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An article published by Axios discusses how to deprogram America’s right-wing “extremists." A social credit system is coming, where data such as your phone type and internet history may be used by banks for financial decisions. Journalist Andy Ngo calls in to review his new book, “Unmasked," and respond to the Los Angeles Times’ smear campaign against him. Professional ASL interpreter Heather Mewshaw joins to discuss how she was targeted for her conservative views by Time and why she left the White House.

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Hey everybody stews back. We talk a little bit about the weird Superbowl experience than he had where he was just wrong and spreading co corona virus to all the CNN people you're welcome temper. So we have a little bit on that. Also, some really disturbing news from the I M F and it revolves a little bit around the new passport that everybody is talking about now, at least in the circles of the leading it we ve got to have some corona virus vaccinations passport. It goes deeper than that. How are you gonna get alone? I m F has solved this. It's a little frightening also what is happening to the California schools on ethnic based training and the woman with guerrilla glue in her hair, hello, paging Doktor, Darwin Doktor, Charles Darwin, all of that on today's but
the only thinking. I pray that my voice is heard for what I try. to say and not what people want to hear. Either side. It is really important that you pay attention to the news and a lot- and I know a lot of people in my own that are not paying attention the news and they ve been really tired and I'm gonna tell you a story a little later on about how Facebook is decided now, they're, not gonna covers much political stuff, all really so our talking about fifty two executive orders, you no one at all. About political stuff, so to be harder to pay attention.
and things are going to get more more complex and it's gonna be harder to understand what's going on because it is so foreign to us tonight. I am covering this this Seventy now that is, is the I think the new Mccarthy era. Acts. He owes did a story yesterday. How to do programme America's extremists, the. leader has called for keeping extremist out of the institutions where they could do the greatest damage like the military police departments and legislatures. Providing help for those embrace dangerous ideologies you notice, they don't put those in schools, it's the these departments, the military and legislature, but they don't even mention EU, and I think It's because they know no one with a dangerous ideology Conservative point of view is in
either you or ever gonna get through EU now It is unclear as to who will determine what is dangerous ideology and what you know will constitute such a defining term, but that's where big tech comes in the arts. Continues to say. Online platforms are unwavering in their commitment to root out conspiracy theories and lies that under may undermine the faith in democracy. Axles spoke experts on this? the article says banning President Trump from Twitter was a major asset in the fight to slow or reverse radicalization. The action article calls for a Marshall plan, which would be implemented throughout Facebook and twitter fruit censorship,
it claims. United States requires quoting an all out national effort to dismantle all ideas that suppose it undermine faith in democracy, It seems the writer of the news letter. Doesn't understand the word democracy, or maybe they do they don't understand that. We are a republic awkward see is not failing us. The republic system is a republic. You can't have a democracy can't did do want to vote on the banking rules that came out yesterday. Did you even know banking rules were coming out yesterday? There's too much for the average citizen and that's why democracies always go to an authoritarian or a dictatorship, because I just overwhelmed the people
people say I don't know he looks good. He can handle this and you have democracy votes by the public vote, in dictatorships so there's democracy until there's. Not that we have a republic, but what is failing us now is our republic do you believe, either side. Republicans are Democrats that your elected Congress, people read We truly are reflecting what you and people in the country actually believe are they carrying out the things that you believe are right it and righteous for this country term limits how bout that and all get rich on insider trading? Do Are they carrying these things out
you think it's cool that we're just printing money and nobody is doing anything about this. Do you think it's cool that we haven't had a budget for This nation vote largest richest nation in the story of the world. That we don't even have a budget and haven't had once in two thousand and eight. The report Alec is failing us because we are not demanding that they act, we do. Their work, big tech, How is the arbiter of truth and I'm not sure what dangerous ideology is any more as it is being defined by those in power, the de of a conservative and a conspiracy theorist that is being blurred. York Times just last year started to refer to me. It used to say
a known, a well known, conspiracy, theorist or an alleged conspiracy theorist. Now it's just blend back comma conspiracy, theorist I told you yesterday that the eye M F, headed academic paper out and they are suggesting now that non financial data should be used when financial institutions discern determine customers credit. Worthy S for loans, various kinds, by non financial data. That means things like the type of browser and hardware that you used to access the internet, the Sorry, I'm quoting the history of online search, it searches and purchases, so what kind of computer and phone I have in the past purchases and what I am reading what websites I'm going to.
I want to just read: go over. We went over this yesterday, but I want to go Because there's new news most transformative information. Innovation is the increase of the new types of data coming from the digital footprint of custom various online activities, mainly for crime, Worthiness analysis. Credit scoring using so called hard information, income, employment time assets and debts is nothing new, typically, more data is available. The more accurate is the assessment, but this method has two problems. First, hard information tends to be pro cyclicality whose credit expansions in good times but exacerbate contraction during downturns. The second, most complex problem is a certain kinds of people new entrepreneurs, innovators, men, informal workers might not have enough hard data available as well as
even a well paid expatriate moving to the United States can be caught in the conundrum of not getting a credit card for lack of credit. Fin tech Financial tech resolves the dilemma by tapping various non financial data. The type of browser hardware used, yadda, yadda, yadda, Of course, a financial, social credit system have been warning about this for years this is one of the most dangerous parts of what is being called the great reset- and this is just the beginning. In the same article from the I M F later, the sea authors then say these central banks need to get more directly involved in economic activity and that more money printing in downturns is likely and to be necessary, the invite
and I'm quoting from the article the environment for monetary policy will change to new model. Every policy transmission channels will be need to be fully understood. As the who players make banks less relevant for the financial system, central thanks mainly to adjust their monetary policy implementation tool box potentially allowing non bank access to liquidity lines and incorporating them in their operations. Ok, so that I told you about yesterday. do you remember when Cuomo told the ban, in New York you can give loans to gun manufacturers, but if you do, there's just gonna be more regulations on you guys and we're gonna have to have more state in factors, because we just think there's something wrong with these gun manufacturers and gun stores. We think That there is some violation of some law. So but you know we're not telling you not to loan.
we're just saying that it's gonna make your? U no state, segments ever here: it's gonna be more and more difficult for you, because we just don't trust the people were dealing and guns okay. So what did the banks do? Bank started saying you know what we're not gonna, we're not gonna to. We can't carry your loan anymore, we'll Donald Trump through the what's called the o c c, the office of the council. Or of the currency. he wrote in in that office that bad, Ex cannot discriminate. They can not say we're not going to make Business loan, two guns: you can't do it for four ideals, ethical or political reasons. Well, I've been watching this back and forth because oh c c chain, hands and p we have been saying idle.
Think this is gonna stand. I think they're gonna take this out. Well, they their decision yesterday. This is the best one big programme, man, I I read this review from the allay times. About any knows new book and holy cow handy. You are an extremist and a liar and you're making. Things up and you Think that antiphon bad hoof. I agree. I agree, You are everything to accept you're a liar. You think that Antiphon is bad. This report says let me give just Be a bit of their review. I know you ve read it there's an all. Universe out there in which we never have to ponder, let alone reed, unmasked, provocateur, Andy, no Supreme Lee dishonest book on the
left wing anti fascist movement known as Antigua in that other world far far away Marjorie green remains a knotty cross fit enthusiastic enthusiasts from Georgia, not a member of Congress, and we know nothing about our musings on jewish space lasers. The execute of Democrats or false flag school clothings. If you find universe. Please send directions so they say that your book is part of that universe. They can you respond to some of the charges in this church. All far happy birthday though I must think suddenly arm again. You bet I'm not surprised by the atomic bomb attacks in this our review, those publishing envy I lay times I wrote my box recall about be useful idea, since all travellers for antiques
journalism, and I would include that's right as part of that I was at a journalist myself. I'm just surprised the really unprofessional bacteria tat he used against me, considering he worked closely my house correspondent, the Yahoo dares so The very quiet, despicable doesn't really count any more organs instead, there is a line where he said that I will make held their boats proud. He chose my book. if you compare my back to what the Nazis dead and their propaganda, very disgusting nasty As you would expect to see on a blog, not by somebody what says a wise correspondent for a new site. So let me give you things. Andy no is singularly focused on inflating antivirus.
importance in his blue clad white whale. His mark spouting Moby Dick are dead. do you believe your inflating their importance in? What's going on This right, her Alexander, bulgarian- he probably one I love? You ended up in a hospital with brain hundreds by answering some well, let me give you what he says about that. No, claimed. That he was that a milkshake was thrown on him and it contained concrete, far more likely it was a visa. In bland heavy on cash shoe butter oh right yeah, so he doesn't say it was. He said it was more likely. Can you tell me Andy. You know the difference between concrete and cash you butter, etc, don't play my injuries. If he had doubts about mine
diagnosis who could reach out in order to provide the documentation from the hospital, and so you could see any good at the sea to scan as well in my brain was bleeding. I dont think he. I think he knows that it wasn't. He wrote. No, punched and kicked his well, he claims to have suffered a hemorrhage so I mean. Doesn't he know better than you because he goes on right after he says what goes on mentioned is no had a history of embedding with right wing groups. I dont know what that has to do with your claim of a cerebral hemorrhage, but he says you add a history of embedding with right wing groups, including according persuasive allegations, he has denied the White Supremacist outfit prate Patriot prayer that provoked and too far into very fights that he then films. Yes, sir, he's taking up a mere thou
printed in the local publication in Portland, where a one of the last report has there had interviewed somebody who has given us to denounce, and he was an eighty five percent. the claims to have embedded teacher prayer and put out this absolutely false claim that I had a partnership with Patriot prayer for mutual protection. now. My lawyer ended up writing a letter to the publication of students who retracted, because these were lies. They chose not to and their protection and I don T hear this anonymous person if even exist, and so I can't even brought my accuser and then that smear its laundered into bigger and bigger publications like Wikipedia page like that times your dear. I mean you know how it works. You ve been in the in the media spotlight near the years, so they do. This tablet sought to try to you
with these thoughts in that has nothing to do with about to China, discredit and smear in the most disgusting. is he says, distortions and untruths hover like flies around every shred of convertible fact, the same section of a mass that ends with knows. Statements on the United States portrays, in November, stop the steel rally in Washington as peaceful and celibate Tory no mention of the proud boys amass there. The counter pro Esters, meanwhile, are a marauding gang the nation. Top mainstream and of US scholar Mark Bray Roy. in the washing imposed that antiphon is not an organization rather it is a politics of revolutionary opposition Far right so that line where he quotes round,
praise, particularly towering, because my browser right in my book is an anti extremists who walks in academia his aunt. If I handbook, which is what he is, safe and, as for actually raises fun for the Anti Fraud international defence, fine show no, how he can criticise form. goodbye I saw her and then he's quoting from somebody, is actually part about outta adverts. Legitimate history. The historian perspective. the EU continues. The right is always reminding us that facts don't care about your feeling. So let us set out some facts: Andy, no rights that the numbers and influence of right wing extremists are grossly exaggerated by biased media, while anti, opposes just as much, if not more, of a threat to the future of american liberal democracy. He
frequently Reese references. Last summer's antiracist protest conveniently alight the point that ninety three percent of those were peaceful according to a study from Princeton. A brief points placed by the centre for strategic in international studies, hardly lefty outlet found that in If I had a minor role in what violence did occur, most of Which was driven by local autonomous actors and organizations threat was relatively small. January, six, the minister, the coop to grow to nose already teetering thesis. It should not taken this long, however, trumps own Department of Homeland Security warned last October that white supremacy Extremists would remain the most protest, persistent and lethal threat to them. It can homeland, yes, our ideas that I mean that ninety percent were peaceful. It's another way of saying, mostly peaceful way.
Doesn't matter if it's ninety three percent peaceful, the other seven percent, resulted in several dozen doubt be destruction of countless livelihoods damage billions to our economy and our four don't know why he's downplaying waller unsightly read my book out. He said earlier in the review in the checklist detail outline how some major american Citys, like footmen in Seattle, and she thought have the principal role. In organizing the riots and so, I mean the seams again, it's going back to what many jobs listen mainstream media due to always do flat extremism on a pilot to go to the bogeyman that they have on the far right. I don't argue that right, does an inverse some arguing that the anti virus, the far left are also right in here. As I lay outlines high about this- is what they actually did. This is how
money, they raise these people, they kill. the remainder is they cause. What It is the motivation here, John to continue to protect, I mean I have now problem in, and he says in the article that you were forced to admit that antifraud wasn't in charge of the January. Sixth, you know attack on the capital. Andy, if I recall right, you weren't forced to admit you are the first to admit you are the first to say. I don't think this has anything to do with Antigua weren't. You We all remember that guy I came out on my own, and I was interviewed, and I have always maintained that I was on the force. And I was, I was under grudgingly required to say what I said earlier. I think these people they want to pay a character.
Caricature of who I am leaving that I in this house this really you write her illustrate software this really wicked fascist propaganda is taking topics from the third bridge. In my propaganda, They really surprised. If I manage to tell the truth, it is a disgrace, avatar around this Ethan the waiters. I can accept criticism for my writings, my knowledge at the centre of thought. Describing me in such discussing turns to people who to a political party that was involves for genocide and holocaust light. That's it too bad about. That is no one to be expected in all cases. The blanket
Andy I appreciated, and I wanted to give you the chance, because I think personally, that kind of advertising you can't buy when somebody like that. Does such a hatchet job on you, it just makes me, wanna buy your book even more and the is called unmasked by Andy? No it is the book that, pretends Antigua is the real enemy. you, then you can find that wherever you by your books It came out what this week yeah last week it came at last Tuesday and has been number one on the New York Times best seller list. Andy. Thank you. So much appreciated, thanks lovingly on you bet by Ivan Tony, about direct tech. Now for cash has been a year and I have to you I am, is happy with my rectangle as I was the data arrived. I still I had somebody come into my back porch and said what kind of
Real is that I said a girl, that's erect tech, it Is amazing. Now Dallas it's warm if, even if it little cold out, where you are you, I have to stand outside to grill you be mighty uncomfortable in Minnesota, but not with a tech. So weak and sturdy built from stainless steel, it's got smart grill technology, which means it automatically adjust to make sure you get the perfect temperature at all times. You can monitor and control it from an app so you're inside, while its grilling and smoking or even baking, outside wrecked tech, win,
is the day follow Rectec on all social media sign up for their newsletter at Rec Tec, with a q at the end, Rec Tec, dot com, that's already CTE que dot com, you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Okay our aid were going into dangerous situation now we're gonna talk to this woman if you could even collar that who then at the White House interpreting for Donald Trump and I On a just give you the news, Phronsie, you know the evil that we are dealing with I magazine reports but she translated for hands of what we need more spooky music. That was mean that really kind of we're talkin about which
the hands of liberty she actually interpreted some of the videos and while the group, frequently, according to Time magazine frequently solicit requests from the public, the vast majority of videos it has chosen to interpret. The notable exception of the recent Whitehouse press conferences are wrong. wing or pro trot. In their sentiment, John Hanner was interviewed by Time magazine as it You see as much scary analysis, John Henry, and assist in professor at the University of North Carolina Greensborough, who studies Sl Andy's. F himself said in an email. I was honestly surprised for me. It would be problematic for someone who has aligned herself with all right discourses to be the public face of the White House where the deaf communities and people who are curious about
SL I don't know, but you stupid, I come out as a cell, curious myself and I will not hear any other hate speech because I am so curious so be careful. Careful, we're gonna have somebody on who has a different point of view than after country, but we're gonna, do it anyway we're going into the Agnes to see what we can out of Heather Musha Professional, sign language interpreter in league with the devil hello? you're welcome to the club programme. I want I think, we're having me, I think, we're so evil that we would interpret a video about operation, underground rail, road with Ballard and remember you, gosh. Oh my gosh, so you didn't that interpretation.
Why would that organization associate themselves with somebody who worked in the Trump White House. I don't know. Human trafficking obviously is an initial right, you're. So Heather. Tell me about tell me about yourself, and you know, are you a are you in stream. Is that one? the storm and kill all congressmen yourself. Absolutely not I'm just a regular Americans. If, like anyone else, I'm a man, I have four kid. I work has been as a job or just trying to live. The american dream is everybody, says and I've been an interpreter for twenty one years, certified with their registry of interpreters for the gas, which is a quick enjoying system that gonna give you a seal of approval. No people know what they're getting when they hire an interpreter. We were all required to meet him once the under and I worked there that is the area. My whole career as a whole
a variety of setting binding, you name it. I've been there. So I have a lot of experience and untrained to be neutral. So all this talk about perceptions of individuals and so forth and me at the end of the day I work at the White House for six breathing and proven myself to be a perfect no and every aspect of the word notice. good. She is it or witchcraft. She sounds reasonable, but don't let that fool, you so Heather tell me what happened. and you know how you found out that time magazine had done this this x. Bowser on you. Well,
Fifthly, I went and did my job of the White House called me and I'm I came in and interpreted the briefing and I and my mind I'm thinking the White House is a neutral equity there there to convey information, the press with area question than at the end of the day. The duck community wanted this access, they fought for it and they got it and They had been there five times previously. I already knew where to go, what to do yadda, yadda yadda, so it was just like very bad. and with everybody kind to you and me when, when Jen per Saki Saki, I only say the p d, you try When you say your name, do you translate a silent peer lets, a different story She when she said and were now gonna carry- and this is our translator for today, everything was fine with all of you guys me. Never you your fine. Nobody said anything beforehand, reading right or did they Yasser Arafat
with gray I mean I am staff with what we can't wait to see. You were gonna, be watching. You were gonna, be rooting for you. I mean it was. A very positive is the very positive environment so I never got any negative slacken was until after at home, and I started looking at social media and a prominent death first in our community in a mild Marco who'd like a celebrity use, anti dumping with the stars and therefore the need a huge the kid about language deprivation the duck unladylike. He doesn't want people to go without language, but yet be I'm retweeted, MR hunters tweet and it just went crazy and A lot was swollen and account for me and what was mister hunters tweet the EU made a tweet. It was like a thread, and it was like gather around folk gears this interpreter, and here she is wearing it, had any trumpets, teacher and she's in Turkey,
in it and he never said my name, but it cause people than doc. Me because people have died, telling me hate email, because they found my professional website. An email address was on there and I ended up having to tell my contact at the White House that you know I'd I'd, probably couldn't come back right now because of the mob so so they didn't they didn't say you're out, now. You called and said you can do it right, ok, well. That's good news. Do you, think you're gonna be invited back. I think they. If I If they did invite me back that it would happen, there have to be a discussion and they they might have to come out with some sort of eight men or something because right now I think of you too controversial and to take away from the intent of why the interpreter even there in the first place, so
isn't that one of the things that White House should do is to say, look she she doing her job she's never interpreted it incorrectly in this information that everybody should have do you think they should and by your they should just move on the I don't know why I feel like they have when they have a lot of her things on their plate right now, then, to deal with this fell. I really don't know the answer that question holy cow. Are you kind, but that's the way, which is our that's the one? which it will do. You know she didn't say whenever children's name was Damien. So and she probably denied. If I asked her if that was her son, probably so tell me one one last thing: the idea of of you
being an extremist, because you translated these things and you voted for tromp time Gesine says that you know it is that you are a trump supporter and that you have done interpretation for or interpreting for right wing political things, which none of those none of those or illegal or immoral You say that this is all this I started with you because you have deaf parents and this it means more than politics to you. Right, yeah yeah, I mean it's hard to have this ashes with my parents when they don't have the same access to information that I? U so, whether it nuth clips on on the internet or radio show like yours or whatever they like
constantly having to explain things are what now and then one of my colleagues whose death was like no, what I just want to get access to the other side of the story like I get a lot of the left, liberal side but I dont care a lot about the conservative side and the big the biggest push that he found would like. We do need somebody to just give us the act that someone to help us get the access and over the summer Corbett shut down than everything. A lot of people were isolated, especially the death community, one there used to being together in communicating we're home, and so with the riots in the protests, there were lots of people in Liberia is that were being posted up, those media and they're, not accessible and so He asked me to how bow and I thought well, this is a noble cause. I mean I'm a conservative. I How bout I wouldn't I wouldn't be the message or anything. So he started this group, my colleague as of liberty, and we just took request from the deck
Maybe I may request things they like parents Williams. They requested embowered videos, David request, Frank Rally, videos, you name They would request that you guys didn't you guys, didn't put out a list. You just requested what the the community wanted right right and we would accommodate them. So we don't do that big, frontline doctors, video it with fellow Manuel and factors Mungo that at the end the court that happened last summer, and that was a huge video right like it went viral like Youtube kept taking it down. Facebook has taken down they kept putting it back up and the deaf people didn't have access to that because, of course, the networked weren't gonna show it. Though there was a quote captain access like you would have on tv, so we really ok will interpret it and we started getting strikes.
Pages and an hour to Channel got taken down eventually, because we were at her pretty misinformation. per se with weapons. So I'm article both you and it's like what you know why I like it on the internet, so is, in my view, and I can just click a button, then listen to request and make our own assumption? Why can't adapt first than do the same thing? So it's really it's me goes again to? Who has a right to tell you what to watch and not watch except you know, hearing people, They are enabled to who listen to anything and they can hear it but deaf people, watch a video and unless they can red lips and unless it's it's really clear, they they can't get them for me. And so they can't say that's ridiculous or I believe in that they did. They can't make a judgment they have. trust other people who have that right
right right and then they have to read the comments and kind of see what people saying you know how combat far they put your ball, the crazy so there's no real information there and then all they go off is the view. So a lot of people say will this got like seven hundred thousand views, but I cannot accept it, but it's popular or their cousin send them a video on messenger and there, like Y, know what they said This allows them to have that dialogue with their friends with their family. Just like we do by Peter would like look at this crazy video and it's just one. you get them. Accessibility, protected under the American with disability that you pay requested they're supposed to have it and then because, I'm working as an advocate for them. I am also protected oh it's just unfortunate that people get goodbye the hat, because when I wore it. I wore it for specific video, which is when he was
the thing is a compilation of him dancing to the. Why? I'm? Cia and alighted at people that, even though they did that because the news channel didn't show that and they don't care music, Not really associated pages might have seen random. tell him dancing. I like ok, but I think into after interpreter the requested video. They were like. Oh wow like this was a phenomenon I'd like it took off now. I understand why there were Tik Tok, the people mimicking villages, their tribute is going to be part of the culture. and a lot of it is online now. So let's evil Heather we'd, like to hire you further day, would like you to translate the radio show. Would you do that Ok, so I'll I'll put you put in touch with our producer and then maybe you can translate, tomorrow, you do it from home because we are covered compliant here and so I will just put you in a little box and you can translate tomorrow, which I'm gonna
come up with a whole bunch of really difficult words tomorrow. I think I can handle it at workforce get engineers I think I can handle any you haven't heard me. I'm is pronounced those difficult words, her infer a whole new experience, Heather, thank you so much and will we'll talk you probably tomorrow. Thank you Thank you. Oh God bless. You come up. I had to say things like the being nice and stuff, because I was afraid she would put on me. Did you hear what she was saying about? People have a right to hear things. that's only by large plus, you never know she's putting attacks on you could you dont know sign language exist actually right and exactly right,
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