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Best of The Program | Guests: Carol Roth, Andrew Crapuchettes, & Nathan Nipper | 11/16/21

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Author Carol Roth joins to discuss the rising inflation and how to prepare for the upcoming shortages. A parallel economy is being formed, and Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of RedBalloon, joins to share how being fired for his beliefs led him to forge his own path. Nathan Nipper, writer and researcher for Glenn Beck, joins to discuss his new book, “Life on Christmas Eve.”

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So I know the media is denying it, but the economy is going through some trouble with inflation. It is about get worse. We go through. All of that plus we tell you about, although the new plans that Biden has, I was really excited about. The new accessories to cars. Stew always makes me want to run out via my are right now by the waves. It's not an accessory, it's not an extra. You will have to have the car, give you a breath eliza in three years on all new cars and other reason we should shoot for Cuba just recycle our old cars. Also, we have more on covert and a couple of examples of people who are standing up and helping you stand fallen. Today's package,
you only thinking. This is great. Yesterday, I told you about the Ella ports that they were going do assessing fines which would have cost in the tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars within a week officials have delayed that until November. Twenty. Second- that's that's really good. We got that go in forest. California, gas prices hit a record for a second can. Second, day their ban. and drilling near New Mexico's. What is it? Shockoe? Canyon, Goya say near his a little bit of a stretch to what ten miles
that's nearer. If you're driving a car quickly oh, if you're going by the sun, the moon is near to the EU Goya, says with inflation it they're gonna have to rip they're gonna have to hide their prices. naturally says they're hiking their prices, Thyssen Foods so They're gonna hike, their prices craft, their high Their prices by twenty percent be M, says inflation, fears, trigger some chaos ha interesting interests. in choice of words, their general motors, revoking heat seat, option due to chip shortage, so neither in the cars you are gonna, get are not gonna, be the car that you necessarily want, but that's all the process we have to expect less Carol, Roth is the author of the war on small business. If you want to know what happened in Cove id and
This is all playing out for the average person make sure you read the war on small business. She's a former Wall Street investment banker turned to Jesus and started go away, nobody's really caring about the small business career. It is with us now high Karel, how area egg do well. How are you very good? So last time you were on, we talked about you know, preparing and and I I I asked you specifically about you, no gas. An oil and natural gas for for heat and we had some updates, and I wanted to get your. I wanted to get here. thoughts on this Salam, moreover, has come out and said that she wants oil, gas and coal companies to go bankrupt for climate change and I think that is the plan from the left and this administration. That's not right
I called to them. Do you believe that the fact that somebody like moves are, moreover, could be considered to be that near to our money, supply and decision making, as absolutely indicative of the fact that we should all be very concerned. Sayings was allowed meets. This. Is this used to be the quiet part? No better, just saying it out loud saying things like we should thank rubbed oil, and ass, and particularly the small guys them you in pursuit of climate change in climate justice, saying things like we be getting rid of private banks so that they could it so we can all deposit our money the Federal Reserve in this is a woman who was trained at the University of Moscow and her thesis that was about Karl Marx and Capital beat the sole copy has magically disappeared from the
turn out. So that gives you any sense of the kind of thought process this going on, but yeah mean it: it's trusting, I'm not sure how much of this is sort of it. Evil plan versus central planning, stupidity, but it really doesn't matter, does it because the outcome is always going to be the same, whether its intentional or just because they think they know or we are the ones that pay the the economic damage and it's not only in pro active. You know national dollars that need to be spent to convert to things that we destined may not want or need, but its loss product the Anti AIDS Day taking away of choice and the impact on our individual lives that happen when a handful of people think they know better than the free. Our kid. in terms of what we're doing and certainly worth saying that in the energy arena Brom everything from
ministration to what they have done more broadly with this quote: unquote, yes, and g and investment, We have, we have on carry saying. Every coal plant in America will be cut goes down by twenty thirty. I think that's an impossible. Standard, to keep and would would end in massive massive blackouts in Brown out, am I right on that are not did you look into this? I did look into it It is interesting, usually when I go out and talk to experts in areas that are not a hundred percent quarter. My expertise- and I say I like to give you credit on airport talk about this- usually yet, though K you know here, take credit me every was like now an idle anyone talk about this. But what let me tell you what happened? Just don't use my name, and yet this is across the country through it. This isn't it
California issue, which obviously it is leading the nation, but even experts out of tat, these people for monitoring the electorate, read, are incredibly concerned about brown outdoor blackouts, add way way way way way way in the future or now now now our already suffering forget about twenty thirty, but now because we are not making the level of investment to keep what we do. have been this innocent push for transition We want to have maintenance of what we already have and that becoming more and more difficult, and obviously we're thing it just we wine in terms of our energy dependence. So I have been told reliably you don't get even in taxes that you wanna have a backup source of power and I have been told everybody said either ape pain, visas
combo generator is something that you going to want to have because an estate, for example, like access, the quote, was once the state loses power, it will take a minimum of two weeks to restore plants back to operation customers able to use grid power. Again, though, that this isn't something that data we got nine years or whatever to be thinking about. We should be planning and preparing now, so you have this it's worse in California, because you can't buy the generators right you can't you diesel generators or gas power generators. I think that the depending on which d you are located in an EU country, where you are within the state of they think you silken gets in certain places like a propane basin, generator bud our starting your weather
the limitation of natural gas, new construction, taking gas out of commerce, kitchens, way way way way way way way way. Taking Trot gas out of kitchens, kitchen, the Oakland already put this. In fact, a number of say: they're doing this, the California Restaurant Association filed the suit on behalf of restaurant in it with dismiss if you want to have, you know your natural gas cooked the walk, there are rumours, are what not like you can't do that anymore and certain cities, and so they are completely taking away you even just the ability to cook certain types of food, because
They want to make sure that you only have an electric hook up and in I'm not I'm, not a shaft glad. They know this good. As the prize, you have met the most domestic gal out, but even I know that there is a certain things that you're not gonna, be wanting to cook on an electric stove. That's unbelievable, ok, so diesel, propane or combo generator. As a back up, we should all right look. at that I have had the solar is unreasonable. Com ITALY, unreasonable. I mean I have solar at my house and I'm completely off the grid, and that is ask me of fortune. No average person can can go there and that's with a diesel back up. And a natural gas back up here
Fortunately, the technology is in there for what you're the proponents of it would like for it to be, not to say that it might not be in the future sure. But we were not there and that's. The problem is that they're trying to push us in direction where we're just not prepared for it, and it's going to create it shoes YO our financial and personal level, for people and who's gonna end up suffering. The most, of course, is going to be the middle class, I'm sure That does the folks who are the most poor will get some sort of benefit from the government and a fear super wealthy, though you have figured figure out some work around for you, but this is once again something that the middle class is going to end bearing the costs of and by the way, the costs that their estimating are out of this world and those are just the dollars that were putting out not comic damage, your personal damage
seen anywhere from five to ten trillion on the low side, which we know that that never going to be the case to north, of nine trillion in some of these estimates, and we they define financial engineering that they always do. They know when they were just gonna. Look at it in a certain period of time, so you know you look at it over a long period of time and that kind of money. This is its honey money towards something that a lot of people don't once and if they really cared about the environment, we'd be looking at things like carbon recapture technology. Nuclear energy and all these things that we know Amerika can lead on instead of foresight an agenda that all these folks are probably invested in. Probably why their pushing exiting the Rhine for them to be making money at the expense of by the way the red states which are. heavily invested in fossil fuels, no coincidence their general. What are we looking at for inflation? Do you think that mean
how long before it is so bad that every one is screaming in pain, wealth but the challenge in the sort of b I hate to use the smart fail apples the evil thing that they have done is that it is going to affect the different people. Dare frontline? I think, that's part of about why they ve been going to sell, but that's not happening at we. First we heard it's, it's not going to happen, going to run a little bit hot. It's quote, unquote, transitory, which you anyways been listening to me know as I've been saying all this whole time. Of course, it's not and now they're trying to sell you that it's a good saying. Oh, you know, you know, you're not gonna, be able to buy a four thousand dollar suit. Good. Looking right, I am and you're gonna spend less now, because you won't be able to afford things and so we'll be. Will stop being very correct. Sumer nation yeah
was, I was like they just exactly what we all wanted to do. It is unfortunate that the issue here is that the because of some of the money printing, happens and all the stimulus that has increased inflation. It has increased asset value if you own a house or a bunch of houses, if you have a huge start portfolio, if you ve had access to capital to the debt capital to go out and by these big assets you're those assets are gonna, probably continue to inflate and price of there's all of these dollars out there and they need to go somewhere, but if you are in the middle middle class again or your poor and unity, to go out and buy the things that your family needs to live the other food. To put on your table on the gas to get to work. This is its orbit He ripped really painful and unfortunately the elite
in the media who are supposed to be pointing this out and acting as a czech and balance are now, last thing, at the Average America's, why do you need to drink that? Much milk or you know? Maybe you should cut back on your expenditures instead of holding the people who are creating these policies too? and then, oh by the way, the outrageous nine to be a woman two trillion dollar bill yesterday and are trying to spend trillions more and then selling us on. Oh, that's gonna bring down inflation like I don't know that didn't show up in any of my egg about my pleasant but the ito, it it's a really bad. Duration and because it's kind of like what happened in covert right when they shut down all businesses that they kept the big businesses open. Even though the average people work were screaming because those who are connected We're benefiting nothing happened, and I see the same kind of split and in great consolidation
as of power and wealth as I've been calling it, and yet some of this you, even if you fix some of the supply chain things the wage increases both aren't gonna slow down unit. You can't be somebody twenty dollars an hour today to start and then a three month I think you're gonna be paying entry. Let people seven dollars, but Cheryl Roth DOT, COM, Terrell, Roth, dotcom latest book is the war on small business Carol raft outcome. Thanks Carol thought you again. This is the master, the Glinda programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. This is the Glenda Programme, well to welcome it Tuesday day in us, do in our just talking off air. It is really sad, but also. I am really happy that this is happening. It's sad that it ass to be this way, but there there is
parallel economy that is being built. Now people are people are realising what is coming and they are starting to build banks and insurance companies that will be outside of the system, because there, just gonna make it impossible for anybody to have any money. Any loans do anything that they that they were not unless you play along and wrong- ready seeing this now in our own businesses and I I think there is a great opportunity for to get really good employees right now give we are working in a company where they're telling you you have to get vaccinated. You have to you know. Go through that that Whites are all evils, seminar. What have you I want to. Where do you go to work?.
I want to introduce you to a guy who was in there very position, except he was, I mean, he's been in the high tech industry for twenty years. He was in, Silicon Valley. Then he became the ceo, a founding member of M C, which Why was it consulting company of three employees? and he turned it into an international economic data firm with over two hundred and fifty employees nationwide, but he had a He was a christian ceo and I guess that wasn't was in some in the cards for the company anymore So he started a new business that I think is fantastic. We talked about it. I think, last week. His name is Andrew crappy. Shots and he is on with this now hello Andrew.
morning, Glenn. Thank you very much and an cooler than pronouncing my name it at the terrifying aim. It is anywhere so when you're on a year- and I say this as if I had to make sure I looked at it again- to make sure I got it right and wrap your jets you must have had a horrible childhood with it grab, you shall hear you there have a horrible childhood or Egypt leading into any really enjoy arrive in, and everybody thinks that the best news joke for that name and I'll I'll tell you right now for them all ye. I bet bet you have, and none of those jokes could be set on the air. So, let's move on the correct approach here in front of your name, so and rye saw this story. I think last week and we reached out to your right away, because I think what you're doing is right on the money you,
well tell me how it ended with you in the in the company, why? Why did you leave yeah, So again, I've been in the tax base for awhile I've also, I started a bunch of companies, because I also believe that as Christians we serve a creator God, and so we are little creators, and so we should look for ways that we can create thing that we can then used to turn around and bless other people. I started. A variety of the third and obviously the most recent and scope. I'm still an adviser to the board, but for me too, involved in the data I was just not palatable, so so we we ended in part of it is. It was clear to me was TAT to move on anyway, and its two reasons for this.
As I been deep in the Tec World and have a lot of friends in Seattle in Portland San Francisco and on that was a west coast. Crazies beer. I saw them using their companies platform tube. Sean awoke worldview using their companies platform to in the last election cycle say you must vote for Joe Biden. This is the most important election ever and I thought you were a software company, not a political advocacy company correct, but it became clear that a lot of it People, especially in the Tec World, were using their company to do that. Then we saw I saw a lot of my fellow employees urges and not in shallow employs the fellow colleagues around the country just keeping their heads down and it's what's funny when I started red Blue, a lot of people who are executive me and said you know I love what you're doing, but I can't like what you're doing because If you know what I mean: yeah yeah, because I kid
has anyone know that I'm a conservative and my work to them, but there's a lot of conservatism, Christians out there and I think, it's time to raise the pirate flag or the christian flag and simply say this is who I am. And and and be unashamed of that? And so, if you all the other. If you don't work, we lose, we lose. We have to stand and stand together and I don't mind standing with other people that don't share my belief, but then currently, mind me I'm not gonna write. Why can you say all of this crazy stuff that I disagree with and I dont have to even I don't. I don't wanna talk about it. Honestly, I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Can we Do our work, but you and live in that world. Now it's not good enough. You must participate yeah an app
lately and and if you don't, then you get fire and I had a good friend who lost his job. because you didn't use the right pronoun. So the vaccine issue, is obviously the most recent and pressing for a lot of people, because you have to put it in your body, but there's they have been pushing this work. long time, literacy, our key, whether it right pronoun, and I think it is time for conserving Christians to stand up because the reality is that these conservatives, all of you were listening, are the hardest workers here the people who are making the company go, and so I started red balloon, partly because it is focused in the world. place and partly because I saw this enormous gap in the labour market, where we simply don't have enough people to get all the work done and administration. The the ministration has sought seen fit to deem motivate people to actually participate in the labour market
and now the vaccine mandate. Tell them they're not allowed to participate in the labour market, so we have an unprecedented tight labour market. We have an economy that is trying to get going but simply is not allowed to anything else bought on. We need to start creating these alternative economies, because I'll tell you it is really fun to be an unapologetic conservative Christian a public one in Ireland which everyone out there it's time raise your hands raise your head raise the pirate lie and and come out was talking on it. and show yesterday that we need to start using the hashtag coming out. Conservative and just EL people, you know start programme Who you are, and it's ok and we don't need to turn into all of us- be political advocates, because I don't think that's necessarily the right thing either, but I do think it an opportunity to just the unapologetic
about who you are and what you believe you I dont want to become an activist? I mean I kind of em now, but I dont want to become an activist I just like to work in places where you know Even if you disagree, nobody's gonna get fired for it nobody's gonna get fired for it. A legit be human beings to each other so used? did read balloon, and how is this? How is this going? Yeah? No, sir, Linda work is blow me away because I started a number of businesses before I'll. Tell you I'd never been part of the business before where I get on solicited. Thank you notes from perfect stranger. all over the country nearly every day. People just saying thank you for standing up for freedom, according to all of you. Listening is data for freedom in you'd, be surprised as a lot of people who want to follow that. So I start Red Belinda work three months ago
We now have had over four hundred thousand people on the site. Looking for freedom, we over twelve hundred employers who signed up and every, today, we have tens of thousands of jobs, searches on the site, it sealed new and I want to have millions of jobs, but but I've been super encouraged by that, and we also just seen over the amount of support from people like someone said, sent me a thank you known and he would you like a billboard in Times square. Aside noted someone asked you to. The answer is yes answered red balloon has a billboard in Times square unwell through the end of the year, because they said look is important moment and we need to stand up for freedom, so there are powerful people out there. Who maybe aren't ready to raise their pirate flag, but there definitely behind the car I will tell you this too, that it is. It's really important that business but if you're looking for a job, I I I here for
people all the time that are living behind. You know the the eye curtain in the east of our country, they want out, but they can't they did I can't move without a job. They have to have a job, and how do you know- and I encourage everyone- every company that is taking a stand to read- stir and become part of this, and when you have, rob opening opening to read balloon dot, work and let's go. people working together. That's the loop is what you do is an employer. Is you not only getting access to really the best kind of workers right? The workers who are nature, an hr nightmare who are constantly complaining. You didn't people who just want to focus on work which is phenomenal, so the best kind of workers.
But you're also giving encouragement to millions of Americans and say, look at you you're, not the only one, because the liberal media today desperately one us all to build? there were the only one to believe the way we do and they were all crazy and the more people specially employers to stand up and say no, I'm gonna put my logo, and here I talk to one Theo who said look. I have been keeping my head down his conservative christian for years. But I feel like if I don't die on this hill, there might not be any laughed. I agree, though, it's time I agree, Well. Thank you very much Andrew. I appreciated that's an root, crappy shots the founder and ceo of Red Balloon red balloon dot work balloon dot work. Let's get the people who on to work and just want to move on with their lives. Let's get them working,
as Andrew just said: that's the best kind of employee red balloon dot work thanks at the best of a bad. That programme one of the guys who works with me. He is one of our researchers and writers he and we worked. For many is now and he's of salt of the earth the kind of guy knows his history really well His name is not hand. Now be air. I believe teeth close, nay, nay, or Nathan Nippur that I've heard of him they never. How are you so now? then has written a book and he to me about a year ago, and I didn't know all of the story at the time that you brought it. I didn't know the back story, but you
working here years before I came here yeah before Mercury studios was mercury studios, even a glint in in your eye. I this is way back in two thousand nature. Does nine, I guess you're doing your fact show at the time you Annie I work, for a separate media company that was housed in the studio building, and so in the aftermath that two thousand a financial crisis they, this company, is working for started having some financial problems of your own. You know there are having trouble, making payroll and I sort of had long longest story, shorter, I had done some minor league screen. Writing you know early in my career, and this, particular story that has now this book I wrote is a screenplay and I really needed sale at the time, because there are having trouble making payroll. air damn came really close
thought it was gonna happen this the agent that I was working with at the time she was very enthusiastic about it, made it to the final level at this cable network Shall we have remained era to you, the heir to the rest of us? It did not happen. I was crazy, It didn't happen because it is references, it's a wonderful life yeah I mean they. That's true. That sort of the reasoning, and you never know these things. The ice been running. Businesses, marble very horrible, but yet it was one of the final year of the final decision makers like while you're gonna have to get to know too much about that movie. You know to understand, what's going on in that very skilled, and nobody knows who knows anything out what I wonder why the ages said at the time I was like. I know but I was this movie, but so the look he's out today and you
you, wrote it and then you put the story away. You came to work for me right yeah, I it's, it's overwhelming. Honestly, the the fat that I'm here sitting in this building again talking to you, because it's really this book represents, I mean This is God's kindness gods paying attention to the details of our lives. You know in redeeming things that you think is hopeless situation, as you think are hopeless because yeah I mean I actually because I wasn't getting paid at the time. and I stayed on at that that media company, in the hope that it was gonna, turn around and warm applied to other jobs. You know, and then I had rejection of the script sale, and so I stayed late in Actually it's in the office where stews producer works. Now I sit up their fur the hours one night, just cranked out the first chapter. Thinking could I turn this into a book, and then I was like now
I don't have time for this, you don't get it a third. I was on the way at the time not paid mean. That was a desperate situation. You know, and so I did the proverbial, put it in a drawer touch it for years, so finally did six years ago is when I bring out the first draft of this book. Just before I started working with you and It gotta melts my brain that I've now in the studio that I had sworn off working in media I shant away from the meat industry. You know it's it's the another, the the book, starts kind of like the George Bailey thing, jumping from a bridge, and I think that that is nothing new with its a wonderful life. That's Nathan GO and why
Why did I go back and work for him? Didn't jump was actually yeah yeah. You made some of your scripts had been made in the movies before this is your work to secure. It was like a shot, the Doktor S, true and I say minor league as it was. I guess, basic cable it I doubly bawler whatever more yeah it was it totally random. had done that before and so that's why I thought there's a chance here. You know. Maybe this is getting through so Nathan. Tell me the story but yeah quickly it all life on Christmas Eve, a novel by not hand, nip right pronunciation. He s life on Christmas Eve it's available now and it I've read it. It's really really good you're, gonna love it it s, a story. It's basically about a a thirty one year old, small town, woman who- watch is it's a wonderful life for the very first time and shortly after
She does. She starts to notice some unusual similarities between things that happened to her and things that happen in the movie. It's so essentially her quest to figure out why these things might be happening in what it might mean. If anything Lee to this life. Changing encounter the stranger christmassy, bread and cheese. She starts out. She's not watch the movie right right, she's, ever she's, never seen it and she's one of those millennials that you know turn up their noses at tat, black and white movies. It is interesting that the reason initially them who he was made is because someone might not know enough about it's a wonderful life. That's actually the story of the book to right right wing learns about it all the way. As I remember this scene, no, I never watched it. I mean it's a pretty, haven't you do proved your own case for the right or actually, its veto it's. What am I also favour movies? It is still a classic minutes, a genuinely great movie, and so it was fund a sort of work in this. This, oh my,
to use it s got a man device power, Europhiles story. I like the juxtaposition of the time back then The movie took place and, and now, because we seem like a much harsher society. Oh yeah, I mean You know if the pandemic showed us anything. Is it's a pandemic of a lack of grace. I feel like yeah, Intercultural someth grace is something that we all want for ourselves, but are loath. To give the people are so often, and so I mean that's one of the themes of the book is is undeserved grace in some of the the relationships at the main character. Has how much? How much does God play a role in
all of this in in the book or my overall personal story, personal story, ETA and getting it where it is, how yeah it's a total God thing. I mean it's. It really almost makes me emotional to consider when I walked out of this building twelve years ago. It was a hopeless situation. Can you know I'd before hiring and they need it was looking for a job had a baby on the way for him to redeem. My experience here has again I had sworn off media and in talking about your teacher, I ll completely left her Rebecca was never going to work and media again, because the bitterness of that experience
and then that he would bring me back to the same building and totally redeem it. I made this has been the best working experience of my life while you ve. Let us ask me, I dare say I had had said that he would redeem that is really humbling to me well, I would like you to pick up the brand new book. It's available Amazon. Also, you can go to Glenn back dot com and I have have read the first chapter If you want to hear the first chapter, we we read it and produced it, don't air GPA, I thrilled through. I wish I could have read the whole book for you. The first chapter is available now at Glenn back dot com, and check it out, and you can also get it there by just following the links it's called life.
Christmas Eve, something that you might want to start next week but you in the right frame of mind for Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve, a new novel by Nathan, Nippur Nathan thanks, you gamblers How does somebody who is so spoken work for me, I was Yeah. It's amazing he's the one keeps you seem like you want to get it he's crazy things. Then he writes actual things that makes his eyes and then I have any you bridge the gap and become cottage a sort of, and what was the weirdest experience here? What's buds when the above the more surreal or how long as you're Chevalier levied you could still withdraw your endorsement of the book. It's the international document on he did waited event didn't put it. I know it's not on their while he doesn't care, while now,
He says that I didn't get it to him in time. What is our dna, but I know that's not true, because I have writers, let you make Nathan right your review of his book I'm. This is what this is. What should it be out in a book? This is actually what I wrote. I love this book. It's. On a fast paste and whimsical, a joyful elimination of family and faith that sweeps you along in a surprising finale that Well your heart. This is ideal Christmas time reading the kind of moving life affirming story the world. maybe that is what we need right now, man after the last couple years. Oh my gosh. When does that stuff. It's called out in the world right now, two halves of their it's actually uplifting. That's definitely needed You know I just read Nathan Cuz, I know you just read something. You know you just wrote something very uplifting. I let me just see if you fit in the same category than that, we're in I just read that and the neighbouring galaxy?
There is a now newly discovered the black hole and my improving for. to be sucked into the black hole, as I heard anywhere in with the Christmas out here. Real now, really, you know it's our own to oblivion. I will say: you're really, ratification sounds pretty good right now and your views did say there was a surprising, and I heard a do they all these kids sucked into a black hole. That's out as man Stew and you haven't even read it out again. The name of the book is life. On Christmas Eve,
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