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Why haven't you heard anything about the protests in Europe? The world is preparing for energy, food, and health care shortages, while the American government is focused on transgender issues. Sen. Mike Lee joins to explain why his seat is crucial to saving America. Glenn questions America's priorities as he further dives into the dangers on the horizon.

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I can't believe this I mean. I can't believe these. Maybe you think, there's a shot, there's a real shot, yeah, I mean it's a some of them. Yes, I do really think there's a shot. Ok, if you, if what is that makes you has, because in twenty twelve we would have said this is many on the right. Did you know who didn't me, but it was. it's not in two thousand and twelve twenty ten and two thousand and ten are quality tested through two thousand ten is true, and it was I mean it was. That was the most incredibly huge waved, two thousand and twelve, it look. if you listen to conservative media large What they will tell you every election is that the republicans are all going to win. What is one of the things we try to do differently here, come out and make sure hate we're going to be honest when you, I know, but I mean this is what I such a dry. No, I'm trying to give you a good news. I, like I said three months ago. Like me, hey
everyone sell, you there's democratic momentum that has yet to take over. I dont see, I don't see it and I think it's gonna handle this either in that, and now we're sorry to see that the momentum come back. The republic is that in a big way, I haven't felt this. Maybe ever. Since maybe reagan megan mondeo thing, that kind of felt like this, now. This is again mid term. State of restarting the jailer and storing slated towards you know all the disclaimer supply here here, but the feeling in the country seems completely different. Even the tea party we knew we were on the outside this time. It seems like there are so many people out of our circle of influence that are like this is nuts, gotta stop or we're all gonna be broken dead. Yet it was weird, let you turn the tea party or there is a lot of people who were enthusiastically like yes, we need you, this message right in
Is this? What is a little different in that it feels like there's a lot of people. In the middle and maybe on the left. A little bit there, like I mean, I just gotta admit it's so bad over. Here I got to come with you yeah, that's what it feels like it just feels it's not even like a there's, not a huge protest movement, there's not hundreds of thousands of people in the street. It's just people saying. Look, we gotta be honest with ourselves. This thing we're trying right now is not working. Let's do anything else that it's bad, we'll talk to you, the global protests and so much more on today's package. You don't want to miss a second of this brought you by gold line, the americans still don't know it's possible to use your retirement account to acquire precious metals. May I just point out: have you look your for a one k or your eye. Arabia looked realize how much we, I've lost There's more to come leaves call gold line right now: gold lie there, the p,
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the only thing came into the glinda programme, so it's just showing you the people that are on the streets in london and in paris. What are they pro testing. They are poor. Testing the things it we should be a little ups about their protests. Thing in england about what the bank of england is doing to their money. They are testing, not only in paris and england, about inflation, but also the cost of gasoline and oil. Here. Let me show you another one. This is key, eleven. This is Brussels is
head of the EU? U this the chanting. We want justice justice, the day of justice, the that is in brussels, chanting, justice, Joe this. What kind of just This is it how about the protests Cut twelve in berlin looks like a peaceful crowd, they're just walking in the streets. What are they upset about? It is the unrest of inflation, energy food prices, covert, mandates w e f power grabs disguised as climate policies. You would
this would be a big story, but no, the press yesterday didn't cover, hundreds of thousands of people on the street. Instead, they covered a guy in a dress who was so painting, and asked and martin show room the approach, climate change, they and even show the the kids in scotland, and in the u k going into stores and just dumping milk, because of environment, cows or bad europe is about to freeze this winter? It is it is leading the way in recession and food prices it's worse over there than it is here. Millions of people are gonna, be impoverished by this. Just in europe and hundreds of millions over the rest of the world. Should
our mainstream media b on the streets covering these things should you know. That the u n in the EU is telling sweden uk drop your aid sweet, gives one percent of their gdp. Their g and I gross national income they give. one percent to the world here. They said we can't do it anymore. We have got to take care of ourselves. The EU and the? U n are pushing back about this one This one comes from germany health minister Carl loud her bach worn that hospitals could go bankrupt in the course of this energy and inflation crisis, he's yesterday? You have to react quickly and drastically the real d.
Under the hospital will soon go bankrupt as a result of the energy and inflation crisis. If we don't react quickly and really drastically, there will be closures whom, Now the finance minister said we can have a special fund for everything we can't to reduce a special fund for every area. You have to be careful every It has to be paid, for so there's germany saying Our hospitals are gonna, go under and the fight ants minister saying we don't have any money k while we're on topic of having lots of money and hospitals. The binding illustration has just announced the expansion of tax payer funded gender, affirming health care for trends, gender and gender. Diverse federal employees begin next year
All providers will be required to have adopted one or more recognised entities among the approved entities are the world professional association of transgender health standards of care. This is the one that is in trouble because they have just remove the minimum age. Recommendations but you will be paying for it and by the way, under the umbrella you know of gender care, they they ve also expanded to all. Gender non conforming identities, which will include unix, the guys who have there too. in berries removed because they want. I just do that. Ok, ok, alright, but we have plenty of money and by the We even have enough money, the student loan forgiveness, which the democratic no is on institutional now see policy set it job I didn't set it brought
obama said it. He has no constitutional authority to do this, yesterday it's fast it's easy and it takes less than five minutes. It's a game. Danger for millions of americans to get moving. It's gonna cats ten thousand dollars in debt for those earning less than a hundred and twenty five thousand per year and twentieth and for those who received pell grants. Will that, fantastic, borrowers need not what's known as an f S, a idead, a log on to the application. Nor will they need to upload any documents, including any tax records, instead of having to provide documents that verify that you as an individual earned less than a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in twenty twenty application, just ass borrowers to check box,
Is that true? Are you really that that's it? No problem? We have plenty of money. We have plenty of money, the way the french government in ox now about crisis meeting with their senior ministers about having enough money to be to help people heat Their homes why we're here the administration is moving towards a relief release of another ten million to fifteen million barrels of oil from the nations emergency stockpile we are selling it a lot of it to china to china This would be the latest tranche of a hundred and eighty million barrel program that began in the spring,
heading into this winter. The? U S, has the lowest seasonal inventories of diesel according to data first compiled in nineteen eighty two, so we are at an all time high and we dark compiling in nineteen eighty to buy them a top energy adviser is also arguing now in favour of new export controls. The government's putting on now the energy secretary has said. Why a few concerns with this but not to worry they're gonna get acts on in conical phillips, They have been notified of what they have to do now. They say that by limiting fuel exports. It's going to lead to higher prices in parts of the? U s, particularly in the import reliant northeast but who lives in the northeast. There's all
nobody, it is it my is well be the northern regions of canada, who needs the old there, by the way the eu is beefing up their infrastructure protection Russia's war of aggression against ukraine is brought a new set of threats off you can bind as a hybrid attack we done anything with our electrical grin. Have we have we? We ve been too think about this? For ever for ever What are we doing? Are we spending money they're not or not. We gotta give people trans surgeries, we got plenty of money really. I thought the cover was bare nancy policy. The and it said, there's nothing that we can cut. Really how about this about? we ve already depleted. Our oil supply we we no longer can help europe. We can't help europe. There
not. There's nothing left for us if we send them are oil. If we send them our money, if we send them, our food, it will hurt america, notice every other western country is preparing now shows What's that dream it's gonna last forever. It's gonna be good we're not preparing at all. What are doing is were sending billions of dollars and military aid to ukraine. Now we're not asked sending them dollars. We are also sending them weapons. Ammunitions the and I'm just I just I just want to quote U s. Stockpiles of munitions are becoming dangerously depleted and it will too.
Years for u s production capacity to catch up, so another words we we are running out of weapons and ammunition because we're sending them all to a foreign country by said, don't worry about, we have no howitzers left. Did you know that we have? No? hundred fifty millimeter Gal howitzers left none they're all over. We gave them all away, binding at last spring. We're gonna, just we're just gonna make new ones is not a problem, they have and even put the order in yet. The world is preparing for famine, the world, preparing for huge inflation, the world preparing for shortages of energy, of food, of medical care.
The world is on the verge of world war. Three and, where depleting that is well aware, When, when did you lose your ability to think because this is not deep, critical thinking? This is something my kids would understand, you'll wake anybody up in the middle of the night and go hey. These things are happening, the entire world is due doing this and we're we're just having a party we're just we're just arguing about trans gender issues happens, rip shows for our kids and Printing money like there's like it's gone out of style and were given that money to things it statistically. You dont have a right while not taken care of our business at home. We're not going to have it twenty four election. If we don't get past this, twenty twenty two election.
We may not have a twenty twenty four election quite honest, because there may not be anything left by twenty twenty four. I have never said things to you before I have always said you know, we'll save it in the end, blah blah blah we are at the end here gang you have got to get everyone, you know informed, they need to know just give them this last hour of the podcast, just what I just did give them that and so can you explain any of this? Can you explain any of it away. we are living in the normal, see bias a thing. Is normal thing is normal and yet so people are going about their lives as if it is normal. It's not. No one is telling you to prepare our president says there is no recession coming bloomberg.
Said yesterday, one hundred percent guaranteed a recession is coming. stephen insane we're in a recession. Nothing is normal! Don't act like it is prepare. You and your family and everyone who will listen because It is, this is the best one big programme, senator the joining us now he is an apparently a close race. I still, don't believe it, but it apparently it's true, close race with egg mcmuffin, who called the senator a trader last night.
and a man who had betrayed the constitution in fourteen generations of americans that fought to build this country. He was boot, or, of course you wouldn't know this. If you are just reading any of the papers and. lake city, because they're doing a hatchet job for the cia agent and making MIKE looked like a radical, but as he last night, you, sir, oh me an apology which is so and teeth of him. Welcome my glee, how are you I'm doing great thanks? So much glenn so well. What are your thoughts after the campaign last night or after the debate last night? Well, a couple of things. First of all, my opponent made very clear that a vote for him is a vote for chuck Schumer a couple of things: captain a e in addition to just telling you
Where have all our lives against me, he also went on there and defended price controls openly champion them use some kind of euphemism for them. You know, just a few months ago, chuck Schumer pass weeping set of price controls in the pharmaceutical industry and what those purport to help people they actually do. Quite the
is it that result from the rationing of care bill in time result in increased prices, less innovation, fewer lifesaving in life, enhancing cures, and my opponent prayed them right out of the democratic playbook. He spoke in truth, free sentences. Everything he said was about me and about things about me that more true, and to top it all off Glenn Cyril, was over, he went out, went directly on to MSNBC to fund raised to his democratic national donor base. Is is the kind of guy I'm dealing with now? What we got here is rich out of state liberals from across the hundred somehow believed that the dutch you cause for sale and taken taken by you talk by buying, but no one, but a vote for much more really is about for sugar
The utah media establishment isn't recording them, and that's why I need all the help I can get, or at least for senna dot com to make sure that we can counter his message because he gets free advertising everyday from our media establishment in utah. I need the help of your lesson recently for senator. Job. It is it's quite amazing, the hatchet job that is being done and the way even that was reported, the guy was booed and mike I mean You call someone a trader in utah batty You know, you know that that's that that's that's that's like saying you know you betrayed the republic of texas here in texas yet say that and and in Utah he was booed, and that is That's outrageous! Utah does not like outrageous. Campaigns. They don't they like
gentlemanly discussions, and let you don't see that recorded by the you tell me you know like that, but you talk isn't mentioning it. It isn't mentioned that he got booed repeatedly for saying absolutely outrageous and counter factual things, but he likes those things because that's what's helping him raise a ton of money, looks good last quarter. You re two and a half million dollars he is average donation was created. Twenty seven dollars, which is pretty high for average itemized donations. My mind by comparison with seventy dollars. and is he's doing this all over the country on act. Blue, do not act blue is that I do network the liberal democrats used to raise money. Then he shall
one point six million dollars it. He paid directly into the democratic industrial complex into consulting firms whose sole client base consists of liberal democrats to discuss. Trying to kid us into thinking is an independent. These no more of an in and it and would function, is no more of an independent in the Senate and I function as a socialist habit mike Tell me the one reason you need to be in the senate, because I believe that government is necessary but dangerous. If left untended government in washington is being a left untended for the most part, because all democrats and has enough republicans have been willing to
and us into oblivion. This needs to turn around. We ve got to restore our fundamental understanding of the purpose of the programme, and its purpose is limited. It's not open ended its. We ve gotta, get back to the eighteen clauses of article one section, eight to understand what its purposes I'm there to restore that. I remind my colleagues that every day this movement is growing and its becoming ever more necessary as well. unable to afford all the stupid things were. Spending money on that area, something to do with federal power You sure you should listen to today's podcast mike the first hour. I go through what europe is doing and what we're doing its madness, its absolute madness trend, senator likely senator. I know you were took mentioning your website leaf or sent a comparable, can go and help out there. Now we have had another offer of health. That is key from one glenn back to come to utah to help your campaign
and I'm kind of hoping that you will reject it, because whenever he tries to help out a candidate, they lose well. Look. We we're honoured at his with your help in a blaze of my team is working with its right now to set it up, and we don't think that was true. Why? I don't think that's true, I don't think that's swell. but I'm coming with whether you like it or not coming, but now they are. They are perhaps Haven't told you about yet I, like my ideas, that we're gonna break your losing streak. I know, I'm I'm gonna prove you wrong. You are not cursed. It's just people in some states vote the wrong way. People in utah are not going to vote the wrong way because we're gonna make sure they don't beyond. Your listeners have been so helpful to me and you're listeners are going to encourage their friends and neighbors, and anyone who cares about this country, who cares about
especially in limited government they're, going to go to leave for senate dot com and help me win, and it's it's sad that it works this way. But I I need their help. I need their help desperately because the utah media won't, report this fairly. It is awkward to see what's happening, but they are. They are my opponent's press shop or I pretty much every one of them, and so that's why a bat coupled with the rich out of state democratic donor base that he solicits through act, blue and MSNBC, is doubly helping my opponent because he gets nothing but praise from the media and advertising from media and then more advertising funded by these rich liberal elites. on the cops while Tom you and I are coming out this weekend- we're gonna leave friday. I I've been asked by carry lake to come out and as do said, I should use, quotes around the word, help
but she wants me to speak at some something on a saturday night, but I said enough my plea and soon as I know what he wants to do then I'll give a yes or no. So let me now we'll do look. Do an open, tat, sick. It is here that we will end you're losing alright set in motion a sequence of events culminating in poland, our political judgment of america. If it is not my fears, not we're in deep trouble. Thank you. So much senator MIKE Lee from the great state of unita which coming they after election might not be the great state of utah. I they will see we'll see you I'd be dead to me than be dead,
did your listening to the best of the Glen back programme, so this do we were just talking about, you know, Putin and what putin can do with nuclear weapons and you made the comment that at some point, he's going to say in all this is this proxy war is bs has a good chance of him saying that we don't know for sure he's going to do that. The best case scenario is he keeps playing. This sort of game were involved and now where nobody knows what we're doing we keep announcing it for some unknown reason. We keep telling We want exactly how many missiles and drones and everything else were sending over there. I guess to brag about how nice we already ukraine and its he just
you're, saying well we're still fighting with ukraine and were upset with the west, but they're not really involved in this war, the more desperate he gets, the more he's nor our efforts work and he starts seeing the more likely he is just to acknowledge, hey. We, we're not losing to ukraine we're losing to america and if we recognise that and have The russian people stand up against this. You know eternal threat of the west, as soon as you makes that realisation which he could easily cell to its people and would be largely true. We are in for a much much worse outcome, then higher energy prices for the winter. What's the worst kind of war that can be fought, what is the worst outcome? I mean I certainly would jump, Nuclear war we have- these are the two states with the most nuclear warheads available to them. and russia has the most by the way we
the second most. I believe I could make a case that A massive cyber attack that shuts down in tire system would be worth its best possible, I mean certainly you'd have many of the same results you're going to have on aliens dead meat in in if there was an mp attack which would just basically take out all electrical, you know so you'd No computers left ninety per cent of the population would be dead in a year mats. not from you saying that, that's all it says yes, stats done by I can remember, but by the pentagon or for the pentagon. Eighty per cent would be dead in the first year because it just now
thing works and we are not able to do anything, you know we'd, we just just think of just all of the breakdown. Your food. No trucks come in no trucks. n. No tractors, there have been no computer chips in our work, and I mean it's come pool lead, failure of everything, modern that would be horrendous, now, I'm not sure you could do that with a cyber attack, but you good mess things up. a very long time and just keep you fix it. It's offline again, just keep going and you could really disrupt a country e m p. is it. Does it work there's no way to fix it, You need all new chips, gay, but I'm her is. Have you ever wondered the people? north korea are starving to death
How are they affording to do all of this missile stuff? Because can't trade there. There be, on swift eat. They can't trade can't sell any nobody. Nobody buys anything really from north korea. They what is it? What is it that they are making? How? How do they have the money? Well, originally it was counterfeiting there We're counterfeiting hundred dollar bills, you hundred dollar bills and just flooding the market with that and passing them off as as good That we caught on two and we caught them and we stop them so the next thing they did was so taking our patten's things like viagra, etc and making all of He's pharmaceuticals, knockoff pills, knock off bills. and then just flooding the market with fake viagra
and other pills made a lot of money. We caught them in that. Then they started something called the lazarus group They like to say the guardians of peace. Are our intelligence community calls them hidden cobra but let us use the lazarus group now Lazarus. group is made up of a whole bud the people. We don't know how many people and its run in north korea and the north korean state. We don't know much about them, but what we do know is its ace. date spunk sponsored hacking organization. And in north korea, its known as for one for liaison office. The earth We have known attack that this
north korean. And I'm tell I'm sharing this with you because north korea, they got nothing. Think about what russia can do The first thing they did was operation troy and it took place from two thousand nine twenty twelve. It was a cyber russian espionage campaign that used dd, o s techniques and they just targeting the government of soul, and they were just trying to give em you no denial of service attacks, These are the people that were response, well for the two thousand and fourteen sony pictures they hacked in they have stolen twelve million dollars from banco del ostro in ecuador. A million dollars from vietnam's what is it ten flowing bank something twenty fifteen? They have all targeted banks in mexico and poland in twenty
Sixteen they had an attack on the bangladesh bank. They still eighty one million dollars in that heist all just electronically transferred they have stolen sixty million dollars in u s in the far eastern international bank of taiwan, but then it gets a little dicey. from there. They they, in doing this and they're getting stronger and stronger and stronger They went in to crypto currency because now korea was really in crypto currency. somehow or another they cracked bit thumb and they stole seven million dollars from that Then the pandemic happened. These are the people that tried to hack member when you you heard about asked rosetta. Being hacked
Into and people were trying to steal the formulas near me. Let him have it that way this group hey. So that this is. This is how they make money. The most famous attack or infamous attack should should be more famous. Then it is. Is the bangladesh bank robbery and ever heard of the swift network. Kay swift network is what we just band russia from using right. We kicked him off the swiftness network. That's how banks talk to one another, that's how bank transfers happen So they went on hacked into the swift network, and they tried to You steal from the federal reserve bank of new york, but, not our money, they want the money from bangladesh,
they were posing as the central bank of bangladesh, and several transactions went through. The first one was for twenty million there. Eighty one million and then There was a amiss spelling and the word jupiter on the next one. this is something what there was happening went everybody was closed and the system caught a spelling on one of the big transfers, and it was it it it was. It was big who is a big transfer, I'm glad that the system caught it They put jupiter for some reason on the transfer to the word. Jupiter appeared, and then there was a misspelling of one of the banks some low level guy at the federal reserve's, like mats, weird system, just
take this out for a misspelling in the word. Jupiter isn't jupiter one of those band ships from IRAN which were not supposed to be any oil rig. so he ran up the flagpole and they felt it was suspicious so they decided not to transfer because of a misspelling this. How close they were The federal reserve decided not to transfer one billion dollars Imagine what could be done with a billion dollars. Now imagine how loose we are with sixty billion dollars and just sending it over to ukraine no idea where that money is going, that money could be circling back. Around entire elections can be circling. Back into radicals on our streets or people.
In in nato countries, trying to do the work of whomever we don't know where that money is more importantly, everybody, seems gung ho on this war with ukraine and Europe is just starting to wake up and say: wait, wait, wait we're going to freeze to death. Is this really this? what this is all about. We have no, answers because america doesn't have the ball. Or the juice any more be able to help with the rest of the world. We Our I've said this, for I can't tell you how many years, we are the world's lifeboat, and we just taking on more and more stuff,
Hey everybody from across the border across the world just come in, we can handle it all. You need to be bailed out, we'll bail, you out. Oh, you need to be bailed out. Okay, you can't pay that will bail you out. We are No more resources left, Now the strongest life boat in the world, the united, dates of amerika. Take any more on. The rest the world, starting to feel that at some point the rest the world is gonna, really regret. How hard they pushed america into the dirt, but the biggest reason I wanted to bring up. the lazarus ice- is they were there? close to stealing a billion dollars from the federal reserve. And that's north korea.
What kind of resources does vladimir? Putin hold and while I am concerned about nukes the guy I has told us for five years were war. Three, it's already happening and. The west doesn't get it Next war, we'll be fine. With ones and zeros
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