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2020-03-23 | 🔗
Today’s coronavirus update: The disease is in nearly every country as cases climb. President Trump activated the National Guard but refuses to nationalize businesses as companies volunteer to help. And in more good news, Glenn brings stories of Americans coming together! The Senate Republicans’ massive stimulus bill failed to pass, as Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for COVID-19 and Nancy Pelosi promises a larger Democrat-led bill. And for some reason, people are still worried about climate change! BlazeTV host Steve Deace joins to discuss his new op-ed and whether the cure is worse than the disease.

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Probably the pot cast. It is an interesting time in the corona virus saga we get into that today. Talking about sort of aid, maybe a turn of the tide of public opinion where people are starting to think. Well. This is a dangerous thing, but when does it end? How do we ended the need to figure something before the economy dissolves in front of our eyes. Also look at what else the spending is going to do to us we're talking about multiple trillions of dollars that our to be spent Steve Days joins us to outline his new column, which suffer the police dot com, which kind of talks about whether we haven't a fax to make the decisions about grown a virus, and we get into a bunch of other stuff as well. Make sure you check our universe that this really does serve. Develop as the minute goes on, but we have not. Only the radio show today felicity the package. Also Stew does America we have going out to night air assets,
At eight p, DOT M Eastern, if your on place tv, but you can subscribe right now, get all episodes for free on Youtube or right here on your podcast app, Stu does America and clicking subscriber with love that and to rate in review this podcast as well. Five stars: the appropriate amount of stars as the designated by Doktor factually himself. So here's a package you only thinking right are corona virus updates from Johns Hopkins University. The daily stats are locked in it. Five thirty, a M central time, total confirmed cases worldwide. Three hundred and forty one thousand six hundred and thirty to think about that up almost a hundred, I'm sorry yeah
Grids, House holy Cow, that's up. Almost a hundred thousand since Friday total confirmed deaths. Fourteen thousand seven hundred and forty nine, that is up Most five thousand are five five thousand. These numbers are we're getting so huge and the jumps are getting so huge, it's hard to even imagine. Total, confirm recovered worldwide. Ninety nine thousand up ten thousand from Friday total confirmed, recovered worldwide. Eighty nine thousand up from eighty five now one hundred and ninety two countries have confirmed cases up from one eighty two only to come. Greece, the Marshall Islands and Saint Kitts do not have confirmed cases Saint Kitts. Is that not a place the rich people live Saint Kitts That's very nice, wearing, I think it's. I would have been a sink its. I I've never been there. I've done a lot of research on a cause. You can buy citizenship there.
So I really am very much looking into that. As we have been argued, sit our more interactive, the price might be going up as we speak. If it's What what is it? What is citizenship cost nowadays It varies very widely, depending on where you would like how really there lay Saint Kitts, so they don't have they don't have the corona virus. I believe Saint Kitts is several hundred thousand dollars. Ok alone. I'm buying less. Is there like a kid there, like a kit, Saint Kitts, like a kid car, but it's not exactly Saint Kitts. Kind of a knock off. That's a lot cheaper. There, I've got a hundred bucks. What country would take me there's not a lot that will do a four hundred, but there are some that are like countries you ve, never heard of them like land lie, I'm a little manic Madagascar, that you can go to your neighbor, there's one right right there that the pirates like too, to take right off right off Africa, but
like all male? Take you yeah they'll, all they ve got pirates hang out there all the time to army. Maybe five and now of active cases, are considered serious, requiring hospitalization. That's steady from five percent Friday, but remember three. We, so go that number was nineteen percent by the way. Sincerest thoughts and prayers to Amy Clover, jars, husband, John it has? The corona virus is Not on a respirator yet but is getting oxygen, he was coughing a blood it it's very bad for him. So please keep club a charge. The closures in your prayers may not vote her way, but she an American and we're all in this one together in. Who's gonna, be the first celebrity stews in me, the first person that gets this. That ties, I think, it will be a significant moment.
We would have lost Tom Hanks on leader that would have been bad yeah. I know I know Do think that there is a moment like that. That's very potentially possible here. Where you you see. One of these people who seem to think these people almost seem insurmountable protected from the World Bank gives you did you see that this conference on Friday, with what the president said. He said he walk into a room without somebody taking his temperature said. Every time you move from room to room in the White House, somebody's their beep, beep beep, taking on behalf of my age and disability. Different world men. One people, one billion people now sheltering in place more than a billion people remain indoors in India. For fourteen our curfew as Singapore banned all short term, visible visitors now it's amazing is Only fourteen our curfew in India, if you're going to kill
people inside India seems like didn't I movies, wanted to go to India. But I've never wanted to go to India. You know it's one of those I'd love to see the TAJ Mahal I'd love to go see, you know, beautiful place in India that I can't name right now. I'd like to go to India, be a wild experienced, but I want the India that I see like in. I don't know Indiana Jones where it doesn't smell. I can go to the counter popcorn and a coke. You thought I mean I want. I want two weeks in some of these places them We just in the movies I'd like to I, but I don't think I ever will cause, doesn't seem like a safe place, art planting season is here, and there is a worker shortage this could be a problem. The farming industry,
is warning that immigrant visa restrictions due to the corona virus pandemic could mean a loss in farm labour. Sharp enough to hurt the ability to get many items to the grocery store shelves. If the and policy holds. We will have some very serious shortages of labour According to the western growers Association, we, go out and pick our own fields. We don't do that, and I don't see american children running out to do that any time soon, this could be. A real problem coming at the and of the growing season. We really need to have the president look into that. Respite a fair describes, the terrifying lung failure from covered nineteen, even in his young patience. He said it first struck me how different. It was and how my further from my first corona pay patient. I was like holy crap. This is definitely not like the flu.
Watching this relatively young guy gasping for air, pink, frothy secretions coming out of his tube said therapist on condition of anonymity, because he's not authorized to speak at his hospital but reading about it? In the news I knew I was gonna be bad, but we with the flu every year, sizing he well, it's probably not that much worse, but see in patients with Goby nineteen it has complete. Lee change my perspective, it a lot more frightening Donald Trump on Sunday announced that he is activated the National Guard in California in New York and Washington State in order to combat the spread of corona virus he's. This is war and we're going to treat it like a war. Administration emphasise the deployment of guard members does not constitute martial law There is a really nasty rumour going on around martial law and eat is a rumour they. The
some units have been put under noticed is to remain prepared to be called up for service here in Amerika, but that is not for martial law and that is not nationwide governors retain command of the National Guard, but federal emergency management agency will cover all of the cost of the missions to spawned the virus outbreak. That's according to the president, pets huge, the huge, the now said more than eleven hundred troops should be deployed. To start with more. To follow as needed. Is anybody else sick applause YO and everybody else, just tearing down the president that he can do no good. I mean I can't I can't take it anymore. What are you guys doing and by the way have you seen the latest pole numbers like Cuomo starting to make an impact, was Cuomo. Just This a stealth run firmer for for Governor Cuomo
is that what this is was he just because he's been? You know, For front in the news, now again he is the governor of New York and his brother is on CNN now? There are those in the damage party that are saying how you know, maybe he should run for president said nineteen stimulus and relief plan, the trillion dollar corona virus stimulus package that would help offset the devastating economic effects economic effects of the virus hit a roadblock last night as Democrats blocked the proceeds a vote on the measure. Is deadlocked at forty seven, with five republicans, not in the chamber, including senator, ran Paul, who announced Sunday that he does The virus June are set Treasury secretary said that the bill which has grown much. As one point, eight trillion includes direct deposits. Checks to Americans and expanded unemployment benefits? Democrats,
want more money, guaranteed toward childcare, expanding fomenting funding for women's health care and more for the aid package guaranteed to go towards hospital and healthcare workers of this funding for women's health care. What you think? What do you think they nets steered us. Do you you from it There are times when you think that was the only kind of health care that matters for women to Democrats, which is, of course boiling their baby, yeah. So from grocery stores to the elderly, delivering meals or offering free classes on nine online acts of kindness during the corona virus pandemic are providing uplifting moments of joy in the United States, where we are just freaking out, it seems all the time
Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme welcome to the global programme. We're glad you here there is a vote going on here to second gimme. An update on the stock market really still its outcome. On your points, there waiting for the vote of course- and there was a very large, get a speaker recently does a very large promise from he said that disabled women Hagnonic basically to back the economy ass rather promising so could you didn't say that again, because I think that's what was it
again. This is unlimited money from the FED to back the economy, which is totally sustainable, like that, we should totally look at that as a long term solution right so there is no limit to the money that they will use to bail out the market. Now see when I see something like TAT, I to myself. Oh, now is not the time to put money hid. Her get right. Does it. Does that help you or make things worse, because for me, I'm like Hell yeah that's not a good sign, there's, not a good sign! Now it's not it's a little. These things so far haven't worked right. They ve tried this over and over again over the past couple weeks, where they're just dump in remember the first ask for the stimulus punch process with seven hundred and fifty billion dollars by Chuck, humor and then
the administration came back. New. Eight hundred and fifty billion dollars were now north of two trillion dollars and we should add ons that that is that does not include the four trillion dollars there. Promising backing from the FED and others, and now I guess, unlimited money here, whether something that's only six trillion. That's not that's all four quadrillion, ray point. If you compare to that. Well, remember, remember: remember the banks are only with the ceos now they're, only a core. Of a quadrillion dollars deep, so yeah you know I used to be. You know that a trillion dollars here trillion their added up to some real money. I'm glad I got the chaotic anymore why a man brother near marijuana, trillion dollars meant something every one. Seven hundred and seventy five million
River was seven seventy or seven, seventy five of like that for entire up and where we were freaking out. Seven hundred billion dollars now they're like on whatever, one matter, four trillion we did last week. I think you'd do another seven. Are we just gotta keep though sprinting machines just well oiled huh, holy cow money? Is XO readers courtships now used eat. All you want will make more spend on line, we print more courageous and allows a matter yet. So let me let me I just go over the news. The reason why we are looking at the market is not because it's what we do every day here in the last few weeks, but also because men, Mcconnell had a vote in the Senate last night and didn't go well. Forty, seven votes from the g o p now a single single person, for it. On the democratic side.
And he said: ok, here's what we're gonna do we're in a vote. Nine forty five in the morning the exact same vote that we had at six p m to thy route evolve. Nine, forty five! Tomorrow morning, fifteen minutes after the markets open sea. The change of heart? Then? Holy cow hole, cow that sounds like a democratic move. Quite out of I wish you wasn't on spending thing, but I am glad they. Finally, you know learned to do that, to see the Republicans with some gimlets for change, because they never do this then they never force there will, even when they have the majority and and when the majority in all three branches- they still don't. So it's gets caught a nice to see that their try to do something that try to do the wrong thing, but at least or try to do something. Oh, no Policy is offering her own emergency support bill and and that Spain and that's fantastic, I'm so happy
did you see that there is a democratic group? Now that is launched, a six million dollar campaign attacking Trump on corona virus response. Now is any you think that's gonna be work. That's gonna work! Well, for them, not in the middle of it. Certainly I mean if it gets completely out of control, they may look back at it in apart or whatever they're gonna. Try that I made you know The testing talking point has gone completely out the window when's. The last time you heard it gone gone it's dead because that you know it's wrapped up so quickly in our testing at rates three times what South Korea Wade listed numbers. I should say three times as many as is south. Korea is testing, which is pretty impressive, and it's happened pretty quickly that talk which is gone now. Just leaves eliminate that when from your memory remember, it was the most important thing: there's nobody will there's India and that there are
Nobody is good. Is South Korea just last we can. I guess, there's not anybody, that's beaten them the end of its. We were testing XO. There's a story. I think, with science magazine reverent a story last week of the amazing accomplishment of South Korea than they had retesting fifteen thousand people a day. What is it mobile number. It was an incredible number until the United States kind of came into the picture Last week we were right around them. We had caught up to about thirteen thousand per day. Yesterday we tested forty five thousand six hundred and twenty seven people and that, as that's includes most of it, there is actually a number slightly larger than that. But that's all they can confirmed by yesterday, but still forty five thousand people now three times as many South Korea. Obviously we are a large country and there's some qualifiers that number, but the point is that we were testing almost nobody one week ago and we're up to forty five thousand, we're going to pass south korean total test this week and we that this is why you ve been eaten. Not freak out about the case numbers going through the roof
the case. Numbers are unimportant largely because of how many people were testing. Resting at an incredible, an incredibly increasing rate every single day, so those numbers are gonna, go through the roof and we ve talked about that. We, together two weeks ago on the show like they were about to enter a period in which you are It feel like you're sacrificing a lot and the numbers keep up in getting uglier and it's gonna feel like you're wasting your time, even though it does take your breath away a little. But when you know that on Friday was fourteen thousand seven hundred some and today its thirty five thousand sonia of aid gets a startling to you. But you're right. I wear at the hockey stick worth the hockey stick point here right, but deaths are really more important to look at, because you know that that's are, and those are increasing to their does not increasing at the type of raids that you're looking at four cases of percentage, wise, sexually slowed down. Four hundred and fifty eight out of thirty five thousand, that's that's That's not a huge mortality rate. Let me I want anybody that I obviously pun
Those are all were numbers than pan stop it. Yes, you do you're gonna last, gotta less. If you wouldn't mind people who are just kick in it, and there was a day that you would have given that list on the hit her right has written a day is not today, then that data that today, the fact that day is looming me long gone wrong. I noticed, though, that you're not talk about the obviously the real issue, the faint thankfully there's the Toronto star, which Guessing you know, because of covert. Nineteen is just something of a test run for worse news, which is as its weight. Yes, why but it's not as its climate, climate change, the climate could be so much worse than this. You know,
I meet with all the handwashing. According to doktor, math laughing all the hand, all the water or some of the water in some of the month will completely death of here out of most of your water bottles within the next, when two nine malaria. And those who will be bad there. So so I think it. Seventy nine thousand years in the water in our water rattles may be actually want or may be gone. The seventy nine years, the is the point of the Toronto star. Echo is just that a global heating, is another universal danger, where the suffering will be intense. Personal and Why are we so frantic about covert nineteen and we're not even talking about climate
is. I mean how one because once a hundred years away- yeah- maybe maybe maybe an iranian anyone, maybe a Europe eight at the other one is in your house and wearily even looking at this they saying about look at Lord? They will take it seriously now it's hard to take it seriously. When it's not here when it's not in your own backyard. People need to see that it's in their own back yard. I think president Europe is right of veto these looking at what are we gonna do and in fifteen days he said at the end of the fifteen day period we're gonna have to get this in re, evaluate so I mean I think he's right. People are people only people do it for a week. They might even do it for two weeks. But any longer than to exert a lot of people that fifteen days you know, I don't know if that was wise, because
everybody. I talk to those they all yeah. Well, where our two weeks away for like not really are really, though they were either. It was a smart thing to set up an attainable goal. Right where, if you were to said all look, what have you done this for six months and after that we will assess it like? No one would have put up with that from the beginning. Here is If you know what I mean, we're gonna kind of all kind of come together and do it for fifteen days, but they better a plan at the end of the fifteen days there better something that we're doing that is well defined because the american people aren't going to put up with this forever now they're, not it's not China Y y. You know everybody keeps asking for a plan. How We don't know how this is going to work out. How do you plan for this? What did you have to have you? to have a some ability for peace or to go back to work or change things up, whether it's just quarantining the most most vulnerable, whether its another two weeks of quarantine and that's it
however, it is, it can't be just open, ended forever, unless alive and less democracy. I see it looking really ugly, if, if you know like, if, if, if there's twenty Five thousand dead people in New York City than the lot of this calculus goes out the window, but if this sort of stuff does not ramp up the way that they keep telling us, it is due to an exam of Gavin Newsome sing. Twenty six million people in Fournier in eight weeks would have this again. If, if that's we're looking at. We probably are willing to to sacrifice a lot on the economy and will probably stay inside a lot to avoid that if it doesnt ramp up like the people don't see it, they're not gonna, put up with it love trundle, though Winnie tweeted out today, that we can't make the cure worse than the problem? I'm so glad that he actually recognise that, and I hope the american people conservatives at least republicans- should certainly recognise that that we can make the cure worsen. The problem- and that's that's,
risky run by shutting America down. Well, who was this is what was the governor that just was it Illinois? which was the governor. The just shut things down and said. Look I I m stand you know the decision I have to make. I have to make. Am I going to save lives and kill the economy or save the economy and and kill lives, and that's that problem here, but we don't know what we're dealing with for sure over here, but I mean, You saw this in ITALY. Now turning away any one who is sixty, but The care has so rationed that if your sixty go home, we can't help you this bizarre discourses, the people who need it, the most that its very strange, but I think, like that,
one big mistake: we keep making is saying it's either the economy or lives and, as as I think, trumpets is illustrating today only on Wolf had a good com and the blaze that illustrate the same point. The economy is, lives? That's? What is the reason why we have an economy is to make civilization and life better. It's not all about the lad screens, although in I certainly love the flat screens, but it's it's bigger than that and is the reason why we are able to extend life expectancy in key people alive is because of this economy. So at some point there is A trade off There's a line wearing what I like it here like to see at the end of the fifteen, at the end of the fifteen days, the press and in the CDC say alright, there's enough Accedes out there that, if you test for it and you test, you ve already had it or you test, negative go back to work and You know we're just gonna test every body and, as you get a test, you can go to work. If you don't have it go
to work every one else has to stay in their in their house. I think at least gives you some light at the end of the tunnel. Because I think that's what people need right now, it's just a little ray of sunshine, something that they're aiming for. This is the best one big programme. This is the Glenda Programme, our brains, these days in Steve is who has written a fascinating, fascinating, a bed for the blaze, something that needs to be heard and needs to be considered and it goes to the heart of of what I talk to you about originally is said: the corral virus is not going kill us we're gonna survive. We want to overwhelm the hospitals, because that will the great tool, but all
the real problem here. The real killer is the economy, and I not. I'm not sure how we get past. What this thing is doing to the economy will Steve has done his work now he's been working on this for real a couple of weeks, because it hasn't set right with him and he says I don't understand how we're making these decisions. Welcome to the programme, Steve Dace Glenn, our your brother, good, I'm good, I'm a little concerned Steve because I feel like. I feel, I believe, the corona viruses real. I believe there is now a pandemic, etc, etc. I d no what I would necessarily do about it, but I will tell you that my feeling is that is being used, Two
Do some house cleaning and game changing what one of the things the whole premise of this peace? That's about a compilation of of everything. I've been researching in writing and talking about in the last week is to frame, is now as a public policy debate and the constitution charges us with a present elected by the people as our ceo, not a team of so good it's not a surgeon general, not a joint chiefs of staff, the presumption of our constitution. The public is that the average American can be an educated. Formed enough to ask the kinds of questions that balance, what art with? What really is the d? You know the unknown factor the collapse, damage of of every act rather than just looking at myopic late and so maybe up reality is separate from the public policy and
the question that we have to ask, and you know what I work on this peaceful and not knowing what the president would get a tweet last night. But the whole premise of this piece is to ask from a public policy standpoint. Is the cure worse than the disease, given the data that we currently have not just very insecure, should very imperfectly Enrico? It has some the question that big asking, which is according to business? Inside, Apple said it was reopening its forty two stores and China last Friday. Did they do that? Have we even further look, I don't. I don't trust China's data at all and I urge nobody my audience to, but I certainly trust him cut him coats, whether they share price. I certainly trust that South Korea's resuming pro sports at the end of the month, Howard doing that Japan is not is on the boar step, a on Washington DC eight thousand miles away. How are they now to cite a wide lockdown, we need cultures that Glenn have more experience with with China
outbreaks and in any we do, and so I think it's time for us this week, especially to look at this now from a public policy perspective with this, fifty days about to expire a week from tomorrow and ask ourselves based on, gotta we have now? How is it possible that the country it could go back to work, post, nine, eleven, the and keep its economy wearing the country put a man on the moon and keep its economy worrying. How is it that a virus that right now, fatality rate amongst the limited affected of about one point. Twenty seven percent can manage to cripple the entire american engine wherein ways this the block the Nazis, the japanese and Islamic Jihad jihadist, couldn't? I think we need to start asking about watched. So You you don't buy into the fact that this is as dangerous as they say it is so I write
I don't know how dangerous it is. The question is how and with what the law of unintended consequences for public policy. That's the question now right so the week before we shut the government down really most of the country down Glenn. The government reported seven point said percent of all deaths in America, where they were because of the flu the week of marched setup when you look at last year, these numbers and fight them in my peace. When you look at last year last year, at this time, the week of March sixteenth, we had a massive spike on the flu, but seven point one per set up everybody you at the flu that weak it America die. That's a massive Clifton needs that need a carpet need wondering why what we call, to do that and keep in mind. We were seeing those numbers. We flew Glenn when we ve got see that all kinds of public awareness about the disease that we don't have about coded nineteen, and so I think that questioning an average american- should ask this, given how acute how nodded
the Mediterranean to those for infants. Could the elderly, given how acute how discriminatory and far more lethal, better call, an error that the fluent in anymore get viruses? Are we didn't? She country down for them. Sixty five million Americans were infected last cold in the first place season, according to CDC Why are we doing this right now, given the percentages what we're looking at. Why haven't we taken more of a whole community approach which has been taken for thousands of years and fighting like this. It might be the first time in human history. We should question the healthy. Rather than the sick and the vulnerable. I just think these are public and there might be good answers for that. You're telling my audience that there might be We get answers for why we done. They said we don't have any of them and the number one reason we don't it's sceptical press is too far into stayed in playing the earth like for China and asking these kinds of question that these buildings.
So what should we be doing think? What do you think you're so that what is what are you? If Europe in the United States or you are advising the president. What would you be doing what we one download all the borders day, one in five seconds. We would have done that one, We would a bad international flights, I mean, have you ever gonna next, In short, it a flight from will not try to dispel, came Washington where HE d C is now saying that the first case they currently have a cup of coffee. I came in America back Angelo January. That's a twenty four hour minimum flight. You stop and paid. Ellie acts and I'm most of these route. You gotta stop in San Francisco as well. I try to shut down every international flight day blood. I wish I could the borders. Gay will protect the american people before we knew what's going on my equal again to do that they want now. President had done. Somebody said grace gratefully as time is going on, but the next, but but I like the fifteen day period,
I think that is a reasonable amount of time giving. The help that the medical infrastructure we have around the country I while we're hurting. I don't believe it is. Fifteen days, a mortal blow like the psyche of the american people, could cut roaring back pretty quickly feeling like they fight something if or overcome it, if we really have- and I think with the president's messages- I'm gonna get right on Monday fifteen day, that's a week from tomorrow when they launch this. Last Monday, when you know, let's we are where we are really out and then assess whether what the tunnel Socio economic cost ask is. This is vital question my pieces with the question Our government has to wrestle with an we're a government, representatives not exports the questions that have to be running equipment. One question, in my mind, is, will any potential tool we pay as it is Heidi from cold it. Nineteen based the data we have. Will it be more expense?
then they told we already pot pay my preemptively shutting down our government, and I think that's the equation that the president passed away on behalf of the american people, and I know what, if they went about exports expertise is one thing. We'll give us another? If I wanted to invade asking don't listen to me. I'm gonna get the joint Chiefs of staff and ask them how to do it again. If I the two, no after seventeen years, why we're still sore the drain there and their only respond, That is why don't we Lou every leave, my whoops, ok or what is victory? Look like? Well, we don't know we just keep doing this at some point. Expertise ends and world gets in the way, and I think that why we have elected representatives that are directly accountable to us, not a quota Creasy, not an oligarchy, not non governmental organisations, because we get to question those. Even if you would I go in a hospital and may give us a diagnosis of the terrible this we still have the right as patients to question whether the cure is worse than the disease.
So I think the president is right on the money this morning and I think that he is listening to these concerns. Now I Caution people we may not like the answers we get. Ok, but at the very least there are questions that need to be answered. Here's. What the president said. We cannot lead you're be worse than the problem itself? the end of this fifteen day period. We will make a decision as to which way we want to go we are: the FED is taking exe What would you agree? We're we're just giving we are in wooden? you agree, we're we're just giving modern monetary theory a world where does like getting less Dr Weir? I don't know right now, we're basically saying right now, climate we can pay. We can. Any amount of paper because are Military weaponry is bigger than yours and nobody will call in the know that essentially, what we are doing right now well nobody's called
nobody's buying or notes I mean the favor now is buying the notes. I mean we're just we're buying hour of debt. Now we had a thirty year, Treasury bonds sale. What last Friday Friday before last are our debt anymore? So now we're at that went to the FED so Nobody wants are our debt anymore, so now we're at that place, and so- doing, monitor modern monetary theory, we're we're just printing our own money and were buying our own debt. That's gonna last when they came out today at to try to stabilize the market and said, don't worry, we will print and unlimited amount of money we will by as many bonds as we have due to stabilize the market, how recover from that, you do not believe that least amount of time that you possibly can, because if this goes on further
you're talking about it and unless this is worse than the nineteen eighteen epidemic a century ago. Unless this is worse, this is the worst plague that this nation has ever faced and on a systemic level. Beyond hospitals being overrun, aren't we ve got The core of engineers just just build more at Genk sites beyond beyond infrastructure. Being overwrite that, unless we do with the captain troops here, this is it. This is that level of societal abed. You cannot justify that cars that cost I'm not! I don't know that we have enough data to say affirmatively that it's not yet. That's why? I think this fifteen days is a wise course of action and I think, what's gonna happen- It is now that the president has put this out their politically everyone at these various parliaments are now going to forget Gardena going down because nobody wants to be left. On the wrong side of history, so the medical people will be no more alarmist. The economic p will become more alarmist, the political people.
Will become more alarmist, because no one wants to be wrong on the other side of this, and so that's why We also urge my audience pray for this presidency like you have never prayed for him before this is going to take a supernatural level of ways, the courage of conviction to navigate. I would agree with you in his got, has proven to be right, usually mean. I think this tweet that came out this morning says because I think that's exactly where the american people are Hopefully Hopefully that is also a part of a God thing.
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