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Best of The Program | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy | 7/19/21

2021-07-19 | 🔗

Glenn shares the story of a U.S. father in England struggling to keep his daughter alive while the government wants to pull the plug. Glenn blasts President Biden, Colin Kaepernick, and the media for their response to the Cuban protests. Rep. Chip Roy joins to talk about the government holding 500 people in detainment in connection to the Capitol riot.

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Ratio today starts with a little bit of introspection. We look into the window of yourself. Yes, so you know what I mean is tat. We start to podcast, but we go out and laughs. We talk about corona virus, what's happening to the January six defendants, the people who have been arrested, how many have been arrested and where are they that and so much more on today's broadcast the only thinking you seek twisted freak welcomed Monday, our eyes here is something that is critically. Important and You can do something about it There is a
ugh of war between good and evil. That is has really broken out in England. A expertly ill. Two year old girl in England, the Doctors want to pull the plug on her now. Here is the difference between this and Charlie Guard. Remember Charlie Guard was the state eventually pulled all life support, even though Charlie Guard had a place to go but Charlie its parents were english. Not the key peace with the two year old girl in England. This is an american dad who has citizenship in Amerika in Israel and he was living. England, but he still holds an american passport. when his daughter was born two years ago,
is, she was born and she was not. She was not responding to anything they kept up, CPR and then put her on a put it my column Breath Eliza an invalid Earth and in a later ventilator Social, been on a ventilator for her entire life and she had lack of oxygen, so she's not responding, etc, etc she can't maintain a core body temperature. She. She can't blink She has no conscious awareness, yadda, yadda, yadda, the add says there are there? Are hospitals in Amerika and in Israel that one to try new things on his daughter. She, as a chance, according to doctors here in Amerika and in israel- and
The dad is saying you know, I know what you're saying, but me no offense England, but your hospital care is is not to the standards of America or Israel, because you're not the cutting edge anymore, because of your socialist health care, he's not saying this to you know be A troublemaker or to make a political point, he's telling the truth and he says, there's no reason to kill. My daughter s, quote: there's lots of places around the world where I can take care of my daughter and we'd be happy to take care of her for long term. He said just let Me and my daughter go thee. Judge said that just don't think she has any quality of life. Wool.
Who are you to say that the doctors say that, doctor say she has no quality of life. So she said it's not the parent, it's the patient She has to look out for the patient, and so she wants to stop all life's a Lord here's, where it gets interested in interesting Not only is a hospital in here in Amerika willing to take her. But also in it real and here's why this is important. He has an israeli passport he's an Israeli, an american citizen, He is his, hasidic. so he has deeply held orthodox views. And he says Value of life is into our up a religious upbringing orthe it.
Ex Judaism encourages the continuation of life until all means have expired. And are exhausted, so don't tell me about your meaning of life. This is my religious point of view. The judge is still not moving. Now, there's and a couple of Democrats that have taken this on an written letters. There's a line of Republicans that already taken this on they're waiting for the White House. They can't get the White House to react to this, I honestly don't know if Joe Biden is even aware enough and I honestly don't think that People in the White House believe in religion.
I dont know if they believe in the quality of life argument that all life inherently valuable? we have to do whatever we can do I dont know what they believe. I wish I did. I wish I knew who was actually running the White House. but this is something that you can call your senator on. Call the White House on this is an american citizen, american citizen, and they desperately desperately. need your help, and this is something that goes to Republicans and Democrats, Humor is actually involved, he's dead, to get the family reunited here, this is thing: you know there's Only a few things left that can unite us.
And I think we're seeing that we see our t. Our children. our children, can bring us back together. Because we're all the same? You know I hear about these I hear about struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis: will I've been there several times and I've talked to pay, estonian several times their grounds in you meet somebody who is not just dreaming for blood, which is a lot of people, are not screaming for blood. They say the same thing: the politics of the region, the politics I just want. A job I just want to feed my family, I just to get on with my life.
That is the same thing I hear from Israelis. They dont mind oh politics Palestinians are living here that they don't I mean they have they lay let Palestinians live, they take care of Palestinians, they have full citizenship. What is the problem. Usually its politics. We all have the same thing in common, our children, if we lose. Any more of value of life. If we begin, to lose it on the edges. Here's a chair- That is already borne. This is this is not some other country. This is you, take it or child. and you're over in Europe and use Your child, over there and. They put him in a hospital you recommend because they need a hospital.
And then that hospital says yeah we're not gonna, let you take em because they have no quality of life. Skews me. What Does your passport even mean? What does your pal? support even mean more. Fourthly, what does This is my child even mean. It means nothing They can get away with saying I'm sorry, we treat the patient, not the parent and apparent says, wait a minute how how many steps is it to you going into a hospital? And you being told you have no quality of life. And you are saying you know, I do. This is where it started in Germany. This is exactly how it this is remember the Holocaust
This is never again. I once there already there, but at the beginning, were you grab the roots and pull it out. This is the beginning of that alter alter. Is this daughters name, alter fixed slur, EF? I x S, l e r, Malta fix lure, call your church call your prayer group, call your senators call the White House Alta fixed slur, bring her home.
This is the best one big brother, twenty three year old mechanic. He was in Cuba, hee hee In eleven other Cubans. run a little wooden boat, and he focused on the rolling waves that rocked and lifted The wooden boat. It was a second time to try to escape leave his family behind in freedom, but you think about that. not leaving? How hard is it for you to leave friends and family and your job something that you do know moving to Denver you're moving
place else think about them. Sure that is on you, think about butterflies that you have in your stomach about finding new doctors school for your kids, new jobs, new friends and I want to leave my friends. My family is all here now and you're going to a place where you can never go back not going to see your parents in your friends you have no idea what's on the other side and its not like go West young man where Lewis and Clark or they are gone, yeah, here's a map pal you get there, don't get eaten by a bare and when you get There is much people there, they're gonna help you out. This is. I am going by myself and I might die in the water. This twenty three year old mechanic got into the boat
For the second time, knowing. I can't stay here said dolphins, tracking the boat, alongside. That's when he lifted his eyes over the weekend. And he saw. Just the dreamed of coastline, everyone opted in joy, he said men women cried they had to come to America so badly. The celebration continued because they didn't notice the. U S, coastguard plain until it was directly overhead. And then they saw the coastguard cutter. Within four days he was back on cuban soil. What are we doing.
What are we doing. Bring me you're, tired, your huddled masses, yearning. to breathe free. The statue of liberty has been has been asked her dazed by the left. So much. Maybe they'll, say one day that only reply. Lincoln's Ray He owned the statue of liberty, it's an offensive symbol for others. So be it. I know what the statue of liberty means, and I know who she cries out for with silent lips. Send these votes old masses. Yearning to breathe free. These are literally the tempest tossed.
and while we are welcoming people from any country all over the world. Without it, any kind of information, and setting them into our country putting them on a map. can planes paid Or by american taxpayers, flying them all around the country. Giving them a start to a new life, we have no idea who these people are. Coastguard cutters are turning these people away. Shame on you. shame on you Joe Biden and the rest of you clowns in Washington. Shame on you.
You know the Republicans wanna take take page, the democratic playbook Here is how it works out for you, you, get up today because there's nothing, you can do, there's nothing, you can do they're going to pass legislation anyway and you ve just enough there to have a quorum. So you don't stop the business of Amerika. Why don't you go down to Miami all of you won't Get onto a plane in Miami every single one of you, an invite Democrats to come with you. and stand there. Arm in arm with the cuban people, the people who deal have Cuba in their hearts. They're still proud to be Cubans, but Also proud, Americans now
proud Americans because they know what this country did for them. That is just protect they're right. To breathe free. Cubans. Are in the streets protesting. I am so sick and tired of hearing people who are so brave. They're, just no seriously, they are just they're, so very, very brave. Are they. Are they really. Calling capper Nick, isn't brave, culling capper Nick. He made
A job transfer he sought it one job, and so we our creative way to start another job and that job is an activist and even if he means it he's a moron wearing a J T shirt where a che t shirt. Anybody who glorifies CHE and had no there ass from their elbow Can call them a human rights activist you're. protesting the american flag, because you said so deeply believe in the right. To be free, and yet you wear a chain t shirt. She would have loved you, he would have loved you calling. Especially after he scooped you up, because you didn't do
everything he said. Many shot you and they had just for fun because Two CHE was. We ve so bastardize the understanding of America Sinclair. The ball to me, the meaning of America. This might Does my piss bunch people off, but all I have to lose. I believe this country and a heartbeat in a heartbeat I'd renounced my citizenship in a heartbeat I'd, take down my mom. can flag in a heartbeat if you could come up with something better. If you had some place, or some thing, some idea that had
a better mission statement, the declaration of independence and you a better constitution than this one and you people who were like our pilgrims and many of our founders, they were for people and freedom, I'd go, but so for that? Offer hasn't come up. I can't find another place to go. I can't fight something better than this, and they once being wrecked by IP bunch of people who don't any clue they keep looking the past, Ah, you know what's really great Cuba Bus socks, that's why people Building wraps out of old Ford's there, trying to make anything float. That's why it's not! You know I went on a little boat trip, but I had the dolphins that my side near I arrived in Miami where
I'm just ladder and myself up now and sun screen. This is a dangerous deadly trip. And what is the utopia on the other side of the plan of the poor bull who were in office now are supporting C r t what what Does it look like you know why I asked why Brok Obama said. We have five days to fundamentally transform the United States of America, member that five days and I ask beginning on on day number one transform into what its form into what first you're told Sweden, but you ll notice, nobody's talking to Sweden. The swedes aren't overhear vector swedes. Moreover, here saying we're not socialist don't you know that and we wouldn't work at a population your size and have you noticed Sven, looks like you're on it
not diverse, like America is so is anybody over from the Democratic party talking to all of the swedish people? All of the people? in Denmark, because their model. Where are they thereof? Lord in Cuba and Venezuela. What is their plan actually look like? Well I'll? Show you the best of the gun that programme Chip Roy from the great state of Texas is joining us now. He is congressmen from Texas in Wash indeed see, and he has been leading the effort to get some answers on what is happening with the defence of January, six that have pretty much I've been told ship. Hopefully you will have the answer on this, that therein,
solitary confinement is that true. The programme is one of the things were trying to get an answer to forestall. They tracked me outbreaks turkey again, as always in a great, be integrated textile they're gonna fly. Did he say today its arm of Angola Accomplish option, nothing in Washington, because their democrats don't actually care about what people want and in this case is a perfect example. I'm on the house, Judiciary Committee. We oversight over the Department of Justice. We are informed us through public accounting and through some of the information they make public debt. Five hundred Americans have been arrested, inaction with what occurred on January six. Now you- and I both agree that, though Do you know violated laws in ways that maybe resulted destruction of property or you know attacking, these officers are the right, things should be punished. The ball is now in a war or shortly punished appropriate and consistent with the law. But we have five hundred people around
did, and we don't have any real information on who they are, what had been arrested, how there being detained? What what's the actual, You know what backing all that's. What I mean by that I'm, a former federal prosecutor myself and there are up cedars and policy they put in place that impact. What assessment, United Signatories knowledge attorneys in question? What they do in terms of prioritizing in terms of how they approach prosecutor, discretion, in this context, we want to know whether this is political. We want to know how for being, you know, treated and all of this gonna? My radar screen, because I have teach ones who were present in DC, enigmatic and what people that have come to me in talking about how they are being charged with crimes. One fathers combination of both were charged with the crime. The father was not detain, the sun was and were true
To get more information from them from their lawyers and are now approaching the Department of Justice, as we have been now for a couple months, Thomas mastering myself in some other pressing so so how unusual is what's happening with this? Well it's hard to know the exact details right make because we don't. We don't have the information about. Ok, you, each individual he's been detained. What are they charge? we're having done so. For example, we know There was an individual, that's a constituent of mine who charged with the crime literally appear- is based on the video that he has in that I've been informed of through his council that all you was crossed? The line where there were some of those bicycle racks place and in fact he has video the whole time never wanted in the capital. You never occurs you can hear the audio and in fact he was discouraging people from breaching the line and, from you know, carrying
on an and maybe pushing up against the police and stop, but as the crowd move forward, he crossed that particular boundary to now he's being prosecuted right, he's being charged with a crime, how many of them People are now knew his case, he's not a jail at the current moment. but we know that he's been illustrates facing crime and how many of these five hundred who are they? Why are they being detained? What did they do This is why you know we are detained. Hang on, we ve detained five hundred people. I think we ve arrested five hundred people. I don't know the exact numbers on the detentions. My staff is working right now to try to crush Department of Justice. To get that, we obviously sent the letter asking the attorney general, the comport. We believe it five hundred the were trying to figure. How many are currently detained and and get to of how long you been detained and why and figure out what their due process rights are and you know how many have settled. I was told that a
one individual, went ahead and and been entered a plea agreement for something was right or to move along? Ok, where does that girl and what was? play agreement and what pressure was put on individuals for the flagrant, though two things on a figure and by the way you don't. I opposed this. You know Pelosi wed, Select Committee cause. I thought it was unnecessary and political, I'm on it. For a moment, the House Judiciary Committee. We have oversight, we have not held a single hearing, Glenn, not asleep, or hearing where we hold in the Department of Justice You know the attorney general to go through these questions. We had the FBI directorate in front of the Judiciary Committee and a couple of his ass in blood should I was one of them to the FBI director, but it's really the attorney general that we need to know because the? U S a tarried. The report up whose being prosecute, what's going on jobs we need out here.
We need to get to the bottom of an understanding and look for those that should be being prosecuted fine, but we want to know the truth and we want to know the ones who are being held the end. What are being charged with so. I have read things from attorneys of people that there being held again until now at any one question that they were actually being held in I can't seem to get. a handle on any of it and they say that they can. to get a handle on it and let me go to my question when I, when I asked you how unusual is this, what I mean is you're, a former prosecutor, how unusual? Is it that you at this point can't even really seem to know where people are? What has happened. Well, I think it is the euro. India is a unique circumstance rights. It's not like. I go around and no currently,
recent goal, a being punished across every United States turns offer, but it for something. This magnitude know some of this information public right. You can go I can see some of the information about what's been charged and so forth, but in terms of How long why, in one what procedures are putting in place and wiser, for being detained and not we don't that information, and we need to know that information. All of that is highly political and its irregular. What we ve been being told, is it in some cases you know there are there being told that the prosecutors being told yet, don't you don't The discretion here you just have to go charge the crime right. That's a prosthetic policy choice, By the Department of Justice dismay too, in a United States. Turning on assisting, I judge jury you Gonna go charge these crimes, as opposed to hold on you, taken off Back to the prosecutor right, I had the exercise judgment discretion to make it determination
that's what I really want to know. Who's ordered what in terms of how People are being punished and prosecute because if a prosecutor looks at it says, ok, I have been of you punching a carbon hitting a car jobs. urging you with this crime- ok, fair enough, but But if someone is it while you cross the line and base with policies, we don't care, prosecute right, that's probably draw discretion is being said, is not being allowed to occur, not by policies why Thomas and I and some others are gonna- stop pressing this really hard. We we sent letters now we need We start can beautiful figuring out how to turn up the eat, the elevators to find out all the time Well, anything we can do to help. I mean I want people who are guilty of a real crime to pay the price at the that anybody. should pay for that particular crime. but I I am very, very concerned about the way this
been handled really from the get go because, like you said it does feel very political, and now I read today that the military is using spying devices and eavesdropping devices, etc, etc. The they would on populations overseas and they're, using that in Washington D C. As part of this new security programme in Washington, Well, and we want to Know- and we want to build a she and compare this to what occurred in Portland last summer. Write me when, when, when federal building is the courthouse is being ransacked and What would your priorities? What are the priorities of this administration? prosecuting those crimes, and if we need to go through and see this and compare it and shows to the american people to know justice is being served blindly as it supposed to be, chip. Thank you very much that is so congressmen Chip Roy and follow him on Twitter at Rep chip. Roy thanks we'll talk.
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