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After a caller expresses his frustration with how conservative hosts are covering Joe Biden’s "win," Glenn speaks personally with his listeners about where he believes the nation really is and what we must do moving forward. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace breaks down the legal options President Trump still has to win another term.

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In other very few shows that I think we do still where we kind of discover something along the way, and I think we did and today should have enough of NEA and today show is that was I opened in for us, because we got a phone call about halfway through from a guy who really likes us and was really frightened, really really frightened and we connect it with that fear. We understand it and I'm so glad that that he called he'll, hear this and and so much more, including the latest on the law suits that are being filed by the Trump campaign steam days checks in was of latest on all of that, and in so much more, including Georgia. We now have a fifty forty, eight split in the Congress or yes are in the Senate. For Republicans, just before we went on today, Alaska was called so now it's fifty forty eight you ve got to win at least one of those seats in Georgia. Otherwise, worst nightmare can happen all this and more on today's package, or seventy million people that voted for Donald Trump.
Most of us are split between frustration, anger or Urged to do something by and large the multiple allegations of election fraud out of our hands. It is now in the hands of the Trump attorneys. There are a lot of questions and we're gonna go through several of those coming up in just a few minutes with Steve Days. Also Many more tonight on the television show. Donald Trump legal team needs to go through this process. They need to do it. Any thing that anybody is saying to shut, Donald Trump down is wrong. It's wrong, If there was election fraud, if there were election, glitches if there was anything that was wrong. Whether changes the outcome and our not for the hell. though the republic we need to know about it and it needs to be resolved. That doesn't mean we sit on our hands there is.
urgent need to focus on the Senate race. The one in Georgia told you. In the past how the radical plans that led to the left has it will as Chuck tumor says we win these seats in Georgia. We chain America no- thank you thank you. This is it if you're looking to get involved in something this is it we can't lose the Senate it's now fifty two forty eight. I believe right officially. Fifty two forty eight Alaska call today, so it is fifty two forty eight Tom tell us was called a yesterday in North Carolina, so they basically need to win one of these seats. to hold onto the Senate Also, I'm gonna give you information on our. constitution and America founding classes. They were. We doing online, I give you all the information on that. I urge
as a family to take those classes. Watch tonight, at nine p M p M central nine pm eastern and please tv outcome, if you dont subscribe, Please join us call the blaze, tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the protocol Glenn and you will save thirty dollars. Let me go to air and intend to see hello, Erin, a glance was it you for a while I'm really upset always power, hearing you to tell me if I'm right along wrong, I see in the news everything I see from a parlour and I'm very wrapped up in parliament, just as it seems to me that you're saying spreading the faith of the people. How am I not expert way way way way? Thousands of both our
not spreading the faith of the people. I'm saying that everything needs to be checked needs to go through the court system, Donald Trump is the one that is more motivated than any one else too, seek out this corruption? He has the power and the money to fight it in court, and no one should shut that down in any way shape or form he has been honoured. Thirty some days make the case in court. How is that, while there many have until January. At the beginning, of January to be able to do that He has as long as it takes. However, it is a certified December. Ninth, so the certification right now the media is calling this. The media has no right to call this. You know it's you like me calling the election
That means nothing, but they get together. On December, ninth, I think, to certify, and then the electoral college is sent to Washington. I think, on December thirteenth. Yet lectures- and so there would be a transition period there from the time the backdoors. Actually, the border made official between that and January twentieth. I don't no, if there's any process to overturn it after that, so we would still be an office until January, twenty of no matter what the so air. And what are you hearing from me. I just here like a bunch of negative, like talked about how the presidency does not have this story doesn't have that just like I want, I've been listened you for over ten years. I am, Forty years old- and I am- I really think very very I love you thank you I had just like whenever I hear this is like
put me down really. Thirdly, dazzle you're the only one that really in a voice the twelve hours I listened it observed tat, and I think that the airlines to first of all it totally understandable me, I think, there's a theirs. The other thing being passed around you dont want to just give pep talks that aren't
dont, led to anything, but we want to do is to things that are material, and I know I mention this before, but like Glenn is Alicia paying people here, who literally donated a small for a meet a large fortune, had half to the legal defence of the president. For this reason, the reason why these cases are going into court in the first place is because people like Glenn are paying for them. So I mean he's very much on on on the record here on this. I think it's important to understand, though, that we don't at- and I know this audience doesn't want this- they never have you dont want in a pep talk to just everyone get positive about something that may or may not happen. We are trying to be honest with you in that they fit the President face some challenges here for this, actually happen, and the only way it happens is not its on parlor right that it had not already raised by the court.
That's where it happens, it doesn't happen on social media, so we can look at those claims and try to figure out which ones are legitimate and which ones aren't, but the easiest way to identify. That is that there is a very interested party who were to win a selection more than at more than you do more than I do. It's doll when his campaign- and they have luckily thanks to Glenn lots of lawsuits against these things when their call it the legitimate- and they found some success in certain areas or just a question of. Can they get to that level of of what they need to accomplish, which is multiple states so Erin can I stuck? Can I talk to? Can I just talked to man to man? Here? not as hosting listener, just man to man. I don't know what you do for a living, but what I for a living is to try to tell people a the truth and me opinion I have. Unfortunately, I feel my calling
to be a warning voice and and I don't- I don't usually I don't usually seem to make an effect in that or any positive effect, and I wrestle every day I I I've told my staff ever day since the election. I feel like worry in the eye of the hurricane and I'm just kind of floating because I don't. I don't feel like. We have anything that I can marry to right now. I am married to one thing, and that is the truth, and I want the truth to be pursued and found, and if is fraud and they prove it it's not enough to have it on parlor it. The president is so motivated To have those attorneys, cover any kind of fraud they just offered a million dollar reward for it. If
is any fraud or quite honestly, if there's a way for the Supreme Court to rule that the things that state Pennsylvania was doing, and I mean just changing the rules as they went along during the game that happy done and if if that's the case then make That case I don't know, Aaron honestly, how to do my job right now, because I, I tell you the truth: I want you to feel empowered, and I want you to feel like this ain't over, but I also need to tell you the only one that can make that case is Donald Trump and his attorneys and looking into those things, but that's just the beginning, and Put my money where my mouth is: I want the attorneys to make this case.
help you at all yeah. It's just like It's not just you too. I mean it like everyone has lost. The fate of the people in the face of the people have spoken, but it's a damn Democrat and I'm trying to be negative towards them at all its political democrat. Yes, Train machine is carried out the nation and now allowing the faith of the people to decide what they want no, they don't want. I mean I've been seeing this. I'm not scared, it all completely not at all for one arrives on you or turn on insurance or terminal. Then I'm scared to death of what news, this term it out your guys is now in its scaring me, wait, scaring you what news scaring you. the way you guys say a word
down there. So we found that there is this, like. I don't see that we're all I just see approaches, I don't know o so you're saying no, we'll have a second term. I know that the shadow of a doubt. I know that. Well, he may have a second term either in a next. You know a month or so, or he may have a second term in twenty twenty four. Because I think he's the you know. I think he fought valiantly here and he may still win, but, If he doesn't, I dont think Donald Trump is going away. Donald Trump is in this fight. As I am and as you are, we can and be discouraged. If, if he look. Erin, you ve, listened to me for ten years. Do you know, I think I understand fully what is at stake
Biden gets and yes, I do ok jailers. It do Technical, saying that seriously. so is there any more the that I would have to go easy on this. especially with my own money, it's the hake. You know funding you the attorneys helping fund, the attorneys for Donald Trump is there Oh there's! No, there's no motivation, oh I'm with you in this fight we just, I believe at this point we have to keep our head down. We can only do what, you can do this, attorneys, damn well better, do their job and we will be on the attorneys believe me. We will be on the attorneys to make sure they're doing their job, but our our job is to remain focused on the the state of affairs moving forward,
We cannot put all of our eggs in one basket, Donald Trump wins God, bless it Thank you Jesus. If he doesn't, we must pay attention to other things. We have to have a gun plan going forward or they will take the seats in Georgia and they will transform the country I don't What's going on over, there sounds you just open the door to a lion, but Erin bless you thank you. So much for calling I'm sorry that word were disappointing you and in some way, but I think that's what you really think so many of us yesterday by the Anti Emily has this feeling. I do it's a tough time. I mean this is a tough time. There's a lot like we have this, these Senate races we ve been talking about.
They got the wrong way and all of the the delivery to fears are at least on the table here again, and so there is still work to do and I think it's important we and others a lot of people here, the blaze who are looking to each individual. One of these claims of fraud that were finding, thankfully, instead Steve Days, is really he's been leading this charge he's on with us in ten minutes state as this is all he's focused on right now, Steve Days has done its best. Even crowd has been looking at this. I know a lot as well as but we also have to be to look at that as one thing and the other side we have, we can't lose sight of everything else. We have to be able to to everyone has their role here and we have make sure that garden those Senate's again in Georgia is probably the biggest one right now, but there's a lot. of other stuff. I mean they're gonna, be the he's gonna start naming if this goes forward by Ngos. Certainly me cabinet member
The early I mean all of these things are going to start happening on our right on top of us and if we don't call it out, as it happens, we're gonna be on the wrong side of it. We have to be able to walk and shoe gum. At the same time, we are on your side are on your side. as long as your side, is the constitution of the United States, the bill of rights. As long as you won't bended knee to any government that wants to rule your life or rule over you, we
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stood my ground up until recently, because I think I made it personal and that was really wrong of me. but I did come through with one promise that if he did the things that he said he would do I'd be the first to admit it, and I would apologise on air and I'm not only apologize, but I've been poligized in person. I've apologized, the phone written a letter to his children. Because it really bothered me. I think Donald Trump. is one of the best president's we ve had not it's so weird, because it's not have a hard time embracing his approach, but then In the last few years, I've had a really hard time, Seeing an approach that would work other than that look, what this guy has been put through. And he just keep standing here.
Doesn't care He's not beholden to anyone. TAT is why Workable in today's politics. he has hurt the Trump hotel brand he has really hurt that can't say he did he just been. The guy he's always been. Two years ago I started investigating the Russia thing made Three years ago and honestly. when it first came out before the election. I believed it. I thought desk I can see that happening, don't know if it's true I could see that happening. We didn't talk about it on the air because No accuse him of something like we do. with Biden. I dont want to say: Biden was doing all this stuff. If we don't have the goods autumn,.
And we spent two years investigating hand. a year investigating the Ukraine. About six months, just investigating what. Is going on, in the in the house in the Senate in the The intelligence community, it wasn't a guy who is comfortable with deep state talk. I'm telling you now it absolutely exists. I see, what's happening with the media, I see what has happened to our education centres, I know where we are. I honestly think where, at the end of the republic, unless We remain standing. and unless we are educated and super super sharp
I told you what I felt was coming after this election and is still can ten used to point out today. I made a significant donation to the legal defence. of Donald Trump, and I Gave it before the election I put my money where my mouth is. I believe it is important to fight with everything in you. I haven't had, I think, the right talk with you. every day come home. My wife's is how the show. I haven't even been able to talk to her about it. It took me three days to tell her.
How I felt before thee. tv show seven days ago. And every day I've got up, and I dont know what to say to you. because I know we're in trouble and I I feel like I'm in this holding pattern I feel like we are in this I of the hurricane, the stuff, is come in the other side of the storm it's worse and it is coming. but right now we're in this holding period of let's. Cross all the tease and dot all the eyes, let The attorneys do their work, no, that's not a message. You wanna hear have looked into these I mean I have a sister. God bless her
and she is sending me what about this. What about this theory what about this. Have you heard about this? I get it. I am. I see all the things you see. I see em all. can. I have a really good research staff. And some of the things are worth pursuing some of our garbage, but I I know this, there is no one more motivated to get to the boy some of this election than Donald Trump and his team And I am waiting to see what the team does what Is the White House legal strategy because, though These are the ones that none of us really have to do our homework on, because it They file frivolous lawsuits. They, be disbarred.
They are preventing fraud. They can go to prison so Not only are the stakes high because they want the president to win this election But they also can say anything that is untrue. Least, to their knowledge, they can't say anything to that's, not true without losing their licence, so we He can't fight it on the air, and I wish I could I really, We do wish in many ways I could say man there. Fraud in Pennsylvania of a hundred and votes. I don't see it I don't I don't know, I still think that the ballots- that's Scully, not Scalia Butter,. Who is the Supreme Court that came out of what the Alito?
Leo came out on Saturday and said we gotta, We have to hold these halts aside. I think there's there's a chance that those things come through any could change things. And there is no one I would like to see. for corruption. And pay for what has been done. two Donald Trump, more than democratic party. They have been so dishonest when we, did looking into the corruption in Ukraine I said this through the staff. We have no sacred cows, we Not supporting, demonizing anyone. We want the truth, And that's the way I deal on everything with my research staff. I want the truth and over,
and every single stone. And when we got there, I was surprised. I was not surprised that Donald Trump didn't do any of this stuff. What I was really shocked at was the fact they had done all of these things. They have done all of the things they accused him of any more. I know that we ve had people on the air that just keep singing the praises of bill bar, but Bill bar Thank think you suck really think you suck your running out of time Where are you on these things? Where Are you is no one going to pay for the crimes that have been happening during this administration, to this administration is no one going to pay for that. I think the answer to that is no, and I trying to hold up belief.
because everything that doesn't go towards Justice, and towards the rule of law, goes towards chaos. And chaos is our biggest enemy. I should have said to you right away how I was feeling. Used to do that more, but sometimes I think it's the word, of you. That stops me. From being real honest about finding the feelings that we both have. Because I don't want to be. down or in your life.
If there's one thing you free phrases. The biggest honor. in my life has been. The ability to clearly enough, To warn you of the things that come our way in advance, but it is also the biggest curse. I grew up in an alcoholic family. I was one that To make everybody laughed so we could move on I hate tension, I hate arguments and look who I've become. The exact opposite of that- and I In many ways hated. But I am grateful for the opportune, ready to serve.
And so probably many times I try not to bomb you out more than I do usually by you know, Jesus is coming at five years or ten years. This time. I should have been more honest with you, because Think we all feel the same way. We're trying to hold on to hope and were so frustrated by the hour in out, criminal acts that we witnessed the lies from the media that we have witnessed the d story options. The fact that mere occur, turning towards Marxism. It's hard to take, but you know what
We were born for this. We may not like it. We may not want to do it we Do you not see a path, but there is one. Because this is what we were born to do. I'm sorry, if you don't believe this, but I do. We were all born For a reason, and we may never know what that is until we cross over to the other side. but we have a mission. Each of us. and that mission is east, in goodness, light liberty Freedom thing that expand. Mankind, not diminish. and this is your call to arms in a call to feed nickel arms,
is a call to wake up. It's on the edge. and if we don't do the things we must do educate our self be vigilant. strong have spine of steel. If you're in school and you're afraid of disagreeing with your professor or your teacher as you might get a bad great shame on you. If you are not willing to stand up and kindly kindly seek ants. yours from people kindly correct, people when they're wrong kindly say yes, I am a supporter. Yes, I am a conservative Kindly shame on you, it's going to take every single one of us.
but have the hope that I know. there are more with us than against us, and them our armies in. spiritual realm who are working with us, your listening to the best of the global. Let's go to Steve Days, hello, Steve Good Morning, gentlemen. Just so you know, though my preferred pronouns Presidents and elected so own President Elect days. Let me let me to you about, what's going on there, there are there
an effort online and I don't think it's a coordinated. Maybe it is, but there is some people that are just putting out theories, putting things out that aren't true there are some things that are true, This is not something that we need to be arguing about. This needs to be argued in the courts by The Trump campaign correct career the arm. In our talk this over my contact. In and colleagues around the country. You know, in the Republican Party in the conservative movement. Even people we work with here. Frustrated, hey! Where are the talking points which the marching orders? How do we, which our message- And I think were work inflating things here that this is it adoption of the presidential campaign, and it is not. This is now. A legal issue- and I think you have to understand that the meat, Donald Trump has lived in courts
and live with lawsuits and that's his natural habitat. You can see the difference in tenor of how he is approaching compared to a presidential campaign MA am, I think you can see him approaching it much more seriously, people this is not that ok, that's the chicanery at the last few years between the Trump white. Ass in the media at both sides, each other, and so you have to kind stu you're trying to decide what the truth is with a handicap. As you know, they're both at the margins against each other. If they can justify, it, hate each other sort that out that's out of the window. Now this is legalities meter. The file or two hundred and thirty four pages of sworn affidavits unwarranted Wayne County Michigan this morning. Our some time today I mean you file affidavits under false pretext. You're getting disbar people call me. I'm gonna Alice the President's attorneys. If this is just you know, trucks
the territory of the media is pointing out they're getting disport people are going to be charged with perjury, for example. therein doubtless Dallas County if two hundred pages it affidavit sworn affidavits were filed, it said Gwen back his violate Every obscenity law in the nine realm spied shrieking naked across down right and if you could prove that you did not discuss These people went by doing so. That would be a criminal act on their part in marriage is correct. One thing is I couldn't prove that I did that? Yes, I don't have to prove myself innocent and that's a difference here with with with Trump too he's, got to prove it? Yes, that will happen. We you'll get. Clarity on the semi. George has got to do a hand, count audit of its vote. That is minimum of what ought to be done in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Scots. It is incredible that there too large counties their Dane County and no Walkie County were being told that the bits to good
Citizens isn't Dane County understand how and when to properly This new fangled thing called the: U S postal service until their mail and die which were delivered on time chuckled into the deck randomly like with typical happen with a male sort, but for whatever reason there just Clayton total Nimrod no Aki County there, like I, don't know what a postal service, Is it the postage stamp? What is it the calendar I dont know, and so somehow they judge, miraculously got delivered at four a m, maybe the p, what Milwaukee County are that dumb that be true, or maybe it's something nefarious, but that's why we have to adjudicate this We have to pull the testimony from the court think it was yesterday I want to read this to you. It shows to me that Trump is going for a dick, strategy than everyone thinks everyone she's. Gonna come after you know, fraud and the Democrats were all in and on it listen
to this exchange in the court yesterday. This is from the trunk attorney with the court. Your honour, killing people fraud is a pretty big step and it is rare that I call somebody a liar and I am not calling the board or the Dnc or anybody else involved in this. A liar everybody's coming to this, with good for the Dnc, is coming with good faith. We're all try get the election done. I think we are trying to do. We think these were a mistake. A total of five hundred ninety two ballots, but within They are a fatal mistake in these boats ought not to be counted the courts. As I understand I'm asking you a specific question and I am asking you for specific answer: are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these five hundred? Ninety two disputed ballots, lawyer, to my Knowledge at present, no court are you, they made. There is any undue or improper influence upon the electorate with respect these five hundred. Ninety two ballots to my knowledge at present. No so they're going some of this stuff is fraud sum this up they are chasing, is for some of his they're. Just looking at look there
I ve been an honest mistake here. They these things may have been handled in an improper way. Every single one of these needs to be investigated and push all the way to the limits of the law. So we know what the truth is, and there also seemingly going for technical things that You didn't have the right to change this. You couldn't change that which will eat at these numbers: are you seeing Steve anything that would tell you that They have enough to change. The How come Well, we don't know what the outcome is. Remember that towards disputing nothing has been certified. So we have a projected outcome, but nothing has been certified. So we don't know what the outcome is. Do I think, also Only if you, if you skip me to the end of the story, do I think that John Albert is going to eventually lay in the. U S Supreme Court, you know, I really want those marauding mobs of leftist riots to show the at these eat Dc Brownstone here in January and ruin my winner. So where does
go ahead and tossed this election out hopefully not would be my guess, but the wording of what is what of what they're doing here is very specific and circumspect, I believe for a reason, and it is because we have in multiple times in the federal courts, and it also at the U S Supreme Court where they have Violated their own principles of story, decisive, they violate it, their own precedents. They have violet It established constitutional law in order to against the President, because they don't like what he says in public and so what I think, watching the trunk Whitehouse do which it, because another sign that this is not some gas lighting technique. legally. They are very serious about this is that they are with their, but they are a practice A level of restraint when, but frankly, like you- and I have pounded the podium for the last four years and a lot of debate in which they would have practised right, you're watching it take place right now, and I think it's because they recognize this, isn't a political organ it is now strictly illegal one. If we
into motivations, like is it a mass fraud scheme? Things of that nature? Then all the media influence in everything else comes into play. It comes down to simply a simple question. Is that balance legal or not, can you legally, as seemed a little issued, an order in Pennsylvania over the weekend, his upstate, I want those ballots became it. The deadline. I want them segregated. It's a simple question: who determines the election laws of estate? I judge whose unelected or the duly elected state legislature. I think it is very. more to the trunk team, to keep this strictly in the realm of what's legal and what is not and not getting into some Broad based conversation about networks to fraud. Anything else, would I will say biscuit, I can do that. There's about fibres counties in the United States, where we are being told the people there are really dumb and didn't know how to is the posted system had so their ballots were not shuffled
the deck and randomly sorted like the rest of the mail in ballots around the country were that's why they didn't get delivered until three four five, a m: they all just how when the be overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, with like no mistakes Donald Trump, Joe Biden are for Joe Biden. I'm sorry, hundreds of thousands of them voted for no other key. did it other than Joe Biden, I mean Euro You can t I me and tell me it's raining, or one of two things is true: the people in those counties are really really dumb dose of it counties in the United, the United States of America under just more or something else and those ballots didn't have stamps didn't postmarks didn't have right nothing. Did they get to the post office? It is it like come on thirty. Four street words like I want them on my desk right here. I asked about Taint Glenn. One of my best friends is doing is doing the the boat monitoring and tensile danger for the administration right now.
And he's in an up more upscale, educated county. He told me two days ago. In an hour all he was able to see Scully challenge nine dollars filter. incorrectly questionable signatures. Different ink on the floor. To the back the writing, with different, no signature at all, etc. Now this is an upscale, highly educated county in an hour he success. we nine dollars. If, if so, there were errors, There were errors on those ballots in those counties, but these massive dumps in these five or six county they just so happened to have the roll up, she will show. These numbers in order to win no errors. Could you and old enough to remember the floor to reach out and people forget it didn't really kicking with hanging chats? It really started. Tis a bunch of blue hares and Palm Beach County claimed that they accidently boated prepared You can't you remember the of the butterfly ballot, yes, that they made mistakes on the battle. They could understand it, they couldn't read it to you
telling me and all these places that didn't know how to use the postage system right. Didn't know how to postal postmark something when the mail it with the election day was with the deadline, was they did how to do that, but they did know how properly still out Joe Biden, one hundred percent of their time as Joe Biden say come on. Man come up, Thank you so much Steve Steve Days, the Steve Day, Sir Radio Programme on Blaze, radio and tv immediately following this programme. Thanks for the update Steve, I appreciate it.
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