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A very generic “farmer” calls in to explain just how simple it is to dig a hole, put dirt on the seeds, and water it to make corn. And the Tree Murder Song has been given the Johnny Cash treatment. Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, claims that Ukraine was investigating not just Hunter Biden, but Joe too! But is anyone looking into China? And when it comes to draining the swamp, President Trump isn’t just a bull in a china shop – he’s a bull with hammers!

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Hey broadcasters. Today, a great show. We start right with the far who is, I think, still he likes Michael Bluebird right because Michael started monopoly so we have farm right off the bat talk about Bloomberg in his ideal health care ideas is well anew story that Democratic ACT only in bed with the Devil, Rudy Giuliani joins us for an hour to talk about Trump and different things going on with Ukraine's China. And now he says A new document that Show- that job like himself. Not just Hunter was under investigation, and New study that show conservatives are being targeted record number and we you hear this and to Morrow night Wednesday night. Is the winds and special guns to be shelved.
One I was gonna say corona virus. We should be grateful capable You changed because you don't want people to hate the Chinese, that's right! It's cool with nineteen Jacobi nineteen, these they break out all the details on that is an hour long special on Wednesday night and why her these cod cast up took over Stu? Does America subscribed there now tonight have a bunch on further centres and socialism you'll enjoy so check it out in his pocket. You only thinking tat we have is not making emerged on the phone hello, hello, hello. When his back, I can't understand you, the seller,
speaking in the wrong end of the following year, ah ok, boy You do that about half the time, what I doubt rival, I that's not my phone number, seven. I want to talk to you on the phone you're. A farmer you're, a farmer? Ok, yeah yeah, That's you do now. That's what Michael Bloomberg says that it's all required. He could teach anyone to be a farmer. Last week, a mile
You put your own shoes on you far. What ok before you learn how to play. Was right: How can you can you give me the process again, according to Michael Bloomberg, proceeded to see in aground her dirt on Job YAP com pop so now. What does the water you about? Pray if you try the calm when a top up needed, canny known as leave we represent it leave wrappers. I am I supposed to leave rapid, ok, In the middle of believe, wrappers happened to be a cop
Gordon CORE to crouching to eat our eye, so Corn is between the leaf, wrapper and the core apart. Ok, and when you get there, you put the water remind deploy one dress. Yes, yes, you put the top to make the corn and cook card in the lab. To put the convent up, Philly, the water on the top of the car. So I guess I'm a little lost here, so I put it in water that cooks, the corn wow. How long did it take you to learn that scientific process Packets three second, I was, I was for you at all. My mama told me: hey, put see you put the word tap and corn pop out, ok driver and then just the other day.
I was able to take my first shower your first. Shower till really. Yes, now you glad that Michael Bloomberg around for sure all the farmers you see there is a big You need to understand right. What's the separation burst down people like me, who are forming a rough, and what do we do when we surely feed people all around the world and an end to keep people with healthy, produced a chip law across the world and increase our crop yield to levels? Member before stated user, keep me asked tractors better while are actually use it incredible. What well, but not as good as is like what he does, which is stop prices to people Rough Rhineland, pretty impressive
You know the information technology technology yeah, that's it presents how you gonna shares pap videos right. If you got a video of a cat, do something cute, but I'm just gonna stay ass. If it wasn't for people like me, Blue riled k, shock and ship of thousands of refugees of produce all around the world with a global ship. We supply chain that certainly would be oppressive to anyone who I do anything about it, but please help us videos get out there right, which president repressive to write, or it will. Thank you very much. I'm sure you have some seeds to put in a hole. You know I've been doing what the seeds and put the dirt on tat the water on top of that the corn pop out. Yes, yes, I know that the West coast-
it grants for regular mark. You appreciate it just a yet another farmer from the middle of the country voting for Michael Bloomberg, which I think is tat it is, I mean it's still makes sense. That night I mean all the farmers, although all the metal workers he say he'd, be. He said all metal workers you just put up he's a metal in the lathe new turn. The crank in the door of the arrow and you ve got a job. The yet had the arrow, though that's important right, you gotta know cause they wouldn't be able to figure out which way to turn turn. Unless the arrow was now I mean I wouldn't I don't think that there's the he's not talking down, not a word to the board of our farmers yeah. I ain't I want to give in case you didn't hear this is the actual quote. Do we have the audio of him saying this? I think we do you yeah go ahead. You dig a hole
there is an endless remsen offense intended to be a farmer, you, it's a processing, a whole. You put a seed and you put dirt. On top add water comes the corn, then we had three hundred. You could learn that, then. Then you have three hundred years, the industrial society you put the piece of metal on my way, to turn the crank and in the direction of the arrow, and you can have a job and we created a lot of jobs. One point: ninety eight percent of the world worked in the in the agriculture today. It's two percent of the United States. Now comes the information economy economy is fundamentally different because its built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets did you have to learn our how to think and analyze. That is a whole degree level right different. We have that.
We're back a little different skills that you have them a lot more grey matter. Does you have to have more grey matter? Does it you? Don't you don't think core analyze if you're a farmer or a metal worker incredible, but he is ass- is incredible egg. It's either could not get something to grow out of the ground. If you pay me ten thousand dollars, you know how hard it is. How much you have to know about its, not let you bought some dirt on it. You know how much you have to know about the I don't know. I know I know you, I either I let you go to a store it. It's all there. That's why right and that's not because of me. It's because of farmers right is because farmers, and because it farmers, capitalism, they could be replaced. You know you know what this is. You know this is. This is the exact opposite of a marxist revolution that marks
I used to say you know all the bourgeoisie, all the shop owners, all the intellectuals. You know there are the ones that are getting us into trouble, so they went, may kill anybody with a scale in a shop. They did it to the farmers too, but they really started with the shop honours, the the bourgeoisie, the the the capitalists that had it skill. Did we ever seen or I collect, watches anybody seen a russian watch before every you ever see. Anybody go oh wow, while that's a great watch. Where was that made the former Soviet Union still today, nothing good watch, making! Nothing comes comes out of Russia that any good? Why? Because, during the revolution, they killed all the watchmakers, they kill them all. They couldn't keep time
they had to learn in all from the start, because what they did- and they did this with farmers too. You know what Who wants land? Who wants land? Who wants to be a farmer? Well I'll, be a farmer housing work, you just you just put a hole in the ground put a scene. It throws some dirt on it. Pours Water and up comes the corn. Will that sounds great yeah Farmers are producing enough now. You know nothing about it, except everything. You need to know right put a whole and then a blow to see in a border. Men about water. Yes, that's all you need to know you can do better than they can right sure I can a dirt in seed and water. There yap ok I'll, do it. They killed all the farmers, they just replace them with other people. Would never had any farming experience. You know it happened, people starve to death and they couldn't write down what,
time. It was when the person died, they didn't have any watches or clocks either This is incredible. This is the latest mentality that every Socialist always has they always we can do a better who just do from top down You know now technology technology, you have to analyze things when it comes to words. All with the crops. You don't Dan laws anything through duple dirt on top of the sea, we had they it Paul. Did you put water on a bad did Paul would arrange. Eddie, corn comin up you skip either step. Water step too.
This is so insulting. How much more is this country going to take seriously how money come? Let me rephrase it how much more are the Democrats going to take, and I don't mean the Democrats in the big cities, or especially the Democrats, the ones who are sitting there in their think tanks that are all about the Democrats. Party, I mean the average person that votes for a Democrat. How much more are you going to take? How much more are you going to take before you realize I'm in bed with a deadly fact? You know what I actually have a story that will prove to you you're actually in bed with the devil. The best of the best program we have the
We have a farmer on again no use the other turn turn during the father around other side. Your speaking under the European again I press number, seven out here's more numbers in that I just wanted to tell you one more thing about farm and then I left out from before: okay, there's a hole in the ground and the corn seed was put there for you and a hole in the ground where the court seed goes some But now it's not enough where the quarantine goes somebody's making. But why would you do this work. Where the poor there's a you where the ok started, Scots, not up the phone.
Why would we do that when we have the Johnny cash version, others all in the sky? It farmers love this from? the Seattle City Council, meeting people to do. We have a people, as he desires, here. It is because the country version Poland, treatment, lamp,
back then censure murdered by their dream. Somebody at their dream. Somebody may then treated. I or, if you have the guts to get a common from Rudy Giuliani, on the hole in the sky where the treaty should be. Will he come I don't think he will. I visa forget the issued before with you for calling me chicken and egg fly Mcfly. This
is the best of the plan back programme. Hey Glenn and if you like a year on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available. Where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Mr Rudy Giuliani was under the programme. Sir. Are you there to see again how our? U sublimed, God, I'm really good glad to have you I was on the programme. I would just interested in your shave secret, because I shaved myself with a straight raised this morning and I cut myself use a straight razor,
yeah. I do it every couple, a couple of days just to feel Clint Eastwood. My grandfather using a strange razor avoids what my rather rather we are barber was. He oh yeah, you know I used to I decided about a year ago. I had to learn how to do it all right. Let me ask you this year in our New York studios, and I appreciate you coming in for the interview I enjoy. First, if we can, before we get into the nitty gritty about Ukraine and Biden and trumpet everything else, can you give your your thoughts on Bloomberg. You know Michael Burke sure I know Michael really. Well I mean I am endorse for mayor. Why do people think that got him elected because of it? very unusual time- has run out the eleven right he was way behind and I was probably at the height of the popularity of his like ninety percent approval to point. At that point
I don't have an issue with him right now, because a stop in question frisk, which she said he inherited but he's not making a distinction. That's really important. When I had stopped question first wish I develop with Breton, safer and then and then Bernie character. We would challenged by the justice to pay. When as well and I went down and argue the case in front of JANET Reno, an era colder, and I demonstrated to them that we were doing a constitutionally, but the difference was that we had very clear records. The people was stopped for reasonable cause. Our success rate was of acceptable and the most important thing is, for example, the objection was that we were searching sixty eight percent african american males.
They're only about fifteen percent of the population, with the point that we made is that they actually committed about seventy seventy two percent of the violent crime, so it was, in fact a valid was in fact the ballad of a number. I just throw away money to my cell phone, I'm watching your watching on the blaze you just reach into his pocket. Kravis L thought it throw it out and belated ability hedge. I waited well, I got an actual valley, but that the real It is. We showed that we we kept it very well controlled it based on Terry versus the United States, your entitled to stop someone on reasonable suspicion and ask them a question. And then, if that develops any more suspicion of a crime, you can do a search and if the search reveals a gun or not colleagues or stolen jewelry, you can make an arrest.
So you have to do this in stages. Even the mere fact that they called it stop and fresh show. They didn't understand. Stop according to United States against terror, it stop question for us. So here's the difference. My last year. We were a little under a hundred thousand stops when he got it declared on constitutionally took it all. We have to six hundred thousand sees that an end. He had a five percent success rate, five percent success rate for the five hundred and fifty thousand people who get searched and this they have nothing on them. A minute. It's it's it's! It was a difficult things that he did. I agree with it because it is a good method for taking guns out of the community, but you gotta understand the constitution. If you're gonna do read the Terry case,
You have to understand the dates of very technical thing that has to be done and maybe be his failure. Being a lawyer kind of heard out on a less let's switch over to tramp and the impeachment and what's happened since I think people saw some beach room for what it was, which I think was incredible just incur. This is the most botched case. I've ever seen the eyebrows. Never seen the american people show less interest in something they knew all. From the outset that this was just a bunch of garbage yeah and if among its emerging for me and has been for the last three or four months that this was this was planned. This is not just happenstance that you know they found a few to this. This started
had somewhere in twenty fifteen. I can trace it back to a meeting in the White House and twenty sixteen when members of the EU and binding and ass. She met with ukrainian officials. I have three witnesses to this three ukrainian witnesses under oath willing to come to United States and swear this that you correctly you s, officials told the Ukrainians to dig dirt on man afforded particular and then inside meetings on Trump and and on trumped Junior was followed up by telephone calls. One of the people involved is the suspected whistle. Our if that's true, he be there at the beginning and the end Europe. In other words, he be there at the beginning of trying to stop Trump card like Peter struck. I have a plan, a plan. But if I can prevent a May, have an insurance policy to take him out.
I mean this is not a way to relate to a presidency. Tulip candidacy, there's a sickness to this. They get very, very close to a conspiracy to bring about a coup that went on for two or three or four years. Do not for a short period of time. So are you satisfied that something is being done to to make the people pay for this? Pharisee, because it really it mean that I'll know that, although that, when it ends, I am, I am not a patient person. I was never a long investigator investigators tend to take on because they very precise in the one everything perfect and I did the commission case in two years, your the commission of the mafia. We did the seizure of the Teamsters in three years.
We took over the entire union and tossed out the organised crime, people and strict threatened it out. I like to investigate fast, I like to get it get it done fast. I think evidence kind of shrivels up when you let it go to on a lot of these men prosecutors? You know investigate forever, so I'm a little impatient with it with the time it's gone by and then like like. Let's look, let's look at what took some of the crowd some of the crimes here, there's a Dnc your name Alexander Super who was giving information with chart with getting information from Ukrainians and turning it over american reporters. Well, that's that's the crime they were supposedly investigating, president from for that he didn't. Do how come you're not investigating her for what she the democratic. So she s, immunity leading edge and Joe Biden. Enow admitted a bribe.
January forgotten the day, twenty Eightth or twenty seventh of twenty eighteen. He said. I told that prosecutor. I told that president, if unify the prosecutor, you don't get your one billion dollars. That's the crime of bribery. There also is also evidence that Ukrainians can come here and testify that he had an earlier bribe fellowship- Who is the crook that hired Biden son, basically the payments to Biden, son or a bribe to Joe Biden to get Joe Biden to protect the company, because when Biden bribe the presence of the Ukraine, he got him to dismiss three cases not want the case against the sun. The case against the oligarchy, who had stolen five billion dollars and now has that safe in his post
and the case against the company that was gonna be seized by the ukrainian government that the crook, the oligarchy organised criminal, is now sitting in Ukraine, fat and happy holding So this is a very, very serious crime at the highest levels of government and its only because of a corrupt media that this thing is not going forward and the fear that our prosecutors have that they're gonna, be there going to be read by the crept me like we re trying to do a bill bar right now, try to intimidate him right, Rudy Judge, I don't know if you saw last special last special. I did too did weeks ago yet Cogema with excellent about column, whiskey,. And the way you know looking at the document from Latvia and seeing the money trail and we know where that money, what we know that it went to call em whiskey, so he's sitting there with a lot of this money he's
at the same time is made a governor right. Right where the war is happening with Russia he's known as building military. That military, buying all this stuff with his own money he may He used his own money, but is there a chance that this was a legal war that net we did EL through Congress? Is there a chance? Should is sure that James and Color moiety in the process developed its own militia right. So he's he's frightening man. I mean is that, basically, you know, if you think of, if you think of Ukraine, think of game of thrones. If you game, thrones or think of Medieval England before they had a king. I ten or twelve barons the oligarchs. They are at war with each other and and and alliances with each other. All the time not All not all of them a violent, some of them are
I should say not all of them a crooked, but I'm not sure. That's right here But he is, but some are more crooked than other end in cologne. Whisky is frightening. He's he's Tony soprano kind of character? he turned to be more volatile and out of control more violent, but the others do killing two I mean for action. Bull Shokhin who's. The principal witness demanded that that Biden had fired in September October got very ill brought to the hospital that are bringing to Austria and he was examined by the doctor, who save the life of mail for people that Russians and Ukrainians of poison, and that doctor, whose world famous has a, me an affidavit saying he was poisoned with mercury and almost killed and lost. It was the use of a good deal of his kidney and end, and he probably survive, but this is the one fired all of a
one Biden had fired all of a sudden. He gets point. With mercury. Two days Did they re present? President poor Shank goes home the real fear and Ukraine gland, and nobody here, gacha because their covering it up. Corruption with our media could be as bad as binds corruption, the real, fear in Ukraine. The top of the top of the food chain here is porch Anko Poor got. Maybe a hundred million he's the guy who built the that huge palace for himself right it's now. I think it is too he stopped. He stole Easter The ukrainian people brought blind. He was a good friend. Abide means that one yeah, a covert shoe, was against corruption. She endorsed him for President everybody knew it was the biggest cook in the country, the democratic, so funny. In fact, I have a report that gonna put out that put em out
one or two a week that says that without any doubt, during Obama years corruption in Ukraine increase dramatically well. How could not have greased a vice president? Went there in committee, corruption? I'll get his sons relationship with corruption, Giuliani is where this is. Podcast is common sense and broody. I want to go back to something you just said a minute ago. Your ear releasing these documents in dribs and drabs. Why you to do it that way, while I'm sure to do it that way, because I actually have released them before one or two more new, but I really systems in February and March of last year, in the hope they be picked up by the FBI. The Justice Department, and may be changed the mind of the press that this was a real crime year and all they did was Try to destroy John Solomon Hoop did nothing wrong other than to break a story that he should write ports for? I agree
They made him into some kind of scoundrels printed, nothing, untrue! Nothing that I said that untrue, that isn't supported by evidence right they say, Shokhin is corrupt. Shokhin says the same thing Biden says: Biden says I forced the president to fire the prosecutor with the threat of money. That's bribery. Shokhin says he got me fire right. The only just they have is Shokhin can prove that he was investigating by Sun and I now have the prosecutor documents did show that all during that period of time, not only was hunted Biden under Investigation, Joe Biden with, under instigation. What were they invest hider? What were they investing Joe for there was investigating a number one, because it was a nine hundred thousand dollar payment that was denominated for lobbying. Joe Biden.
Did know whether it was a wandered or not. They knew that the fourteen point six billion to Hunter with was lobby. And there was always a theory of the case that social ascii, the crook reached out to Joe Biden when Joe Biden became point man for the Ukraine and made a deal with him. You protect me if they try to take my business away and I'll, give you son or no show job, and that that was the real bribe, and there are witnesses to do that so that he was under invest nation to see if that were true, Rudy is there: There was there any thing else, beside just greed. In your opinion, I mean I have time, thinking that all of these people were involved and covering up for Joe Biden and everything else? Just for greed? There had to be more
to it to make people feel like they were doing their patriotic duty, while I'm in that the binding thing the binding sounded strange to me at first, when I heard a because I never thought of Joe is a crook onto Looked at history, bondsman doing for years gone. Does the pattern point point Man means. He gets named point man in Iraq. He fails to negotiate a status of forces with the iraqi government and his brother James makes all them. Yet Get to have it a part of a one point: five billion dollar housing programme. He knows nothing about housing makes maybe half a palpable half a billion dollars. The cat make somewhere between or even know how much they think the buying God somewhere between eight twenty million dollars because they have and enable a ghost all of the wandered transactions yet and the United States has cooperated and
and the one in China comes a point: men. China becomes up a partner in his private equity for half how is it possible that we actually live through the son of the vice president? Being a partner with the government of China Biden did nothing about and not only that, but is the things democratic guarantee anything I know and do anything. It is its terror. Lying to me that know we look at Google and say what are they doing over in China? Here's Hunter Biden investing. In face plus plus with chinese money. Making money off of the rounding up of their citizens and putting them in re education camps? I could make a pretty dumb GO to Rico case against Abiden family, where, where the enterprise could have to have an enterprise? Is the Biden family
their job is to monetize is public office, which they do for big money three times when he's vice president, You got three other situations whenever the senator for lesser money itself back in its more, they haven't most Rico cases, so money than most recall cases and it's been used, and I was the first one to use it against white collar crime and political corruption. So I had Peters wiser on whose done an awful lot of this legwork he's great. And with a done to him now I know, and he said something to me. That is that it puts us on the path of Ukraine. If something change and I want to go there and talk to you about that in just a second, He Giuliani joins us from studios in New York City, more with him in just a second standby.
Rudy Giuliani joins us from our New York studios. He is releasing a podcast episode on Wednesday, where he looks into the prosecutors file and releases a new bombshell document and you talk a little bit about this, we will I wanted ask you. Are we looking into China as well and when I say we is the Justice Department doing anything on China, not I know of coin, I wouldn t- and I can't I don't know all their investigations, but I am close some of the people that would normally be called. They are not as far as I know, looking at China, nor They looking at Iraq both of those there's probably cause to believe a crime, was committed. And a crime eerily similar to withdrawn in Ukraine. I mean among the things as a prosecutor. Look into those crimes. I told you possibly a Rico case
but also with prior similar acts, because, in particular the Iraq situation in which one to say I didn't know my my son was involved in this and making all these millions here, but justice years earlier. You didn't know your brother did the same thing: perhaps in a few years before that your rather brother did the same thing and you didn't know you didn't know about the policy scheme that went on in their paradigm company and you'd. No by Michael onward by eighty, so she's. So here's the thing Peter Schweitzer, whose whose done research for GOSH a good part of a decade, just the bindings alone. He he I was talking to him. Last week I think friday- and I said you know peter- why won't they invest this and he said it's because Glenn there in his opinion there are too many Republicans and too many p involved in Congress. They don't want.
Open this bag of worms. They're. All dirty to some and to some extent, none like the bindings, but there still dirty Do you believe that's true and isn't that what the Justice Department is supposed to do. I don't know the facts that Peter know. So you can ask me to deal with a hunch. I have found great reluctance on the part of the Senate to go near this. It's almost like a I know like a tone of silence like oh, my god, but you know, but I I thought maybe it was senatorial privilege or but you know, senators don't get to commit bribes at the highest level of government and vice president, certainly too don't do that Agnew didn't get away. Agnew took like ten thousand dollars. The sky took fourteen million dollars
you can't let him get away with. It is also an issue here of national security. It is true that a corrupt Ukraine is not very useful to us as a boar against Russia and all these phony democrats talk about. Oh, we want to support Ukraine in Ukraine as a bulwark against Russia and they ve been corrupting it for eleven years. A corrupt Ukraine is useless, a solid Ukraine where, when you give them one of the things I'm going to reveal just one small example is, one. Million dollars was given to improve part of the criminal Justice Two million dollars never got. There went to an italian NGO Desert report. That's gonna be brought out that shows how there how their money was diverted so that if we more than four hundred million. We are not sure that any
more than about two hundred million gets to what is supposed to be used for Rudy. I dont think that there is anything that the president can do, that is more important than getting the just Department, the Intel the State Department cleaned up, because if it We don't clean this up. I am I I'm alone ordered I I'm I bread, white and blue. I love the FBI and everything and eat I am stepping back from the FBI and the Justice Department in saying I dont know I dont know if, if this is clean or dirty or what we ve got to clean this up. Or we don't have any trusted institutions, and this is the president. I think that will do it there there that area, a statement on tape of one witness that I interviewed who is an expert on this and he he says quote: President Trump is the first american president to raise
this on accountability of money, this waste of money, this theft of money in Ukraine involving Americans, We always blame to just on Ukraine, Ukraine, you stop your corrupt. Madame vine growing there and telling them stop your corruption and they all looked at him and say yeah go way to stop. It is get you kid out here that would stop it dear how button by getting rid of the no show job four million for your kid that might cut down on the corruption, Joe Flake. You can't be a phoney, you can't be a phoney and exhort other people to stop being corrupt. When you put money in your pocket, Rudy Giuliani. I know you got to run. Thank you so much. Please say hello to the president. Give him our best. I will and will talk to you again. Thank you so much. Thank you. Rudy Giuliani,. I have to tell you. There is war
You talk to Rudy, Giuliani, there's, there's John Solomon Peters, wiser, Rudy Giuliani. They have the documents, they know this free and when you sit down and talk to them, you know there's a lot of people, you'll talk too, and they get a little squishy here and there. There is never any doubt in my mind when it comes to the Ukraine documents and what he know. On this, the same with all the people that are being discredited it it there's just this sense of honor. No, don't don't trust me now here, here's a document. Go and look for yourself? here I have em on tape here, here's this this in this there's no one that is debunking this. That is doing the same thing there name calling dismissing mirroring or confusing,
No one saying now, you know what let me sit down. I'll explain it to you see here is the tears the chart, Here's how this went nobody's with that. I You ve done so much on this already and I certainly possible that I forgot about it, but did we know that Joe Biden was being investigated? Erectly no They did not know that we do just gonna through that in mid sentence. In the middle of the interview with now, I think that's you need to follow up on yeah. I think so too is being investigated by Ukraine. Ukraine by Ukraine, repayment right, some sort, yeah. I have not consulting well you gotta concerns. We are, of course you do nor should now can Scot. I would find that astounding that would show how ballsy he's getting too he could just say, badges pay me directly. I'd like to see, The paper workin on that one,
the best of background, like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell we're just talking about dollar, prompt and Rudy our talking offline and he said you know I. I helped right some of Reagan speeches and I was of no Reagan guy, and he said I think Donald Trump is a much better president than I expected, and he said I think, he's starting to rival Reagan.
And in some ways I mean I've. Always that always has bothered me, but in some ways I think he's right in the way of Reagan, saying Mr Gorbachev tear down this Wall Reagan went against the State Department, his advisers, his speech, writers is chief of staff over and over and over and over again before he walked on that podium at the Brandenburg gate. The secretary state looked at him said, Mr President, do not not put that line in that will cause all kinds of problems is idle. It wasn't in the speech they removed it against his wishes. He said it anyway, and and look what happened and I think in the same way of the bold. I don't care what Europe
Fighting me to do in a one of the things that have talked about it before George Bush, saying: hey, whoever sits behind this desk they're gonna make the same kind of decision. Same advice and same advisers. What Donald Trump has done is shown that that is Washington, wisdom, not necessarily true. So, in other words, for seventy eighty years we ve been told all Nan. You recognize Jerusalem as the capital it'll be Armageddon. Nope, wasn't You move the embassy Armageddon, nope, wasn't you go after in you hit somebody like solemn Ani. Hang you take him out all world war. Three nope wasn't if you dont. On the other hand, if you don't react to the saudi oil fields and you're, not tough on that. If you just let them get away with it, no I mean he's break
king, all of the traditions Some of the things that are lie, and we ve known there lies you know how much? How long do we have to try? This state department you know the enemy of my enemy? Is my friend hey? Let's get involved in everybody's business? How long do we have to do? That's been a hundred years? Look what its brought us and to me. I think that will be his biggest could be. His biggest accomplishment may mean yeah. I think that at the jury, something is a really good example of of a rake and ask sort of activity right, like I've ever seen in Reagan. Obvious didn't even do that in front of me. He didn't do that, but trumped id and despite it being promised by several presidents in a row a minute yet and they were well advised by the same people.
And trump just doesn't do it. He just doesn't care between that and you know I hate the way he has done it, but he is such a hammer he's not a bull in a China shop. He is a bull with hammers on taped to each foot, who's been air dropped into a China shop. He he breaks everything and the way he's done it with the press. I don't think I am not sure that the press would have been exposed the way it is now not because of him, but because he points to them. I hate him so much. They do anything and everything which is just discrediting them. They have no credibility left and it's not because of him and what he said about them? It's about what
they say and do about him. The proves him right. You understand what I'm saying. So it's not like it's it's it's because of who he is that the press has credited itself. The press has destroyed itself, that's true emanate because they hate him. So my avenue, normally obsessed with my right, have hated all these republican President Bush yea. I couldn't I mean not only of France. I dont think that differences in necessarily level of hate its level of obsession they are completely obsessed with, and I think that we face and did not much of a levy on at this session of session, of destroying him yeah. I'm in a got to destroy him exactly I mean they said lots of bad they, they called George W Bush, a terrorist. Think of what kind of accusation that is for the president
president on September, eleventh, has not a minor thing to say about somebody and he died, but heat. They could have continued to do that. If you have MR nice Guy but this guy has finally said. I don't care about what you call me. I don't care cause I'll call you words and that's not that the baby way. In my opinion, that's not the way I want to behave, but because it is happening, it's lessened all of the effect It has a unique, if I mean is that we are in the middle of so many interesting experiments right now. Oh my gosh had big it not me. I personally have trump who came out of what we know from basely from a celebrity businessmen sort of world into the. Currency and you have cut of another experiment that never before been seen or tried before, which is Bloomberg right now, which is a really fascinating thing to watch. If you just care about history in and politics and. Can someone spend, I mean he spent for honey,
in Ireland, as already that does not include staffing and organization which he's paying double and triple almost would anyone else's paying thirty thousand our field, organizer jobs heaping eighty five as all of the good wives, or go to him, of course, because guess what the market actually works a hum, and he is phrase he's he's pushing himself. Into what position or he's in second place national, any he is vermin, seen he's buying the election every they say. I love that because that they'll was I I don't look. He's got the money to do, ok, who he, who has what name? One vote he's purchased No, no he's not just flooded the airwaves he's doing everything They say there again said again: each person that answers those poor questions has No, we make a decision and has never denied by my number. I unexceptionable the field organise like this, but that is why I think that they have.
Always said about the Republicans Vicki themselves: the drink, driving the roast beast airlift, Glenn, the blaze radio network on demand.
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