real danger. This is something that serious. It's why ukraine needs to win and when strong, if Putin feel like there's a window, he's gonna keep going. If we can stop him where he sat, then helstone retreat? The key to that is one making sure that ukrainians are begging for help that they get the help that they made, including the planes, including the anti air defence systems at their constantly begging for, but
also making sure we hit Putin where it hurts? can't continue, a wharf he's got the money to fuel at and we have to sanction the energy companies. Abiden still won't do ok, so so there is. There was talk last week that, after the french election that europe going to say no more oil from from russia. Do you believe that is that the works. I think to u: s needs to be pushing them. That way, there is not an option for them to continue getting oil from russia. It puts us all in danger for them to do that or they can struggle, yeah little bit. Can we double down and start. You know exporting qualified natural gas can we help them go and find other avenues to get it just like poland and lithuania are getting it from australia. Yes, we can that's what has to happen. It's not they're, not gonna. Do that that this by an administration will not release any kind of Sanctions, if you will on our own companies too,
Go and get more liquefied natural gas to to go get anything. Even for for our own self worth shipping, our own strategic gee coil reserve to europe has Biden scared of the climate change people, like he's scared of the green new deal pro. You know people that fight for that, a more seeing it and it's making america weak, I mean it's a serious issue. What we ve got right now, but weaken right the ship, that's the biggest thing I have faith, weaken right the ship and that first spy. Do we win these elections in november, but more Fortunately, what We do when we when we have to prove we deserve to be there. So when republicans take control of the house and Senate, which I am all over, the country trying to help candidates when they
take it. What do they? Do? You don't just say no to Biden. What do you say? Yes to you, say yes to making sure that we're exporting more liquefied natural gas that we're opening up our energy reserves? You say yes to we're, going to stop all this wasteful spending. You say yes to the fact that we're going to be strong abroad by having the strong voice against terrorism and all dictators that trying threaten america or say death to america, weaken stuff. Doing things. You say yes to guess we're going to take care of our children's education and we're not gonna. Let all these teachers unions, don't it we've start saying yes to a lot of things and not just say no to Biden. So how do we say yes to the end of inflation? How is that So I'm gonna be solved has hit the we're we're close to the death spiral here on it nation. I mean planet so bad that the air bridge family is spending five. Six thousand dollars more a year. Now one
I call on our raising our children. If you told us, we had to spend five to six thousand more year, do nor we get it from a credit card. And do you know what happens to families when that happens, dat's. The fear I have is what about These families, who are just trying to make it through today the way you do that first of all. Yes, we owe up our energy sector. We make sure something like that works, but you stop this wasteful Bending. Do you know when the last spending package republicans and democrats past five thousand earmarks totalling ten billion dollars. You wanna hear what some of that was. Twelve million dollars for a baseball park in new york, twice fifteen million dollars for new jersey to apply to get the world cup six
half million for golf courses and cholera. This is our republicans and democrats doing this Glenn. That is not ok, you can't say and go on tv and screamed that inflation is terrible and turn around and co sponsoring earmark and open. That back up. Where were are republicans in this, why did they allow this to happen? We had stopped earmarks was kind of where I am with the republican party in whole. I don't see I see a few that are standing up and fighting the good fight, but then you see people like miss Mcconnell. I mean you know you, you ve got to clean out the is it these federal agency time limits term limits term? While you have to just clean about, we use I'm gonna be able to do that if you have a president without the congress com, Greece has to do it and you could have no control of the congress with republicans, but do they even get it do. You know what else converse can do. put controls on our border? They can fix
this border crisis? Where is congress? That's what I'm gonna keep saying. Is we the fighters. We need those that understand that you have to make so much noise. The people will follow you if you do that, but you can Go on this run away. Spending were our debts more than our economy. Do you know we're having to borrow money to make our interest? Payments are kids and grandkids will never forgive us for this. We have got to write the ship for the good of our country for the good of the world for the good of the next generation wits it's time? this, the star. So what are the things you do near the founder of stand for america and you go out and you try to promote good policies and also the right candidates, just endorsed. Sarah Palin. Why cup reasons. First of all, when I was running for governor the first time, there were five candidates? I started as the fifth out of five heads
least amount of money, the least name I d and I got up to the second position, running against lieutenant governor congressmen and attorney general state senator got up to this I position and european without telling her staff called me the day before and said. Tied called and said, were coming to south carolina workin endorse Nicky and she did and anna life pro life speech in the morning? She didn't and are a speech in the afternoon, and she came and endorsed me in the evening and help push me over the the deep and so first I'll tell you my Guilty to her will always be strong, but, secondly, its backing I believe in her she He had a voice that matters Glenn. She was cancelled before we ever talked about cancel culture. She was vilified by the media before we ever had all this happened and she was a great governor. stood the value of over dollar she under
stood what real families went through an she, and I did called us the rock star sisterhood. We related on so many levels, because the establishment denied me and the resistance didn't think I was cool enough or fit the mould for them, and Sarah went through the same thing and you know we need her voice in congress. I would love to see her walk in the halls of congress reminding them of what the tea party was all about and how tax enough already is happening again. I would love for her to talk about what energy opening up our energy policy. and really doing that she's the right person, I'd love to have her. She in arizona where she said yeah she's in the last years back in alarm in alaska, or so who is the who's? The candidate you have seen aware they, you said oh, my gosh, This is a new breed. You know
I think, there's been a few in the last cycle. It was the victorious sparks. It was the It was the Nicole malaise talk ass. It was the nancy maize. There were a lot of just fighters, just had good fighters about it now or seeing different in terms of like morgan le trail in texas, wesley hot in texas, like those were fantastic, tony gonzales in texas, we just to him as well. Monica Dale accrues were looking at her hard do. There are some really good ones here and access, but around the country were seeing some really great ones, and so I just endorsed or tiffany smiley and washington state, nor laudable lord George Washington, stayed awake. If anybody can win in washington, state, its tiffany, smiley and so work, or not just We have to the easy races or going after the ones that can really be difficult. While we endorse jack generally in new jersey for governor he lost by,
one percentage point we almost had its while we endorse glenn yanking virginia, it's big. We know what we get in there. You got a push, these be well over the finish line like Sarah pale and push me because when you see those fighters, when you see those people that can really move the ball, that you know they're not just going to bring good policy but they're going to bring good fight and they're not going to be fraid to stand up to the establishment. Those are the people we want, so I I'm sure I disagree with elon musk on a lot of stuff. I vote for him in a heartbeat em back. Was he a he's too we start immediately. stephen care, but the The other thing is, he has a vision of where things are going. you listen to him and then you listen anybody on television, anybody and congress or in the white house and no vision there. What do you think
about him taking over twitter. I love it. It's a win for freedom, it's an absolute when for freedom of speech, but why I love is elon. Musk is not afraid to rattle the cage. Now. Maybe when you have that much money, you comrade will all the cages you want. I'm grateful for him and now my question is who's. Next, let's keep going. He nodded the lawn stop with it with him, and you know what there's there's facebook there's instagram, there's the big media. We need to go and rattle those cages. Let's do it an elon musk has been the start. Let's not that let that be the end. I don't think it will be the thing about this morning, where it the end of that of that cycle. That pendulum cycle in, I think twenty. when he for the pendulum starts to swing back to individual liberty, so we're all, there are, we just have to make it the alpha like twenty thirty. We just have to make it and things will, swing back and be good. The lawyers here
a question about education, because we seen over the past couple of years. I covert, I think, presented with all of its horrible naked a unique opportunity for conservatives to communicate what they believe is right when it comes to education in a proactive sense right people saw what was going on. They had their forced to watch the zoom classes and saw the crazy step that was being taught and also that this wouldn't open up, Conservatives responded to that by saying we gotta many schools up and of course that was the right argument. But is they're more that we can do here. Is this a unique opportunity to talk about school choice and followed him forever abolish the sick of the department of it? We have a hearing, always the department of you know, but it goes before that right. So look at pray covet pre covered sixty five percent of fourth grade we're? Not proficient and rating pre covered sixty six percent of eight greater we're not proficient in reading or math. Think about that
we had a problem before covert. Don't let them say that covered brought this on. We already had a problem with the establishment in education before so now you go and you look at the fact that in rural south carolina where I was born and raised covert hits think of a child, were both parents had to work here. Is this kid using screen he's never used before you, by way of a hot spot on a school bus down. The street now think he's in third grade. What's he learning reading fractions science We think the teachers unions are going to tell his parents to hold him back there, not so what and after two years of lost education, when we were ready behind in math and waiting who he's gonna stand up for these kids and then you get a step further than those kids in rural south carolina when all the
wealthy families got to put their kids in private schools. Where did the rest of the kids go that's my issue is one: let's go back in, fix what was already broken. You ve got some kids, don't push them through to the next great, don't push them through later. If a child can't read by third grade, therefore, less likely to graduate highschool, then we need open up school choice. We need to open up charter schools and we need to go. the blame where it belongs, which is on the teachers, unions and the Democrats that wanted coven money more than they wanted to teach our kids and we have to hold them accountable, been seeing saying lately. If you're a teacher, you could be a great teacher but if you are a member of the teachers union I'm sorry you're part of the problem, you don't to be a member of that union. Stop exactly write your voice will be loud enough without
the union, the union's just making money off a view of the union in California, basically made sure that they open schools for one day just to get the covered money one day. What did they do for a child? Now but it got them the money they wanted. We ve gotta. Start telling teachers. We want to empower you, but the unions aren't going to be the way to do that. The people are going to be the way to do that. Would you be for abolishing the department of education? I think it's completely messed up. We need to bring it down and start back over and the way we started back over to give the states control if the state's control over, because they already have that you don't need them to. I don't need an office in Washington DC. No, let me tell you as governor we did education reform. Every governor in the country could make an impact, because what the department of education does is says. If you take this money, if you teach this class, will give you this much money. You teach critical race theory will give you this much money. If you teach. This will give you this much money states,
right now or teaching to the money they're, not teaching to the children states need to control education. We don't need it controlled from DC, because one size does not fit all road and the way to do there is to abolish the department of it's no strings, nobody's answering the phone in Washington DC. Let this allows at its bureaucratic and its lost sight of children, always good to see you Nicky Nicky, Hayley, former. U S, ambassador to the united nations of former south carolina governor and founder of stand for america, which you can find It stands for america, dot com
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