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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss a 1960s clip of children eerily predicting the future and the possibility of age limits for politicians. Rep. James Comer shares his investigation into Hunter Biden, the Biden family’s shady business dealings, and suspicious activity from one of Hunter Biden’s financial planners. Stu explains what humanity will do if the heat waves continue.

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Great show. Today we take on the hypocrisy of global warming. We talk to you about the build back better pill, which is the inflation reduction bill. Now. That's the new name of it, but it does not reduce inflation. In fact, it's just going to impoverish you, we tell you about the tax scheme that is now just coming out. They had time to tell us this now that we have that. We also will tell you all about hunter Biden. We have the guy who's leading the investigation in Washington DC. This is a podcast that is chock full of all the stuff you need for a monday, and it's brought to you by relief factor. We want to thank relief factor for being such a loyal sponsor, and I want to thank you personally for all the changes they've made in my life. I just read on today's radio program. I read a testimonial about a woman who said she couldn't use her hands anymore. Her hands were in so much pain. She said, after using relief actor for about a week. She said it's like. I never had pain in my hands. She said it's just an absolute miracle. Now it took me about probably five weeks to get that way, because I had pain in my hands where I couldn't use them either, and it was a godsend to me. Please try relief factor if you want your life back and you're tired of living in pain. Will you just please try it? Seventy percent of the people who try the three week quick start go on to order more month after month, because, like me, it works. Nineteen, ninety, five, the starter pack. Seventy percent of the people, maybe you're one of those seventy percent. If you want a drug, free and natural way to get your life back, it's relief factor, dot, com relief factor, dot com, so the the Glenn Beck program from the standing rock ranch welcome to the program, and we welcome mister pat gray
low pat. How are you, sir, all perfect? You know really really perfect ia in every way. Almost And Stu is with us and Stu. How are you that's fascinating? Thank you for sharing. I let me, but the way you tell a story. Stew is capita riveting while it was riveted. So let me let me I'll go to piece of audio we had last week. We didn't Into it, and I'm sure, pat plated and at others have laid it, but I dont know what anybody else's set in. I find it absolutely incredible from the nineteenth sixties hears from the bbc talking, two children who are predicting future in the year, two thousand now listen to this from we'll be regarded more statistics in us actual people, and I think I can reach a nice.
Sort of almost seemed everywhere. Everyone doing everything for you, Oh god, it'll be first of all this computer is it taking us or computers automation two thousand. They just will not be enough jobs to go round me any jobs. There will be other people pay for people with high its cure. You know I can work computers and such things and other paper just not can have jobs. I just don't, can be jobs from two have ok I would like these kids to run the fed, I don't know about you, but the thing that I grabbed out of this was who the hell are these children? These our children. They look to be anywhere from ten, maybe fourteen the vocabulary,
These thinking that is involved in this are asked to predict the future, and there talking up automation People won't have jobs and listen again to the first one played again. You play the first one again, please play just play from the beginning and then stop after the version, and people will be regarded more statistics and as actual people, nice. if people are going be how old do you think that kid is maybe ten ten looking at you if you're watching the blaze maybe ten, maybe twelve people we'll be regarded as statistics. What ten year old says that. What ten year old says could say that even about next year- no er twenty thirty. Well, I think people will be regarded more statistics that they'll be numbers that computers, will be doing everything and that
it'll give us a lack of self worth. We won't be able to have the jobs. Just the people were highly educated know all about computers are But you know who made this case in the nineteen nineties Carl Sagan Carl Sagan made the point that these kids are making you gotta from these give this. Doesn't he did he stole from these kids, if he were alive today. Boy I'd be after him, What is amazing to me is how our educational system has, pull led lee fail. ass. I can think of great kids that are ten and twelve years old. The top like this. Can you now dark? I mean there are adults, in the Biden administration? That could talk like this. Do sin come to conclude
like this? They can't their incapable of it doesn't seem like there's adults in the bite administration that can talk the right level of what this right. They don't seem to be able to get the range of communication. Do we happen to have speaking of that we have to have a nancy policy monologue that she tried to explain the inflation build licit november of twenty twenty one listed as incredible. Who is it november? I thought it was from this bill. I just want you to listen and try to tell me what she's talking about when she's. Discussing a bill that just is in negotiation in passing. We're finished further to the senate. Offs mostly product that we ve done, is settled now we may have had in the last hour or so, and so What we added incentive to their hearing, Bernie doesn't like hearing she's been burnt, loves here- have mentioned
it doesn't want hearing in the dark eyes so some send oriented, and then we had the family medically, with figures doing things, and then we can put something. Even mentioned, doesn't like so. So we are getting some bird and privilege I think as it most who again a privilege scrub because privilege struggles devilish to a bill. Bird ball, import, it's you have to take it out, but privilege violation can take you out sure so so we're again getting that as we go along as well. But when we pass a bill then they will see it and it's aggregate and make some. Messages, because they have to take some of those things out with guard lucian about what you said over, you said you were going to send a message in the union, Imagine you bill, but we
might be sure that what we said is not burden the orbs vertebral bird bath privilege scrub desert. Who sit down public scrub exercise its rigour in case, while proof good. We just play the ten year old again from the BBC computer. People will be regarded more statistics in us actual people. Well, now either Nancy policy is drinking, which is always been the rumour she's either hammer its Nancy Pelosi: it's hammer time. Is she D, their drinking or she is losing it and I'm not sure, I'm not sure which
Which it is honestly these guys that are in congress. This is the oldest congress, the oldest representation that we've ever had there's never been a group of people this age serving in Washington dc the age of the administration, the age of congress? The age of Senate go home. go home there. You know, There is it's incredible to me: there's gotta, be a rule right, there's gotta be a an age. It not only do I agree with term limits, but I really think there should be an age limit, because So many of these people are starting to be signal. New vacantly compromised. Nancy policy is one of em, Joe Biden, Obviously is another. You ve got two of the three most power for people in the world who are seriously compromised right now and when
doing anything about it. I will tell you that you know the average lifespan was in its thirty's when we wrote the constitution that was becoming Ben franklin was Probably double the age of the average, the average a marrow, can and howled was he would he died, pat seventy, I think late seventies late, seventies, okay, I remember my grandfather's era. People when they started so security. It's because the average age for it when you died, when a man died with sixty one and so the made it at sixty five, so most people would not get social security, but least you'd have it in case you were an outlier will now people living to be eighty and ninety years old and some people are great. I mean you know we both know heart surgeon that is no longer
practicing art surgery, but he is ease, running a global organization and the guy is ninety path. Ninety one, ninety four and he is leaving older than on a sharper than I am yeah sharper than I am so I, to say that you have an age limit but You you should have common sense and decency. and your family should have common decency. We all know when our when our parents in grandparents are just not as strong as they used to be, and we Thirdly, no when their when they're just incapable of doing things. These people if they had to drive themselves. I would bet you a lot of people in congress that are of her age would have their key taken away from them They don't drive anymore. I it looks, like frankly, was eighty four. yeah for when he died. Eighty
forty four and he was at the constitutional convention right. He was still brokering deals. He was in a great deal of pain at the time, but he would. take morphine because he said it would at or opium pisa, because it would addle your brain and he and remain sharp, isn't one of them. I'm so that you're talking about what the age thing glenn like a bigger issue with just the size and scope of government, because in theory right voter the reason why Nancy policies in our lives, because the representatives of some blue district, keep voting her in. They have the opportunity to select someone younger and more coherent. They just choose not to correct the witches Not necessarily. I dont think against what the founders wanted right, they don't. They didn't care if individual districts made bad decisions, I mean they want them to make good decisions, but if they its individual district, selects,
their representative, someone who the rest country doesn't like that. In theory, fine, the problem is that these people want of running our lives if they didn't have this power when they got to washington, which they weren't supposed to have this wouldn't be a problem. It becomes a problem for everyone because now the policy has so much of an effect on our the day lives, and she obviously is either drunk or incoherent all the time and they thought they thought that the the election process would preclude life I terms for these people. I don't think they envisioned somebody being elected. You don't Thirty times in congress, we I first of all because was a pain in the ass. It was such a pain in the ass. That's why they put Washington where it is, it was a swamp. It was miss. No written. It was at a time where you get malaria from mosquitoes, so they knew nobody wanted to go and it wasn't it
full time job. You had other full time jobs, so you are like get the business side. I gotta go back to work. They would only meet for a couple of months every year, so it was the way it is now and also you know, I go back to america. The beautiful one of my favorite lines is more than self their country loved Joe Biden. does not care. He is building a Biden empire and a biden, cash machine. I really don't think he loves the country more than himself and then is the case with a lot of these people and can they they may look at. You say how dare you say that, but they ve convey its themselves that that it's true and they ve said well. If I'm not doing it, who would we ve got to change the country? We ve gotta do this, but there are
reaching themselves? This is so corrupt Nancy policy is so corrupt. Joe Biden is so corrupt. do you really think they care about you in or community. If your struggling, I e the the new bill that just was passed to reduce inflation. That's going to do anything but and is a tax that begins at thirty thousand, so you're making thirty thousand dollars a year next year, or your taxes are going up. Is that more than self their country loved me see pelosi announcing she's going to taiwan when we don't do that, You didn't go to taiwan, but you don't in her position. Announce it head, you I'm going on an asian tour and then quietly you go and then
you're done, you announce it as your leaving. That's the way We always do it, but she does love the country as much as she loves herself Or she was drunk or she's just incompetent. Which one is the best, the people, could be shamed into retirement. Shame on you for being your clear enough. I know if I'm not clear enough would never come on the air, because would be irresponsible of me, they don't him to care about it question Why then the real important question is: what are you going? do about it. Are you going to continue a vote, for I don't care of its republican independent. I don't care of the guy. I absolutely love if I can t, for instance, is starting to slip. I'd be the
first one to sake you know MIKE. I don't I lose the seat, but you gotta go You gotta let somebody else that under stands at least today's world and is the worrying about that, not just thinking about trying to make it through a speech you're listening to the master of the glinda programme, we are talking now to cairo twin james gomer. He is sharing the latest on his investigation into hunter Biden in the bud Biden, sir business. It's cod, thank you for staying with us, can you tell me who edward pruitt is.
Absolutely someone we just requested information from. We have access to a text message between hundred Biden and MR prove it to where major prove it? Who was one of hunters financial planners? Who is coaching honour on how to avoid We should activity report how to avoid getting one of those on a upcoming. foreign transaction hunter was about to make now these transactions that we're getting flagged but suspicious activity report. What flags? Those are do a transaction with a country that on sanctions, it's like. Take Syria we're like that are now russia, but it wasn't russia at the time or if you do transaction was somewhat locker
Lord, if you watch the movie ozark and you saw the guy- was walking off the list. You know that the then liam puts him at a sanctuary you know or if you're a business with someone suspected of criminal activity, so it could have been and where hunter was doing business with russia, fort for promptitude and and things like that, accord the videos and all that other stuff I dont that it illegal to two just order up. You know promptitude here in a foreign country, unless that entity is beckett of human trafficking, glee at the end, wrecked lie, which is which right and which is the money that hunter with his dad's payments hunter was paying a russian sex ring involved in human trafficking. That's why they were flag, and I have to tell you but before I would take any advice from edward prove it. If
the president, the united states. I would tell my son a stop hiring hookers this second is: if we are incapable of that job we hire workers from russia, because it a clear way: russia and china they are both known to put people in compromising situations, so they have some some somewhere. to blackmail are away shows it's happening over and over again is in the date of the text by this, point hundred already received over one hundred and forty suspicious activity reports? So the f b, I, the f b a and the d o J. Had to know that he was no good. But yet, as far we can tell nothing's ever been done about it, which, which raises the suspicion that turning grandly ahead, and why has it that the idea of them by now
Have they done today that you do all? Is that put the signal that the aid, but you don't do anything that which was fake by the way you don't do anything without it? you actually have proof evidence theirs. every day, the, unlike anything, Adam ship ever said this. without about. We have evidence of wrong doing. Yet nothing has been done in any It would lead in any investigator incorrigibly ill as this put jobs. Then a compromise situation. Is this put him at a disadvantage with some of our adversaries for the potential? blackmail with the sun or or whatever, and that's why we're doin that investigation very absolutely no way that putin and the highest levels of the Chinese by agencies, there is no way that they didn't know about these things. So if we were worried about a golden shower taken by donald trump
in russia, which was completely made up, Why would anyone think that they have and use this or wouldn't use this against Joe Biden? It makes no sense I know said, I can tell you that the videos that are on my laptop, with a story that we ve been told by close associate the hunter it pretty prevalent. There were a lot of transactions made there, and I don't know that what we do over here. That week, why That proves was couch anymore, but the fact that prove was coach you name on how to avoid a suspicious gave. You report shows that prove it knew that honey, was up to no good, and I was trying to to protect you from that shielding from meaning further integrated. So we want to know what that transaction one. But what It was. It was a foreign transaction, and
everything that we can deal the address actions with three. Main country had transactions with russia with ukraine. With china. So who is mean that china, russia, apparently they ve, never blackmail the rush, all the guards I would imagine hunters, business partners and Joe Biden business partners could use blackmail. I have a feeling that the People that were involved are worried that they're gonna be thrown under the bus jacket hunter in the president off is the best line of inquiry would be to give them immunity for their testimony cause. They ve got to be free to that their goal, a jail in wound.
The they are in another message that the new york post broke last week was from a James gill, your who is another one of hunter Biden's associates and it this was a phone message that was recorded from a from person that was worried that they would get under the birds for seventy shady business dealings of hunters, that it was coming out in the in the press and James gale, you replied back- Don't worry. The big guy got her back who, when he There you you're became the sector's hunner felt here along with Bobby Lansky, to identify Joe Biden is the big guy and court. We all know from voicemail and his emails, that you had to say Firstly, to say that it is that, in fact, is make sure why, god he would try to get ten percent of a chinese company that very involved with the chinese communist party by duty than that
a huge huge problem for Joe Biden So let me go back to ukraine for a second, the money we sent sent over that these are just a couple of things. I don't know if you have the answer, but I hope somebody in washington is looking into this. The money we sent over suspiciously as soon as we sent that money over the power in president, the landscape and the their version of of congress to change their mind on gay marriage I think this has samantha powers, fingerprints all over it. Are we exacting a price for this money now you're gas would be as good as mine, Glenn, that this has not been transparent with anything there doing in ukraine, so So could you mean who looks into things like that and also the oligarchy,
that is a linsky just pulled the citizenship from it? the guy that owned borri smile and had dealings with, provide bank that We had our missing one point: eight billion dollars in an hunter was connected to the bank and maurice ma but also Joe Biden through hunter got that guy? you were just talking about ozark, this oligarch off that list. We have ie but not come to the united states, joe and hunter Biden got him got that remove, so he could have a visa come here into the united states, and now We give the money guy who this same oligarch that helped get Zalewski the press and see over in ukraine, and was the guy that hunter and Joe Biden were involved with now his citizenship is Ruth revoked. I'm wondering why.
he had any idea that one. I have no they are, but I can t there glinda the the oligarchy that The by demonstration is clearly shown. Favouritism, too, are two oligarchy who have paid hunter by for who knows why we'll call it consulting servant is no. Two oligarchy are going to be the key to ensuring a lot of questions about the danger wrong doing and quid pro quo and in every other problem the problem that the hunter and potentially his father. Gonna have in once republicans. Take them. Jordan january help the debate yet get. I will do it before then, but I dont have confidence. They will well. One thing I am afraid of with the department of justice is that they take. They try him on something he skates on it and then double jeopardy does as those that apply to you
I hope not. We will investigate every week we're still going to invade we're still going to have hearings with the with the associates or we're hearings with the banchorie will try to get as many of the high level people that The administration is let off the hook, the oligarchy. You know if, if they're in the united states will do the you we can to get to the bottom. The truth in the hearings are gonna, be transparent and other to be a real committee. It's not gonna, be a navy pelosi and pick committee. with everybody everything viewpoint. This is gonna, be intimate congressional here, and we're going to publish a report and we're gonna walk that over and add it to the depart of justice. If the Biden it's still, president and ah there's you know the the same people are still in control, we're going to be very transparent with the american people on what we publish and what we expect of this department of justice. Thank you that is the last question. Do you have
evidence that secret service colluded with the Biden's and covered things up, the white house, and do you have evidence that The d o J was involved in covered things up, they have any evidence of that. You know the secret services then been the most bird? I did see a lot of different things that we ve been looking into so we have nothing there with the department of justice. I know that johnson and gradually they have a little bit of evidence, that's more of what would the thin it's been do what I look at you and the house is more revolved around his banking market, because once we get these once we get there suspicious activity report, there was this typically say what the bank thought. This was a. Suspicious wire with this person, who is sanctioned in russia are this person? Who is sanction error this or
through a sanctioned in china or We believe he was money laundering here or We believe that this was an excessive wire from country that there were not allowed to do business with, though those suspicious I gave you a board will be able to ensure a lot of questions and take us. an enormous way along the path of investigate. Hunter Biden's wrongdoing and shady business dealings very much- I really appreciate it. Congressmen call me from Kentucky. Thank you for your hard work, sir, and I do indeed hope that you are in charge, the committee, and that it is trans the american people cannot have closed door dealings any more and I hope you are as transparent as as you you say you will be. I pray that that you have the committee. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you
your is the listening to o c and her bar probably some ice cream flew overnight to to asia. She's in singapore, shanghai are one of those s country Our cities. Wasn't that one of the like trump was talking about s countries anyway, she's she's in one of those, and she is she not saying if she's gonna go to to taiwan? Now she just won't say she's tight lipped and most That tightness is from the face stretching that she's had done over the years, but she's very tight lipped. Now and and it's nice,
does china said pretty: You know kind of like we're thinking, maybe act of war if you go but who are we to say so it's fabulous and we wish her all the best. We really do now. Here's the yeah, the next- a story that I think is kind of him, port- and you know I just told you that hawaii, was taking themselves, are out of the coal business there, not taking any more shipments, and don't worry that the other their plants. A solar panels, they'll be done in two weeks. Don't worry about it! and europe is in the same exact situation. Now here's the good news people are starting to rethink like egg natural gas. I mean that's pretty clean right and what about nuclear energy thinking? They aren't you turn off all their nukes in everything else. Now, Russia
back online, sending them the gas, but they ve, no cash? Where did we put that extra twenty percent so their cutting it down by like twenty percent if they're not sure, if they're going to have, will they know they're not going to have enough they're, not sure they're, going to get anything once it turns to winter with russia? you know. Russian seem to be. I dont know, a little harsh from time. The time and their kind of pissed off at this point, and I of this coal fire plants are being revived. In germany, billions are being spent on terminals to bring in liquefied natural gas and they are looking for kind of natural gas who is any kind of natural gas. So they could sell europe and we, look a world over and we just gambling and godfrey as natural gas, and
gosh. I wish we could help europe out, but we just don't have any. We have none so there on a knife edge the germany biggest cities are now saying that gonna, have to reduce everybody's in after reduce their thereof usage, their consumption of energy by sixteen percent. I think that extra one per saying: fifteen percent. In a nice round number about fifteen percent, big down to sixteen, and so I think that means you know, do now I use it four. Slice toaster unique to, but not for and you're not allowed to heat your home? over sixty eight degrees, and you are not allowed to air condition your home. below seventy eight degree, so it's gonna be very nice. Gonna be very nice. They're gonna have to sacrifice a little bit.
The city is also ban. The use of mobile air conditioning units fan heaters and you know I don't know about you, but, and I thought this out a lot because I care the planet and global warming. And what are all these people gonna? Do you know that a die from heat and I have an idea and you could write this down germany. You can take this for free, it's called air conditioning- and I know you want to stop the all the energy that one solve two nash- gas or nuke your plants or dare I say it: coal until you yet those things running again. But you're, not gonna, do that. Well, then people are going to die nah and there's just no way around that yeah. Well, this is a well thought out plan. I've been thinking about it. For years, do you have been glen and and there's this idea that we
can't impact the earth, if you think about things in through that frame, work, you have a problem. If you think about things in the framework of what texting human life and and having human will flourish. You think about things a little differently: I, like you, wrote in, can you imagine the thing I just? Can you imagine stew, they're saying is global warming. The whole world will be like phoenix arizona, yeah. What which we know has no people they're all die of. You know he'd exhaustion and I feel bad for the population. They act as if we can't see what a world would be like if there were a lot of heat waves. What if you had a community there are, you saw triple? Did it to a temperatures, often yeah we're what if we have them already, we see how people, while people deal with that they're not make the same point about the north west, where they don't have a lot of air conditioning people northwest on hand. can it should be borne to seattle I'll? Have it yet get some here's what you wrote an inconvenient book this back in two thousand six. So this is not you come
up last minute. With this solution, he went on drivers in three leader, but the heatwave of two thousand three hit europe. Nearly thirty Five thousand, mostly elderly people, died the size scope of the tragedy, gave global warming theorists an opportunity to spout their views to almost every news camera on the globe. They claim events like this- justify the eu spending an estimated one point, four for three trillion dollars by twenty twenty three, which is right. I'm a corner now to alter its energy industry enough to possibly of climate change. A hundred years ago. There is nothing you can do about a heatwave except stay away from fat. Smelly relatives now we can do this magic thing called? dishes the air. Thirty five thousand air conditioners cost about two point: five million dollars, or perhaps you can pick a few vacant. office buildings that your economy and its double digit unemployment rates can't support turn the ac on then just fire up. If you gasoline powered school buses and shuttle old people to the air conditioned facilities, repeat
retirement gets hot. And I know we would outweigh- was yeah that was it. It was a tough. I mean I worked in a think. Tank very long time on that sanction user data, but it meet again. That's what the left loves to leave out of this equation. The fact that we can do things to solve whatever issues there might be so if we do get more heat waves, which I dont think is a certainty, but if we do, then we will deal with, what is the main thing we're trying to do here? Whether it comes to the climate, the maid, thing we would be trying to do is to limit the amount of people who die because of the climate That's the main metric you'd think we'd be focusing on and you'd think we're focused on velvet short of how that has progressed has not shown up in any. U n IPCC report that we do have though from your book and inconvenient book, and it shows the rate of death from extreme, whether that has dropped by about nine
nine percent problem too. from nineteen fifteen to two thousand and this in this book. It ends in two thousand, for though we know that has dropped even farther since then, and its because we ve come with solutions to deal with these things. We ve danced and adapted and made life better for people. Yet the I've always says the opposite. Look if you could- quote bone heads like whoever wrote that or you can quote bill maguire whose just got put a new book out last week, hothouse earth and inhabitants guide, and he argues that after year of ignoring warnings from interest, It is now too late to avoid that this impacts of climate change and at this point, there's nothing. We can do now if I'm writing that book. That's where the book starts. That's where the book ends, your clothes,
but he found a few other things to say. the university college of london earth sciences he's a professor there. Said that they record breaking heat waves across the uk and the dangerous wildfires, I mean that's global warming, and, as we had in further into twenty twenty too soon it'll be unrecognizable to every one of us, meaning the world- and I that's true- it's already recognizable, you know when People are saying I heat wave is to scare all of us to death, I am sorry burn all of us to death. If we don't die in the fiery flood. So anyway, the he's now saying that we have to have zero admission. We have to have it right away Why we have two because well
it's too late to do anything about it. I say we take all the money and by air conditioners myself. However, there are some things that that can be done, and that is we'll stops. Taylor swift from my from flying in the jet She said that issue is now found out that taylor swift, yes, America's sweetheart her jet, c o two emissions total twelve hundred times more than the emissions from the average persons annual emissions, seven metric tons she's, he's got twelve hundred times that her jet emits more carbon dioxide than any other celebrity jet. but she says: wait you kept in that on me, as I leave my jet out and other people use my chat, I don't use it all the time. You know it's other people. Let's do it
Well, she can try to get away with it all you want, but we No, she should probably be in climate jail along with somebody else, yes, leonardo to caprio. We all know and love him. He eyes. Survivor of the titanic, who knew but he survived, and yet he still has the courage to get onto big boats. Apparently he's got a They record on large like to underline, Fifty foot yachts is doing a lot of damage to the environment and the the man who took him on was the brazilian president. Bond scenario I Is this weekend leonardo dicaprio, you know tweeted
the rain forests in how it blah blah blah. And the brazil in president, wrote hey. You should give up you're like the euro. yacht before you a lecture the about the environment here in Brazil. Ok, he was just pictures on a hundred and fifty million dollar yacht the largest and in Britain it produces about two hundred and thirty eight tonnes carbon dioxide per mile per mile. And he said: look you again LEO, I mean I could tell You again give up your yacht before lecturing the world, but I know you progressives. You want change the entire world, but never change yourself. So I'm going let off the hook, but between us. It's weird
dude, who pretends to love the planet, paying more attention to brazil, then to the fires harming europe and his own country. You know it's a problem, He says LEO, unlike the places your pretending not to see by brilliantly playing the role of a blind man Brazil is and will carry on being a nation that, with the most preserves you carry on with your hollywood star toys as we do our job in my gun, meant the average deforestation is way lower than it was in the past. When the crook turned candidate, that your butt billion buddy supports was in power clear that everyone who tax brazil and its sovereignty, for the sake of virtue signalling, doesn't have a clue about the matter they dont know, incidents that we preserve more than eighty percent of our native vegetation or that we have the cleanest energy among twenty nations I mean he goes on and on and on its
stay here. Somebody fight back just not take it when it it's true that they have the cleanest energy among the g20 He should be heralding them, but he's not instead, he's on is down his yacht lecturing. Everybody any targeting brazil. Why because it's not a progressive candidate. That is currently running the country. if the
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