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“Wonder Woman 1984” was terrible, a Harvard professor claims aliens exist, and we can teleport quantum data now. Rep. Chris Stewart joins to discuss challenging the Electoral College results and why an audit of the presidential election is crucial. What is Georgia’s secretary of state doing? While election fraud in Georgia is far from disproven, it’s crucial for conservatives to go out and vote. Glenn hears from Georgia voters on their experiences.

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Hey we're back and full force got a great show. We talk about the election cuz. That ain't over by talk to the president will tell you about to tell you about that. Also Congressman Stewart on why every congressman and every senator should not certify- and we talk to you is a great show, first of the year, the only thing I have to tell just to get offer some heavy stuff and tell you how great How great was wonder woman all? guy that? Didn't I but I am against cons. Yea, your your little bracelets, our shields against bowling. She got up. Our bad guy looks vaguely
Donald Trump, so where was really bad one of the worst movies that a lot of money was spent on in the history of movies years? I was not so bad, not interested in cement aside because of the big story where they gave it out for free on each of your maximum irony subscribe to it. They should have to pay you fifteen dollars not too wide right right. Yes, that was my question in reality were launched. It should be paid fifteen out. I bet I watched it and I thought what did this cost HBO that before I watch? What did this cost HBO to do that kind of a deal? Then
after I watched, I went. What did that cost? Hbo didn't see it and no four they purchase knit and especial thanks were terrible of running. The special effects came from nineteen o bad at the only thing that comes close on a scale of wonder. Woman, I think, is the fifth Indy Jones Radiant recitals. A fourth: what are the fifth was worth anything whatever of Laura Bobo Horowitz showcase our? I let me ask you this question. What are we being prepared for heart. Do you see this? over the holiday avi be lobe. Who is the chair of Harvard Department of Astronomy, the chair, Harvard Department of Astronomy, astronomy, His head there
we have already been visited by aliens and and we have also received alien civilizations, try a trash in twenty seventeen team, you that- cigar shaped they ve Gary. He said there is a daily with cigar shaped thing for twenty seventeen. What was up in the sky aired in a whole bunch of different cities in none an unknown under wasn't allowed us, although she was my Moore it was it didn't its Hawaiian. The name was was dubbed hawaiian because it was foreseen in the US Tories in Hawaii and they were its? Its name is scout. Ok, it was a giant cigar, shaped thing, remember and it was coming towards the earth and then it went around the sun, but it didn't accelerate the way it supposed to accelerate
you know when it slingshot around the sun accelerated. like slowing down as it was going towards the sun and then accelerated in a different direction, or so is it did stuff they did can't. Do we ve never seen anything like this and he said that is- that was some sort of space junk or space scout from Vega. just twenty five million light years away, Ha now, basically thing it's an alien craft, almost of sources of some sort. Now here's the thing I don't know if you saw in the stimulus package, they also said we have a hundred and eighty days, the CIA Pentagon, everybody has a hundred and eighty days to release. All information on Ufos, though I hope that happens,
You do not want that to happen here, because I I want to know what they think that dealers cause. I can't imagine exactly what the deal is. If there are, first of all they must be, but never went right. If they haven't slaughtered us back now gets clearly they ve got. vastly superior knowledge here, and I mean you magic observing us as though they were taught. You is amazing cycle. They must be that as it may, we gave us big, but the other thing I don't say I right now said that five years ago, but look at what's been released in the last three or four year, yeah and like by reputable PETE, not crazy, like legitimately reputable people. Currently them ended, gone is is even you know, releasing interesting information leads us to believe they think there,
you want us to lead us to believe they have set at the other half these eighty gondolas Diana I'd flying off and that it is other worldly here and it is travelling our naval and air force maneuvers, and it is legitimately my name now that I've hundredth craziest thing that's happened and unless you really know I'd I'd, let's not even notice that I know we mentioned it, but like is this. All of these stories should have been the biggest story for a month, and you know it a month. The biggest thing in the history of earth. there ought to be verifiable, breathing
beings from an other planet and Endlich was like the biggest as freedom worry of all tie, and sometimes you have people even that are incredibly reputable. That say things that don't turn out to be true. I mean this happened. This is over and over and over again fan ridable people does seem. I mean it does seem like the hare preparing us for some time, and I don't mean, like the guy, from it seems to be rolling. This out does in Germany. There is a little bit of a role that plan like this. It s used to it and all of us- and yet here we are Here's our overlord glop. I know I know you guys don't like the great reset, but you should, talk to him. He has eight armaments. It's ok, that's a lie. our end. Did you hear that over the holiday?
The Fermi lab, I think, has actually done the first teleportation verifiable, repeatable teleportation. What blood what an atom or she did it- a cubic cubit, an oil they take the this is Quantum quantum yeah bits of information right, and so they took quantum. bit of information, and they be who's the string theory where two strings serve, you know entangled. and so the information remained where it was and some other laboratory long way away. They said there is no distance that going to be a problem and is no degradation. Of the information, none
something to do a did it as its walk, a vision to walk a vision, but That's digital right. Can they do it to a physical, I don't know it's right now. It's just information but stood you're pretty cool people still pencil. That's like our track stuff here, then That is the first to put this into perspective This is Alexander Graham Bell saying come I need your help. Come Watson. I need your help. That's just information that was transferred by wire from one room to another that choice. The world This is the same thing except it's in quantum theory- its its quantum mechanics it would. We didn't even believe in Quantum mechanics was the right answer, it's where, because, like sending information,
from one place to another, does it sound so crazy? They would all that high aria, like you and an end to the males, basically magic to me, I mean you know me. I have no idea what, if it works in my breast said Oliver that receives it for years and read it because that never reads anyway, but right has but it in on a male the differences. It has little jet sound we're. So we know about it. Some jet propulsion reality that is this is it doesn't make any noise when you know these doesn't have any, and I mean this: is there there is no there's, there's nothing behind it. There's this going through. Any rights are in order and even earlier internet it's nothing. It's just there and now it's over here. Oh, hygiene and how are they doing? explain it at all.
he asked. Do you think I could explain it to you. I didn't understand. Their explanation was lucky to get to Kuba to information and the string theory, but parts I'm a cat when it comes to the string fear there are like all so at actual strings or whom we met. That something will that do straight up area golly. Thank you so much bad packard, developing a blaze tv new year, subscribe to Youtube page in the package at the best of the programme, holiday. I spoke to the president, and. Let's just Let's just say we he he didn't seem like he was in the best of moods. and I talk to him about. You know that for years. He said: I'm not
talk to him by the next four years, I'm in the next eight weeks- and I am not going to concede he said I won, I will not concede and he is determined to fight on- and he I think has good reason to fight on There is a movement now in the house and in the Senate to get bull to get the Senate when in voting for the election certification to vote against now The g o p s as too late. It's too late. Now, it's not JANET a twenty? Is too late? According the constitution? there is no other option than seat. The president by January Twentieth, has to be done.
until that time I dont think its or how is it bad for the republic to actually go and look in actually have a detailed audit of this election. How is it bad for the republic? I don't understand. congressmen, Chris Stuart is one of the guys leading the movement in the house. Welcome Chris. How are you good morning whether to be with you? Thank you so tell me The vote case make the case that this is not just. This is insanity, as Jake Tapir would say, well a Jake and others who are saying this is an assault on democracy. It's just nonsense. There are millions, tens of millions of Americans who look at this election and they have absolutely Jim concerns regarding it, and how can we go forward and not try to answer those questions. We to these. In that it is these Americans we ought to all Americans. Frankly, we owe it to the by them. Industry should this,
want to go into office with this cloud hanging over their head patient want these questions be out there virtually- everyone is better served if I can assure everyone, but this election has been Were you share and those in Turkey in it and honestly glare, One can say that at this point now you can stick your the second issue? I don't see any evidence of fraud or electoral misconduct, but you are. you keep your head in the sand. If you say that there is clear evidence of it. Now is enough to overturn the election. We don't know and that's the central core, and that is to say that the american people deserve to know but crass, all the could. The courts have heard all of this and they throw everything out here. Here's the thing on that the court's actually haven't heard this evidence, most every incident in a back in every instance that I know of the courts have ruled on very narrow issues of the law. Did Pennsylvania free
Apple violate their own constitution by the way they conducted their election. That's a technical question and by the way they lay almost certainly did oceans of evidence. There are questions regarding again technical issues of blood, the only bodies who have our chile, been presented with evidence, are the legislative bodies, the legend Pennsylvania and Arizona and Georgia, and you dozens of them. Many as each of these legislators who have shared Congress, don't certify, They, these electoral, there's enough misconduct. Don't we I believe you can. You are short of the integrity of this election, the body to a ban We see evidence, not the court, so long as you technical issues, the body to it, Syria evidence has written to Congress a shed, don't certify these electoral. so what does it mean if we
If the Republicans will stand together and not certified election. What would what would happen then, well, and this is where I think people are going to be disappointed, because the way the process is right now. So, if you have one member of Congress in one member state to who in question If I officially object, then the bodies go into their separate chambers, our Suzanne they debate for two to three hours. And then they vote. Well, I'm pretty certain it this policy and her and her colleagues do not get a boat to decertify to fight these. Like toils, I mean it's going to lose and house. It's almost assured that that's true optimistic in the Senate, Will it change you action needs to be very honest with you. People who are listening here, you're, probably won't they deserve to be heard. It absolutely does that's what we're trying to. Who cares to preserve this evidence resent the case for the american people
and at the end of that, then I guess indifferent congressmen. Senators again going have to vote their conscience. What they think is true I have already told you how I'm going about plan, and I hope that others will join with me. how many minds are being changes. Anybody that Mere in Washington now is there something that is really growing has the opportunity to grow Lily absolutely gland. Since you and I talk last week and in just the last few days you ve had it look it's very difficult to no one and these new report. You said a hundred or hundred forty. I mean it honestly. They don't know that they can't know that even as a member of Congress, I don't know that I do know is that it that is incredible. Girlfriend momentum in the house My first started talking to members- and you know my friends we collapsed, we can say this is what I'm gonna do. It used a reason why it is shifted dramatically
well, you know. Are you sure you want to do that or maybe I could think about it to hey, I'm with you. I see it now. I, but I believe the same thing you do and I agree with you and I think, there's gonna be a surprising number of members of the house who are going to stand up and say we can with honesty, say to the american people. I Five. These electoral represent the will of the people. and I dont know what that number is glare. But I It's gonna be meaningful and I can promise you get growing not day by day it's going hour by hour. While I would, I would expect that, if the audience star, does this even matter anymore. When you call your congress, man or rider tax snow or whatever it does it matter anymore? Chris, would be. Do I dug it? Does I mean and gives us a sensible of. You know what the body politic his thinking, what the people are thinking along
people that will call you know they may get frustrated, because I feel I called my eye just one voice in it, and it doesn't really matter made me taken together if you get a chance at the other people in the Heartland people, American, just regular working folks like you know that I represent and that I am on my family. You get a sense of those people believe this They believe it passionately and I believe it for four reason: you can make a difference: and I tell you what science is is the only they're alternative turn. That's that's not acceptable, I mean to say nothing: how to say. Well, it won't be won't matter if I collar. I talk to my congressman yet again the alternative is silence, not saying anything and that's a far far worse alternative Chris tell me quickly. What the Democrats have done to shut down Congress to shut down the Do you know any kind of debate in the coming hours? I tell ya
take pleasure in these guys are just lost their minds on some other stuff. They d pay a you know they suggested in these rules were voting on today. I know the minority in Congress has very a little voice very little right. It's not like the sanitary other filibustering. You know, one senator group senators can really influencing that's just not turn out it's it's fifty percent, plus one though you have all the power in the entire house, and so one is that there are in it's kind of technical and it's not very interesting. So I won't go into details, but there are motion, column motion we commit and other procedural things. We can do that. Allow us to force a vote on pieces of legislation, that rule has in place grand for more than a hundred years, uninterrupted more than a hundred years until today, as we proposed he's gonna, say you know you guys can can packs and you're not gonna build it. Do it anymore, And it flies in the face of not just tradition and precedent. It flies in the face of common sense. Does she would say to in such
closely divided house. It's not like she's got a hundred feet majority. For Heaven's sake, she's got a four or five feet: majority. And she sang to those with whom I have already. We don't care what you think we're gonna take away any ability. You have to fact legislation in amendments on the floor, the Andes knowledge. It is not yet finished, wheels such a thing. You can hey Father, mother, brother, sister, Anne Uncle, I mean to say to the American People would hear there and say so. My congressmen, Congress. Congresswoman can't stand on the floor of the house and thank his mother and father or his brothers and sisters. He has to thank his parents and his siblings talk about political correctness, the point where you feel like people lost their mine. I hope to God you guys get up every single one of you get up and give us beach about your mother, your father, your sister, your brother I mean enough to do it.
Times, can I include mother, Father Sister Brother Man, a woman in a sentence. I'm gonna find out how he is going to be fine and please Germany and evaluate that's another rule that they want to be able to file ethics complaints against. Just if we say something on social media that they disagree with what people say or different. they make an ethics complaint? that means that you may spend a hundred thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars is defending yourself again and ethics complaint? Is it is obliged to be you about the head with a thread of financial loss for things? we say stolen would love it. The list german starts. You would have loved these kind of rules relating to shut down debate, shut down your voice, make it financially financial nightmare- for you to be able to go speak there. These rules for these rules are being voted on. Today is the
Yo P, at least in lockstep against them. Oh yeah, I didn't this is an old brain or for us I don't act that twice late jump and I'm glad his eyes grew voting on the first of the yard me we believe there their poison to The political debate and adjust against concern for american people know it either people are stupid. They sure those kind of rules or think well. That sounds a little extreme to me. Chris, I appreciate it. I urge you to call your congressmen call your senator sure that they are voting for a ten day audit. That's all they're asking for when you, who are when you're asking them not to certify the results. This is all constitutional, the anything that won't change is new president has to be. Office January twenty the founders were smart enough to know that
a games with it then you'll be a year before you have a president. You know going through Congress in all this mass, so He must be seated by January twentieth for peace. we say, we don't have time to do No, the more you delay. We have What time you have get it done. Call, your congressmen and your senators to day Facebook Twitter make sure you include them lie, them, know how you want them to behave think. Just for the credibility of the vote. A hearing should happen, and this doesn't happen. I urge the president to appoint a special council, and have them do an investigation. It won't change the out. There's no way can change the outcome after January twentieth, but it needs to be. Exposed and cleaned up.
There was any fraud, and I don't know I don't like. Hearing from peoples a all your odds, not enough to change election, so you're, ok with fraud. Is this the amount fraud. Is that what you're saying cuz? I'm not your listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program going to take your phone call ended. Eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck have set an awful lot today. If you missed any of it, go back and listen to the podcast, or make sure you join us at blaze, TV, where you can watch on demand it, time and see the show and and all kinds of other things availed.
A blaze, tv, dot, com, slash glad you get some sort of a discount. If you use the promo code Glenn, I dont know what it is, but I've been on vacation man been on vacation trying to enjoy it, not really not really enjoying it until I put the phone and the Ipad in everything away, because I kept adding news alerts and, unlike lack, analyse, what away now Putin, just put it away just put it away and turning off the notifications devices is it's almost like. A drug. It's like it's a gets put you not perfect soothe spot, you are like you go on there to use it you get ten. Distractions it's a nice little recommendation, because when you do that, if it does feel good, so I pick up the phone it rings. I pick up the phone. I don't know last Monday, Tuesday, Somalia.
Mr back, yes, this, the White House operator the President's like to speak to use as a convenient time, and I wanted to say: does anyone ever say and no? No, it's really not a convenient time on the crap or deactivate. My that's right, I think, even if you're on the cropper, I think you might just take out. Why is it wiser such an echo on your voice? Where are you so the President. I spoke about him, I told him how grateful this audience is for him. How he was the only guy who was standing up and what he said he would do. He was not in a good mood He was frustrated with Mcconnell total waste
he's been pretty public about that. What he is, do you know he's like if the GEO P doesn't stand up if they see defy this action without anyone even looking into it, is like Glenn everything is Ben. Everything was technicality with courts. He said they didn't. They didn't act, We go in and listen to the evidence. Only the legislatures have listened to the evidence. Arizona in Pennsylvania and in in Georgia. He said the the the house, members in those states are calling and seeing you can't certify this because they are the only ones that have actually been presented. The true evidence, and did it we did it. ass to be looked into And the problem is January twentieth Jane
where a twentieth is hard fast in the constitution, and they were smart to do it, because if that event date- and directions of what happens on that date and in the constitution probably wouldn't have had a George Bush administration. We probably we probably wouldn't, have had any Republicans in the last thirty years, because all they have do is challenged challenge challenge, but the Institution says that shall be seated by on January. Twenty of the press and shall be- and it says a lot options. You'd have the people vote but if that's in question than it can go to the house in the senate- and they can vote, I mean you guys have figure it out, but January twentieth, somebody is sitting in the White House as the President, the United States- that's why they are asking now, and I urge you to
reach out to you're you're congressmen and your senator There is no way this is going to pass it should be locked step for all of us. Republicans all of the Republicans. There's nothing wrong with a ten day audit, Is that not even consider the wise at crazy? We now- the president has to be seated by January twentieth and I've vice said the President: I you die feel for you. I don't accept these. These, is being fair but ah I don't know what else to do. And I say we ve got a fight for the next four years. and he said I am not willing to talk about the next four years about the next few weeks. And and I said, ok the fights not up. I mean
The guy is not done fighting and he said I will not concede. Never will I can see you get a sense that he. he believes. In summary, I'm asking you to read, and so I don't know they say I know what you're gonna ask here. Does he believe he's gonna? Be president on January twenty first, I think he is such a Norman, Vincent Peel guy that the end so discipline that that you I think he believes that he's not willing to go. We are not willing to look at the wheel. Goers case scenario now not be That would mean Norman Vince appeal was power, positive thinking, Once you put in the sight of doubt that grows in Vienna, the European you're not of one mind and if you're, a real student of that absolute and that's that's Donald Trump, its absolute
I don't, I don't think until January nineteenth you know or January twentieth, at eight a m he is Two. He's gonna, keep pushing you just have to keep pushing until the very last second wit, and then he will not concede. I think he will leave you re ready. He won't he's now we're gonna say he lost does. He doesn't believe it. and he went out at someone- leaves what we're going to say he lost her ear. He said that publicly here and I dont know why that so crazy to the left. worry Clinton. Al Gore allow Stacy Abrams, You! You got quite a record quite a record of saying that you didn't you didn't Was so I'm just tired of these? The double standard here and I I will tell you if the if the Republicans can't say yes, it's very late, But-
She's constitutional, if they, can't bring themselves to say Ten days Stan auditor. We all are very aware, JANET twentieth were very aware of that. there's no out. But until January Twentieth, the ATLAS do an audit because if those votes do exist, while there we're, probably gonna, see Joe Biden, but we'd have another conversation. If the well, don't exist. Will then at least we can have. Other half of the country say. Well, they looked into it You know it was open and it works transparent, but it did. We learn alleged that there's no way half that of- the country that believes. If there's fraud here is not going to go through a ten day audit and say well, I guess Joe Biden, one like that's not happening here right like that is not there is both sides are convinced as to what is true.
No one shall be moved. I think as I salute truth at this point, I have to tell you I I I disagree. New way more faith in my now are we are than I do that, because I take anybody's move and offer this no matter? Widening people made up their minds that night and will now, be convinced otherwise. Well, if that's the way people are a mean than than theirs. There's no reason in discussing anything at any time with people while its white. Yet if I could prove Gm Foods YE, I know you believe in god- and you know I believe in God, but if I could to. You prove to you right with real evidence in proof right, but you would look at and accept as real evidence in credible site
insignia writings outlines of news, its ideological situation for all right. But if I could write, of course, I would believe things that I believe were proved to be right right any would you would be, you would only be a reasonable human being if you would say well. Let me think about that. Let me look at it really think about it. You know them. If your unwilling to look at the that this was stolen or the fact that it wasn't stolen when real evidence is presented, yeah That is your point. There's no point, there's no point and I think, with a lot of people now. That is true. There is no point, but that's everybody when we saw we ve seen. You know. Crazy conspiracy theories that were believed by wide numbers of people and then that fade away over time? You know going to, for example, to a two thirds of
of Democrats believed that nine eleven wasn't inside job because it in like George Bush and over time those numbers have have cratered, because really just a partisan reaction. Eventually. We know people don't believe that anymore. They might still think he did about job, but they they don't think he was responsible. It was an inside job right but on that one there wasn't anything get on there wasn't anything right. Steel doesn't melt, shut up. How do you get that, and how do you make? Do we dig giant steel beams out of the side of a mountain? They actually come Rowan and still thinking about what you thought. I just think that there is a there's, a certain amount of partisan ship and tribalism that that is going to lock in Lahti social media types to never look at the opposite side of it made it look it's our job to come in here every day and try to look at the stuff in an end and figure out which ones are these stand up and which ones don't we ve told you on the air that there are
parts of the election fraud theory that have not stood up, we ve chow, You about correct, we ve lost, Don't you wants that? Have real questions, yes right so, like I think that that is, I think, reasonable people. Do then it's it's. Why you go to trusted sources to try to sort this stuff out? It's just that, I think it. I think that there is a a likely making a huge debt with an odd. type of situation in ten days it ever was going to say the same thing they're saying now. I know I've had months already to do this here is here. Is the here's the problem, I do believe me tonight two congressmen Christophe. He was on just a few minutes ago. He sincere he's Maria he's more on semester yet, and I would say- and he sincere he's like look- the american people have to see the evidence we just have to put it out. You can't we're stuff up. If it's the end, it is great if it isn't great, but We have to see it and I
really truly believe that he would look at things and say as what I, as would you and say: okay. Well, there's not enough here, there's not enough here! or there is enough here for one way or the other, and we would honestly look at, but the problem is the people? Don't trust people in power anymore too, actually mean what they say and say what they mean it doesn't matter extra forget about the american people, won't change their mind, the the system of the parties has no credibility. Because there's no one with an honest bone in their body that is leading these tribes territory the who, who really, who could do you know, would stand up and do you know what I was wrong on that. Until there is leadership, but with what actually say you know what they should shoulder to me. Look at what happened with Adam Schiff Vase still worsening
things were true. verified. Nonsense, that's the problem That's why people are in these tribes and there is no moving them because they no longer trust the people in charge of the system
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