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After initially defending CPAC, Hyatt Hotels has now condemned it for its “offensive” stage design. Six Dr. Seuss books will no longer be printed over alleged racist undertones. Oklahoma State Sen. Shane Jett explains his new bill to ban critical race theory. Glenn gives an update on how he was canceled from an art gallery.

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I welcome to the pod cast today are exciting episode. You will find out that, yes, my toaster is listening to every conversation confirm to ask. If it is, it is confirmed. We had a great show today, some some helpful thing, some things that are changing some things, that people are doing and ways for you to get involved in your local level and the urgency of that. We also it's bad stuff. You know like the change of the high it all of a sudden, the high it. You didn't, have a problem with sea back over the weekend, all of a sudden there like here they were using devil symbols and, of course, speaking, people like this Andrew Plump Volund. Today's pot castle picture to listen to the pot cast everyday unsubscribe. Glossing over to stew. Does America that's my part gas, as well as new episode coming up today and actually check that out as well as blaze, tv dot com, slash Glenn from a code is glad to save ten bucks team. We welcome Mr Pat Gray from Pat Gray, unleashed to the programme
so tat. I dont know if you saw that the high hotels yesterday came out and said that they were fine, would see pack and they stand behind, see pack, you know like they would stand behind anybody else. I lauded them for their. I did too them. This hired hotels, slam both the organizers and the intense attendees of the conservative political action conference for Peace liberating hate symbolism. And showing hostility towards hotel employees in a sharp departure from its early. Defence of its decision to host the conference. The hospital, Any company which hosted see back from Friday through Sunday at a hotel in Orlando Florida criticise the conservative group for having a stage design that has been compared to a symbol of hate such Bulk Europe. This is on believable. Have you ever heard of
oh doll room now I have I've, never heard of it. I know how many there is anybody else: hymning arrogant Nazi documentaries, I've watched from e books ever exactly right, which this yesterday we finished, the new Hitler, Biography, don't harmony and Hitler doubt will. Don't call for the other. Downfall falls down. Ok, this flight of stairs, but I dont the Navy? They said it, but it certainly was not big enough for me to be to note: leave, read the biggest geek books on their symbolism and everything else and I've never even heard of I now came so makes me wonder. I wonder if we have anybody in the audience that control back the original comment who originally posted this because its certainly was not Alyssa mulatto. Now I k there's so go ahead. There's a part of me now: look. I think there is a literally zero percent chance
someone at sea pack was like. We should decide, not see thing tat would be awesome Lycosa. We like the Nazis, we'd, like you know, we don't like other grace is so we do that. They won't know right there really, not gonna know he has we. We have all kinds of special things that we do or don't do on Saturday for jewish people and we got a lotta shows up on a city like wage ate them jewels of zero percent. That sea pack was like making a lousy state zero, but above one percent chance of one. It is there a one percent chance out there that who, for design. This stage hated the rope publicans and intentionally hated into a Nazi simple, because there is some, I will say, it's just like the symbol right too it could be coincidental by taking us think about glad. Gamers second path, view lobby that we try to sell. You Glenn goes in for a photo shoot. They say,
Hey? We want to make going to do that with a happy clown sat clown thing. What will do as well, fix vapor rub under your eyes and then we can have like you could be smiling like the theater and then crying the theatre, be great all why don't now? This is really risky by you now, because you could you miss, use those photos missouf photographer. But I trust you just please don't try to burn me on this, then that same photographer. Who happened to be liberal, goes and takes the photos of you crying and acts like your fate crying and they get leaked all over the internet within twenty minutes and it becomes on the cover of magazines. These photos totally broke the agreement that they had. There is a chance I would say a chance that some some, Publican hating person who understand, symbolism and is as a designer, because these are the people who know the symbolism. Did this screw with a rabbi there's a pass: a one percent jades, it's a troll
is a shared. I would love to know so, don't I presented I would to when I love to know who the first person is to report who was the first person to say hey, because if they are not a total geek, its ally, yet, like you have to be totally into oh yeah, now easy image Lee to undertake M S right deep. I think there's a one percent chance day You can sell you oughta. One percent you'd tell me on a one percent channels, but one person like most likely by far scenario is they just I d stage that let people walk out that way- and it happens to look like the symbol- again, like I only saw one who wants to call Republicans Nazis would even see it I never would have seen it now Right it, nobody was first of all, I never would have seen it no bind the stage. Design makes sense. You're trying to get the main stage out in The audience which they always do plus have,
walk ways from you. We in their very clear everytime, you walk. You walk this walk way to go out. You walk vat Way to go back but that that way, It's always you come on one side. You leave on the other side, so the walk ways are the same? They jump, cut out the middle part they cut to part between the the stage in the centre and the part of the walkways. That's that's all they did that's all they did and you We have the stage in front of the big monitors on each side. They Do all the time should they have been tipped off by fact that the designers name was Joe Mengele set out a better, not out little residents. That was total coincidence, I'm coming over to always the case that I could maybe by years of this I just don't. I don't believe it at all. I believe any of it I mean. Is this not that kind of units information in this information, the meat
it claims to be all against by the way. Have you seen the the image posted? about Candice, Owens tunnels. Exult. Oh, look up at your ma. Amateur. Can you put this up? This came from who? What was his name bishop? What's his name, he used. Be with the end, W C p, they have it there. It is breaking leaked photo of Canvas Owens on her wedding night? It show her with an up skirt kind of picture. It's not her butter a black woman being, I guess, jumping into a clansmen arms he's in full clans, robe and he's got a noose in one hand, She's there say wow that her husband is a clan member. I mean: is there nothing is there nothing. The left can do that.
This twitter to say, hey, apparently not banning you peers, as is as late as this morning. It was up to her right before we went on the year that he had just removed it. He had removed it twit didn't twitter, hammer him. He just removed. It. But you know when I see this, when I see that the high it is now coming out end if you have a reservation with the high? It is you don't cancel that stay at another hotel your ever going to make an impression on anything, they are the only reason the high it did. This is because of the pressure that they get from the left and all the letters in the emails and everything else and they know they'll destroy our business
other half always sits quietly so the Incas you know. Obviously we ve had the boycott conversation is now times I don't want to. I know anybody, but one part, that's interesting about this. Is it's the it's that companies that take the initial risk that get punished the most of these situations like a high. It actually did host the conference. Now they probably they put a gun to ten different hotels. It said do away. We don't go anywhere near this thing, hi. It's an hour. I will take the conference now afterward. They get beat up so everyone boy its high it when all these other hotels probably said no, I just I don't want you guys, Mirror building mine. Arguably word ass. Fine, that's fine, but evil in the face of evil is evil. A silence in the face of evil is evil itself. This evil? What is happening? You are smearing, yeah, of the country and calling them nazis on something that is laughable. Just
Laughable, it's written dickie lies half to know. You have to know that this organisation does not want to be associated with the Nazi party. Forgot. Regardless of what you think of them? You might think their secret nazis, but they would not be back yet they want internal, should only you have. This leads to a lot of zika you'd have to to run insanity. You know it's not true and you're still yelling about it as if it's actual criticism. We all know this is nonsense and the sad part of it is high. It was really good. Initially, it was style were themselves, they weren't Gourbi, an inclusive here and diverse, and yet only one right answer any body right,
nowadays it stick it when we now is the complete offers quote when we learn that sea pact, twenty twenty one stage design had been compared to a symbol of hate, had been tat air there. Oh you know what why every fashion design every fashion designer their stage is a phallic symbol and that's what we and we know what are they? Women, ending scantily, clad, walk out on this big long rap the hour I had it. Let you out dickie on buying into this one way to it as an illegal. We had initially recognise the potential connections to hate symbolism. If we had known in advance, we would have proactively addressed it prior to come announcement of the event. Unfortunately, this week, clear to us. Only after the event kicked off with sea
denial of any intentional connection, aid symbols and our concerns over the safety of guest in colleagues in which could have been a very disruptive situation, we allow the event to continue. We understand and respect the opinions of those who might disagree with that decision, so, in other words, YAP We saw it, we went to them data night at, but we are not going to cancel because the people were. There would have become violent, That's what they're saying to pathetic what do you have to think about your fellow Americans to believe that this is true, I meant to be That one of the two parties have come out here and make at the stand to a nazi symbols, says all that's what is being with a lot everywhere. We think everybody's, a racist and together, but he's a homophobia everybody's a Nazi, and ITALY it used to be there. It was. It was lost, football that yeah, I got it all. I'm a racist now that
from is gone. This is the constant drumbeat it is everywhere. I urge you listen to the daily, listen to what is it first of four, news or whatever NPR as morning, maybe it's morning edition Listen to that. I listened this morning to NPR I've I've he was like. I was in an alternate reality and I have listened to them every day for a long time and it just getting worse and worse and worse, just The country is just a Nazi. It is not good now. It will because of this with a high it whose, we'll take see pack who go to turn these people you can, they are cutting you off from breathing it is really important that they do that they need
to make sure that we cannot congregate, that we cannot get together, that our voices never rich reach. A tipping point that our reach never goes beyond fifteen percent. Once you around fifteen percent you're at a tipping point, so we ve got to close all of these avenues down enlarge, gatherings and all old clothes, all avenues down in all social media that it's happening gang. Pray for our country, and you must stand in Your own way, you must stand peacefully, you must not in my opinion, I what stay at a high at hotel and I am going to tweet this morning. Shame on you high it. You have lost a a. Customer for ever this. Is wrong
and I will not stay silent about it. Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, while let me give you a couple more stories about the country that you are now living in the reason why I am doing this is to wake people up to sure they understand this isn't a joke not funny anymore and this is real you are not living in the America that you you grew up in but you're, not even living in the America that you thought you had six months ago. And when this all comes to register with you and your friends in your family. It will- be too late. They have
I'll band six books from Doktor, Sir use die Tour Seuss You can no longer You can no longer print these six books. If I ran a zoo and think I saw it on Mulberry street beyond zebra scrambled eggs. Super the cats quizzer. This according to a panel of educators and experts,. They are banning you, Doktor Seuss Books, how Much more do you need to see before all of Amerika wakes up and go. This is fascism. This is fascism. You told
destroy books. What is wrong with us? America. Go out and buy those books today find out if you can get em. By MR and MRS potato head, because The end of an era. It is the end of freedom in America, where you are bullied to the point to where you better not have that book. By the way Amazon. You know that Nazi, loving company. We all know what Jeff. Baisers really believes They have come out with a new logo for their rap, its.
It's too similar to the look of Hitler. It looks like Hitler now, Can you think of Amazon with a smiley face? You think I never saw Hitler smile well. Just because your array just an you, don't see, at the Amazon logo. Further app really is it's an ode to Hitler. It like the end of like a blue ribbon. Up in the center of the the title for the app and. And it had the Amazon Smiley face down towards the lower third, so people saw that and when that blue thing the top looks like Hitler mustache, which it doesn't, which it doesn't. Because it's so close to his lip, which it isn't there
It's too far. No, if you ve, seen a human face before, but the and of his moustache, that would that were his face and they were trying to make it look like that it would put his the bottom of his moustache in the middle of his nose, too far away from the smiley face to be a mustache. It's an app that's all. It is a time for an app for Mozart and vat looks too much like Hitler. Are you Insane they changed it, they changed it Yes, Amazon is insane Amazon wants, sure that everyone knows if their logo doesn't look like a flower.
Oh that I had the voice of an angel and fake people, awake. Pope Francis came out yesterday, and he said if we don't stop global warning morning, those rising temperatures could cause another great flood. I dwell commit now. Franny well, welcome it Francis first of all, global temperatures didn't cause the great flood. If you're the Pope, you should know it was caused by God. You know nearly a third of Americans now say they want to break up the Eu
and into like minded countries. Five, like minded countries. That's the that's a latest pole. I, I am not one of them. I risk Used to secede vote, You don't want to abide by the constitution. You can succeed, You are taking this country over in a hostile attempt? You'd, Want to abide by the constitution, look the money. It takes them. Look at the time it is taken them. To force this on people, Now look at the time it took us to go from a fly, phone to an Iphone You didn't need billions of dollars and an in after camps and shut, flip for why we ve got a shot Motorola up motor, a keeps advertising. They keep saying their phones better to flip phone.
They're lying to people. That's misinformation, God. I shudder, Motorola we're coming for you in that damned blackberry for you will learn by the lesson. We're gonna teach Motorola, didn't. Do that? Why? Because it was better, if it's better you don't to force things. A third of Americans want to break up the United States. Sorry I could go off on a rant here, I think, was washing imposed who's. Who was it this weekend? Said that I was that cleansing, in his company are leading the charge, no, no, I'm not I'm against it Do you know what civil war actually means? Do you know what secession actually would look like it would? nightmare.
I just mentioned this because I just one up just one. Slide to give you this article. For a decade. Russian academic, Igor PEN has been predicting the. U S will fall apart in twenty ten, this hour. Coal is from the nineteen nineties. Wall Street Journal For most of that time he admits few took his argument that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual break, of the? U s very seriously now is found in eager audience russian state media. In recent weeks she's been interviewed as much as twice a day about his predictions. It's a record said the professor, but I think the tension is going to grow even stronger? It's blue forecast for the. U S is me, to the ears of the Kremlin, which in recent years, is blamed washing and for everything, from the instability in the Middle EAST to the girl
we'll financial crisis. Mr Provera views fit neatly with a criminal, Kremlin's narrative that Russia is returning to its rightful place on the World stage after the weakness of the nineteen nineties, polite and fearful man with a buzz got. Mr Provera insist he does not dislike Americans, but he warns. The outlook, for them is dire. There's a fifty five. Forty five chance right now that disintegration will occur. One rejoice in that process, but if we're talking reasonably, it's not the best scenario for Russia, though, it would become more powerful on the global stage stage. Its economy would suffer because it currently depends heavily on the dollar and the trade with the? U S, Mr Prodi, and says: mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation would trigger a civil war and the color of the dollar he said as it should happen around the end of twenty ten, it will break apart in six pieces.
But the sixth is Alaska. Revert to russian control. This guy was in the KGB. This I mean there's the California Republic be part of China or under chinese influence what that's wall well there in Fang Fang, so you get that one down. That's Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, then you have Central North American Republic, part of Canada or under canadian influence. Ten a Wyoming Colorado, Kansas Nebraska. To quote North Dakota Minnesota, Iowa Missouri Illinois in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan Wisconsin. Then you have the Excess republic that would under the mexican influence New Maxie Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Louisiana, Mississippi Alabama George
in Florida, if I haven't met Mention your state you're, either in Alaska, which will goes back to Russia, they say or the planting America, that join the European Union. People after him for say I remember we. I asked my research to go find this in the archives, because I talked about this twenty twenty two years ago. I said: don't don't laugh, I think this guy might be honest, something. He's wrong on the timing? But is that wrong about breaking us up the color? Acts of a dollar integration of our morals, not now in our history, lack of belief in our institutions. I don't think he's wrong in error
day? I pray for away. How do we avoid it. Because, as he said, a lot of people will cheer for this, but they have no idea how bad it will be. He said you have no idea how bad it will be for the Russian Republic as they depend too much on the. U S dollar? Well, they don't tip that much on the? U S dollar anymore: do they because Russia and China started dumping. Their dollars and they are looking for new assets, they're going for a basket currency, the whole world is going for that. It's only a matter of time before the rest, the world says we don't need em. This is why Great reset is happening because people who have things to lose. They are looking for what's next,
I want to show you the only ones that are going to lose the people that don't have really anything to lose. You everybody else. Is gonna be fine, but Those who have been millions and billions of dollars. They're gonna be fine, they're, fine, but the the consumer, the worker, you're the one being left out of this is the best of the bloodbath programme. I mean no one of the greatest dames of all time belongs to an Oklahoma state. Senator his name is Sheen jet yeah. Shane welcome to the programme. How are you.
I'm good glad how you very good very good, so you are standing up, thank goodness, in Oklahoma. And you are putting together a bill that would ban critical race theory from being taught in school. Tell me about this. The old. Eight o three basically prohibits other schools and charter schools and paper by tax dollars to abuse our children by teaching them that their racist or a bit Mason, the color of their skin, so after a divisive concept, designed to create and create this trust between students, and also fundamentally too, And distressed our system of government social, Is this coming from you and a bunch of politicians, or are you hearing an outcry from parents? My
We are told that I got about this was from a constituent of Luther Oklahoma and whenever I introduced a bill, almost He called calls when parents and teachers as well as other fellow look, I'm legislators your hearing it by your districts. They don't want this taught in Oklahoma. They know it's been taught here now. A New York came a public school level. It always starts at the university level in its already being taught at the university about the major centres need to other universes accountable as well, so what is what are the odds of this passing shortages? yeah, it's very late and getting some opposition for the most part. Am I republican colleagues could be all that Express concerned are being called a racist. My answer to that is your republic, under our being called a raises, is pretty much lost its meaning, because if you, And again, single agenda expected the marxist agenda: go to swear
one of the opposition is that they don't think it's. The place would always believe in smaller and local control. I dont believe is the place for legislators to mandate curriculum in a classroom and usually agree with that local controls and important issue was Republicans, but standing up to the constitution is our first oath of office, and this this, this critical race theory is based and rooted marks It is fundamentally a page in very constitution that we wanted to hear. You know. Conservatives are having a we're in a real pickle because the constitution is being subverted in our schools. Which, as you said, we'd like local control, it's also being subverted by giant corporations, and I've always been on the side of me. No freedom of the market in corporations can do what they want. They are subverting archive
esthetician at this point, and we have to make a decision here on what we're going to do and how we can still be constitutional and defenders the constitution. And stop this. I take it anymore. Actually, I'm all do another piece of legislation that allows class action Wall Street since against TAT Jane. To suppress or censure for political reasons, the EU agenda, the two larger premeditated gases. Similar things were also what we know there is an onslaught against a basic amiss and principles against cost the atrocities. The summit government we have to pay. What do you mean to figure out how to combat it? I understand you knew their philosophy and they think they didn t get it. Public aboard lines. We get into clashing, didn't universities, and then they start trying to usher in an anti american propaganda using are very institution to democracy.
She tried to read the very system of our constitutional replied, so you have your banning the teaching of this, but I've been told by several teachers in, for instance, in California, doesn't matter, because we he'll be trained in it and we ll teach in our own way, not just from the course will slip it in So as a weakened. Initially, I just prohibited law back because of that and I The other sexual my wallet submitted imagine a teacher due process at making. Only a teacher might be dismissed or not employed for teaching the structure, training institute to believe if any of these devices closer set forth in sub section of this section So we could do that. The chance to speak. Go ahead. A basically this is this. Is this is standing up for children from what I believe is the psychological deems the child abuse. I agree
the chance that this actually passes. I won't. Let you always assume that secures no one russian representatives a decade ago, on what we know is that until sine die just landed for, I think the last day, which is the twenty eighth of May anything, can happen. Between now and dance, the berry that we first ran into was giving a committee hearing all we're gonna set aside, but you can Hagen move legislation and language in and out of bills in amendment, so we're disclose what we're gonna do, but this isn't dad until May twenty eight. What are the odds, it passes or you confident that it's gonna got a real chance, I believe I am due to the tower the Glen Black Shell and other conservative mediums social media course shuts down when we try to post about it. I believe the black grassroots support is there. If we can get it to the floor, I believe we'll have the we'll have to support
So what are you ass it? What are you need from the audience in in Oklahoma, when I was waiting for you to ask that question. Call your son Representative? Call your state senator and urge them to protect cheer. In public schools in our charter schools to make sure that their not taught that their racist or a victim simply by the color of their skin, on that's the kind of the court, because what we forehead politicians tend to see the light after they feel they still less building Up and make sure that the debt PETE not just Oklahoma. You ever nationwide audience the view that this is not coming for you. You are wrong, starts in the universities and it marches itself into the to the classroom and even though its not taught in the classroom, all curriculum, Teachers are download a kid at supplemental materials, yes, and thinking that there are going to have a legitimate platform to talk about
in a safe environment start drilling down toward what critical race Dearie actually teaches its teeth, them to be racist. Teaching them the one raises appear to the other and one has already subjugated the other and that your races, by virtue of the color of your scamps, completing ignoring the fact that White Republic, we're going down in to satisfy southern parts of the United States, registering Black voters to make sure that they had a shot at the american drinks and were being launched and kill, and so, when you sing, while a white student say you're a racist they may have in their in their dna. In their background, those bearing activists that were going out making sure that we had a more per Ricky Union. So you can be heard. Since, by unilaterally saying your black you're dictum, your personal color, you have been subjugated. Or your white and therefore your racist- this is fundamental racism being taught at the great school bother there. You would have to call or f k a racist you'd have to call anyone who marched with Martin Luther King, a racist, but that's not
hard for them to do now, because they're saying Martin Luther King is wrong and it's not the dream too. Who have people just judge you by the content of your character, which to me is insanity insanity. Please keep us up to speed on that change at you, can follow him at o, K, Senate DOT, Gov or Twitter at shape, in jet to tease fora. Twitter, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And what you got shit as it prepares. You bet we will
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