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Best of The Program | Guests: Bjorn Lomborg & Jason Whitlock | 2/24/21

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As Amazon begins "digital book burning," Glenn says it’s time to stock up on physical books. “False Alarm” author Bjorn Lomborg joins to discuss the push for green energy, its negative aspects, and how electric cars may not be the ideal solution. Columnist Jason Whitlock joins with the latest on Tiger Woods’ horrifying accident, how Tiger personally impacted him, and misinformation about racial issues.

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Oh, my gosh do rate show create podcast vast. You bet it's on today's podcast. We have Jason Whitlocke Bjorn lumbered with us to talk about green cars. You may not like all the things he says, because he actually believes that we are all going to die some point: that's not what he's our societies and now he's island. Where I really like about your love org is then he goes he plays on their battle. Vs right like he looks at it says: ok, here's how the science that you say it is really important. We need to know I'm gonna. Actually, regional and put it in perspective, does great job doing that today on the programme, and we also talk a little bit about cancel culture is getting real with the bank personnel share a personal story on today's podcast gopher catches subscribed to police, tv and others last week here of the place to be thirty dollars off offer. We go into many stories today. That would, I think, convinced you had a place like police TB is really important, but just for your own entertainment and enlightenment, we have the students, America Programme, starting at eight p m Eastern, amply CD, follow vibrating blend Beck episode tonight on tv. Go miss that place tv dot com, Slash glad promo code is Glenn for thirty bucks. A tidy is aid journalists who has written for rolling stone, he's kind of a Glenn good, Green walled kind of guy guy that I don't agree with me in a very
often bud? He seems to be a classic liberal, and in some regards would you agree with that. Yeah. Maybe I don't know how I would get me he's he's eyeballs thought of him on the left and every once in a while. He writes things that you're, like oh yeah yeah like absolutely like he's right on that, and he said, He like Glenn Greenwell, has been pretty active. smacking down the sort of cancer? culture awoke wing of the democratic movement. These days too, a few years ago. He writes when Alex Jones of Info wars was kicked off a series of tech platforms and clearly coordinated decision. I knew this was not gonna, be an isolated thing, given that people like Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said the and the ouster of Jones. It was just a good first step. It seemed obvious. The tactic was not going to be confined to a few actors, but corporate me. KIA critics insisted the precedent would not be applied more broadly.
See and ends so and so said. I dont think that we're going to be seeing big tack take action against Fox NEWS. time soon well, that guy was wrong. Just a few years ago. A few years later calls to buy and Fox are not only common therein. hence a fine with media voices from see an end to MSNBC and former media matters- critic to the Washington Post colonists, yadda yadda, all on board the movement crested this week with a letter, California House Democrats- and you and Jerry Mcnerney written so the ceo of cable providers like Comcast, eighty and tv arising Cox and dish demanded to know if these barrage of providers are planning to Kenya to continue to carry Fox NEWS news MAX and away- and I want to read
Number seven from this congressional letter are you planning to continue carrying Fox NEWS News Max okay and on universe, Directv and- Eighty in tee tv boy, now and beyond any contract renewal date. Have you or have you ever been a member of a company that is carrying o n If so, why This is horrifying Joe. It should chill every journalist to the bone the sequence of events is ominous because a similar match set of hearings and interrogations back and twenty seventeen when senators, Maisie, Orono and Judiciary Committee hearing demanded that platforms like Google and Facebook come up with a mission statement to prevent the foment of discord
accelerated the content, moderation movement, that we now see on platforms, sequences. Like this, the government requests of speech rig reduction made to company. Subject to federal regulation, make the content, moderation, decisions of private firms, a serious first amendment issue: the these things are happening. This is not a figment of anyone's imagination this. is coming and we just have to be prepared and, quite honestly,. Please read: Martin Luther King Why are those troops still in Washington? cause? They want you. to react violently they need you to react violently. It is, Tucker Karlsson talked about it. I think it was last night and night before
where he was saying. Look, you couldn't write this script. Better you couldn't be more inflammatory. Then what Congress and the left is doing right now that the steps there taking. He is fomenting real, deep feelings in a light and have the country I need you to be violent because that way they can come in and they can take arms. They can to stop banking, they can come dictators and it as you know, it was one thing to say Bryn Obama, was you know he wanted to be a dictator and there is another thing to say or Donald Trump he wanted to be. A dictator and it's a completely other thing to say they are making the steps to ensure an
rotarian regime. and that is happening now. Steps are being taken. To silence those who disagree, who are not in lock, step and its not just being taken by the government. Its being taken by large firms as well be one more piece of news quickly Amazon. Decided that it's going to quietly in sales of books, that it labels hate speech. Guys this is book burning. when we had physical stores, they would have to go, take the books off the shelf and straw them now you just digitally remove them, and it's like it never happened if they were
actually dumping these books. If they actually does. drawing or burning these books. You would have the image in your mind, remit. We live in a time, no longer of words. We live the time of images. was a guy who said himself on fire in Tunisia. Mom before the other guy did. That is credited away. Of starting the the tunisian riots, which led to the arab spring, Another guy had done that same exact reasons. He was also a push cart vendor. Why one and not the other, because there was no images of him setting himself on fire. It's the image, images- have real power.
Why is it we can? We are not all up in arms with local school boards and our each the teachers unions, Joe based on the number of suicides that we ve had from kids, don't ever see those pictures you don't ever hear those stories Msnbc right now is running almost as a backdrop. Look at their doing it right now. the January sixth attack on the capital Kay they're running those pictures, almost twenty four seven, their running that videotape, because they know that's what they're audience wants and they are trying to stir their audience, into hatred. That's what's happening.
You know you're, not saying you're, not seen pictures of the kids who have died. You know till his mother was really really smart, Emmett Well, if you don't know who am until was look him up today? You're gonna see when you look, I'm up you're, gonna, say a picture of him in his coffin. Horribly, horribly disfigured here: black man who's in the south, but he was from Chicago. He was. killed, brutally killed. When he was returned to his mother in Chicago in the coffin. She insisted on having an open coffin because she said she wanted everyone to see what they had to her boy and she was right We know em at tills name, because once you see that picture, you can't see it.
Then it's stirred people into action where the pictures on tv of people who have lost their jobs. why did we are the World and Michael Jackson and all these people? Why did that happen? Why Did that happen for The opium Ethiopia is probably starving still today, I don't even know. Why all of a sudden because we, if you lived at that time, you'll, never forget the news reports. Of these, terribly malnourished, children with a blue did stomachs sitting just dying Produced any rice, you'll, never forget those pictures. you are being FED pictures
of hatred We are not seeing the pictures of suffering. Right now, millions of Americans are suffering. are they showing the pictures of the people in Texas that are suffering that loss everything that that didn't have any power The people who froze to death here in Texas Seeing those what you are seeing our pictures of Ted crews, leaving the state
his family, warm your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, Bjorn Lombard. He is the author of false alarm, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre and visiting fellow of the Hoover Institute. Welcome Bjorn, how are you going to do good be back, I'm good, are you, I mean good, I'm I'm a little concerned. You know how Things are starting to be censored air here in Amerika, and things are beards, their start to call people with a different point of view. You know dangerous radicals and terrorists and I I I wonder how far this is- gonna go we just saw. The Amazon
ban another book yesterday? They said they're gonna start deleting all books, they consider hate speech. I don't know if that's too Gill, a mocking bird, you know our the horror mine com for what I just I've never lived in a country where we banned books. and I wonder, if you thought of me- this is not what I had John for, but I wonder if you ve ever thought of you, aren't you an extremist you don't buy into the answers and solutions for climate change, There's a lot of luck, my basic Global warming is a real problem, but it's often vastly- created an impact and made a lot of bee rhetoric around and make people panic, and it makes us make bad decisions and that's what I'm really challenging I've had a lot of people tell me they would love to see me platform. They love to not see.
My report here, my arguments being voiced by clearly, but but I also think that most people recognize That's not the way to run a democracy Actually, I think John Stuart Mill already like almost two hundred years ago, pointed out that listening to people- whom you don't agree. What is a good idea? but wait if you're right built we'll be right, and they all show you why you're right and if you're wrong a crucial, actually want to find out that your long so listening to, dissenting voices is a really good thing. It makes democracy stronger and its also unlikely it'll make your decision. only if we are rooted in you know this, the scientific theory that the? U know show me the evidence and our response to the evidence. We we we were no longer doing that. There's where is going off of what people
want everybody to believe, I believe in global warming. I can read a thermometer. What I don't believe in is a lot of the things that they say, for instance, the green new deal or let us take this first alike. For cars, Well, that's wonderful, they're, all electric, but where are we getting the power to charge them? Am I wrong thinking that way? you're, certainly right in your intuition that we need a lot more than just getting cars to be electric, because what is it. I want you to tell by coal power It almost as much remember: electric car to use a lot of energy, typically in China, elsewhere, internet locally produced with with coal to produce their batteries Lorenzo once they get to you.
You can be all Bert trees in green and drive around, who feel really don't like I'm doing something for global warming, but the reality. Is you just emitted a lot of you too in China answer you have to drive your car. What are you sixty miles before it's? Actually, and you can actually start saving now that the pin what and how much the power that you use come from fossil fuels, but you also need to be carbonized. We electricity grid and that turn To be really really hot, and here again we need to recognise yeah sure electric cars you great for some purpose of you. I have a friend who has it I've been driving our love on personal by the way expensive. So it's mostly on board the upper classes and, secondly, it doesn't cod All that much to you too,
so one when buying and many others would suggest that we should give subsidies in the tuna will have and a half thousand dollars. Maybe ten thousand dollars you We paying in an extraordinarily high price to caught a little. See you too, you could have spend that money. Much much better either cutting carbon emissions or remember, there's a lot of other problems that you want to fix, both in the U S around the world. To again this is a question about getting Priorities right is a question of getting the central. What is the impact of what you try to do? Not just feeling virtues actually doing good. So beyond. I I put my trust in the free, not the corrupt capitalism that we have now, but in the actual free market to solve these things and you weren't not there, yet we are going to solve these things, but look at what happened. The Texas
It's not entirely because of you know where cutting back and and and cutting back on. You know fuels that we have own to trust you know and gone old windmills, but its partially because of and I have no problem, I own a farm its politely, green energy. It's completely off the grid, solar and its wind power and its backed up by Natural gas, if we have to I am all for it, but Only the rich can afford it and be enough spent. I and tell you how much money getting this to be stable? It's not ready. Yet for prime time and certainly most people. I. I was actually very curious to hear that you have back up from from gas, because most people course to get back up from the electricity grid, which of course, simply means
did they get all the subsidies and push on all the cost. Still try to be arrested the electricity system to take the poor wait pairs search engine Don't you! You are absolutely right, Mr. This is something that supports rich people a lot and and supports a lot of purchasing. But actually there is very little to cut carbon. She can you write about the idea that what what the Texas about the terrible you actually last week. I think chosen is clearly not the visit www Was it the gas coal power plant, why are you being a nuclear plant that that dragged off for a while? It's much more Chauncey without stable power, you really creek, the society. You need stable power. That's what makes us right If you go to many developing countries, one of the things you see as they all have a diesel generated because they know they can trust the power system and
as one of the reasons why they are trapped in poverty, because you don't want to invest in a place where you dont have sustainable power. That's why we not imagine our child RON Johnson. wait until all people look to favour because What are you gonna do when you thought not shining on the ones not blowing and women? but people than you I feel like I'm not sure what about them out there, but they bury usually say: oh you'll just have battery, remember a lot of batteries right now. The euro have batteries enough to support team second view of electricity control: Oh my god. I should but we're near being able to have that four hours days or even season I will tell you there wildly expensive: they who I mean you still have to replace those batteries over time, they don't hold as much as anybody thinks they do. I mean it's. You know on solar and I put it all in batteries, but
tell you we go week without sunshine will use that I mean here we have the gigantic batteries they're out there out, there's a million wonderful story, in love in a little northeast indian village. It was the first indian village, the went all about solar, supported by Greenpeace and there they got lots and lots of pr and everybody these very excited in this village, because they didn't have any electricity. So clearly getting. Some solar electricity was better than nothing. But what happened when they turned it on with, of course, after two hours at night everybody depleted, it will be hacked you start telling people you can't use, as you can't do that and oh god, no, not a refrigerator, and suddenly there is a lot of things you can't do and then, when the when the minister came to inoculate the whole project,
truth was actually proto thing. They said they didn't want. Take electricity real electricity and new democratically voted in. They actually got a new power line from the main grid, mostly tab. I call in a couple weeks and oh and the prices drop by two thirds, and again this is not to discourage the fact that, yes, all learn will have a space and they are sometimes really good in California. If you have little, if you have some solar, they connect cut off the bridge top peak usage. Well you will you need it for air conditioning, that's great
but you can one- and this is the best of the blend back programme- Jason Whitlocke welcome to the programme. How are you all, you bet. I know the Tiger woods was kind of a big deal grown up with you your dad right. Lily Tiger is my favorite athlete about me did you know just brought his horse gather talked about tiger more than any other athlete tiger. when I think of sports hinges happy moment, it's it's tire worth metadata when even with the Lakers Tiger. Woods, I think was that way for all of us, especially when his dad was alive.
Because of their relationship and what they accomplished together in, You know, I think, is his. viral into trouble it. Here's to be, I dont know x. I don't follow these guys at all, but it appears to be tied to the death his dad and him making a kind of on his own in and in different ways that accurate at all He I think it's actually a glad. I'm glad you started our wide led me establish a huge tiger. Woods fan right, but I'm gonna be honest, You know what I'm looking tigers life, I say. While he was really super prepared for golf. and nothing you sure if he was super prepared for and that, kind of fame and fortune to is also really bad, especially if you lose the anchor of of that's, been guiding you the whole time that steady hand, so
do we know there was there were no drugs or alcohol involved in this accident? Do we know if he was asleep at the wheel? How did this happen and what happened? we know based on the police that there was no alcohol involved, tiger recently. Had another back surgery So we know it's been part of his history too. Take painkillers because he's had so many different surgeries and he's he struggled with their problem, sure, if war, ever know what within his system. At the time of this accident. Maybe they took his blood. Was there when it? Maybe they wall, I mean tigers, a huge Branford Mikey, I'm sure gonna, try to protect his privacy as much as they can be sure, and if they were prescription drugs and he wasn't abusing them, I mean you know you take you,
some of these drugs for paying now at night this happened at seven o clock in the morning, you're groggy still at seven o clock. In the morning I mean you could easily fall back to sleep and and not because. of the drug, but because of the after effects of the drug, here's what I'll say glare and I'm a huge tiger. Woods fair and I mean tie your words- can make me cry what I would say is where I would someone disagree with. You is what, if I'm taking prescription drugs, and I'm wars? a billion dollars. I have a driver, yes, try. I I take that precaution of light because of my injury, because my surgery, I take these prescription drugs, maybe it as for me, not to drive that word merely the money. The tiger woods is, but I basically gave up driving for years.
ago I take over. I went to illustrate years without ever get behind my car. I moved in Nashville drove you know here, drove my car ear and did some driving and now have driven for three months. I don't think and why is that because of all the drugs you're taking. I literally darted away, discussed, I wanted to walk bore I wanted. I had a really out the drawer My drug of choice is like potato chips. and paid a candy bars. I had a really bad habit of eating those while driving a car, and so I did to give all that up and walk more interest? I just felt like I had bad habits driving a car that I have you know uber, they don't want you to eat or drink a mare, and this I just I just don't like driving that Martin, like
two thousand and two I was was doing radio? I would write for the newspaper. I was doing tv and I fell asleep at the wheel. My car enough the mine with the passenger car and he was dead and we were going to some press conference and I was overworked outdoor morning radio and I felt maybe the cards is very briefly. Maybe five ten seconds woke up and you know, save the Euro got control with a car in Burma, but that climate change my point of view and driving. I you know a out of love with DR and as is just not on responsibilities. I wanna take So what is the? What have you heard about the surgery- and I know they put a rod in is: is he gonna walk again and do you have any idea and based on what happened, in sports. Do you come back and play golf? I know
He comes back. We I mean the total speculation on a par with the guys had like five back and was just recovering from one does now. So I would imagine his back allowed him to compete at the highest level. I think that his uncle giving question you don't have to be rebuilt. They said they put a rod in his way. I can't imagine who say they were a re as a year or two, you know tire will be Forty seven at that time, forty seven wended that happen very forty five now I just can't see him compete at the level that he wants to compete at which is at the highest level. So I think you know if I were Guessing you know his careers over that's a huge blow yet,
that will even a tiger. You know half of his powers, he still them compelling television yeah, maybe in sports, but certainly in the world of golf you know he's the only thing there would be no trumps, everything My favorite sport, but Tiger were in contention at a major. Are hell, maybe this? Any golf term it I'd what tiger over football and I think a lot of people were that way. Can we thought we were witnessing history, even with tigers and personal problems, I think most people this kind of like Tiger in please hard, not to like I mean I want you're, a period where I mean again. I don't follow this stuff, but you know the of club in the car and the wife was really horrible scene, but it's hard not to like him. I think I knew that good. Looking guy, I think p.
We can readily to his. He was competing AMOS Board, where no one would look like him had ever had that kind of success, and I think everybody in America What tiger success and golf represented in about America em you know he didn't take big huge, permitted, who positions, and so every We could call a rapporteur on the entire world Dear then, dear old, that's well. Maybe you did. Maybe you did his your beer black, but all the white people in America, of course, are racist and we secretly hated him some, while all of you that guy who never win couldn't golf courses Lana because it would be a sea wide humanity area, cheer and this guy on in our brain every moment, and soon
let me let me ask you one more question on this: do you know enough about Tiger Woods to know how a guy who was built from beginning of his childhood to compete. and to play golf and two and then become such an. I can add, forty seven years old, forty five years old, just a kind of not being do that anymore, not command that spotless for his athletic ability. is. How is that going to affect him mentally? Do you have any idea, I think, he's? Then prepare for that over the last few years, because he's had so many injuries and missed large chump the time a year on year and a half Four, century that injury. I think the tiger has authentically
transition into being really into his kids, and I think you would think He'S- it in a hospital bed like, oh, my God, Fine, just walk again and play with my kids and help. Myself is golf game and my daughter with her girl came, We'll be fulfilling enough for a tiger I want to add one thing: gleamed before we transition the southern elsewhere, who thought I've heard about tiger in this just the way The last ten years of his life was gone. It's cool started remind me of like Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, with a big part of my child and memories, and I was a big Michael Jackson, Jackson fighting and then he got involved in controversies in identity issues and skin. You know who I am the all of their children and I guess it's like
memories of MIKE or bird. I remember him as much for the tragedies and controversies as I for his singing career and- and I just sick, Michael's weirdness, whatever it was. It was born with Michael, I guess he was a prodigy like Geiger, drove correct clues dead. You know made him music music. You gonna be an m. I just makes me like wow as much as I love Tiger in what he was accomplished: God would want his life and as much as I love Michael Jackson's, music, I certainly wouldn't want his life. I wouldn't want to be a prodigy while yet, although Jesus JUICE, you want what, if you were Michael Jackson, but I you know what I think you're exactly right and I think that's why people are paid so much money in the end is you give up an all,
for law. I mean it's one thing to be a star, especially at their level but if you are at their level from childhood you do not have a normal life at all and you kind of demanded in pound, a Flash Europe. We know a pound of gold, but it doesn't buy back all the things that you lost
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