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A Catholic priest had his congregation pledge to fight white privilege. A Trump supporter was killed in Portland, and a group of rioters celebrated his death. Author Peter Schweizer discusses his new documentary, “Riding the Dragon,” about Joe Biden’s deep ties with the Chinese Communist Party. Minnesota Democratic Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich explains why he’s now supporting Trump and why liberals are now waking up to the Left.

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Hello, pod, castors. What an exciting Monday I mean the show started off that sure did tragedy way, that I dont think any broadcasters ever really done, but I did hear almost exactly a brake on Russia just the other day, but I know you do a different shall uplifting later. This is this is something that you probably never heard anybody do and mean. If you know, I'm sure people have done it in a parity sort of way, but we meant, if you don't want to miss that also we have slicer it today he's fantastic key role to play in cash in and all of these deep state books he's a guy who consulted NBC for a while. He was a respected journalist and then he started writing about democratic and now, of course, he's an eighty, but he has a brand new documentary out we're gonna get. It call called writing the dragon. You can get it right now. If your place tv support- and I am here as we watch it right Now- of air IVF or if you I haven't made that decision yet just go to the place, tedious Youtube, page and you'll be able to see it left so Blaanor Chapter one is today. I personally rather get it altogether right. Now, how about you something like now you do that by going to place tv, you want to learn more about how Joe Biden is the worst when it comes to China and what his family is really all about. Blaze, tv, dot, com, slash, big attack, use the promo code, big tack, and you will save twenty percent, so good a place, tv dot com, slash plan use the proposed back, not attack is doing so. How do we get? I dont know still. How do you get it? You get it if you could have please tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn and used a promo code, big attack. Twenty bucks off usually subscription get the whole documentary before anybody else. Right now, we're gonna go to Youtube and get it over the next week. The whole things can be a Friday. We can get an early Annapolis lots of other stuff, including glens, big show on technology that happens Wednesday Lace DVD come slash. Gland promo code has picked up the only thing tat our place Amadeo before we start would pallor just like to get your opinion on this. This came to me
from a listener in New York. That said they were just they were going to church in everyday thought. Everything was fine until the priest. This listen. I now invite you to stand in it join us in the prayer for racial justice by restart responding yes to each of the following statements: do you support racial justice, equity and compassion, in really view in human relations. do you affirm that white privileges unfair and harmful to those who have it into those who do not We affirm the white Pearl region and culture. A white supremacy must be dismantled where it is present. I don't agree either is not poultry support, racial equity, justice and liberation for every person and a change of course, and now it's your firmly inherent worthwhile dignity of every person, course. Yes, they are. From this day forward will use
I do understand more deeply. The injustice and suffering white privilege and white supremacy call good God. Yes, I mean we can transform our church call, one that is at the indeed, in seeking racial justice in an equity for everyone church call you am, I am I going to find an area of greater value together with the same aspect you see this. Is this Erica wake up Catholics while that's wake up, that is a catholic church in New York and not New York City. Catholic Church in New York- and this goes to remember, member that hell that was unleashed on me when I said, if you, a church. It talks about social justice run for your lives. Oh yeah- and I am I correct- did it by saying I am stand that Catholics have social justice from the
eighteen hundreds that doesn't mean the same thing, however many interpret it as the same today, and so better know which no, which social justice you're on, because one is collective, that's the collective right there and if any fury in a church like that, you, have got to stand up. clean out your own church or find a new one, You are in danger. You are danger when our churches start to preach this from the pulpit when they won't speak out about the loss of freedom, They are on the wrong side. I just talking about this from the effective of extreme leftism, where I have to accept all the white privilege. Nonsense, I'm not going to I'm sorry, I don't I don't either out I don't.
I'm not going to accept your premise knows all you need to treat question little bit. Do I want to anybody to suffer prejudice? Well, discrimination? Absolutely not knowing. I work for the rest of my life to make sure that we are fair, yes, and we are, we are equal. He asked not equal in ending, not equal, as as my sin is my father's in is yours. In now not equal in in that I didn't I didn't have slaves I am older, for that matter. Did any of my ancestors neither did any of my age or yours, my ancestors fought on for the north to end slavery. One died and one never recovered from it. I mean hello yeah
but here we are white, and so your response to this is that is legitimately that's. What they're saying that is. The kind of racism is being O noble GM down our throats, but there's there's there's more here's a d c writer talking about what he's ready to do for the police and the White House and Congress. Listen to this, at the point where I want the White House down British. What I wanted to take it to the Congress, I wanna take the vital here
we burn. Ok, I seem guided said he was going to drag trump out of the White House and not wait for the election is at the same. Don't there was another guy that was saying. He's gonna drag trump, maybe you're thinking about better, better roar, and if you hear what he said this weekend, I didn't listen to this all of us. your it's not up to Donald Trump or any person? Any one person this country as to whether or not the results are accepted in the election, but let's go this eyes wide open. If this elect his close and even if Joe Biden has lawfully one but the popular vote, and the electoral college, though make no mistake down Tromp will do everything he can to try to create chaos and confusion, America's hawks and probably seek to invalidate them with his attorney general, both of whom dumb Trot and William BAR have talked about me.
Helen Balance. Being fraudulent, though we know that the truth is twenty years and are it is one of the safest, most secure. Twenty is not drawing Twemlow Bryant might not exactly results, but who gives because the rest of the country will be forced to the rest of the country will be forced to live with the results. What does that mean we even know what that means? I don't know I'm it's better. He probably doesn't even know what that means. but that was an interesting. I thought maybe that Albania, you are talking about and, of course, the the rider that killed in the riots in in Portland. Does we course he wasn't a riot. There wasn't a riot. there wasn't even a fight. This was execution of a Trump supporter and I think the audio proves
listen to what's being said here I got the proud yeah, the boy We didn't pick up the Tab Sad, a fascist died tonight violate violin. Take out the trash ourselves now the audio I don't know do we have the audio of the actual shooting? Where the the rioters, the black lives matter. People are heard saying we got one. We got one right here where right ear boom. What did they have that too trumps borders,
if they were hunting for trump supporters. Yadda couple right here found a couple right ear and the near the gunshot amazing believable. This is an execution. Member way said this would be the summer. I've said it for the last three. While I said it in sixteen deny name was sixteen and then this year just took a little while you wore said you'd want. Oftentime am always off on timing, but here it is yet. This is sixty eight. This is, if not worse than sixty eight it well having got into the political ass assassinations yet, but I believe this is the threshold. This is beginning of that now we saw what happened that that video of people going home from the White House on the rare and his wife. Unbelief terrifying, not just ran Paul. You watch video after video after video that one girl with zero sculling crossbones honour on her hat, that is Did you see that one where she's, following several couples, just screaming at them the whole time
of this week's weeks? Everybody up, because it's amazing to me that they thought going to have a situation where they could. Let people walk out of that speech and walked a hotel rooms. Afterward yeah, I'm not gonna, get more waking up and they circles, because if we do something, It's not safe. Really bad is going to happen one of these days, so he bore dangerous. My one of my relatives has a as very good friends in New York lot of good friends in New York, young friends, and person is not a from supporter, a binding supporter either not tromp support done like diagram. As she told me that she was online with some friends and her friends, are now starting to share how to build. Gaea teens and they thought it was funny. What was that? done in front of. Jeff bases House
and she said yes, man. This is yours, Making a statement here. Other then be had this guy because he's rich, when did you guys, when you they slip into the dark side without knowing it, French revolution right, and that is the choice, the American Revolution or the french Revolution, and what did the french revolution lack? What was it that Thomas Pain was trying to? He was. He was condemned here in Amerika the rest of his life. He was buried in a poppers grave because he was misunderstood. He was not an atheist huh was against religion. He had a problem with organised religion It was not an atheist and I have his own letter to prove it but he was not an atheist. What is
it was to Ben, Franklin And- and John Adams. He wrote a letter and he said what do you know doing to me. What are you doing to me, was there, I saw the miracles, I know they got exist. I am again religion. These People are against God, I'm trying to appeal to them and say yea. You don't need the church yea area right. We don't need the church churches in God. this is the argument we're having right now and people are saying you don't need, God, God is bad now you know what the churches have gone back from time to time, of the churches are bad. Some of the churches are great, but It remains the same and, if don't have, God we go, the I mean Ike, and believe will look of our resolution, which I know I'm not did they kill all of that all of the royalty. Then these
to kill and the leaders of their own movement. Yes, well, they're. All energy is seen you don't links that they will come after. I follow you left itself there already doing it. There are already doing it if you don't toe the line. You're, a trader I'm in its exactly the same, and I can to believe. How many people have been duped by the Trojan horse. You know the Trojan horses in America the real and actual plight of the black, man in America. The act We'll plight the actual things that are real problems. The Trojan horse is the the big bad police man. and their wheeling, the sacrifice up their wheeling. This thing up to us and say: look at the poor man that about
abused by the big bad police inside is nothing but a death called you and let that, through your gates, its being wheeled into our churches, its being wheeled into our communities, signalling wheeled indoor schools. You cannot allow it's a Trojan horse. black lives matter. I just gonna put the square, don't put that square up Don't do it do do all black lives matter. Yes, they do. But when you say black lives matter, you are endorsing black lives matter incorporated and it is in incorporation. Look it up! It's an! entity and the biggest Trojan horse that I've ever seen and just like everybody. If that
actually happen thereafter? A bunch of people stand around gone, have weak what's inside that thing, It's a gift! Your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. Peters wiser, is with us right now our great to be here gland thanks for have made great to have you Peter. I tell you. I hate you, must feel very, very alone. It's you know it's interesting in, and we talked about this before I mean you sometimes and in in the past, in the present will will talk about something and it sort of ahead of its time. We first started talking about the buttons and China back in twenty eighteen. When I wrote a book called secret empires came here to Dallas and talk with you
I've got a lot of attention. We number one in the New York Times list, but it basically was ignored by the major media was ignored in Washington, DC and part of the. problem is. There are other people in Washington DC that have deals with the Chinese as well, but were now at a point where a Joe Biden is the democratic nominee he wants to be present in the United States and the single biggest financial tie that his family enjoys is With a foreign governments of China not have company, not an american company in China, the foreign government of China It seems to me that in Amerika, where, if a congressmen owns ten thousand dollars of G stock, they have to disclose it. Yes, we should be interested in that, especially when you talk about the size and the scope of the deal's at the binds enjoy. So to me, it's a central part of the conversation we need to be. Having read it's amazing to me that the job,
You could say come on man they're, not they are not a competitor there, not a worry to us, and what we are talking about here in Amerika is They movement run by Marxists. It's in the street crying out for a new system and a marxist system We know now that countries who have opposed us have full traded and have with China in particular poor money into our universities? Right? I poured money into art, universities. And in and have come out, and now, Sir said you know where we're not a threat there, pouring money into their their pouring money into politics and it's a marxist cause I we know capitalist state, its
hybrid of private and public corporations. Right in nobody is tying this together. Nobody is saying, wait a minute, Joe Biden, part of this Trojan horse, great question. Here's what we know! Glenn, we know that Joe Biden is is essentially on an island by himself in most people in Washington DC that talk about China and I put job, I put Brok, Obama and in a different category four. Obama has said: China is a threat to the United States. We need to see China is arising power, that's gonna challenge our interests. Those are not things that Joe Biden says. That's what's so remarkable about this in the film when you see the beginning of the film, you have sort of a collage of people left right and centre. I tell you, it is so powerful. Your hearing ff,
or minutes of everybody, literally every body on all sides of the political I'll saying China's a thread. China is a real threat. It's the threat to our economy, to our nation. It's a real threat and then come on man, yes- and he said, are repeatedly, you mean there's a famous come on man, but he has said for years. We welcome. the rise of China yeah. You know we we think arising. China is good for America. He is on an island by himself and so what we try to do with the film gland. His answer, the question why why is Joe Biden so far on an island when it comes to this issue? compared to Barack Obama compared with one of the people in the opening. Collage has been road so that the former National Security advisor in China see much bigger problem than Russia is The question is: why, and you can look at Joe Biden record,
and you know Joe Biden is a guy that tends to shift with the wines we will have seen the his forty year. Career to me there is that fundamental question of he became much more soft on Beijing when his son started getting very lucrative exclusive deals. Courtesy of the chinese government ask yourself, I mean if we're are worried about and talk about as we should Wall Street Fund razors for politicians, we talk about big fundraiser for politicians. We better darn well be concerned about a foreign government making a presidential candidates, family, wealthy through its caught out deals that they have no no qualifications to get. People say that you know, I think it's what is it? Sixty percent of those of Democrats still believe that Donald Rob was collude.
with the Russians right? Sixty percent still believe that it is proven to be false right. This is true and no one and the dynamic at a party and many in the Republican Party right, don't seem to really care all that much that There are massive amounts of money being transferred into the by coffers right by China. Gap forget collusion. This is this is what you know right. This is worse. That was about collusion with Russia. That's about winning the elections. Are you to be president? This is I'll, just enriching yourself right clicking exactly it's even less honourable than the most dishonourable thing. You could do. Well, that's exactly right in, but I think it is an important point to add that glenn- and we talk about this in the film is. This is not just the case of the by he's getting wealthy and the Chinese you no kind of laughing assain. This is great when you
get the deal's at Hunter Biden did and we go through this in the film in detail. When you lie get the deal said he was involved in with the Chinese. Were private equity deals where the chinese government financed Prime equity deals. Hunter was on the board of the firm. His business partner was the the vice chairman of the firm watch. It at form do with all that chinese government money they end buying companies and doing commercial deals that benefited the Chinese militarily. and I don't see that loosely war debate- they bought a Michigan based company called head against the produces precision, matete machine tools, anti vibration, technologies. Everybody,
recognizes, including the federal government, its dual use. You can use it on civilian things like like cars. You can always also use it on military capabilities like like renal stealth play out zoning things that we do not want people to have the ability to do exactly so here you have the sitting vice president's son involved with a chinese food, for many chinese firm buys a machine to accompany and the United States that ends. Benefiting the Chinese militarily in the technology space, it's more than that. It's it's not just that! He happens to this is company, the chinese military wanted who acquire exactly couldn't acquire yes because of the laws, and then
when Biden gets involved. All of a sudden there's, no one standing in the way. What happened to the the oversight from the United States government on that right, exactly it goes through a process called us. If he s the committee on him for investment in the United States will who sits on this. If he is born at the time Joe Biden. France and in the Chinese, are very shrewd about this. I think they they calculated pretty early on. If we try to do these deals and we don't have the camouflage of a prominent family. Attached to these deals, we can have a very hard time getting these deals approved, so you have the hen Agus deal. You have this incredible situation. We ve talked about it before but has not been picked up by the media. That when one of the things that Hunter binds firm does as they invest, invest in a company called see Gm China, General Nuclear, they invest in their an anchor investor and fit, and what happens about
months after they invest in it, see the same firm that now the vice president's son is part owner of. he's charged by the FBI of stealing nuclear secrets in the United States nuclear secrets tied to small reactors that are used in. U S submarines, the Chinese dont have a nuclear capability with submarines, but they're a step closer now, courtesy of sea G and affirm that the vice president's son was an end or investor in its astonishing is not only that and there's not a surprise there for them. I knew there was no surprise there because they were charged months later, but, the vice president and his son had to have known that firm was being investigated by the FBI, for
divulging state secrets, yeah that the that firm OZ engineers connected to that firm had been spying on the United States for like nineteen years so it's not a question of was e g and a sketchy company that the F b I was looking at they absolutely world and point out: it's the charges that came eight months later, the point is do we really think that the vines are naive enough to to believe that if you're going to invest in a chinese nuclear firm that there, not going to be a military component to it I mean the entire chinese economy, especially under president. She is
geared towards every technology being dual use, whether its artificial intelligence, whether it's a new energy propulsion system, every thing is deemed to be new, do use that is used for civilian purposes after military purposes. So would you would you wouldn't, when we come back on, take a one minute break and I dont know of your. I don't know if you are prepared to do this, but I would like you to explain: the chinese system works over there, because we just that we bend trot they we will try to convince us that they'll know this is a good. You know: capitalist got! No, it's not it's! Nothing like a free market, exact and I'd like you to go into that. When we come back, there is a new video out. It came out today riding the dragon, the Biden's chinese secrets, it's playing now on blaze, tv dot, com dragon. If you're, not a member, make sure you use what is it big tech? big special this week on big tech and the election that you can
MRS on Wednesday night, and to make sure that you fear not a subscriber. You have incentive to do that. It's a big, Tat is our promo code. You save how much stew twenty percent twenty percent twenty percent big tech at plays tv, not com. You can watch this great documentary rising. Writing the dragon. It's available right now from page of please tv dot, com. This is the best Lindbergh Programme and I was told my daughter last night who is much more of a new Yorker. I thought Then the rest of the family and
she was we were talking last night. I said you really have to watch the convention when send you clips the convention and she said I dont think I need to see it down. I said you do, I said The first time I felt there was real honesty at a GEO p convention not from the politicians. I don't trust the politicians when they get up and say things I mean from the regular people there were it reflected the american heart, not just the conservative heart, but the IMF Eric and heart. we're not into all of these rights, we are into helping each other. We are into real. Justice we are, we are into cleaning up the cops but puddle so holding people accountable helping them when they're down helping them up, but then, all holding people accountable. It was it was an amazingly diverse group of peace.
including a ton of Democrats and even some even some social Democrats were were speaking speaking up for Donald Trump last week. Why The guys who is a Democrat is one of the six mayors around the state of Minnesota dad I have seen their party and when I don't recognize this any more and ours he'll Democrats, but are are now supporting Donald Trump. This fall one of them, is Robert, VA salvage. I hope I have them right, Robert, as the mayor of ever less soda. I hope I have that one right is well Robert. How are you, sir, very good, this you sound like you were born here. The way you pronounce those well there you go there you go. My my my mother was
from us spend some time in Minneapolis when she was when she was little? So maybe that's it? Maybe that's it. So tell me, tell me what happened to you, Robert, I mean you ve been I've always been. A Democrat still are right, is ok and yet your voting for Donald Trump, why? Well we re in a battle guards with constantly for a number of years with Radical environmental movement- it they seem to take control of the Democratic Party in every policy and platform they had is against everything we have a purely wanna. Take our wilderness away from us. Our jobs and gone tromp was the only one who stepped up said. I support mining and eat, didn't stutter when he said that- and I said this is our so it's more about jobs. Then it is about what you're seeing in the streets of Minnesota jobs number one, but the
the chaos here. You know I've seen a real democrat for thirty years, like the people, I grew up with a lot of friends of ours. They supported the working man Middle Class American. We seem to have taken a back seat that these predetermine agendas. I really don't know what we are trying to do. So are you still? Yours? Are you staying a Democrat? because you're hoping the party will swing back and be more like it was, and you want to continue to change it or or what to me, the political party thing is, I think, might be fading out, because, right now you can call me a republic in our democratic of raw thinking alike. Republican party, the Democrats, I know we all have a vision for America. like our parents said wow that that is not robber. That is not what we are seeing on television or on the news. The democratic
What's that I mean my grandparents were Democrats. We know a lot of family members that I had growing up. We're Democrats, and they loved the country they just. They just saw the party as big business are the small guy. And now it is there, but they both loved America and wanted it to succeed. Now I don't see that in Democrats and you're saying that you think that there's a lot of Democrats out there, like that, it's a lot on that think like like that now, because So she should, with the party you're, seeing the split the divide, not supporting a working man or the middle class in the middle class, built this country and actually supports the whole world. The great strong America economically helps the whole world and I were buddies. Speaking up the kind of
septa comments to their selves, but no group has the other mayors to jumped on the bandwagon and yeah. It's me, and I was really happy for that, because that's the undercurrent the word on the street people are getting really upset. I mean it's just that we're getting beat up by these environmental he's radicals in the party, so so robber. What I mean that you the fight, If others joined you is the de. That, maybe you kind of were the hole in the dyke. If you will let all of a sudden it it just started to crack apart, I mean is it scary to do what you just? Did Well, you know I just took a stand because I really feel for young people making investments in our area is the kids in the small towns were struggling, and I think the rest of these mayors had just had enough. They gave him enough rope. Hopefully things would come back to normal. How we proceed.
Normal, but it just getting worse when you have the rioting lawlessness, be threatening people's public safety in order me that that would just pushed it over the edge. Your I do not. Are you getting? Are you getting heat from your stance it all? I had such a small amount of further negative comments were just getting a deluge of call from all over the world. Three different parts of Pennsylvania. Even California stop their glad. We took this, then I would say it's probably maybe you like ninety two I had one while he then came up here into the story on if they did, they did a real good story up here and I got more complaints and some of the Democrats liberals up here that I said crop is our guy. I got more called then get over this discourse regularly burning freely
Why do you do you think is because maybe the liberals weren't watching last week it they were just like oblivious You'd, be I mean that was a pretty big deal with people are people are speaking out and I mean those who are calling the are all long time Democrats here in there looking at the candidate, because they know we're, but nothing to support our thoughts are thoughts have always been the air. The natural resource based economy and our wilderness we'd get both in check for years, and now we have people trying to take that away from us. Does anybody can use our wilderness if they get their way? It will be just thing a privilege to be able to go. There and you don't think Biden. Numbing Biden always been for the working man You know working. Class, Joe, is what they call him. Are you make it up money now, just quoting him. They know that's
They call me working class Joe and its link. No, you call yourself that nobody else does, but I wait. Donald Trump he's not politicians always word means something because he used to do business deals and I'm tired of these. elected officials who got we for sale sign on her back and you see what happened, although jobs left, away everything, nor any advantage. We had good I've, seen the economic role across The report on appear in a mighty business. For years Well, it is almost shocking to talk to politicians and not have them, told the party line and I buy from disrespect for you, and I would I would say that same thing, if somebody was going the other way, I would question their common sense, but I will I would respect. I really respect people who don't toe the line, because it's not encouraged
in any way in today's society. So thank you for that, Sir, gotta, get that extend sooner or later it it's our survival. Thank you, you're. Exactly right, that is the EU. That is one of the six mayors. Now, the first one that spoke, God he was at the r r N C Robert was Selvages Marian Minnesota Democrat remaining a Democrat.
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