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If the "Tree Murder Song" is finally out of your head, too bad! There’s a rap version now! Bill O’Reilly gets personal as he exposes Bernie Sanders as the "biggest phony" in the Democratic party. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on the "befuddlement" ticket as he completes his transformation from "likable" to "weird old man." And head researcher Jason Buttrill gives the latest on coronavirus: The outbreak is moving into “phase 2,” Iran claims the U.S. made it for the Zionists, and it might tank James Bond 25.

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Hey! It's a great great podcast for you today the Nevada caucus rules. You are going to be the most popular person this weekend know what it's like magic trick, no one, we believe that what you're going to tell them the truth, but will give you the link will show you all the evidence of how The Democrats really deciding ties in nevada- it's crazy, also bill O Reilly. I dont think I said a word for about ten minutes. He was fired up today, who fired up. Also, our on a virus update, we'll tell you there are some things that are coming up, including tonight at five o clock, I think, is the download time for play. Subscribers only fascinating interview with Candice Owen can do so it is in this
our view says that she thinks Donald Trump will actually take twenty to thirty percent of the african American. Both that's on heard. He got eight last time if they get fifteen it's over for the Democrats, no matter what yeah and I'm Studios America dynamic the case that this is probably the best moment in trumps presidencies. Forces standing goes possibility of being re elected. We go into all the details on that numbers, pretty impressive that students America subscribe on Youtube in protest wherever you get placed it, calm, Slash Glenn is the provocative Lenin save templates off your subscription, Listening to the day when we go to John in Maine, hello, John you're, on the deliberate programme River, who we were true, worn through mergers, Murray everybody's,
now now I exotic is Burma, your punishing me back. Aren't you certainly are far away from here? Look I possibly can reach the three her back like a book stricken you can go back and get your wealth you're. Welcome. And no. Thank you thanks on four main gonna, just just for John May. I do we have the brow. Way version of the this is from a city is it a city council meeting This woman got up and started singing this without music, and we just to set it to Broadway show tune here. It is ACT from Seattle. The tree lover.
In the neighborhood of other member is being greedy, where a tree lack of line and sound, that's a lack of money. Growled a magnificent tree was murdered. The mighty- where the tree want some money. Is there not a tree when money is there, but I will tell you something
the show have gotten quite creative I've had guitar solos send to me, but this This individual went the extra mile to set it into trap. Music. Listen! Do you have that? What
greedy use. One way dissolved for about four minutes. Absolutely love is exceptional. Grace exempting said they were going to develop, is greatly thinking about receive gotta jargon. Tones just wanna be neglected.
There are enough, but of welcome to the programme. Pat it's Friday, Pat Gray, from Pratt Pack re unleash the pod cast. You can listen to wherever wherever you get your podcast or here on plays a tv dot com. Pat yes you did a story today on your show that I have been Following for months now, it's Somebody is gluing cowboy hats to pigeons in Vegas They don't know who is doing this and The reason why I mean it is really it's there. Animal activists. It was looking down. The street in Vegas, and he was like that. Pigeon has meant that it has a cowboy And he started noticing that were a lot of pigeons on the street with cowboy hats. Well, they one, an ace they saw
somebody was actually gluing those hats to their heads, which is very, very funny, but wrong really really wrong. Least they words stable to their value migration. We can appreciate that so now this week there are little mega hats little red meat. Egg hats that have been glued divisions. Heads in Vegas, I'm not and I'm not making this do we have the video there there there's there's some pictures here and and the girl that is responsible, but at least for these is group. They call themselves p period, you period, t period I period and period Putin actually probably want an anti trump. Situation where war, it is pro tromp that is just leg, skirt you know your, nor is it the idea. We don't know we don't know no strikes. Me
like this, would be like see. Russia is like they're trying to make some point about russian influence and get some. Let me go, let me just say this This is if there was a way to make money on this case, Many of us would do this, since there is no money to be paid, nobody in the conservative movement has this much time to make little to pigeon hats and catch the pigeons and they blew them on their heads This is the only stuff that the left would do takes a lot more patients than, I not right. Now being done by me. You know that really is you were a suspect iron high up in my boy now, but daddy's tedious work for doing that. We did lose one of the pigeons. We literally nobody knows what killed him, but one of the pigeons with the Muggah had died. Could it be Harry. It could be. The hat I wasn't daily was that one's neighbour India, they didn't get the glue to stick.
It's really lead to his brain. I mean look at abroad. If you look at the detail of that add yeah, I mean it looks just like a red baseball game was manufactured for a pigeon rough. Yes, it's it's that small, it's perfectly fit for their head It has the make Amerika great again right on the front and they don't seem bothered by the Belgian seem fine, but what are they their fine Another matter then goin to do frown or somethin wrong. What it s like at our anger, poop on the people who did it didn't do they're? Fine? Are you don't know evading you're sure they didn't poop on the people put out everywhere? I don't see any evidence of its just a sickening. We are.
Whoever is doing this. They should stop yeah bribed rally. We had his on with it, but it does actually probably should stop yeah did you can see that the black bishop, whose talkin about plant Parenthood wouldn t know him? No, ah we gotta we should. We should play a couple of those clips plus he's talking about how you can be awoke church if you dont know about Margaret Singer and her goals for black people. Listen to this body is talking about being woke, whoa you do know that Margaret saying you, you didn't know that Margaret saying
said this. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population. Magua saying I found a plan power to this arena. Nineteen! Thirty five, you don't be woke, I won't be a Wolf church and don't know there. All this is: U visuals impassive leaders are there. If you haven't told your, irrigation about the normal killer of African Americans organization that kills more african Americans every two weeks then the clay indeed in its entire history you may not qualified to use. The word woke You hear me of being see
asleep at the wheel. The also talks about Hitler. Written and what she had to say about Margaret Sanger, which is pretty riveting, was into this Hillary Clinton day when she received the Margaret Saying Award has written Indeed, say: ah my Margaret saying almost like normal in almost all your taking pictures from all you get a job These are words, did not my word. You know what I would never there's no politician Republican nor Democrats eminent depend. No politician would get my vote, normal support if they would have said my Margaret saying a woman who said our goal, The extermination of the Negro raise why negro. What
I won't say such a thing to be done. There go to do that with your middle ages, makes it ok, because the beef raise your, do you know when you will be three? Is there you can like yeah, however, climate for Hitler shoot about to be three, I would have had a different via the want of it had never met tat, nothing authority. Did you really death? Does it gives a disguise a happier vibe that is made an acceptable that maize and he's probably on the Clinton Devilish now, but I tell you I love it. He goes deep.
Ex about how forty six percent of black pregnancies ended. Abortion. Now thirty six hours we ve looked for that space is specific a percentage and what I found was thirty six point: nine. Percent of all abortions are done are done to a white women. Thirty six percent of all abortions are with black women. So is that forty six percent of of black births it just it might be? I think that's where you that stat think of at least six percent khazar only fourteen percent of the population with White you know we're seventy six percent of the population and responsible for thirty six point: nine percent of abortion, its disproportion
We of course exactly hoses designed to do by Margarets Anger ass. It is to say it was designed to do this, whether they say that now or whether they even believe that now is a relevant rat. The course it was set on yes and why aren't other black preachers or bishops? but I have to tell you never finally be this. Whole thing is coming to help your right Have you ever you right now ten years and still not really here, but I think you're really can feel it. It was. Ten years ago, I was saying to you guys all affair we have to get out of the tv network business, because this whole thing is gonna burn itself to the ground, and I have this same feeling. The Democrats and
Republicans to some degree. Donald Trump has burned the Republicans to the ground, and you know that whole belief in I mean you might think that you like Donald Trump, but I think one dollar. Believes how universal for and it's not like, it's a republican thing. You know domain who's there. Yet the same thing is happening right now, they're just ahead of us this thing is happening with the Democrats, but the Democrats have all these words soldiers out there and that's what's wrong. Really coming down. It's not just like our. Our side, if you will the Publicans I'm an independent too, but the Republicans I generally vote for and the republic That system is broken in coming down the corruption in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party that's coming down, but what really fuelling it. Now, I think, is the Socialist Marxist
raising no gender, I'm a butterfly celebrate your abortion, all that stuff that I think, is evil that is really designed to dust, destroy the family and to destroy any kind of common sense and decency? I think that stuff is on fire and this may be the summer of sixty eight. This may be this summer of Altamont. If you will that's dogged the nineteen sixties insanity dead in its tracks. I think they ve overplayed their hands. So you might see I mean who was? It was Candice Owens adjusted an interview with Candice Owens, I think she's. Was she last weaker, coming up next week or something on a podcast with me. She believes that sixty. What is it? No. Thirty per cent of of blacks will vote Republican.
Thirty per cent. Thirty Donald Trump Guy would be a game. Oh yes, there is yes Adam. I dont think that can happen, but that would be great. She said, and I said, come on, got eight percent and she said: look fifteen percent and its there's no way the for they can win right. She said, but I think they can. Go my she said. My low estimate is twenty: either Higgins it was high- is thirty happens if they get to fifteen percent in Belgium, was talking about the aging they're, not even hold the election if I have an army Josie over its own thanks, so much pan the best of the good that programme AIDS, and you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this yo, make sure you check out Padre unless it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts best, their bill O Reilly glad to have you on that
ram. Sir, how are you. In a bad mood now, but I'm ok lying all right. You're all right, The angel Al Qaeda draw I'm ready to go outside, while billiard you're gonna make people's Friday or racket, if you're in a bad mood so or maybe make it. If you're in a bad mood, I don't know, sometimes it could go either way with you. We would like get the recap of the weak first. Let's start here. What was the biggest story of the week? Whether the media recognised it is that are not Joe Biden. Inhabiting Michael. Bloomberg body? That would happen. So the biggest right awake is the billionaire Bloomberg goes on the debates stage for the first time and no idea that he is going to be attacked.
By Elisabeth, worn, whose standing next to him with blood dripping from our mouth. I was crazy mayor MIKE, early had no idea how any what was going to happen? How is that possible bill? They didn't know the stop and frisk thing some of the comments he made. He had to have known that if they so wish goodbye, Sir hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary, Debbie unwinds he's not a good public speakers, you saw you never been right things bore him to crap commercials saw you right there, too, big. Everyone in the country knew What's going to happen that is gonna be attacked, is a racist and attacked as anti woman.
Elizabeth Warren exactly thirty two second to do that. Right Mayor MIKE, had no reply, no cogent come back and so I was studying and I think that the media, really know how to put it into perspective, because the big beneficiary of this is Bernie Sanders and I'm workin on a column now, which will be out on Monday, saying For the first time in my life there is a political candidate, running for office that I think so heinous anyone I know who would support that person. I could not interact with so, if there is anyone in my orbit who would more Saunders. I cannot deal with that. One
If someone, what in it, what if somebody who use may be known for ten years, or so that wouldn't vote for him, but if that individual said Bell, I think I'm gonna vote just Didn't stop all interaction with you, how you feel about that? I would understand obstinately years. I've been Looking at birth, direct next to that so so bill that I mean that's quite a statement. I will tell you that I I I don't you know. I know become everything that I despise and that's what the left said about anybody who voted for Donald Trump. They couldn't we interact with him. I want to understand them because, because it doesn't make any sense unless you're a marxist a fool, but this is a direct Bernie Sanders, a direct threat to my family. Oh, I know that ok, soda,
terms, not a direct threat to my family, anybody else's family, You may not like you to meet that gives a bulgarian and- and I think that is a bottom ok so make the case both let's just say, you're talking to somebody and you're really trying to impact the Munich. Call them names or do what they left does to us. Tell give lay out the case again. And Bernie Sanders? How bill is he possibly gonna hurt your family. Bernie Sanders were elected president I retirement funds, my college sure funds. Everything saved and worked so hard to accumulate, would vaporize do you not understand that corporate amount? it is not going, to allow it to be taken by the federal government en masse.
They will leave the country, stop research and development. Millions of people. The stock market will collapse. And thereby all one case. We I raise everything that everybody has worked for. We'll color do you not understand that will happen? Oh you're, listening to your listening to extremists, I mean that's not what they bernie and to do I am really of our time making this case. If you don't believe me, you don't believe it, but the man does not believe in private property. He really wants to tax people with asset. Media. Ninety percent confiscation, ok you believe what you want to believe this. Ellen words, he's trying to fool anybody with
efforts between Bernie Sanders and Fidel Castro. Well, what's the difference between what's the difference between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, I will get there wait. You asked me about Bernie Sanders area, its excellent there? That's what they'll say. I think there's going to be people that it would vote, though, such humor is one of them, and he said, will vote for anyone to stop Donald Trump, and I think there is a lot of that mentality idiot She has contributed to this. Migration of New York State, ok, he's an idiot that, but there's part two on burning Bernie Sanders clearly said indeed New Hampshire debate, that America was a racist society top to bottom. I was insulted by them. I'm not oasis, I dont believe our society is racist again. Bernie Miss that Barack Obama was president for eight years ago
So did every single person in this country by saying it the United States of America? Is a racist society society? Ok from top to bottom? Well blank! You pal! Ok, that's not true! That's a lie! I knew just besmirched me and every other and this I never heard urinalysis video. I have never heard your analogy: disqualified, the man I've never heard your analysis so personal. I mean you, This is do you not back? I know you are applying double to abrogate and that's a smart thing to do. If she can whip me up. I wouldn't Do that do not understand the danger. That is standing there. Why Millions of Americans do not so, therefore, if I can get through to them, because I chronicle
stop on bill? Riley, Dotcom, Bernie Sanders an end. The only moment Bloomberg had of any clarity? The other night was are to do. He said, hey biggest socialism town and you got three times a day We cannot do me a favor. In the private sector, and the reason is There is because every job he's had he's given his wife and his family, big Box jobs, that a company that all right, and I'm one of the links below rally. Dotcom peevish whiter is written about it. It's guise of bigotry I wouldn't know lives. Large, keep your eyes on private jet existential requirement, change where's, my J. Stop it pal.
Europe's biggest Bonita biggest liar in the biggest threat that his country that I've seen it entire adult life? millions of Americans are voting for him. What's the matter with you people, what is the matter with you? I don't wanna hear Trop. I don't care if you like, tromp all right and you didn't hear one question for me: NBC Stooges, the Economy pretty good. Is it not democratic candidates? Did you one statement? thought I was living in the dust bowl. I thought it was nineteen thirty Joe, it's just the country, as has now collapsed into this honest, I made some these walking around Bernie Sanders you Eddie Bernie Sanders. I know a big break that before. Let me just give you this Bernie Anders you he's gonna pay, em
Single wheelchair bill for three hundred the Authority, America million Americans and twenty million illegal aliens and you'll be a lot more good. She's, not gonna. Stop anybody from common here right. Every single out gear Bill federal government's gonna pay, but not only that earlier dental your eye, glasses. All your hearing, AIDS, oh you're, seeing your care all your childcare. All yours the occasional everything enough money on a planet on the blue when planet to pay for all that I may NBC do well. Well, it's just send me to my car: that we have a low lose a bit worn Bernie Sanders Ellen this bunch of garbage and millions of them into buying it. So tell me about Michael Bloomberg:
and what those who know about here. I know for a long time might I told you last week I sat next to him at a dinner party that Barber Walter sat in her house Roof Ludwig Van back and forth at the meeting of the dead or alive stead, crypt keepers, society? What was that building were yeah, I guess years. Why was there a lot of swells on average people area or anything Barbados invited ask as we wish. We were the entertainment Your little monkey show yeah. Look we ve gotta, serve it in a cage, let's pokemon, while numerous smart guy, not not a warm and fuzzy guy, not people guy. A visa, you know running in the one party. Obviously, but it was really starting to go back to your first question in this interview that he couldn't
just look at all those with warning, say: listen, lady, dear, The idea how many people of color are victims of violent crime. Do you? No knowledge is one does not now would not be able to answer that. She put her on the defence? The answer in the urban centres of America. Ninety percent of island crime. Victims are people of color. Ninety percent. Up in France may have unintended consequences that are not right. It's not a war crime. It murder, is in poor black neighborhoods by more than fifty percent So that's all he had to say to her. And on the woman to all he had to do was look at her and say every single cooperation in the world, not just in the United States, has problems personnel. At times.
Please have beads against the company. There's too so you do with it in court, Why you settle it and then, if you let you ride a contract and usually the employer get some kind of compensation. No one's forces, the employee to sign anything. The employee agrees. Contract. So why would I or any ceo looking out for our company tear up that contract? That's all you say to her, because Elizabeth Wine is a due process, deny You saw that in the bread cabinet here she convicted I know nothing about it. You know nothing about it but convicted Emma the heinous crime. I dont well on her because you don't have any chance. She saw unworkable. He makes Hillary Clinton look like Opera, Winfrey, see death
that's how on the lives of all Elizabeth Warnings, Taipei, something to build. This is, I think, the most unlikely group of people. You could find bloom. Work is really an unlikely person. We lose Sanders is Justin Garee old man, yell energy, to get off the lawn and and Sabbath Warren is fake at best at best but she's she's plastic. An unlikely As you know, a likeable person myself, You're the king of the unlike able people paper incited yeah. I can't go back in it's kind of a likeable guy, I don't know still personally edge, documented by things. Do likeable too like me, I could be good in that category. I that would be wrong. I am misunderstood. What I meant judges a likeable guy. Are you do which are is ok.
Even now: she's gonna masquerading up there is a kind of a moderate and she really isn't job I think we used to be now he's just weird, You know now. You're, like I, don't know what he is, but you know the old task used to be hey get on MTV talk about boxers briefs play the saxophone and always always. Would you want to hang out and have a beer with him, there is no one at the top of that, except for Buddha judge that I think America, I would say I'd like to hang out with them. I like them You have to buy the beer before I would go on, because I think they went on Fully trust is not on likeable right with binding to be like? Yes, until he entered the I join with ROD Shirley. What now.
There's someone inhabiting Joe Biden body. I don't know whether it's an alien and eighty, it's it's! Ninety five year old man. Waiting for him, whose in these very well dressed standing there and kind of an arm come out through his chest. We were I will tell you this. While I dont understand his strategy yesterday, he said your attitude, I know yesterday he said. Look, I probably Emma one term president. You know, and I promise I'll only serve one one term. You know if my mental faculties, start to decline. Weapons you're doing a job wine is running on the old man chicken. If I may be final, but Dick Slogan is No clue
A colourless permit rough, I could get lie, could open up the front door of my house and get lost and my family below for me and I dont know my address. I mean it's. It's really bizarre. This is the best of the blended programme. Hey it's Glenn, and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his part gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on. Itunes begs welcome to Friday. I want to give you a corolla.
As of today, we happen to have any cause. I'm trying to look for some. I don't go some way to make this, so it's not so depressing. Do we have happy music, Ernie, Verona virus theme that do did you, on anything in the studio would probably not be the look I was gone for or this think this is a death mass, but I could be wrong. Jason. But real is with us now and has some update. Have you seen Jason the number of people that we have in corn teen now here
America, even in the last number. No NBC reported today that that number now is ten thousand people. Americans quarantine here in Amerika, while on military bases. No, that's the key. So these are the ones that we brought in. These are people, and I think this is great. I really think these people are exceptional. These are people went over sees they were in Hong Kong. There were in Beijing, they were wherever they were in China and as they got onto a plane and came back home They were told you Oh, you were in a really dangerous zone and they voluntarily are. Putting themselves at home for two weeks, taking their temperature every four or what is a four times a day and monitoring and keeping a track of of how they're feeling it's a trip for two weeks until their self Courant
at home, which I think is great. It's great honour and a kind of goes to the interview that you did with that doctor that, yes, it is the same thing. Yes like I'm doing. This has set an example. Yeah, that's it looks like it's working gets really really good. Really goods units do said we may not have a vaccine, but the one thing we do have going for us is communication technology. Yet the information age in some way is actually really helping us right at me. People know about think about this. Fifty years ago, we probably barely, you would even have any idea what was going on in Ireland alone. You know every moment you get another update and despite the efforts of the chinese communist parties, efforts to navigate these things under a lid getting out result. What is
update that you can bring us today while again and that's what I can't goes to what I just said. As you know I could buy, we saw on Sars, China's garments sat on it and it was able to spread to other countries. They did the exact same thing with this. It spread to other other countries and we're starting to see that the were now in a new phase of the corona virus spread, and I think cases are going down what looks like enjoying China, which has great new greatness in its in its pretty obvious, especially if they watched the show on Wednesday. Why that's the case because an unprecedented- maybe it would be unconstitutional here with her doing, but it's an absolute crackdown on both information and people's movement, everything, but it's starting to go down and dumb, but elsewhere in the EU
What places like South Korea they now have a hundred and fifty cases yeah it's rising, I don't wanna, say dramatically, but it significantly going up the other saying that now we're in phase two of Corona Thou, the Good NEWS is as it's starting to go up, which makes sense. I mean it's in urban fourteen twenty four days since people were starting to move around and even if you caught it from somebody and they didn't get the symptoms, you could have caught it from somebody and it said dormant in you, you pass into somebody else and then
You start to see these numbers, so the numbers around the world are gonna start to go up, and so we are in phase two of of this, but the really good news is: if we can trust the Chinese, the numbers are going down now, so we ve hit our peak in China. What what we know that will we can't trust Chinese on, as he knows, I think they completely lied about knowing where this actually started. I don't think they have a clue, and that is scary, because that means there's other places in China where there were a travel, is uninhabited and are still going to take, for instance, what Canada just reported. Canada just reported a sentinel event that just happen where one of their citizens got the krona virus. Whenever one China rice would like what is going on is the busiest sentinel event is
when there is an event where they're not exactly sure that that we know how it got, how it got. There is evidence of more widespread transmission yourselves. You just look into this. Here's something that bothered me yesterday, just didn't seem dissident seem right on the head. All of this being told that a Canadian in Canada went to a rat. And somehow another got the corona virus from going to around, and now is in Canada, and consider that radiance of only said there is like five cases and they ve got em contained. So obviously they haven't, there is more widespread contamination. Did you see the press release that the Chinese other the Iranians yesterday now through the Iranians, put out that this was an american zionist, germ that we made an,
we introduced into society to be able to further the zionist israeli goals as though this it with the Russians actually started. This by first are looking into this. All I got was conspiracy theories, and that was the top one there's people indeed I'd say about the Israeli really know that their what they didn't have the israeli army. Iranians. I was the added that on their yet, let's blamelessly aid by groundless ed, we know the Jews and there as well What's the idea and Jews honey, don't we all now know why you're so they but for a long time blaming it on the CIA, oh yeah, so they were in its so convoluted the conspiracy theory because they mentioned the bio weapon. They mention the bio facility in will harm and somehow jump to oh, but it was a c I a CIA by a weapon. How? How are you making this jump? I mean the bio weapon thing is land of already is kind of stupid. We came speculate on will remember this is this is some
saying that people's some people, crazy conspiracy, there's still believe, but at the beginning of the AIDS virus. The deal was is that this was a Reagan. Cia thing to kill all the homosexuals and it was, it was brought. To kill homosexuals and blacks and Africa. I am I a writer philosophy right I mean I think, you're. My right might have said that it, oh you did yeah I mean there. People is still believe that stuff and are still preaching that about the AIDS virus. Sometimes litter release preaching it from around all the open, but no it nobody. That was important,
sitting? Gosh? That's what I'm saying about the misinformation disinformation that swirls around things like this, so just for a quick splinter. Misinformation is just like hey we're. Gonna tell you something you know blatantly false Russia. Does this all the time the wet Russia also does employees like China's? They do disinformation, which is information that comes more trusted source that they lead to them. They think is true, and then they tell people that trust them. Like german rights, carnation trust him or people, Oliver Stone people, they are means of his movies. They trust him. Even though J the movie J F K was in, that theory was a complete. Application that came from the Soviet Union, so just something to keep in mind when these things swore out. So let me ask you this: is this disinflation misinformation? This is coming from UK source. China deploys forty incinerators to woo Han amid fears of kroner virus death toll cover up her report that this is Daily STAR,
hard to say. Ok, China's reportedly deployed forty industrial incinerators to the epicenter of the Koran virus outbreak in whew Han chinese media reports that the furnaces have been ship to the city, amend MEG. Amid ongoing fears, the death toll is being covered up. The mobile incinerators can reportedly destroy up to five tonnes of waste every day and can burn its load in his little is two seconds. The cabin is the size of a twenty foot standard container and has a volume of about thirty cubic metres. It has the ability to crush solid waste, then incinerated and then purify the smoke. The incinerators reportedly admin sanction for the use by the chinese military to dispose of of bodies, if it's hard to say it, especially along the cremation, because we verified some reports about the cremation. We ve also disproven other reports, and we
we knock. This allows the deal. I don't understand why our, how we found the what was it the member that the heat map and it was what was the gas that was being released from burning organic material, yeah dumber than the actual gas, but yeah dear member? That's do what were error this yes, sulphur. It was sulphur dioxide and that's what happens when you burn organic material, and there was this map out that showed that this sulphur dioxide was off the charts high just outside of who on so it was yet it was. It was more like a projection, though it like a weather company was was that was the notice this so like you? They were. They showed like aware cremation are happening which were at certain levels, but then it went expanded and that's the shot you would see on the internet that would go flying around the people. Reporting on was more the projection of hey if they say it
levels. This is what it's going to be by a certain timeframe, which there was no, never any indication that I never read that on any story that had that map. That's how these things happen at exactly how these things happen at unbelievable one one thing that an unintended consequence James Bond, the makers of the last James Bond Movie with Daniel Craig is coming out in a few weeks. They are now concerned that it's going to be a box office flop because no one is going to the movie theater in China and China is such a big market bow and nobody. They fear that if it spreads nobody will go to the movies around the world. I am so pissed about how Hollywood is catering
China. So much! Oh, my god, you see the movie midway, oh yeah, that one part of the movie that would just thrown in there really didn't pertain to the movie by whose, because the Chinese funded the movie, the ale its though this one pardon yet they had same here they had if they had to add parts about how China was. You know the good guy and in everything else they did it because all the funding, but you're gonna see that we are a secondary market. Will we're close to being a secondary market. The if you go, do now flakes, or Amazon already are a secondary market to the globe. They don't air. If it plays in America. That's good will play in the rest of the world, and so that we're gonna start seeing things. Truth, justice and the american way is not gonna play in Hollywood. That's one of the things with the Adam Sandler kind and contract because they gave him so much money right and
I cannot add of Sandler you're, like while I'm in a coherent using uncut gems, which was very critically claimed, but having generally speaking as it has been a less five or ten years, having been huge, Adam Sandler, in the. U S right currently he's just a mega huge all around the world like his end of comedy translates really well to people who don't speak English here he would lose. This attack on this kind of late is like a Jerry Louis, the Jerry lose at the end of his. Rear Reno far as these young part of his career. When he was in the fifties and Sixtys, he would make these movies and they would be ok. They were huge huge in your huge, and that's why I mean he like the Legion of Honor award or something like that. He was one of France's biggest movie stars, when he was put in the teeth in going our aid, is that having a lump in no wise anyway,
just want you to know corona virus. I don't care. If you are below and not all over the back of my shirt, I'm going he Daniel Craigs last Saint James Bond. Thank you so much Jason pigs the blaze radio network on demand
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