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Best of the Program | Guests: Carol Roth & Dinesh D'Souza | 5/2/22

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Former investment banker Carol Roth joins Glenn to answer some listener-asked questions about the economy. Glenn and Stu discuss the update on Russia, as Vladimir Putin will undergo surgery for cancer. Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza joins Glenn to discuss his new film, "2000 Mules." 

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Also we had karel rough on talking about your economy and thinks you're gettin spooky with russia, including he's going under the knife of vladimir Putin, Really these having some sort of cancer treatment he has to be put under for surgery there possibility that maybe oops my hand slipped slip up just from just say it are we going to war with russia and pink this think this better hurts the about the same on today's podcast. First, our sponsors relief factor of you're, one of the millions who suffer every day from pain, listen up. There is hope and comes in the form of relief factor. Every day on the programme, I talked about people that have sent in testimonials people who have tried really factor for their pain, gotten their life back
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he is also the author of the book. The war on small business and cheese which she worked? for us all kinds of industry, cheese and outsourced, see ceo and a director on public and private company boards as a strategy. He adviser welcome carol. How are you doing well glad happy national small business waked here. Thank you very much. You know I never, really wanted to start my own, but is not something that I was like hey I can't to do that, because my dad was a small businessmen, it's really tough, I mean I saw him. Struggle is whole life and then I did it, because I just didn't want to work for clowns. I didn't know what they were doing. I mean by for that clan will be made in know, is, is I'm I'm concerned that small business.
continue in a country where we are teaching our kids to be risk averse certainly very difficult or you get the type of entrepreneurs who delusional, who think that it's easy? We all know who David hog is, I believe, an geo. He was complaining on twitter, the other day. How difficult it was you he tried to set up. an l l see boy was so difficult and why does the government make it so hard? there is a heavy really welcome to the party David. Why I know I know I mean in a sense it's almost a good thing. It's almost like, we should have a training programme for anybody who is leaning towards socialism is required to start a small business, so they can see how difficult it is, but certainly
in aversion to risk a more consolidation of power that takes away the upwards need to innovate and all the barriers that the government has put up to make it more difficult to not only started business, but your hire your first employee and to allow a small business owner to succeed. It is not a good thing for economic freedom, which is one of the reasons why people come here from all over the world to try to start that business and lived the american dream. So when the The fed is raising the interest rate so try to control inflation. The reason why this led to an economic boom in the eighties is because, at the same time, the governments Forget all this regulation just go out and start a business right without that part of the reagan plan
raising interest rates while piling new regulation on that's really a killer, isn't it yeah and if you think about the fed's options here and what their trying to do in terms of slowing down the economy. You, given the backdrop that we have of this messed up labour market and supply chain, mean the only way you're really getting a slower economy in my opinion, as if small businesses and to some extent, big businesses, you know just stop hiring altogether and I think the small businesses since they've had such a hard time hiring. You know, can't survive or you know other things that make it very different for a small business to survive, so the well capitalize big businesses are going to be able to withstand this roller coaster, which benefit them on the front end and they will coast through your coming.
The other and o k and the small businesses that have been beaten up, that you have been closed, didn't get the real leaf and and you haven't been able to take advantage of that free dead, because their smaller in scale are really the ones that are going to suffer from all ass. Well, say an gladwin again. So I like, if I may, this one more time my head will pop breeding that the economy is I mean people are spending money like its there's. No moral because the average. American just has so much money in their bank account I know: that's not true common sense will tell you, that's not true. Can you please put this to bed so the average we ve talked about before average is not necessarily the media in its often dragged up by the wealthy at the top, and but the
which american is in better shape going into this potential? recession or stagflation or would have whatever it is. That were were about said to phase in kind of in the middle of than they have been in other wreathed recessions. The person saving rates is around thirty six point, two six point: three percent of the end of march, which was the last number that came out now it is worse than where we were an twenty nineteen and twenty twenty going in a two the pandemic decisions, but it's not sort of horrible. in a historic level. We had people hey down a lot of their credit card debts you with the relief funds and and what not, so they were staying home during the pandemic. Now that started to creep back up
and so to day. They are in better shape, but the trajectory particularly with the inflation, as we know it, eating away at that. So I would imagine that the personal saving rate will continue to decline. We will continue to see balances increases on their credit cards and, at some points of the consumer, won't have that strength than their balance sheet and probably will also be making decisions to just pont. Certain expenditure is because their core expenditures of living- His single day have gone through the roof, so we have some questions come in from the audience, and I I want to go over a couple of them. Stephen Mary wrote in even writing by the way Glenn beck, dot, com, slash question and I keep hearing food shortages. Some say that famine is coming. My I find. I keep arguing back and forth. She says this is really the rest of the world and not us
Yes, food will be more expensive because of inflation. We won't have shortages, which one of us is right and so problem. we splitting that down the middle, and certainly there is a giant enormous crisis across the globe. We heard that clip that you played from the fantastic samantha power doesn't seem to care that, potentially you know forty to sixty five percent of the world could be food insecure. or in a face starvation, because we don't have enough fertilizer, sir, we are in a better position in the united states, but it depends and things going the right way, and we ve seen that we had you know about of avian flu, that we had to contend with depends on crop yields
and on our government not just doing stupid things than we were seeing them pulling. Your feed out of you of the armed in order to put it into gas a thing it does, but they don't have to drill for more oil. I mean they, they don't make the best decision. So I wouldn't say that there isn't a possibility that we're going to have issues here cause. I think there is that possibility. It just probably isn't as stark as it is, and the rest of the world that being said, nobody's ever been upset for being too prepared, so be prepared for that case in iran in new york wrote, I think, my job secure, but so My grandfather, my great grandfather during the great depression, how do we know what's coming? What is the difference?
and how do we prepare? Is it smart for me to buy a house at this point? So, and this is not financial advice- just some food for thought- You really depends on your personal financial situation if your somebody who is still sort of living paycheck to paid check or building your reserves. We don't know what is coming down the pike you there a lot of issues. The big thing right now geo politically, as you know, is- are these stupid statements from the Biden administration going to pull us into some sort of a nuclear war? At that point, you know all bets are off. If we're just looking at sort of the inflation and picture and the recession. I think the one benefit that we do have is that we have so few people the labour market now granted it may get many
blocked the sidelines as they see, therefore one case shrinking and have to deal with more inflation, but if you have a job that you are secure and You are probably in a better position, but it's always against it to kind of thank through what are your second and third options? What would you do if that worst case scenario comes about? and then you know, go look at sort of the risk reward on the home front situation. We under built as an action in terms of homes, and that is long term, probably going to support housing prizes, but it doesn't mean there isn't going to be so. Very ability in the meantime, especially with the increase in mortgage rates. So I would just say a lot of time during the little pros and cons and putting that plan together for your plan b and plan c, and we wish you would out of six ass, I remember my my parents again small business.
In the seventies. It was a nightmare because it was not like this. Is it good deed? What are you? what do you think is coming. Is it like the nineteen seventies and just stays like this does I mean nobody knows you know mean, and no american I have no benchmarking yet and yeah, but no benchmark to go back and say it will be like this, We ve never. Actually this now that there are just a number of factors that are all coming together and, as I said, I think that geo political wild card is d, the biggest wildcard right now, if in assuming that we can get that peace under control, because, as I said, if that that goes off the rails, all bets are off here. I think the likelihood is that we see a recession, but because of the way, the recent
it has come about and some of the other, a weird things that are happening in the economy. I think, at least in the united states it probably a shallower recession than we have seen in previous periods you're, not to say that that won't cause real pain for people. It will either people be people probably who lose their jobs or small businesses will end up closing, but I dont think I think that it will be shorter duration, the then it otherwise would have been if we didn't have some of these other stuff actual issues going on at the same time that's fingers crossed. But you know there are a number of factors here that the fed between raising rates and shrinking their balance sheets, the geopolitical issues- and you know some of the other kind of issues that were contending with yeah- that that's just sort of a best guess right now, but but we
to stay on top of this real time. Does things? Could change really quick, alienates overdue? Seven, be easy, caves, the phone number jan in excess welcome to the club programme? One. Thank you, taking my call, my question is just rest within the last thirty days, or so my husband completely my husband and I completely paid off our mortgage it's a dumb thing to do. Now we vote. We, we totally were now get free now by another wonderful thing, but now we miss out on that cap advantage. So you know I have to tell you being debt. Free is probably the best thing you can ever do, but I hear this sure carol. From so many people a I don't get the tax advantage and be If, if we go into real inflation done that help me, pay down dead, I use of dollars. That are worth a lot more. I mean they pay
this game. Can you answer this? yeah, so I mean it really depends on your house. Sophisticated you are financially and how, on top of things, you arming the reality is that for Most americans you're not going oh well, you know on a on a real interest rate basis. This is a negative interest rate on my house and I'm really glad I have this capital to do these other things. I never think it's a bad thing to get rid of your debt, because that's just the honey that's going out the window and unless you have some other great investment that is replacing that same kind of return and right now, like I'm, just not sure where you're getting that's me and we're having that the stock market is in
turmoil. You certainly aren't getting that in your bank accounts. So you are now you have it in that asset. You don't have to worry about it, you're, not putting that seo extra money out of each month and then on the tax benefits side. I mean you go again, I'm not a tax accountant, but you know they've changed a lot of the rules like you're, not getting that much of a benefit, the same way that you used to. They put a lot of caps around these things, and so you know certainly talk to your tax accountant, but you know, from my perspective, for just kind of the average person trying to do the right thing. Getting out of debt is a phenomenal, phenomenal move and again, unless you, unless you ve, got some other amazing investment that you know is going to return you more than what is your preying on your dad? Not not you ve won. Thank you. So much. Jen appreciated. That is a hard thing to, I think for people
figure out or to really understand how it's not that ices are going up. Is it your dollar, is losing value and that causes people to raise prices, because their dollar doesn't goes far too by all of the things that they need to buy right, yeah. If you haven't business you have all of your vendors, who are have higher wages, higher costs of inputs. So that means however, it is that they are selling to you, is higher and cause you're contending with higher wages and higher operating costs, and you put all those together and all of a sudden, your profit margins, which in most industries you aren't that big. Sometimes there on the single digits yo starts to a road, and so you say woke I either I have to pass. On to the consumer, or in some cases they shrink the product that their offering called shrink flirtation. You know that the pizza that you get, that
I used to be a huge, you know all of a sudden kind of looks like it's half the size or they end up going out of business. There are only so many different lovers that can be pulled, and that's you know that's how it ends up seeping through the economy, and you know it's it's why it ends up impacting the. all of us and being a permanent tax. Carol roth. She is the author of the war on small business. You can ask or anything that you want you and you and follower on her website, a carol, roth dot com or care old, J s, raw on twitter, but you can ask any questions and will have her on again answer questions at glenn back dot com, slash question glenn backed our com, slash question carol! Thank you so much. our two again
It's a pleasure have a great week: god bless the. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, the man. I don't want to be worry so too. I'm just looking to you to you know sure Oh germany, sad We can't we cannot outright ban oil from russia because it would destroy germany's economy and it would destroy the economy on the continent as a whole. and now he's changed his mind and he's saying, you're gonna stop all oil, they change them and on quite a bit recently yeah yeah, entire philosophy of foreign affairs for the past multiple decades yeah. So
nothing to see their right, I mean it's no big deal parties now pretty big deal seems like to know I'm I'm. Oh, I mean I'm sorry They had not a big deal, who cares riley over their rights? As this, think I mean that's bad- is really far away right. They they change their mind, as you said, on a lot of things lately and what could that mean I don't know why Certainly all good things course. You know, I believe If it was the philosopher, Cheryl crow, who said a change, will do you good, a man So in the last few days brush you know has stopped all the gas supplies as well, and then again over the weekend said. The risk to nuclear war is very real. which I like coming Putin who we found out now over the weekend does have cancer does to go under the knife
and he's going c, for if we don't know how long as they do whatever to remove the cancer from him, so you ve got a guy who He's probably gonna die nosey gonna die one. To go out with a bang, gone under the knife visit tat bit. Speculation in there that is probably gonna die. I'm he's gonna die some day. I was but I ain't. We don't know that not necessarily the belief. You're right, the belief is, is just a minor minor surgery, that may be the fact that it was would explain. All of the actions that have occurred over the past couple of months is totally separate right in the fact that, like the event like fifty six visits from the radiology departments that fifty six, the village as if it is it s like saying you think oh Biden is you know, being incoherent. You now what Let's do you have other than all the evidence? You know it's just that
on that in a stream of evidence, but other than that. What do you have? Okay, so He also said over the weekend that any foreign intervention in ukraine would provoke what he called lightning fast response from Moscow now not sure what he deems. As foreign intervention I feel like we're pretty involved? Now we don't have troops theoretically on the ground in the country. We don't see be firing these weapons ourselves, we're just giving them to the people. Next to us were firing them themselves. in all seriousness, if you were, how would you take this if russia was doing this to us in another country. If we were in the middle of the iraq war, let's say, and russia is now
only doing things which we know they were involved in some of the net, and I understand afghanistan and we know they had involvement, but they weren't doing press conferences everyday bragging about how they were sending weapons to that we have. We ve donated. thousand ideas too with the resistance in Iraq and they've killed all of these soldiers. It's going really well, no, it would not go well. We would not accept that node not be thrilled about it. Now I and I'm not saying that it's insane to help I do think it's insane to keep talking about it. I don't know. stand. Why were announcing that we're saying the weapons kind of with you on that one? Let there be an air of mystery where these weapons came from Europe, we do not. We we officially is real does not have nuclear weapons, and we were asked about that. We say why I don't even know what weapons you're talking, but what country are you talking about and that should be. The
propria response to this is I'm not sure what you mean that when someone ass, you are you sending weapons into ukraine to kill russian soldiers. You say I dont know what you mean is theirs thing going on there, so they had a bloodbath this weekend in Ukraine I mean it, things did not go well for russia again this weekend and are just a few days away from may nights now, which is day for them big day, that's called vic. Every day- and I don't wanna have record numbers of soldiers coming home in body bags on victory day. So I'll be so optimal, be sub optimal, ever them and probably for us. Meanwhile, Military has now got in an orderly. I shouldn't I shouldn't say this representative cleansing her, said on I dunno a abc or whatever this weekend, something that nobody was watching them He has he's now drive.
to the bill and it's gone to congress to authorize the president, so he has better flexibility boy me that guy has an inflexible in a long time if they use weapons of mass destruction of any kind. The president has a right to go to war. I totally trust Joe Biden judgment orton matter yeah. I don't think we should just write that check no, and I dont think that will happen by the way I died. Cigarettes is out in his own on this one. For the most part, I could change. I mean elegant if, We actually use which, by the way, there's no evidence they're going to use chemical weapons in india right now and they may I wouldn't be. I wouldn't be stunned. If Latimer putin Putin did it, but remember even in syria, it they they'd they did what
we did right we're we're we're doing in ukraine right now work. They kind of two stood around and backed up the syrian right at the syrians were the ones using the chemical weapons. They didn't even use them there now. Look guy! That's doesn't mean they won't do it here. I would not be stunned if la demure putin did something else crazy. He said when he raises the ceiling to be losing badly. Yet and one of the things that's interesting about the structure of this war with us giving them all these weapons, which we can talk about because they publicly announced I'll. Have you heard about the phoenix girls kamikaze drones? We say ass? He has sought love that weigh up. Let's get that on the front page. What's interesting here is that russia has a pretty strong military, but not as strong as me. We believed beforehand but it is what it is right they ve had allowed. There are important people killed a lot of their best. Soldiers killed a lot of their weapons utilized already. They are constantly the minute, there's all sorts of rumors of them, pulling people off the streets, basically for this effort, so there
this area is getting worse, as this goes on, the opposite is happening with the ukrainian military. It's getting straw or because we keep sending them hundreds of millions of dollars of brand new shiny weapons, so there Their resistance is actually increasing in its ability to execute the war which we've seen happen over just the past week, where now targets inside of russia, rush inside russian borders are being hit by ukrainian. with missiles and drones sent to them by western countries again on military installations, nodded not targeting. Civilians, like the russians, are doing in many places across ukraine, but still again, this is This is a country who went to its people this week and said hey. You know Adolf hitler was probably jewish was seriously. This is what they say. They do not need a lot of justification to to do. Also
of crazy things and they will you clearly would utilise this for their own began to purposes and have honestly what you'd probably consider if you were completely neutral in this battle A good argument that we are involved in this, that we are helping their soldiers die and while I agree that they should not be able to roll over the border of ukraine and we know, kill a but look tons of civilians like they're doing I can understand why the russian people are looking at this in saying, wait a minute we just a special military operation going on here and now, they're hitting us inside of our borders with missiles and an drones from the united states of america shows they want regimes regime change well in do you know we ve also added something really super special there's now I think two or three countries that are like guy it's. I know it's, Sweden and Finland, who are
said, you know that we will we really one eye on that nato thing alaska, that's good, so we them as well. so now that's going to make the russians even more Convinced I mean I'd, you know, look I think peace through strength, but I so thank. You also have to look at your enemy and I think our enemy is wounded and knots. Apps, let's not yet, and think of that, we ve talked about this a lot in the framework of islamic extremism when it comes to humiliation that factor that is one of the most and paying ties to vladimir Putin and russia. Big time, that's had been his entire desire this entire time they ve been. He they were. Human guided by what happened with the fall of the communist regime. We bring herself back now the communism, but back to the tsar days right and he when, if this goes away, it's going this country, they thought they could roll over, be welcomed as liberators if it goes It's going
he is not going to just take it sitting down unless he's under from cancer surgery. That's that's the only way that happens and manner you don't need a to bother that their that possibilities here you know it bothers me- is the the press, whipping everybody up into a frenzy? That's what I don't know. There's an this is from a friendly. You know conservative paper washing examiner russia's, its world war. Three rhetoric, Vladimir Putin, has threatened any nation that directly intervenes in ukraine with retaliation, vs strategic weapons. Strategic meaning nuclear at In time russian forest foreign minister, Sergei labourer, says the risk of nuclear war are now very significant: russians, eight media, prominent commentators this week suggested that nuclear war with the west wouldn't be too, problematic because the russians would go to Heaven, whereas westerners would just die
Yet this is not the time to bow before russian threats. Indeed, Biden must respond, regret russian aggression for fully. This moment is also shaping a message about what america and, by association, what free world will tolerate in the twenty first century. Biden waivers. He will be sacrificing the relative peace and cooperation. That was hard won in world war two going on there this. This writer is going on. Do Joe Biden commonly harris mark milly like their forebears in world war to share a willingness to stare down the threat and to win. This is a really important discussion, but does it feel like this is a discussion that americans are having. no it feels like it's happening in the ether with the elites and work really engaged in it. I think a lot of people just
see this as this. This thing, that's over there and not really are concerned. We need to be worried about what's going on here and we do there's a lot to worry about here. We have completely incoherent president massive inflation, the border situations out of control see r t gender stuff I've. All of this is real and in a big problem. When you talk about the higher human illustration act, it is existence. This problem is right there, and especially since you know, you never want an emergency to go to waste the things that can be enacted and done during a massive war are staggering and you never come back from him when you're look add a a party that is act as reckless as they are not listening to the average american, not watch the pole numbers and they are just going over the cliff with our food answers with.
our dollar with freedoms. All of these things they these chickens, are coming home to roost and why Is their plan yeah, it's scary, because if every an axe somewhat reasonably here, meaning like logically, you could see escalating out of control each side. It is has reason to believe the other side is acting aggressively and I I remember the brianna taylor situation where she was shot and was one of a blacklist matter things when you look at that situation in depth one thing you notice is both sides acted really logically, for what happened in the moment, the police came to the door They had a warrant to know when they believe something was going on. They they got their bang through the door, the guy has a legal permit. He way up in the middle of the night. What are you gonna do with that situation? You gonna shoot. The guy was bringing in your room you up the police Officer gets shot well
course, the police officer is going to fire back into the room, and then Brian Taylor gets hit totally logical, embosomed both sides every action, except for that there may be the idea that the warrant should not. As in ended that way, but that was a decision made before right. Interaction happen, kind of the same thing here. You know It makes I think, in a rational decision in in going into ukraine, but it says off a bunch of series of a series of actions of people acting relatively low logically, for the moment that keeps escalating the situation and that's what real danger lies. This is the best of the blend back programme, vashti sousa. How are you, sir? I'm doing ray thank. You are very excited about this movie, which will be seen for the first time tonight.
So I know so many people who have seen it I've seen it. People are talking about it. I wanted to go over with you. Some of the things that you would here from friends that are just tired of hearing about the election being stolen on the other side, so Allow me first of all the the theory that you are proposing and what you found so a beam. The soil of the thing about arguing against is the mantra that this was the most secure election in history. Dogmatically asserted pretty much. Everywhere. You look and it's the basis for calling disputes about the election to be a big lie. It's also the basis for digital censorship. So a lot is riding on this claim and I work The film with a group
action intelligence group that is called true the vote and at the time, when lots of charges fraud with lying around many of them. clearly meant but unsubstantiated through the vote. Gotta I have a genius idea, which was: let us pass the hypothesis and the hypothesis is that the democratic going to cheat the vienna cheat exam we were. The rules changed in other words, is kind of like saying that there were new vulnerabilities created by the sudden mushrooming of all these mail and rob boxes, the mailing of not just millions, tens of millions of male out ballots, so if it's gonna, and it doesn't mean it did happen, but if it did happen, this is probably how it would happen, and so were true. The vote did as they bought cell phone Geo spatial data, which a cell phone g or tracking in all the key areas where the election was decided at land or georgia. There arizona, Milwaukee detroit philadelphia, ten
Trillion pings of cell phones and I felt born Glenn has up that able the exact location given moment of time to be known about bad phone and if you buy the cell phone. you can track the movement of loans by the way this used by law enforcement is used by intelligence agencies. Frankly, walk into a mall, and you get a notification saying: hey, there's a special at the apple storwell, how they know your there. They are tracking your phone, so this exact same technology and what truth about did, as they ran a search algorithm and they were looking for mules now? What's a mule, a paid political operative, hired to deliver fraudulent wrote to mail and drop boxes by we're taking in the middle of the night, and they were for mules who went to ten or more dropbox. This is key and its key, because might have a legitimate reason to go to to drop boxers right. You went away you dropped off your ballot. You went to the second and by mistake you
had been tie your shoe lace and saw your found location but who has I shall reason to go to ten or more dropbox. So the idea is, let's try to catch the most egregious or most industrious. Mules in these five areas that I mentioned. There are at least two thousand view. That's where I get the title for the movie two thousand meals. The actual number meals is, of course, much greater because if you look for people who went five or more dropbox with the number of mules increases, exponentially? So, that's the fourth line of evidence, its geo tracking, the second- and of evidence is surveillance, video and what talking here, not about some guy in truck. You know. Turning on his iphone and capturing some guy dumping ballots know we're talking about the official surveillance, video from the states themselves, and why did show and this is probably the highlight of the movie- it almost erie
It couldn't be your taken back to the days leading up to the election early voting election day. You can see these criminals and they are criminals. Jumping out of car, they looked at the left and right make sure no one's looking, and then they start dumping. These bow it sent a male and dropbox who so we we in a sense the audience can see the crime being committed. They become eye witnesses right away cord and made a network of illegal ballot traffic so they are, I mean I was shocked to see coming where gloves they know exactly what they're doing they know it. we what they're doing, and so do you just by watching just by watching, and be no initially. When I saw the gloves I thought, could it be? Could it be that is those are wearing gloves because a covert didn't want to touch the dropbox. But then this is what crush. that you realise that the meal initially aren't wearing gloves and then what happened,
this is a big arrest in arizona where the f b I bought some people for illegal vote, dumping, the ballot harvesting and the f b. I was able to find it fingerprints, on multiple ballots, the when that happened, but we will start wearing glove for. The word goes out among these leftwing organizations that deploy the meals wear gloves. That way you leave your finger prints on the ballot. So very often when you're too, to decide whether to believe a theory. Its little details like this. You also from seeing the movie Glenn people taking photos of the ballots being dropped in not us but not sort of a I voted, but who takes photos of themselves pudding in multiple ballot, if not to show their employers hey, I was there. I did the work. I need to get a so the eleven just go through this sudden, I'm quoting the Washington post. So let's walk through this for, the changes in the rules that were allowed that allowed the election heist. They have those end quote
they are changes that were made that made it easier to vote. That's it of diseases complaint and the trump allies broadly often the alibi isn't that fraudulent ballots were cast, but just the Democrats, made it easier to vote, and that was the election theft its like. complaining that your computer sold more widgets lee illegally because it lowered its prices. That's not your case at all that's not our case at all? What he's saying is something like this: you have a bank and what the Democrats have done. They have made sure by filing lawsuits that the security guards get three or is off every night and they turn off the survey. whence video when they take a break and they ve told the tellers, don't be too rigorous about matching signal It was just make sure that the scrawl is roughly similar. So now I agree with the washington post that that does not prove a heist that simply proves that the bank is more.
honourable to a height the beauty of our movie, is we don't just showed the vulnerability we actually show the highest so he says the writer, then this is a crosses, a bright line in his allegation he's saying that those collecting ballots in submitting there were violating state laws. He saying The ballots themselves were fraudulent, that this the hundreds of thousands of illegal volt. If he has evidence to this he's, cracked, the voter fraud thing wide open There is no reason to assume he does right, though, actually a bump. The guy who wrote this article has not seen the movie in fact peace. We ve been back me to give him an advance copy of the movie. I'll, probably send them one. Today, here's what he sang and it's a little bit. I guess work on his part. What he's basically thing is that there is a difference What do you think is that vote harvesting, which is essentially giving your ballot to somebody else to return? It is
legal under some circumstances and that's true. Twenty six also states allows Some form of vote, harvesting california which has not surprisingly them. Liberal law, you can give your ballot land to anyone and say: hey, you return it you're up at all, and that would explain people coming you know with all buncher ballots. You know I just collected and firm everybody in the office exile. Exactly now in the five states we're talking about the rules are not like that. None of them allow that kind of unlimited harvesting. So in georgia, for example, this is pretty typical. You can give your balance to a family member or if you are not confined facility to a caregiver, but not to any one else. It is strictly forbidden. I can't give my in georgia to my neighbour and say, drop it off now, even though, laws very a little bit from state to state here. The crushing key point in no state is it go to pay anyone, let alone a mule. Go deliver
at the moment that money changes hands. You have corrupted the process so in california. If I say to my neighbour day, Tom go drop off my ballot, no problem haiti go drop of my ballot, and here is a hundred bucks to do it. That becomes a fraudulent vote and legal vote. It cannot and must not be counted. I'm gonna call from the thing again, what's more even true, the vote doesn't alleged. The ballots themselves were fraudulent when the website, just the news, covered the georgia story. It noted that true vote. Was not making such a claim when true the vote representatives testified in front of wisconsin legislative committee. The group's catherine angle, Brac said so publicly. I wanna make clear, we're, not some of us suggesting the ballots were cast wearily no ballots. What we're saying is the process was abused. Its budget between making and selling a product legal, and have someone smuggle that product into another country with your realizing. It is too soon film shows that the ballots were fraudulent. That's a mass
of deal, one would assume, would have too quickly be presented to law enforcement, but there's no such investigation and the group of the group whose data he's using says that's not what happened that suggests and that diseases claimed cod low is not backed up that the four hundred thousand illegal votes itself a remarkable irritation of scale were not that, I think what's going on here is that fill a bump is is I'm confusing. The difference between fraudulent ballot and a ballot fraudulently, cast here's what I mean. No,
is claiming is true. The vote is not claiming, and this is the distinction they're trying to make. No one is saying that the actual ballot, the piece of paper is fraudulent, in other words, they're, not saying that somebody went to a high quality copying machine and made hundreds of thousands of ballots that would that would be a fraudulent physical ballot. What they are saying is that these, ballots, are not legal votes and the way we know this by the way. If you look at you, look at be these non, offered organizations- and it's worth mentioning here by the way that many of these so called five- one c: three organizations are strictly forbidden by law by I irs rules from it. Engaging in any kind of explicit electioneering bacon urge people jeanette it to go out and vote, but the idea that big, campaign or they collect votes for the Democrats or they try to advance a candidate or party. This is strictly forbidden. So here is the question I would four hundred thousand legal vote somehow
up in the hands of these far left wing groups. That would have been nice to hire a mule to go in the middle of the night and secretly dumped them. Why would they act in that manner between legitimate votes plausibly picked up. They just got him people who thirty. I give my vote. You drop it off. they ended up with hundreds of thousands of these vote. Then the question becomes I hire the mules, so the other thing about this is blindness this can be easily resolved this ambiguity, if you will, by federal agents rating. These nonprofit centres by cops arrest thing. The mules and all you have to ask them is where'd. You get the ballots who gave him to you: waited they get them who paid you organised. This operation are obviously we're, not law enforcement. We can't do that in the movie. That's the logical next step, but it's ridiculous to say since we don't know where an individual ballot came from it's kind of like if I were to show you a martyr and I'm actually showing you the martyr,
and then the washington post was like what. Where do you buy the gun? Where did he get the gun and I'm like A ten gun stories that he could have gotten from any of those they like yeah. But if you- and through which a gun store he went to all he thing is we can show you where the ballot came from or whether in this case the gun came from true but David, easy way to take the next step and it's called law enforcement needs to spring into action where we are with the russians who are talking about his new movie Dinesh, I'm curious. If, because you're talking about prosecution of real standing laws, laws that are on the books. Is there are you a little tiny bit of motorways, you hear that just because the only time I can think of anybody going after any of these laws is when they came after you and then here's a real situation where an election might be on the line and people are very worried about the integrity of the election and and here they don't seem to have any interest in it whatsoever. One of the most fascinating questions for me is gonna, be what what comes next, you know here
the movie and by the way you know in my earlier movies, always took a certain pleasure in people standing up and applauding in the theater when the movie ended. That's not gonna happen here. I predict that tonight and then wednesday night, when we do our second theatrical, showing be dead silence in the theater as people sort of peace get in, because we do a very careful com, mutational map, in other words, if not just four hundred thousand illegal vote. Therefore the and was stolen? No, you have to look at each individual state and see if the volume fraud with large enough to have moved that state from one camp into the other camps. So all of this is in the movie and it puts us into constitutionally unsure the territory, because, while the constitution lays out a procedure, the electors vote vote of congress, a forum and ratify the president is inaugurated. The constitution does not the blade. Why happens if it comes out later that the guy in the white house got there because of not not episodic, but corps
needed planned fraud in the key stays? It never happened before in american history. As far as I know so so when we're looking at this, we and other real reason, because the constitution doesn't say this. You know what we do this case, but it it can help us make sure the mid terms and the next presidential election. This doesn't happen Where do we stand on any of that danish? Well, I think that the order. Integrity lies that some of the states of past do contain some good things. So, for example, day strengthen, vote I d requirements, or they say things like that needs to be more rigorous signature matching or you can't let it private, individual mark Zuckerberg come in with four hundred million dollars and essentially mean, so these counties and states hey, listen. I got a bunch of money to give you, but in order to get it, you gotta put in these mail and draw up boxes the media portrayed like the city's wanted to do it
a bird gallantly agreed to pay for it. No, he used his muscle. The financial leverage to make these places do that through this all created the infrastructure for the highest and and yes, there are employed things that can be done to prevent it from happening again in a weird away. This depends on the republican party and the republican establishment, because of republicans knowledge and their let's not look over there. We all want to move on. We don't want I'd really deal with this. We want to be the will. The beast that is eaten asked by the lion. If all that the mentality than we are in deep trouble. But if the republic and say what can we do to prevent this? The next time there are lots of simple things that can be done, one of which is just have surveillance on every mail. dropbox should be done, should be done dinesh, as always. Thank you. So much god the name of the movie is two thousand mules a must see
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