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Glenn and Pat are back in the studio after Texas froze over. Will Puerto Rico become a state soon? Center for Industrial Progress founder Alex Epstein joins to discuss the real problem with Texas’ power grid and what it teaches us about “unreliable” green energy. Parler’s interim CEO, Mark Meckler, joins to talk Parler’s return to the internet and what still lies ahead for the company and the future of free speech.

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Hey we're back in the saddle. Its Glenn impact Stews house is underwater all of his types pursed. I feel really for of lobbying. I'd like to laugh, you pad IBM, make fun of each other. All the time, and probably we will maybe tomorrow packed in a year, will give it its full twenty four hours, but things are bad in Texas and you should pay attention to what is happening in Texas, because this is what's coming to the rest of the world. The problems in Texas are caused by this big green movement that taxes has fallen prey to, and it's gonna be worse in your state. We talk about that and we will talk about with it with a real expert on energy and what's really happening and the impact of green energy. We also we went into a Washington post article that will explain so much you are being called a radical put. The real radicals are those in power. Now they have flipped the paradigm entirely too, where, if you are standing for the bill of rights, your now the enemy of the nation, we talk about Joe Biden, the first hundred days. The push for statehood for Porter Rico, also the push against guns and everything else that is on the plate on today's podcast,
the only thinking we welcome Pat gray into the studio. One of the brave that attempted to, to weather the roads which are not so bad. The highways aren't so that the problem with I'd Texas is, we don't have he's no plows- we don't have any and for what well remain insiders and are now Delaware from Texarkana Texas, down to Brownsville, Texas is the same distance from Texarkana Texas to Chicago so it's an enormous state and we ve for snow plows, which are not really a help when you have snow all over the state. Of course, we know global warming, nor is global
cool its global climate change, its global, something now disk guard the fact that this happened forty years ago, you know when, was global cooling but dear, it hasn't been. This bad in Texas is just not prepared, for it works back together, four six inches of snow tomorrow, and we don't have this- whether ever The last time we had whether, like this was ten years ago, and we just got sleet and the everything was iced over. I mean nothing moved in in portions of Texas vis is almost the entire state of Texas Thee the electorate city the we have all these windmills, they are all frozen, frozen solid, so we're not producing any wind energy nuclear power plants offline. We have our gas and coal plants that make
Gee there also offline because of their frozen. their frozen, solid. We don't insulate things like they do up in no up north, because we don't ever have this. Whether I think me, We taxes should re, evaluate that just a little bit. Like I said in my in Town same is yours. Right the suit Doyle yeah this. Treatment plant went down and I get some pipes, burst, etc, etc. So now are drinking water may be mixed with poop water, which I love DA, who doesn't. I like my water chunky, because nothing better. Fortunately, I gave up on tap water a long time ago, although you cook with it, you know so you're irrational teeth with it. Yeah thanks shower with it. I mean you know, it is nasty. So, let's talk about the news outside if taxes which
quite honestly makes me want to talk about the news insight of Texas a little bit more porter Rick statehood looks like it is on its way to happening porter echo has held six non binding referendums on its status incurred becoming a. U S state, since nineteen sixty seven however, the residents there have most recently voted in favour of statehood. was last cept. Sorry, last November, this has I guess a lot to do with Hurricane Maria, which caused three thousand deaths and the worst natural disaster to hit the island to date that we know of Also they have seventy two billion dollars in debt. Can't filed for bankruptcy. So why not just push it into the federal government? I dont mind paying for Porter Rico. Do you know I mean I actually have less of a problem paying for Porter Rico than I do for California?
a real problem paying for California. If a forty in New York and ill I start pushing all of their state debt into the FED. I am really pissed off. I'm really pissed, off I didn't live there. when I did live in New York, I voted against it because I knew I was insanity anyway. It looks like the current governor, who is part of the new progressive Party, that's not even the damn Craddock Party? This? Is the new Progressive Party is very, very excited about this and it looks like the republic arming. The Democrats are going to push it through, so we ve got that go in for us, but don't worry Congress could stop it. And don't forget Washington DC could also become estate well yeah,
with an accurate elsie, I gotta go in for you now. Here's a stay. Super democratic states here says he added here's a state that they're gonna make sure. Does it become a state. That is a Jefferson is Jefferson the state Jefferson or Jeffersonian, I never heard of it- I grew up in the West Coast. But there is movement now in northern California, you're is saying they want to break free, they don't feel They are being represented at all the California legislature, and they are conservatives and they want to become their own state. Do you remember pad where we still together in the nineties. When I When I read some things from, I think it was dug and Alexander Dugan, that said the United States was gonna break up into five districts.
and when they was asked? Why? How do you? How do you know that he said by twenty. What was it twenty two? or two twenty fifteen, something like that. The United States, be in a civil war and we would eventually break up into five different districts, and when asked why he knew that he said because we have people on the ground, meaning have people pushing for that, and I could see that happening quickly- unfortunately, we also have something really really great happening in the military. Now the latest on the Pentagon The Pentagon is not focusing on the islamic state or the threat. from China or the threat from more anyplace else. They are now do
everything they can to look at the threat from within, as an and Joe Biden is continuing to not focus on China in fact. Strengthen China a while promoting social justice inside the Pentagon. His fur first military, related ECB executive order, or order was too return trumps transgender policy, which I think we are all fighting for where we not well. I like this. This fairness is gotta has got to be upheld here, and somebody needs to free all the trends genders from the oppression in military Lloyd, asked in his defence secretary, the first african American to serve in that position. Austin during his confirmation hearing to rid the military of racists and extremists, now I was unaware that there were
racist and extremists in the military. I mean I knew that there were jihadists shore, knew that, but weren't supposed to talk about it, so he wants to get rid of racists and extremist here? Is the problem Pat when you go looking for something, and you know that it's there Do you generally find it generally? Yes, yes, you generally, you know it's like if ever worked at a place where a consultant comes in and the management. Hires a consultancy says, look, here's what problem is the problem. As we ve got X, Y and Z, and all the employees are like. That's not the point the Roma as management. What are the consultants usually find B and C or X Y Lindsey. They always find Swine Z, vat what's happening in the Pentagon. Now- and I and any white extremists out. I want anybody, but what
happening now, is the department offence, but was notified by the Fdi one hundred and forty three times of investigations of former and current military members in twenty twenty. Sixty eight of the times pertain to mastic extremists cases, with the vast majority. Former military, many unfavourable discharge records and only one fourth or seventeen had anything to do with white nationalism. So out of sixty eight times there were extremists, sir. in ten of them had to do with white nationalism. It's really interesting in this story. Is it doesn't tell me what the others were thee the military still has not give even the House Armed Services Committee, the
Oversight Committee in Congress, a definition of extremists, we don't know what they're even looking for they won't. define the word, The the problem here is that they are going to find what they want and were now going to politicize military on in their front. The president. Joe Biden has pulled Sixty five pending Trump Administration executive orders. Several of the withdrawal strike down orders that would protect him and jobs by tightening. Immigration, restrictions, eliminating proposed oversight, regulations on China backed Confucius Institute, operate on campus. There Is this
is absurd, seen what is going on right now, under current law, outgoing aliens release from custody can seek legal employment. This has now been withdrawn. Uk week we were saying: no, you can't do that The trump orders were protecting american workers. Between what he's doing with China and what he's doing with immigration, we have some serious problems coming our way, but the Good NEWS is the by administration over the weekend, to quote this administration? Will not wait for the next mass shooting he is. Calling for universal background checks. We have that we have that an assault weapons ban. We did that it did. Nothing
We did it in the nineties. It did nothing legal liability for gunmakers. How? What does that mean means if you use the weapon. you kill someone, sir. One can sue the gun manufacturer, that's like using a car and suing General Motors, because you went on a walkway drove over a lot of people now If the car has automatic pilot- and you turn it off and it caused you to drop, then you could suit GM, but it You chose to drive on the sidewalk and kill a lot of people. You can't sue GM under Biden you'll, be able to sue the gunmakers.
they are going to make it they are going to make it possible for Americans to be able to defend themselves. By the way small well has said in the wake of the capital riot, we need a nine eleven commission, a white nationalism task force holy mother of everything that is good and sacred. We a white nationalism task force. so now there pushing for a nine eleven commission and the guy who is doing it is swore well there's no moving on January six hours a day that will all sadly remember. I think we have to take an approach that we after September, eleven to root out white nationalism. What about the all park. Why did
we have a nine eleven commission after they tried to shoot all of the republican congressmen why why didn't we do that by the way swore well Is he said that he is sure that guy herself Odd herself was proud of all of this, so he knows that. God is a female which I think we can't say he's a hypocrite on that because he was with Christine Fang and while he was doing the Fang Bang, we heard him scream- oh god. Oh god, oh god, many times so maybe It's not really a female, but also chinese. This is the best one by programme president and found her for the centre for industrial progress. The author
The moral case for fossil fuels, Alex Epstein, is with us now hello Alex. How are you. You won t be back on your shot, it's great to have you! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what's happening in Texas. There is no way we should be having these problems in Texas, with ie with our own power grid with is much gas and oil as we have what the heck is happening yeah. So I'm in This is something I've been warning about for a while in September twenty and I live in California, when the California blackouts were happening. I want on twitter that there are similar things happening in taxes and so a black out is an extreme event, but this black out is not unprecedented taxes has been having what I call industrial blackouts alot, they call it demand management Italy means when there's not enough power, they have
industrial? Eight o clock curtailment they'll, have their industrial projects stop another? Howard, industrial people, they won't cut it off home. So what happened here? The lack of ability to meet demand has just been so extreme and then there are some unexpected events. That is that everyone is saying, but it, important. But this is not an unprecedented thing, it's just a more extreme, and this is something that happened: California, TAT Country and the fundamental reason whatever else is going on is the end since I'm using unreliable, wind and solar energy stead of reliable energy from coal, nuclear, natural gas Why then, do we who does one thing we're goin. We know that those sources, because there's issues of failures in Texas and all talk about that, but we know for a fact that coal gas anew We'll can work under any weather conditions and around the world. So whatever is going on in Texas, it's not that coal plants don't work gas plants, don't work nuclear power,
Is a combination of specific mismanagement and non preparation in taxes, but the main thing is too much ten to rely on unreliable energy, and that takes away focus and funding the reliable energy and for making it resilient? Ok, so I'm I'm kind of caught in between some people are really really pissed. Somebody well that's what happens I'm somewhere in between we're times that I feel like I'm living in Syria. However, I don't expect the state to spend oodles of money protecting for something that happens once every. Even you know when it to salt trucks and everything else. Why spend the money? It happens every ten years? This is something that happened? You know about every forty or fifty years in Texas, so I cut some slack, but I don't understand. Why our coal plants are down. They are due. our natural gas plants or down. Why.
We'll sit there. There's I mean we, I dont think the costs are causes the so called reliability council attractive idea. I've been totally open, so it's not easy to tell exactly what's going on. There are a number of things that can happen. So one thing that they'll tend not to talk about it. It's possible there's been some mismanagement of supply and demand. So when demand was exceeding supply, they didn't her tail demand early enough and that can cause things to trip up. It can be that specific lamps aren't resilient enough. It can be that the fuel infrastructure there, some with that in terms of delivery of Europe, and this is something I think that way emerged. But again, these are all things that are here: build everywhere around the world there not inherent in coal ass, a nuclear. Whereas what you see with what in solar, as they went completely out to lunch when they were needed most so, no matter how even there had been no freezing of the wind turbines. Wind would have still been useless during very large portions of the situation
less way way way way way way way way. Why would winter? But when there was wins, why were wind turbines not useful? Well, whether there some members were allowed at Windsor. There wasn't win. The whole time saw behind there as it. So I talking point for the other side is that I will not that many of them forget. But if you look at them recent data over the last seven days there have been times when it's been one gigawatt out of thirty two, so that part of the thing is they call the capacity they call the maximum possible wind, the capacity which is ridiculous some lucky situation since I only have thirty two gigawatts of wind and everyone brags about that. But when the going gets tough one two or three gigawatts away so again There are always people always like to talk about the peak, but the real thing is: where are they when you need them and appoint as they are not reliable? There there basically reliable four zero and that's why they are so much cost, because you always have to have the unreliable infrastructure
the reliable infrastructure. So some greens are blaming not enough gas being online, and that's me, the green screen is scheme requires it to be off line, so we can get more electricity from wind right Everything is engineered around trying to maximize the amount of unreliable wind that you're used to the whole way. The grid is working normally, that's very wasteful is your cycle. The gas up and down to a common. the wind, if you had a reliable energy infrastructure which we used to have around the country? You just have a horse of reliable plants. And then, when you had a lot more demand, you could just where a lot of the reliable plants, but here what taxes is trying to do as they're trying to minimize the number of reliable planning to cut costs, and this is Why are now one of the public utility people said another
Twenty nine team, like it we ve got a furious issue- are a reserve margin is very scary. Taxes is notorious in electricity circles for trying to get it with the lowest reserve margin possible, which means the smallest more, for error possible. It's gone down dramatically because they ve been trying to cut prices and use when that's what that's what happened in California. We didn't maintain our power, enough, because we didn't want to raise price even more after we had inflated them with green energy. If you dont focus on reliability, you're gonna lose reliable, so in northern climates, when it gets cold like this every single year. How, with? How do they avoid this problem? Are they doing less green energy than Texas? Is there using them in so one is just they have better specific policies for their plants and I can take all sorts of matters, but they just figure. These are the Mena. These places taxes even in bad weather is not as bad as place. There are few places in Russia are using
kinds of placing places in cold parts of Canada, happening, though it's important with the honour. What I call the unreliable said, the solar and wind. It is possible to have a certain amount of them alone? the reliable, so people in the MID West or saying hey, look: our interpreters are working. And its true that you can spend money and they are fairly ice. But the point is there in court and they d scale. Because again you have to pay for the unreliable energy infrastructure and the reliable energy infrastructure. Was you have real? It's really inefficient terror, the grid that way it's like these often go traffic for the reliable plus you you. Them down a lot more quickly when you move not today, but the real thing to notices. You cannot rely on the unreliable, their parasites, and what we have is a country is a policy that trying to get one hundred percent dependent on these parasites. The real lesson of taxes is not that wind turbines froze it's that wind and solar cannot keep us warm
power in the winter, and so these green new deal. hi players are a complete fiasco. Everybody should be asked by what the hell with taxes do under your the jewish, and how the? How would they get power if you're gonna have nearly a hundred percent wind and solar, which were totally out to lunch when they are needed, but she's, while they were now buying power? I believe from Mexico which pushes what so are these when people say the Texas grid we're fine, we have our own grid in Texas or have the per active policies, just pretty dismantled any positives. We had with that. Yes, amiss, I mean I was really scared of what was going to happen with the storm, and my fears unfortunately came true, but one thing I thought would be good in terms of the lesson is Texas: does have this isolated grid and that can be an acid. Our liability, but big when it really illustrates is the
problem of relying on unreliable energy because in color we even need a we import, twenty five percent of our electricity, which at a given time, would be forty percent of our electricity, twenty five inches, average, so war bailed out by Vodka, Utah Arizona. But what happens. If they start trying to have more more unreliable, then we can't rely alone. That's what happened in the summer. It got hot. We, went down, the sun goes down every day. People are shocked and we have enough electricity and we couldn't get it to. Everyone is trying to play this game of jet of chicken with How much unreliable can I use? get away with it. And the taxes is a good illustration, because if the self contained world, and so we need to learn that the whole. U S cannot be like taxes again. Texas is something like twenty percent. We It's a tiny fraction of the binding plan, the binding plants as one hundred percent carbon neutral grid
twenty thirty five that fourteen years and he's upon nuclear? He does nothing to say neither in the biggest why the biggest giveaway is none of these people support nuclear touch. This has not been increasing nuclear. If you look at Texas is plants. I just I just wrote about this on on twitter. Is our twitter dot com? Slash, accept sentence? I wrote the statistics, listen! Listen! If one, what would you think text has played a case of zero nuclear plants, nuclear the most whether resilient plants, they store their food, says you're old plants without no new coal plants, there, probably gonna, shut down plants, nine point four gigawatts of wind, so the existing thirty two gigawatts. They went down to one gigawatt when it was needed, bucks says faithfully uses and then twelve, you getting a lot of solar, and so it was almost completely useless and then five new gigawatts gas, which is basically to handle all the ups and downs of the wounded source of issues. Taxes and that is a mild day at the beach compared to what Biden has
and so we really changed her at all right. So I want you to tell us what America looks like with the Biden Plan and what statesman and people locally should be should be doing because of the saying came to my mind was I am not sufficient? I am not self reliant at all. I'm still reliant on hearing exodus. I'm reliant on way too much stuff way too much stuff when you can't you can, whether a storm for three days for days without these: these aren't rolling brown outs or rolling blackouts, they're, not scheduled anymore. They started scheduled now their job well now I just have a full blackout. And that I mean that just is not in a in a You know twenty first century world that no sense whatsoever, in my opinion. So what does
America look like we're the way the Biden administration is heading even right now, it is important because the dynamics I mention this whole hundred percent carbon free grid prisoner about nuclear. Like that's, not gonna happen, it's completely impossible. The whole net near by twenty fifty thing is impossible, but that doesn't mean we don't need to worry about, because we were seeing the Texas even small, steps in that direction. our disaster. So what you see is just more and more of these blackouts. of these brown out- and one thing I want to Highlight- is what happens to industry, what lessons as industry take when they he's getting blacked out and they get blacked out a lot more than much more than we do as consumers they're going to go overseas sees they're gonna go other places. I really want to highlight the strategic thing. That's happening right now with China, because nobody attended to China uses five times more industrial electricity than the? U S, five times The vast majority of it comes from call a lot of an electric
this used to be unreliable, solar panels in wind turbines for us, of course, we are mostly build them here because they have to be built. with cheap energy, which means they have to be built with fossil fuels are not built with solar panels and wind turbines, obviously you. Have China making this this very strong strategic move. To get to unilaterally disempower and for them when power, and then they say all gonna go net zero by twenty six me they get praised by Biden. They get praise, this guy Larry think that had a black rocky, almost one, the financial or going up, and so you just see this amazing strategic way where they are using fossil fuels to get ahead. They have recorded oil import, they had a five year high and coal production, their building, one hundred plus new coal plants, again five times more electricity, we're so they're dead. Power and empower themselves and thence telling us these almost useless solar panels and wind turbines and by Miss playing into, and so unfortunately he is suppression useful idiots for China,
think that security sanction scare us just as much, as everything else so- Where do we? Where do we go because it honestly you have Bank of America saying that they are not going to they're gonna start looking at loans, if you're not green, You may not be able to be fitting into their portfolio of businesses. They can loan money to your black Roy. pushing this. We have the great reset pushing all of this and Jack. or just came out and said: they'll be fully electric cars by two Twenty five and nobody is talking about the increase in electricity that is needed if we all go to electric cars. Yes, I think that these tasks, crucial to have these moments ass teaching moments. So this this is maybe they create.
Crucial teaching moment of twenty one, twenty twenty one to change the narrative on this, and I mention that on on twitter, I posted a very comprehensive explanation. More broadly recently, I created a website called energy. Talking point stuck on that takes all. These issues and give you a very quick, well reference statements on everything and that's all my overall goal of just changing the narrative where we move from this focus an unreliable energy and climate catastrophe to one where we recognise that if we use the best source of energy, namely fossil fuels and nuclear, we can keep making the world a better place to live weight. I do believe we impact climate, but we're talking about one degree in a hurry Seventy years, climate related deaths or an all time low, fossil fuels making the world a better and better placed to I've got the facts are on the side of and mandatory government controlled green energy is making the world a worse place to live. So those are the two narrative I just keep hitting over and over and over and eventual
People do not see that narrative correspond to reality and the other. A narrative is unreal and destructive Thank you so much Gimme, the giving the name of that website. You just created again Energy. Talking points, dot, com, energy, talking points dotcom. Thank you. So much appreciated Alex Epstein president cofounder for Centre for industrial progress. Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme marked is with us. He is the interim ceo of Parlour which we know now is a website of real danger and real extremism. Mark how how area either you I don't.
Like I'm very dangerous certain bilateral. Certainly how had spent portrayed well do you believe in the constitution and the bill of rights. with other european oil leak out there you go, I just I just did a monologue last hour about how extremists are the ones who are trying to get rid of the bill of rights in the constitution. But The media and politics in Washington are trying to make those people seem like the Americans and weird extremists are fundamentally anti american. They stand against everything that this country is founded on and for and frankly those people right how they occupy the White House and their control of both houses of progress were in real danger. Ok. So you are the interim ceo. If you, if you recognize a name mark meddler, it's because he's the convention estates guys and he's when talking about that with us for a long time. But what was it about? Four weeks ago, we were talking about
dimension estates- and I mention parlor, going under an or going out being taken out, and, and we talked about ploughed services we talked about, there has to be somebody that is building the infrastructure for the right to fall into and Utah did, the time about being a part of a movement to do that now, you're. The interim YO parlor to that play a role, but you're doing behind scenes did actually so I've been thinking about this problem as we look about for a long time, and I've been working on finding alternative service providers and and folks for actual real patriots who would stand in the fight. That that they were attacked, and so I had a little bit of a head start in thinking. about this I knew the primary power their long time, friends of mine, and so when I saw it go down. I just reached out to see if there's anything I can do to help literally didn't expect end up being
Interim ceo, that's just the way things have worked out of her time cry, but yeah. I think a lot of it was my thinking in advance. I gotta stay, though, when all the credit forget, the backup goes to the staff. These I have been absolutely incredible. It is taken, however, a month. I'm not blame this on the staff by any stretch. Yes, a month to get over a month to get back in public square is there? Any law suit that I know you're an attorney is any law suit that can be had for the destruction of business, by Amazon and the collusion with all these companies that we now know happened. Yet there are absolutely as there is a loss. It's already been file or working on an amended complaint on that that law suit is against aid of U S, Amazon web services, and I do think there is labelling, I think, there's all kinds of antitrust up. I think there's business damage stuff
but we will be putting out more on that, probably in a week or so what we amend that complaint good. Did you see the just just so you have it in your coffers. I'm sure you do the story that came out that showed that there were there many more people, organizing on Facebook, four January six than there were on parlor. You had, I think, six and they had maybe seventy the absolute, whereas in fact there is better LE great stories on that one was an independent review by Forbes beyond. They found the vast majority of violent and excite full. Stop that took place on Facebook. Youtube in Amsterdam were close. Second and third we'd barely made the list, and so the Kurds always gonna be bad plan. And on every platform of that size, but the bottom line is this was just a hit job. It was a political hit. But I would also add that it was a business it job. They see parlor as a real threat to their money, we are on the business market, add on free speech and they're gonna come after us. There is no,
ACE according to them, for somebody who disagrees with the with the car Cabal: is no place for them is her. I mean it's not enough. Being kicked off of the other platforms when you start You go on another platform, they'll shut down the platform, the that's exactly right! Look, I think, there's there's theirs to measure to this. That one is knows each outside what they agree. Remember that most when he said that the definition of fascism is everything inside the state, nothing outside of the state and nothing against the state, so that now being enforced by our government but also by the Tec, oligarchy in working with the government and that I think the second thing is a business model at parlor. We believe in free speech. So if you can say it and the public square, you can say it. either. We believe and privacy and data sovereignty, meaning we're not monetizing that date of our users, we're here for our user as a service to our users, not to use
and use their data, and we have an hour placing model that doesn't use their data, and so I think, that's very threatening to Facebook and twitter and all the other. So how are you gonna make money when the advertising come bought? Cabal comes after you guys, I mean, blaze. We have worked building our own advertisers and there you know us Those two bullet proof is possible because, they believe in us and they believe in the work that we do it. You guys. Are you at that place with your advertisers? Soil occurred the same types of people that ties in Blazer have advertised and we'll be advertising again on parlor. These are people who believe in the same things that you and I believe and they're not going to fall to the kind of pressure that the woke media and the Woke mob put on them, so tat, About the infrastructure and an house stable, it is now happen to you guys again, you look at
I'm very comfortable with the infrastructure and again this is where my head was. As you know, before went to be with parlour we did is we went out and we found providers who shared our values but were also big enough to handle the kind of load that we put on them and what we do to be sure- and this is really important. Goin for anybody is operating in the space. We made sure that there were multiple redundancies, so we don't what I would describe as any single points of failure, I'm very certain. I talked to the ceos of all the companies that we're working with I'm very certain they're gonna stand with us and not keep to the Woke mob, but even if they do we built in while redundancies and we're gonna continue to had layers of redundancies, so that we know where bullet proof in the future So let's talk about let let's play devils advocate here. The the problem that they will say is that we are living at a time where spirits, see theorists sand and crazy things and white supremacist and all kind
of terrorist can be online and yet Don't want to add fuel to that you should you should I am sure that you have an algorithm that stops all That kind of hate speech tell me Why that's wrong? If you do think it's wrong? I do, That's right, and because that runs first ball runs contrary to adjust our philosophy at the founding, in our philosophy, through most american history really until recently. We believe that, if you don't like somebody speech, bad speech should be countered with good speech should be countered with more speech, not with less speech. When you start clamping down on free speech, you start crew. getting well, you you'd read about ass. You talked about this George Orwell's view, the nineteen eighty our view of the future, which is this idea that they got me well control, all that we will have overlords and overseers now I do agree by the way that there are far too many out people out there pushing conspiracy theories and
many of them are in the Democratic Party in Congress on CNN thereon. Msnbc Abc as all the others at yet. At the same time, I think we should just deep onto their conspiracies as we largely done as opposed to seeing them shut down? What I'm not interested in doing I've I have not asked for people to be shut down. I've supported people who have been attacked by the Woke mob. Even especially when I vehement We disagree with them. Freedom Speech means freedom of speech, taught me The person who says yeah Now I, if I go over the parlor there's going all these people, because he usually when it is when there is one place to go You know all these places that are pushing the boundaries. gonna to be there, and I don't want to be a part of that. You know that
beauty, parlor and one of the things that makes it so different from all the other social networks that this big scary worded. The social networks is algorithm, and I think people should be scared of that Scary word, because what it means is, if you go there and you, like certain things, they're gonna start pushing other things that you that sort of they think fit, and this creates what I call the echo chamber. A fact in it does put a bunch of stuff into your feed? You might not want to see at parlor you one hundred percent design, your own feet, there's nothing that you're going to see that you have requested to see. You can easily remove anything from your own feed again. We believe and data g, and we believe that our users are prime, that that's who is in charge of their experience at parlor. We want them to see only the people there they want to see and hear from only that groups and people that they want. You to your foot. Tell me now about the people that did belong, how long's again take before your fully running with at least the people. that you had before so the platform platforms,
fully up and running right. Now we have the capacity to handle everybody who wants to come back and log on their arson. Limitations right now. What did go? Invitations is we're having folks having trouble what the apple io ass. I believe that a technical limitation we're gonna get around here today, for the promised without is that we can update the apple, the app that's on the absolute right now, because we are remove from the app store while working on that so folks can updated, and if there are problems in there, we can't fix those problems that, as one of the three were working on right now, trying to fix that I've been upon his bending over backwards to help you with that. To make any comment on that right now like it would really like to be back in the app store has so many users war Two, I no longer I not so. The second piece of that is that will have we are seeing every day more and more functionality come back folksy. To remember that this thing, when it went down is not just about
site. I think, if you're, not involving technology and it works, it seem less its. We not think about. What's in Bonn, In its there are so many different layers, I'm so proud of the staff of parlor for literally sixteen to twenty Hours a day they were putting in four weeks to get it back up, but we expect to see glitches over the next few days. It's better today than it was yesterday, is going to continue to get better throughout the week, and I expect that will be back to full functionality some time next this week by the we're not even taking new subscribers, work were focusing only on the existing parlor family, make sure everything up. stable and running while I expect to be accepting new users next week. Is everything that me you know you may have posted before, or do you have to start from scratch of urine if you're on an old subscriber you go there right now likely you won't see any of your old stuff. All that data has been preserved and we will start loading that we didn't want to load the system.
The old data when we first went out, but all that stuff has been preserved and it's all going to come back to mark best of luck to and and congratulations to everybody who didn't give up and- the battle behind the scenes. I know what it is like when you are running a digital company and you can come under attack like that, especially when you're you're not You know you're, not Facebook or Google, it is all hands on deck, and I I I gotta tell ya its remarkable that you are back in the first place and you ve, gotta, be proud and of all of the people. That are behind the scenes. Because I know what it takes and you guys just pull off a miracle. Congratulations, They say that land. Thank you very much and and you're right, it's the staff I dont were I don't get any of the credit I come in. I get you The radio talk to guys like you, but their incredible, hardworking, keen all over the country, these guys of work.
a night and they get all the credit purple on this on. Thank you so much more pressure, so I got you bet. I should have him on next week remind people that they can join if your new user next week, at parlour
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