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A Dutch cookie’s name has a very unfortunate translation, and the Cherokee Nation wants Jeep to stop using its name. Does “WandaVision” live up to all the hype? Woodson Center founder and president Bob Woodson lays out why the Left’s plan for reparations won’t work. AMAC spokesperson Robert Charles explains the new H.R. 1 bill and how it would change voting practices.

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I can't know. I cannot continue to talk to you about that. I want to talk to you, but we had an argument. If the cast that I'm telling you it's do jumped out Leon, I really would like that. You now know please this guy, who wants to keep the the p in persecution, silent and I say, silence no more- that family has kept that that letter down for far too long and gender, precisely not on my walk, not on my watch trade. Thank you. Well, there's a lot of brave Katy Terry's generated on their there's, a lot of great things that are happening today. We start the programme with the new biological terms and I'm sorry. This is amazing, not biological, the new genders gender journalists from and why you see we can pick the ones that we just made up. It's it's amazing, then, in the second, our we talked about reparation with Bob. What's in a really important interview, then we went into why merit garland. He is so important that you really understand why he was selected and what that means, which rolls in declaring Thomas's his descent yesterday on the Supreme Court, not hearing the Pennsylvania, voter fraud case and what the house did do, what did they do? Well, they're, trying to silence Fox and anyone like them, threatening the cable companies and the cloud services and everything else telling them that they're gonna have to re, evaluate their relationship with these companies if they dont silence these voices, because their spreading too much disinformation? What is that this information? Well, that leads us to date, are Wash house resolution one. You don't want to miss a second, even though it ends tragically racist did not. It is now an adversary, unless now alone is raised still here on today's by test
the only thing tat they re doing this now, pat your wife and you started a new cookie company. We did witches Delicious why isn't he wrote again taxi canal used to be scrumptious, yeah, buddy, in spite of ally, but everybody can spell Kennedy somebody get what they can do he chaos. I really easy thrill easy cleansing. Once you know what it's really easy, I say I wouldn't. I only wish I was thinking there was an x and I, like there's not a lousy. If you knew the axe it'll redirect away yeah. Ok, so you exit ok. So anyway, I don't love. You know, there's another, some things that in political correctness that ridiculous, but I think this is one of them or is it
in dutch supermarkets. They have just gotten rid of a cookie. It's it's apparently a very big deal. It's like our Oreo no cookie I'll- can be without Orioles in America. Would you agree with a half or chocolate chip cookies in dutch supermarkets? It's the Jordan Cocaine, Joe Coca job in cork in yacht, shorter, Jordan, Coke and too good name. It's a short view should name your ear, showing that little goat, yeah yeah. That's easy, not surprise. You didn't say again their short bread disks. And apparently Jordan. Cocaine translates to jus cookies, he got away with. Well, I guess the the while their adsl over there, which is the other girls watching group for our own d,
Jewish watchdog group on Anti Semitism and then the genuine Seti, the Dutch wants grassroots on Anti Semitism is central to its board. Of another leg is that they have spoken out, saying we don't have a problem with Jordan. Cookies are Joe Jordan, Coke is their version of the idea of saying like working with was like an actual use is good. This is, this is exactly what's happening all over docking Gary t. Well I mean it's it's there. So it's white people who, like we better than the Jews. We're taking well taken off because its offensive in the Jews are like knows, and I would, however, Brownlow that it's like the Redskins thing here. America by somebody native Americans, were like. Actually, we tight, we really like it we're fine, whereupon it mean when you say it. When you're like a pass Jus cookies over hurrying. It just doesn't sound good that it doesn't. It doesn't sound good now, so we got that go in, for we are having to discuss the that now they're asking for the jeep grants
a key, the Jeep Cherokee to change their name. Of course they are, of course they are, which is interesting, and if you read the article, why- which I have what I thought was fascinating about because they had their like the native Americans are now saying they were no more didn't want, cheap to be Canada. Cherokee anymore, I was ahead of the Cherokee Nation, the Cherokee track. Doesn't so proud delude ourselves round as darting on that seventy two now again took the whole cheer me she evidently put em on that reservation took away there. We have life, the tomahawk the bone and the knife? But when you read the article it seems too that the journalist just like called out the chariot Asian go hey guys. Are you mad about the Cherokee thing like there? Was likes it didn't seem to be started by the Cherokee nature. Never learn as I pay should be pissed about this. Then it got was like yeah we're pissed about this. It seems like it was a generated
from the sight of the media and of course it is just a major ports, it is these sorts of. By the way, did you this scattered the showers of journalism. Yesterday in the state to Burma briefing. Yes, did you yes Do you have that audio? I have it here. I dont think I do ok and not the green yellow me ye have it shouldn't, but neither of gaining on his second, I ever justice to bring up my computer here. It is this is phantom stick. Now I want you to know it's amazing yeah. This is this is audio from an a p and Associated Press journal emanating that demonstrates a state to harmonise our strategy, including the legislative strategy. The strategy of course, Congress, is has been behind, has been working to good effect so will continue to work closely with. Germany will continue to work closely. our other allies and partners in Europe to uphold your
own stated energy security goals is the admins journey was plain product for the eighteen companies winding down. All of this work was done at the previous administration, at odds of only delay, monthly, wide planning. All only been in office, I'm all right, telling me that in a land I more weeks, these eighteen companies, all of a sudden, a sad to say. Oh, my god, we had better. Not nanny thing would I am I am speaking for I had to speak. You guys are taking credit for stuff that man's administer landed. I am nano aimlessly aim for the Department of State that people who have been working less open to people who are working this now, where the same people a month ago or the same people through that's a good three months ago, so I got into a kind of admitting do admitted they got him to abetted, which is nice by that Be the last shower that we have today Sippar yes is anybody watching one division, thy love it. Oh my gosh
is that the most creative show on television after the first episode, how many people panned it and I was like I don't understand it, but I wouldn't pan at the s me to their ties Mart of a company to ride on things as bad, while the first two up assaults were so we're with their just a fifties and sixty sitcom, we laughed track in your like I don't get it get it or not, but it all ties together, and you know it's going to cause. It's marvel. So go away. It ties together and what they do with it is so cool. if I've never seen anything like it. Now I have a fifteen year old son who is way deep all the hidden clues- also it's really fun- to watch within disease- leave a lotta, Easter eggs right, yeah, lots Lahti, stopping at all the time. You know what that means know what that means. needs. It's really. A very cool call, a show if you're into the Marvel thing which, orient House a little
like rain club stupor gear is not now I had. I had spider man underpants when I was like links of an adult by way of citizens Harry Sheer I've got the spider man into the universe, spider. Hers is underpants. Now, ok, that's much more. I have the depends on that day. Pay laser eyes. So the simpsons writer WEBS on Zimbabwe, Harry Shearer, has said that he's not gonna play Doktor Hibbert anymore. The Simpson has he said it, or did they just announce it?
because, according to the rap Harry Shearer, who is white, will no longer voice the black character, Doktor Hibbert, he will be replaced by Michael Richardson, bless the hearts, Nang, senders episode and so with assure heads voiced, does voices and NED Flanders is? Is he a Christian really honestly, as every year, a Christian? Why Should I? Why should a non christian play role should machine Jane? Yes, in principle. Is he a pre place principle? Skinner is a real pretty of narrow principle. Not that's. Why I'm getting so. There is no word from him. at least in this story, so I dont know if they just took him offer that more work. As I remember covering this just a few months ago and Harry, Sheer, was asked about about all of this book. Hackers area had stopped doing a Pooh. That was what started right and he was he said he was speaking two times radio he said quote I have a very simple belief about acting the job of an actor is.
play some one. They are not that's the gig right, that's that description right, he say more though yeah, but so I dont think he was in favour of this. I mean this is August of last year, so this is not a long time ago, eight, when, when, cameras start to roll on people who are normal people and but he's really extraordinary at anything and the movies or kind of don't more or lying like real life. You're gonna, like those conservative movies ten years ago, Galilei, TAT, thou and that'll be, would only dead. People could play dead. Beat me like a lot Winston Churchill yeah he's not sold out Churchill movies from IRAN out ever. Can you came the person drawing up who be white. Can the person drawing Doktor Hibbert be white, well would never white person do that, cause or yellow
while Doktor Hibbert you're out, yes, the but Homer and his family. There are no white people, it's it's just a voice, though that's the only thing that matters like. Obviously this is gonna, be expanded, afterward none of this makes any sense to be. We sit here, and we talk about these remember. Is that nothing yet all night, remember it just keeps getting worse. Well have what's dog about not making sense. I think Joe Rogan set at all when he talked about TED Crews- TED cruised it Z, Marie Archie Band, shut up in front a so asinine. I would have had their demanding that he resigned because he went to cool when it was called really those characters. Zooelogy developed for this is what Joe Rogan said, and I think this is right. What would you supposed to do what was the reason for him staying the equality
Can you make it warm outside because of global warming? Yes, he can again now, yes hurting our environment. I didn't really didn't he had already left. There are no. I can guarantee man. No one is hiring that Maria Archie Ban, that is a conservative or report in no way now. This is no way all this controversy is all them trying to do their best to destroy him. Yes, trying desperately to get him on the I'm. I want to talk to about this. He should not be apologizing for nobody. Noise. A supporter of Tom Cruise, cares about these a smart enough politics, and I know this is going to cause him unneeded pain, nice, clear. Yes, I understand stead night political mistake exactly it. If you, if you looked at his instagram feet all weekend, it was not. of him. Get it just keeps cases of water he's Walker
every place, and in intends to me that that looks week to me. Well, it does what it does it likes. It looks like you did something wrong and trying to make them for it, and he didn't do anything wrong. Just on that stuff. For you know, ass I was allotted yeah he's been he's been working, though things he was fantastic at the border at the border. He was fantastic on the hurricanes that role through taxes fantastic this one is, I don't many power, don't have any water. What do you say? We leave here cause there's nothing we can do, and I have a telephone that I can keep in my pocket and it works on the beach or place other than space. I believe it was our own Eliza Schaefer who said that that TED crews, which is working remotely like all the public school teachers- oh my good its ban, that guy was that apparently, is great lion Tacitus. Thank you. Pat. You watch.
a bat gray pack re unleash to live before this broadcast or you, your pack re unleash where we need european cast. This is the best of the blend back programme, one of one of the greatest men that I know who is just so brave in today's society is the founder and president of the Woodson Centre and the author of a great book. Lessons from the least of these Bob Woodson is with us now: hey Bob how're ya. Please me it's great to talk to you, sir? It time has gone by so fast. I can't believe it's been a year since you started the one thousand seven hundred and seventy six unites project we're really happy with the progress made so far in Rio in one year? That's great! That's great! So Bob I won
talk to you a little bit about reparations, and I want to play the the other side to see how you would answer these things right now the the country is going through. All kinds of change and the White House and the house has started hearings and a committee on preparations? What the problem with reparations for us, This is a key liberator for black folks in the past, have been preparation, not reparations, and all the whole issue reparations is really to deflect attention away from the critical problems first of all just going into. In detail did you know that that the five NATO American Civilized JIVE. They had thousands of slaves, they were free, blacks who also own slaves slew the do they pay
reparations and throw it gets complicated, but also we have had wrap reparations in the last fifty years and in the form of poverty programmes, a twenty two trillion dollars. We spent that was supposed to be get into these communities where seventy cents all the dollars when two people who serve the poor weak. Created a commodity out of the poor and now we're getting ready to create a commodity out of race blacks, so so Lebanon was happening Let me let me play Devils advocate here and in push back on who's, gonna pay It's really not about slavery. Bob! It's about the inequality and the system that has been racist from the beginning. So it's not really about slavery. It's about the dissidents images that minorities in this case african Americans have had from
beginning will, first of all they make They re incorrect statement that they problems facing blacks today out away. Birth crime and violence in income inequality is is reopened, to the legacy of flagrant discrimination. That is just not true, and we. The fact is that black strived doing it's so Jim Crow Building, a bags, hotels they median income inch in Durham North Carolina. Nineteen forty, because because of a black Wall Street was com, referral to the income of whites throughout the country so and also day gland. Three point: five million black Africans and Caribbeans mainly appear it raises- Where are the biggest barrier? Why do they have in common comparable to if not higher than white, they ever higher education level? Why is
that bees blacks, who looked like em other Black, how it is tat they were able to thrive and outperform blacks and Asians in terms of education of racism? Were the culprit, then do you have this? Is an anomaly well believe Could just give african Africans money, they would be able to change their their way of life, they'd be able to pull themselves out of poverty. If you just gave him a big check, they would be able to use that to create a different life for them in their family. Ok, let's just as if the problem so less say again. Example you have a black man or six percent of the popular sure, but their eighty percent of the I fell in the NBA too, years after these man leave bath. the ball Ellie professional football- they are bankrupt. Eighty percent of them are back
within two years, if money, if if wealthy men are able to sell it isn't about having income. That define and you're you're status is how you use money and then, and black Americans historically, like us There are examples of where and when we had the right attitude, in place. We were able to achieve against the odds in Chicago eighteen, twenty nine, there were seven hundred and thirty one black on businesses and million and real estate assets. Even at a time we were being red line. So if we were able to build medical schools, dental schools, Our own hospital saw hotels, educational systems and five major cities where
he had crumbling buildings, overcrowded classrooms, half the budgets as white schools. We out tested every other white school in five major, cities, that's a turn of the century in up until one thousand nine hundred and forty, so it so Glenn is racism where the sole culprit. How is it that, under worst circumstances that they jure segregation, blacks were able to perform yeah ways where we have no control over the cities. So by. In all sincerity, I mean we know that there are problems in the country in theirs. There's growing problems I think, within the system of racism, and it goes it. Cuts in all corrections The thing that really disturbs me is that we are telling people were telling why people that there are racist, their born racist. They can only be racist till the day they die
and were telling black people, you can and do it, because these people are in your way and you need a third party to keep Matvey? So you could complex, something I think those are both so dangerous fatigued teach people they are by Glenn. Let me say that those people who are supposed to represent black people are not their representative. If you look at the rules, eighty percent of blacks, are against defined the police according to a pupil, sixty percent of black do not believe racial. Discrimination is a principle barrier to there able to achieve so It is a lie that, though the people you see on television and those or in the media is supposed to be represent a black people, they They are part of the race grievance industry and they that we have again monetize pay
and suffering an injustice. They are the ones that White America, to give an racially race audits or equity. Odd, They want to cooperation up a million dollars to do equity training. You ask yourself: they should be compared to answer the question. Look at the out of wedlock. Birth, the violence in these cities show me how of spending money on or on on equity training? There is a solution to these problems. What we're doing at the Woods Centre is that we are mobilizing people with in those communities to represent themselves and where raising money, so weakened demonstrate the people that the real answer to the decline, is not to demand at white people liberate us from ourselves, but that Black America have to be able of their own uplift,
Ah, I just in case you don't know who I'm talking to. This is Bob Woodson he's the founder and president of the Woods and centre author of the book. Lessons from the least of these, which is fantastic. He this ban a community organizer in the best sense of the word for a long time, trying to print bring people together. and teach principles that actually in power, people quite a long time and he has the he has stood. in the same place, unflinching and it's gonna get harder and harder for him to stand. I gotta believe that the pressure? You guys are facing right now I have to leave is enormous bob here, but it is, but I really think that
That's the of people best Jack. Do I see the founder of the Netflix? Is spending for in dollars on race. Grievance, we need Mobilise our people to spend on the the side to empower people, parents is glad that, where we're not gonna do this by by just complaining what the left is doing. We Monterrey Round game we're doing is? We are mobilizing to point a mean two thousand five, Low income, black bothers call voices are black mothers, united. They are standing up with the police against those who want to defend the police, so I really think we ve got to mobilise indigenous organizations, people who are paying the price for this race, ravens narrowed, if that is being pushed, we must let the people speak for themselves,
if you want to donate, I'm a centimeter Woodson centres at good down a bit Goodyear with solar dot org. Yeah, Woodson, centre, DOT, Org a really important work being done. at the Woodson Centre and all, have to stand together. We have to put race aside, we, Do you know I was pushing back on Bob on the reparations just to show that it doesn't. It's not stop. It doesn't have to make sense, they have ways around all of your traditional arguments. Arguments are not going to work? You need stay informed, but we need to get active and we need to be seen together work. to solve problems in all communities and by It is a great great example of working
underprivileged communities and empowering people, and I am proud to stand by his side and I would urge you to get involved. Even if it's just a donation, I no money is tight, but this is. Really important work. You're frustrated, you don't know what to do reach To the Woodson Centre, DOT Org woods and sent her dot, Org Bob Thank you. So much will talk again, you and your list? Those have been very generous in the past, and I want to thank them. They are a good group of people, whenever you need a year whenever you need a community to come out in work side by side with the any time we can do anything to help with stand side by side, not just be a wallet but also be hands you snow we'd love to work with you on the taking up. Because we do need hearts and hands and wireless you
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is now in the house, it's hr, one is anything but for the people it is for the oligarchs and it is a federal grab of power, unkind institutional power, four of the voice. Being process com and Thomas wrote his descent yesterday, it was D clear why has to be done, but not boarding to Congress there going and other direction when I do you two Robert Charles he's, a spokesperson for a may see full disclosure. A MAC is a sponsor of this programme, but I don't have sponsors on just have sponsors on this? Guy has to national security and criminal justice for more than three decades, including Reagan and Bush. Forty one on the coup. the view of the Eu S court of appeals, night circuit staff, director Chief Council, to the? U S, house, national security internet,
nor Affairs Criminal Justice Sub Committee, unanimously confirmed by the Senate two thousand three. He was Colin Powell assistant Secretary of state, an managing a two billion dollar bureau focused on the rule of law. Internet no police training, blah blah blah. I mean I've only giving you a third of his resume. This guy has credibility, and he is a spokesperson for I am a sea and they have been very, very involved in hopping HR. One welcome to the programme Bobby do. I need is a privilege to be on your programme, and I appreciate the intro course they encourage anybody to join. Aim act out. U S a MAC, it has. point three million conservatives out their fastest growing concern report the nation in the country, but boy, I'm so glad you're on the air and have to be with it. Tell me what H, one is
one is a travesty. It's an abomination than you hid it pretty hard right on with you know: you're you're sort of sound bite there, the bottom line as it is the democratic effort to reach for one party control and essentially take all the bad. Things that occurred in the twenty pony election cycle and institutionalized them by pulling the. election process which the founders, as you so brilliantly written about, but that the founders put at the state level. They want to pull it to the federal level. I don't want to do it would it would do about ten really horrific thing would ban voter ideas. It would allow me imbalance to become the standard it with that create same day and on mine registration for voters. It would make a one party, as he sees you'd, never be able to reverse it. It would create mandatory early voting d in the autumn that automatic registration, so all illegals would be automatically registered. It would give you that's funny felt islands would be able to vote sixty year olds would be able to register. She he see, would allow you it's just crazy and in fact,
You know the irony is both the Wall Street Journal, Andy ACL. You who agree on almost nothing agree that nature one which will pass the house and and could pass the Senate really an abomination. so my gosh, I not concerned with a put everything in there, so I I am concerned that the whole thing passes, but I am also concerned about a reconciliation where this its is, are we can't passes and they water it down any of this stuff career. me. If I'm wrong is unconstitutional the federal gum, It has no role in the way states vote. Well. That exists right and actually you know, you're you're right to be worried about the sat right now. The reason that it is likely not to immediately pass the Senate, but but we ve gotta be fearful- is that you have to senators
crabs, who are moderate Democrats, Joe Mansion and best Cinema, who say a grand won't get rid of the film it well Don't want to get rid of the filibuster and Mozilla buster means you need sixty votes in order to get a put a closer and get a bad thing to get out. If you drop the filibuster eat this bill, would almost certain get out of the Senate and the sad parties? It's not only unconstitutional it drives. You actually hits political speech to it. It actually tries to It reveals all the details of any conservative groups- contributors, right down to address is that people can be docks. They can show up on your frontline. It really intend it's a decent and timid. That is what it is, and I think I guess I am fearful because normally a bit like this wouldn't have a prayer are getting out of. their Cambridge, but right now we live in surreal times, as you so often say, and you were in a tough
right now, each one could get out along with other bills like it. You want to seven that tries to confiscate guns, and indeed it is a significant impairments for the constitution. Tell me about that one. Maybe I honestly, I saw each hour one come out the first week and I thought The US is a hail Mary pass he'll. Never they will. They will get it very well. Well, it'll you less pray and let's also work that that they don't get it Senate and if the filibuster holds out, see them getting it through the site just like each one to seven, because these are stealth, we always impeachment detraction. These pills were being crafted behind the scenes to get out as fast as they can get them out, and they all those past the house, the How can one this hr one to seven allows confiscation of buns buddy much more than that. It says you can't buyer by a gun in the future, without giving every day
how about your home, including where the gun is stored, they'll all be made public. You have to have a psychiatric evaluation, yet that screen hurry. And a torment comes up to thirty years in prison. If you don't get the licence, so we're in an environment where it now- and it is a lot in that build it, people could be afraid of, and I am but their word and environment were. Conservatives need to stand up and speak out. and you know you're an historian, and you know that Edmund Burke was really right. All it takes for evil to prevail as for good people to nothing, and we are in a position where we have to not be those people who do nothing so here's the problem Bobby is that people feel as indeed and they ve been worn out. They been worn out now and they feel as though the report working party doesn't hold. their values anymore, I mean, are the Republicans going to actually mouthed something an actor? We carry through with their mission and they,
planned smart enough to actually pull it off The bottom line is that we, the people, have to give spine to those that, pursuant to the coast, Children are supposed to be doing our bidding, and we know that seventy five million Americans voted for Donald Trump. We also know that probably another, Forty or fifty million sad homeowner, couches thinking all would be well and a lot America, but they didn't blow to the vast majority of Americans. I think are on the right side of history. The problem is, history will make itself if you don't help, make it and I'm an old Norman, Rockwell Republican, I'm I'm I'm a Ronald Reagan, republican, strong defence, good moral compass, smaller guy met, lower taxes. If we don't speak up for those things that will be taken away from us I thought you said at first, the Europe of they Rockefeller
Republic clumsily like that without a Norman, Rockwell Reagan, ya, gonna get egg yeah, so the levy in again full disclosure. He works for a MAC aim as a sponsor, but you know me well enough to know. I asked this of everyone. who talks like this one you guys doing about it. What can people in this audience do and probably while a MAC, I think it's a natural extension. The reason I work for them is that they are the natural extension of the Reagan approach. Yes, you get economic benefits like other organizations for those over the age of fifty, but the main mission is they fight every single day? When I say fight, I mean they are submitting petitions there sending tens of thousands of emails, they're, making phone calls round the clock to try to defend the first amendment. The second amendment. Fourth, amendment sixty members, can't amendment irate every day on a MAC. I dont right everyday right every week, three times a week on a MAC that, U S, they pushed their public
nations out we're on radio were on television? I mean I'm regularly on Fox bottom line. Is this is an organ? nation that is trying to stop bad things from happening with detail? In fact, people can become delegates. They can become actively involved. At the end of the day, you know the Tokyo was right there the day Americans are unique because we do get involved in civic process and we do try to fix problems, and I am an optimist we get. You can fix these problems and in the natural law principles that are all embodied in the things? A MAC defends the bill of rights, those things gone away there, given by God and they're out there, but we ve gotta fight form because there are government p I mean I did you notice the names that at the national level or trying to strip of these rights and at these really are the precious right that make everything else possible I urge you to join a MAC. They are, I mean I've life Watch this organization from the very beginning they they got in.
when O care was going there are they realized what the competitive? The competitor to a MAC was doing, and I about it on Fox UNAM like this is crazy. Look at what happening there, there selling old, be they say they represent old people and their selling them down the river and a man came out of those days and they are relentless. so joined them. Fine amid a MAC Ama see dot. You ass, and and joined them. If you can, thank you so much appreciated Bobby will. Have you again Thank you very much.
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