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Nancy Pelosi CAN’T STOP quoting the Founders on impeachment! She finally requested articles of impeachment, but who thinks this is fair? Pat Gray joins with some crazy stories: Trans activists hated that police guarded their event, Pete Buttigieg was called homophobic for working with the Salvation Army, and Hillary Clinton confirmed she’s straight. Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna, the “AOC of the Right,” recounts why she’s running for office. BlazeTV writer Kevin Ryan discusses seeing Kamala Harris 15 times and Kanye’s service with Joel Osteen.

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Hey. It's Thursday welcome to the podcast Lenin. Stew were glad did, here and we got a good show for you today. They started, unfortunately, with Nancy close its announcement, which almost made my headaches explode. Chris pray. Howard Stern, Tom our own writer Kevin talked to Khan yea come on. Harrison his experience. What is it crazy, crazy shelve, plus something very, very important and going back to tradition and what I feel we need to do, and rational person request from me all on today's package
you only thinking, I can't tell you: we can't think we're trying to find the right feed. We. We don't have rights currently to this lie: feed nets really How can we have we have it as we have please go ahead. Here's Nancy blessing to power during the debate of impeachment as a constitutional convention she's a large mason, also, as shall any man be above justice that man be above it who can commit the most extensive injustice in his great wisdom, he knew that injustice committed by the president erodes the rule of law, the very idea that affair
which is the bedrock of our democracy, and if we allow president to be above the law, we do oh surely, at the peril of our Republic in America. No one is above the law I agree with the latest. She city intelligence can any working for the fine affairs and oversight committees. The american people have heard the testimony of truly patriotic career public servants, distinguish diplomats and decorated or hear of some of the president's appointees. The facts are uncontested, president abused his power for his own personal political benefit, from greater demands of our national security, just car, using military aid and crucial of artists meeting in exchange. What's happening. Announcement of indoor vacation,
was police she's a thousand years old and Disney? I don't get. It doesn't, have the whole raggedly animatronics ratify the american people. Her testimony remember voices the harness evasion illuminated without a doubt that the president's actions are a profound violation of the public trust. The president's actions that seriously linguistic, constitute levy to unify out upon the belief article two says I can do it ever. I want no, his wrong doing strikes at the very heart of our constitution, a separation of powers, three co, equal branches, each nice check and balance on the other. A republic if we can keep said engineering out, among other things, that the present
Why is no choice rich by two slaveowners is trying to corrupt once again the election for its own benefit. The president has engaged of power, undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of actions. Is actions are in defiance of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve. That and defend the constitution of. Sadly, with confidence and humility was allegiance to outsiders, all full of love for America. Today, I'm asking chairman to proceed with articles of impeach. Those has shown in our members, somber approach, somber wish the president had not made necessary own belief in signing the declaration
in the Balkans, islanders involved a firm reliance. But I don't do doing online fearful worthy oath and fathers almighty support in defence of conscience oh my gosh, into full. Stop, I don't go ahead. Take it take. I can't I can't take it, but good keeper up. Oh geez dialogue is an issue that was one of the worst speeches. I've ever heard in my entire life aye aye awful. I just about- went blind eye just about a hysterical blindness. Is she to induce you to this? The troll people? All she ever talks about in public is the constitution God and then none of her actions reflect either of those they none. Ever ever I mean thinking this is coming from a party who believes that, constitution is an outdated, antiquated document that bear
has anything to do with today. You think the founders couldn't see Donald Trump I didn't see Donald Trump five years ago. How could the founders see it yet this, esteemed all dusty document, somehow or another ill, seize him. Ah wow, it's like it's like, really does work except your yours? thing. You want a somber. A somber and ends stoic process here. Come that's, that's been anything you got there yesterday was an absolute joke, joke a joke and not to mention I mean this is like the equivalent of a NFL head coach, calling a press conference two days before the Superbowl and saying we intend to play in the Superbowl signal. We already know you won the championship game. You're all hear your practicing. We know
you're going ahead with the impact. This is not a shock. You did not need a press conference to tell us you're going to try to impeach the President United States, told us. Twenty seven see none except it's not like that, because they didn't win the championship. This is like calling Capron it coming. People saying I'm going to be the quarterback, though, on those winning superbowl team. If he was the owner of the team point is the obvious thing that we all knew was going on and they have to flee green, although this is crazy, all new that he that they were going to impeach we're pretty much new, the second. They got control of them house an obviously it's been their goal since day, one. So here's the only thing that that that, Keeps me saying today, honestly is drugs. I have been thinking,
But whisky, an awful I gotta say it's great. I'm gonna tell you if really where I have been eyes. I see people now with a glass of whisky and I miss it terribly any Noah its consistent and it's always therefore eagerly idly arise where some would say, God would be offended. Airport whisky is easier, yeah, it's easier and quite frankly, as a time where I'm getting ready to pay. My diving it's too, if I lose my job and it still cheaper Oh, my god. The only that keeps me saying is the fact that I just don't believe the american people- and I mean Democrats think this is fair. Either? I really don't I'm not talking about the Democrats, who are the die hard. You know, at any cost
because there are those trump supporters who are like at any cost. He could go out and shoot somebody on Fifth avenue some Trump supporters and they would be like so so he had a right to do. I don't know I really not really so I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about the. I would hope sixty percent. I would actually hopes eighty or ninety, but I think it's about sixty percent of the nation. That can honestly say this is just not. This is not right. This isn't fair. This isn't right while its end, it seems particularly unconvincing right at me. I think me, you look back at the way this is rolled out. You have to think their plan from the beginning of this was go through the Mahler thing, get the results find
the staff that was obviously they colluded or wherever we can paint to the people that there's collusion between Europe and Russia plan? We go through impeachment after that long process. Well they just cataclysmic failure, but when it came to them Report right got nothing out of it. No one believed it was impossible. It may mean it was nothing so then are like well if we wait passed a week after hearing what this phone call he's gonna wind up, we're gonna be in an in the election. We had to get this done this year. How we gonna do that, just go for it, so this is like almost like us, a substitute, for what they thought they were moving again and that this is a is jammed down anything it. What s it takes it me. Silencing people. If it means you know, asked ram rotting. This through there is. There is no semblance of fairness here at all. Look at the people they had speak yesterday.
Look at their record, they are I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna talk about them tonight at five o clock by the way, the naughty and showed an item done. An audience show a long time. It's all about impeachment. With your questions, you can still tweet your questions at what is it is it? Is it at bad blaze at the blaze at ways and hashtag ass Glenn Butter I'm gonna be answering your questions with alive audience tonight and I'm gonna be expelled who these people were the testified yesterday. What's your name that gets your gates came after little?
listen, listen to this exchange by from yesterday with we at peace with Might with Matt Gates and the the Supreme legal scholar who, of course, is very, very neutral. Aha, listen to this exchange. We don't have it yet. Ok we're having a we're having a problem today with technical because some technical by Edward Bore PAMELA Carlin and you know they. They bore she's a stand for law, professor she's she's clerk for Supreme Court, Justice, Blackburn she's, she's, great well, yeah, there's some other things that she has done that herb. She is a self described.
By sexual. I think she said: bisexual bitch, then she d Sulphur Describers office that at one, but now, I'm not yesterday, she has she and some of the others that we're testifying yesterday are part of the room distance movement. Cows are they in calling that you ve been openly calling for an patriot, one of em openly called for impeachment before where he was sworn in, this is who they have. This is not. Fair. You know who that Republicans picked a guy
Who doesn't like Donald Trump? Yet? I think that's a really good illustration of why the american people see this is such a ridiculously partisan process. But there are plenty judge. Nepal, a tunnel on Fox NEWS Channel, is saying he would vote for impeachment. They could bring Judge Nepal a tunnel out there and he would argue that that he should be impeached. There are libertarians and some on the right conservative why's that are critical of what the President did and how he did it and that it is an impossible offence. You can't find one of them. Who's gonna have a little credibility with an with someone. The middle and the reason they don't do. That is because it's got nothing to do with trying to win people over. Is us, but it just a partisan issue there jamming it through. They could tell all their Elsie activists that they got the impeachment done and then they can move on to their elect
in a thorough treatment over the president, they're saying that I mean impeaching. I president, is over turning and elect and now you're doing that, with eight months before a presidential election, you are using the power of your office and the power of the kind the tunisian two on fairly convict somewhere, an overturned and election. There is nothing more serious than that and how dear you say that no one is against and no one is above the law. If we These standards Obama would have been impeached in its first year, If you use these standards, no one above the law. Hillary Clinton email servers
about just the selling of all of our uranium. What about that? One thing: that's being investigated here, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and all the stuff went on in Ukraine. Believable look, you know it's just it's obviously just a tactic and it doesn't even seem like their attempting to convey people that this is a realistic, and I have to tell you I have a theory on this. It is a theory, but it is bad, he stole in fact, all the way around it now is this. What's have. Meaning I dont know, but it's a theory, and I think it's a damn good one. Ok, so stew, if you ve been watching our specials, which I think you ve Amir, these equity producer, you watched him half of them have highlighted in a room you're rounding up a bit in the room, lock, someone so as as we laid out what it is
the sorrows plan, along with the state Department and overthrow country SAS Sid S sitting two to civil society, anxiety thing going to appoint a right and how does it work? Do you remember? Well I mean I could give you a mediocre Rick. Talking about, but you happen to be the hosted. The special is gonna, so I went on to say so so here so here's what it is, what they want civil society to point out which is part of the State Department policy and it is now ingrained, and an institutionalized in our state department. Is we look for countries that we can overthrow. We can go over and train people to be revolutionaries and we too them how to use social media and then
after we ve taught them and put them through this course, all of this is documented. Once we them through this course, then we say wait for it, wait for it, wait for it and when there is an event like there was Ukraine. That's when the State Department notifies all those people now and supports them, the way we have pictures of all of this. We have videos of all of this and documents about all of this in Ukraine, then, once they get thee, They be stabilize the government and flip the government. Then they insist. The Americans are here just to help and we start an anti corruption league. That's what we did. We had an anti corruption bureau. It was run by our Justice Department, the George Soros, people and their justice Department
and it is a it's it's a institution that picks and chooses based on politics who they want to prosecute and who they wanna call guilty and corrupt and who they don't. This institution in Ukraine was completely corrupt. The guy was sentenced to prison. That was running it for fearing with our election. Ok, that's how I that's how I mean on tape. That's that's! How corrupt the Anti Corruption Bureau was that we were the co sponsor of so Oh, what they have to have is they have to have revolutionaries they have to have training for those revolutionaries. Would you say spin happening here in the United States, the leftist training revolutionary sure, absolutely the best of a bad that programme
hey, it's Glenn and your listening. Led by program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available. Where Are you download your favorite podcast, Pat Gray, welcome to the programme how're you, I'm Grady. I just stood fresh from seeing that Crypt keepers press
conference what half an hour ago, she was Grey Gimme, a pack, a camel three men about the bedrock of our democracy right. How important a founding fathers are to really move and to all of those on the left man. You know what has happened in our civilization. These last few years has gotten so crazy that the left- you know this atmosphere they ve created in the lead on the left, is so toxic that not even though the laughed can exist in it. I think now, just a day we had
This story about more got a bunch of stories like some water around. This happened a Hilary in her sister, how it's going out of the same yesterday's ease Hilary. Does this amazing because he burned the cup egg burn the cup anyway got at ok, so the trans people were being honoured in Olympia, Washington in it. Did you see this start the Eureka out and paper? the other trans people were being honoured and they were doing. I think they were doing the city hall in Trans colours and, as you know, the rainbow stuff, and so they invited the police into the building so that they be protected during their celebration and enter its people were very happy about that. Here's what
a couple of them had to say- and you are telling me You'Re- gonna wide up city hall- to honour black and brown trans woman, you're gonna, write up a city hall that has police and police are a part of the problem, the killing they kill you, I families, while we were, they make it unsafe to live at metrology suffering in the conditions you create for us to not live in the city. I want to say that I am a person that values carrying out people's pain and talking to their hearts, and I feel like the people here at City Hall. They don't do that people's hearts. You create omissions. Point of order, I'm gonna, ask that you refrain. This is broadcast live
people's homes with families. Again these. My point is like that like it, if you don't care what I just said, which proves my flight right: you're, not listening! Ok! So there's that as recently as she's, ok, so they're telling this very liberal City council that they're they're taking asks exception that the police, or even in the building, because the police are killing two and people? I have missed those store. I have missile stories to, but that's exactly what you would expect from you Pat, I believe, really we did this worry a couple weeks ago and that the total amount of murders of straight people against Trans people was like for the sake, no, it really was over like multiple years yen. All those were police officers. Renown of them know who none of the others, and I will also point out now,
or maybe all with the exception of one were men who went to prostitutes yeah, believe they her go for one general got the other one another and another one I think was a friend or or a family member, I think, might have been. I mean this is This is a lie here. Trousers, there's nothing here, there's nothing! But again it's the left. Turning on the left because of the atmosphere they created, no one can exist in our green was talking about how upset he was. This is our green yelling at other Democrats, for
people. They called yesterday was into this with the speaker and still arise with my nomadic notes in hand. Mrs speaker arise because I love my country, but I also arise today with heartfelt regrets. It hurts my heart, MRS Speaker, to see the Judiciary Committee hearing experts on the topic of impeachment one of the seminal issues of this kind, risk, and the problem is hearing experts, MRS Baker and not one person of color. The aerial we'll get have guns, irons, Thomas and rightly so. Again, there's no pleasing the left, because no matter who they bring before the it's not diverse enough form, because if you had a black person on the panel where's the Asian and if you have a blackened
asian where's, the native American, and if you have the native American, whereas the hispanic and if you have they sciatic, whereas the on Doc and had dreamer. That's warpings now also be, but a judge is getting flag from the left this one as this is a classic look at his heinous crime. I've got up. I've got a follow up. Itself, although my garage, although or what I don't want to, that he is standing in front of some sort of store with a an apron you hanging a bell right, apparently try two mean you want to talk about. A dog whistle periods is his homophobic, port of a homophobic organization, immunization called the sea, innovation arming yeah. Now, let's do the math here on PETE who did judges, homophobia literally married to a man like of all
activities on gods, green earth. That's a pretty! like them, no really thing to do gallop I like the least homophobic thing on the planet is to marry a man. If you remember, I look like, will really make it safe and right either. Thirdly, the most pro Homosexual acts. Do you can do is have homosexual sex already. Really there's more pro. Active who can read that, though I'm lie hidden sire socks knew so here is this guy who what he. He's married and having homosexuals sacks land he so that he hates himself for that? What I mean that
makes no sense and is very similar right to saying Clarence Thomas doesn't like black people right, which they do say. However, Buddha Judge actually agrees with them on the issues and are still saying you can never be woke enough, never know we'll, never get there. It's a road that not have an end. You will never does train tracks, use We cannot end right there, s boycott my point. I mean I've. I've got another one of occurs. Pratt in and you'll see the heinous crime he committed in the other days of cereals. We also have the photo of that look at areas with his bulging muscles and what not, in the one in some kind of GM but he's holding kittens
I hesitate even say an underdog thought I mean well, you have to wear and radio that people can see he's a learning, drastic water bubbling single, serve singleness single use, one as it will be like recycled afterwards vessel his friend Jason Mama, rightly, of course, called him out for the UN's friend Britain is frightened, spread, yes, killed him out and then and then he just got it. Crap storm of tweets coming down for it, but Jason Malta in the past has commit same agree. All my gosh lay that there's just well, I'm way way way way way way way he's. Actually these got three of them in front of it. I just want to point out, though I think he's blind. I believe
Didn't know that IFOR seriously I've seen this new documentary that he's an iron called see he's completely blind ash yeah. So I didn't know that will then he didn't know it was he has in my way. You know I do you know. I do mean if we don't stand up against this essentially and stopping so afraid of the names we're gonna be called. You're right, I don't worry it's. I don't think it's us anymore. I don't think it's us yeah. I really they give the Democrats the average person that You know who considers himself a Democrat if you don't wake up yeah stand up against your forgot to be you're, gonna be scooped up just as fast as soon as we will be. This is going to collapse on its own weight of this. There is no way you can abide by the new rules that they have set forward. Our centre great a minute, there's, no actual human being that believes drinking out of a water bottle is evil there, like that,
People that cannot be right as a statement of virtue, because you believe everyone else thinks MA. I don't think that's entirely true, I do. I don't? I got her. I don't think so again. Like you know, hand, I know him and youth and she and she will actually- act on these things. She any she go easy brings. She drives me nuts. I use I ask when we go shopping together, she ll bring her little. You know, I don't know hemp bag to the grocery store and I respect for doing that I ask for double plastic bags winding up to make up for, but she lives that she doesn't when she goes to restaurant she'll bring your own. You know her own. Does she drink out a single use, water bottles, the London? No, no power help doesn't like it, but she's not preaching about a job. Not now she's, not seen everybody else. You gotta do this project she's not doing that, but she just believe she's not dug a crusader,
not just use too many things that we don't need the reuse. Yeah, nine minutes, it's it's crazy. I mean I just it's just that it's bizarre thing I just quickly the number one Chris Pratt agreed and we re Kurdistan and apologize apologize for using it to see. If I remember correctly, somebody threw me a plastic bottle under the photo should, and I didn't know what to do with my hands. I never know what my head right, my bad, I don't want it. Let us call it a plastic here that kid's reduce reuse, Recycle Chris Brat, my gosh as somebody just toss it. But many just held it yeah and he did know what to do with his hands. That's. Why do I do with it? I owe you need a right now under their Christmas tree, you go to the the. What is it to blaze shop, dotcom? What is what John Jago Johnny's plan of level region erected to the new ok, where it is so anyway, whatever just go to our store and get
the shot up teeth as what everyone his next one he should be holding a water bottle in both an holding our and wearing a shot up this is the best of the plan that programme hey, it's Glenn and if you like, a year on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his podcast available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes bags, or do you
to a young hispanic. Conservative air force veteran who is but she's leave her in the things that we were founded on an she for. Some reason wants to go to Congress and she's running for the seat currently held by Charlie Chris, which would be a shame if he lost Anna Paulina Luna welcome to the programme, thanks. Robbing me on your euro you're welcome, so we met two weeks ago. You happen to be here in the building and I had just stumbled across the EU in somebody else. Some other show in the building had invited you on, and my show was my show over, so I invited you to to come on. I want to find out a little bit about you a little bit more about you you are you seem to be all on the right track. Your programme, I'd pro life. You don't hate Amerika. Tell me about
how about some. The policies that you think Charlie Chris has wrong, that you would not be voting the same way. I mean person for, like the guy as that. He cares about that trend of which I am and then he won Inter voted against. You know I'm betting, health care and, in view in turn, favoured illegal immigrants getting healthcare, and I think that a lot of what I talk on a lot of the policies that I am so passionate about. It's because of my life experience, not to mention his absolutely pushing the red flag laws and again going back to kind of how I grew up. I did not have from my upbringing, and I realise that now, and it was really the military that I'd say, you know I'll, be changed my life around, but I had a very early on kind of interesting experience with firearms and whether it was me being involved in an armed robbery. Walking when I was nine to having a president, was murdered to eventually being at a high school where there was being violence and revolted, honest shooting
twin gangs. On camp as I am in no way shape or form ever going to say that it is firearms and us taking away the right of the second amendment from the american people that is going to fix some of these issues. When you have people constantly pushing to remove God from society, replace it with government, that's where the problem is, and so few ones are fixing the problem must start bringing back the morality back to the United States back to the american people. So I mean why he's done is essentially voted in favour of himself. Not the people he's been a democratic, independent Republican he's currently them abroad and down it's time for him to go it's time to get people in Congress who care who want to fix the issues and who can reach crocodile to fix them. These very horrific things are taking place in our country, not really bind the whole impeachment nonsense that there really pushing and it's wrong and I'm tired of it. So you are the Hispanic initiative chairwoman for Prager University, which is a great endorsement. Just there,
over one hundred thousand followers online. What is where'd you come from When did you decide to do this? So I came back on track. You gotTA medical school without I'd say year and then change a girl, and I got into a medical programme completely gone out and militarist that I can do that and actually not a phone call from Charlie Kirk over a turning point. You are safe and at the time I have been in contact with tiled Pilar Boyer reversed the o o and they basically offered me the position to be their national average drafter fur hispanic engagement- and I honestly don't know the time that was really was
was in the cards for mean really, I guess I'm gods plan and will not happen. I kind of realise outlets isn't gonna, be in a pretty much a story out a Bible by God and medical school. Something crazy, he's gonna happen. It can be shown in the whale big. Well can come for me as an bring you back to that. I can help you this and now kind of checking on why I really play the police are speaking out was. I had obviously like bearing put the second amendment by started working closely with an organization called veterans for rescue and aids are basically handle counter trafficking happy with Moscow border of children, and at that point in time I didn't know that I was even issue and honestly it is, and after I was doing Taking that I was doing, and I found out about the horrific numbers of children that our traffic, I knew that I had it, say something you know. The whole reason I wanted to become a doctor was that so I can help people, and I realized that by me, staying silent, especially as I had
at one end that not only was I failing myself, but I was failing is innocent people. It doesn't matter if you know who you are liberal Democrat Republican, conservative dieter innocent children. This is something that we should all be working to stop and only can be done when proper measures are taken for border security. So I really started using my flatworm and turning quickly kind enough to work with me on a d. You marry you get this information out there, so that will hopefully be out you're pretty so well. I'd like to help you with that as well. The numbers are astonishing, astonishing and people there but now they have no idea nobody in Congress is really talking about this, especially on the democratic compassionate side. It is, it is the most compassionate thing we can do- is to stop people coming from or coming over
border who we don't know who they are or if those are even their children. We are are actually in in many ways helping these child crap traffickers now with a stupid rules that have been put in on the border, but I digress. If I get it and for those listening. This is not a joke. I've gone down, there have talked a border patrol agents, and we know you literally, the staff will say about a third of the children that are coming over, are not biologically related to these critical parent or family units and that they are essentially ranking these children so that they can gain access and exploit our asylum laws. But, aside from that, this border patrol officer told we have a story where he came across a family here not only by a group of women and a group of men that had been separated and they are actually being forced to carry marijuana package's over the border, and so obviously they interest.
The ban, and we ended up happening while they found that when they were in a processing them in one of the woman, the women was crying and she because they couldn't be calm down and art. After what happened- and she said you know- where is my child work, my child, and what they had done? What the cartels didn't they separated the man from the women and the women from the children and promised them if they successfully brought the loads over the border. But they would reunite them with their children and to this day, art doesn't know what happened to those kids and it's scary. It's in a one of those things that it's not like a drug work can be used once people think trafficking. This really clean thing. It's not. This is literally the thought of me. The rape torture literally sometimes even the killing of very innocent people, and it doesn't matter who you are. We don't do it the craft with people who come here the correct way there going to be exploited and people heard on both sides soon. I used to ask people, you know how their sole was, but I
I know I don't know if people really understand what their walking into and the danger that you're in when you go to Congress, I've I've had friends who have have become everything that they said they were going to become it's a toxic atmosphere or are you prepared for that? I am, and I can say that this is kind of funny, but right out the gates. I had some on my MAC Aids come out and endorse me and you. I've never been the type of person to be bought. One of my campaign slogans don't not by, and I say that, because everything that I've experienced in life, the reason I speak out is because I know first hand what that's like. I literally grew up in the welfare system on, and I've been very selective about even taking money from certain lobby, as I am a grassroots candidate. I've been today leveraging my social media survey,
all of this law- dollar donations, Ashine and, if all goes as planned, making the younger and less on, which is an hour theses. List of you know top competing candidates for district, and obviously I need help raising that money. So few condoning please do you condoning W W w dogma? honor Paulina dot com, but I am who I am, and I always feel that I've entering a higher calling and I'm not anticipating on being a queer politics. Then I'm gonna do what I think is right. We need to begin and then I'm gonna leave, and I'm gonna get my hat and let the next person take over how competitive do you think you could be against early Chris? I think- and I
for some great people running in industries, but when it comes to being able to actually go to tell with hands and call them out on some of these identity politics that you're gonna be using, I will be able to act swiftly, flip the seat, not to mention. I have a very again unique background and in part what I also passionate about is I've been working with an organization called force, blue that does coral reef, restoration off the coast of Florida, my husband, a scientific diver without organization and down oh, I do have this aspect of know, being critical, agreeing conservative that I'm bringing to the table- and you know every step of the way again. I've been built for there, so I am probably be only contender. For this reason I do anticipate conflict So I am sure you are, and I dont mean this is an insult egg, Keziah, the mere opposite, but tat. You are kind of the air sea for the for the right. If you, if you were to win when you say you're a green conservative, does that mean that
There are four government green deals, cabin all of that stuff now, in fact I'm not even for a carbon tax. I think that it's been really interesting, because I do obviously of some extensive background, but I'm a biology major. I mean I'm kind of a fine third and not aspect, but you know one of the biggest arguments for that is this is not even the number one quarter in the world arcades places like China, India, I wanna do asian countries that were sending our many Actually you so why on earth? If you really wanted to fix the problem, would you then, in turn basically tat the american they only the american people. Say an amount of money in order to fix the problem that we can't even control. It's only been- that's contributing that. Why would we not entering try to encourage these businesses to bring their manufacturing back to the United States? We know that there are not contributing to this global solution.
And then, in addition to that, if these countries want to trade with us, will then let's right some policy into our trade negotiations with these countries, even though a human form our responsibility to change our wailed by twos literally stop eating and to stop using playing than automobiles in order to facilitate these countries that have you know, even according to the climate of port, that we pulled out of their God and in places like China are developing. Oh complaining about tranquil plant what once a week and yet world suddenly evil people. That's not what the scope and objective of this is in the United States. We actually, in my opinion how one of the cleanest environments? For that reason, so I'm for clean and by but limited government, and I think that that's the best way that you want to handle those has. The situation are. What is your web address of people want to find a more information domain? can you find me at W W W Dots votes on either
eight and a day and then Paulina P, a U ally and aid outcome Polina. Thank you very much gutless and good luck, you. But how are you still I'm wonderful you're not coming with me this weekend so late hour. I am not know, that's not the personal choice, personal wait, a minute white players decision hold. It did not play players decision relay what we great guy would love to live with things going on book a seat for around whether you have other things going on that. I think that this is the weak. The tackle bells havin a sale at they have those install exultingly, not the one near relayed right. Leg. Aerial are now to be great joy. We wouldn't you ve done Christmas shows before and I think a lot of people in the audience haven't seen you do that kind of show before it's been a long time been a long time a long time and its fun, though, is the first time I actually realized
at some tally. Liddy. Thank you to to do this yeah now, as I heard the show a lot of time, rough and senior she'll never really noted, hang value One thing that I do that stew was really bombed when we said ok, no more, those area you is, I know, that's my favorite bay and is really quite fun, This brings you into the into their Christmas season. It's really really funny, and it's it's a. I am sms. Unless oh sure mean there's a typo bell, sale near your eyes, so there's some scattered seats. You know that the seeds that are available, I think, there's a few seats up towards the top. You know and that's the deal that is yes, you might get a nosebleed, but probably not, but I can guarantee I'm gonna get hit with any the flop, sweat, which is huge benefits, huge huge benefit, and we hear them.
Rob European all this money for these great season and in others, union flops what you gotta bring like the Gallagher curves could hardly till I guard yours, the wine right don't even know what too, I don't even know what to wear, because the Santa suit you were saying doesn't fit me, ok to bear already shut up our eye. So. I don't even know what to wear cause. You know I get hot, but if I, if I wear like sweater. Then you know it's like a geographical thing on talking your shirt. It is the last gasp of the that man right because I am move, I am right. The next thing is by just give up my just give up a just start wearing a memo. Just I I can see that a minute. We have this when you until the shooting who knows it just Going straight down and not in clearing your summit by six inches, or is it one inch
I tell when you're rights why it's still kind it can see that there's something under the wind hurts you this soul. No wind in this is the end. If you want to find tickets, you can just go. Glenn backed our com, there very few left, but if you'd like to grab a seat, I'd love to see their it's Saturday led back dotcom. Slash Christmas your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, our brain cabin rain, Kevin Ryan. He is a writer for glimpse a calm and also my programme and the blaze, and that he is, he is different dude man. He is just so much fun and we
we send you out two things where you just don't fit for it. Are you just don't fit? I mean you know, really anyone know. You know you my whole life. I mean you work for me anywhere. Birchen start! Oh, yes, so, out of his yeah, you look like guy. Who word that I hear that concept and I work every single day little yet amazing. So anyway, so we sent you out to cover a couple of things. Nan. We haven't been any time this week on Kamali Harris dropping out you have a story that comes up. Is it today? Come back? I come here as of now and you have kind of the behind the scenes, because you saw her how many times I barely fifteen times fifteen times aims a lot more than you should have been required to do letter writer, dragonettes little majeure eat. You went to to follow these candidates to learn something about them so
What is the article of about in and what? What do you take away from her failure at my first working? So what I did when I first saw, was. I was like this. Do something captivating about her: it's terrifying, scares me she just wants. The g wanted that job so badly that I thought no one could ever stop her sorrow, five articles about her here. We are two months later and like well. Those other three articles are never gonna now look at it, it taught me something about politics. Yeah, you guys are so clued into. Politics is kind of a new game for me, yeah and assisting Fascinating Harris Harris was one which might cause my dad was with me in our, and he said what really
freaked him out was it. She always has this like here waiting in her, I draw a hit. This is ready, yeah and she can just and she just completely different characters and she didn't very well. I really admire her. I didn't think I was going to admire it all by. Is you admired her for her duty of lying ability if there's a theirs, I think in a sense where you look at commonly Harrison. You say see someone who seems to have ability as a politician and Israel the Tivoli convincing at times, but there's something I think we'd like you look at a robot and the robot looks human, but not clearly on, any valiant very values and youth. It just feels we Like your, u sense that it's not authentic! I feel it that's what it was like with with common, whereas, as we learn more about her, I mean it, you know if she had
when we first see her, we talked about this at the very beginning, when you first seer you're like DE there's something charming about her, there's something real about her. That seems like she's like about seems like she's likeable, but then the more she's around your like now, it's uncanny Valley and then all of a sudden, you gonna hit the bottom of the valley here, like I think, she's a fraud, think, she's, real,
near the article two uncanny value gets emulate sums up. Her kind of essence like that there is the end in person is like that is also an article about singer and is Baptist Church and there's nobody there there's. No me it was a rainy days a miserable day and she, her sister, got up and sang and complex gave dislike heart, rending, gospel, drivin, sermon and I had tears my eyes, but when she walked off as a tat is good politician we're here, I didn't I didn't come away with like that is a real great person and we really are not a good enough. Politician quite clearly appear people's sense it in some way. I think that's why I think that's why Bernie connects with so many people is because it's not a pal. It's not a good politician. Oh he s just these mass output,
his contract with the same way, I get out of the way you think of as a politician, but people connect with him because they feel its authenticate right is saving with Bernie. We bury lies a lot. He gets a lot of points for being authentic. We tells a lot of false. Yeah he done, but he doesn't want away that. He believes them right. Go on. I think, Europe has the same way. I think truck, believes ninety nine percent of the stuff that you're like way what I think he believes that stuff. You know Bernie is the same way. Burning is just authentic in his in his look. You know anyway, dress is You know you have to give him credit for being really outspoken enough to say he's Lee leaning toward socialism. You know during the
old or earlier you know, ease less often ignored, because he just won't make that final. Stepping like yeah, I'm for communism, Absolute Idaho, only say he's off for socialism. Yes, so ass lady, I saw ass lady. I would comment I think, to whether things we talked about. We are comparing the fields one day about two thousands from two dozen. Sixteen, the republicans- and I I said, is she he? She is Marco Rubio right, like two figures, the on the paper vibe of Rubio end higher, as was like. This is a good formula to win this race right and never, even though they might give some good speeches have good moments in debates were never never was really able to connect with the with the voting public, and you know I don't know you made that point Glenn years ago that after Obama, the last thing we re looking for someone who is packaged, packaged and like you know, for every line fell,
perfectly focus group tested and Ruby. I did a lot of that and Harris did a lot of that it'll Harris, though Harris became, I think, battle in the there were three Lang lobby, unlike I am Ali, your children. If that's what will take to vote for me, what are banning all Republicans from twitter, professor weird, it's we're ok, another story that you that you have is on Joel Steen. We did not. Do you have a chance to talk to you, it's been so crazy. I mean it's hard to keep up with the news
yeah, you're, withdrawals, dean and conquer the couple of weeks ago telling about that experience gleaned. It was in saying this I mean just like setting up the scene is, is unbelievable, Joel seen hanging out with conquest at this church, surrounded by media, but at this mega church and performing with Gospel choir mean a year ago he was very different. Conny yeah very publicly honey, the area I really wish you could come I would have loved to. I would have loved to have been there we'll go to the next one of your soul. So who? Who did you feel he was gonna, yeah, I've Heath? He felt I feel like his only mode is genuine and that's what people have a problem with. They think he's being disingenuous. I don't think he I think, there's no off switch, and what is I mean? He can't he he's
all or nothing or less, for whatever he thinks. The truth is at that moment does what he is saying. George Bush doesn't care about. Black people genre relic down Trump is, is that You know the greatest guy in the world, whatever it is, he doesn't have the use that filter to stop himself and try to rethink. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this for sure, and- and this is what I struggle with- I dont know- if he just doesn't care or fishes, he feels and imperative to bringing out- and I know, there's I there's some mental illness there, there's probably some pills- I dont, know what it was worth. What what do you mean? There is bipolar: leave that that's on the record than he had. Ok, yeah he's the he was hospitalized wives yea. What would our whatever, when they put him involuntarily with almost admitted involuntarily? He was admitted to wine, see a mental health facilities
and how many isn't that I mean? Does that sound like a mental health facility that Avis wanna go? What is the dream of yet again in the pool get into the pool complacent volunteer it's a volleyball and everything will be good. When was that that was me being like nine months ago a year ago, and when he was in at the facility, he was drawing churches and talking about forming a church in Calabasas where he lives and it's sort of turn into this gospel choir. That was like kind of quiet at first and he's been building from that, and it's funny of all the outrageous things that
on he's done. I see I rank the jewellers seen church as like pre higher things inherent, why? Why is it was just so unexpected and he's, but he's he's very Joel Holstein. I mean I like jaw, he's a friend of mine but he's very Joel steam, Joel's dean is a he's, a gateway drug. You no easy he's getting the people who are not going to church who are trying to you know find, some God in their life, but they want they want the six ass, the goes along with it, along with the happiness and everything else and jewelled preaches this. You know the gospel and it's very mechanical, but the gospel of prosperity, and that's what I mean you know. Even I think it is that we can. He said I was down, or even our fifty million dollars and
You got that back from the pirates. Who has that who, As that, I love that comparison and I hadn't thought of it be, but it's so true and its there's also this idea of like out of public wide misconception about who the person is that I think, applies to both men we in which I have to admit. I was gonna guilty going into this. The service that I had an idea of jeweller steam that is sort of like it was performed, because what other people told me and then, when I met him when I was in the service, I found myself tearing up in thinking like how could this be bad?
like. I can't see any reason why helping people and getting them motivated and in helping to sort out of whatever addictions they have were yanking how's that bad. Now I you know, I know Joe fairly well, and you know his father was a real old school preacher and he didn't have any intention of going in and preaching at all and when his father died. A kind of came down
let him and he wasn't think about it, and he had this big kind of transformation in his life, but he doesn't preach the way his father would have he. He looks for the things that are tangible to day and he knows he's a gateway to you. No other deeper spiritual means, and I think he gets a bad name cause. I think, there's a lot of people that are in the religious business that dont, like the fact that he does that and- and I don't think, there's any problem- I mean just help. People start on a road anywhere, just the start,
a good road, and are you concerted all that we know what percentage of your job includes crying because you ve told idle autumn ass high ass, if tiered ass, an emotional it's the burka stocks yeah like taking dissolve unlike Yale, its end of the world, the man- I don't exactly pigs, don't you aren't stocks it. You are a you're mad genius. You're only are your imagine. More, maybe perhaps more mad- definitely muttered. I love working with given thank you. So material joy in you'll find his articles right now, a Glenn Back dotcom. The blame. Radio network on demand.
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