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Best of the Program | Guest: Rep. Thomas Massie | 3/3/22

2022-03-03 | 🔗

Rep. Thomas Massie joins to discuss why he voted against the resolution to back Ukraine. Glenn takes calls from listeners to gauge how they’re feeling in this scary time. Glenn tells two stories from history to encourage listeners to embrace reason in turbulent times.

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Today was a really good podcast. We talk to you for most of it, although we didn't burn a which- and I feel pretty good about it- feel pretty good about a Thomas Massey was on end enough. He tried to put up a defence for his witchcraft very much. We ended up burning them at the stake is that's what we needed it round the mob Burma at the stake. He tried to defend himself on why he wouldn't stand with all the other Republicans something about I dont know you can never trust these bills when they're, really this vague, whatever, which we also give you some important information on how to look at the situation in Ukraine and russia- don't miss a second of this pod cast placed
meta com Slash Glenn is supposed to go for your place to be subscription to miss that as well as getting the new book, the great reset, it's actually in bookstores. Guess physical copies of the book finally come in and you can get them around the country and of riches subscribe rate and review. This talk ass, as well as students, America, who episode of that cannot later today, as well as five stars, is the appropriate number stars the only thinking you have this. You have esteem for we, yes Thomas Massey is joining us now speak, which speak no, and I fully support the right of the people of Ukraine to sell
termination parents actually word which, while that's never part of my I would be redirected. I'm sure that's, that's just the that's the the lies that witches say Thomas. I good in fact I would die, would send them some of my gun Lost the men a boating at TAT, so weird, so boating accident happening all over the nation right now, Thomas I saw this story, the three of you- and I know I don't know- I don't know the other two, but I know you and I know you're a very bright man. I know you're a libertarian. and so there are things that we may disagree on when it comes to me, you know War or military involvement, etc, etc. On this one, I don't want to do anything to escalate this I'd like
to go away. I wouldn't mind seeing the entire picture of him with a bullet in the head, but not our bullet, not a horrible. It right, and yesterday there was a vote that if you don't like the Patriot ACT, all patriots voted for, and you voted against this resolution to support Ukraine speak, which why Ok, the resolution was seven pages long at the most troubling part of it. I'll tell you right now: it called for additional and immediate quote defensive security assistance. Unquote, this term is sober, What does it mean? Does it mean american boots on the ground? Does it mean the no fly zones at My colleagues, a few of my colleagues, have already called for Imagine that shit, down the russian jets playing chicken, not just playing chicken, put engage
another nuclear power, so that was the first problem ahead. With this The next problem was where we can do the country of Bell arose and basically pledge to throw their government what the hell get. We D. Go eight. What were getting into right now before we start overthrowing another government, but that inside the scope This resolution that I voted against. The next thing calls for fully icily eating Russia. Economically, I dont think people I understand what you mean if proven shut off the oil and gas, owing to Germany. They would go dark in a man of, I believe it's like there's some asymmetry. here. Of course Russia would suffer, but the and the people there who are protein, including ironically, which offer but America people are going to suffer. If that really happens, if there is real sanction, That would cripple here right now. They aren't there there actually kind of a joke right out, but the de France, its would be him
for over a billion dollars of fertilizer. For Russia you take food prices, are high, now take a billion dollars. lives off the field in the United States. I've already talk to the people that veto work. My farm, I have a small farm- and you know I I am a farmer, the right, then I I cholera said hey about the fertile. What we use that, don't we may said yeah and most of it comes from Russia and China. We don't know, three hundred percent price increase already on fertilizer and I'm told we're not even sure if we can get it, that will mean anywhere from a crop yield of only seventy percent to forty percent. Depending on where you are that's it, that's gonna drive cost of food through the roof, its yes, it
as we shouldn't be engaged in economic war, but that's what that's my problem with this resolution, its drumbeat to go to a further war and into economic war, and I've got it obligations to seven hundred and fifty thousand people like attack. If there's a let's say, there's a one percent, ass of a nuclear war in the next six months coming out of this conflict. That may be high. maybe low, but if I can do something to reduce them, chance. I should do it if I do anything to double that probability. That's a problem. have failed in my job, so I couldn't vote for this sanction. It was said pages long he's like a piece of bubblegum that was rolled her cat hair. They back everything on it Ok, well, that's exactly what to expect a which to say and we all know the witches read so we, I read the seven pages I don't know why they don't just stop
with all the seven pages stuff and just give you the name of the act and vote on it? and I mean That'S- is multi million people were respected, react idle and say well, yeah what Ukraine, I guess, all vote for this year, the one thing, the one thing that has said about you in and I think Bernie Sanders. They say this about Bernie Centres. Do is you read the bills very few people. Do you read the bells Irene, build and then try to predict what the impact of the bill will be. Not just how does it sound on the news, but what it the real world ramifications of implementing these policies and say this again, probably already been rejected the body here earlier on your I support them. both Ukraine, they have the right to self determination. Here's the problem, though they shouldn't be a step child of the Soviet Union
or the European Union, with its like a custody battle for for what should be sovereign country that's what I'm worried about the Ukrainian. people and it seems like they are- are willing to fight. For their own land. By the way you noticed now Democrats or for nationalism. Minneapolis Kurtz word here, but if the national lists- ukrainian Nationalists and I'm not talking about Nazis that probably just lost year, which the using sir. They are but who have some national pride in their country of Ukraine to have enough shot a shared common characteristics and ideals if they band together and throw Putin and his aggression, then they can keep
country and they will have it and they could be a free people, but they damn well better. Keep those gods that their handed out to them, otherwise, without the equivalent of a second amendment, any country is always gonna, be prone to being overthrown from outward dictators or homegrown. Dictators take over so Thomas what he is. What are you foresee happening here? I mean two weeks ago: It's a well we, you know somebody might launch a nuke out of it. Ok area, in Korea Russia or the United States being involved in a nuclear war two weeks ago. If somebody what is said to be an remember, I'm the doomsday guy. This is this, my a ground if somebody would have said you know what in two weeks, he could be on the edge of world war. Three, I would have said its madness. There's no way, that's gonna happen. We Where is this headed? Well, we can
we can't know what put in thinking. We know what you're thinking, no without we're not taking their its aid these things are being tried and social media right now, we think of all the lies. You were told at the beginning of covert by your government and through covert and by the media and in an the corporation, and then now you have to treat all of the information you're getting about Ukraine with with the knowledge, You been lied to for two years on covert, perfect but work, whereas this going one russian strategy seems to be a problem with trawl baby. If he can, since the people of Ukraine have not lay down their arms baby, he retreats back. to the two eastern territories? He'll probes? As far as you can go and then said on the two eastern territories, I dont know I bought it.
My obligation to keep us out of a world war three or another Afghanistan, whatever it. This turns out to be we should not have our men and women dying over there when Germans are lying oil from Putin. How would you what would you say to those who would say also your Neville Chamberlain, peace at any cost ever been accused of that glad, I was ready for pollutants pop it. Actually I was there to their natural chamber. I like I said I would if it were legal. I would ship half of a guy. In my house to Ukrainians because their fate is up to them right now, they have a right to be armed. I would give them but I will not go to the american taxpayer. It say I'm gonna conscript your money, if not
Sunday daughters, your money into this war with so, between Russia and Ukraine and by the way. That is what happened in world war to pray. Individuals sent Englishmen there, their guns private. U S, citizen shipped off, their guns over to an eye. this to be true because of a gun that came up for auction. At one point, it was a gun that used by the I gold medal winner in the Olympics for sharp shooting he put a plaque on. It said this gun belongs to after you please return it to and it was used in the Second World WAR we did that before and that you know like. I don't, have a problem if you're a soldier in your out of the? U S, service if you want to fly over and put our ukrainian uniform on, I don't have a problem with that. There are things that private
individuals can do and they should, if its legal they absolutely but by. if we put more powerful weapons into Ukraine, that is and to put a target on us again. You know it too Russia needs to be checked. Then you ve got european countries there. here's one thing that troubles me, though, that the President of Ukraine is is pleading be admitted to the EU. I think that's problematic. Why can't I, Well, I think they should remain a sovereign nation. I beheld the Britain just got out of the EU that sort of the next level of freedom. This This tendency to go to a union eventually they'll be wanting union. This isn't helping my trial either. I realize
loud now is often unions domain, aright Thomas. What what? What about the argument of casual you describe? I think everyone would support that that Ukrainians should be able to fight for their own freedom in and have the right of self determination, but if they are overwhelmed when it comes to or to technology and brute force. Are we just empowering the worst people with the most deadly armies to take over wherever they want to go you grand inquisitor think, but I dont think you can overpowered, determined people if at least thirty percent of the murdered urmand did. Did we overpower the tribal People in Afghanistan know a you can be a temporary condition of oppression, but if the people refused to be oppress, they will there's no way to oppress them, edit, it's only with their consent and imprudent miscalculated. I do believe I think he thought
therefore missed out there in the Ukraine in you that was shared with Russia, but it's not there. There are two generations of Ukrainian rode up without a b under the Soviet Union and they have their own. National identity can even say that work they have their own national. I hadn't you can't wait on a farm k where passing judgment Euro, which will burn you the stake later. Thomas. Thank you so much for explaining this. you know I I think I am mainly agree with you. It's a tough position to be in. I don't like the loose language and, if that's the reason for not voting for it. I completely agree with you on that, and I I agree with you on the rest of it, but this. This idea that we can't have differing opinions is really really a dangerous. There is nuance in life and we better
preserve nuance or we will be in a self imposed cage of tyranny thanks I appreciated the witch Thomas Mann, your listening to the best of the global places. The Glen Back Programme were really glad that you first you ve tuned in this morning today. I want to hear from you you ve, been hearing from me for a while. I wanna hear what you are thinking was go to Shannon in Missouri, hello, Shannon. Jan, and are you going to do I thank you so much for I am. I think you for taking my call. I listened guys every day and I'm really thankful for what you
the blaze does to bring truth and clarity to really crazy times that you am, I and probably what I'm good feeling mostly is offensive. Just what can I? do to to change things. It's these last couple weeks have brought what seemed like her almost as a and I'm not that kind of a person, really working hard to be prepared to My family and friends be prepared and sometimes feel very isolated when it comes to that and it I heard another collar mention that in an it's I can. I can relate to that Can I can I have your late before you go and look at it. I hang out just before you go on. Let me just to share something that one of my family members wrote to me last. Why last night
when I was listening to the day when you had the new employee on that. Worse with you, just move from Florida is the one that wrote plans book for dummies on preparing or something of that nature when she mentioned king about all that needs to be done, was so overwhelming. I could totally relate she went on to say she realized she just needed to start somewhere. One thing at a time, small steps make big progress, you're, not alone in feeling overwhelmed. Quite honestly, my wife and I are are overwhelmed at times with it, because you look at all of the things that have to be done. The we think you have to do. Is the next right thing one right thing and then do that next right thing and take it on peace. At a time. Don't get overwhelmed right. Those are really good words to take to heart and I'm I'm always saying the same.
to those around me. Do the next right thing and I am firm believer in that, and I think that I just need to keep doing what I'm doing, but probably in smaller chunks, to make it a little more digestible and not so overwhelmed and not be viewed. As you know, the crazy lady! I know it's but look of. I have three horns growing out of my head. It is in the end I try to tell. look. I know this is not wearing my tinfoil hat today. You can go. Look this out for yourself Don't be shy, it's one thing you it's one thing to have people say the Euro conspiracy theorist to you, years ago, six months ago. It's all out in the open you can, you can go and look at. Look. You think. I'm crazy go to treasury dot, I've got a White House dot Gov go to
you ve f, you know dot org, look, for yourself for the for the love of peat just but up your eyes. Two weeks ago we weren't even talking about nuclear war. Last weekend. We were a death two in the European Theatre, dont tell me that this is insane. Nothing is insane anymore two years ago the pain came out and said YAP its power, probably aliens their tracking us, and we ve got them on tape for to solid weeks. We're tracking them looks like alien technology, we're not alone in the universe and nobody said anything. Are you kidding me? That's kind of a big deal, so don't tell me that that Ah, that's on reasonable. Nothing has been unreasonable. Nothing is as it was thanks for your phone call.
Let me go to our Austin in Montana, hello, Austin. I go in my stew, hurried eyes, very good. I just had a quick question for you ever since this whole crisis in Ukraine. Where were we I call it started a week ago. I keep that. suddenly the back of my mind ever since that was minded to me from back in twenty fourteen, I'm sure you saw it at the time but if you don't remember, I play the sore remind you, Obama gave, speech to The EU in General Assembly and during his she mentioned like something with thirteen times the words verbatim new world order, and he was talking about his globalist agenda immediately after he finished speech, which was like five minutes ago. Putin got up
and it was furious and he gave an impromptu speech that just totally you know: well the exact opposite. He was kind of saying you guys are all idiots. I would you ever fall for this stuff and I was actually the first time that I really got a taste of who bladder pudding wise and the fact that he's anti globalists, which means you bet you guys, were joke about like if he could disappeared. You know be taken out somehow it is one of the few people on the planet. There actually fighting the published agenda so curious. If you remember that and what what are you so? Ok. So often that's a really important question, because that shows the beginning of understanding of the situation. Lattimer Putin is fighting the globalist agenda, but doesn't mean he's on your side or you should be on his side. He,
is talking about restoring the world too the way it was before modernity before there was no this embracing of transsexual story. Time reading, and are our values and our faith in everything else here also against in visual ism K he's against the the classical liberal idea that the individual matters so he's not on your side did. This is a distinctly american idea that right were given to us by God. We are vastly outnumbered around the world. People are fighting all over the world for different way of life. The elites are all fighting for a guy blessed agenda where it
I'll just a new world order. It's gonna be great where there are really there's countries, but they don't really count they're, all equal. That's I'm going to work, and that we know because of look at how they view individuals, if they'd. If you disagree with them, they should Not you off all right our trying to shut off Vladimir putin- and we feel like that's a good thing because of the attack. a city that he is doing now in Ukraine. I am for Ukraine that doesn't, make me it doesn't make me necessarily of four. The government of Ukraine. I'm for the people of Ukraine. I am for the p full of Russia. Putin is not good. Mobile lists are not, therefore, the collective which the collect, give gives them power and gives
power to eliminate any one with a different opinion so be very, very, very carefully careful on on saying whose fighting for our true national values, whose fighting for freedom he is not fighting for freedom. he is fighting for an end- western liberalism, and that is happening on both the right, and the left the the reset people- and People like China and Russia, they do not believe in the individual? They are fighting for collective identity period, hope that helps helped you out. Austin. Let's go to Rebecca hello, Rebecca. How are you I'm good gland on talking about not knowing if you have power in this world and wanted to bring up something that happening regionally and it could happen,
the whole United States there, a legislation going through Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas they're all the same wording. It concerns smart and region. Smart is a very progressive, entity with ties to the urban land initiatives with all over the kind We as well- and so this is regions- It is a region, smart development, interested compact between Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, online three real weight. It gives this region smart, this private entity, which is very progressive. eminent domain powers broad, my own? It says- and this is the real weight to excess, the powers of eminent domain and condemnation over any and all rights or property of any kind of character necessary for the purposes, a region, smart development? That's same in all of this legislation, on line too
oh eight, it allows this is worthy sources, be Blackrock the job. Whatever blackened you will come in line to await a give them. The to receive words, Lawford activities, contributions of money, non governmental entities or from individual. That means any money. You can come to region smart for disbursement of funds for whatever it what's so the legislation in Mississippi is SB to seven one sick. Please in Mississippi call your legislators and really all your governors, because they can stop it. It went through Dennis Lee in the Senate in Mississippi. Quietly, it's going quietly through in Tennessee there's two bills, one in the Senate, which is one thousand nine hundred and fifteen b sb, one thousand nine hundred and fifteen, and in the House nineteen eighty, nine and the language is the same. It is work This way through has been tabled to next week, but
he's called. You need to call your senators You need to call your legitimate legislatures or how to read and the governor in Tennessee to stop this. It started in Tennessee. It had great routes in Tennessee so what region smart will do is have control over boards, any states better, unelected appointed bored, so what it takes away. and I'm sorry the Arkansas bill it s All one there is I have pushed back a little because of the legislature that it doesn't it front than the other two haven't come forward. Yet so what what will happen? the commission on elected appointed, bore so what it takes as an individual. Aren t from their property rights are local control, away and state sovereignty away so you're, giving up to this the board, like an oligarchy that will have control over who keeps their property and who doesn't- and it also has broad controls over the use of all infrastructure you can think of they can
drainage and ditches drawing the water supply its I'm reading from the legislation right now. Ok, so look here's the thing I am not educated on. This- is the first I'm hearing about it. It's region, Smart, Rebecca, is telling us that it is in legislation in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. I can guarantee if it's in those three states is other places as well or something like it. This is very important. You might do your own homework go and look these bills up Were you do anything? Look them up! Look up region smart, find out what it is, educate yourself and then call and you to stand up. Here's here's where it's gonna separate the men from the boys here. People are gonna roll, their eyes and say this will never happen, and that when those things happen when Everybody is just saying it's a conspiracy. It will never happen. You
are going to. They have told you you own nothing by twenty thirty, that's their goal in the great reset. You will own nothing well how Do they do that? specially with with a country that is all about ownership, individual ownership, how do they do it from ever? He angle they can they're going to bankrupt us they'll. Make sure that your bind the eight ball they will tax regulate the land, your house, everything else. You know that the biggest buyer lately for homes in the last few weeks, banks and Bay Here in Texas are buying amid a hundred thousand dollars more than the asking price. Nobody can afford a home year wire banks, Why are they buying that up. Because if you don't own something you
we'll have to rent it from Mr Potter. Who owns this town. Please please get involved by the way. I'm going. Do I think South Carolina and a couple of weeks about yes, GM. Only speaking some to some of the people Who are running state try get them on board to pass him. Yes, g legislation, and I am we all we'll have to work on this. Please- call your Senate, your house and your governor and
make sure they are very well aware, the best of the Glen Bank programme I want to. I want to talk to you a little bit about. I really truly believe this audience is Going to play a role in saving the nation, I don't know how that happens, but I I felt that so strongly after nine eleven after hundred and eight, and it wasn't about those times it was about. I think, maybe these times it was. The future that your listening for a reason and reason is the pretty word the the world has become unreasonable and unstable. It is
the world is, I told you yesterday, not the world that you grew up in and you have to think out of the box. It's really for especially for people like you and me that feel very alone feel like nobody is standing up, nobody's listening to us, nobody, a priest, it's. What we are talking about, we're not talking about old, throwing the government were saying, let's restore we need real founders. We need people to restore the values and principles that have united, not only America, but the western world for generations there is real problems. We should clean those problems up, but, let's not, throw away the good points. its of our society and we're throwing them away and quite honestly, we are celebrating evil. Now
our country and the West has become so decadent. Quite honestly, I think evil is running a lot of it and they a lot of people that just can't see it and theirs a reason for that things happened slowly over time. Your boiled slowly, so you don't really notice it you. have a normalcy bias. You look for the things that are normal and dismiss warning signs because cuz your freaked out and the normal see bias is something that is in all of us. It is obviously a blessing because when we're in dad situations, we can function. Otherwise, if we didn't have that natural normalcy bias, we wouldn't be able to function in very stressful situations, but just because that's a natural thing: it's a protection of us down.
Let it rule you and that's what's happening, all over the world. Quite honestly, look at what the word old is saying: The world is saying two things: the elites are saying more power for us more control for us. We know how to fix everything and we're gonna. Do it either as a nation state, China or Russia or Turkey, or we're going to do it through it reset and the globe will be one America when the EU, Japan, those the two choices for the elites. What are you hearing from Breck said to the yellow vests to the tea party, to the canadian truckers, you're here and the same thing leave us alone, and telling us our country socks Telling us that we're the problem of
of all the world's ills like you People had nothing to do with this you will leave you been run in the damn thing, and we here to blame kit out, that's really. What we're saying leave us alone leave us alone. We know our friends and neighbours can do a better job at running things in your running from whatever capital urine. That's the feeling There is also a feeling that it has we're open minded people we are were diesel, people that will live will tolerate so much taller. it's so much. Its we're, not hateful people unless we are taught to hate by there is a feeling like is anyone going to stand up for two plus two is for? Is anyone going to stand up for marriage? Is anyone who stand up for hard work? A work ethic
anyone who stand up for real education, real history who stay Not for these things will Eddie stand up for God for the love of peat. That's happening also in varying degrees, especially on the God thing all around the world and our just a pretty much sold us down the river. Where are churches. You know I was having dinner with somebody last night and we were talking about how Now, close to the edge we all are, and where is leadership. and after the after, the the dinner I was talking to a friend is we're walk into the car, and I said you know what we need a Martin Luther King, but where the hell are they need somebody who understands the american ideals and principles and values the
bill of rights that can talk common sense and also understands that individual freedom comes from God. There is no one on earth that is, a champion for in. visual freedom. Now I bring this up because we feel alone- and there is a great urge to see our self in other people. And when you see people like the canadian truckers, when you see people like the Ukrainians that are Suffering and you have a tyrant a part of America to want to be involved, its that's that's in but we go to help her going to defend freedom. If it's not us nobody, nobody else will stand and watch. So that's in us and is a good thing to good thing.
But you have to be really reach be careful really careful there. are there, is a game being played and is Each day said last night: oh my tv programme, the lowest stakes. We're playing the lowest stakes, we're playing for is the freedom, and the existence of the Western way of life Those are the lowest stakes guys We could all be over quickly. Let's walk with reason. Let me show you how some really smart guys and some really bright populations. really destroyed themselves and we're misguided? Let me start with the French Revolution when I tell you the story about the day that Thomas Jefferson, and an entire
Miss Paine went to visit George Washington now here, Send for Thomas Pain, we wouldn't have had the declaration of independence, it wasn't for John for Thomas Jefferson, nobody would have written, it wouldn't have been written the same and I think it would have been nearly is powerful came from him and if a what in four George Washington. We wouldn't have one. We would have been able to hold it together. He was the guy that everybody trusted. So here are the three. Some of the three biggest heroes in our in our history. They get together. disagree on the french revolution? was Jefferson and Thomas Pain, say this. Is our fight Can you sit here? You like have a son. You have most son that came over from France to end and now they need our help and you won't go it's not our fight, it's not the same. Yes, it is.
People are crying out under the the tyrant of the king. They were freedom, yes, they do but it's not the same. It's not our fight. Thomas Jefferson was calm enough to not say anything stupid, but tat. is pain was just if he was of he wrote and stirred people up for a living and he said to George Washington, out of all the people and of all the people. That would sit around on their hands when people are crying out for freedom and those people are french, I never would have thought it would be you Sitting around doing nothing. I'm going to France? I recommend present Washington that you go to France.
Washington said were never going to France and if you decide to go that is your right to do that. But I'm warning you your walking into a situation. That is not the american Revolution, it is different and if you. in trouble. You can right. All you want, but this government will not go bail. You out you're, making your choice now Tom Spain went, he wrote all kinds of things in support of the french Revolution until the gear teens came out. And then he realized wait a minute This is not the same fight because they were missing something their understanding of God, and the church was wrapped up into the king, they not only believe didn't believe in church. They were anti urge and anti God, because remember they had been taught God a point the king. They knew
wasn't. True of God must not be true. That's what it it teens came out here. Lost his life. He never spoke to President Washington ever again, a very bright patriot. That didn't see the subtle difference. Let me tell you another story. After world war, one the church had so discredited themselves, because again the church said this is what God wants, God wants us to go in battle and go it will protect us. Will God didn't protect? The Germans did they did? Did God do that? Didn't what were they? Fine? No, they lost and then they were humiliated so that churches kind. It did what Churches are doing there just kind of like a pay. You do come on Sunday come back, we're we're
we're gonna do a stage show You do whatever they had to do. This. a few remains faithful. We know that began after Hitler. over in nineteen thirty, three, just round nineteen, thirty four that most, the christian churches were meeting to get rid of the old testament because it was quote to jewish now, how did they get to Hitler? They got a hit or because the Weimar Republic as promising people escape. It could do and say anything. It was a new world. And so what we had the roaring twenties they had. A roaring orgies. They was drugs as much as you wanted easy to get
The hierarchy had been overthrown. Now the kids were in charge in the old people were out the old, we'll didn't understand home sexuality wasn't just it wasn't just ok, it was improve east with glee. old traditions of a man and wife being married erased? The churches were ridiculous there at all All traditional values had been flipped upside down. Why do they say that? What are they say that Hitler was This was a christian movement. He wasn't. And he hated Christians, he put priest all kinds of Christians Dietrich Bond, offering the contents concentration camps, the ones who really speaking about God. Why? Is this a christian movement to not But he said the right things to a desperate people that,
wanted to have their traditions restored. And he said what happened to us. This isn't us. This is, and I to God, where's deep. See. Where's living We should, where is the idyllic German, that has a strong body and a strong mind and that can career, anything we're in a new era. While That sounds exciting, especially if you ve, lost all of those things, so here's the thing whenever you want to get onto a bandwagon in times of great. Confusion be very careful. The ban may be playing what sounds like you're song, but. Either. A few notes, important notes, will be missing or theirs extra notes.
That everyone says, oh, I know those extra notes or on the page, but there that's they're, not gonna. Do that they're! Just like me, when you look at Putin, and say guy he standing up for traditional values. There are extra notes on his page. you can be for the people in Ukraine and Still, no, that Putin is a blood thirsty killer says he standing up for your values, but d We hear that from a lot of dirt bag. Two faced politicians here as well: I got it. You just give us the White House to the house and the senate- and we are with you on your values, no you're not. How many times are we gonna be lied to by powerful elites.
And then, when another powerful elite comes in and says I'm with you, we got me that's right. They been lied to us, but we We feel this time.
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