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Hillary Clinton has lost touch with reality. First she claimed that she won in 2016, and now she called Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset.” But the Russians just want chaos, and that’s exactly what Clinton is causing. Just like they did before the World Wars, the progressive elite are steering us toward a global reset and One World Order. And Google has given China access to its DeepMind AI. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies describes how he saw Google abandoning “don’t be evil” for communist China and silencing its definition of “fake news.”

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Pod castors, it's a great show for you. Today, its Monday, we go over all of the russian assets. What it conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton, is we get into that? Also the conspiracy theory of taking guns away. We talk about Lady Gaga falling on the stage was there last in the soft. Also I take you through one of my earliest predictions of howled world was going to head for a recent in it sounded raised at the time. This is probably two thousand and five or six and it sounded nuts. But today you see it's exactly what's happening. Also, we talk a little bit about breaks it. Who can figure that out and a Google whistle blower joins us all on today's Barnett
listening to the day. Still, MR back, how are you very well on day in I sit in your weekend you're the one now I think, there's a lot of people It was in the week after seeing some of the footage, and we have together this view on stage the lady That was not more than what we have get into that. That was not me. I was there. She had every own inner body ex raid right after that concert every bone in her body, she has fibre my algae, really bad. They ice all the time just to get her out of pain. You would not oh it, and especially after that fall holy cow. I dont know how she did it. It was a you know.
Like land on your tailbone. Just you know I just falling just walking and the fall in your tailbone. She was, she was up. Somebody had grab your lifted, her up, they fell on their tailbone the stage and balanced off and then fell another six feet on the concrete it was bad. It was a spectacular collapse, did not approach the Philadelphia Eagles last night or spectacular lapse a whore yeah Hillary Clinton. Yet in the Democrats party. You know it, but there are things like that fall. The eagles losing or politics that make you wish. You were sucked up in the tornado here in Dallas last night, but you weren't We're here, we survived will tell you about all of these things coming up the hill reclaimed Clinton thing he's insane, you know, want to talk about conspiracy theories. First
she's, the one that started the Barack Obama can spare see theory about the birth certificate, a hate campaign. It was her campaign. They outlined the strategy campaign memos. She first was the first one to start the vast right wing conspiracy. This woman is a conspiracy, not job. Now how shade multiple decade record of conspiracy arising and they loved and all just a cover up how many people they killed dozens of this kind of argument. At that point, I, like, I, beg you suffer so the ladys conspiracy now is that that tells you Gabert, is a russian spy. We have Hilary outlining this theory, my right to hear of yes, he or she is from the sum up, some hot casting its David plus Punk cast They are also going to serve party and I'm not can any predictions, but I think
got there I and somebody who is currently in the democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and box other ways Supporting our so far and unpaid that's assuming just time- will give it up which she might not issues, also a Russian as yet yeah she's russian asset, I mean totally, and so they know they can't win without a third party candidate, and so I don't know who is b, but I will guarantee they'll, have a vigorous third party challenge in The key states that they most made. It. This is the most incredible conspiracy. I have heard: ok, first, Let me just let me just say this before we go into the actual conspiracy. Let me just say this. Who is the most likely benefactor of eighth?
Third party candidate, who pay pull perceive. As a moderate Democrat. Who's the most likely benefactor of that. A perceived moderate Democrat. In today's climate, a person you, monitor, moderate from the Democratic Party, partially matters who the Democrats run. Its Elizabeth, worn, but somewhat with Warren and tools gabert comes in is a third party. Hoo hoo as more to I've, seen more passion honestly for tools he gathered on the right I have corral left correct, so If you want to listen. I'm telling you right now. Elizabeth Warren is Woodrow Wilson, its laws,
A key. Just came back from the dead, like somebody take off my top hat and put me on stage it she's Woodrow Wilson, he was a guy was nearly dead when he was in office. He has seen as okay, so How did he win. He was He was put into office because of a third party candidate and that third, already candidate was progressive going. Against the Republican, so high. Who was the crazy radical he was Lauren. Teddy Roosevelt is too, he gathered Teddy Roosevelt was known, as you know, a war here? Oh you know what a tough guy, so the Eu S common sense in some great but its policies were more radical in thee,
in the you know, in the run up, then Woodrow Wilson, Ro. Wilson was not the radical, that re see hit a lot of of what he is trying to do behind you know rhetoric and replying as well correct, yeah, absolute and not lying there. You see this with Elizabeth warn that, while there is certainly a parallel, so if you want Woodrow Wilson. You have to have a third party spoiler, one that will you'll votes away from Donald Trump. Now Hard Donald Trump, we're not going to tell us who but people who are just Democrats were like. I just want some common sense democratic candidates. Please I'm not! For socialism, I want somebody who loves the country. That's toll, seek a bird in their minds and if they ve, but for Donald Trump. What what are they try? Did you you'll see this rhetoric? If you, if you read the press, you'll see This rhetoric, people
Getting tired of having to defend Donald Trump he's an age the chaos it's. This is ease causing most of this chaos, not other people, gay and power. Surely true and so your somebody who was in the middle and you did you ve read for Donald Trump, but you didn't really want to vote for Donald Trump and then you ve got into office and your I like some of his policies, but he's just you know, tweeting three o clock in the morning and that's just too much for me. I can't take all of this anymore and some who appears to love the country and appears be common sense. A will peel it off. So the third party Hilary, if its Tulsa gout ever does not hurt the Democrat. It hurts the Republican so
I don't think this is a russian plot as much as it would be a democratic plot, and I don't think it's apply right, she's happens to be a candidate who disagrees on some of the things and yes, you know that that doesn't make sense. I mean look the deal. The last election turned on people who wound up known as Obama, Trump voters. They voted for Obama and then switch sure tromp and two thousand sixteen and those people are the types of people that tells you gave her would probably appear rent career. So you know I that does not mean that it would it. First of all we should point out. This is just a conspiracy, free from Hillary Clinton. Yet this is, she has no evidence to the autopsy. Gabert said: she's, not running journals, military rule it out yet, and so there is no reason to believe that this is happening, but if it were to happen and wouldn't even be a good conspiracy theory, no, actually something that could indeed
you're Donnie trumps reelection erect. We should also point out that we can't just brush over the fact that she outlay another can piracy theory in their saying that Jill Stein is a russian ass. It were evidence do we have of that other than the fact that cheap she grew. And as a green party, candidate, theirs, but that's outlook. You know and seeing somebody's a russian asset. Could we just talk about this here for a second, what Russia. What is their goal? What is our goal? I mean chaos we yeah. They want to destroy the United States of America, they do not want us to be a leading superpower anymore. So they care. They just want He ass. They want distrust, they want a trade between people and between parties we are we we will therefore russian asset. Anyone who they can pit against one another, anyone that they can use they will use. It doesn't mean that your work
Russia or you're working for Russia Right chicken work for any one that will cause as chaos, support them, support them, but we might be found out good it'll, cause even more chaos that's always is- an Hilary is playing right into their hands. No one hundred kids couldn is a russian ass, such loss at best she's doing it, because Russia told her to do it. That's what Crazy is there. I mean an example. I will say she's getting the the shine is gone. Hillary Clinton at this point, even among Democrats and she is getting from the media she's getting it from Democrat I mean she. This is not being received. Well, I'm telling you she's so crazy that if they ve Joe Biden lapses. She thinks she, I'm gonna go in and she'll take really, I really believe, she's she has totally lost, touch with reality.
Kid. What she's been saying lately she doesn't have any idea what reality is any more. She read we believe that this was taken, she is convinced herself this is a massive plot and that the people are screaming for her after we had to sit through time after time after time and twenty sixteen, were they lectured us about how Donald Trump, if loses Say wasn't fair and tell us this: isn't it? economic democracy. This, an attack. Now she saying she lost because of russian agents election I mean, I guess we should I picked it up when she said vast right wing conspiracy put, the woman is just a conspiracy theorist and it is basically ran the Democrat Alex Jones in two thousand. Sixteen that our respective none of us, the notice. You really is amazing, it's it's!
it's incredible salt here- do we have the audio of tolls Gabert yeah coming? This is really a great responses and it tells you governor out what she said. I am not afraid to openly express my love for our country. It can falsely, portray me as a trader. Then they can but to anyone- and in fact that's exam, the message that they want to get across to you, that if you stand against Hilary and the Party power brokers. If you stand up to the rich in awful elite and the war machine, they destroy you and discredit your message, but here is the truth. They will not intimidate us, they will not silence us. We are not here just a the test, their corruption. I am running for president to take the Democratic Party and our country back from the corrupt elite. Tell me that doesn't resonate with Hon, of Democrats that they all want to beat Donald Trump.
There is a a I think there is a lot of people that think its Elizabeth Warren, she's, crazy and if its just between her and Donald Trump, probably vote tromp. I won't tell anybody, but if I have Somebody who's got the message of. I want my party back, etc, etc. Talking about the joy hard diehards, I'm talking about the people who generally who voted for Donald Trump last time, who are democrat? There's a lot of them. A lot of those a lot of those and why Hilary lost, because she lost those swing votes they usually vote Democrat bright big time. The of privacy- and we talk about privacy- a lot on this programme, wait until you hear the latest from silly
on Valley today, holy cow, the best of the best program aids and you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Gray unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite podcast arts Oh. I wasn't planning on talking to you about this today, but I was the little overwhelmed little earlier What is what happening, and I I asked Pat too they in the studio. Your first second and and fuck me out of this with with use, do Just give you some of the sum of the headlines today Hong Kong descends into chaos again as protesters defy the ban.
Be a arenas prepare for protests. Hundreds of thousands, to take over the streets in Lebanon, new clashes, in Chile we are at war the medical risks grow in Latin America, just giving you the headlines, Scientists fuse brains with a sigh implants to give people superhuman intelligence, let's see vainly faced ouster threat before impeachment crisis allies. Craft list of potential replacements president in key stretch of fragile state in Comic ACT of President becomes dangerous set in four years could be even crazier dammit. Fats are cashing in on struggle It just goes on and on Romney may vote to remove Trump Alien,
aided Republicans, influenced by G. Seven reversal goes on and on and on bad and its global. Those don't include the economic headlines that are important. Economic headlines. The FED has gone back in Again for a second round of this no financial experts can even explain, never happened before we don't know the banks are needing these bailouts theyve they ve been Bailouts in the hundred, of trillions of dollars and we're back at it in printing money. Why? No one knows ok,. When I was back in Radio City Music Hall, I talked about two things on a show why how the progressive elites they were Surely the Fabian Socialists in in England
while they were all four and really plotted world war, one the reason why they plotted. It was because they wanted a new world order. They why did to take down the old rule, change the borders change. The financial system and have a new world order. This is basically the first step at a European Union and a first stab at a United Nations? So what did they do? They had to have war to change this and a change currencies you huh. Have to have a war and it to be so bad that, in the end, breathing changes, and no one cares, they just want it to end. Want the pain and suffering to end and so care really what the borders look like. They don't care that they ve changed currencies or change.
Traditions. They want it to end while we saw that with World war, one and we saw that the worldwide, not the same. We begin the leader where England was the leader We sank. We insisted that the greatest Navy on earth. Sinker ships to play this new world order, and that was England. We insisted that they leave their alliance with Japan and start one with us which lead to peace harbour. All of the board is that they changed they in post them on Germany in such a painful way that they plan all the seeds for world war. Two after more to the final. At their new world order in the United Nations and the EU started to spring to life. Now All that is collapsing. The economics
ability that they built is collapsing and they are eyeing now a borderless world. They want borderless world, because it's good for them with trade if they don't have to worry about all these governments, it's good for trade and if we just have one. Currency. It would be if we could. Lapse all at the same time. Maybe we don't owe money to each other, maybe it can be so bad. We can just restart and everybody loses everything, but we're gonna just restart sounds crazy. But I said: if you want to bring down the world you huh, to bring down America, and you have to bring her currency and situation. You have to bring it into instability and bring down to the level of everyone else. Then,
that fall can happen and they all fall together? It sound, crazy. But let me ask you a couple of things: what you need failing economies. And you need global crisis. Now I been trying this with a global crisis to get a new economy. They ve been too to do it? The greenway, the green light? is not working, nobody's gonna, go, there knows another Is it doesn't make any sense to spend that kind of money with? real, Proof that anything is gonna change, but it's gonna hit Help at all, so I ve been I d make green. Their new red. But instead what we have is a group of countries that are not listening to the people,
And so you have chaos now in Hong Kong, in China, in Taiwan, in Germany, in best way La Argentina, Spain, Chile, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and breaks it this week. Now. If everybody in the EU knew that breaks, it was going to cause the problems that they say it's going to cause. You would think that the EU might blink at the last minute: unless they this isn't going to work and they need to start from scratch cause chaos. You also have to have everybody, printing and spending like drunken sailors.
We have to jack everyone's dead up so high that when it falls, everybody falls. You have to devalue currency this is the plan of world war. One. It is happening right now now constitution says to create a more perfect union. Provide for common defence and to promote. Domestic tranquillity. So I take an oath of office, and I say I roll protect and defend the the constitution. The eyes dates I will protect it from all. All threats, foreign and domestic. If someone is working against. Promotion of domestic tranquillity. They
an enemy of the american people. They are an enemy of the constitution, Now that doesn't mean we don't have strife that doesn't mean we don't have arguments. But it does mean wait. A minute wait. A minute are, is what you're doing Adding in a great way, to way around that takes us to civil war. There was a study that came out three weeks ago: stew. The the number, and it was done by the left. It was not done, it was. You know an educational me an hour to a study done not by conservatives and they they wanted to find. What are the two who or what it one of the leading causes of civil war. What would try You're, a civil war. Now, why would you do that
Would you want to find that out to see how People are going to be activated. If someone like this is gonna happen right. What's what could possibly lead to that and so If you are in good intent, you could have Boy do those things right and if you have Bad intent so you can do those things. So a major study has done what it things that could ignite civil war number one is to come He ate the atmosphere where p believe or you, Actually, take the act to take away people's guns. Number one cause a civil war in the United States. New survey loophole second Impeach Donald Trump. Now, why
is that they believe impeaching Donald Trump is a as a fuse to civil war because we're so close to an election. I would you impeach him when the people should decide, let the people decide it. Allowed there. So let them decide. But So because the press has oh discredited itself and Congress, and the administration and the judge. And everyone else has so discredited themselves that everything will seem like a coup. We look at the Hillary Clinton is saying: she's thirdly saying she lost because too pause or Russia asset and it happening again? Dulcy Gabert is a is a russian asset. I'm telling you right now
breathing is in line. Everything is in line right now for global, war and a reset it that there are people. Like it or not that do have hung. Of power and money that bill if they know what's best and what best is a reset, and these people just don't know they just don't they just won't get out of their way there. Just too stupid And they will reset us, but the way to do it is through growth, global war. Can you guys tell me where this isn't moving forward in this direction, can you guys tell me where that doesn't make sense where this, then follow the pattern of history.
It does seem to align well without pattern for sure I mean they're, there these arguments in that, like we have been able to avoid those level of conflicts, more frequently then in past centuries, sure of encouraging? Maybe, but but again, if you have a study out that says the two main fuses for that year and those, refuses? Fuses are being led and law. Right now by the democratic candidates, its I'd like to weave avoided yeah. Well, we ve avoided, those things, but the it's too specific things current data on what would push us over the edge and you of the media and the Democratic party pushing for those do thing, they saw their platform write him in their plan. Yes, is this thing that could cause incredible amounts of k, yet very pretty cool
the case. This is the best of the planned back programme. Hey it's Glenn, and if you like a year on the programme, you should check out pad gray, unleashed his bond gases available. Where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Zack. Vorhees was a Google engineer for almost ten years before discovering hey, I censorship program, called machine learning fairness he blew the whistles and he delivered about a thousand pages of internal documents to the deal.
And to the public. He is now trying to raise awareness about Google's intention to meddle in the elections and in China Access to its Manhattan project called deep mind. Welcome. That Or he's our you glad, thank you very much for having me on the show. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you, Zack. You are incredibly brave. Let me just let me start with a kind of a personal question. What goes through your mind the night before you decide to go public against a company like Google. You know this was a really long time coming. I've been seeing them tiptoe towards this this talk control the internet. So for me, it's a moment of atonement when I can find
go out and warn the public about what's coming down and they ve already been seeing it. So in others this build up and then comes out and its relief release and is actually quite an emotional moment for me to be able to finally do this after years of waiting and all the due diligence and clicking this information and making sure that it goes into the right hand side. I have to First of all, thank you for what you ve done. I have to tell you I'm shocked by the american people that we that, we haven't, reacted more strongly against this Thee, A brave new world was right, not one thousand nine hundred and eighty four we're just been given this drug of information, and it doesn't seem like we we care either that or- but don't actually believe this
is going to turn into something really horrible yeah, you know in the media, taught us that could always the best company ever the wind blew IP. Oh, they said that they were going to do no evil and that there are going to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful, and who could go against that right? You know was right there in there you know centrally constitution and what they were going to do and then, after Donald Trump won the election, the true all that away- and it was shocking to see it. Give me an example of what you saw so right. After Donald Trump won the election, there was a executive meeting like an all hands, but they had they broadcasters to all the employees so that they could.
Yeah. I saw party end you supported this year and it was really bizarre. The cfo broke down, ensure chairs and Sergei Brands said that he was personally offended by the election of down Trump, but what really surprised me was the ceo center but try who said that they were going to use their I machine learning in order to combat misinformation on mine in the question that I had was all who decides. What's this information and that's what led me down the rabbit hall to discover Ah, the ways that there are going to use machine learning, with machine learning to combat fake news and exactly what they were defining as fake news, which I discovered were actual real events that had happened.
Yeah, it's a it's quite amazing. What they're doing and and there is really no way to track. Are there? Are there more whistle blowers in Google that might come out or their more people? It felt, like you, If so, what's gonna take for them to come out? Well, let me tell you that there is a person by the name of Kevin's Turkey, who has a lot of you. Ve got two thousand pages and he delivered this information. The Labour board or state and federal, and the thing is, is that this is now under sealed order by the arbitrator. This can come to the public at this time, but I know that there are two thousand more pages ready to be disclosed, hopefully sometime in the future and
Kevin has been the target of Google retaliation for giving this information to the National Labour Review Board. What do you think he might have? Well, he specifically told me that she has information related to just a magic targeting of the conservatives that we're working at Google and so yeah. He gave this to the National Labour Review Board and when Google found out about this, they ambushed him but a charge they took his laptop and then they constructed an alternative theory. Where he was actually maliciously hacking into their system in order to get document to discover their legal strategy, so they filed criminal suit against him and they have
dreamed a hundred thousand dollars of his own money for him, defending his legal action with the company, It sounds a little like what does Zuckerberg did to the creator of occupy. Tell me tell me what you're doing to affect the election right? Well recently, Polly heard something happened with poverty gap.
Yes I'm about to go into that a little bare. I go ahead so following a very successful democratic debate, Tulsi Gabert had her account her at account deactivated right as people were searching for her, and I know how you know. Accounts like hers goes down because I've seen it happen to Jordan Petersen and the way the insiders able to take down accounts is that there's this long standing bug within the Google system and the way it works is, if you have a target address, what they Jordan Petersen and you take his email account and you change it and you create a new account with that and you can.
I'm doing is over over and over again until there is a collection of spam email addresses those spam email addresses then starts pushing spam to other people's email accounts. The air. I systems will see this spam network and bring it down, but are also bring down the original accounts, and so when I was talking to toss Gabert attorney he described the exact same situation of what I saw with Jordan B Peterson. So when Google says- and we don't know what's happening, you Know- must be a bug or suspicious activity. What that? What that says to me is that it was a vulnerability or ability that was executed by a group of insight
Why would it have to be executed by insiders insiders? Because they know this exploit exist? They may not work for the company is unknown, but there is a group of insiders with with knowledge of certain exploits and they are able to do an attack like this and give Google the pleasure of possible tonight Ok, I'm to take a quick break that I want to come back and I want to ask you is, you wrote a a very powerful article or were quoted in an article about the Manhattan project? this is something I have discussed for a long time. I I think Asia, I and s eye, is real and think it is beyond our agitation were dealing with an alien life form. We don't know what
gonna be. But We do know whoever is controlling it first. Is, is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of anybody and I ve been told about I kind of which the United States was doing this, but I What kind of don't I dont want the government to have it? I don't want anybody down quite honestly, but I its inevitable. Well, you and quoted is talking about a Manhattan project that Google is doing, but they're not doing it with the United States, which is terrifying all right? So Zack we're talking Zack Vorhees? He is a Google whistle blower former senior software developer at Google, and I want to talk. The a project deep mind who you say now, Google is partnering with China on please. Tell me: that's not true. Well, I'm in Time Google's got its offices in
China. China has a policy, a principle of civil military fusion, which was started in two thousand: seventeen, which China gets access with its civilian infrastructure and is able to choose it with its military apparatus and one of the founding principle. Our engineers faintly, whose work with Google is opening up a has, has been opening up a lad in China, and so there's these people that are connected with China very strongly with between Google, China that are opening up this. This new lab groups got a child had access to Google infrastructure, because you know there s, technology has no borders according to them and so
the question that Peter TEAL opinion in his New York Times up had asked the question: is Google committing treason by allowing Google by allowing China to have access to this information, and I think that is an important question that we need to start asking is how much access does China have? To this very important intellectual property. So what you? What do you say to the trees in question? Why would they why
do you consider that they might be committing treason? What do they have access to write so go deep. Mine is a really incredible project. You might have heard a few years ago about how there was a new type of aid that was able to chance every single chess player out the world and then. Was able to be retooled and beat the best go champion the world. Yes, what gave mind is: is a general transferable intelligence. When someone makes a machinery intelligence programme, it's usually trained on to just one problem. Let's say chat so let's say checkers But a transferable ally is able to take the intelligence that is growing towards the specific problem, sat and then transfer to a related problem set
So this is this. This would also be called a g. I artificial general intelligence dinner on talents. Yes by though this is what we are building is rebuilding an artificial general intelligence and that general intelligence will be. You know, adept at many different tasks, possibly the entire spectrum of human tasks. That people do today could be done by this one machine and it has as its access of the public information. You know on the internet, plus of the hidden information that Google has stored in a state of servers, think of the public and for taking the Publican net plus the library of Alexandria. Shortly
you know an idea of the wealth of information that this a I now has access to. So that is my understanding. When you hit a g? I, if you can, if, if a ass, I super intelligence is possible. Will come from a g I having access to the internet and all of the information that that's that's. Why things get dicey. I mean I've? I've read about the studies where they try to keep a g. I in a box- and you know, try to convey it's me to let it out of that box to get on the internet
and it always fails we're starting with deep mine on the internet may deep mine gets as its access, no red access to all the information that on the internet. While because for these eight eyes you need to train them with something right, though, he ordered his train them in a first to use curated data, but he clutched faces or clutched the charter. But then, as it gets more intelligent, you widen the the data that loud to push into this intelligence network, okay, so the chinese government, then the military has access to all of these.
Information in america- yes, because Google doesn't have borders on its technology at you, know the technology its base of operations in China has this: Aim access that you know, someone in the UK or Google LAB in the UK or Google LAB in the United States does, and so you know- and this is what Google set themselves is that you know this technology about a lie borderless quota quote so does it go the other way? Do we have access to all the information that Google has in China. That is unknown in either. I dont know the answer to that question. I assume that, because of the great wall of China yeah, you know there is certain information that the rest of Google may not be privy to, but I don't I don't. I can't speak more on that,
So how far, how far away our weave I mean, this is one of the reasons why five g cannot be in the west from eight they chinese company. Because the chinese companies will have access All of our information- and they also have control to shot information off, should they choose Is that just is that horse already out o the out of the barn we have Zack Vorhees on? He is a Google whistle blower former Google senior software developer Zack No, that deep mind has said that they haven't moved there operations to China, but that, even matter if they have access to the deep. My
the information and the Google information there. That's right, you know if access to this information is transferred, the chinese military can get a copy of it right and we need to honour this thing because you know the mind is likely the most advanced a system on planet and China is a rival to the United States and, according to their two thousand, seventeen mandates on any of these sitting. You know: projects need to be shared with the people's Liberation Army of China doesn't bother the people at Google that they are in bed with such an oppressive stay think they all say there for social justice, good heavens. What what about them?
Justice in China? You know it's interesting because your Google has made a really big think about working with the Pentagon and there was a project started cop project, maybe and project Jed. I- and this was going to be in a I Collaboration with the Pentagon and the information about that project, kept on being linked to the public and to Reuters and through a bunch of different news agencies and what happened was an employee brigades started to form to resist project maiden and was this brigade that gave Google the excuse to be able to cancel their project where the Pentagon now what's really funny? Is that no one has ever started
aid about stopping Google's military cooperation with China has even been brought up, and so I find it very troubling that, while the employees are going to your protest military cooperation with the Pentagon that there is such a thing with the chinese military. So when I talk to my friends zack- and I said I was just over two friends house and they had Google home or Lex? I can remember and they said they walked in the door and they said light turns on the lights. They have Google nest they had. I mean it was a google how it was a Google home and I said, are you out of your mind They said, ah glad, and they said no, no, who will go Glenn. They have all your information and people don't understand, can you please explain.
Why giving them that kind of access to your house is a bad? dear, if, indeed, you think it is our what better about it is the United States had this information on other citizens in other countries. You know there is a saying in Silicon Valley, which is if the product is free. You rather ironic, and so you know what's happening. I believe, is that Google it selling. Your data to intelligence communities around the world and our way would they want it? Why would they want it because.
Why? Why would google want to know? Why would the intelligence agencies wanted because it gives them power? Intelligence is the most stable form of military power, which is why deception is used in all forms of warfare and so having information in the buying habits as every single American on Eu Soil is very valuable if your The manufacturing powerhouse of the world, I asked him pull this question and I heard her back from him. Yet I asked him this weekend. Why? Why Don't we just pass a law that makes our information our information you can at sell. My information you collect it. It can sell it to you, but you don't. You can't keep it, you can't have it. What is that a pie simple solution for all of us are not wait any.
To happen, because you know when you do a plane, you get an eighty page use your license agreement just use the internet and the reason why they had this huge licence agreement is because their selling your data, you now and there needs to be away. The United States treat your personal information as a piece of property correct. You have the right to and tat? You know companies Cappy trading on the open market, all the psycho metric information. Email. Your raise your gender location. Having kept you, have you know what are
The possibilities are what I d go to. Bed were tied, you wake up, you know what what are you gonna work you all? These are all these little bits of data get fused back in these huge data centers and they create these. You know it's not explicit profiles. Also shadow profile, people have been talking about this, where no, they found their data on Facebook if they already knew who they were never late. When I signed up all the sun
it recommended all these people that they knew in real life. Why? Because Facebook has, they did a profile of you, regardless of whether you ve created a an account with them, and this happens within Google, and this happens. The companies like pound here, yeah there's this multiple copies out there that our committee, all this information, that available to purchase and to scrape and are creating profiles of every single person in the United States, but here's wife dangerous climb. Ok, that data get sold to the chinese military. Let's say you start talking about forced organ harvesting and displeases China. Now they know exactly where you are who your friends are and how they can target you and United States does not have the same impact
on chinese nationals living within China, so they can take out our assets in the United States at Will, and United States has no authority to retaliate, and you have no what you have no idea that is even coming from China. You could start things released about you, that our true or not true, and it could could be just because your outspoken against you know chinese human rights policies and or taken out with your credibility by the Chinese and nobody knows that is at one of the fears that you're talking about ya, I mean it could be a targeted assassination or could be assassination of your reputation correct through one of these news organisations that you note takes money from you. No other governments
around the world Zack. I appreciate your honesty and I appreciate your willingness to to be a lightning rod on this. I hope that people begin to pay attention soon and have you on again. Thank you, Zack preceding the blaze radio network on demand?
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