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“Fartgate” is here! Either Rep. Eric Swalwell or MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ripped a big one on live TV, and the people MUST know! This isn’t the first time gas has been passed on air at MSNBC, and we made a montage! Reporter and author of “The Great Revolt” Salena Zito provides an understanding of Kentucky’s elections, impeachment, and how Trump is faring against the populist uprising. "Santa Claus" calls in furious that Chick-fil-A has stopped donating to the Salvation Army, but did the restaurant actually cave to LGBT protesters, or is it all media spin?

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Hey welcome to the program today spend a lot of time on gay chicken money. Also farts. Selena Zito was here for a dignified moment about what the next election is probably shaping up, you're going to love if you're a supporter of Democrats or Republicans or you just don't like socialism you're but she has to say Santa. Found in also he was very upset today with Chick fil, a lot going on on today's podcast, okay. Imagine your cell phone is a voting booth and every time You use your cell phone you're voting for impeachment you're voting for open borders. Your voting for gun come
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is a carrier who believes in the same things you do and isn't voting with their money, your money anytime time you make a phone call, they donate to those causes. Patriot mobile doesn't do that, switching is really easy. You'll get reliable, 4g, Lte nationwide service for as low as twenty five bucks a month plus you preserve the country that we love its patriot, mobile dot com, Slash Beck, Patriot, mobile dot com, slash back or call us play steam at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and sixty seven seven thousand five hundred and twenty four or eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and sixty seven seven thousand five hundred and twenty four patriot mobile. Dot com, slash back. Well, I Beck oh I mean we're just debating. We have so many things to go on that we have to cover. Today we have Adam Schiff he's about to start asking questions. We also have fart gate. That is, that is happening. We need a fart vesti gation on this 'cause. I don't. I don't know if I buy the media spit on it,
You know there's there's too too much conflicting information. Please play Eric Swalwell, you being interviewed by a Chris Matthews yesterday. This audio is real. Your taxpayer dollars just to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat and election and the complaint that I've heard from republic. Let's hear it more time more time, taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat and election and point. I've heard from his shoulders yeah now there's a physical reaction visually that yeah and you can pause, is now Chris. Matthew says that's just a coffee cup coming across the table: let's listen to it with thinking about a coffee cup. Could it be a coffee cup taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to an election and the complaint that I've heard from could be. Maybe I don't know
could be we? We should try to reclaim off the cuff? Well, you guys take it could take the lead because the pans out of it, you might need some liquid hearing liquid, can put in a thing stables to smooth yeah is all that kind of I mean they're, getting no you're going no friction at all on this table kind of play that again, what kind of tables that have taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat and election and the complaint that I've Chris Matthews is the one who said I do. I don't think that it would be a problem believing that Chris Matthews has bad gas problems and there's an indication, and this goes back historically to whoever smelt it dealt it and so right now is that hearsay. Do you have first hand knowledge of he who smelt it dealt it or is this mean I mean here say. Don't get me wrong here, say is as good. As good as gold is good as gold as any first,
and I was there- I witness kind of stuff- here's the thing to me it while it does sort of look like swallow. Farts there. I don't know the audio fits it. There's not it's and he's in an echo. We broom he supposedly wearing a lapel MIKE, which would not indicate like a it's too far away from his, but for the for the the air to be that clear. It's a play, one more time, taxpayer dollars to has the trainings, to help achieve an election and a complaint, don't know it seems to me more, like Chris Matthews ripped one in the studio and he's trying to hide it. I don't know what investigation, good it'll, go into tens of millions of dollars and will spend about three years on fart gate as we look into what since well Wells pants and what did Chris Matthews. No When did he know it the best of the Glenn Beck program.
Hey it's and you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Gray, unleashed it's available where download your favorite podcasts, We have Selena Zito on the phone with us. She is a reporter and the best listeners, I think in the country. She actually is the who called the last election really spot on spot on an I think, she's doing it again Selena. Under the program- hey, so much for having me on nice to talk to you guys, talk to you. I know your book is: is it out in paperback, yet yeah? It just came out in paperback this week with an with an update and afterward. That explains what happened
two thousand and eighteen why that matters, what it tells us and what we should continue to look for, uh for two thousand and twenty understanding, yeah, so yeah, I'm reading I'm reading some of the stuff that you have written recently and yesterday you you have the new phase of the great revolt, and as I'm as I'm reading it last night, I'm gathering that what people did in the they. Dole and state elections here recently. We should not necessarily take that to mean anything for the presidential election, absolutely right? Let's take the Kentucky Governor's race for a moment if anybody understood Kentucky or ever went there and the national press. They
beat writing it's all over, because that republican tacky Governor Locke. I spent a lot of time in Kentucky that that that was not very popular. The point of view of him up by the people who live there is that he was a carpet bagger. You know he didn't understand, Kentucky Culture and he made a lot of here is the six success of the extract decision. Yeah up and out about his date and and and governor's races are about being. Connected to the people and- and he did not demonstrate that he was, and if you look down ballot Republicans Only one, the Lady Lake, then the Secretary of State right or the attorney general race, but
so they gained seats in the um in the Senate and in the house. So I think that that's saying oh, this means republicans, don't like Trump no invented Kentucky. Voters were. Satisfied with Matt Bevin at so I'm we're watching the impeachment today and I think It's just hardening peoples, positions, there's, there's nothing there, nothing new here as we're watching there's no smoking gun people, who are against Donald Trump are so against him. They'll do anything to get him out for the who are really even fence sitters on Donald Trump. I think they look this and say this- It's not. This doesn't Makes sense to me- and I think it it huh these people on which way they were leaning it absolutely correct
Are you what it reminds me out? Do you remember when Scott Walker, one of the governor's race in two thousand and ten, and then there was a recall election, because you know the people who watch were unhappy laid back, what it? What and he came back in one that with higher percentage, because people who didn't even vote for him thought you know what this is both yes, this is sore loser is down, and I'm going to vote for you, because I think this behavior the Democrats as rock and you can I'm finding a lot of that sentiment about uh among Trump skeptics, who don't particularly care for his comportment, which, by the way, is probably seventy percent of Trump voters. They don't care for his comportment
they like the result. They also understand that you need to be a mean sob to to sort of break up the swamps behavior in the establishment behavior on both sides affective change. I will tell you Selena, I said this. I mean we talked right after I said this right at the beginning, if you want, to be effective and actually against Donald Trump, you can't just throw everything at him. You we started from the beginning and it drove it drove people I mean when I, when I the mega hat on. I don't know about a year or two ago, mine was not a full throated endorsement of Donald Trump, because I live. Many of his policies. For instance, I note your honor just what he with Israel just yesterday I like many of his policies,
she is so hard to defend because his because of the way he just is, but you know what the way they're taking him on in Congress through the State Department and in the media. God bless him. Just keep going Donald, just keep going yeah, there's a sentiment shared by type people and here's here's what really always gets under my skin going. Is it
people in my profession, don't understand that sentiment, and you know why, because they live in the super, zip codes of this country, and they don't know anyone who thinks or looks or acts the way that people do outside of those super zip codes. They control the media, they control, entertainment, they control sports, they control corporations, and this this populous coalition has been building for over twelve years. Don't trumped it in 'cause it. He is the result of it, and the important thing about the great revolt is this continues long after two thousand and twenty, this coalition is not going away for at least a generation. When I would tell people to do is everyone in my profession. It says: oh, it's all up to the suburbs. That's right, but not all suburbs are created, equal, suburban voter in Erie, County Pennsylvania or,
Wisconsin or Baldwin of Michigan or Makan County Michigan does not look act or behave. The same way as urban voter in Philadelphia or Gordon Virginia behaved and boat, so the or the voters who are going to make a difference. They have the exact same education that there because it in Northern Virginia in Philadelphia, but they live among a group, Rhonda G of different and your point, and they are connected in a routed to community where voters that they know and likes Northern Virginia are very transient. There are rooted you're there. Can you, community doesn't mean the same thing and voting for Donald Trump is about community and local workers, and I have to tell you I and and- and I would love to hear you respond to this- Selena as I travel around, I just I have this sense that there's a lot of
well that would have voted for another candidate that wasn't corrupt, and wasn't a hard core, socialist and or even hanging around all the socialists. I think there's a lot People who are Democrats who are blue call or etc, etc? Who may not like Donald Trump, but will vote for him, because I feel, like the Democratic Party has left the building
and they have left the insane the socialists in charge. Yes, that's absolutely true. All you have to do is keep your eye on western Pennsylvania throughout this whole process, both of the candidates on the democratic side that are running that they believe in a ban on fracking on day one. Well, let me tell you what your Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, also Texas, Colorado, cues, that North Dakota, these are areas that are finding because of the the shale industry. All the lights in communities are being changed because they are now prosperous, again and and and show to ban it is to click. How can this sort of yeah it's a binary choice right at the
Trampu. I, like his policies, don't like his personality. I got the Democrat, so they want to take my job away under this day. This morning. I think I'll go with the guy with a little weird twitter account because it would be seen as my back in a Democrat cannot win the White House without winning Pennsylvania Republican can, and the Democrats cannot win Pennsylvania without winning western Pennsylvania. So is there a is, is that's why you? You have to keep an eye on those areas, because that's where it is it is. Those sentiments will be reflected any time someone visits there and they will understand why trump, if it would help tomorrow, he would win the election and it's hard for people who live out it,
and live in either the EAST Coast or the West Coast two to understand because they don't know anybody else in the middle. Remember this. This is in the great revolt to thirty four percent of Trump voters in two thousand and sixteen, which right now seems like the Ozzie and Harriet hour era, because it seems nicer than it was today. Thirty, four percent of Trump voters do not tell a family member or friend that they were voting for him. Three fifty four percent. That was in two thousand, and sixteen I mean I can't even my mind. Just can't even wrap around how people would how they're going to approach it now, given the intensity of the cancel culture. You know I mean you, you say you're going to vote for Trump. You have to worry about losing your job or affecting the people that work for you or in your family or affecting your social status? How is how is the impeachment affecting all of this?
and you had it absolutely right it if you love Trump and on election day, two thousand and sixteen you're still optimistic But what about those? What about those the swing people this, the the people that are, you know they're they they we don't necessarily like that they are voting for a Republican, let alone Donald Trump. What about those? I voted for him last time? Is this made any impact on them? Nine, zero? I have a story coming out about that New York Post on on Sunday, I went back to the people in the box, people that were skeptical people that a hard time you know, and people who supported him out right overhead reservations that not it's Groundhog day. Nothing has changed their support, for him is only gotten stronger soon, because they look at this and say you know: they've been trying to your patients as they want. They just finally found something they think can make stack button, but if they did and they're watching this intensely,
like this there's? No there there I mean in their minds. They think this is not an impeachable offense. This is something that someone does who was not part of the Washington system, and this is how they hey. This is how Trump always behave. What about those Democrat? What about those Democrats who vote for Democrats, but they are afraid of the socialist movement of the Democrat, Will they just sit it out or will they vote for the Socialist Democrat or a Democrat? No, they won't vote for the Socialist Democrat they'll either sit it out or they'll hold their nose and vote for trump uh. That's why I keep my uh.
You sound as well that the states he only lost by forty five thousand votes, and I just sent them some time there and you see the swing towards him- is that right and that broadens his coalition, our that doesn't add to shrinking his coalition. So I've heard talk from some people that they believe that this could be a Reagan Mondale election. I don't think it would be that strong, but do you think- There is a chance that it's a it's, not anything like we're. Expecting it's a Democrats. Go too crazy on this impeachment, which you've already shown that they I have no problem doing and they pick someone very far left with such as Elizabeth Warren or PETE footage then yeah, you would your rent land title election, absolutely all right, no out. In my mind, Selena, Thank you. So much. The name of the book is the great revolt
anxious to see your next article and and get the update to your book. Selena is the one really listened to people. Was the one who finally really just listening to her. Explain it to me, and I was like oh my gosh, I get it. It's called the great revolt by her and to Brad Todd who, who also was instrumental in in putting this together it's out in paperback now selena. Thank you. Much thanks so much for having me this is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Hey
it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast hi, it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast can you do is favor an rate us on Itunes. If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks for talking about impeachment there's a lot of things going on today. I want to talk to you a little bit about what happened yesterday with Israel and also chick fil, a which that they came out and they said they were giving up their charity. A contract ran out with the the charity known as the Salvation Army and the press, spinning this is, as you know, they're just going after the gate chick in money. But we is this:
We have Santa on the phone because been a a bill but boy my whole life. There also Gasket now yeah good boy or girl right, ok, I bring come on chick fil, a I mean. I've been ticket buddy from the salvation Freaking army? Well, it's I'm not here one thousand two hundred Walmart at the same time, raising money and I gotta deal with this crap right right. I don't upset. I love the gays look at my suit, We have not fully so Santa loves the gays bells on everything right. I mean I gotta stay a little bit streets around here, right, we're not for the tensile right. It was over the top. I pushed forward right. Ok, ok
I wanna go to request from some kid named stand at once, a barbie. I don't do it yourself? Gay conversion therapy it instead, doing it right right so but maybe maybe the salvation Army is something that I'm trying to feed people here homeless. Guy search up your toddler right, I remind you, I'm, a guy who is inside your home right well you're asleep right. Ok so access to your fireplace I know when Thank you very much. Official response from Santa about a chick fil, a distancing themselves from the Salvation Army which, I'm not sure, that's anything other than spin on what actually happened from Chick fil, a or waiting for a comment.
From Chick Fil, a this is the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you are not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell hang on just, We have some breaking. We have some breaking news. Can we Are we going to stop for the breaking news? We do? Okay, we have an update on fart vestigation, two thousand and nineteen Copart. Instigation part Vesti Gation, yes, fart wait being investigated arcade, which is Eric Swalwell farting on national television, or did he write well? This is the big controversy. Ie tell you. It took a lot to restrain myself, but I did restrain myself on Twitter yesterday. 'cause, I thought. There's no way
fort. Is somebody just added that fart on to that- and I was going to be part of that. But now I find out- and this is real- I come in the morning- and yes, that's and was not added later. This is the original clip with Eric Swalwell and Chris Matthews, So here Eric talking and then somebody just rips one in the middle of the two of the statement and you see a physical, action by Swalwell, but that is that misleading people from the real facts behind the story? here is the evidence is uncontradicted that the president each taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat an election dollars to ask the gradients to help him cheat. An election looks like it is it out with the like a cheap, yet three election at that was what pushes it out it does. Look like it does. Look like does look like it, but looks
can be deceiving yes now, Chris Matthews, I was going to present this the way that the alternate theories is developing Chris Matthews he's back in studio. He knows it's not Eric Swalwell Eric's wall is taking all the heat forward. So what does he do swallows going to call him? so you're, the guy that farted in Matthews you're, the guy who farted on television Matthews, has to come out and then released a statement saying no, it wasn't Swalwell or Swalwell will come out with the truth. So what he does is he said I was a mug. We've already tried to simulate. The mug want to give us another quick, mug simulation, listen, listen! Here's a mug on my desk here! It does not sound like a. Does not sound like a fart will not sound like a for. We know that okay, well, investigations are going on in information is coming out and there have, it b been some other situations where Chris Matthews has art on the air during interviews- don't believe it
That would be the normal stance and be one. I would understand right: okay, okay, all right, but let me just present the evidence. All right go ahead here is clip number one order and send. When he pleaded guilty to these charges in the southern district of New York, but what's different. Today is that you heard that that sounded very similar to the cop across the desk. It did sound a lot like the CUP of Christ. What is this desk made out of I don't understand art sounding material of some sort, not a thing right: okay, okay, our next clip another clip of Chris Matthews, doing an interview. Listen to what I what I could take it with me now. Scott Arsenal used executive director of the Florida Democratic Party and Bob Shrum is a democratic strategists have been through a lot of these races. It's going to just give me a student here: can we get a clean now these were added. I could it sounds like they've been added
I don't know I'm not open to really investigate. Don't I don't I don't know your source of who is collecting fart sounds from Chris Math many sources around the internet. Actually, ok, so there's another one, here's another one you taking the president. I states dad into it said that really depends on how it's ultimately structured if they were able to make some sort of Senior, I'm hearing them, I'm hearing them too, and I will tell you he is at that point to where he's at old man? very old glass yeah and sometimes when you hit that age that starts with a on and then has a two after it and there's like three or four after that things are hard to control. Right, I mean like it's not Christmas fault. I mean if, when I get into that situation, I'm going to be saying to Doris Kearns, Goodwin pull my finger right, I mean you just go for just go for it and I just go for it, but but Chris is, I think so
what you're saying here in this part of a is that don't be so hasty? It's probably not Swalwell yeah, and so people are blaming Swalwell and look he's had a rough year You know, there's an argument to be made that hit the fart in question lasted longer than his campaign and about the same, maybe maybe better, however, as much as I think, swallows a funny target of this number one. I want the truth Okay? That's where about right? Ok, that's number! One number two feel like Chris Matthews might be target. No one knows who Eric Swalwell is. No one cares Eric Swann, candy came and went, and no one going to ever hear from the guy again Chris Matthews is is I kind of want to believe farts on the air. I wanted be true- and therefore should tell you this- I mean. Is this a I had to work in?
atmosphere with an old man that was farting all the time, because I think there's a lesser me too movement that could be. To me two movement. He yeah I mean no, he didn't touch or grope me or anything like that, but he farted around me all the time actually during interviews. This is why you notice that none of these interviews are guests in studio, they've all talked it to be outside tomorrow we might do a. We might do and Expozay on this, and we ask you tomorrow to just a green brown, greenish ribbon on Lapel to STAR gaze in some sort of it. Did you hear that, yeah I know I play this is not a borderline issue. That's a montage of all three clips.
Mark montages, I am re evaluating apart TAJ. Thank you. Thank you. He's radio network on demand
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