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Best of The Program | Guests: Charlie Kirk & Kory Yeshua | 6/3/21

2021-06-03 | 🔗

Thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails have been made public. While the media covers for him, Glenn dives into what they truly reveal. Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk joins to discuss how far college campuses have fallen and why he’s warning about the “Four Horsemen of the 90’s.” A father and daughter’s TikTok video denouncing critical race theory has gone viral and the father, Kory Yeshua, joins to explain why he’s speaking out and address rumors that TikTok censored his video.

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Great podcast. Today you don't want to miss. There is something going on with the cyber hacks and it's really disturbing and I'll show you. What makes me feel that way from the White House Press conference yesterday, something's, not right, I feel a set up is coming now that there's collusion. No, let a crisis go to waste. You know what I'm saying also doktor found cheese and so much more on today's podcast the only thinking now. Thousands of these emails released through the Freedom of Information ACT starting the beginning of the pandemic and the story isn't getting very much coverage.
For the few glowing headlines from the ever reliable mainstream media. But let's take a look at. first, how they want you to view this story. That option what's really going on in those emails in what's being completely ignored by any of the mainstream media and how Sucker org and others are all involved in this. from CNN yesterday, thousands of emails from an Doktor faulty reveal the weight that came with his role as rare source of frank honesty with a trump administrations, covert. Nineteen task force wow. From the washing imposed the correspondence from March and April. Twenty twenty opens. A windows FAO cheese world during some of the most frantic days of the crisis when the long term director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, was struggling to bring coherence
the Trump administrations chaotic responds to the virus hand president Trump seeking to minimize it. Verity from CNBC Doktor Fallacies eighteen hour, workday includes two breaks in answering: quote emails until I'm too tired. I just can't do it anymore I'll, while he's a saint So that's the media narrative, that's what arbiters of truth, have decided is the main take away from the FAO. Chee email dump your supposed take away the doktor found she is my Their Teresa in pants just apply the old man who has worked tirelessly emailing boil until one in the morning. Never taking a break. Trying is best make them. Instead of a confusing and scary time, while also battling against the crew an idiotic Trump administration and their supporters, who attempted
Thwart vouches heroic efforts at every turn, so dont even bother to read the emails, we read them for you, there's nothing they're, just a poor white man, old, really muzzled by an evil, Orange bully. except us nowhere near what's actually going on in the emails, the meaning. Have done what they have done for decades. They completely ignored what cuts against what Trump and conservatives have been saying all along and they show you how grossly unprofessional and unqualified doktor found she was and still is so. Let's take a look at what is splits ITALY in the emails, starting with doktor voucher, admitting that he was never muzzled by the Trump Administration March. Second, Twenty twenty Doktor Valley, responded to an email asking if he'd ever been felt muzzled by the Trump administration. Stating I've been very
explicit insane, stating that I am not being muzzled or censored. I sakes Actually what I want to say, based on scientific evidence, I've seen did this on multiple tv programmes of the threat of past few days, including at major press conferences. many. Many reporters present, including tv cameras. I could not pass thirdly be more public about this, no sensor, no muzzle free to speak out. So there we are doctor algae in an email debunking the biggest claim from early on in the pandemic. That Trump does censoring doktor fallacy refusing to allow him to speak freely about science, so right off the bat a major reveal in and of itself about the press. We that is not true that there still carrying water for it, but let's go back something to something that he actually stated in the email? He said.
I say what I want to say, based on scientific evidence really. really scientific evidence. Mister, you know double triple asks. He says: These boys wants to say based on scientific evidence, let's look at masks. We all know how big fat she is on mass keys. The biggest reason why so many Americans are the mass police that they are today so what MR scientific evidence, originally have to say about the effectiveness of Masks February. Fifth, twenty twenty, while she responded to an email from woman asking if she should wear a mask at an airport while travelling state. this now ask, are really for infected people to prevent them from spending spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than per day being uninfected infected people from acquiring infection, the typical
ask you buy in the drug store, is really not effective in keeping out the virus It is small enough to pass through the material something You have been saying for a very long time. I do, I recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you're, going to a very low risk location, in another email sent February. Fourth found she stated more. transmissions occur from someone who assumed symptomatic. Not a symptomatic are its Did you just say in those emails? Not only did he, pleasantly state, that mass are not beneficial to prevent you from getting covered, but he also through in that he doesn't recommend wearing a mask at an airport. Calling a low risk location. We'll gee I nor Department of Homeland Security Justice you'd orders where, if you're not wearing a mask at the airport, they needed
read you the same, and I am quoting as someone who is trying to smuggle on a gun or another are prohibited item onto the plane. Many months we ve been through with mass mandates now while claiming that, if you don't wear a mask, you'll get covert than you'll pass it on to millions, because you know and you'll be the cause of deaths of everybody's grandma. Why do air ports still have mass mandates in place. Why this is. The doktor found she admitted early onto what is changed. Why hasn't? He recommended the end of the mask mandates for uninfected people and airports, but that's not all That's not even close to how much these emails exposed how unqualified and irresponsible doktor found she was during the pandemic. Remember when trot recommended Hydroxyl Chloric win, and everybody went haywire, claiming that tromp was suggesting citizens poison themselves with it
that has no proof of being affected well March, eighteen, twenty twenty. the physicist Eric Nielsen sent Doctor she a lengthy email claiming multiple things, such as his belief that China is lying about their death count the origin of the virus ass, the Miss labeling, a flu deaths as covert deaths in the? U S, but most in Thirdly, his study showed that two drugs Al Vasco and Hydroxyl Chloric, win being safe and efficient ways to fight against the virus. What was doktor FAO, cheese response to this march, nineteen, twenty twenty doktor felt she responded simply to law for me to read Kay, you didn't even read something about hydro the clerk win. Ok,
He knew the origin at the time the origin of the virus was most likely man made in China, but maybe It was too much to read as well. don't know if you saw what Tucker Karlsson did last night, but I want to quote him: several of the emails that found she wrote an hour ago reliable because of the freedom of Information Ray a request from Buzzfeed and they go back back to the early winter of twenty twenty. At the very beginning, the email show that found she was worried that the public might conclude that covered had originated at the wheel on Institute a virus virology. Why would tony Faulty concern that Americans would conclude that, possibly because Tony faulty knew perfectly well that he Had funded game function, experiments at the very same laboratory. Remember
Gain of function was banned by the Obama administration, For some reason, after Obama left the White House, somebody just ok it and sent the money email, now prove that found. She lied about this under oath consent, the exchange which began the evening of January thirty. First, twenty twenty it Friday just before midnight The first email came in from an image. Knowledge is called Christian Andersen who works at the scripts Research Institute at La Jolla. California, Anderson warned foul G. That covert appeared. be possibly manipulated in a laboratory quote. The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome. Less than point one percent, So one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features potentially looking engineered the very next day February. First Tony,
she wrote back thanks christian talk soon when on the call for she then send an urgent email to his deputy, the subject of the email all caps was important is what the email said. He it is essential that we speak this morning, your cell phone on read this paper as well as the email that I forwarded. You will have asks today that must be done. attached to the emails, a document entitled Barrack. She Et Al Nature, Medicine Sars gain of function that pdf now the Eric in the attachment referred to Ralph Barrack virologist, based in the U S, who collaborated with the who on Institute of Biology, barracks, worked with a woman called Doktor she known as the bat lady be
She manipulates coronal viruses that in fact, bats now in mind that, during the questioning from senator ran Paul of Kentucky fairly recently found he denied this same Ralph barricade conducted gain a function. Research again this is the Ralph Barrack, an FAO cheese attachment that entitled Barrack, she Et Al Sars gain a function, DOT pdf, yet under both before the United States Congress. Faulty denied this listen doktor bear it does not doing gained a function, reach urge and if it is its according to the guidelines and it is being conducted in North Carolina and if you look at the grand and you look at the progress reports, it is not gain a function despite the fact that people
tweet that tweet it was also in his emails. We know that, starting last year, a lot of people in an age where worry that covert had not occurred. Naturally Her Karlsson last night pointed out that there were they were concerned. It had been instead manipulated in a lab in China and They seem determined to hide those facts from the public again. Why, on the afternoon of February. First last year found she held a conference call with several top virologist most of the detail of that call or hit from public view. They ve been rejected. We know the call was related to a document entitled corona virus sequence. Comparison Jamie Ferrara British physician, who runs a major research, Nonprofit Remit did everyone on the call that what they
had there was top secret quote. Information and discussion is shared in total confidence and not to be shared until agreement on next steps. End quote in other males Jeremy four hour, passed along an article from the website, zero hedge, that peace the corona virus might have been created as a bio weapon. Wells oh hedge, was banned from social media platforms. Why is that. Well for the last year, it has not been allowed to even be discussed now. Why Can you discuss it? Well, the fact occurs, wouldn't allow it? Why? Wouldn't they because Tony Faulty assured the Tec monopolies that the corona virus Could not have been man made and so the Tec, nobly police shut down. The topic in two found of group of highly qualified,
I'd evolutionary virologist looked at the scene is there in the sequences in bats as they evolve and mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now his tone. Consistent with a jump over Species from an animal to review that is not true We just revealed on this programme last week that there is no evidence that it ever jumped for. An animal from a bat to another animal to you. or from a back to a human zero evidence. In fact, they can't re infect bats bats give the corona virus it would what it won't take to them how
yet even possible at the best of the best program leave out or a president a turning point. Usa, the host of the Charlie Kirk show hand and a friend of the programme who just got back from his honeymoon welcome Charlie Kirk. How are you, sir great Glenda morning, thanks so much for adamant. Congratulations on your on your marriage. It's it's only gonna, get better better and better. Thank you yet were thrilled throughout the country is doing Carol about were actually doing quite well that we at a young age a month ago and then went off the grid with no phone for nine days, which was actually awesome, encourage everyone to do that. News from animals. So yeah. Thank you for saying that yeah a nine days. That's that's. I recommend thirty, but if you can get nine days, God bless. Yo you have
a young women's leadership summit It's happening. I think next week in Dallas. Is it not that's right? the answer. We have our our young women's leadership summit and will have about two thousand young conservative women attending small across the country, and we have some phenomenal speakers. from the blaze as well, which were super thrilled about, and this is really two and we ve been doing this for five years, but this is really to train, equip and empower these young concern. If women about how to fight for freedom, fight for liberty and then properly explain those words as well, which I think we need to continue to fight for those things on high school in college camp. so we're thrilled. It were happily be doing in person. Events as well and then as a sidebar Glenn, I'm actually and be speaking at our friend Day, Barton's veal and he's gonna show me some fun stuff set on
to say about that someone to do that, while you're gonna be upon weaken, actually yeah good, good, good, good yeah. The. american Journey Centre is, is amazing. You will see a lot of really cool things, So you Charlie tell me what the differences between when you were in college and what's happening now, why? What is changed that such question time- and I think you appreciate the sun enjoy exploring this with me, which is when I first started. Turning point two thousand twelve: there is a lot of liberty criticism in the conservative movement and there's a lot of things that I agree with Libertarian, that firearms freedom of speech, the lock down, for example, on this programme, and I talked about how the lock downs or immoral and an unconstitutional, but I think that the conservative movement, I think, on a couple issues went far too low. Tearing them, especially on the issue of immigration.
the issue of corporate tyranny, and you covered the Turkish. You really worry one, but that it seems they live with the tax issue. A lot of our leaders have been reluctant to act because they had hid behind abstraction and they have not really. I think acted with prudence or practical wisdom when I just look at what's in front of them, not the talk, point or the slogan or the ideology, and instead just look it as it is. They ha Google's a trillion dollar company. They can turn off Glenn Back Charlie Curtain, Stephen crowd her in a moment's notice, and so that's that's resonating. With a lot of younger conservatives and I'm not going to die. I regret some of that kind of energy that existed back in two thousand twelve. Two thousand kid I think was overemphasize- I don't regret you reading high a curve on MRS Roth barred. By also wish, I would have read, Kirk Burke and Ts Elliot as well and understood that there is a place.
for tradition and eternal transcendent moral order. A national cultural idea the and not just always, in my opinion, just try to saying that we must be a progressive conservatives and trying to always change things for change change shape, so here's serve here's where what I'd like to explore with you, because the idea that we were one. beyond the beyond the constitution, in the bill of rights, really He came from Woodrow Wilson and safety are not enough. conservatives to say the least- They were the ones who gave us the national anthem. They were the ones that standardize the flag. They were the ones. That said, we all have to really kind of bee alike, and that began to Tell- our differences apart and I think that you know
We we do have to have a common heritage. and a and a common understanding of the the truth of our history, both good and bad, but I don't like the idea of saying that we all have to agree on whatever I I don't have a problem with California doing what California is doing. I live in Texas. I dont living California for reason, but if fail. I dont want for it. It's their idea, I'll to defend them and ill defined people's rights, but I dont need California to live the way I want them to live. I just want them to live with the basic understanding that the bill of rights our absolute yet Mrs really, the discussion is happening right now, when I think you had it perfectly witches what really does taxes in California? haven't comment outside
Unified currency in a lot is still the same yeah, that's that's the the Federalist Right, Hamilton and Madison. Writing is Publius would say, that's that's ok, but is it sustainable? And I don't for this, and I dont know if California no way way way way way are not sustainable. It's not sustainable. If we don't have the creed. cool things in common and that is our constitution, rule of law and bill of rights if you lose those things, if we don't say, oh are created equal. All. Men need to be protected from an injustice All men have the right to speak, petition their government. They have a right to publish what they think is. Is news? they have a right to carry firearms to protect themselves, though, Things are our eternal truths.
And that is enough to hold us together. But we agree on those things anymore. I totally areas that Glenn absolutely- and I think one of the reasons we don't agree at those things as they have used they gave used, I want to say liberty against us, but that that actually not be the worst weight to in is a year in they gave used a very nice. Lifestyle. A non like we don't have to be engaged should get involved in the current moment, where you can enjoy your life and meanwhile the activists are working their way to the long march through the institutions I complete We agree in you, I'm only the constitution, a bill of rights portion of it. I do believe, though, that because of mass immigration- and Chris Hurray spirit. You done a phenomenal job of covering. We are seeing, I think, an unprecedented cultural decay which it
manifesting in these other sort of very troubling trends, whether be statism this password authoritarianism and as corporatism, which is the kind of just laid it variation of of authoritarianism. Now in that kind of the corporate landscape, rob, but especially on the issue. The two issues that I think that we must unite really focus on is the immigration issue, because we must have control over whose coming to our country and whether or not they share our values or even their willing to share our values because you're, when one of the reasons why California feels like a different country from Texas is because uncontrolled mass immigration of people that there will might not have the same sort of willingness or world view to embrace the dollar. Rights for constitution are willing to do so over a long period of time and we now that materialise in voting trends and cultural trance
You know the one thing that I have been very wrong on my my whole life has been My support for corporations, and it's it's not an anti corporation place that I have come to it isn't It's an anti chrome. capitalism place. It is the more Urging the the two systems of the free market and the government there have all of this power and they have used it in a way. I never thought possible. And that is they have made an end, run around the constitution and Us conservatives are the ones who allowed it to happen. Because we all said it's a private corporation, they can do what they want. No, not when they are involved with the government. No, they can't,
totally agree, and I was right there with you Glenn, where I said: look. Who are we to tell Google what they can do well? First of all, they actually have the power to shut off other businesses. People use Google ad searches. They use Youtube as their way of life. The fact they can just haphazard. We shut off someone's way of life. Could they don't? Like your political viewpoint, It should have been a warning sign for me, however, with that being said, these companies, especially in a facebook, Apple Amazon and Google they're, not capitalist, and this is I think that we need to recognise and realise there trying to they're trying to create a monopoly and Mary. using conservatives, love of the free market against us to try to have us not intervene against their monopolistic style behaviour now mind you. I think that at its ultimate ever
Business owners should try to create a monopoly, meaning they should try to win in the market place. This is a different type of behaviour. This is no duty, no responsibility to the nation or to the bill of rights. Coming back what we said from these companies, Google doesn't care about freedom of speech. They care about corporate power. They care about. Pandering to China, far more than keeping up somebody's Youtube page. It might be a conservative and end these corporations. I think, have that their there's this there's this tension point between rights and duties, and we don't talk a lot about duties because, as you say, it can have a Ben towards Qatar. Terran taught helped without areas like Woodrow, Wilson and after with that being said, I think a non coercive duty is that if you become worth a hundred billion dollars in Amerika, you should ethically had some sort of loyalty to the nation and not financed the centre for technology and civic life.
Mark Zuckerberg did for four hundred million dollars. Do you see- our voting laws or two then use Google as a singular point of Democrats, super pack to prevent Hunter Biden story from being spread. So I share. would you go? I'm thinking, tat. Entire conservative movement is ready for mass of action. Now I will go, I'm gonna take a break and that's where I wanna come on mass of action because I agree with that. However, I don't want statism telling people what they have to do once they pass a threshold comes from love of country and there's always gonna be bad people out there that will bad things and I dont know how to balance liberty. Because there is no real balance. There is no real justice. Real justice comes after our lives and
We can only do the best job we can and I dont like a state telling people you have to do this or you cannot do this but we are in a flex point where we have to come up with a decision. To deal with this and I just hope we land on the side of liberty? so we don't scoop people up that should be stepped up. This is the best underlined by programme. The american economy is in trouble. I believe we are going to all of us be in for about a forty percent hair cut when they change the dollar to a digital dollar. it is coming. I just don't know when inflation is coming
I just don't know when, but we're printing more and more money fuel in wood skyrocketing. Most people's jobs won't keep up with inflation. At some point, food prices are rising fast. Taxes are going up, whether you want to admit it or not. We are facing tough times. Please take some of the pressure off of yourself right now and prepare for what is coming right. Now, you an opportunity to say fifty dollars of a full four weeks apply a really good calorie, rich meals that the whole family will love. My patriot supply makes it easy to stay prepared at all times and everything, ships fast and discreetly, to your door. Everyone should have at least a for weak food supply on hand, and you can say fifty dollars now on this apply. Please don't put it off any longer go to prepare. Would lend outcome prepare Wickliffe Dotcom. I saw one of my favorite videos. I think me the of my life. There is the key Buddhist curious little girl, and
dad and they're talking about critical race theory? You wouldn't think that would be good, but if you have missed it, watch and listen.
daddy tv, can be anything in this world that you wanna be right. Don't Eddie teach you to gain their lack of wiring, doesn't matter if your black, why Brown, yeah right black and in how we treat people was based on new. They are, and not one and if their names- and I see this is this- is our children think right? You critical race theory was then now we might you it's not gonna happen. My babies gonna know that, no matter what she was to be alive, all she has to do is work hard and she can become tired. Even now, you don't know anyone who can make friends, no matter what color they are. So we need to stop C r t period point blank children do not see skin color man, they love everybody they're good.
would a level we pray for paper letter her. Oh my gosh sock, dad of the year, has got to go to the father of that child corps you sure, are welcome to the programme. How're you Corey. I'm doing them pretty. You are you doin great great, your daughter, how old, is she said she savagery, seven July. I think she six going on twenty She is also adorable and so full of life. So tell why you made this video in and war, who you are and when you became an activist, I guess why for a long story by others start with life,
so school year. Important video now show A brothers then right now a meal was murdered. Based on our community- and I wanted to know why did you go to the mood of exhaust all the research? party in a cripple, Tommy soul Oh yeah yeah agreement woke me up to what was going on. You know- and yes, three ever my man, I'm tired, My boys actually do not say tat
hang on hang on, Kory Kory hold on justice, Poland just a second year viewed the phone is getting so guard like an barely understand you, Can you go to a place where your signal is a little better. and maybe we lost him. That's Korea, sure, yeah sure The father of this be if a little child, I think her name is royalty. And he's talking in speaking out about critical race theory, he was just talking about his brother in prison. His best friend is doing fifteen years in prison, another friend was killed five months ago lost another friend of drugs and he started to. Do his own homework go ahead. Korea, you back
yeah yeah, I'm back year saw cooking, was largely history and I started speaking out bash that started in a video of my daughter. They actually play A video in her school was all unlike segregation over which data white water White only watered down, and I address the principal body, but you said you didn't know anything about it, a lot of time the teachers juice implement. They stop or showed a kid, this stuff in years, that kind of woke me up to dad and then I'll see. What's going on with critical race theory in the school, then you know a lot of. writing about anything like that. So Corey what you do when you spoke about is I mean right out of the guy, School or right out of Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King is now being deemed through critic erase theory as wrong,
that only racism? will solve racism. It's it's an insane idea tat. What you found out about critical race theory, tat list- seeing different curriculum that we're gonna shit out appearance or send into different school. who's in Libya, I believe that you know why people are prices. Black yields are oppressed. It can never amount to anything because they occurred and invite people, always you or pursued becoming because this dream- and you know, like you say, back home directly against word document we became, I'm straightforward, he said you know the people declared to not the color of their skin. In what you say, those people by so
yeah how'd. You had to learn. I had taken a thing how how are you being received online and in person now that and you ve gone so viral. I would say the majority people, there are taught to like support in all. I will say more so My more controversial media would be like what I go get gear Lamb or you. Nothing but these really allow its aid more. So support like last year, people appreciate it- you are- you are quite amazing. It is It's been alleged that you were censored on this with with Tik Tok is any of that. True, that is salute me too. I don't even know about it. Somebody who actually a few well me and told me
They couldn't hear the sound of the video and I guess it's still a boy now, but the sound is still often in. I guess you gotta get shouted claimed I caught you ever suffered I have other video that without saying saw- and they never took off so well- well how many views Does it have now it's like? Maybe twenty flights, twenty thousand yeah? Only twenty thousand yeah, I think, you're being suppressed. I think you're being suppressed writing I level laundered and savings. Down the followers on Tik Tok folds, it's crazy, it's weird It's unbelievable! Well key. Speaking out it is. It is great royalty has let your daughter's name right
right right as a nation. Royalty has bright future in in front of her, and you are a spectacular Did you have a great dad or did you hear about a jump, this guy? dad amazing arms, amazing. I come from great grandparents, my Marguerite. Father will exiled from Barbadoes are preaching, my grandfather was a creature, you know, so I come from their speak out against. You know you Corey. Thank you. So much appreciated goblet You do not appreciate growled the bad Could we play the video again? You have to grab this video all doll tweeted out, but you have to grab this video and said to everybody. You know this is just one of the sweetest videos. You'll see
tv, you gimme anything in this world that you wanna be right, don't Eddie teach it gave them a matter here of black or white or any doesn't matter if your black, why Brown, yeah right blackened and in how we treat people was based on who they are and not one and if their names- and I see this is this- is out you think right. You critical race theory was soon. Then not we modules and it's not gonna happen. My babies gonna know that, no matter what she wants to be alive, all she has to do is work hard and she can become pirating. Even now, you don't know anyone make friends, no matter what color they are. So we need to stop see Archie period point blank. Children do not see skin color man, they love. everybody there good people, they level, we pray for people than ever.
We still you do me a favor Will you have one of the producers reach out to Corrie? I was missing as I'm watching it that either excuses that he is using music, he says he's used before, but they never a censored. Let's take that out. CALL Sam or our composer or nick- and score and original peace. Just that long, sounds like that, but it's an original piece of music and let send it to Corey, so he can Take off the other music. and use me that we have scored for it. Can you do that yeah theology. Let me get on that. That is the that's the excuse. Fine then we'll just score some new music, for we have have some amazing producers in our stable and a
A composer that is one all kinds of awards and scored anything from Gamester movies TV shows, and we work closely with him. and I know he would love to score that so just get on that in an let's reintroduce it to tick, tock and facebook and everything else, and see with her excuses this time.
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