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Best of the Program | Guest: Steve Deace | 12/31/19

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BlazeTV host Steve Deace is back on the program and shifting gears from theology to political theory. Together with his cohorts Todd and Aaron, he reveals what he calls the ten commandments for political warfare.

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Your listening to the best of the Glinda programme. Back of the the Glinda programme. I am Steve Days totters in Erin Mcintyre here with me as well. We are the crew from the Steve Day show on blaze, tv, radio and I cast each week day right after Gwen back filling in four Glenn here these final. Two days of two thousand and nineteen we gotta talk, I have great reaction to yesterday show about. The seven deadly whirl veers, I probably spent the last half hour or so at last. Before. I went to bed trying to answer as many of those as we could the most stubborn frequent question I received his hey. Can I can I get a further breakdown of those in written form, and I should have mentioned this during yesterday's programme. I totally forgot. I wrote a book
back in two thousand and sixteen Glenn was very kind here to profile and on the show which help to sell a lotta copies by the way come it's called a nefarious plot. You can still order it over at Amazon dot com, but a lot of those seven deadly worldviews. In fact all of them are broken down in greater detail. If you want to learn more about those get to the book is called in nefarious plot there. It is on our side. Thank you Of course, we have a radio audience a five hundred stations across the country. They don't know that, and I gotta remember that right, because we use to doing a tv show so again if you listening to us on one of those five and radio stations across the country, going Amazon, dot com and get a copy of a nefarious plot. If you want to learn more about those seven deadly worldviews, you ve got to learn more about us and why wouldn't you of course ablaze? Tv dotcom, slash days is how you can watch our show every day here on blaze, tv you can also subscribe to our podcast. Just for my name, Steve, that's easy spell days,
Not so much, though it's d, a sea, Steve Day, search for that on Itunes, Google play stitches, etc. You can also search for us on Facebook search our Youtube Channel as well. If you want to get some highlight clips of our place, tv show you can listen to us live each day on blaze. Radio is well from noon to two eastern right. After Glenn Beck, so yesterday we we, we spent part one looking at the landscape, the vat, We are called to engage. What are we against from a belief system from a worldview standpoint today, we're gonna be more practical, how do we advance what we as conservatives, actually believe how we can serve because that's what it means to be a conservative to conserve so we can serve that which has proven through the courts history, to be what's best right. True and beautiful, for the human condition is to be. How do we do that and
Five years ago I wrote a book called rules for patriots right, I kind of laid out everything I have learned from my own time? I think what makes me a little bit more unique then a lot people that do conservative media shows is I've actually work and been involved in kind of a technocratic nuts and bolts side of politics. I've worked on. Campaigns. I've recruited candidates have consulted with campaigns, have done strategy for them and it so I've I've kind of got a foot. In both sides here you know the big idea. You know philosophical worldview side that we focus on often and conservative media, but then the nuts and bolts side you known when we have candidates that represent our values and they run for office. How did I get from point a to point b heredity? How do they run on these things? What does that look like and so I wanted to put together a kind of
compilation of of the best things I've learned over the years, and I wrote this book. Called rules for patriots that was published about five years ago and was in first at the time by who's who of people in an conservatism. I dont know that you're gonna find too many books. They get the endorsement of monkey said the American Family Association and Freedom works and and You know you look at that. Donald Trump endorsed the book. At the time when he was thinking of running for President New Guinea I endorse the book at the time I mean that's a pretty diverse cross, section of of people. It involved and on the right who took a look at We are willing to endorse it for their audiences and I've done a lot of time in meetings about the book and stuff up over the years, but when I when I found that unite, I thought it. Stuff was good cause. I've done
and then I've seen it used against me and done by others and When I got final confirmation that I thought we were onto something is I got a call one day from a guy named SAM, none, Burke and it was July of two thousand and fifteen. So several months after the book came up, we have just had an event here in Iowa. That's where I live group in Grand Michigan, but I was born in endeared your DES Moines Iowa, that's right my family now, and so I ve been that's one of the reasons I'm so heavily involved in the technocratic side of politics is the art we're Caucasus. I've been heavily involved in that for a few cycles now to work for the TED crew campaign. This last Gorham Anna call from a guy before I declared for a candidate and decided which Canada we get a support. Slash workforce in this last cycle One of the campaigns that was interested in May was Donald drops in the
before we had had this massive event carried by C span? I call em seed it with Franklin's, a Fox news, we're thirteen. In presidential candidates were here. Giving their pitches spills too well for a thousand activists here for the eye. Conservative, active activists, video caucasus- and I was was standing back stage to be essentially closed for lack of a better description by Trop too to come on board and I still was in a hundred percent sure I could do this. You know but I was gonna, certainly listen to the pitch of a guy of this magnitude and taught you and I that whole summer were alike. Yeah? We see this Samson Bull in a China shop potential, but can we really that's a prick big world view lay right. We had our how many of those conversations behind the scenes you and I had that summer as you can't just being a sounding board and
in your willingness to ask his because my ego wanted all in on this? Ok, but you were willing to ask a lot of that kind of the larger picture. Questions can help me keep my ego in check, and so we did a lot of game theory with their eyes and how would look erect and- and I'm standing there backstage and trumps being interviewed by Frank once and he talks about how That was the moment when he said that when John Mccain name came up and I'm I'm no fan of John Mccain as up petition anyway, certainly appreciated his service to the country? But as a politician he here people like us. I just detested conservatives, so I you're, if, if, if I think you're going too far in criticising John Mccain, that's probably too far and when he said you know I like soldiers who work captured and they and their groans in the crowd and several things he said now, MIKE there's no way I can. I can if we send, primary with so many other conservative candidates, whose record
proven there's no way I can do this and we are actually doing alive. Show for a national radio network that day and I was making you are. You are hoping that helping the conquer the show and when I was doing my icy events, so I was coming back and forth in the stage to our state right and I came back and you guys were like hey. That was fast and like that, I can't you just can't happen you wash what happened out there. I can't I can't get on board with us. You know so stay. My wife and I are adamant, go no movie after church and I get a I've got a voicemail. It's my name same number with the time was essentially drums political operator, rent was running from its political machine and he said I'm I'm set. You know you need to see this article. I just go strode for Trumpery USA today, but his comments about Mackay. And so he sent me the link and I read the link and it was titled. I will not apologise. I think, is what it was title and he just for fun is to accept the premise that job Mccain was an unassailable figure.
And even which so far he even reversed the premise, and when so far. Shrub did in this peace that same ghost road for him to claim he's done more for appeal WS over the years, former Pure W John Mccain Amy, am I Amy is reading is to me, while I'm driving home from the theater, and I am just incredulous, ok at the huts by night, and I called sat back and I- and I thought you know, stamina are still France and I thought this guy but there was a chance, though this may be. The last time we were ever get to talk is a lot of times and politics, people, your friends when they need you where you have something they want and then, when you don't anymore they're, not you know- and I was like strategy cotton. Nice, knowing yeah, there's no this, it has no chance to work, and then he stopped. Me dead. In my try chagos, I'm really surprised I just use the tactics out of your own book when I go protest that desk you should have recognized these tactics. You should have appreciated them. It's right out a rules for patriot
A week later, I was convinced trumpets, toasters, a candidate a week later I call The guy running his eye were campaign named Chuck, Lardner figure. Maybe him and I might figure out you know, cause I'm about to decide whether to support made we figured, I would support the same person. And he's like Steve. I was about to walk away from this. Like everybody else, I was offended at what he said, but we are I'm. I've never gotten more respect from an audience around the country I've got military people who are who are sending US notes telling me I don't even like Donald Trump, I am just so glad that, finally, someone said something: they really think and didn't freakin apologize to the media and hates us for afterwards at even I agree with it thought it was appalling. Not is appalling.
You guys don't lies and fake news that the media that hates him and hates us feed me every single day that the only reason I think governments to big under Obama is I'm a racist. The only reason I think I'm a child is better off with her father and in a mother is I'm a homophobe. The only real the border IDA beacons secured is a xenophobe. Take his appalling over that any day of the week, and it said me dead in my tracks and you- and I had conversations about this at the time to her and thought maybe maybe wired response is a theirs to some. Indifferent going on out there. Then we anticipated and be quick at the stuff in is not works. I mean I thought it worked. To see it played out in tried out on such a large stage was kind the final confirmation and and that's I today. What I want to do is I want to share with you some of the principles. That were used that day to essentially salvage Donald Trump nascent presidential campaign. When we all thought it was done,
and how these ten commandments political warfare how they can be used by us to elevate. Our principles and help them when the day is the best I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the podcast. Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes bags on the final day of two thousand and nineteen day, two of proving though let just about anybody filling around here when their desperate for holiday help we, the crew of the today show we are on after gland noonday to Eastern every day on blaze. Tv radio in
I cast place to be dot com. Slash days, you can also look. It up subscribed your podcast on Itunes teacher in Google Black. So yesterday we talked about worldview. Today, really talk about tactics. How do we do we actually believe? How do we get it done glittered on? How do we do that? Our ten commands, political warfare. This is number one for a reason. Never trust republic. Rats do not trust someone just because they talk a good conservative game. I believe there is a famous line from an all time best seller that says faith. That works is what tat dead. That would be dead. Show me your works and I'll show you. Your faith right, Show your faith and I'll show your works, its symbiotic relationship, politics. You are the hills you die on. The slogans, you spout may say that again politics, you are the hills. You die
at the slogans you spout. I could look at. Any unkempt promise by this present in his first her. And it would come down to one thing trusting every public rat. They didn't repeal Obamacare key outsource that to Paul Ryan and Mitch. Mcconnell think they d don't believe in that stuff they were going to do it. We still get soldiers standing around in Afghanistan waiting to get I indeed the death like a glorified Well out. All cop in one of these, armpits of this planet, for reasons only allow knows, has no in its poppy fields. It serves no strategic benefits whatsoever. Why Boy, the Pentagon is full of those kinds of republic rats, people, the talk America first in the jingoistic game, but in the end, when. Some muslim terrorist coordinator, a shooting at a Pensacola.
Military base, the first concern is, let's make sure this does an impact. Our saudi troop sharing programme priorities, yes, In the end, you, the hills. You die on, not the slogan, just about Let me prove this year in the most painful way possible. So this is one of our favorite games. Tat. The audience could not see your smile, so its spiritual. Yes, one of our favorite games. Our sister cited. The blaze is called conservative review. And conservative reviews? Primary function is what's up on a liberty score in its to record. On a rolling average of the last fifty votes on every conceivable issue? Just taken Can you updating how your member of Congress, are performing on conservatism. What I love about. This score is keeps rolling over another
like a great group like club for growth is gonna, be focused on one slate of issues. This can this takes every issue into account. The conservative view they reject Lima fist Conservative and social liberal than I know, you're not there's no such thing. That person doesn't exist. Ok, except maybe Cato. There's like five most people on a floor. I bit bit Those boats don't exist. Those voters zone exists that person really does exist and mass, There are conservative or you're. Not. And if you are offended by that by all means, email me Steve at sea based outcome will be happy to correct you. Ok, You cannot limit government by promoting Saddam in Gomorrah, because when Whose immorality people are like, you know what if I get to do whatever I want an end, if a blows up in my face, I'm not paying for it. I'm gonna make you pay for instead that so we got the welfare state in the first place, works so. This liberty score just how they actually vote on the issue.
That matter to you all of them They give you a few names here. Is there they ve been in the news a lot. Fox news every night. Practically. Would you Would you call them trademark what errand would comment on really serve? It is in that way it's actually new conservative here. Yes, these are neoconservative heroes, meaning ice I own the lives and in a sound bite or a video clip in now The talking point is come down from a holler. But this these are now behold your new, conservative Europe trademark Chamber the name? Devon Nunez has been in the news a little bit the last four years. Writing this little. But yet I thought it by the way we read his memo on our show when it came out and almost cant. Think of something in his memo. That was not proven to be true. So let's give credit where credit is due, He has done some good work. I d bunking in the russian collusion hopes, but in the end
when we may create hoaxes on the next republican president. You have because that's how they roll Kay, their names change. Sometimes it's Julie, sweat, Nick. Sometimes it's a need, a hill, the names change. The scams remain the same right fire of the Jimmy page. The song remains the same in the end, if you want to beat these people, you gonna beat him. With a better society with with the right principles. His liberty score. It has been in Congress for fifteen years Well, what are you to be drinking? The knights of us is going to be honest when your height thirty, three percent folks. That's not even a Moses Malone, Bow wow, FAO, thirty, three percent, thirty three- That means almost seventy percent of the time
The new conservative hero Devon Nunez Boats with the very Democrats that you believe he'll be slaying tonight on your behalf on his side hundred and ninety eight consecutive appearance on the lower anger program. You just take freedom Steve indeed, yes,. Lindsey gram. Mary went off, he say Kevin. I did did the biggest travesty of efforts saying they were my brain, and these are my friends. Are supposed to do this to one of them? Conservative judges are no lack, not that not tar, roving a black robe, that's Does that the rules of engagement around here I mean Dense Linsey gram from me: deep blue state of sir Carolina I believe you can. I think in fact,
elected the Greenville and I love Greenville. We have one of our for there in South Carolina if I'm wrong, if your listing there from the home branch and Greenville this morning, I but If they get elected to the City Council in Greenville, South Carolina, you must be. Well to recite the entire New England Primmer word for word in each order. I believe the how Red South Carolina is right, Lindsey. Grandmasters Liberty score thirty percent thirty, You mean seventy percent of the time he It's like he represents Bernie Sanders. Vermont. Never I told you yesterday, pragmatism, sacks when two grand Liberty score is living breathing proof, about the newest conservative hero. Ah, yes, she down. Adam Shift and sharing Adler, the eyes and guard and or door.
Of men of our middle earth. The two towers of aggressive dominates. Ok, would you like to know her liberty score spinning Congress for five years for years, twenty four percent of the ship what's with you at least Sephardic did even vote for the Trump tax cuts guys like, like that, is too easy to be Republican. That is the minimum threshold. You have to be willing to vote for, like any tax catlike literally anyone. But you can't be one like anywhere, like even critics secrets taxes, even the rhinos cut taxes. He's. Everybody knows that is the minimum threshold. The number one thing four for those of us that have been republican activist, never thing? We would know the Republican Party for as being pro life pro second right, but to the fore in within
the scope and bone society of the Republican Party, the vow you take. No money a tray when it when we have brought it did you like that when you are brought in, I took a shot at yesterday had to give one back this morning to my catholic editor over here. To my right in When you are, I made evil blob of tissue veto, in the Republican Party, the agreement is, you must vote for any tax got it just it automatically have two or Europe she didn't, even though for the trunk tax cuts, Lasher earn twenty. Seventy she could even bring herself to do that. Bear minimum attacks, remind the man of steel movie. You have so much when you find out that the asked stands for hope in their language. Yes, what does the magic? I really stand for right got. Yes, your answer to cover wrong. It's not so do math! Yes! So
the least a coup right now our conservative women around the country right now saying that their daughters be more like her. Indeed, vote against the number. One reason your economy is booming right now. The trunk tax cuts do that if and if you can't get a republic index, though, to cut your taxes That is the point you might as well just for Democrat. Cause, you're gonna, get everything else that the Democrats want to What was it that you pointed out regarding this? How these republicans raw in red states versus how progressive right an idea that uncertainty I gotta get to one more though, because, because There is a huge blow up about. Doug Collins, the congressmen in Georgia who's got lots of cool quips go. Off on and in the end, then all these hoaxes we ve all had to endure for the last year,
his liberty score in deep Red Georgia. Forty eight percent remember. When Reagan said the person who's, your eighty percent friend isn't a twenty percent enemy would have, the person whose the fifty per enemy, seventy percent enemy. Are they are they a twenty or thirty percent friend anybody? These are isolated. Oh there's, more, your listening to my name is back room around here with the crew of the crew of the studio totters in inner Mcintyre noon to Eastern each week day right after Glenn back here on blaze, tv radio An podcast, if you want to find out more about us, got our channel on you too. You can also subscribe to the pot gas on Itunes sticker. Google players my name d c E. U can also would ablaze tv dot com, slash days to watch us and all of it re programming. We do each day at blaze, TB, Blaze, tv, dotcom, slash
days. So we spend an entire opening our on the floor, of the ten commandments political warfare from my book rule four patriots which I wanted to write the antidote to solve the Skis rules for radicals. How do we actually have principles that element those of us who believe in God, given rights rather than emulating the principles of a book dedicated to Lucifer. How do we do that that's what these ten commandments political. Where all about so now that we have, I think the very least in it's a number of you to consider how much you are willing to blind trust. These Republicans you elect. Could they gave you the sound bite you wanted on Fox NEWS today. Let's move on to the rest of the taxation of you, ready to go, get it yet, let's go to number two second of our ten commandments ever attack, which are now willing to kill the mistake I've seen conservatives make in public office way too often Here's the reality, the minute you become
Republican nominee for any office in America that matters You are immediately racist, a massage earnest homophobia, a xenophobe and you probably kick puppies immediate, I'll get John Mccain, the media did everything they could to get in the nomination ten years ago. Five minutes after eclipsed the nomination front page in the New York Times he's got a mistress now I believe that story was debunked but think that they just found out about that five minutes after eclipsed the nomination ready, they probably had that story ready the entire time and if you hadn't, clench the emanation there. A point in running that story, because then they can still use him to book him every Sunday morning to use in speed there talking points against people like us right, that's the way the game is played your agreement. Hackers fan proton yet the legendary couch, Vince Lombardy. Always used to say to his players. If you gotta go over the middle catch the ball.
Because when you go over the Middle yard, at Saint he's coming up behind you here He can't see if you caught the ball or not most of the time, and so he is key to play you the the player, not the ball, that's all. Try hit you to try to stop you and separate you from the ball, so you're going to get hit. Going over the middle sticking out those out how many times on an ineffective Sunday or a college robust Saturday, you see guy, stick the alligator arms out there right, meaning they there They don't fully extend for the ball and then they Cole, jacked anyway and you're scream and as a fan just cast a ball, you're gonna get anyway. What The point of taking the hit it not going to move to change or or or score. The tough downright track. Yes,. All too often You see the people. Representing you, think you know if If I, if I just stop here,. They'll be nice to me. Another one
You want a great example of what of of of what it looks like two, never attack which are not willing to kill. Go watch Donald Trump, juniors, recent appearance. On the view. Few weeks ago, dude low it up. Came came loaded. Man emptied the. King chamber And then, with bodies twitching and smoke pouring forth from the barrel. When for a refill knocked again. Unloaded the chamber again and then was like Austin powers, I'm spent. That's that's what you do you guys, but of course you do but tat we needed This is like that the reverse of the Joker. We need a better class, a criminal and I'm going to give it to a sort of thing, but this
this is really really hard to do, because, ultimately, a lot of our candidates get involved in this and that their their pageant parents what they are. This is They really want the ribbon that the ceremony all at stuff and you don't to be a jerk. You list it's easy, we're quite good at it, but you don't have to go in there name colonizing. I go about us about the ideas. I feel the ideas I go back to John Junior. You watch that clip he's not in there being a d bag or anything remedies. Anything his delivery reminded me of Chris Farley and Tommy Boy, but you were there when we looked over ass when he looks over at Whoopi, Goldberg insists on me. I will be your. I mean I mean joy. You are black face too. It looks like we're all just round your world part of the raft. Northern society here right, see that doing it. That way, actually works even better,
because if you go in there with brow furrowed from the outset,. And they can ride away just label you, but when you go in there, you know I Kool MOE Dee, how you like me now. You know We just sit there. Haven't some coffee talk in the trees. On my side, I got nothing to fear. This is a devastating tactic. They're going to treat you like the Covington KIDS anyway, anyway So what is the point of earning all of these bad names?. What why do any of this? Then? If, if you're not going to lay waste, ok lay waste to the fortress then then don't list you'll, be treated joy. The same as if you had anyway. Brings us to commemorate number three. Never exceed, The word never
is used to live here. I like absolutes, we we love absolutes on this, show we embrace them. We marinate in them. We love them never accept the premise Of your opponents argument never never again if you just turn in this morning. Never in the original Greek means? Never it's never us never owes never How are we doing that today? Are you know and tons of tax? How many we all do it in and we're all afraid, I'm getting banned on social media right now. Everybody and conservative media is for the most part, Simper Kurtz Lictor. I think he's begging for a ban. God bless him, I mean But he is like perch slicker logs on twitter.
He's like looking for updates to their terms of service, of what you can't say or do ends like now, I've got my marching orders for today. I am convinced they won't bantam. Could they didn't want to get the satisfaction so most of us in our industry, our paranoid about getting banned from these platforms, because there primary conduit to reach most of you with with our clips, and so reason it's how you aggregate your information and news nowadays are our ability to reach. You is severely diminished without them so what's happening is met illness known as Trans this in Trans that but its mental illness, its insanity mean. Let me let me read for you this headline: Can we find a here from over it read state yesterday this headline is incredible and it was a story out of the UK. This is the headline I'm just gonna red verbatim alleged.
Couple identifying is neither a straight nor gay couple has a miracle baby sperm of a man. Identifying is a woman thanks to a transgender doctor, Twenty nineteen in one headline, Ya'Ll right there has it and and The state is doing it. This way for two reasons: one. This is a devastatingly effectively pointing out how in saying this all is, but too this is the most devastating the effective way they could do so without violating the terms of service of the social media groups and getting band. If you verbal eyes your opponents talking points you're helping to advance them. If you, if you permit the premise. Of your opponents argument to be granted, he will win the argument every time who this premise is kept it in an argument, always It's always wins always arguing bottom line bottom line bottom line there
Arguing premise: premise premise that's where the fight is that it's not at the end of the argument. It at the beginning, Todd that's why you have who's the player from former nationals now on the Phillies scum. Can we term of rice higher percentage? That's why you need to be comfortable thing. That's a clown question! Bro! You, you ought to have that in your arsenal and you have to say it a lot, because the media just comes you over and over again with these redeem. Its premises and its fascinating that you bring read that headline because one of the best jobs you did this in real time. With the local guy on Channel thirteen? You gotta tell people about that because you basically I gotta, find question. Yet there was a local news guy. They had meet that when I was doing just local radio and they used to do this feature local news makers, for he had a cheer for sixty mincing and ask anything. So I go into the chair and they want to ask me all kinds of questions about homosexuality. They any starts asking me questions like do.
I had you know do or do I think a homosexual should be allowed to openly serving the military, And I said to him: I I think all males and females who are able bodied and can live by the uniformed Coda military justice. If they wish to volunteer to serve their country, they ought to be able to and then he asked me again seem question I gave in the exact same answer: all males and females are conserved and can live by the. U am unit code. A military justice should be able to he's like what about what about gaze and like? I only know of two forms of people: male and female. If you know of a third variation of the species by all means you should be in the chair, and I told him you should meet with its which spots derives maker, you're, breaking news, you're, ready no something science is not previously told us. I only know men and women and then he said to me goes well: do you have any family members who are gay, because this was right after we had the election about throwing the judges out over gay marriage or in Iowa looked at him and I said well, I will,
that would someone I used had their own talking point against. Am I looked into it? So I believe what someone does with another consenting adults in their own bedroom is none of my business. So I don't call my family members and ask him hated. You have gay sex last night. And that's how the that's, how the exchange ended right then, and there that's what you're talking to December thirty. First, two thousand nine you would. Probably been somewhere on the on the airwaves or maybe not because you're probably on break then butts around that time. You would have been somewhere saying you know with the gay marriage debate. This would have been five and a half years before a burger fell.
But the gay marriage debate. What were really debating here- and you would have correctly pointed out- is that there is no gender and of course you would ve been told all. Will you just making a slippery slope argument this is just about this is just about love. Is love love as equal and in all of this ten years later, disarming authority Hearst, yes, that Red State headline, because ultimately, we're saying it's not natural for men to be attracted, admit women and women to be attracted to men and that's how we perpetuate the species? That's that's really. What you're saying is those. God given or nature ordained instincts and desires and wants an end. That's why we're gonna justify no longer recognising that an undoing them. So what you're really saying, if you take your argument to its logical premise, you're saying: there's: no gender and I'd bring these people on as you point out, they lose their minds. But now what is? What is the argument? What's been the number one cultural flashpoint we ve had all year and twenty nineteen
the very gender argument they used to deny that people like me. They really wanted to have all along its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like this show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news, Why it matters, but for now, where ever you download using the blaze radio network on demand.
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