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Glenn talks to a spokesperson for the campaign of Ellen McMuffin. The guys debunk Stacey Abrams' claim that an unborn baby's heartbeat is a sound manufactured by the patriarchy at six weeks. Rep. Andy Barr joins to explain why we need oversight over big banks to stop their ESG-driven agendas.

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alright you're sick, twisted freak welcome to the thursday podcast man. I got about half of what we had planned on today, but it was all good eating, Leticia james, the attorney general for new york. We kind of took that one apart and told you what was really going on also, why stacey abrams and what she said about a heartbeat is so incredibly dangerous, incredible hilarious, but dangerous. Yes, we have Andy Barr to talk to us about e s. G scores, which are also very very dangerous, and the left's war on air conditioning does have an interesting position to take yeah. I love that they have arizona, texas access, the entire south yeah yeah. We hate air conditioning just like the northerners heat heat. Today's podcast brought to you by goldline tons of americans still don't know it's possible to use your retirement account to acquire precious metals that they could be saving up for retirement, building, a protective wall against inflation and other forms of economic insanity that pop up to the fed. We just discovered hid a report that likened our current situation and what they're doing with interest rates to a depression, not recession, depression. It was just discovered, they said all well what we're talking about, because we disagree with it. There's trouble come and gang. I want you to call goldline find out if you can protect some of your assets. You know your four o one k, your your ira. What can you do to protect some of it? Goldline can help tell them. I sent you from the podcast give them the the code m Y b. Mind your business and they'll, get your mind, your business silver bar they're, giving them away just as a thank you for calling in no strings attached just request the information at their website, goldline, dot com or just call him and tell him. I sent ya it's eight six, six goldline, eight, six, six goldline, here's a podcast, so the the Glenn Beck program, long with by executive producer, the honorable steve regehr, who for some reason changed his name.
early on to stew, welcome. Thank you glad. I appreciate that the terrible telling that story. Thank you, appreciate We also have in studio somebody that you know probably never seen before. As Eyes with a she is, are social media, and manager yeah yeah. What will now seriously what you're real? Suddenly there courtney coordinator, so she called needs our social media. Apparently, she told me to day quote this has never been said before your big on Tik tok, who meaning that, like you'd load of vat on tiktok, yet I look fat everywhere right may not us tonight, I'm not just tik tok instagram, all of them yeah yeah, so you're streaming today on instagram and tiktok threat. the behind the scenes, which is its role, There is always a risk racy,
and it will fill that void left by colonel sanders and captain kangaroo, so yeah well, you'll eaten monolith yeah, I'm pretty sure, does I'm pretty I'm pregnant colonel centres produced a lot of good for now chicken ezra. You told me a minute ago that there is just a lot of mean spirited things that are being said in the live in the life moments. Yes, yes or no they're, not very nice, very nice on the social issues, is mainly fat or what is it or that more nazi? What are they accusing mouth today? You are you're nazi arafat Nancy knew. How dare you you know, support republican, ok, all right! Well, that's good now is that on tik tok or is that on hours on instagram I was unable to grasp tik tok must love me around here. Let me get you to follow it.
the inscribed page for our tik tok page, I dont know. I have no idea, I have no idea it is the dial pound. One five, oh and I think that'll any all right, let me style down the middle there just do that you'll get their escaped, these new complex things ever I mean I thought it was exciting when we had a phone in the car, California has a moral obligation. Now, according to governor newsome, who? is going to clean up in the twenty twenty four election. I mean it I mean he is one. with the american people. He has said that they have a moral obligation to bear. Diesel powered trucks,
rectify, which I think is a great word, because it makes me think of rag doll which makes me think of an ass, which makes me think of Gavin newsome anyway, back and diesel trucks to rectify what global warming, but when I would think level why I know decades of racist practices can ok so they are going to ban medium and heavy duty trucks. And they all have to be fully electric by twenty thirty. now here's the good news. Those seventeen states that just signed on with all of california emission standards and everything else that you're gonna have to do it. To you didn't know I that in your state yeah You are now a slave to California, who did that? your governor and your legislators so bye, bye, electric cars in verge urbane, gasoline cars in virginia by by diesel pro
in virginia and other states. I mean minnesota to stay in your house. I mean really what like a week, Maybe, where it's nice I'm staying How so it's why they build bridges enclosed bridges, oliver minneapolis teddy than ever to walk out Helen you something about it. They should verily rodya eyes, never at what the first I went there isn t just built. They just turn this entire city into a mall. It changes its walking from hotel at a hotel Is it true that only white people can by diesel is that your what yes in a more most parts of texas, but I don't know about california. No, here's the deal stew decades, I'm quoting d kids of racist and classes practices. Including red lining and sitting. Decisions have come and traded heavy duty vehicle and freight activities in communities of color freight activities
fascinated and it's not just color its low income communities Now. I don't know why they didn't build. Our airports and are plus, stations. And are freight yards right in the middle of a really nice suburbs? I don't know, I don't know women it. Could b, because if they did that- everybody who lived in those really nice suburbs would move away? and then they would have to cut the high price of the housing, and so those become low income neighborhoods How racist are you you don't want to live next to the freeway, my gosh? What's next oh, I can't sleep at night because the roar of the jet engines, my gosh, you rich people, make me sick. Oh I can't live by a bite.
Station, no, no wow racists. This guy's gonna, be this guy's gonna be good for the guy. You know who else would be good if Utah would just aleck Ellen mic muffin running against running against mike li l make boffin is really really good. He was a cia agent. I dont off. You know, and I think what the country needs right. Now, to repair trust is a cia agent in the senate. You know he he's he's running a lot of ads running a lot of ads now: trying monetize. You know his campaign get somebody to somebody besides, george soros and others like him, too, kick in on the ellen mc muffin train and see if they can get em elected so he's he is doing. Some really good adds reminding everybody
hey! I was a spook and I think that's really good. I think that's right in line with what americans want right now is another spook runnin around. We. Wait. A minute, hang on just a second right now: spokesperson for the Ellen mc muffin campaign is joining us now. How are you I'm a very good? How are you asked about tat, but could I just wanted to thank you for your incorrect? More consisted support per forever and his campaign against extremists likely I know you ve, been you test of course said that there would be nothing better than to have a cia spoke yeah understand it all you and out, as one of you for your sure, sure, there's a sure, sure so do I mean have you thought thought this through that? Maybe you know at a time when are you ok
Are you really fat or I'm a fat man? I can ask that question time in germany accept israel condition. Ok are anyway? I would just wondering: have you thought this? Through I mean? the annex say the cia all add there. I mean they're spying on american erotic. Now I know you're right. It's great. We have been trying to highlight that partner Abbott Mcmullen, balanced campaign that here is to cia because of course, is something that we really need right now. We need more spying on american citizens. We, of course, platform, that's where very well defined in a person who is in the sea. I imagine also spying, he could do if he was represented. It would be
much. He would describe three four or five times as much and that's what I think risk american people really want and that's where I think the voters of utah won and I think the voters of Utah should understand what's at stake here. This is very important election, the most part election, history and staff and an important part. People of your tottered. Now that we are working watching what they do. We're watching how they vote. We're gonna make sure that the dead They understand. What's at stake here, the the globe is war, but what what do you have? Just as a? What do you mean that you're you're you're, watching them and you're you're going to well are are, are the same people keep watch, what they do at all, what you mean. I watch what they do. I mean that every React and as a consequence, I we need When you were a child righted
If you were to not prohibit backbone without which we would. We would know about that. You know that, and there are consequences too to our action see. This is the kind of thing that I withdraw. That people would go away. I dont think I want to see a guy, you know in the senate, but he won't know if you did it for him. That's on we're saying, as you like santa claus, or does he have connections again when you? when a closet knows if you ve been good or bad manners when you're sleeping he knows what you're awake ready, also has half the information about you than episode. One does so, just like you told what your you want to go perfectly. You could do that. People could also vote against saddam hussein rust
You know the idea that this goes again ellen make muffin has been saying that likely, as in so many words and extremists, that extremist glad he is an extreme yeah. We've been looking into his activity, and we have this guy extreme, want to point out some examples that I yeah. I would never hear of a potato. What ever here of a potato. Yeah might lead us with them. Now he cut them off and it too little. sticks. Any rise come in let's go we are That's not a lack of some sort of like Christoph did ok, so hot by the way before I go,
I just wanted to thank you for your constant and could it support a port. I've ever met endorsement here in utah men. I have indeed doorstep, and I just want to say, but you haven't endorse and that's true, but you have helped our campaign That's because you keep calling him ellen mic bucket and We ve done a lot of research on ethnic balance and we realise, Nobody likes him that things. We work in our research really, but the best thing part of our entire campaign. He's got his name sounds like my mother.
it's the only thing we can find the people that make muffins well, let's elect our right to bring our kids are alright. Thank you very. They give very much the you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, the so stacey abrams says, there's no such thing as, a heart beat at six weeks. That's weird! As I know, there's a fetal heartbeat. Only a six week. The seventh weak, the eighth, ninth and tenth
twelve, all the way, still heartbeat. Even now I still have a heartbeat. It's weird, not fatal, but I still have a heartbeat. So no such thing as fetal heart beat in six weeks now true says she now. She says that this is a manufactured, sound. you haven't heard a fatal heart beat here is a fatal heart. I eat from the cake. What is that? So? What is it some fetal heartbeat? No, no, that is That is the sound you here at a cheap, motel, some that's going on in the room above, listen to it again, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong.
That's what it is and we put an end to this magic box k. We just we go, and we tape, from seedy motels. We tape the goings on in other rooms. We put it in this magic box and then because we're trying to get rid of the hand sanitizing that that Your cat, that's all expired now that they bought with taxpayers money Take that sanitizing, that's what it is to say: it's a jail, but you just like that, all over a woman's belly, and then you take the magic stick and on that magic stick when the position it right, you hit a little switch and It makes the magic box play what you recorded at the motel Science for ya. branded science really young.
its many, I'm quoting it to do. We have doing have ever actually saying this in audio here. She is. It is no such thing as a heartbeat. It is a simple design to convince people to take control of wounds. Wow wow. You know I thought it was a big deal that she thought she was the governor yellow. when she wasn't the governor and then she had this amazing turn around where she said. She never said that. I thought that was kind of amazing view: is for people who follow the science, not oh! No, if you follow the science but for people who follow the science, pretty sure. That's not a manufactured sound, I'm pretty sure. What that is, is our heart beat,
Now, I'm only saying that, because that what science tells us and the evil magic box- I don't know if I trusted about the mute, the evil magic box was designed by men. You now man who wanted to take me. What was the quote, that men have the. It was a sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body aims, and what, if we are to see like what strange view, and I just the world, can I just tell you as a man as a man and let's say a dirt bag. Man both these the worse side of me as a man. If I'm I'm gettin women pregnant, and I have no desire to settle down yeah Can I drive you their help. I pay for that, abortion k guys we're
beat all in for that vat is much better. then having a child, If a woman you were just sleeping with, then you don't really want to have a relationship and then that kid comes knocking on your door. Go daddy. Men would rather have you have an abortion, that's what makes sense to me or how I am trying to understand, I'm trying, understand you think men if they designed the machine, would make it sound like nothing, because they, be able to get out of whatever weird night they had last night. I could be it. Cancerous growth. I could be again there is growth I may be, a tumor I made A tumor, that's what it would say this. Of course. Why? So many in the left oppose the policy of having ultra sounds the abortions- yes, because they know they'll, hear the heartbeat they will see
If there's a you know that the scan to see they could see the movement they can see baby formed People on it, eighty percent. The mother is eighty percent more likely to have the baby. There kill the baby. If she hears the heartbeat. They know this. That's why she's not discrediting men not just sit. I mean she, absolutely wrong about men. We we did that, so you would have children don't think so. So. She is wrong about that. But what is she doing? She? is discrediting the machine. I mean in sign of shea neil fight way. It's almost like Why was set this airport and I just Tell em.
Good I'll have a thing is That's not going to be able to fly their pudding. Do I know tramp tramp, their say in their flying, you someplace you're, not actually going anywhere Putting my trick in so you think you went to your cleveland off over this really is we never went to the moon level? It is. It is right we can see, you could see it on the video. You can see the heart beating. You can hear it. This is why is going on it's in a joint manufactured, sound if you want defend abortion go ahead and defended, defend what you're actually doing stop denying. Why? What is reality, but I had to do it Is such a great, defensible policy? and just come out and defend it, but they knew
where can you notice, even after the dobbs thing, they're not talking about abortion they're talking about where one of you ever tottered, pregnancy or wanted for work or whether it has a miscarriage? You can't get it removed like first of all that none of this has anything to do with the laws passed on abortion, but secondarily, you notice how they can't go to the actual thing they say was so Norton keep defending these other things that aren't true and are much I already much totally different process as Been talking about but like if they really believe this was so defensible, they might occasionally defend it. That's why they were successful for a long time, because they said look you I want somebody else. Making decisions for the woman in fourth, the people involved. That's let the doktor and the woman figure this out and we pray or we hope, it is rare, but it ass to be safe and legal. That's her
they got you into the boat because That's how most people feel most. People. Darn. for abortion at the very end there not, but if, if most people feel ok. Don't know exactly when life begins. I mean, I think I because the egg is alive and the sperm is alive, so it is life when they join, but You can argue about this back and forth mo, people feel hey once its kind Dennis. Finally, as a baby, then we should kill it and they they would say, I hope it doesn't happen, but cases of insight stop rape or something like that, then you know go ahead. It should be rare, should also be safe
and legal that was winning celebrate your abortions. I've had eighteen hundred abortions and I loved everyone. I think it was my love My three hundred- that's one I'll, always remember. That was so great that I celebrated at the time I mean that's where they lose everybody and because theyve celebrated their abortion and are losing regular people. You can put the genie back in the bottle. What are they to do They now have to take the insane step of this Crediting medical machines and technology is after two years by the way of them claim the biggest scandal in the world with people saying the voting machines were hacked after they had previously said that voting machines were hacked in previous elections. They lost can do, is do a search, real, quick, the on twitter, social media.
Is stacy abrams? Does she have a warning that this is miss or dis information. because this is important medical information right port in medical information. She's saying that ultra sounds are now real at the sound of the epa is not real really what she's doing this is what she has said, and this is a relatively recent thing from the left where they started, calling it a flicker. Instead of our Remember that whole thing, but that they are times just called it. A flicker in a random article, relic wait what were flickr. It's been a high but we ve known it's a heartbeat, it's one of them most amazing moments of early pregnancy, right, you're there may be spouses with you. You hear the heartbeat for the first time, it's an overwhelming emotional experiences or its created by men to control women,
or it's just a mechanical sound of some sort. Now this is this is honestly gang. Think this through, because this is where life gets very scary, this is where you go to authoritarian rule and you can millions of people, because your truly now crediting things that everyone knows is true K. So you disagree with it who can say that is an evil magic box that has made up sounds in it to convince people if they, by that, your active salem, which trials your ass the salem which trials. Well, if she doesn't float, she wasn't a witch. That's what you're looking at right now and what's frightening is
She can say this with a straight face and no one discredits her from her own side, no one is saying today you know I was for stacy abrams, and then I heard that that's just evil magic box stuff, that's witchcraft, What are you talking about? What are you talking about? support her in This is this: is this a woman who is delusional and. Dangerous thanking you know, we Put her into a role of any kind of authority. If she thinks this, she really believes this and, if not she's, just she doesn't care about lying are we saying that nobody saying that on the left, not a soul. You don't think that they can vince those people that you are a terrorist because of the way you ve out of course again their sole emboldened right now? She thinks she can get away with saying this and
people in the audience? Don't laugh at her or stand up in that public setting ago com on everyone on the panel nods inaugurates agreement, their heads, you don't think they can convince Half the country that you should the eliminated liquidated put into a camp, whatever authoritarian love to do. I have a noose, worry I'd, be saying the same exact thing. People on the right we're doing this, we are headed words: dangerous danger: sometimes we better wake up. And stand together, because this is a free. innings, it's hilarious, but because we're taking it seriously. It is a
a refined, the best of the Glen bank robbery and welcome to the Glen back programme. I wanna play something from yesterday to Joe Biden said: about taxes, a global tax, listen to this cut for. With partners in the americas, africa europe and the middle east and the pacific, working to build a new economic eco system. Where every nation, every nation gets a fair shot Economic growth is resilient, sustainable and share That's why the united states is champion global minimum tax.
And we will work started implementing. That means that means wrapping every business where they are? No one can move and get a better deal. Someplace else. That's what that means. Also, the banker all met with the house. Yesterday, and the the oversight committee for us, ants and banking regulations. they. They had one guy I just I can't get enough of They had done what what's his name from a jamie diamond from be morgan chase and he said something incredible. He said now now we don't win where, where don't have any policies, that we would stop funding oil and gas? Really
yes, g kind of sounds like one. congressmen bar is with us now he's the congressmen Andy bar from Kentucky. He there. Did you ask jamie diamond to explain yes g to you? I'm gonna be on your programme. Yet we. We wanted to make sure that we To all of these leaders and finance about their power policies and whether or not they were going to cave in to them. The woke the king on wall street and be back we buy the biden, financial regulators and politicize the allocation of capital or whether they we're going to defend free enterprise and the free flow of capital as it as it is supposed to be efficiently allocated, based on supply and demand
for your listeners, you dont know ye es g stands for environmental and social governance, which is a a trendy, a way in which, Progressive left have weapon ized the banking system to describe it against a company and causes that they don't like that or unfashionable such as fossil energy industry, or the firearms manufacturing sector hordes or trans reno parents. You know that are speaking out against trans issues, or you know that you're coca cola. You gotta, learn to be not so white. All of that stuff! That's right! That's the! ass in s g. Exactly- and this is a form of discriminatory lending. Banks should be making lending decisions based on objective risk based metrics, not the standards
woke corporate cancel culture, and the divine administration has weapon eyes. Financial regulators to steer investors into these. Yes g funds and what the american people need to know is that they may be unwittingly financing. The agenda of the far left and the reserve for retail investors Glenn is that they are now invested in high fee, less diversified and lower. Return investments only twenty one percent finra, which is the self regulatory organization for stockbrokers in concert. with the universe of chicago, they did a study, a survey of retail investors in america and we twenty one percent of mom and pop investors, saving for college saving for retirement counting on financial performance in therefore, one here there I re only twenty one percent of amerika
even know what yes g is. So there is a real disconnect between the institutional investors of the state pension funds, the black rocks in the band guards, the asset managers in wall street, and some of these big banks and tell investors but retail investors are actually the owners of the capital and men of these sub? ass, if on wall street have thumb, have allocated their capital in ways that that diminish returns. Advance political agendas ahead of financial returns so wasn't jamie diamond lying when he said no, we don't have any policies that would discriminate or, or de fund oil in an gas. They are fully signed on to e g programmes heave and when is far in saying it would be an absolute. What did he a disaster or american nightmare if we stopped oil and gas
Not all of these banks were asset managers or are created equal to be fair. Some of them have more aggressive, yes, g policies, and others I will say that, at least in the case of MR diamond that here wrote in a letter to shareholders, and I highlighted this in my questioning of him we need a marshall plan. For u S, g dominance to help ourselves or allies to decrease our dependence on oil russia, for example, or foreign sources of energy and so it he at least, and his institution jake morgan chase, they admit, they will continue and they committed to continuing to finance oil. Natural gas. I focused on coal kentucky call state twenty two per and of america's electricity generation still comes from call, we're gonna need call in the future like we're. Gonna need other fossil energy sources. Natural gas and oil and heat
commit at least to me that his institution would continue to finance fossil energy and we need when we don't need to be boyd by climate alarmists, non investors, stakeholders or by their financial regulators to choke off financing or investment into american Gee companies and- and yet what the years g movement is that they are they are trying to. comment. There green new deal there there. The radical I'm an alarm ism agenda through five. Actual regulation and through the financial system. This is absolutely compromising american energy dominance. American energy independence, We have literally gone plan from a position of american energy dominance to an energy, desperate ingest two years under that these Biden policies in concert with awoke wall street. To delay the same thing to farming. Yeah yeah exactly so. My org
it is, we need more, not less financing, I mean we, we we talked about. Ah the Biden war on energy, or you know, cancelling the keystone, XL pipeline, canceling infrastructure projects holding up four thousand four hundred which permits frustrating the can fraction of new refineries. All that's true, but grey zero in the bite in war against american energy and american energy independence and affordable, reliable energy is the weapon is no financial regulation because, let's face it, this is a capital into serve industry and up investors just wilma allocate capital into this capital intensive industry unless they know their thirst, some certainty with regulation, so I'm a Some of the other ceos, I will say, are not, as are not, is open to financing energy, and so we made it. We made a big point about keeping Paul
it takes out of the business of banking. Bst don't but don't be a polit, don't be a political party. Okay, so we're talking to congressman Andy Barr from Kentucky. He is on the house financial services committee and also a member of the house foreign affairs committee, let me let me ask you: did you get to visa mastercard and american? Express with the women. Gun right, distraction yes, so one of my one of my colleagues are congressmen. Williams from Texas did press the, though bankers, the banks. He goes on this issue. Of course, this was this- is a new merchant code for your listeners and and for those of us who believe the second amendment is fundamental, that they have created the banks to do this, but the key
The card companies created a new a merchant code for firearms and and some banks have participated in pushing for this and that the danger of this, of course, Is that it allows for a walk, banks who pursue this year's g agenda to discriminate against americans who are exercising their awful second amendment rights. It is the concern is. It is a way in which a banks stop the financing of americans simply exercising their rights, the b, the bankers. Yesterday, when asked about this question from congressmen williams, they said look, this was not our decision. We just follow the rules, but the truth it, but the truth is. This: is Another way, deep concern because
to another way in which the financial system is weapon eyes to discriminate against americans who are simply exercising their rights, but it was a malaga mated bank that was pushing for the change. I the rules they were the ones who brought e g to america in the first place. Strangely, a union bank and they're the ones who are pushing for this and an guy. Changed international, they saying now we're held to some international banking standard, and we can't do anything about it, yeah. They are- and I joined with several my colleagues in writing a letter to that bank and are objecting to their ah they're, pushing the vision and politics should not be in banking. It should be about should not be in banking. It should be about objective factors is the our credit worthy is it based on sound underwriting? Does What they're doing it so, in addition to fighting here,
of what what they're doing it so fighting fair access to banking. You know fair access to banking, you and banks read what they call red lining where african americans were denied access to credit for racist reasons, african americans were denied access to credit for racist reasons. If this was a horrible practice. Well, today its banks in concert with liberals and government who use in concert with liberals in government who used the weapon eyes. The banking system to discriminate against those who are exercising their second amendment rights or the fossil energy industry? Or, as you say, you know, parents who just want visibility into we want to deep politicize, fine, We cannot allow this to happen. We want to.
depoliticize finance, and this is going to be a major major focus of republicans on the financial services committee. When we take the gamble sbac when we retire nancy Pelosi and take back the majority, your grin you're going to be the the the the committee chair. And Patrick Mc Henry is Well, I'm in the leadership of the committee and Patrick Mchenry is our ranking member. Now, okay, so here he will be the chairman of the full committee and he is on board with. Ah our our I really focus on this congressmen. Hiding and many of my other colleagues are- are really focus on this congressmen, heisman guy, who will chair the capital markets subcommittee, french hill from arkansas, Bryan style was constant and will we going to shine a bright light on this and make sure that investors know that that some of these sub some of these leaders and finance are not doing right by them as investors, the job of of produce,
gender at the expense- yes, the investor and that's what we're sitting with this political agenda infecting co agenda infecting to pursue a political agenda at the expense. Yes, faster and that's what we're seeing a with this political agenda, infecting the financial markets, even some of them are even saying a friend of mine went and socked about yesterday was asked about yesterday. at the same. You know, investment seminar, thing and the guy said. Look. I mean it's going to cost money that you're going to probably lose money in the investment first ten years, but it's going to really take off and he's like you're talking to a group of people that most of us have gray hair here, we're You know ten years away or five years away from retirement age and your the best return for the next ten years, and I had to ask
The thing that you say is most likely not going to be the best return for the next ten years, and I had to ask you about that: that's kind of a problem cherry much higher fees. So the reason why blackrock and some of these Our can some of these other asset managers are are promoting. This is because they say it takes their skill to put together these environmentally friendly funds, and so they charge on average. Forty three test of of investing investing went to one which is diversification, their heavy on tack and their light on energy. And if you you see what happened in the markets nicely markets over the last eight nine months are huge textile off thing investing went to one, which is to be sufficient, their heavy on tech and their life. On energy and if you use ie Energy prices went up. So if you invest in energy, you did better well, the many so off and you prices went up. So if you are investing in energy, you did better well the amount
two more severe, because there was this huge tax. Often they didn't have any energy stocks in their portfolio Andy. I am Was this huge text? So often they didn't have any energy stocks in their portfolio Andy. I am up against the network break and I've really gotta run. But can you give me yes or no question? Are you up to speed on the I'd love to have you back next week to talk about yeah to govern I'd love to have you back next week to talk about, you know, did currency, if you, if you can love problem The bag digital current, oh yeah- I we need to promote private sector innovation night. Had the government run. Did your current? Thank you so much as congressmen, Andy bar run digital currency. Thank you. So much, that's congressman Andy Barr from Kentucky. You could follow him at bar b, a r r dot house dot. of
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