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Best of The Program | Guests: Ari Fleischer & Rep. Roger Marshall | 8/24/20

2020-08-24 | 🔗

Former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer discusses how bad the press has become against Trump and what the RNC coverage may look like. Rep. Roger Marshall was there for the Democrats’ grilling of the postmaster general and argues it’s another hoax. Why hasn’t Antifa been declared a domestic terrorist organization yet? President Trump released his platform and actually wants us to return to normal. Another asteroid will come close to Earth on the day before the election.

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America? It is Monday great pod cast in the works for you today we started with Gmail Hill. I just a little I mean because I'm so appreciative of all of the things that she has caught me about. America. Aren't you still? Oh my god, she's taught me so much and I always listened everything that she says yeah, especially when she makes absolutely no sense, which is only all the timeframe and she she has come out in just said that the Americas worth the Nazis, because we talk the Nazis and I just wanted to give her a quick history lesson on the Nazis and who learned what from whom and that is that right at the top of the pod cast then digit. You know there's another asteroid coming to us this one before election day the day before election day, according them ass. They say it's gonna, miss us, but I'm rooting for the asteroid. Yeah emit an endorsement in that race, and I like it with your we talk. A little bit about the convention are a fly sure is on with us to talk about the press and the convention. We ve got a lot on our plate. Miss a minute miss a lot higher inflation or former Bush Whitehouse Press Secretary president. Now of our reflection, communications joins us now, hello, are you? How are you write to me with a glance yeah he's? So you are, I saw an interview was: was it in the new Yorker or the Atlantic? Was new Yorker? Wasn't it recently?
There was an article, I assure you, got about my criticisms of the press. Yes, we wearing yes, yes, now there was a there. Was this this question and answer thing that you did, I think, was the new Yorker and it was the month is the most hostile interview I have seen? Is eh everything was yeah. Well what about this yeah? Well? What about this and the left in the press in particular they They have a handle on the truth and, what's going on and they just don't even want to hear any anything that disagrees with them, anything that right this business, Oval, Hong Kong, multiple decades dealing with the press, I loved, I love being oppressed secretary, I Capitol Hill at the White House. What I do now and I used to Peter Depressed- liberal, you knew ideologically. They were coming out you that Republicans always had to work harder than democratic, to get a fair shake, but now is just resistance. Donald Trump has made the press, lose their minds and it wasn't
to lose their minds. Can you see it almost every day you pick up the news. I tell you I was mood. I was not in favour of Donald Trump when he ran the first time because of the chaos that he I think he loves, he loves to live in it and the way he handled himself, but I will tell you he had exposed the press in ways. I would have never imagined, He he is like a cat in there a mouse, and he just knows how to back them and they fall into that every single time and they ve gone crazy over the weekend. The first lady showed everybody, the new rose garden. The ash made a lot of improvements to put in a walk way to be compliant for folks with wheelchairs, and it was beautiful, Howard, fine,. And who was a reporter with news week when I was pressed secretary, you used to have some some sway of some influence because he was a big voice. Now
Maybe she now, if analysed, he said it was a NEO fascist parade ground this comes from a senior mature, a reporter, A NEO fascist parade ground, the first. Ladies renovation, to the Rose garden: what's happened through the media. What did they lose? The limits it used to be that they would report. Then they would opine now they're, just trolls, yes, told in bad taste in their there. Also I've I've never gotten the point until recently, where there absolutely, no reason for me to read anything if I personally interested to read anything written ends in certain places like I've always liked the New York Times. I know that its liberal, but I've always liked the coverage of the New York Times. I listen to the daily at all.
Because all I'm getting is propaganda. I knew this morning if I listen to the daily I'd be getting anti Yo P propaganda. I knew if I listen last week, they'd be saying it was the greatest television event in history and they We're, surprise me that's exactly right. They really of cross the line between one stage opinion seeped its way into the facts. News reporting. Analysis became what they did, but now it really cross the lighter resistance. They can't stand trump. They want Trump, God everything is done through filter of getting rid of Trump, CNN and I watch chain and every morning I delivered. We have seen in the morning I wash Box in the afternoon. I like a little diversity in my news, but the CNN
comes down the throats of any republican guest. I wash republican congressmen from Georgia honour this morning in the anchor Jim Shouto, kept interrupting him badgering him. They never do that to the democratic guest. Every little bit about it from the way news is made to the decisions about what is news, it makes it on the heir to the way the anchors behaved. I was on through the eyes of Anti trump resistance. The present just killing themselves. That's the problem areas they from gallop from Q shows that people's trust in the press, to tell the news bully fairly and accurately, is almost all time lows there only heard in themselves, So do you think they are? But you know I called people like Chuck Todd and everything when they were like her cuz. You know what happened after the twenty sixteen, and I said, If you really want to know there are people, can explain it to you, but I'm not sure you really want to know. But if you do, you know give
half an hour, and I can tell you where I went wrong and and what I learned there. Was no interest at all. There still isn't, and I wonder if they're not making exactly the same mistake, they ve just they just Let the house on this time. They just said we're all in rhetoric. I will be worse mistake if Trump, when the twenty twenty, because they won't accept it. I just can't acknowledge that they're wrong, but here the fundamental problem with journalism today in its cultural, the people I went to journalism school for the next generation reporters- and this has been the case for decades- are almost all cut from the same college educated well to do Democrat, liberal clock I have to These addressed students from Colombia, journalism school once and ninety eight and the other actually march of this year, in both cases, I asked the students with by twelve and each group in asked election have made. You voted for the democratic coming for the Republican in every one of those.
All twenty four Hanford, a every single one. The one exception was one guy Ninety ninety eight, when the election was between Bob Door and Bill Clinton. Eleven hands went up for Bill Clinton, so I said to the top guys or you are the only one who go to the door. He liked me too, I voted for a later I got it. You can't newsrooms rooms, twenty for nothing and think their fair, think they're, not by us, think they're neutral they buy culture line up, one side, there's nobody there check their thought. Sullenly, there's a wait, a minute, there's another side, let's think it through. So let's do instead, look for diversity in terms of orientation, right, gender or race, but ideology. That way matters, the most The review is diminished, so Let me ask you this.
You know I used to give people the benefit of the doubt and I actually worked in those places an I realize now, they're just hard core in there. If and they don't have any one in their circle. To challenge them and so late day, just they think monolithic, early Now I m really wondering because of things like the Post office, what's happening right now. Is the Democrats and the press are setting up a scenario that is very dangerous. The saying that there's no problems with male in voting shares its riddled with proper look at what just happened in Detroit it. So screwed up, I don't know ever know the answer in and yet they are pushing this narrative that Donald Trump is somewhere another screwing with the the postal. Service and they're gone
to challenge the, if they don't win, even if we want in a landslide they would be challenging this, and I think there part of the problem. I think they know what they're doing now. Do they, I mean this is this: is such anti communism, but I do have to say on this one the parliament has framed this issue wrong. The threat from Ellen voting is not fraud. The threat, for male and voting is that the system can handle it. My own voting? Historically, if you cast a vote by male absentee or otherwise it is, three times is likely to get rejected. As when you vote in person, the correct calling in person is perfectly safe: human, carbon, environmentally, improving it with all the primary elections. So the switch to of male number. One is not warranted by safety, but two, state, as I Washington State has been doing this for a considerable amount of time and in the bipartisan fashion. The states not ready, for it
what happens is at the Washington Post on goods, is a marvellous. If it turns out Sixteen election, you have some five hundred thousand ballots get thrown out because of errors because it wasn't postmarked because about person didn't sign, it is going to be more than a million ballot thrown out this time. So it's not fraud. It's gonna be close elections, ballot were thrown out, Democrats cry voter suppression and networking argue about should that ballot can't without postmark and it can be built suppression all over again, that's what they can to allege shoot and the Democratic York City were Democrats was narrowly to each other primaries. They were voters oppression against each other. This is the risk here. It's not fraud and I wish President wanna talk about it only in terms of fraud. The risk is that the system can't handle it. It will, when you see the system now. I think I would corrected there. It's it's, not the system, it's not the post office. If the board of elected, correct
we are going. We are headed towards the hanging Chad, which I know you remember seeing that picture that guy with glasses and he's like look at that Chad is at a dimple. What exactly is happening without chat? that's what we're headed for and then on top of it you're exactly right. Going to say two million people. Are a million people, their voices were heard. They disenfranchise the voter, which, just what lazy and all of this even welcomes it without a signature, let account even in the old comes in three days later, let a year now here were, fraud can come in and I just wish the president. Hereupon precise, with his words if there is a really close election weathers for the present under from the governor of the dog catcher you're allowed habit command without a postmark up to three days after the election kingly. Where Oh, it's were mailed to everybody and their own harvesting. People can collect,
hundred two hundred ballots take a chance, accept them in the next day. Caused them into one of those boxes it out of the three days later and influence the course of the election, and particularly no voters signature match, that's where the fraud can kick in after the election and again I go back to fundamental, and holding a person is safe. There socially distance. We proved that every day you walk into a walmart, you see, I say if it is to do things in a gigantic places, we can have he and he was first hand witness to the debacle that was the questioning of our of our postman. Esther General. On Friday, it seemed like a pretty open and shut case to me, come congressmen, Marshall. How are you
Glenn Good morning the sunny candles. Yet this was another anti PLO see manufactured hopes to attack the president? The post office is fully fund For a year they have access to There are ten billion dollars if they need it. I believe that a believer that we can do tat. Things at once we can have a say and fair election same time. Air we re at the Post office is well to both. These things need to happen, and it is a crying shame that close. He wants to make this a political issue, tell the sad Day for America. Ok, hang on just a gloomy play a little audio here, specifically what happened on Friday. You will give us your word today under oath that you have not taken any action whatsoever in your capacity as postmaster. For any political reason, warrior at the suggestion of any any administration officials. I will tell you my first election male meeting, where I am
What did the organization the whole team around us and out in the field, whatever apple? We have double there. I was greatly concerned about all the political noise that we were hearing as we have had. We had weekly reviews on this since before this, all. The excitement came out. We, we are they committed the board's committed the postal workers. Commanded the union were leadership, is committed diamond, successful election and the The insinuation is, quite frankly outrageous Here's the thing I I find it real. The post office is screwed up needs to be fixed, I'm glad ease their fixing. The post office, I dont, think the pie stop, this is going to be the ones that screw this up. What this is is nothing more than
a way to cause riots in the streets and protests, because, if you up the number of ballots that are going through the male you're gonna the number of ballots that are rejected view reject a million or two million votes because of the rules that have always been in place it's very easy to say this is voter suppression. This is nothing more than a set up. Is it not here you're right, First of all, I just gotta. It's a law and order, my dad was the chief of police for twenty five years and my little uncountable radio, Kansas and in this country. The Spirit, law and order. Those rights are now spreading like him irish and we need those local people to stand up paper. Yes, every time we were being set up failure, here's what's happening every time, a human. Where does she have to touch the polling ballot is an opportunity for pride. We saw what happened,
in the last house election. We goodness, I think, eight or nine o my my colleagues on the house will winning on election night and the democratic kept far distant ballot. People need a real. Why is it we are randomly sitting volatile either got too for my children at my house applications. They goodness opportune I that have not led to my house for ten fourteen years, so that the whole system is wrought with broad there's Republicans. We gotta keep your eye on it. The Democrats think about doing things. I just never would have imagined lift. The stout harvesting is one instance show their selling us up for failure. The post office should be able to handle situation every day they handle four hundred and fifty million pieces Bell hereafter. In the end. I can't extra hundred fifty million that most over a couple weeks time, just as the senses I'm not sure how many are surplus application. Went out in the mail, but it had been. I suppose you know coasted here two hundred billion, maybe three hundred million, or so they should be.
Would handle this situation, but weathers opportunity. There will be broad by the Democrats so tell me, tell me about why there seems to be no appetite to. Who shot down antigua- and I mean if, if they're, not the definition of demand, dick terrorists, as they go through the neighborhoods at three o clock in the morning with glee at teens, telling people to give them their houses it that that that's not, political statement? That is a fear statement units in the middle of the night, you're being woken up, your kids are looking out the window there worried about. What's going on this issue a domestic terror tactic, When is somebody gonna stand up and do something like that We hope that our that it that the attorney general is finding a path to do just that, but, but certainly I think at all start that the local
All that we first of all as Americans, are the right to protect our families, and this is one more reason. We need a second amendment and why it is so important to be able to protect ourselves when you can't get the point and then and then be on, that we need global county officer local governors. If they can't handle it, reach out to the president, then at America needs to realise that present tromp cannot thin the National guard, without any invitation, but hopefully that local put folks will hold those local officials accountable in election by that will stand up to two all these half done. Because we are a nation of law and order when what we ask our police officers to do now. Just incredible. Never my up had my dad had to do no expecting to be attractive. Cop, an expert marksman detected that they also to be a work for family counselor, marital counselors, to take care of the homeless. We expect an awful lot about please.
We need more funding, not less money, but that your light, we need, declared declare some of these groups of terrorists and entered the FBI. Then the attorney general go out from and there's nothing. The federal government can do on voting if I can just to get it bring back to that one justice one last time, there's no The federal government can do, although Nancy Policy put harvest ballad harvesting. In the last stimulus, which I d understand how the federal government has anything to do with that. But if you look at just Detroit. Seventy two percent of Detroit absence E ballot counts were off seventy two percent. When they went back and then looked at it again, there record ballot, counts weren't, so record. They don't match the number of voters in Detroit and they're, saying it's so screwed up that
They don't know if they ever really have. The answer is this: what we are facing in these democratic states, exactly When I get up in America realises the hopes that they realise that nasty plus he has once more fabricated and entire hoax. They oppose crisis and no just go right up the chain and also look at this was a hoax. Then the russian situation. What hopes as well and the whole impeachment process was a hope and that House of cards comes caving and we have to get pregnant properly elected, we have to keep the majority in the Senate. We gotta put the house back that this truly is a crossroads in here. People in the United States? Do we want a socialist government or do we want the doll because we have less regulation to lower taxes, so I hope Erica wakes up, smelled roses in this November I get president tromp back in there
Thank you very much for four taken time at your day and in joining us. We appreciate the work of anybody who is in fighting the constitution and common sense and against socialism right now Congressman Robert Roger Marshall, from Kansas. Thank you so much for being with us Brigitte. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. Apparently, another asteroid is headed towards earth day before the election and I'm pulling for the asteroid endorsing I am endorsing. I am officially endorsing the asteroid, its the day before the election.
They say it is six point five feet in diameter and now potentially dangerous. No, they say I consider it to be potentially dangerous. So it's six point five feet. They found it. Thirteen days ago. It's cool, towards us the day before election and supposed to either near miss us, or hit us How did they find one legs, yes, but they missed the. What was it like? The size of a boss, sort of much bigger and is much bigger, and that one is the closest call we ve had in decades, and it in you two letters ass, the other like warm waterways, how'd. You find this one. This is the size of a p. And meanwhile, what it feels right that we begin. Hit by an asteroid. It just feels like the thing that does that that would happen doesn't feel honestly. Would you be surprised
I mean the sincerely I would have in the past. If aliens appeared, I would have liked. Woe didn't see that coming. Not really. I wouldn't be surprised. Jesus ten years, Jason Sincere, I give you. How could you be surprised by thirty June surprise? I mean there is nothing that would shock me anymore. The you know what the IRS said that you didn't pay your taxes, no here's my tat, I paid them for years the cancelled check cash by the IRS. Yet who love for you? I wouldn't be surprised,
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