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Head writer and chief researcher for Glenn Beck Jason Buttrill joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what the invasion might look like. Host of "Your Welcome" Michael Malice joins Glenn to analyze Russia's invasion through a historical lens. Glenn lists off the things we should be doing in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that will help in the fight against evil. 

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Very important podcast. Today we go through what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. What Russia is doing, there's a couple of tense moments between me and bill O. We disagree, Putin being crazy or crazy, like a fox you'll, hear that on today's programme and a list of things that you can do how this affects you all on today's package, The only thinking boil boil boy. Today is one of those days were willing to try to figure out? What's going on together? Some things really bother you. Don't seem right. Let me just start with what happened at five fifty a year
Thursday morning, Russia, time Putin, war wearing the same suit and said the same red tie that he wore on Monday as took to the airwaves and warned president and and NATO not to intervene, in Ukraine. He said his plans interesting. Choice of words were to die, not so by Ukraine. He continued to stick to is factually inaccurate version of Kerr, Ukraine's history saying actually that Ukraine was always part of Russia, his his attempts here in the last few days to rewrite history at his convenience, seem to me to be something that we talked about on yesterday's programme, a very Kalkhi aid plan
in his own home country, of working towards capital? T traditional if we have time will get into that again today. If you dont know what it is listened to, yesterday's podcast, we went deep into it he was misleading everybody. You know saying that he's not going to do any of these things in hours of the speech, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine said that there had been hundreds of casualties C and reported, despite rush, insisting early, that there were only tacking military installations and were voting populate. areas, that's not true. President Biden responded to Putin's attack last night saying heirs of the entire world or where the people of Ukraine, as they say for an unprovoked and unjustified attack by russian military forces. There is some. This is real trouble
and there are some things that just don't make sense, I'm gonna give you just a couple of more pieces the news and then we're gonna start talking to some experts today on what they think this. This means our dal, it will get. Our futures are down. Futures are down about eight hundred points and no one you're talking about the loss of life that seem like some. You should worry about, but the world is about to change. If this continues, the DOW is down seven hundred and seventy points right now. Oil is up to almost a hundred dollars a barrel. Your stock markets all around the world are going through the floor if that will there's no place worse than in Russia, Russia their stock market was cut in half and you have to ask yourself
how is he going to benefit from this? What is Real game we'll get to that here in in just a little while meanwhile, most Americans, nothing to do with it. Most Americans are saying we're not going in for Ukraine. I don't think we should either, but we should see port Ukraine, and we should also call out the devil that Putin is. I'm I'm tired of people making excuses for and what he is saying is not true, let's not being I Chamberlain, however, that doesn't mean we go and fight it. It means we just call a spade a spade. Ukraine is absolutely clear upped. We know just if you paid attention to any of our specials Ukraine, with the by people in his son and everybody else that was in Ukraine,
we have under the under the guiding hand of Barack Obama. We meddled in Ukraine and just but it's it's horrible horrible corruption. What we have been involved in in you rain, we shouldn't, have been there in the first place. We should mind our own business on that. That's not an isolationist thing. That's ay, let's go, out of everybody else's business, please, especially when that businesses corrupt they are corrupt, but they are. A gem Craddock society and they do not want to go back to Russia anybody who says that I just would remind you, look up the word holiday more. They know what happens when Russia comes in to their place and they are not interested in going back, gold is up, and the Chinese, the Chinese,
media, has leaked censoring rules on Ukraine the chinese NEWS Organization, they say accidently leaked, Think so it's censorship plans regarding Russia's invasion into grain The organization said it needed to be sensitive on the matter because it would need Russia's support when we wrestle with America to solve the Taiwan issue once and for all. I do not believe that that was a mistake and nobody's gonna be disappeared. On that little mistake, they're sending Erika a message I want to bring in Jason Buttress, who is with us now high Jason, Haglund You- and I have been talking about this for a long time. We have spent a year on Ukraine, and this takes both of
by surprise. I have to hand it to the intelligence Although I don't feel comfortable something's, not right here, but the intelligence community and the vitamin stration said this is what are you gonna do and he's done it. yeah. I agree. I it really crazy could, when you study geopolitics you learn to at to analyze and look at these things from that. From that lend you top it. You know: geopolitics the study of maps, its demographic numbers, it some interests, hard line entered and when someone start acting, you know emotionally, like Putin has been doing over the past year plus you aren't. We cannot put that away say: ok, what he's, obviously after something else, which I still think there's something else we know mom just like you said So when the by demonstration was kind of thing, you know not it's happening of television all that
I didn't believe it was happening. I didn't I was looking for something behind what was going on and because it is all so irrational, but I think the until this community was spot I've seen reports that it actually that earlier tells me treaty coming out, saying that false faggot act will happen. That would be the pre emptive them doing apply, evasion idle. And buying it. They were exactly right report say that it actually delayed Putin's invasion by it and possibly even a week, like they wanted to do this last week, and not this week sitting, those made by administration were exactly right on this and others Ways to criticise other things which we can get to later, what they ve done, but I'm just or just a quick recap the media reporting last night that that the invasion was going to commence around four a M Kiev talk keep time. and pretty much thou spot
happened around or ten for fifteen give time and its very Reagan. General from what I've been noticing and following this all night, Missus now. I came here and together, fourteen with unconventional more power. This is a very conventional invasion what we saw commencing around four and keep time was air strikes our command and control systems that way As far as keys and a three pronged attack coming from Belarus coming from crime, in the south and coming from me when Russia in the east? Now we do not know how far they plan to push this, but it is, conventional invasion. It looks as if they will probably go further than just eastern Ukraine. Question now is how far they will go and how far tension will rise, especially with NATO, gathering troops on the border of Ukraine. Okay, so let's let some it looks as though he
he was using conventional warfare, who cut off the troops, as they were kind of gathered at the borders of of the two districts that President Putin He was gonna? Take they went behind those lines and kind of cut them off, so they can't fall back to who defend Keith correct? Is that correct, because You know that Ukraine's strategy here, as they know they can so there's energy is their mainline forces in the east gotta guarding those new territories. As you said, there strategy is to do a tactical retreat. back into the urban areas within Ukraine? Then it turns into both a hybrid guerrilla warfare and heavy urban. they're in the large ukrainian cities. That is very re, bloody, that it very very danger for the russian military, as well as civilians, which Russian,
She does not want you killed, you many are you carrying civilians that is going to be very. Very unkind. were in mainland Russia, but Ukraine's. Are you here, as I said, is to get into the cities and turn it into an urban complex, draw out or as long as possible. Russia wants to stop that men. That explains why they dropped him behind the church there can they. Take the whole country just by air and cutting it all off. They ask we can take the whole country in the short term. It depends on how effectively air assets are, and that's all seeing renouncing the bought from air which includes missile strikes, I'm so cutting off man control all over the country encrypt? in Ukraine, so they can eventually role into the capital that will happen is my guess. Unless some somebody else intervene, switch I highly doubt, but in the short term there is really all I hope, or here and that's not a puzzling thing
like I can imagine they think they win in the long term and the long term. Maybe two damaging financially and politically for Russia, so that its catastrophic in the short term, In the long term, I don't see how they win this investors Mother grander strategy that we do not know about which could even be scarier actually. So we have some did some puzzle, things first of all, and said, he wants to do not suffice. Ukraine. Any idea. What that's about famous Turkey has been using since twenty fourteen in that directed more at the people of Russia, not any! the US in the world or Ukraine but he is even using that war war to you, no sentiment to get public support to do what is now doing by that. That's going to continue and no doubt that he is going to provide some air quote evidence.
We know that their taking out some nazi but use drawling I or to national. He said that therein has been an ongoing genocide in Ukraine. That he's trying to stop. I mean look. This is crazy, then, and that's what makes it so harder to it for me, when I was looking at us before to really think that he was going to go through with this, because usually Liverpool crazy guy I mean only now, but you, but in the past it has not been he's, been very cold, calculating geopolitics and interests with ways for fry. In his mind me slow right, he's, not he's not a psychopath, I mean well, he might be, but Heath he doesn't. He's not somebody driven by rage. He cold and calculating and when he I mean he's out and out either He is a blood thirsty killer
who has spent a lifetime killing people but he's logical in it he's very calculated in and the rhetoric I mean. I think, that the knots stuff, the religious stuff? That's all! That's that's Dugan kind of language. Yeah and in its very ray powerful weapon for Russians, began there were there very much willingness to suffer and two basic get in on the chin if they have to if that means that their country, you know, will eventually reign Supreme. It's interesting if you go and take a if you take a tour of the Kremlin. And red Square in Russia, which I've done a couple of times, you'll, be surprised to see that the Soviet, the former Soviet Union, the capital in the Red Square, probably like eight percent churches, there's multiple churches, they weren't religion.
Steering Soviet union but historically during the russian Empire, they were very religious orthodoxy is very, very pivotal to russian National, and even the Soviets would turn that up and they needed to buy. That's exactly what Putin has done in the vain about, especially in that speech that he gave you know last week that was very very telling to a lot of us that have been looking at those people, like you and me, Glenn down there Kay. Now we know exactly, he's doing he's. Turning up that die. of nationalism, to justify doing you know What he's doing, and possibly even more we're just scaring the would you Would you agree with me and I'd like you to explore this a bit There is no real obvious win for Putin, his stock market has crashed this is going to be horrible. They are in the oil business they Joe, made a deal with China, but that's years down the road
Gonna shut down all of the oil exports into any western country because of this, so oil is gonna crash, which funds his government and his country, the stock market, is down Business is gonna, be cut off it's already a shambles in Russia. What does he have to gain here. Can you think of anything that he has? To gain I've always thought from the beginning of the especially when I thought, didn't think that invasion was happening. I thought that what was really doing was playing a game to divide conquer NATO. That's what I thought and I still think that the major part of its plan figure Ukraine is also very important strategically for Russia to get strategic Dep. It's always. Their plan was, to you know, have some buffer, so they wandered for capital of Moscow but also the warm water port exactly
when he is what he's talking about their mother- and you know heart of Russia, that's true, but only think that really guides anything that is to excuse. You used correctly, you now to get support from home, but but I think it s very irritating. I think that Turkey is not a path. Thank you very spiteful? I think that the russian Election Interference, which I dont think did anything I don't wanna play that it did, but at but their election apparent things, a direct response that we require and what they did to his election. I think there were a lot of what we're doing now, I think, was a direct response to how the Obama administration, all his foreign policy elite, handled twin fourteen ukrainian revolution, I think you respond to these people, you know directly in kind at all, We thought he was one I think to back off of this when trampled there, because he knew that that was how they operated and they weren't the ones directly responsible for what happened, and I also think that its redeem give us that NATO, it would
were spot. I wouldn't say, hey, look we're not going to admit Ukraine into the NATO. Why could may say that NATO is irrelevant and the iron This is now that would put in responding to that is, NATO relevant again so that eventually, This goal is to play the long game. Eventually The NATO countries like Germany, he's not gonna want to attack the not gonna, send troops, no cause a divide and NATO. That's gonna, because the divide in the UK and France that gonna wanna attack eat it and eventually this war out toward NATO, will do exactly what he said was what he wanted. He wanted NATO to do or withdraw at benefits. China. And everybody else. It's on the russian side, so his itches and ultimate goal at the long game divide NATO, possibly even the end of NATO and together to do that. Ukraine. Ok, thank you!
very much Jensen. I appreciate this is the best of the. I think, there's two things that we as Americans need to make very clear, Vladimir Putin is in. old blood thirsty killer. He is a tool solitary, and that does not mean the second point, I'd like to make clear that we should go to war those can be separate and equal and we aid to support all we can the people of Ukraine, and I mean that as people, Mercury one is working with Slovakia right now a Slovak
is taking in refugees? There are going to be people that are going to be running and escaping Ukraine and We are looking into ways to help them. We as p We can help the people of Ukraine guy who knows communism really inside now is Michael malice. This this lie. That Putin is sharing that you know Oh, it's just a it's a russian russian territory and ah they love Russia let me use one word to remind the world hole Furthermore, they don't love Russia, Michael malice is here with us now the author of the Anarchist Handbook and also dear leader, Michael, can you use scaped from a communist country or your family did right I was born Ukraine. Can we create from western Ukraine of up specifically wow,
Oh, I didn't knows Ukraine, so you give us perspective on what's happening. Well, I mean, I think, the problem we have you with us little bit of a narrow approach, the promptly We are proud of the way, our media, that up get you, and I are discussing a very dynamic situation, a very limited information information, were given is often intentionally up by a story, certainly from Russia's perspective, We can assure you of that happen, people wanna under stand. How should I look at this? anything you and I say is going to be a little bit, it should be taken with a grain of salt, just like anything, we've seen the media generally speaking, but especially when we to a war situation with enormously advantageous for both sides, the kind of keep their cards close to their chests. I would disagree with you of light
I dont think Putin is a totalitarian, not every dictators, the totalitarian, but that is a silly semantic point That really is neither here nor there and what will I call it, but how will we? How would you classifying you could be a dictator that being a totalitarian he's, not literally? Stalinist were Hitler figure. I agree with you completely that when you talk about missiles hitting cities are concerned. They with civilians at then, then you making sure there kept safe. I mean, I think, it's fair to say. Glenn licking the kind of thing you at you and I tried prematurely? We think it is we expect to see in our lifetimes, this is something a war in Europe at this level is something that was regarded as relegate the history books. So we I think, we're all a bit like what do we do now, but really really really
the phone children are of Joe Biden into why a foreign policy committee. That's why bother bought this is How smart Obama was he saw this coming. He pick Joe Biden as its foreign policy actually p now these in the White House, so we can, this very creative people, correct assured Joe Biden. Has your back. Tell me what it's like in Ukraine. Why I left when I was one half, but my parents, as a one and a half so whose very big the rooms were very long nose. Worries even when you're one, I assure you, but my parents did not either any chance of me. Having hopeful life there I would have remained, but again this was the seventies. This was the USSR. It was very different time. My idea, you quit you, Ukraine, don't say that Ukraine, which is a region. Ukraine is a country. Ukraine is
you're, obviously much where liberalized, but at the you the point you made earlier in the introduction. Level of animosity from Ukraine two Russians Russia's specifically with the Russians excuse me, is really really high to the point where, if you speak Russian or if that is kind of a bit of a full part because is such a memory of decades of oppression, but, on the other hand, Eastern EU, Ukraine does- more affinity towards Russia than western Ukraine call children, Dorothy more alike with Europe. When is the reason why we say key if, instead of Kiev, which we have always said because Kiev is the way the Russians have pronounced it, if I'm not mistaken, right correct as correctly appeal
when he says he's going to d, not certify the Ukraine or or Ukraine itself, what does? What does that mean to people? in Ukraine, have meant that all those truckers somehow across the ocean out don't really technocratic handed a good I mean it away anything. It's nothing! It's nonsense! It is completely your double talk. It was, everything that is Germany said three years for their oppression, Oh, you know we're getting rid of all the Nazis, which were kind of they claimed was historically a specifically West Germans phenomenon. I cannot even be possible, so when you talk, we get tickets, here's the thing with Putin and this with the russian approach, it's kind of like saying things that are still audacious and
and ridiculous Alex facing bearing you to call their bluff. So what every thing I mean in any kind of war you could you'll have the real your eyes if you like, I did this is both technical, so, Michael, I I know that you and I disagree on the size of government that you say zero. I say here in some air and we both disagree with going in to Ukraine I imagine, end in sending military and troops and getting involved in another war, etc, etc. Can you can you explain? How do you Square the circle when it comes to things like like Hitler, if we would have acted sooner and acted with force before he went into pullin, things might have been front. You catch these guys early and don't give them any air to breathe. How do you
Would you deal with this in your utopian world. Well, I don't live any utopian world. You ready to open world because in your utopian world you can go to someone who is duly elected, like Hitler was, and you could overthrow the government, know how that market have negative consequences. So banal and utopian world I live in, recognises that there are going to be extremely evil. People like Hitler and What did you do this? You have to make sure they are not given incentives and mechanisms to increase them. Our and the only way a Hitler can be hum, could become a Hitler is with the government without a governor. you're just going to have to be a homeless danger. So, and so that's one thing, I dont think anyone has had a solution. The Hitler Hitler happened. It said they were. There was, oh good options on the table at the time, especially and most importantly- and this goes back to the past-
you and I hate the most in terms of Miracle Woodrow Wilson Wet had it been so exhausted as a result of the great war they had seen an entire generation lost for no reason, there'll be far more appetite to take on. This is one the regional level Chamberlain, you know had his appeasement because he's like we not doing this again, I can whatever the cost, is we're not wrong if we just paid, because yesterday effectively, so in your non utopian world. Looking at our utopian world, how does a Michael malice solve that? Do you do if you don't want him to be a dictator? Don't let him grow into things, don't give him ass thing? Do you cut off the his access to the west to it were now no like
hoddan I. What would you do if you were go ahead? I know I am not this year, which argues that the difference between a political line- in theory, whether you know the founding fathers Vision of America vision of Anarchism Orison, punish, Bernie Sanders Social democracy. I dont know that any of those really matter when it comes to a situation of war were fighting today are not a military strategist. I don't think I've any particular insight into geopolitics or prevention, this region, or let let some drought in through the Caspian Sea, or something like that. I don't have any good at random. Sorry, knowledge that I mean, I think, that's one of the best answers I have heard from anybody. everybody is willing to spout off and, of course, those of us who are clear. early right do anyway,
language they anyone who don't go ahead there just quickly. Anyone who thinks that there is some kind of magic wand, that's good, While the situation again when the largest countries in the world, who is actually ready, shooting missiles in the cities? I think they're just being inaccurate? Do you think that flat Amir Putin is belarussian? I just This argument he thinks he's crazy. He thinks it s always been up. We always been rational, blah blah blah blah blah, but now he's crazy. I don't think he's crazy. I just don't think we understand what is goals are poison. You can, I wrote the dear reader May north korean book is the Democrats how evil, rational and logical their system is in order to further the gems family, and their control and power there's nothing pollutants doing that is remotely crazy. Just because it something evil or we do understand, correct, correct, We just don't understand what his real motives are. What is end game is we can look.
From our perspective and say that that's ridiculous, but until we understand him wheat, we won't. We don't stand a chance. We don't stand a chance. Thank you, Michael shit. I would reply to go into you're listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme. I am surrounded by an family of people who have their life back because of relief factor. I'm one of them I was in pained and got to
point where I just couldn't do it anymore? I did anybody else feel. Like you know, I just I can't get up another day. We have her life that, because of relief factor, not a television, commercial. It's it's a group of real people with real results that had real pain. Try it yourself, relief factor. this guy when he started completely bald, look at him now doesn't doing for your hair, but it will help you get out of paying give it a shot by the three week. Quick start doesn't work move on. But we're here to tell you. It works relief factor not come, still. Can you give me look at the price where the stock market is the price of Bitcoin gold, silver
sure sure so DOW is doubt about about six hundred points right now, which is off of its lows from the last twenty four hours, but still down quite a bit stud. What about two percent? Not bad? Bitcoin is at about thirty. Six thousand, which is about written near its lows since the two thousand twenty one price increase said Balin between thirty, thirty thousand- in no close to seventy thousand, as this is not a market. If the stock market falls dramatically, you will see Bitcoin fall as well. Only because people who have Bitcoin may have taken out margins and bad on stocks and they'll get They're gonna have to pay that back. So you might see an initial fall of Bitcoin
b for other reasons, but you should expect that as well Oil is over one hundred dollars a barrel for the first time since two thousand and fourteen that one hundred and four basically right now, gold is approaching two thousand dollars an ounce. Is that one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine, right now, so that appropriate, what an appropriate number at nineteen. Twenty nine there is a great ok, so people, my own family, has me: what do we do when we do? What do we do? I want you to think about things this way there. There are so many ways this this whole world can come apart. We, you're looking at a very, very fragile situation,
all over the world. It's not just America. This is happening all over the world, especially in the west there. Is a feeling in me, a friend said to me: don't run away from something always run toward something and you'll know when it's time to to find that thing or that thing will appear when the seasons change he said. Watch leaves on the trees, and you will know when the seasons change. I will you that I think we have hit season change. I've been feeling it this last week we can have that. Something is different and it's a season change something we are entering a new phase. So some of the things that I would suggest. Do you do something? dismiss, but I will too,
you you're. We are fighting evil. Now we are at The evil is it just rearing up its head in a it thinks it's gonna win, it doesn't know, what's coming for it, but it Thanks, it's going to win I know how it ends. We all know if you're a Christian, we all know how this ends its which side are you gonna be on and it's gonna be very easy to get lost and ask and get swept up into things. So let me give you the things that we should be doing. First of all, pray should be praying and reading your Bible every day and be on your knees asking for guidance and law. sin and obey that still small voice that you hear that there is now more important than that get into groups. And neighbourhoods that think alike, file and a group of friends that maybe
I'll, join you on this, this path and you can help each other. We are going to need each other. If we're going to survive if you are all alone, move dont be the only person that is in your area and you're feeling alone get out find like minded people, because the seasons have changed when you're preparing think about the community as a whole. I have a small town in Idaho that I just love and I move them because it's a small town and all. Farmers and farmers know that they gonna have to take care of each other, and right. Now we are doing things as a town like we're: building a smoker, because where we know if there is a shortage of meat and let's say there is a shortage of power.
And power keeps going in and out where you there's gonna be a shortage that we we won't be. To deal with so Let's go learn how to smoke meat. So We can smoke some beef and store some beef if it gets to that point in a week have a warning in nineteen, twenty nine! Really it wasn't. was the roaring twenties and then maybe couple of years into it a couple of years before one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine some signs started to appear, but it was a pretty fast crash we ve had almost two decades to prepare, so there no excuse here. We have the warnings, you're, either listening to them or you're. Not fear, not man. There less stressful shows to listen to honestly honestly prepare now and here's a couple of things you can do at this point.
would make sure that I had a week's worth of cash on hand. Why? Because if I if I were Vladimir Putin and we started getting hit. If I actually, I would unleash my team of hackers and I would shut down oil pipelines. I would shut down the the access to our banks, I would I would disrupt through hacking as much as I can. He remember. He said world war. Three will be fought with one zeros. I dont know how where we are for that, but he's very prepared for that. So we should be this, isn't it act against just the gun. This is an attack on us, make the p as miserable as possible, so we could in very short order: banking holidays. It would be rational if someone is attacking our financial systems. Then
they got a shot him down for a while and it would cause great instability. Do you have of money just to be able to buy the things that you would need to buy. So life is ok during a banking holiday you might, I have more in that field? your gas tanks and keep them keep extract. ass in gas tanks. There will be shortages. Keep em tat up. So if you needed to go someplace, you can go call your oil, heating, company and tat beer tank off. If you can gas for heat and cooking, get those tanks filled now it'll, be cheaper now then later, but also You want to make sure if there is any disruption, you're not going into it with half a tank. If you fill your pantry you will. Thank me in a year, if you go out, and by food to day you will
thank me in a year because Inflation alone is going to. All through the roof. It will. If you can get a vow- stables and even canned them out of season, but you can get them now. I would get them and can them there. be harder to get the price of fertilizer and an just having farm is go through the roof. These things you're gonna be more scarce next year. If you, if you, if you and I would have a years worth of food supply for my family and If I really had money, I would plan for others as well. We are to need one another and that's why I say be in these communities, because somebody's gonna have something that you need and they're gonna have something that you need, and you're gonna have something that they need begin to. Think this way
really really important. Watch the other hand This is a very danger d, ferris and fragile time for freedom. Look, how fast, Canada COS people, terrorists and shut them down the this. Is going to happen. While we are not paying attention or for some other reasons, it is vital that you It involved in your local and state politics you. Call your state wraps and tell them to stop p g standards from being used in your state it is so important. Is that these standards, are pretty much what the the canoes in government is doing to the truckers, get your stuff
to pass a law, also against a single FED coin. I'm going to give story here that I can believe we missed in June, twenty twenty one, the Bank of England. their federal reserve, the Bank of England called on ministers to decide whether a central bank, digital currency should be programmable ultimate giving the issuer control over how it is spent by the recipient Tom Mutton, a director Bank of England, said during a conference on Monday, that programming would become a key feature of any future bank digital currency in which the money could be programmed to release. Only when thing happened, You can introduce programme court programme ability, it happens to be one of the participants in a transaction. It puts a risk direction. On the use of that money, there
could be some socially beneficial outcomes from that preventing activities which are seen to be socially harmful in some way. This is they were talking about two years ago. If you don't think that digital currency is coming your mistake, It is right around the corner and it could be something like what who would be coming in response to Putin and our cutting off on the banks He will really respond, I believe in ones and zeros and then the government have its new virus. It'll be a computer virus and they'll have to protect us and shut things down, get you kids out of school if you can but local schools. If here, if you have to have the local school, make sure you know all about it again,
fear the lone voice move now if you are joining the truckers here in Amerika. Make sure you are not following a leader make sure your following God and the peace and actions of Christ get the marked Lou King Pledge of Non violence and get everyone in that group to sign it if they will not sign it. You may be in the wrong group, between real crazies who want to burn the entire thing down through war or chaos p. Ants from the left to our anti and the fact, that media, the capital police and the FBI Act ITALY in one way or another want to define us as terrorists, be very, very, very careful. Look how fast it happened in Canada, remember. Chaos is from the adversary is what,
I believe Putin is creating now, I think he's doing it intentionally, but I could be wrong. That's only a guess: We are not asking for chaos, we arrest for a return to order the car tatoosh order. That is really, an important difference. If we can keep our heads about us. And an freak out. If we can have faith that we have God guiding us and if we live righteous lives, if we are people of merit, as Washington said he will see us through. I expect miracles to be seen in your time in your life, you will see clear hand of God miracles. If you haven't already Billy grew was right when he said gods doing stuff with people all over the world,
one of the these days he's a turn on the lights and it'll be a surprise party for Satan, and you will see that the solution could only have come from God, because its all of these individual people standing up, I was too Stu yesterday about people. Actually having dreams or hearing from God, I think that is a growing thing. Don't dismiss those promptings, dough, Dismiss them
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