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Best of The Program | Guests: Bill O’Reilly, Todd Bensman, & Shannon Bream | 4/2/21

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Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss how massive companies are coming out against Georgia’s new voting law and whether it’s legal for the government to mandate vaccine passports. Author Todd Bensman stops by to share his firsthand experience of the crisis at the border. In honor of Good Friday, Glenn has on Fox News anchor Shannon Bream to discuss the trauma Mary must have felt during the crucifixion and what we can learn from her, along with other famous women of the Bible.

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Welcome to the pot cast. Today we listen to a little Joe Scarborough. Remember him, you might river him from when he used to have doubled trump on for another time. Are there really close friends and then he just totally flicked laughed at him and is now saying he's the worst person on earth? He goes into another randomly bizarre rant about how, if you don't want a vaccine passport, if you don't like Jesus or something, I don't even know it's hard to follow, but are you you should hear it, because it's that those are Billow Riley joins us today to go through the news of the weak on this good Friday and chain of brain is here as well from foxes channel. She is, has new book out, that's gonna, put you in a good Friday Spirit, a little bit and to ruin that spirit. Will talk about CNN and how they can't quite figure out if there's any characteristic that would determine someone's biological sex it forth. No, no scientist parenting have no consensus on that. I was not aware of this, but see it in does know it by lake Subscribe to place tv, at least he be dot com. Slash, Glenda, promo code is controlling at twenty bucks off your subscription to police tvs, learn as a new show today, as well as a new suit as America mature to click on over to stew. Does America in this pod cast app and click subscribe? It makes all of us feel wonderful about ourselves and that's really the most important thing you can do for this country: here's the pocket Riley from below rally, dot, com,
and also author of they, both killing crazy horse and killing. The mob is coming out next month, just a few weeks away order here, copy now, wherever you by your books, I want to talk to you bill about a couple of things here. Why? Is the corporations that, coming out against Georgia and now Texas B. Because we're trying to protect? You know voting integrity every corporation, seems like it's coming out against Georgia. Of so glad to see the Georgia House passed a bill stripping Delta airlines of their tax break because apparently you know they, opinionated and they don't like the jaw, your government for what they're doing fine you lose your tax break to on jet fuel. Hope it costs them I'll bet cost them just but loader of money. That you should raise taxes on Jedi fuel for Delta
the same thing is happening now in Texas, and it's all based on lies all of it bill. Well. When I first heard this story in Georgia, I went over the Georgia bill and I read the bill. I was man is always an- I posed the question in this bill. Please tell me one thing and the entire George a bill that constricts voting. That makes it harder to vote. I didn't say one thing: right now, then, I went over to the CEO of Coca COLA. Ceo doubted The EU must bear the three that are criticised joy. None are known and unknown away. You ve got bank of
Erica. You got city grew day, I'll get hurt. I mean you go you ok, the first down, ok, which statement they they made state and to see what the statements don't say what their objecting to they just say that, unlike the bill, it's him crop right. So I had my staff hold them and they can you give us one specific in the bill that prevents people from voted for makes it harder. None of them could so what this is It is a virtue seeking play based upon the threat of a boycott which has not been made public, but I know it's there media matters nearer the usual suspects,
going to say that if you don't get behind civil rights in this area, we're going to call for a boycott of you and, of course they folded in thirty seconds, which is what corporations do? But if you look at the statements there isn't one specific that they can point to that. These new laws are just certainly tightened up. That's all they do legs type, the election, so that their the prospect of poor diminishes. Which is what you would want right. I think everybody would want they want broad You sure would this is again the political, correct virtue, on the part of those who have no blank an idea what's going on, but they are of great back the or fear
And they have to get on the side of the New York Ponzi Atlanta Journal Constitution. They have to get on that five because I'm afraid, if they don't don't get fired by their boards, that's what's going on. So what's the best way to handle that bill. But what is the average person? Do I dont doing Coca COLA? because it has a massive amount of sugar in it and, as you get older, the boy, why I'm always loved it? What did you get all the back in your ancient? The more you'll you gonna die it is a right that is another point in its favour. Is me, and only then I'll do I'll be there to feel a little thing in whatever songs I Danny boy I want you to see and Danny boy We gladly boy, but I will think right, but I don't drink coffee. Deserves to my children. It dope
I like they'll go right, but now I have a choice I'll take whatever it is not call for American airlines. American Airlines is doing the same thing now to Texas and delta and America. American you don't have any idea, but You have closeted conservatives of closeted conservatives that are so afraid of saying anything. They have secret meetings in both of your companies. Add that is they do. I know for a fact, and I know that should shame on you. Shame on you for creating such an atmosphere. It damn it's all about the oh. It's all about. I want to get too. I don't want them attacking me. I don't want it. I don't want it, I mean look, it's
so bad with the eyes that I'm going to have to take the bike lane? If I want to go anywhere now, let me let me play something from CNN and Crisco we watch it, so you don't have to, listen to what was said last night, clear to them that the vaccine is the taken back to prevent damage life and the window to do that is really narrowing. You were mentioning prince about home. All these states are reopening the reopening at a hundred percent and we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status because otherwise of everything is reopened there. What's the carrot going to be, how are we going to incentivize pupil to actually get the vaccine? So that's fighting the CDC and the bottom illustration needs to come out a lot Bolivar insane. If you are vaccinated, you can do all these things here, all these freedoms that you have, because otherwise people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. Why
so we ve gotta make it so they can have the freedoms that way we can leverage those freedoms, I've via dont, think they ve ever been more clear We're thought I know your thoughts on these vaccine passports. Ok, legal for the government to do it, it's an invasion of your medical privacy forgotten, he can't do at stake Army can't do it TAT got me can't do it to target to happen private can't do it thought you own a concert hall and you What is the rolling stones? ah you say: if you wanna come you gotta shores, proof of vaccination. They can do that. That's a private concern. Then I will I we'll go. I will tell you, I'm a libertarian, but there is with the great reset there is.
Collusion going on with public power It partnerships, Ngos and the government with corporations, and- I'm telling you a bill that if you get a an app, if you have a piece of paper that shows I got cove id and they want to check That piece of paper, but there loping an app and if that app is open and has to be open to tell you where you can go in and can't go in stores shopping malls whatever, You now have a social credit score. Ready to happen, you have it all all the groundwork. Is there anymore chickens, will all be care carrying it. The next thing is all you have to just shut down, pay pal? No, you can't pay anything for anything here. You can't access. This you can access that. Also she'll credit score. It's all a would already be there. I don't think that's gonna happen. I dont think that debt,
what I think is gonna happen is that certain pride businesses and in more I live. There are two sides to every problem. Business you're not lotta enter unless you have a mask and they can do it. They give you out, as this is a private adult, Thing is going to get to the level where, the government is going to be able to harm you if you're, not that it will be. Inconvenience. If you don't get and by the way we cannot force you to take a bath, but schools, for example If you don't take the measles shot, your kid kick up, so there's a lot of this has to be worked out and I would tell people- I took the vaccination. Yeah, I didn't, have any problem with the vaccination. I hope as many people as possible com. The conclusion that I came to, I don't want to protect my
and we're friends, I gotta one. Three businesses year, I gotta be who travels, who I took it and it works for me- So that's why you really tat Bill Riley huh. Are you nervous about killing the mob? I mean? I know you ve kept secret and kept it away from me. So I couldn't read it with an area like Eddie, I'm when I give you a lot lot right. But I want to tell me: was its good Friday You really really want something worthy. Today. The movie killing. Jesus would was nominated born at me for best television movie a few years back. That's. Three dollars on on demand. That is a very worthwhile film to watch on good Friday. What you doing you I'll be happy for you and your family and didn't, and I always enjoy up Friday's on tobacco ground, thank you,
much bill. I presume you have a good. This is the best of the blended programme. Well, I'm bomb that I am not in the studio today. I am broadcasting from my home studio in Benjamin is has just come into the. The newly redesigned mercury studios a time, I'm bummed, I'm not there to shake your hand and welcome you to the studios. How are you, sir? I'm doing fine? Thank you for having me. I wish I could have had my picture with you, but, Yeah, I'm sorry and your where tie in everything I mean wow you're caught your Clia cleaned up for this interview, and now I really feel bad trimmed the beard so Todd tell Tell you what your background here. The little bit. So we know you're a guy with credibility on this issue.
Twenty three years as a journalist, newspapers, covering reporter Anyone from reprint clue. For the Dallas morning, news here in town for ten years and Then I was recruited to join the Texas Department of Public Safety's intelligence and counter terrorism division and in two thousand and nine, and I went into in telling the intelligence business. I guess in the states, Multi agency, fusion centre in Austin where I work, Winwood effusions explain effusion centre is because this is a really important aspect. Fusion centres other there are fifty or more, across the country there. May they were bill, two after nine eleven as sharing houses of sharing so you have like all the federal agencies are all under one, how a one roof with state.
Local, so there's FBI and ice, and de I and all every possible agency. We had fifteen different federal agencies under our roof. We all had. Security, clearances and all worked on the same issues and problems, including here in tax. Of course, the border, who's coming over that border, and then I did that for nine years and left in twenty eighteen to join this centre for immigration studies, as a senior national security fellows. I been there for a couple years. I've been out of the business out of TAT business our eye. So You have a book out called America's covert border war and it details? What is really going on in coming across our border at any given time and the details are actually quite terrifying,
because we just think you know American Ike, I guess will at once once the news stop talking about it like we only seem to have a problem with rising gas prices when the new tells us we should have a problem with rising gas prices they're not telling us what's coming across the border, so give us a look into what's happening. At any given time on our border and who's coming across sure. What to start with all year every year. There is a stream of flow. A river of migrants who are coming to the southern border from countries of national security interests, people from the Middle EAST. Of Asia think Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Northern Africa, Somalia all of the Muslim Majority nations That is not a gigantic population come across
its significant right these days, it's probably right around three to four thousand a year being apprehended that we know of that get counted at the border and that flow of people has given rise to a now security enterprise and counter terrorism programmes that were built to deal with it too. Try to detect. Jihadis in that flow, and to neutralize them in It's not just at the border, but it's all throughout Latin America, South America, where are they those are the passage ways to other the brow to the border I met. Pretty complicate about how they are able to do that, but for sure it is a topic that is taboo in their regular media. Nobody ever wants to talk about it and when anybody does man look out
well, I will tell you that nobody in the mediaeval wants to talk about the drug cartels. I know I've been at sea and an anti Bennet Fox, and no one wants to discuss the Obscene amount of the worst kind of horror movie violence. You could imagine, am I right on that? Oh yeah me, the cartels are one of the greatest scourges on the planet. They do a great deal of pain. In an damage to especially Mexico, but also the United States, with the drugs that they're moving in handy sex advocating hand indentured servitude and other forms of violence that, like speak up all almost yeah, I have pictures in our files, from something that I was never allowed to show until I started the blaze.
And they were files that I just thought people should see of warnings being sent to people in these small border towns by the drug cartels don't screw with us and in One bowling alley: the drug cartels came in and had a bad and like bowling balls, they Joe through these severed heads on the bowling lanes D. Let everybody no. Your friends are gone. You don't need to be, but don't who, with us Yeah, that's right, it's that's about, propagandizing there strength and control Oh, it's not it's not that, unlike what we saw ISIS doing in Syria, when they were holding territory there, they would have big public executions and do terrible things and burn people,
and it sends a message and it tells people you're going to obey us and stay out of our way too. Its propaganda and its incitement to. Let's talk about the the actual border crisis every all the kids that are from Mexico for men. Co proper, they are all turned around at the border right there, not part of this count. I just saw account from the Department of Homeland Security today about all the numbers of the people. But there are, none of them are mexican. They say the Mexicans are turned right around and sent back to Mexico, not on the children on the mexican children, I'm not sure, definitely maxim families that are coming over with that would be adults with children, and that's
part of the inconsistent application across the border of policy. That's going on right now, confusing, not To those of us who were down their spending time with the migrants, but the migrants, the immigrants themselves, often have no idea which given day in which area they might be able to get across but what we do know is the numbers tell us that Many many tens of thousands are getting across and being put through the turn style, the american Turnstile and onto buses and being transported across the country. I was on some of those buses just last week and saw it there's a conveyor belt of losses that are moving from the border to throughout the country. Dropping off Foreign national families that have just been paroled in we're paying for this with our tax dollars, well
the buses are actually immigrants or I'm told her me are paying their own way. It's not like it's huge expense. But we are certainly enabling it facilitating it, ranging it and providing the legal documents. Remember that immigration is not something that is reversible in all all cases its permanent, so whatever damage is being done now in terms just mass numbers of people being shift into the country. Its permanent they're not going to be able to remove, but may a fraction of those at any point so I've heard people in in billow rightly makes the case, and I think he makes a pretty good case that that Joe Biden has no idea what day it is at this point
but he says you know, people don't understand in the administration and Joe Biden as I understand what the consequences are and how bad it is. I dont believe that for a second. Do you well You know I'm not there and not his. I don't have access to his doctors, but his ok, I've administration knocked or think I have been advocating the doktor thing out of it. His his administration surely understands what they're doing all of the people around him and he has to understand. What's happened, as well. There is a mass migration crisis under way that, I believe, is going to turn out to be historic in the nations history we will never see any numbers like this. I don't think we ve seen numbers like this already we're looking at Tom Marches is looking like it's. It's gonna come in probably at around two hundred and fifty thousand.
Apprehended that we know of the numbers aren't out yet, but I'm told that's going to be right up in their one. Forty one, fifty it was a hundred in fabric it's just that we know about that. If you were, tat? Forty thousand fifty that forty percent rise from month to month, that's historic, That is something we have never seen, that type of of a rush crush of humanity, bored by the end of the year. We could be at two million that have cross border and in just this year, and when you're down there I mean it's like a d day invasion. I mean it's raft after raft after raft for five abreast, just washing up on our side being their load going back for more. Day in day out, that's what it's like, and those are just the families and children rafts filled with children, infants
and then you have adults who are supposed to be individual non family adults who are supposed to be forty title forty two back a great many of those are being sent back, but they keep trying because they know that a lot of them are making it through the What a patrol is baby sitting processing, children and families, certainly doesn't help when the President of the United States goes on an internationally televised press conference and says to the entire world. We will you ve, no child behind nobody stays in Mexico. All of you come so they are, and they will and that's a message: TAT: May Eu Usa rafts of children are we talking of fifteen year olds? Ya mean you just an eye: I assume that you were using descriptive language now necessarily act accurate language when you said infants
rafts in infants, infants that that's not happening. Is it apps filled with infants? Yes, I don't like one adult or a couple of Dalton a raft and then I have seen some of these rafts. Maybe ten infants fifteen it yeah me. You can you can see, there's video out there, you can find the video and, if you talk to border patrol like I have you, will you hear these stories of just rafts filled with infants, and you can see the video out there to infants but also six, seven year olds and five for three toddlers, and those that's because the administration has messaged we're too Children. We're not turning children back and there are also taking family units. What the family turns their infant or three year old over too,
drug cartel, together cross the border and what Does that mean mean the obvious. You know rationale behind that is, is that they absolutely hate where they live they feel that there is an open door. They don't know how long the door is going to be open, but they see open and there is a desperate, to get in before it closes in that that is not my speculation. That is from How many many interviews that I've done with the immigrants themselves in Mexico? I ll last week, had six or seven central Americans in front of me and I them all. I said hey if you are coming here now. She made the decision to come here now because of something Biden said or did raise your hand and every one of em just went like that. There are meaning because now
because there are able to they invited they ve been invited f course yeah. So Thank you very much. I'd like to have you on again and specifically talk about the book America's covert border war because right now voice of America, which is a lie voice of America is telling us no. No, no, not, then these people aren't coming across right, right, there's no terrorist problem according voice of America, while, according to like all the regular media house, minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, who came back from a trip, couple weeks ago, saying talking about three Yemenis on the terror watchlessness. Everybody said he was a liar, stop saying But it's true.
So we'll talk some more about this. Thank you very much Todd Todd, Bandsmen, author of America's covert border war, Senor National Security, fellow the centre for immigrants study. This is the best of the Glenda programme. Is the Glinda programme it's Friday, but also good Friday. I would be very ungrateful son. If I. Didn't mention what Dad did for us on this day. Why not
Intervening when his son is being crucified two thousand years ago I owe, everything I owe my life. I owe everything everything to his dedication and ends, qualifies for me. I lived my life one For a long time and really blew it and really didn't really didn't think I was worth anything and because I was dating a very wise woman who said we need God in our lives. I found him and the forgiveness that you can allow yourself to accept- and clean up your life and start over is is the
greatest miracle, I think one, and receive and the greatest miracle in my life. Today is good Friday: and as no. I took when I went to college I took early Christ, Ology from the history department. And I learned what it was really actually alike, at that time, and it was brutal brutal world. I wanted to bring JANET Bream in, because she is the author of the book, the women of the Bible speak. You probably know her from Fox season. Grew there, But she is much more than just an anchor heard. She is really lead an impressive life and she wrote the book the women of the Bible speak. Try to find the the lessons for to day in, in the wisdom
the women in the Bible China joins us now hygiene. And how are you glad it says? joy to join you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So I wanted to spend a few minutes. Sit on Mary, since it is Friday, cannot imagine. Seeing this happen to your child. What that must have been like and and how I mean I've, I've, just recently my daughter, Mary went in for brain surgery and we had a scare in thought. We might loser and it was devastating just the thought. Wow watching crucifixion tell about what we can learn from Mary. I mean she was there at the foot of the cause. I can't imagine, as you said, senior child wrongfully accused of being. Tortured and beaten and watching them crucified
That is almost too much, but I feel like them, Orton, always and especially this time of year, for us to allow ourselves to think about what that was evident. Lighting on that and reading through the crucifixion a lot these last few weeks and thinking you have become faced it with that in no the enormous, beautiful sight, vice that was made for you that is to me, an incredible message of redemption that Christ, you knew what he would face He could have walked away from it and we see his anguished prayers where he says you will not mine and he goes through with that to save all of us Mary has to bear witness to that, and it's something I included in the book of them so used to studying her on the front end where she's, a space for young woman who gets visited by an angel lies about her define appointment, but we want to follow her story. All the way through
be able to really get my mind around what it must have been like for her to sit there at that crucifixion, but to know that in the days following she was with the disciples praying in the upper room. She was a faithful, only part of launching the church, as we now know it, and she never shied away from you ignoring pain that her son suffered all through his life, especially during his ministry. In those final final hours,. Women did not have a place really at the table. I mean Jesus. I and I have nothing two to go on. I took I took Christ Gee through the history department, and so we just looked at the history of those times and what it must have really been like, and I know it not to marry Magdalen were it's it's. It might have been a you know, the fact that
it was a prostitute might have been a fudge just because what was happening, In the year two hundred, you know as they were, as they were assembling everything It may be absolutely true, but one of the reasons why it may be not accurate is for political reasons at the time, or she may have just been called that at the time. Because she was following Jesus And women didn't do that. Unmarried women did follow a pack of men. Otherwise you would have been considered a whore corrected yeah. I mean it so important to look at the context of the time, and there is debate with theological scholars who are much or a well trained there. I am, but we know where he had been delivered from a number demons and that she was born in Christ, included women in his inner circle. They were his friends. They
heart, they were allowed to teach at his feet and learn at his feet, which was an amazing thing, because that would not the norm back then, but we see it not only with very badly, but Mary this disrepair, Martha Invariant, otter, weapon to or close to him. And think about the women he went to work tat accepted in society, the woman who could be stored for adultery. The american woman in a well living in shame, hee hee never judged or condemn those people, he would say, go and say no more leave that part of your life. I dont condemn. You accept you you're my equal you're in the image of God, and I think that such a beautiful thing I dont want people than that. Till so tell me a little one of my one of my favorite women of the of the Bible is asked her. I just love story of Esther. Tell me her story and how you what? What
lessons you take from her. He was part of the dispersed. Jews were all over the place, he didn't have their own homeland at the time, and so she was an orphan, taken in by her uncle Mordechai, who raised her at once the king of Persia gets very mad at the queen. She will not show up and obey him until he gets rid of her any send out this search nationwide for a new queen, and at that point go. Then I told her doll talk, don't talk about your jewish background with all through this, ass. She had so much paper, everybody immediately. You loved her as a favorite when the king saw her. That was it. She was the one for him, so she has chosen as the of Persia now, during this process, there's heymann this bad guy who
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