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Best of Program | 1/9/19 - Reaction to President Trump's Immigration Address  with Eric Boilling (BlazeTV) ewith Andrew Klavan (The Daily Wire) with Ben Ferguson (BlazeTV) with Steve Deace (BlazeTV) with Jon Miller (BlazeTV) with Matt Kibble (BlazeTV) with Stephen Kent (Young Voices) 

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Hello and thank you so much for turning into the pot gaster downloading the pipe yesterday taint make sure you like and review this podcast. It helps others discovery. Now. Today's podcast, please God, I mean to cover up our hosts from Blaze, Tv Iran today talking about their different perspectives and that's the cool thing about police tv, all the voice, from across the conservative spectrum. And the good of waste to be dot com, slash back from a complaint back you're, safe somebody under subscription. We had a really interesting group of people today, Eric Bawling Airport, unless our path, gray, Andrews, flavour and Steve Days, mad kitty Stephen CARE, John Miller, then, Fergus in half and you're gonna hear everybody, and it is its fascinating to hear the highlights now from all of those voices across the spectrum. It was interesting to see that across already, we talk to somebody
or more positive on the speech than others and the approach than others, but everybody whose positive had one or two things they weren't comfortable, live and everybody whose negative on on the speech had a couple things they really you know I mean it was interesting to see that different voices and I think, that's kind of we try to do today is to bring a bunch of different people together to kind of hear all of those thoughts and much much more in common than difference and you'll hear it under these parka you only thinking the day. This is a goin. Back to last night, the president gave a speech from the oval office behind the resolute ass, the first time he has addressed the nation from that he did a. I thought a really good
job really solid speech than Nancy Policy, inject humor, which looked like something that I dont know came from South Park. Quite honestly, they responded, but I wanna get with Eric Bowling who deep relationships at the White House and possibly can give us some insight on this. And get his opinion on on the speech and its effectiveness. Welcome to the programme Eric Bowling, I am thankful to have me back you back on friendship and fitting at me. The trouble tell bar last night that you, every Tuesday wanting today for the show and they d they lowered the music and watch Typically on the screens is one CNN one Fox one fox This wine ESPN. They love the volume whenever they play the speech full volume in the whole Trump lobby allotted supporters here and in it it was a few
I think he was making his case war. What could be a year of his that declaration of a national emergency the? Yet they get somebody else on Excel at luckily Kate, I think he's being called these being advised used by clear and shine and Sarah standards, these kind of a team advisory panel about what to do with the fact that I understand He didn't want to do the speaker understand eating early necessarily want to go down to the Texas bordering it feels those are a little bit more than enough for the follow up is then them than any substantive action, but he's he's pissed, entrenched, doggie and he's not gonna give up without a fight. So too so tell me Eric with the the story that he had lunch with all of the anchors, and he said you know as a photo up- and I really do want to do it. It's not gonna make a difference. Is that very true, then, while I mean
I think it is. I read it, as you did in ITALY alone, for journalists and off the record, campaigns can become leak and salary. I guess it would be true by right, I can agree with, eternal thing. Last night necessarily move the needle lighting trumps base people, those supported him from the beginning, we want to see a wall built in one I m written. We will continue to shut down the gunman till they get funding for the wall and the end in the people who didn't vote former dont like a move, the liberals or anti Trumpery Reserve, whom whomever didn't come to his side by watch nor did they become more emboldened by watching the anti pollution trucks. Humor really look ridiculous. That was a billiard and it was just a hearing around of of of comparisons up to what they look like it. If it is actually there, but let me just wanting eighty twenty nineteen requests for porn aid budget, twenty seven,
seven billion dollars include three billion for Israel, you now billion for Jordan. Like you, maybe libertarians, like you- would say well, if you're willing to spend almost thirty billion dollars. Handing out moneyed in foreign countries is ice billion dollars, or do you think it's effective or ninety five? that was really a big deal to protect us. The border, email or whether the country believes it needs happen. No, it's it's! really not? This is a ridiculous. I think this is a ridiculous argument and it's coming at a I think a a radically this time, the time to fight this Was you know in the first in the first year or two now we're sitting here and everybody's digging in because were approaching an election? I dont think the Democrats are gonna, give on this
why? Why do you have any idea why we didn't fight for the wall like this sooner gotta, be I'd, Paul Ryan, Speaker I'll stay in doing all. I was never approach from never saw things simpler. This wall funding this wall, the wall funding. This whole debate is all political. I will leave you and I both talk about through the army times Nancy Pelosi checks humor Obama Clinton Feinstein have all been on record on tape, saying that they are there for stronger borders and stronger immigration policy. This is all about park. In fact, she was going to be twenty five billion dollars. If you got what you wanted in Doc, so this is all be as politicking, and what my each prompted, not one. That is clearly what most hated artists in this way, so I got better hold out in their cycle until some points. My guess is that I'm going to school on women say I don't think it's funny. I know that the best route is to declare national emergency, but
the funding find three billion dollars somewhere me. We have four trillion dollar budget. Rebuiltthey a blanket lose three Billy. How about some things just find it in and refined something where you know we save three billion dollars on the red, renegotiate, adapt and guess what we found to rebellion in Mexico paid for it to visit by one of those gimmicky games at that politicians and outside the I'll have played for hundred and forty seven year so the end, and then I won't be, and then we move on and go here sake will come back to work feel safe flying again and all the other stuff Did you ever noticed a difference in the media? I am struck by when Republicans court and quote shut down the government several years over, something like plan parenthood. The argument was, why don't republic just give in on a few hundred million over a billion dollars, because we have to get this government open. Now that it's,
one little thing that the Democrats could easily just give in on a get all the government funded. They did. The the pitch from the press is the exact opposite that it's the Republicans fall because they won't give up on their one thing it it's it's faster than you have irreversible, but yeah, but but forget when you're on that side, you can't keep believing they won't just give up on this by building such a look. I think- and this is the kind of noise a one hundred percent on his person. I've been Trump is making a mistake, keeping the rest of the government clothes. I think what he should do is open the rest, let let TAT homeland security fight this fight and in just let the homeless Honestly, I know what he's doing is using the other agencies from holding hostage a little bit, because a bigger package is harder to fight with by acting to open an open arise. So we don't have a hundred thousand people working paychecks. Maybe we have thirty thousand networking paychecks renowned fight about at you at the border, literally
words should be fought and ill ill pill relinquish stumble average, but it would be more true. I guess to me for me for being a base supporter. That's what the fights really about A host of Amerika on the other on blaze, tv every night, Eric Bowling talking to him. One last question: do you think the national emergency talk? Where did it come from cause everyone was expecting him to declare a national emergency or to threaten the national emergency, and I was just going to do that is that off the table. I had ever on the table. No, not knowing still on the table tat. You have a good friend of my job, why those are reported for actually us, but also as actual sources. Sighed the White House I'll? Just what you know? I talked to the White ass. I walked right,
call them email. In the last few days I haven't been no one's return. My call me, I get emails, vexing, a sorry, really smart. We can now so that Turkey keep very tight lipped, but swans got very good access inside good, so This shows that the national emergency is not on the table. My guide is, after all, a reporting that we ve seen in less than twelve hours. That's where Trump wants to go with it, his adviser policing hold off. Let's try you, no nine o clock news conference. Let a nine o clock present address from the elbow. Let's try going to the border to gain some support, my guests trumpets toward the politeness option if need be, and again he key marches could beat his own drama, that there was no one else by his pride trying, exhausting all other avenues. First, it it might happen. I unite Glenn. I think it's a mistake would do that. I think he be better off opening the rest, the government state and fight the border that let the boy
without the edges couldn't agree with more Eric. Thank you. So much appreciate in Aragon telling your listening to the master of the Glen Back Programme. Mr Andrew Clave and joins us on the Glen Back Programme Andrew. How are you, sir? I'm good? Are you doing good? So what as the what's the view from the state of California, where You. Have your new governor saying a word, a welcome every body? Well, that's. Why did we in California? We can welcome everybody in new
cities are not going to pay for the health care of everybody. No matter what their immigration statuses, so it really is fair ask what is the overall belief the trunk putting forward and what's the overall. I believe that the Democrats are putting forward from made a speech last night that we were told who going to be all lies and fear mongering, And it was a wise and fearmongering, but not from Trump Tromp was very direct things very factual is very controlled and Democrats are basically talking this mealy mouthed no, more language that doesn't have any real meaning when it comes to securing the border. So I think it is fair to ask what the end game I think the end game without drunk it seems to me for whatever his personal flaws are. He is putting forward a very rational case that a country has a right. Control border, that people who cross the border illegally are committing a crime and war crimes will follow a perfectly valid argument and the war would work which is absolutely true. What is it
The clutch really saying you're saying: let's do things that won't exactly work which spend money on things that we ve shown to be ineffective because they want these coming over into the country. They think their future democrats. They think that the idea of compassion, the cell to minority voters who are already here and there not really thinking about the good of the country, just thought. It was embarrassing that the democratic barracks themselves last night and everything is made worse. I mean this is the big point for me. Everything is made worse by the fact that the corporate media is simply now a spokesperson. A unified spokesperson for the Democrats agree. Very high. Tat is very hard at a rational conversation when this immense corporate mega- is only selling propaganda for one side. I have no problem with it being two parties in this country. The disagree have a serious problem when a b c and CBS
you see and seen in the New York Times the Washington Post under the guise of fat checking, are essentially checking trumps opinions versus the Democrats, opinions and seen the Democrats. Opinions were right. I think that that is show distorting to our cause. Rotation? It makes normal people get angry and overreact, and it means that the democratically anything they want and basically feel that they are they wearing armor. Nobody can touch them because the press will cover it up and I just think you do for all of transfer laws. All the hyperbole. All the kind of play fast and loose with the fact he's he's not half as bad as the precious and he's he's a hunter. Recent light about them to slap them around? You know I'm a absolute, an absolutist when it comes to the first amendment. I don't think the government should touch the press, but I think the press needs to reform itself really do anything or be very damaging to the country's conversation. I don't think have any credibility left in a couple of years. By the time we
but time we finish with twenty twenty election- I just think it's. It's over there they're, just not going to have any credibility except for those who are playing the media or I'm sorry that politics role if you're you're, on the side of the Democrats, and you are really actively engaged in in that you'll real gravitate towards the press still, but I don't know anybody whose watching it anymore. Do you Andrew? You know I do know when I when I go to new york- and I talk the liberals- I talk to my family, though very little. I always whenever we the New York Times now. I find myself thinking who believes that and then I remember, I know because you know pick up the New York Times and think this is the news, as they used to say. This is the way it is and really is shameful and me I was looking at their fact check of the president's speech and it was everything they could do too
pick out some little thing that wasn't exactly a hundred percent. What they would say it was. Call me why I'm the Washington Post was running headlines. That said things like while he says there are hundreds of thousands of criminals coming over, but really the being charged with all kinds of crimes. So we have to be printed context. I know it doesn't. He was just telling the truth. You know you can slam it so easy to slam trunk because of the way he speaks in a loose where he speaks with facts, but we're doing a good job in the press doesn't say yeah. That was that speech was pretty much accurate and expressed his point of view and here's the other point of view. The biggest make fools of them, I think I think the Andrew that you know it's it's it's like. If you talk to somebody who says Mcdonalds, makes nothing good they're, just nothing good, and you say hang on just a second every Heather. French fries, yes and their horrible? I just just dismiss them. You can see
Oh, my gosh, that this is horrible, and this is horrible pot. They make great french rye. Then you have. Credibility they will the press will never ever get in this case Donald Trump, Mcdonald's of President's the credit for french fries when he makes something right what he does something good they still decimate him posing as the kind of voice of the conscience of Amerika there posing as liver the facts to America and when it will never here I will go over the line and start to say angry staff and start to overreact to the way they see the world. I just know it: cause. They are surrounded the surrounded this noise, that the press throws up of democratic input and why why shouldn't make people crazy? Why shouldn't sixty four million people people go on to say you know what I'm sending you gotTa Washington who's gonna tell these people were to stick it so now
shouldn't we feel like, but did you did you see anybody fact check the fact at the President once a border wall that is expensive and ineffective, that's what they said, expensive and ineffective? Well, if expensive it five billion. Why did a year ago, Nancy Policy, jocks humor and the Democrats offer through. A billion dollars in board security for the wall itself, it did you hear the very point that out that nobody pointed it out. In fact they tried in the New York Times they try to make. It sounds as if were exaggerating when he said trucks humorous supported a wall numerous time. He has It was more people mostly sorted Barack Obama, sorted Diane fighting. They have all been in favour of up some kind of barrier. Why? Because we put up a war It keeps people out in your works every time, simple and so basic, and it's just the fact that its transport
what they really are just now so deranged by the presence of trophies. Am also saying that they will Syria if he said that if you liked ere, they would stop breathing. I spoke. They really gonna last question I spoke to Eric Bowling this morning. Who, as you know, is a lot of connections in the White House. He said that he he believes its true that the President thought this would be ineffective, was only doing this because shine and everybody else. M do he said he believes he's going to use the national emergency, which Eric said I was prize by this was wrong, and he didn't want that to happen. Do you do you buy into that, and should the President you, emergency powers. I don't think I dont think he should, but I
really amazing how much of the news about Tromp is news about what the news people think the Trump is going to do. A lot of sources talking from the oval office of people who think they're smarter than the president that either typical kind of underlings who thinks that their their boss, who works on his God, is an idiot with went to a good school, and they really know the truth and their leaking out stuff say not. Trump is a fool trumpets this in that trunk as a good God, he actually does have a good sense, of wit, what he can do politically and what should be done politically. He's he's pretty good at that in own, despite the fact that of the way he talks and August, we re really distrustful of source news out of the oval office right now? I think it is very distorted and if the press is very gullible with it Andrew Clayton from daily wire dot com. You can watch him every day. It's always good to talk to and drew it go and thanking you bet, but my
the best of bank programme? I it's good if you're a subscriber to the podcast? Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes if you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time? You can subscribe on Itunes begs then Ferguson. Now then Fergus. Joins us on the Glinda Programme, how you do and How are you I'm good? So I am anxious to hear what what a millennial thinks about the present. Speech last night and how you believe this is being processed today due to make any difference.
I think it can make a small difference. I I think what the present need to do now is actually more important than last night. Last night was a reminder of the country, a reconnect, the country about what does issues about its, not just about the eight identity war would charms name on it, which is democratic, done a brilliant job of of turning this issue into this is about as they go about obsession when the war. All it's about Donald Trump and what the as it did, lay out last night. I thought was actually really smart. He talked about how This is an issue for safety, especially women. Remember real concern say to challenge Democrats Amish Democrats, my entire lifetime, since they are the Party of women women are? abuse at the border, one in three or sexually assaulted coming into this country? Women are abuse illegal immigrant, an american citizens by Elite, immigrants in this country, and I think the presidency to take it to the democratic men say. Where are you you, through the party that call
Do you always are right on women's rights? How are you not portray these women. I think the second thing the president mentioned: which he needs to now, really go so the american people. I especially welcome, what is the issue of drugs? You look at drugs in this country and there are a lot of of undecided middle of the road people. There aren't hard trump supporters are hard. Democratic supporters have been affected by family members who have died, the of overdoses of drugs Fetnah a cocaine heroin, all of those are coming, for us or southern border, and I think, that's an issue where the present can win big time with young people more any old and would people that maybe dont pay that much attention to politics and say this is not true me out of it, take my name off this wall. This is now about a war. This is about drugs. This is about overdoses. This is of this. The issue that I talked about would presently form and actually appealed to me
go on that issue and in the last one is. I think the present needs to talk about the hypocrisy and expand on an even more of how the Democrats are now somehow obsessed with these eight thousand government workers who are not gonna, get paid right now. Mass dirty them? If not, all of them are gonna get paid for not working during this time when there are for a low they're gonna get their money back that doesn't help. The rural world by the way, but the hypocrisy of the Democrats this economic issue. Democrats don't care about. The american worker, if they did, they would have been fighting to, here. The border show that Americans would not be underpaid and undercut by legal Emma work that those that are not fully employed but part time employed Does your undercut by legal immigrant workers. They would have been protecting defending them. They would have been protecting defending the american workers who have lost jobs because of illegal immigrants Of course I mean these are issues that have nothing to do with just a flat, simple issue,
millions of people coming across the border illegally and how we need this wall, and I think the present now gonna got there. He's got a cell and break it down into these categories, because when you do that it. We basically brings new tension to the issue or reminder of what is coming across the border, and then it's not just and his court warrant. Again, I give credit to the Democrats. They ve done a fabulous job of bring this into an ego, driven idea, when, in reality, it is a good idea to get the present to the White House and it's an idea that democratic themselves go. Quentin Obama Hilary When I mean even you using the videos, you ve heard the audio goin of humor hard. We're on on on illegal immigration reform. The only we changed. Is it Donald Trump is We favour the wall and the democratic hate. Donald Trump in anything. Donald Trump in favour of the Democrats will oppose
talking about Ferguson from Blaze, tv dot com. You can see his show on the blaze tv than what would you think that right approaches here when you're selling this to America, because another couple stats between the overdoses being more than the Vietnam WAR deaths in a year and that's a fascinating stat- you brought up the one on one. Three women who were bring brought here are, surely assaulted on these journeys illegally crossing the border. What is the what argument that connects with America. So they don't see this at a part as a partisan issue yeah, I think the present need to take a walk away level, and I think you need to go to these states each one of these border states, and I think you need to have town I remember Barack Obama doing them brilliantly, where you bringing people that have been affected, the issue that you're talking about. He did this with healthcare reform and take himself out of it and bring the guy inertia and bring the congressmen and the mayors and the share of shop.
But even argue, do the same type of town hall, the scene and did after the shooting in the school shooting in Florida have the local people their effect of the most and highlight them That's how you sell this, because I do believe that the present wants to get this done. He's gotta, be the strategic about taking himself in his person. What are you out of this? Because the Democrats again they have played this brilliantly? this war, which only about Donald Trump Ego. It's it's it's nothing else and he needs to but other people story shine here and talk about this mean look into that. You had over. Seventeen thousand adults arrested at the border who had prior criminal records include there were six thousand gang members? You have to highlight those people who are affected by image. Thirteen You have to highlight the people that are affected. That watch live ones just like that police officer in California. The night asked You know we shall Christmas, I mean an end. You talk about ice, for example,
last night was on MSNBC saying that I Jim or what's wrong with his country there, actually a human rights abusers. What as human rights to be because ice agents in seventeen it. Eighteen alone, a hundred dollars rest for a short thirty thousand arrests were, text crimes alone, and that's not the only thing. They talked about four thousand arrest for murder and that's only the people that we caught so the present goes out. There sells this to the american people. That way. That's how you're going to connect what am I talked to Eric bowling about our guy and he said that he thought the president was going to use urgency powers? He didn't even this approach- and he was doing this It had done at the check the box and he was gonna use the emergency powers. Would talk to me a little bit about emergency powers. Is that a good idea, bad idea in and also does
the government shut down, continue for very much longer. Yet what kid I think, one that the last night not proposing The emerging powers was actually a smart move. There still work to be done on selling the american people that there is a crisis and an emergency at the border. So I think the president laid the groundwork that that the framework the foundation for that possibility. I also don't think that you do it, because we're not far enough into a government shut down where people are starting to say get it open at all costs. I think we're still very divided in country on this I ask they personally, like the government shut down. I think the law It goes on the more it shows, the american people, how bloated the federal government Surely is may remember, talk about total government should now we're taking a partial shut down. We can have this finger Teresa timber. And in the mass majority of the actual functions of the government, that we do
we need. I be running Otto. I think the present kid go it. This is the best, the Glen Back Programme and don't forget rain us on. I too steep days to follows us on blaze, tv and blaze. Radio network joins us now from Blaze TV to give us his opinion on he thought of the Donald Trump speech last night and at sea in chalk and what e fall out or effect is gonna, be Steve. Welcome many people in? How are you man, I'm good? I'm good sooner What happened last night was was essentially the twenty sixteen election. In a nutshell, I thought at the beginning of this speech
I kind of like you. Sometimes you have those feelings like. I still can't believe the guy from the apprentices president now and get it. I watched it on fire, and it looked like foxes. Camera angle was also look like. He was talking over my shoulder any was hurry. He was kind of running through the content, and am I go now now now. Again he can handle the trappings of the office, but then always appeared at point in the pivot point began started using personal testimonials of Americans harmed by illegal immigration, and then he started, copying illegal alien, which kind of get which did you shadow band. I social media for using the legal ter about Asian. Ah and then so is it started ratcheting up and a crescendo kid at the Koodoo. The peaceful resistance is when he went to the card up. Wealthy politicians has fences and walls non because they hate the people outside, but they loved the people inside and the last
part of that speech is that was the argument of moral certainty in and out of the details of how many people have been arrested and how much brick and straw and modern to use- and he got to the premise of his arguments and then then the Democrats presented a face. This is why they keep covering himself which is why we had so much time during the general election Glenn. What it looked like Hilary was needed run it yes, because they know on his own he's, not a likeable character but giving an unlike Opel Foil, and he is a devastating political weapon and all they need. It was Nancy Policy instructs humor last night, looking like they swap and shared ice eye shadow before the gain began and it was over, it was basically a replay. Twenty six danger, Swarthout Hillary Clinton for shimmering collapsing. Why, in you been knew why this dreams would who have selected Nancy well and chuck humor stand in a narrow, hallway that looked like it was a hallway to a bathroom
is standing at a podium, the two of them shoulder to shoulder. It looked ridiculous. They were awful added. Why would you pick those too when the problem, the Democrats, as you know, and they have an establishment in a swamp and a base and activists just like the Republicans do, and there are the generational transition you don't. We played it, yesterday, on our lay show up Whoopi Goldberg, going off on Alexandria, Cassio Quartet, and I and I choose Kevin kneeling, subliminal man from Essen, L back in the day to show our audience that that's she's, not really talking about no you're all and no your place she's upset that court Cassio Cortez is earnestly and idealistic late. Trying to front sell that count. Free unbecoming Sweden and which is really telling her? We gotta live better than that and we have to. We have to re Speight better than that. We can't sell this thing whole cloth as an up front product, because, while the rent most of the countries concerned
but if it ain't communist yet either. So we can't win that argument, and so the Democrats are in this generational vortex, where people like Cassio Cortez are not yet ready for leadership are not yet ready for prime time in the countries not yet ready for them to sell us, but that your lobby, and so they need to bring Nancy Pelosi. Instructs humor the dinosaurs out to keep trying to sell the undercutting instead. So there is no man's land in that's why I wrote recently that the twenty twenty election outcome, barring some bombshell from all We have yet to see boring that the twenty twenty I shall come, has already spoken for either. The Democrats, will nominate someone who is likeable a chill by a beta homework. Somebody like that one, well now that a one of these marxist at once, either they wanna be tromp, where they want to convince American? It becomes sweet if they want to convince American it becomes. Sweden.
He's, got a true the same highlighted em all the way to election day if they nominate somebody who's far more likeable on television. In contrast to him, then I think you'll see a replay, but we just saw in the November house. Election I you know, I wonder, however, if the american people aren't the millennials at least aren't ready, for someone to say you know it, just doesn't work, I mean I talk, but this on Fox, I said the masks are going to come off and are going to say. Ok, yes, yes, I am a socialist. Yes, I do believe in this because capitalism doesn't work, we're there now and they're, saying those things Nancy Pelosi Chuck humor they're, not, but those all the horses d run anymore. They just don't run. They dont connect. You that your I look Nancy Pelosi inject Schumacher last night and I thought com lately out of touch
they don't even look real Nancy Pelosi. Doesn't she looks like you know, Walt Disney was called up from the freezer too, to keep her going bizarre you right, that the millennials are by YO here's the difference. This is you look at the Senate election, which is tat because those are state. By elections. I was actually on MSNBC once we're Edwin Del tried to make the case Republicans it just one the Senate from the Democrats because of Jerry during our I'm. Ok aren't you That's not another word works, that's not at all how that works. Yes, so statewide elections, what you just saw
a very favourable environment. Democrats didn't pick up any seats in the Senate, meaning in terms of the net gain. I didn't pick up a net gain in. Why that with that matters for a presidential election is that's what presidential elections are. Their higher turnout set at elections, be at them all over the country, and so the demographics are in favour of the Democrats just being openly and honest about They were all marxist. Now, in twenty twenty eight twenty thirty two, that's why I've set on our show all along. We don't see moral and spiritual, great awakenings, like we saw that in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries We see Liberty Die in America because we are heading towards that demographic apocalypse. I agree, but we aren't there quite yet and so we're not having the twenty twenty eight election yet rubbing to twenty twenty election and there are still enough
they live in rural places or lead in places like I able where I live now that still river beds still cannot respond to the old to the old time, religion for lack of a better phrase and so they're trying to figure out what can we do you guys the full Marty or an organ, and how much longer do we just have to show you a little slip up the leg and that's what going on at a democratic party where you think the average Democrat they may not like Donald Trump. But the average Democrat is listening in the heartland and they see Nancy Pelosi and Chuck and they say no wait a minute. I mean you got don't believe any other stuff you did. I mean like, for instance, Last night I watch Donald Trump and I was actually really really pleased and happy with his speech not necessarily is delivery. I watched him with frustration like a still watch. George Bush with prostration got argius man, please
you know, and so I had that frustration that he wasn't doing good job delivering. We never seem to have somebody who can deliver a speech since Reagan. Do you think that the Democrats at least feel that when it comes to, its policy and chuck tumor. Or do you believe that they were effective when Just asked me about the transition of the Democratic party. Is the rub it in the republican Party? It's the Republican based versus the leadership it used to be called conservatives moderates. It then became tea party ears establishment, but really it's about the base versus the party leadership and donor class in the democratic divide. They have that, but then there are also two different the credit basis. There is the democratic base that the Joe Biden of the world grew up in that is far more liberal than we are and has moved increasingly to the left in the last couple of decades.
Still grew up in America, where they were neighbors to people like us. When they went to church with people like us, they they had lately. They played little League with people like us and so we're not somebody that needs to be snuffed out in this area. Likes to say if you won't join the new utopia you will be made to care, are and then so there's that democratic base in their there, though there what's left of the blue Collar private union worker, the electrical worker guy, the teacher worker I bet they're doing away with the economy. Modernize is in a box and are being replaced by the other democratic base, and that's what in a place like I, what you'll find the first democratic base that I mentioned, we'll places like Indianola outside of where I live in the morning and you'll see candidates like Joe Biden Invader work go to places like that and then there's the other democratic base at the University of Iowa and Grenelle College.
You're to see the Elizabeth Warrant, Camilla, Harris's and the Spartacus is go and everybody else that's running, because that's the new way. Those are the people you're talking about. They are ready for the hammer and sickle, they have read Dost capital and they are convinced that that is America's third way. So It depends on which democratic nature talking about your in Iowa Europe. Watching the election. And your seeing these people come to town. Tell me what year? but your initial God is on the Democrats that have come through. I'm gonna, give your audience the name. They ve never heard before, watch a dining Jerry, Crawford the cooperate is the democratic longtime democratic Party kink in Iowa I've known Jerry, free
Here's what I used to do. Local sports talk, radio, he's a big sports enthusiast, a horse racing enthusiast. We run in the same circles him it. I've got along for years are right and he is of the old Joe Biden Wing of the party member one Hilary said a few months ago. The reason that the struggle she had an Iowa is she still as a capitalist nine. This is, Jerry Crawford back Hillary Clinton and it used to be? If you got Jerry Crawford in Iowa, you won the I will. Cocky is no matter. What will Jerry Crawford has struggled in the last two? I will call kisses Basically Hilary and Bernie tied and then Hilary lost to Obama here are, and so what will be fascinating is, if you see Jerry Crawford, say I gotta give the old Democratic Party one more. Girl, that's woman, a back a beta, Aurora Criminal Back, a Joe Biden or if you see, if you see Jerry, Crawford, sit back and wait to see which of the new marxist emerges and says you know what I'm gonna get on the winning side. He is the caricature. The archetype of words have
in a democratic party- and I want to watch a guy like him much more than I would watch the candidates themselves, sleep, the very to give you three. Picks and you had to select the Democrat that actually wins. If you had a big three out of that field, who'd you pick Questions to will absolutely be Donald Trump and the reason why That would be. My only take reason why I think you'll absolute eat m is because he's got I may mighty and because he even He has enough of the new marxist cachet having been Obama's BP and right hand man for eight years, that while they won't like that that the Akashi Cortez crowd won't rally to him, he has too much streak read for them to reject him.
And openly revolt against him, like they did Hilary at the last primary legume. So to me I think it's time I think I think he is a big thing nominate Joe by. I also think Joe Biden is much like truck. He is really good and interpersonal interpersonal settings and calculating, but is now a prompt with the state craft like Trump is, which means, I think, he'll stand up to trumps trolling and return fire and give him what for he won't wilt under the humiliation act that trumped likes to do with its opponents, and so, if they nominate him, then I think you'll see the twenty twenty election. Look like the twenty, eighth, also watching everywhere. Democrats can win, they will win. Well, Steve, thank you very much, your listening to the best of the Glen that programme. White House Correspondent- and I cannot believe that I am saying this
about John Miller John Miller, who started is an internal for me and then was my assistant for awhile I've. I just love him to death. Really really smart! Honourable man, now the White House, correspondent, after leaving me, he made something himself and now the White House corresponded for Ablaze Tv John. How are you good now? You do England good so, talk to Eric Bowling today, and he said that that meeting that with the New York Times. Just talking about with all of the the anchors happened yesterday. At the White House, with Trump, where he said, Yeah really don't want to do this and in know kind of make me do this, but you know I'll do it, but I don't think it's gonna be so effective. Didn't. Did you hear about this meeting yesterday that it happened. I did hear about it. I was not at the meeting, but I heard about it
and I think that he and I think it was incredibly effective and I think that you know, of course, they're gonna have pulling where they kind of Jimmy, the question is to make it seem like it was an effective, but I think last night what you saw was a be rational really Ok, I want a green, and you know it was not a political speech. State was in fact I think, one of his most presidential Monica that you ve, probably to stiff and you know what you can. You can actually move your hands de. Mr President, a bite to eat The action is going to make it even more effective because the early reaction from Chuck and nancy- I mean that was it you're coming that was, it was widely mocked across the internet. You know even left wing outlets went to town with it, you had these two people looking like villain.
You know that if the lighting with terrible you look at the coming to you from their evil layer, but most jarring part was that they were telling the american people that things that are common sense to Americans. Aren't. So that's what made it really does, not a part of an issue. So We ve been doing here, as we actually been talking to a customs and border protection this morning, I'm getting their part you're getting their perspective. I because they're laughing at the idea that a board- war would be ineffective. Why the John? I can't believe in- and this is- I don't know how you sit in the press- room with all the members of the press. I really don't know that I mean that's, why it my time spent with them is minimal. Then in my up in my judgment, they do not offer any adequate perspective on this that the guys you want to talk to are the p who actually know it happening in this scenario. Its customs and border protection will and if the people are actually there is actually no and if their job to find out how to solve this problem when they say when they say cause Nancy Policy and Chuck tumor said this is exe
hence and ineffective, and it's not worth it. It just doesn't work, then, where the press asking Chuck, tumor Nancy Pelosi there, why? What twelve eighteen months ago, did you offer thirty billion dollars for the wall for Dhaka yes and I mean, and then in two thousand and six. If I'm gonna tell you answer, if you want to call the secure offensive act of twenty nineteen. Then they can work that out, but the idea had is part of them. That is radical and extreme and racist is, is mind boggling and you know when, when they have
it's a sterile reactions to very normal things. It discredits their hysteria because, when everything is extreme has been racist and fascist enable then really nothing is so I mean to get better perspective. Just talk to the guys who no actual happening in and in its like the thing. Wheels dont work anymore now, of course, is not a comprehensive solution, but walls barriers are critical from a security standpoint and its common sense. I mean it's within the truth. Throughout history I mean it's, it's the truth in San Diego we're apprehensions have gone down by think ninety six percent. In two thousand and five, we note working in Israel where suicide attacks those declined by ninety percent. It goes, by ninety percent. Every time a strike Egypt where they erected a mass of steel, barricade with Gaza, which up stymie Hamas and then in Spain. They I've won blocking illegal immigration from Morocco, so wall there working
all over the world. The guys know this. It's just now that Trump is expressing his support for a wall that all of a sudden it's an effective it doesn't. Work, is unreasonable that haven't been the case throughout history and throughout our country's history. So John, what are you because the the press is in gonna, give up on this, and neither is the president and neither are the Democrats. So how do you see this playing out? I think that that is the one thing that this speech- probably I dont know if the speech moved the ball, what I think it informed alot of Americans of the realities of the border, but I dont know it actually with a development in the story. I think that you know what he's going to events, if I don't? U Democrats budging, unlike you, set out for the present budget, probably will come down to what are we talking about, which is the former Diffuse Declaration ACT which you know the Congress gave the president, which was alive things in that I disagree with
but it is the presidential power now, since seventy six, so the president can use it and if you shouldn't you that did shut down businesses, but he can use it to do. What is the federal government's fundamental job, which is national security? Is the one thing I think a lot of small government people can't even get behind is actually hearing our country and our borders. So I agree with you. I want the wall, I want border security I very concerned about the president. Declaring an emergency for national security because any won't even take trump doing it to get the Democrats to do this, but we'll make it easier for them to say global warming number one cause of of you know. In a note Instability around the world is going to cause famine in wars and everything else, so we're going to do something
putting ourselves up to real trouble? I mean that had already been opened on that, though, when they, when Congress gave the president that power, so either we roll it back or we let the president use the power that he has. I think it's reasonable and the present is gonna have to make the case before the court, but you look at the actual they're gonna have a really hard time, defending the fact that global warming is actually crisis because the numbers just aren't there, but I need the numbers on the opium crisis alone. I mean. I think it's hard to deny and most of those drugs, as we know, are coming in from the board. I think it's hard for anyone to deny that that is a real crisis level. So the president already has the power. I agree that is going to open the doors, but they do have to make these cases and they have to win these cases before the court before it actually affected. John Miller, White House, correspondent and also you can watch his show on blaze, tv dotcom. Thank you so much
dont appreciated. You're listening to the best of the Glinda programme, Matt Kitty joins us on the Glen Back Programme, hello, Matt, egg, learn how go on I've been anxious to hear your point of view because you are on the libertarian side of the spectrum and we're trying to get it. Reebok Ease opinion from the that from the mug eyes to the libertarian, so the conservatives and the millennials and try to get every These opinion, I think with it. Should have John. We pretty much have a consensus that The wall is important. Security on our border is important, but Ah, the use of a way of of an emergency act- that's not the way to do it. I entered
Did you hear from you? Even if you think that border security is important saw, border security is absolutely important, and I think the president's argument with the Democrats in large part is is some. It takes its words. You know we're talking about a fence, but while we go about spin spending, two billion or five billion, some border. Remember that Europe which Macao could have gotten us down and they could have cut other spending, I gotta go through budget reconciliation, but here we are at this point. As a libertarian. I would I would look at other things. We could do to make sure that that the money we do spend on border security is actually targeting the bad guys and and I'll I'll say something that will make some of your viewers uncomfortable, but
one thing. We need to do something about the drug war. If you're worried about illegal drugs and deadly drugs coming across the border, we should look at what happened in Portugal, where they D criminalized all the drugs, including the very dangerous drugs and the net result over the last twenty years has been a significant drop in drug death, a drop in in young people using drugs, and in the case of the border in our country, it would get rid of the incentive for a lot. Bad guys to do a lot about things and bring really dangerous drugs in your country, and why why don't we talk about? Why do we talk about that? More I mean. That is Would you say it dropped significantly Nano Matt Hell hole to being the best Bree. That was that was really in the situation that wearin now or or approaching. To wear death and suicide was off the charts. People worry about it
to these drugs. It was one the worse places in the world and they tried to keep William making the drug laws stronger and stronger and stronger and a thing was working, and so they decided, let's get rid of the drug laws and let's spend that money on Rehabilitation oh, you know a kind of programmes. Let's help people to help themselves and it was dramatic. It say country there. They went from Hell hole to being the best. In Europe in terms of eliminating drug, does eliminating crime associated with it and and disease, and all the problems that they had We should learn from that and and were sort of schizophrenia on the subject. You know you have Decriminalization marijuana medical marijuana and then the president has such important things about that. But I think the
The heightened criminalization of opium use is is a problem because Europe attics are gonna, go, get what they can get if the if they feel they needed. Whether or not we think that a good thing or a bad thing in our internal matter and and people are gonna, find out ways to do these things, but I think this is it. This is directly linked to border security in the present talked a lot about all these. These, these dangerous drugs that are coming into our country, what's pull the rug out from under the bad guys and and and what? What? What people and doctors and and and freedom work itself through here. I agree with you and I believe the year I believe the opium Lloyd Crisis and heroin crisis is SAM is much more than most people can deal with, and I have been somebody who have said you can't legalise all these drugs.
Because we're not a society, that's let's willing to deal with it. I think, if you look at what Portugal did I think we are running out of options, because the drug war clearly doesn't work. What happened in Portugal did work, and I think save lives. We need something dramatic and I am I hate to say this citizens. I haven't really thought it through, but I think I am adamant now, in my life, where I am for the legal is of drugs. Does it's just not working is not working so you're you're, letting your inner libertarian come out? That's ok do this together, I don't so and so make the libertarian case, because I know a lot of libertarians who are not for border security. Can you make
libertarian case, for you know some some libertarians used the phrase open borders and I think I dont like the phrase, because I think it means different things to different people. I think we should be concise and our language. I think that the consensus libertarian view is that people that want to come to our country and work and follow the rules and control body should be welcome.
And in our current immigration system, doesn't do that immigrants, legal and illegal are political footballs. Both political parties have agendas other than tat principle that I just stated, and in another thing we could do to deal with how we, how we actually get to real border security, is to make sure that people who want to come here and work and contribute had a clear process, and maybe it's maybe it's guest worker reform, maybe has nothing to do with citizenship as such are concerned for people, but as long as we make it impossible. The ball for those good people across the border. We make it easier for bad people across the board. Yes, I will tell you I have we have two people that I would like to hire and bring into the fold and that I think they would contribute a lot to our society, and I can't
Anyone get em green cards, I mean they, they can't they ve got a job, they can't come in and it's ridiculous. I mean, if, if you, If you can work- and you onto work and you want to live by our laws. We should make- it? So easy to do, and we should just be
very, very clear on you. Gotta come through the front door have to, but you know the front. The front door has yet to know where the front door is, and you have to know what the rules of the game are, and you have to know that if you're gonna give you again gonna go to that process. I know this is going to take three months six months whatever it is, that that have to be honest and open, and- and this is where it's gonna fascinates me watch Bernie Sanders attack the Coke Brothers fur yeah for four for their position on immigration, but I think that the coax have a pretty clear what I would call a libertarian view if you want to come here and work and contribute. This is part of what
made. Amerika great players and- and I think you know politicians- you know, but I think a lot of politicians are interested in in owning in controlling people once they get here enough for their boats again and in another part of the reason it's a political football but tunnel is needed, is laid out there in objection. Marine Nancy Plus, you didn't do anything about making it safe and predictable and legal for good people to come here and tribute to our country than man. I've I've got about forty five seconds. How does this play with the the swing the independent vote. Where do they fall eventually? Do you think so? you know? The interesting thing is that you know that tramples dug it feels and on this and in other, the wall is every bit as much a rhetorical symbol, anything else, but you know a lot of people that are hurt by this government shut down because Trump controls the executive branch
Probably democrat? So I wonder how long the Democrats, you're gonna hold out. You are right. So much appreciated by the way you can find Matt Show in all of his views on blaze. Tv now, at blaze, tv dot com, slash bath, promo code back at the best of the gun that programme we have more guess it. We want to put on his spokesman for young voices and also a host of beltway bankers podcast. I find him interesting, funny and really a credible guy, Stephen Kent millennial voice of conservative movement. Welcome to the programme. How are you the morning and go up and around me that so still give me your thought on
on the speech last night, Nancy Policy and Chuck shimmers speech and how this is gonna play out. What do you think is? What do you think last night meant. While I agree very much with your White House corresponded John Miller in that trunk, just could not read from After all, it was really it was really worse than ever known for his mind for him. I think that can be incredibly damaging. I was expecting a little bit more stole and conviction and maybe jazz hands for his fire pitch on his precious wall project menaces been what his entire political career has been about and he didn't sell it and by the way we Democrats look terrifying as well, quite simply tell between the Joker making a national dress and start a scary and the substance with intellectually dishonest and cynical as well, and I think there was plenty about to go around
tween, the president and his adversaries in Congress, like nobody even attempted to move the metre for their side, and I think that's pretty sad when you look back on some White House speeches from days pass that really aimed to try to move people. Not terrify the little them is awaited. Hang on justice. Where do you think the president? this trying to terrify or belittle, I thought he I thought he was spoke with the facts. For the most part, I thought, even said, look at it. This is a humanitarian thing we don't have. The space for these people, just don't have the resources we need more resources and you know it's a wall. If they wanna do offence will do offence, but we have to do this, so I hear he paid syrup. Oh buys to the D. Have monetary crisis on the border. Very briefly, it was kind of a couple of minutes as men. He really moved on to
the law and order portion it s something some really Gluesome stopping and the crimes that have been committed by some illegal immigrants across the country are no doubt gruesome their sad but to spend. I think that time from the oval office sort of doing this, just reciting of of three four five like really just awful crimes that you'd have to send your child out of the room to hear from the president. That is not normal and we have not seen that kind of thing before and I also don't make it as a Aubrey it to use that platform to talk about these sentences as if they are a normal and sort of like epidemic part of american life. You wouldn't accept that from president oh, my god, if you will accept that from a George Bush on these are an epidemic of terror. You know, that's that's just not sort of our daily lives, and I think that was a misrepresentation. I do think we did Kurt here that from Obama Would the guns thing here and there maybe not in the way in the oval office, but do you think that you see anyone
I'm sort of delivery from President travellers report out today that basically he didn't want to do this. This is not something he was interested in doing it, as I want to do that. The follow up on the border, This is really not his I certainly issue might be his passion, but, like this delivery system is just makes him uncomfortable. It seems I'm really perplexed by that, because I thought that was exactly what his thing was. I saw that report and her John Miller talking about it again earlier, and I unjust or the shock, because this sort of things like what he has made to do to sort of get on tv and pound is fast and give a give us speech opportunities, passionate about and it really you could see that he did wanna, be there. I buy that one hundred percent I dont think so I don't think so. I just don't think he is capable of delivering a script. I just don't think that's in him.
Much better when he just speaking off the cuff writings. Just these not an actor and I were you in home alone to cause. I know he was where you Glenn, were you in home alone, to our sorry, subversive and not its color shocking, to see that he wouldn't actually put his all into a platform like that, he's the present United States has been working for this for years and at the first opportunity to use that platform to his end, I think you really kind of stalinist face there. So serious and the border. What do you do hanging up before you get into that? You know I never did the mid diminishing of crime. This is from the United States Sentencing Commission. So so U S source. Non! U S! Citizens accounted for forty point, seven per cent of all offenders in fiscal year. Twenty seventy So forty percent of all federal offences-
we're happening from Non: U S! Citizens! According to the government, that's pretty significant programme and I think we have to do a better job of controlling who comes into this country, which I think is going to go to your next question about what do we do there is? There is, no doubt, air by again, that is a misrepresentation of the amount of people who come into this country, both legally and illegally them that the majority of people who are in this country technically illegally are people who offers. Hey there, their legal right to be here, their view that etc. We don't we don't have a mass epidemic, goes of murderers, climbing over a wall and running into LOS Angeles. That's that's not really what's going on here, so what you do at the border soon I I'm really conflicted. You know I have conservative rotarian tendencies, enable fight for control every day, but here's my here's my concession as a libertarian. I am very concerned that the populist movement in Europe is the boy, if not already overtaken U S, politics and our
traditional more open political parties, are rapidly clothing and voters. Voters demanded something very rapid, with electing Donald Trump. A vote for him was a boat for the wall and my fear is that ignoring this could have far worse consequences for the expanse of government than the project self, which is just more than cash all and I think, a bad symbol for the United States. What is termed the terms of the world to get frustrated enough to it the infrastructure for the war on terror and homeland security to even further globes surveillance systems and big brother to monitor people for immigration unfortunate? They already do this. I mean if you live on the border, you're, practically underground surveillance, all of the time, but imagine expanded more darkly like I just. I wonder if. Wall would at least came up the tree. All that has been boiling not in our politics for the past decade, even if it compromise in some of our values and
All our national spending problems a little bit more about good and hot good and proper, not invoking emergency powers and kicking this back to Congress, because their failure and they need to deal with any Stephen thank you very much for the perspective. I appreciate it spokesperson for young voices at the blaze radio network on demand.
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