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Amid rising gas prices, the White House is considering shutting down a pipeline. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) joins to discuss. Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel joins to discuss Bill Gates’ latest claim about the COVID-19 vaccines that Glenn would be banned for uttering. As the jury prepares to decide Kyle Rittenhouse’s fate, Glenn and Stu believe the answer is clear.

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Still. We talked about covert. Today we have a big special coming up this week we had Jordan, shocked alone. Who is this this great investigate reporter, who actually He found some video live in the UK from the bill gates. Manville gates were saying yeah. You know this really isn't that effective this vaccine, so we gotta come up with some other things, things that you and I couldn't say on line also a guy representative him well worth talking about how maybe build back better and the associated plans to get rid of.
Hi plans not really going to help us and our and our inflationary problem? Yeah you'll understand why line five is very, very important to you all, and also don't worry about inflation. You have the money, you been saving it during a covert. It's no big deal all that more on today's bud cast over to subscribe to police dvd coms, logical and the protocol felt she lied to the special this week. Is twenty five bucks off your subscription to police tv and subscribe to this part, Cason, Studious America as well and rate and review five stars? Is these reprieve number of stars who's the package? the only thing he hears. The White House on surging gas prices look our view,
that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes it in even stronger case for double down our investment and our focus on clean energy options, so that we are not relying on the fluctuations and OPEC and their willingness to propose more supply and meet the demands in the market. That's our view tight. We feel but we also feel that there are a number of actors here, including price gouging. Now we have concerns and we ve seen out there we fail. We ve seen me vast the activity to look into all the need for a pact, her release more. That are the larger issues here and that's why we ve been focused on those hops. While you know it's really weird, because do they think that nobody knew we were energy independent just last December, the you weren't, relying at all on OPEC price gouging. No, it's probably that you are doing everything you can to shut down the oil business, that's pretty
bubbly what's happening, and now they are talking about shutting down line five a pipeline. That is that- the life blood of energy to the MID West. We have congressmen TIM Wahlberg. He is a Republican from Michigan. And he can bring us up to speed on what it means. If the line five pipeline is shut down good morning, land hey. How are you thank you before If anything else, thanks for all the unbelievably good work you did in Afghanistan. All. Thank you very much, sir. Maybe can do the same here in Michigan at an encouraging our governor to not doing enough in saying of shutting down a pipeline that has had the benefit given to the people shhh again as well as the people of the world, when you figure that most
the fuel that goes into Jetson, the Nth Metro Airport on a delta flights, for instance hobby taking off on shortly after I get off this interview From the line five- and if you can, dad down you shut down a lot of other things that would go right and effective, you pointed out last chamber. Here in Michigan, I was paying a buck. Seventy nine, a gallon for gas, we weren't buying from OPEC Opec, except what we desired, and we make they told him we don't have to buy from. You, in fact, were exporting resources all over the world. Now because we are totally energy independent and this type of action that the President did with Keystone. Pipelines. First thing he did was shut that down and now He has been considering, but I think relative terms better that we Santa Barbara from Ohio, Jack, Bergmann and myself and then ten others from the surrounding states Centre
present thing hey. You can't be thinking about doing this especially when we come to winter, when in Michigan and these northern states, people are going to freeze or be unable purchase fuel, if you shut down a pipeline that is work safely. Since one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, you are going to have the same kind of winter that we had here in Texas for a few days We had rolling blackouts and if you remember right after that, one of the other pipelines in the south was hacked into, and it was we shut down for five days and the havoc that that, at Rome brought to Erika and our airports and everything else, and that was only five days? This is five hundred and forty thousand barrels a day Jennifer Grand Home. Who was our new energy secretary, said, quote this is going to happen and people
get used to it, but the energy he is going to be more expensive this year, then last and there's only one reason: it's a change in administration policy with the present trump and we had a administration said: let's use all the resources we have, including those of found on federal lands. We did that We became independent. We had a surplus who's that we could do that. We could export our friends neighbours around the world, they paid eyes and we, have to pay. Opec for the resources that we needed to take now we're forcing the rest of the world to have to rely upon russian dirty gas are more dirty than anything that we would be putting our plight blinds an outcome we putting in our cars using as propane to dry our grains and mission, Right now is harvesting with great corn and soybeans needed to be dried, and that comes from propane drying and natural gas, and so too thought of
expanding the cost still further, which has almost doubled for our farmers, loan for our homeowners that live in the upper peninsula. Michigan that heat primary with propane. This is this is insane What's going on here, and I hope the President's walks back. Anything you decide to do with line five and hope to governor understood. And said her election at the very least as at peril, if she loudspeaker freeze it s his coming winter, so gas prices its predicted could go as high as fifty surge as high as fifty percent if they shut down this line, absolutely absent only in that impact is not only on Keaton not only on on energy cars for aeroplanes etc, but its jobs were talkative thousands of jobs would be lost across the region as reserve. Provision then, if you shut the pipe lying down, which has never had a problem even than the din
it took from an anchor that was dropped in the wrong place. Didn't it acted at all, but will have to take all of these resources, which are hazardous and put them in in cargo trucks, and ended and railway containers and take them round through communities all around the state of Michigan Wisconsin and a higher than that sound smart to me, and I don't think I've found smart, the most people when, in fact we have a system and placed it works very well, and energy company, that's that now that says we're going to building a tunnel underneath the great lakes five mile stretch. That's all it is and will put the pipeline in that it will never be touched by water, let alone an anchor, and you can ask put communications technology through that same tunnel system and oh by the way, will do it at our own cost and they ve started already, and now the president steps and puts a little bit of applause on it again. I hope sanity returns and we do
It's right for America, let alone what's right for the world. So can the the governor is doing this? She can do this herself catchy no not really are for We're governor went into agreement with Canada and and Ambrosia fuel company. I am that agreement is still in place. It's this radical attorney, general and governor that we have in Michigan that decided because the radical influence and environmental lobby that puts you to judge the millions of dollars in their campaigns that they're going to shut it down. Starting to feel the heat right now, not necessarily coming from the gas but coming from people who are stand. This is wrong solution you got tree, a treaty that's been in place with with Canada, and end the United States specifically Michigan for many years, and it is very nice, nebulous right now, whether the president could violate that, but we will make sure that he doesn't, and we think that in the court's out
the governor will lose all right. So you have written a strongly worded letter to Joe Biden, but that's not they get it done in. You know that what will get this done? How Can we help what can be done. Why thinking then you'd fresh pressure from all around this country, understanding that what comes through this pipeline doesn't owed only go to Michigan doesn't only go to hire, which its refined in Michigan, refine and I'll, but sent out all over to make impact, when you think of the flights that goes major airport in Detroit on a daily basis? Send that fuel that goes into the plane sector that they take often land. From the line? Five that make an impact. That's that's at least national in pursuit. Did. I think the push that went to the president has caused him to back a bit now they're saying they never said they were gonna shut it down. They just want to make sure it was safe or we all
you have a pipeline and an end them hazardous material safety, administration, Femmes, a trend murmur What films has stood for for secondary? They ve done the Czech already they they gave the go ahead. This was over a year ago to keep the process moving, so we ve, we ve check the box, as I think, than ministration, seeing that they know they wound themselves up into something that this governor got them in and probably shouldn't have announced down the governor and I think the continued push, I'm citizens in this great state of Michigan as well. Any others who have the impact that comes from line five and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Congress. When I really appreciate it keep up the good work and keep us informed if there's anything that we need to know or anything that you know this audience can do nationwide, please in touch with us and let us know grateful. Land faintly iraqi people. Up to date, you got me at his congressmen, TIM Wahlberg
our two. Why is all of this happening, Why is all of this happening and why, for the love of beet, does the White House say that this is actually going to. Be solved with the build back better bill? How could all of this be solved with that listened cut? Five are sorry cut six here they are listen if we don't act and fell back better What we're doing is we are won't, be able to cut child care costs and twenty twenty. We know that is a huge impact on people's daily lives and american families. We won't be but to make preschool free for many families, starting in twenty. Twenty. Two saving many families. Eighty six hundred dollars, we won't be able to get ahead of skyrocket housing costs. I mean that's a part of this bill too, has made investment in, building new housing.
Noble housing unit, so that people can can move into them and live in them and address the pending housing crisis and we will able to save american Americans thousands where's by negotiating prescription drugs prices. So our view is that this makes a strong case. This is a strong case for moving forward with this agenda is or really talking about is key. Two american families how its impacting then this What they're saying they're saying This is gonna, help with costs and spending bill will actually help with inflation, your listening to the best of the Glinda. So what is the most dangerous thing. Most dangerous thing is really really clear. It is the truth. It's the truth,
When your armed with the truth, you can empower others, you in change things. When you have the truth, recognition measures at our government is shut down our throats can be stopped but it will only be stopped when we armed with the truth we demand it only when we have the truth to fight back with. We need the power of numbers. There his power in numbers. There is victory. In truth,. Now, there's only one way to amass those kinds of numbers, and that is in line many people, the millions of people who have blindly march toward. The cliff in lockstep or who in those and give courage to those who
too afraid to step out of line to question what is going on here, that is changing people are or curious and more willing to say, and it is going to get stronger and stronger as your guy ass. Price goes up as the price of meat and a loaf of bread goes up the Truth is dangerous because the truth is powerful and that's why big tack, de platforms. Anybody who dares question really, Anything but deafened Lee Cove id. Big government in their millions in tech. Troll us by controlling information, and they are hiding the truth to keep you under control. If it wasn't now for talk, radio and For those on the internet, we We have a country.
And those who are on the internet or being stifled more and more there being silenced the owl. Your rhythms are changing answer I am just put in a new filter for your protection. Their controlling. And hiding the truth, the fray The truth shall set you free is, Absolutely true- and I know it because applied the truth in my own life, and I am freer than I've ever been in my life. But can they free a country? Yes Only if millions are in a coup risk of voices. Speaking out you now to find the truth and spread the truth. In this case, on cove id amiss
dickens living in a prison created from fear concocted in a lab, spread by meant in perpetuated by media the truth. Like a virus one It's out, it can't be stopped. Its contagious. We are shut down for saying something like this, this is bill gates last week in the United Kingdom. I want you to your carefully what he says of the ECB. Damage the doubts, It's been completely horrific and I would expect that will lead the are indeed budgets to be focused on things didn't have today. We didn't have that scenes that block transmission we got back seems you with your health, but there we slightly reduced transmissions. We need a new
a new way of doing the vaccine. We need new, waited wait a minute? What? If what? If he just say. Because if I said anything like that, I would get strikes I would be banned from the internet, but Bill gates set it. Last week The reason why I know Bill gates said it is because there is a really good investigative journalist. He is the publisher of the dossier on sub stack, his name Jordan Satchel and welcome. How are you, Jordan, thanks. So much round me appreciated. You bet. I found this this snow of him the stuff quite obviously because of what he announced. Can you take us through this, so rapid that bill gates,
really the best way to understand bill gates and his role in the sole corporate mania. Stop that bill gates is the equivalent of he is the Google of public health, and this is not a conspiracy theory. It is just based on the factual evidence that gate and the gates, foundation, controls and finances, and this isn't just me this is political. These are several. Corporate press outlet that recognise the gates violated all these institutions that did the corona buyers modeling, whether it Imperial College of the UK H M me out of Washington State, so we the modeling? Did people propose the lock down his foundation in there did into these m are in a back seat, so it seems that bill gates is not taking responsibility for basically he was so, responsible for steamroller through all these policies that peat that the government ended up imposing population. Of course the government
a big role: the chinese government data role, but bill gates on the private side of things it was. It was a total monopolised here, it seems that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. It's quite shocking now, with the latest from Bloomberg at seven point billion covert shots were injected into peopled arm, according to these reports and now bill gates and saying after investing and profiting billions it? All of these things is seemingly saying: oh no big deal just got. You know, do another, one that this didn't work out, the well you who cares and it's a shot to hear that from the man that is so invested in their support from a monetary perspective, and from having power over the entire industry. But if I said on the air that the cove id M Rna shots, do little to nothing at all to stop transmission I would be. I bribed
taken off of Youtube that would be marked and flagged and taken off of Youtube, Facebook, etc. But that's what he sang I've again. And I find it not only because I am very well aware of how he how involved he has been in this whole thing. But we're having him come out. Nobody else is saying that stuff. Are they not that people that have so much in Basle incidents and any twenty imagine Youtube you tube at sight. W H our policy, but there but the leader of the W H, oh doctor, cage rose is basically a stooge for bill gates. He was bill gates, as guy said, Dorothy then. You know everything that comes back to get. These were bill, Gates policy recommendation there being enforced by twitter by Facebook, Youtube and it quite sure, it's so shocking- fear the that in the by, if I tweeted pumping out like this, I would be banned instantly Alex parents has
and then from social media there's been so many other people that have been sceptics of these policies, the advocacy, if you don't believe this talk, is a hundred percent safe. A hundred per cent active like a magic per year for Europe. Nine year, old, grandpa, grandma and nursing on that they're gonna live forever. If you don't believe that, then the and he thought the media oligarchy. Seemingly one the bad news from from the public square, but Bill gates has an exception, because I guess that he, in a stuff away, the spout off. So what is it? What do you use Baculus Do you know what his goal here is with this. I think that bill gates were basically jeopardy. Tucker of the brown the two had a really interesting analogy: anything that basically bill gates sees this whole pandemic at the end of a modern up. As the software issue assembled
like a virus that he deals with in is in its previous work at Microsoft. Think, though you know, these things are working so well, let us up great them and he doesn't really have a assent, of humanity and the devastation that here potentially wrought wicked advocacy, advocacy locked down with the side effects of some people getting from the shots did beat the injections and children he just doesn't seem to be care. He seems to be very very cold about this whole issue and he doesn't want to take responsibility for its failures when I was in its inner you that you cited is a thirty two men? interview. He said twenty did I many talking about how we gonna fix the climate for how we have all these solutions for it. So we seem to dislike one a bear The thunder the rug and even though I thought talk about this any more because I didn't go, is as well he thought it worth it amazing the hubris of these people- that they
they are just taking these things on damned the consequences do really even talk to or think about individuals, but you're. Just you. Looking at everything as a collective, I mean this: the kind of hubris that we had Out of Germany in the nineteen twenties, with the eugenics and even in America in the eighteen twenties with the Eu Genesis. They they they look at society and had no problem doing what Ever they wanted to the individual for the good of the collective absolutely bill gates. He had this war person if is very much an a leaders he's back his birthday a couple weeks ago in Turkey and at the end of the interview that he delivered where he gave this quote about that here, the shot not working as well. He thought he also said that he thinks the
This approach, because it is the one that New Zealand and Australia took, which unworthy a black. Yet then they down their entire population, for basic weak three quarters of the last two years and this man, which has found bending his birthday in Turkey a week. He obviously views on such patents that you know he's way above it rules don't apply to him, but he wants to enforce their rules upon Billy device Have you seen the news and, if so, I'd, love to hear your perspective on the impact or the meaning of this cdc admitted this weekend, that it has no proof that anybody you had cove id is spur adding the virus and the end. It was We just give it documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who one never received a covert nineteen vaccine to was infected with covert nineteen once recovered and then later became infected again and through
transmitted Sars Covey too, to another person. When re infected, they say there collecting any of that they're not collecting. Of that data seems kind of important data to collect it. It seems like this is my respected that the outcomes, razor approaches that there's no Money to be made a natural immunity and there's no power to be granted to the federal government and actual immunity. So why would the CDC under that controlled by ministries and recognised something like that. And the latest the latest research that is coming out now. That says that, may it looks like natural me natural immunity. Actually much more effective than the the vaccine.
We have tons of studies that are now coming out in saying this is that going to make an impact. Do you think it is The general public has been so propaganda, I mean if you go into Washington DC or New York Liddy, they would be shocked if you called that you have no intention of of injecting your five year old with this stopped, so the theme that America has really split into two. You have this society, unfortunately, of a cat. All who are does willing. Do whatever the government held him to do up up to and including injecting children with experimental shot, so it would seem that there their perspective, which is one of blindly trusting the government and that you did the hit, three lines and biology. Does it matter. Natural immunity cannot recognize you just have to keep giving yourself the injection overtime again and again
again this debate because the government told you that the King Jordan, thank you so much thanks for releasing then have the guts to do it. Did you get any blow back from releasing his words? that being said, the corporal presage very unhappy when you talk about Bulgaria and a lot of this is actually because bill gates at all lotta behind public? How, if you go to the gate, foundations website, be actually find a lot of these public health, the vertical? the guardian. A lot of these UK papers at them the papers in the EU. So a lot of it is actually here the villagers working on his behalf join thank you, So much appreciated. Jordan. Chateau d is investigative journalist, May you can not follow him dossier, dot, sub stack
the best of the Glen Bank Programme, the judge here he did so back from reckless conduct now he's still element, which I read as part of this, is, I think, fantastic circumstances of the defendants. Kind of this is why you judge is telling the the jurors they have too he's dismissed the illegal gun charge. And then he said you have a couple of things. You have to consider We have to consider a reckless otter did regard for human life.
And that is your what homicide first degree, reckless homicide first degree. So a reckless Disregard for human life. That means three things that a A defendant caused the death of another human being, in doing so he word had a reckless utter did regard for human life that he was criminal, reckless, and unreasonable and oh, where that his actions were unreasonable and leave there's an and between all of these rightly so. You can, if you, Any part of this does not qualify like, for example, he had a wreck its disregard for human life, which seems a pie,
Simple Tarzan, considering you see him on video multiple times, not shoot people that are attacking incorrect and not shooting not shoot. The people who he later shot while the guy's got we're just gonna we're talking about one Wanna guys comes up, with a gun, gate growth crates. He points it at Kyle written House Rittenhouse points, the gun back at him, gross creates, puts it, hands up in the air Ben Kyle Rittenhouse lowers. Is God then, gross Christ decide? Some cream seem maneuver where he runs to the right and tries to grab written houses, gun and points that Gun Adam again and that is when he get shot so criminal, reckless unreasonable behaviour of being aware that his actions were unreasonable. Third is an utter disregard for human life. What what He doing why was he doing it? How did happen and all
of those have to be without any regard to human life, so high on two counts of this and by the way. If I believe that the defence has made a a case. Where are you? reason you know unreasonable doubt or yeah what the reason for that reason a reasonable louder than true if he might the case, that it was self defense all of stuff that you had to go through. There is out So if you believe that it was self defense. And he also had other disregard for human life. Self defense trumps it so I dont you can prove uttered. Regard for human life and recklessness
There's an equally ridiculous: it rejects, it wasn't have been trash urged for it so stupid, and then you, I think they made a very good case because of what still just said several times, he didn't shoot people who weren't physically threatening him and which could be clear both two of them with did threatened him, but then stopped when they saw his gun right led initiatives you he didn't shoot. I mean that is, overwhelmingly obvious that is now rise. Intent was not to go out there and just shoot a bunch of people No sense it isn't connect with any of his actions from earlier in the evening. The whole thing is completely absurd and and in a normal society eighty bears functioning correctly. He would I have been charged certainly, immediately in this situation. They should
the jury and five minutes later be back with an innocent of a full acquittal weathered Lappet or not in this society. I have no idea so other the other thing that they can find him guilty of, is reckless endangerment and disregard to public safety, it's the same kind of standards that he harmed someone utter right, closeness and disregard to any kind of public safety. But you can't that in this case, because he didn't shoot every one he could have just read the crowd and he didn't that's utter disregard. He was me individual decisions, who was attacking him, there is no other possible way to look at the videotape correct the associated testimony by press. Caution, witnesses who have pointed but he was that the first I was lunching for his gun, this,
guy, put his hand on the gun he was being hit by a skateboard. He was being kept in the face at the time there were other gunshots in the area going off at the time behind him, a wind him where the guy behind him was the guy, eventually that he shot? None of this any sense. If we your goal is to accomplish it, make sure that we have a just society that is based on the law. So now here's, where, conservatives are an, I and say conservatives, anybody that believes that justice should be done. And not social justice. We ve be gone through this once with the Oj Simpson trial. We have gone through recently, but the biggest is probably the Oj Simpson trial the Oj Simpson trial Africa. Americans want and celebrated him.
Being led out. However, They all recognise the vast majority of african Americans that watch that trial and celebrated at the time now say: oh yeah, he was guilty of sin, but he was a boy man giving to the man, was a black and getting off. So they were. They were looking for social justice and in this case. They lead murderer, go free and virtue, like. Obviously there is just like every other commuted disagreement on that some African Americans did think he was guilty. However, we do know on record that African Americans in the jury. Did victim, yes, but He's not on whether he was guilty or innocent of the incident, but because essentially the man was too too hard on black.
People and we needed to get revenge for all the other things that have gone wrong in society, so that was not how the legal system works right. Oh, that was social justice before any of us knew what social justice really meant- gay. That was just day feeling now We know what it means, and you know, It's it's interesting to me that a man chickens of of any kind can, look at this Rittenhouse trial. I mean the Oj Simpson thing: had dna, but you didn't know what DNA was at the time, yet and how do you explain it from like around one but IRAN floor right and nobody knew what it was and it made no difference in the trial because nobody knew what it was. They didn't know how accurate dna results were an end who could have had a reasonable doubt.
On Know J Simpson, I didn't, but I I think a reasonable person could have watched that and when I just don't know this One. This one is so absolutely clear that if this jury finds him guilty it is truly only about Social justice there's no way an honest person that is just taking into consideration what was heard on the stand. Nothin else, just one was presented in the court of Law- and it's not like they left a lot of stuff out, they actually found new stuff, I mean there's testimony in there. We never expected, but it You just are fair and you're doing what the court in structure Jude
to do and what our justice system instructs you to. Do There's no way he has found. The eye. I think if I were on the jury it would take. I would out in the hallway. We would be walking to the jury, room and I be like, on right, we're done right in your home. We go right. So one other thing, I want to add to this list also tied to your social justice analysis, OJ, Simpson, black woman on the jury says plainly too, he ain't that she thought. You know all the things that have happened over society that had happened by police to black people. We had to send a message, and that is her executing? Not the law Not our justice system, one social justice to to make a point, and I do think that that's possibility here that, if that happens at that is probably the cause but another associated problem we have now that I dont know that we had as much back ran even
there are some incidents like this is that I think a person who does not want to send a message. Too bad like the message that the OJ you're one of dissent, and also realises out, quite obviously the Kyle written. How should I go to prison is going to moments of thought. Where they consider. If I do not convict him, my city is going to burn ground, I they are under they dorette. They did have that in the Oj Simpson trial. I don't I don't have that they had that. From that perspective, oh yeah. They didn't the personal. I dont think the o J Simpson, the jurors didn't think. How can I go back into my own community. I could be killed, for this verdict that they didn't have, but Oh gee Simpson trial the the jurors knew that LOS Angeles was gonna burned to the ground if
we'll get it if he was found guilty. They did know that now. Well, I don't know- maybe it's more prominent today and I think there's that direct threat on the people. I think that's a big thing it concerned now, because if you think about it, they ve already. I mean or Floyd's was a nephew. Yeah said like we're taking pictures of the people in the jury box for, but we know who they are self something and we know what to do. We have, I think, there's a rational part of people now again. You'd hoped that this instinct would not work Out, but in a quiet moment when you're thinking about what's gonna happen next you're going to, nervous. If you decide this guy is not guilty, you may be, partially responsible for in your own head bolt, certainly blamed for it by people around you for all the damage, is that go onto your city, you be killed, you could be fired,
you, your children, could be targeted. Your family could be targeted. If you have a business, you could go out of business. I mean the the the wait around the jury's neck. If they, do come in and it's a quick acquittal. That's a brave rave jury. Raise your its brave to even sit on a jury like that, any more in our lab. I think back in the day, Think yourself. Well, I mean I've by this is an important part of our system, and we have to make sure that we have competence. Smart, fair people to two executed and, I think people in the audience would sit there and say yeah. That's me I I can be person. However You add into the fact that if you come up with the long verdict now Only will your city Berne and you might be killed. The media will then do six months of coverage, saying that was just like it was the right outcome. Hey, we gotta understand that you know we can we
blame people who were responsible for this and you are going to be the one who is painted as the person who caused it, and was wrong, If you know you're right and so did you come back the right way today it is a good. It's a good observation to say you know what. Maybe maybe we look at these people and give them a heck of a lot of credit. Because it's hard to do it's, not you, it's open! but to me it open and shut to you. It's open and shut everybody in the audience who looks at the facts of this and then I thought we care about right. I think it could be open and shut to them, but rats not all their considering that got it and they are things that they shouldn't consider right and there is you know that they will be instructed not to consider anything else. But, as people they will. They may not discuss it. You know in between themselves. But who knows I mean that that is if
if he is indeed acquitted. That should give us hope in America, and I thank you we found that actually relatively often, recently, and that the only thing that seems to be standing in the way of this constant mob are the court's meaning the vaccine mandate is another good example of this, like, I think everybody in a fair moment, even people on the left would recognise. Ok, oh she was not created, so you could have a vaccine mandate of every private employ supposed to be so. People were hard hats right like that Ocean is, we all know the well and finds it he's in our saucy, dried it's the basics right at issue here it's supposed to be so you go into a workplace and you're not made your little right exactly. That's, obviously what its four and their stretching it be. And all recognition to try to put this through, and so
I think everybody recognises its a it's a bending tune to to that level. At the very least, if it's not blatantly illegal, which I think it is, but the court's keep CUP Stepan even in these moments where the mob wants them to say, let him do it. We want So let him do it. I mean I'll, give you this example and not a popular one, but the bill cost. Anything is another example of this. They had absolute. Leading they made a deal with bill caused me that this would never come out, and then they based new charges on this thing that they promised would never be released, is built caused me a rapist. Looks that way to me. However, there are rules around our justice system and, yes, it went through this entire thing, but eventually it did get turned around and is ugly as all those accusations are in probably as bad as he is. It was still the right outcome, and that is important. Even when it's a terrible person, it's him cordoned even If it is somebody who is guilty
You know it in your got, but they have improved it or they vast that. You can't consider this you have to play. By the rules of the way We don't have anything
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