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2020-06-11 | 🔗

Who’s responsible for the riots? A heated leaked call between Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot and the city council reveals just how out of hand the riots have gotten. A Maoist, Marxist cultural revolution has made its way to American streets. The Seattle Autonomous Zone openly wants to gain land in a “war” and abolish the nuclear family. Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani gives his perspective on just how coordinated the riots are. Glenn exposes a new Marxist group that has been organizing riots: The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.

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Welcome to the park ass, its. I should tell you two days. Podcast is an autonomous and we are going to be self governing the entire podcast and we ve run out of food already, which is very, very sad that when we talk about Seattle area, where they are actually they ve been able to take over like six city blocks and maybe even more, the territory seems to be expanding in Seattle will go over all about today. Really Giuliani joins us to give us his take on the police situation across the country, and everything that's going on in the White House with the stuff is covered with state, and then we also talk about an interesting development here coming for the summer, and announcement from gland goes over an important date coming up July. Third will give you the details on that and Governor Christie. Note from South Dakota joins us to tell us about her states approach uncovered nineteen, that's what you do a lot more freedom for its citizens and pretty good results as well. That's all the packets today Marimba go to police tv dot com, Slash Glenn, use the promo code, glad to save ten bucks and honestly do I need to tell you that we need a good media source. That's actually telling the truth right now. I don't know, there's ever been more obvious time to join, please tv as as their cancelling cops and Paul patrol and they're going after everybody. You need a source that is going to be standing up in these times, plays tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenda, probabilities, blank there's the bucket I've got to get back to Mayor Lightfoot Conference call with the Chicago aldermen, because
says everything you need to know: Can we play just a little bit of it here? Sarah cut such so much stuff jammed into this hour, but but it This is a private, conference call with the mayor of Chicago and all of the board of aldermen and your hearing all these. These different people in different parts of the city. Crying out for help and saying you ve gotta, control this and listen to how they're talking about the police. Listen to what they are asking for and how this whole thing in Chicago is falling apart. What have I done going after residents Going into the neighborhood, one of these are trying to break down people doors, they think they got up and we know that people are here to attack an identity and you go all pump tonight today I'm to go to eight o clock,
they're going to turn their focus in the neighborhood. I got down barriers with eighteen, forty, seven walkin around right now, just waiting to score What are we gonna do and what do we tell our residents other? Then good people stand up back, not to be enough. Thank you. I want an answer. I'm back you commented on everybody, I want an answer. It must have been. You ignore
Why do I have to remind you, don't usually everywhere already reached the neighbour intelligent? I can say to you: maybe you should come on going stupid. You pray. I understand that you think the man you need, you never know it just schools reason this is this: is the city government cargo He goes on to say my ward is an s, show their shooting at the police
I've never seen anything like this and, quite frankly, I'm scared, and so, as everyone else around me, we're Scared they go on to say, listen this! This is the mayor of Chicago. Remember what everybody saying about the police here she is in a private phone call and she said: look our police officers are in armed, combat with criminals on the West side and they only made progress after they brought in heavy equipment and stronger pepper spray. She said they were doing was sledgehammer is a broken stores of dough, allow it to be looted. I have never seen anything like this in Chicago before she said it's organised and it's a sheep pledged that she would launch a herculean effort to convince businesses to rebuild and open
She said the officers spent three hours just a clear one area. Even after the officers, gas, the crowd with pepper stirrup pose a spray twice, though, People just didn't give a crap now oh gee that doesn't sound like somebody, you wants to fund the police. Does it that doesn't sound like somebody who is well. The person that I see on television all the time talking about these nice protestors. These cities are burning down and, quite honestly I've seen story after story of people saying they're moving from Minneapolis. This is what they want. I want you to know this is about. I too, I told you this. Ten years ago. This, is all about chaos. Thus, secret that you all the thing that you need to understand this is it anything that causes chaos is not good.
Anything that causes chaos is helping the dark side. Chaos is what this is about. You ve got to cause chaos, so the average person cry out and take help from anyone. This is also about an end game. This is what's happening. Now is the Marxist Cultural Revolution of now. Now decided that he wanted to start this little movement on college campuses, see if any this sounds familiar. He then look at nationwide and he believed that creating a quote great disorder. The masses would organically steer to the direction of the movement rather than relying on the authorities to tell them what to do and as a result, the movement quickly spun out of control and death?
massive death ensued, Here's what they did. Say created is disorder on the streets and they had uprising everywhere and then these these terrorists. If you will assigned new names to city streets, they started calling things new new names, new cities, new places, people we're renamed. Millions of children were born with revolutionary sounding names during this time period. Other change. Their names, historical sites in every part of China, were ransacked and destroyed. Damage was particularly pronounced in the capital Beijing, where thousands of designated states of historic interest were destroyed, Burial sites were desecrated and numerous other, historically significant, tombs, artifacts, oh
statues. We're defaced and torn down libraries full of historical and foreign texts were destroyed, books were burned, temples, churches, mosques, monastery, cemeteries, closed down and sometimes converted to other uses, or they were looted and destroyed. The mark This propaganda depicted Buddhism as superstition and religion. It was looked upon as a means of hostile foreign in infiltration, as well as an instrument just to rule over people. Public security in China deteriorated rapidly as the result of central officials lifting restraints on file a violent behaviour that any of this sound like MAO's, Playbook. The reason why it does this because that's who these people are
they are marxist revolutionaries. This has nothing to do with George Floyd. Nothing to do. Let me place on the you know. The in let me start with, do we happen to have the governor Inslee yesterday saying Jihad, they avenant time zone. What listen to this Well, that's news to me so I'll have to reserve any comment about it. I have not. I have not heard anything about that from any credible source, not that you're not credible is just before I thousand opinion I should know of which I speak here, your governor, you're governor of estate, your largest city in your state, is on fire. The police over a two day period
vacuum waited the third precinct. You ve got Yahoo monkey people like me on the radio talking about it for two days and your governor doesn't even know about it. Wow that's interesting? Well, just in case the governor happens to be listening right now, This Yahoo monkey half person tell you now about they're saying now they're holding their there, people's conference every day and you can watch it online. Well, we are. Let me give you Couple of things here they are in Seattle in this new. Seattle, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which is now Not part of the United States anymore here they are on their mission. Listen, we got it. This is due to react
the main tool is bias, so we are now giving each other what In other words, we can complete the work with the measure. And making the were hardly an audience no right, So we are boys, I could talk about Jack take out the equity now dot com. If you haven't been there and signed up, go there because that's what we talkin about actually getting control of the land, and a resource that is opposed the impact our lives, you re control, up the man, the capital, access to the resources that control our lives so they are reclaiming all of the land and they said we're not stealing it. It's already been stolen, we're just taking it back for the indigenous people really cause
everybody face, I saw it did not look like an indigenous person up there, but that's that's cool. Here's, the other clip we I've got lots of em, but I'm not gonna have time to get through all of em this hour here. They are talking about what there in the middle of listen, we could do the security guards and then the order of the day me right, We saw the security guards with almost those doubtless without the boy said, is better for you, two were late. But we're not gonna mistake a retreat with in other words the way, we are at war right was made we'll die. We sleep with guns in order, at least to some type of war going on people being taken as prisoners of war, because we do because we are used there if we rightly Fredo you're, a prisoner of war right, no, we don't want a mistake, a retreat.
Every different strategies, we're waiting the war about there's been, were given a word about the word rattle and being one. We got six blocks in Seattle. Here's the here's, a terrifying thing: these people are serious and they are well funded and they are well organised. It is it is an far. It is also black lives matter. It is the democratic Socialists of America. They are officially aligned with Antiphon and a new group that you ve not heard of that is true. Holy terrifying and will tell you about that coming up in the third hour. It was, if you were a blaze subscriber you can watch it on demand. It was the show last night that we did boy of you been lied to for a very, very, very long time, and this government has helped to this group out and
you need to know about it. We will discuss that coming up, we're going to also touch on it with Rudy Giuliani next next hour. Let me break for one minute, then I'm going to come back and and tell you what these leaders are actually saying: you need to know what you're dealing with black lives matter there, not so bad. There are very there there there does. All they care about is George Floyd really. Your family is at stake your voice is at stake. Your freedom is at stake, your business, your livelihood. The word
old is up for grabs right now. The best of the Glen Bank Programme, can you walk through a little bit here, give us a perspective of someone who actually managed a situation like this. You come into office, we all remember. I lived in Connecticut at the time. We all remember what New York was. Like you know, it's a go. It's always been a great city, but it was a city that had a lot of major problems when you walked in that office and one of the ways that you were able to come to take on those those problems was with a smart and different approaches can come to discuss what you did. I I am most familiar for years earlier, very very close to David, dig it and the four years leading up to it last year's
I knew I would have a chance of winning and I also knew I'd be the first Republican elected five years. I think That point only the second report, elected and essentially and probably the last for a long time, then I decided it was my one chance to really change it. So and when I can be lowered, two years help me my agenda. I had seminars every week. I or to housing people I talked to budget people, I talk to Social, social welfare people. I wanna took a look at what Tommy Thompson was doing in which in central reform, welfare and, of course, on policing. I know a lot about that. Anyone could start with my background, I did a lot of terminology that so I came into office with a Your agenda of reform and everyone laughed at me, I couldn't do I should I was gonna traditionally by twenty percent. I've gotta put it.
Welfare to work. I've gotta call welfare, literature and I started Donna now right away. Twenty thousand lay off I was told that I would ruin the shooting. People will get no services, I a dumb I didn't even those in a moment. But you're, not even notice, The desert we cannot do any work ethic and then I thought everybody from welfare who wouldn't work provisionally accorded says in return for welfare. You have to work for the the national government or state government twenty hours a week if you're able, bodied, no one. We use that law before I did. They took me. The challenge we I want and I had projects for the next three years was accused by the New York Times along the plantation, But you didn't bother me, we're succeed
I decided that we would not change our entire policy. The police department, I bought a computer program Nicole content, a measure the ship this of efforts and the mobility of our police so when they said we put a lot of police and black areas, And we had a lot of consultations with white people I can show the why I can show the complaint from the black person that asked the police please come there and shape what you arrest a person who killed there thought ass, the man who wrote the door so and I just wanted a decent Minneapolis. What about you know spending the police and the patients waste the police, the police, confronted and arrested, seven hundred and ninety thousand suspects for murder, but with two years ago There are. Many murders were committed by black letter about eight hundred and twenty
you know where the information about them came from other black people for the idea. The police are selecting black is not true, blacks arsenal. In black in an absolutely understandable effort to shape their lives right, and so I can look at it very cool, When the Justice Department came after me, holder and, Rio, but we, we ve got to drop the case, because we could show that our arrest were determined by statistics, so right back not by rage And the only reason you have all this confrontation in the Black Europe is a very, very tragic fact. Their relate significant early Proportionate amount of violent crime in the Our community and the Black Sea here. I want you to solve it. As any solar Rudy Riddle.
Made gloomy jump in here. It's Glenn, I'm sorry! It wasn't here for the beginning of my mom up at our orange good, listen. I wanna gets specific here on a couple of things that I think you can really address, and that is yes. There are problems with policing and there's the there's all kinds of things we can talk about, but this is a marxist movement, be a lamb, Antiphon Aren T far, and there is also another really nasty group that has a kind of come into this into this fold from from Syria. I'm sure you know about it, but it is a syrian group now that is trying to and they were involved in New York. It's the revolutionary abolitionist movement re are serious and
No one seems to be talking about what's really fundamentally happening, and that is the mouth. Cultural revolution is happening on our streets here in Amerika by marxists. When does the insurrection act? Actually The wine within witness it windows, what's happening in America, rise to an insurrection, Well, I mean an ordered you to hide in its insurrection and then to be undercut by the courts. You would have to develop substantial evidence of that here. I can tell you having I got it surge city ride. I've never had one. When I was may cause I bowed, we would never have it riot, even though I followed two years of mass of riots on the Jenkins, different riot than we had before the auction. I do going to test by the expert witness we go
after the last to be granted to New York City, which happened to be the last time we had a democratic mayor. All we back to the rise in the seventies and even the Vietnam WAR right, remember. The thing was that the burned down their own neighborhood, the as people old enough to remember saying Detroit burning in Washington burning when I watch in baseball games or New York burning. Well, this little directed stay out of those neighborhoods to hit me. Class but upper middle class areas. The first day or second day in New York, the police were able to generously obtain horrified extremely thy son instructions were given about what stretched it, and if you know your wall, the wall, the upper end street. So this This is not in any way. I shall go back to Benghazi.
On Chadian Riot, like one you don't like that. Martin Luther king got which that was a spontaneous look route. You said that it would take enormous evidence. You know who John Miller is he's New York's head terrorist off terrorism officer. He said that these proclaimed protests were organised by anarchists groups. They were raising bail money there recruiting they have a very, very efficient system, and They know exactly what they're doing he. He said. Six hundred and eighty six of the arrest they found one out of seven were from outside of New York in the first couple of days. That number was later twenty percent twenty percent were out and not just from like New Haven. They were from Iowa Nebraska in Texas and far away states. Well, you know it John John Personal Jonah's, trustworthy
and probably knows more about this than most anybody in the FBI. Now, F B, I will get angry, but they should but the real. But the reality is. Probably that information exists and other cities question has had they been gathering it And this is a job, the FBI and what I I tell you, glided how aggressive they are do, but if you're in he made. Should there be a major investigation, what organizations organise these arrives. Absolutely coordinated right, no question about it. I think the sparked, by the way, what we want in the mayor of Betty Hapless gave up the place quickly. I think Oh yeah, well, Philip, it said The groups in the fifty other studies we now we now I have them in retreat, let's charge and watch. Try you have it.
We're we're talking already Rudy Giuliani rule already help me out with this one. You have Seattle Git up, their priests Precinct, Capitol Hill is in the hands of marxists radicals now and what's gonna happened Trump just tweeted, you gotta get ahold of your dear town, Seattle or I will if he sends in any kind of national guard or troops or anything else, that what they want their these cities are. Allowing these people to dig in then have to send troops to remove them and you're gonna have the pictures of these evil american troops going in and killing these innocent people just wanted. You know just free love in free. You know health care. Why fire? Whatever the hell? They want we're being set up and I just don't know why we are not seeing a stronger reaction here from seemingly anyone, especially on local and state level,
why did they were near? There are those who are complicit the progressive regiment regression dammit. Attic mayors are either actively, complicit or unknowingly complicit. I may live philosophy. This is crazy as the tape, you're talking about. Yes, that's a lot of people. That's thirty! Forty nights! I made the worse the worst This was done in democratic societies, you're going to get you get, MR, whence it into the democratic mayors and governance can protect their citizens under. That's that's the time to leave office, so they're not gonna help you with any such evidence here, you would have to have the F b. I really a very aggressive effort to tie this together, but they should- and they don't have to particular group, they should say we're starting an investigation to determine who organise these riot, because
like other riots in our history. Plenty of evidence to show they will coordinate I know they have a lot more evidence the night she soon, maybe eight documents that. I had never seen before right. I was taught to New York City police. A lot tell me, unlike other ride, it was a lot of reposition weapons, you're to replace, sometimes before the wires got there, and there was a it can filled with with the bricks. Bridge that were put in can't look at you care In fact, some of them look like ice cream they had been whereby scream, but it was a brick that we kill you if your head they even had molotov cocktails creep. Preposition too are all rioters when we had lied before you haven't had one and twenty two years: having preposition they just what large what would anything they had the blocks, the blocks that they went up
the police demand, as will tell you what carefully thought out. They actually had a plan maybe they do what they wanted to get to make, political rights we're, we're talking, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and used to be America's May air before Oh, he just went crazy and started defending. You know the truth I want to talk to you a little bit about, but what's happening in Washington with this investigation. Everything that you said was happening in Ukraine, everything that we said and verified that was happening incur Ukraine is, true it's now all coming undone, and I want to talk to you about that and its connection, possibly too.
This seeming end game riot that we have. This is the best one by programme, as we talked about with very Giuliani last hour. He wasn't even aware of this, and it was on the tv show that we did last night. The Wednesday night Special you can find it. If your ablaze, tv subscriber you can find it right now on demand, I urge you to watch it. Last night we told you that, while the media's like I don't know, I think they might be white supremacist there really not now, not at all. New York head terrorism, up officer Deputy Commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism. His name is John Miller. Lay everything out when all of this really began to snowball. That was a few weeks ago.
Media still not caught up on this when he said that before the protest even began, anarchists groups were preemptively using bail. Money are raising bail money. They were recruiting medics planning to commit property damage, Miller reviewed six hundred eighty six of the arrest found out that one out of seven were outside from New York, and I'm not talking about driving from you know Gruner canoe good, I'm talking people that came from other states a long way away now. Why? Would they be rioting in New York? Why The way the one in seven Rudy Giuliani thought, while it's pretty incredible, no that number later grew to. Twenty percent of the rests came from states like Iowa Nevada, Texas, why is somebody in Nevada nor suddenly writing against the police in New York? And
has been seen in cities all over the country. One of the new and for Antiphon anarchists, was sought by police Burg. Pittsburgh police. Starting the riots in encouraging the riots- and he was just turned in by mommy and daddy In Columbus, Ohio the And teeth: organizer caught on camera, handing out cash, directing people to barricades and mentioning quote stuff that they had waiting. What what was the other stuff? Because was police department asking for help to identify this person of interest. They have him on tape. You can see him where's the media on this one where's, the money coming from what is the other stuff the street organizer was talking about. Could it be the large pile of bricks that have been found in city after city after city tat this department of Public Safety confirmed now that their investigating and tv links to all of the Texas violent riots? There's no
question that Anti FA is involved now and something has to be done. Well there you know their do. There is the group of happy people are just really. You know, they're, just no centralized leadership structure yeah they did that on purpose, theirs top down structure. There's a new video out that came out earlier this week from project very toss. They free trade is one of the oldest anti for groups in the country, roads, city, Antigua in port, in Oregon they say that its run almost like a company and its to remain anonymous. They were talking about on the streets of Seattle this morning, as I'm watching one of their morning meanings it's everywhere. You can see it by the way. And tv was brought over to the United States by
Caroline and your hung victorian yeah. We live in Sweden and the we like and develop so they brought the radical left wing activists group import it from Europe into the United States, sometime around two thousand seven than that still who's running it coordination is insane. We got a we got. I'm fled from the branch here in Dallas Fort Worth. And one of the local chapter was now showing us. In this this hand out I'm showing here on tv. Now we can see it. Organize rights, and it's a battle plan They they have their own media site. They have several of whom one of them is it's going down dot org
and one of the things that they did? Was they just published a piece? Titled rebellion, counter insurgency and cracks within the ruling class. How is this? Not How is this not good enough for the insurrection ACT oh here's, some new information that I gave you last night. There is a new revolutionary abolitionist movement. That is introduced itself into the United States. We we're all you still looking for Al Qaeda. Oh, how old tie me of you? This is a revolutionary abolitionists movement, a shadowy radical left group that is, I'll trying to come in and steer the american protesters into a model pattern after the Marxist Kurds in northern city Assyria. The Kurds
in Syria remember when we went through this is that we got to save the Kurds in Iraq. We can't abandoned them, but go ahead and abandon the Kurds in Syria. There, no friends of ours, John Mccain, where my friends is all if I know its, not fine there marxist revolutionaries. And now they are trying to take pattern of their success onto our streets. They they. Wrote their version of something similar to the coming insurrection. There you can find on Amazon, of course, and its key burn down the american plantation they specifically talk about the Marxist Kurd Revolution and how it arts out in insurgent direction for anarchist organizing today, now this group. I want to just play one of the cliffs there you can find on Youtube. You them viewed, find them on Twitter. Don't worry about it! Oh no! Doors ease that now
these guys are fine. You won in going to church. How dare you bend them these guys, they're good, here's what you can find
With the founding of groups like the international revolutionary People's guerrilla forces, it is clear that this is the time for amethyst revolutionaries to act without hesitation. We declare our solidarity with the international anti fascist than another struggle and propose concrete steps in the fight for admission. Revolutionary abolitionists must fight hand in hand with those facing oppression. We intend to establish a new underground Belgrade, free people from bondage by building revolutionary self defense networks connecting them one. Another and developing Norton strategies are no neighborhoods. Our network will create capacity, destroy state power independence. A new global paradigm for revolution has been established and taken up by dedicated revolutionaries, autonomous territories, guerrillas in armed struggle and all those engaged in the global drive for liberation can awaken statehood. Capitalism, teacher and domination.
How they have taken good and made it evil. There are establishing a new underground rail road for liberation. We showed last night a flyer that has there ten points of action. This is a legitimate group They are. They are open. About what they are trying to do. It's the revolutionary abolitionist movement, ten per- points of action. Joy, the state of police, military corporations, no law, no money, revolutionary justice, communal ownership and end of private property, the creation of militant revolutionaries, the media, I'll tell you that these people are no one's. There's no they're nobody's there. Not true. They were there in Philadelphia. They were there in New York, Show your twitter post still has not been taken down prepared. Escalate? Well, guess what then
BAR Claes Centre Rally, peaceful for a while. Then it was hijacked and ended in violence one police vehicle was set on fire twitter. You know they gotta get after Donald Trump immediately, but this organizing a riot they show another one from their branch in Philadelphia. We Other twitter posts there. It is burning a police car. Burn down the american Plantation once and for all that is the revolutionary abolition, a group of New York, City and Philadelphia. What are you? What are you What what else do you need media to recognise your country,
it worse before it gets better, but I promise you it will get better We have to do a few things. They want a fight in the street, they wanted their begging for it. People are waking up, they are. And we need to be the happy warriors, we need to We need to put a few things back in place. First of all, our history, then our relationship to God. My grandkids history were running through the sprinkler and I watched them and we have a pond thee. By the fence on hearing they jump into the pond and.
As we went for a walk last night My grandson, just For yesterday. He picked but dandelion. You know in its when it's got a little. Fear of seeds is perfect. He picked it up and he had never really seen one before and he didn't what to do said. Flower Make a wish and blow on it birthday. And he looked at me. Strangely, he looked at it with just such wonder when he blew on it. She took he kind of jumped back a bit. Ah. We're losing my whence of wonder losing connection to all that is real, we're losing connection to God, and that's that
by design. Look at how we have been told you can go to church think this could backfire my family is stronger than its ever been literally ever been. And I think that's because we ve been shut up in a house now, that's not the truth for everybody, but it is for mine, but man to get them even them. To see through all of the crap is really hard. We have to restore a few things. So we were going to do this big event in Gettysburg and as we had to cancel. We lost our shirt because I didn't want any of the people who are helping us to lose money on what they are had he done so we cancel and it was a nightmare and I gotta think the good people of getting
For being so, understanding is covered. But I like it. He will not leave me alone and I I came up to my ranch and theirs. Thing about Jefferson knew this working with your hands that settles. You And the covenant, Restoring the covenant! Restoring our history has just been to screaming at making Me up at night, and unlike Lord. When you want me to do, and I'm good Doing big events and I dont know how to do quiet events. And. It came to me I'm just my job is to remind you what it feels like to go home. My job is to remind you what it feels like to be in America, and teach younger people who dont know it.
What it feels like have the pride of this country. So, on July I think its first, which is Wednesday night we're gonna. A special on blaze, tv and on our you tube channels will do a special on the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project, which is we're going to show you how our history is being erased. They're tearing down statues. This is the MAO Cultural Revolution. I'm going to show you how they're erasing us and then we're going to go through the one thousand six hundred and nineteen and show you the lies, and the reason why this is important is because it's being talk to your children in school. And they are a racing everything and it's got to stop. Then we're going to put the pilgrims back in their place in the second half of that show, and we will
set up for what happen on July. Third, on July. Third, we are, to be in Plymouth. Mass and broadcasting from Plymouth Mass I'm think I have TIM Ballard is gonna. Be there And then we have David, No we're not sure and some of these eastern cities. If we can't even get permission so we don't know where they are going to be, but they're gonna talk about the covenant that George Washington made and then I'm gonna be here at the ranch I am trying to get some one in four out of the country who is it marketable individual and I'm doing everything I can to get him back into the country, but I don't wanna say even get him. I don't want to say his name, because it'll just cause all kinds of controversy.
And then I'm gonna be here. The tops of the mountains in God's country, and I, urge you on Friday July. Third, to renew the covenant. Learn. History will be about a two hour. Broadcast it'll be free. You can get it everywhere, I'm not sure where we're gonna know ITALY, on four blaze tv subscribers, but I thought it's gonna be on my Youtube channel and if we were to try to play as many places as we possibly can it will be free and I I want you to be there, so it's a more quiet, but a very powerful evening that You need to see now July third, will you be more details as we get? little closer,
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