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Antifa got a Portland bookstore to say it would not shelve or promote journalist Andy Ngo’s new book, “Unmasked." Andy joins to discuss the hypocrisy. The Twitter mob slammed Glenn for using the term “digital ghetto” on Tucker Carlson’s show. But the term’s originator — Jewish Holocaust historian Edwin Black — joins to explain why Glenn used the phrase accurately. Glenn explains how to peacefully protest like Martin Luther King did and asks listeners to pray for and serve their communities in this tough time.

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Great podcast today, something you're not gonna, hear anywhere else. The real news of the day. What we do about it also Dan Bonn GINO, is on Andy no is on, and the leading scholar on the concentration camps, the holocaust and eugenics. He needs to correct some people like Jake Tempered who came out against me, calling me an idiot in an anti semite, which I was only quoting Edwin Black, that's pretty hard to make him into an anti semite, seeing that is parents escaped from troubling caught and the death train a jewish, and I don't think he's a moral find out yourself. All entities bucket
The only thing to do at large, the post millennial author unmasked and this is the reaction- play the audio from Anti FA in Portland Your manager came out of your private property, can really be here. Blah blah blah blah cares about that, and V bookstores decided not to sell Andy knows book. I hope we sell a ton of his book right now on me. asked by Andy, no Andy. How are you serve under no Thank you for having me. Are you You have had quite a year.
I have been speaking or twenty twenty and even the shall days until twenty twenty one, my heart is early breathing saw the United States gene. All these people on our coming out and down the political violence that to happen at the capitals which we I do my retreat I'm doing we then we should. My response is where the hell were you last year. Yes, when thousands of rioters lay siege to my said, he They tried to burned out: Federal Property Federal Court House. Sadly, the king was explosives. They came with startling fires, electric power tools into the building at the response at times in those you are
crowing allowed is now it's at that silence and in the worst cases like indicates, a camel hair is actually tweeting our links for crowd, funding for bail bond for example, accused are really heinous bright cry. I mean, can you imagine if you have are you rush Lamar. Anybody came out and said hey is a fund here to help get these guys at a jail. You know the way of the worse, the ones that worryin with reinvent we're going to arrest MIKE pants. Can you imagine what would happen swore I mean we we need only even have to like really speculate. You can show that the big tack mobilise is to work with the far left to silence people. That's why the disgrace of New York Times importer. Sir John has been calling for me to be
bans in twitter as they feel really empowered by jumping silence everywhere at sea by extremists here our to attack Portland largest bookstore for the past two days ass. It was the book or to shut down in downtown, you're coming in and make your own. These demands that they are not doing enough to down. My book is not enough, but the store has already acquiescence and then I'm going to stop it on shout and the people I don't want it on my mind, catalogue, diver, Andy first, while, let's talk about your book, because I want to give you the time to sell as many copies is possible, so tell me about the book first and then I want to talk to you about what we do so, let's type of book, first ask me what I ve been working on now
you try to uncover. Why is vital extremist movements. We use various names most commonly anti, for some of them are more deceptive, be used in call themselves other things with And how to state aid agenda and gold, the living republic and actually overthrowing it. If you look at their literature and what who is really shocking, fascinating, watching a real time, sickly lily Important then, and also going to Seattle, was how they were out be able, at times to claim territory as sovereign territory separate from United, and not be local governments actually allowed allowed in Sudan in many ways facilitated the means for that to happen. In the case of sheep, it all that Charles Capture, upon his own, led to As for homicide, shootings, Clement, Austin Autonomous Zone that would set up over and over, we see the same
variable, have allowed for this movement, I'm a phenomenon and growing one ascendant one visa Both are remaining even with the incoming administration, and just with our airlines or twenty twenty one, but we can see actually these in quite empowered with had now for riots in Portland Sincere. Hello. We had arrived on the same day that the Capitol Hill Riot happen in that receive no attention when these extremists, using many the same time trying to break into that government property, and I mean it's. The book is revealing sorted this whole apparatus and how it works and how the so effective- and it helps to dispel some of these I think you know. There's one person on top pulling the elaborate that or that they are. I did By rich billions it's mine. Actually there, organizing and funding in sources on money laundering is happening in
inside with the aid of the attack and they do it openly on on platforms like twitter, and in the ground and facebook, and they face really know boundings at all. we're talking to any. No, the book that you need to buy do not buy a digital copy by a hard bound copy. It's called unmasked inside antifreeze, radical plan to destroy democracy; it it it it has to bother you that the work sedition, and revolutionary or anti a government being thrown around by people who I do believe committed sedition last Wednesday they were trying to topple the the organised government and take things into their own hands, but. in tee. For has a very long record. I mean it is
in their own manifestoes that I mean there. They are, through the streets and declared sovereign property. As you just said away from the United States, it must sincerely bother you that no one is willing to call them seditious on the left. And in the media and in Washington. Not only are they not words? Seditious, though, actually Praiser Lavish is naturally an either and they protect their naturally and one of the reasons why I am going one- I've been working overtime got trying to get my book banned in two thousand. in this instance, I would call it is because I ve been systematic and chronicling be arrested, happen, employment. Fortunately, it still accept about other record, but among shop I've been releasing the charges. The names,
you pretended then get charge ice even nice over ninety percent of them get the trousers dropped. This is a corrupt system. I've been Boardman and the local media event release the names and photos of those accused of these high. Where No, you look at the disparate treatment of clothes. nor on parallel, yells going after no fly list now which Why can't? If you're gonna do that, you have to do that for Anti FA, but they won't. They won't Andy. The mayor of Portland came out, I think a week or two ago, and said enough is enough and we gotta get a fun and Tita I don't even know, if he's sincere and that or what, but what I really think that the people and Antigua they think that they are in charge and running things, but
I truly believe the Democrats are going to treat them eventually, like Hitler did the SD or the USA. They they were marching in the streets. They were brutalizing people, they were, The thugs that got things too Push through the chaos on the streets and when their job was no longer useful. He killed them all. I think me Democrat from playing a dangerous game and that they don't really realise what people embracing and Lastly, as allies, I think in the case of so you must look important in Seattle. The Portland Mandatory Automatic viewed. Well, yes, antivirus radical thought there, right here in the name of racial justice and social justice, therefore, let's go I'd better space. To do that and well they fly
and they actually claim territory cause people to actually die in the case of Poland, the merest coming out a little bit harsher now. But let us not forget that says he came into office, twenty seven China was under she's was that this movement exploded important that this movement, turn comment about. The rector of American, far left mileage show, I guess it's four years later better late than never, and maybe right I mean they. You know anybody else because he's, not sitting everything to run an actual use Walter. Lastly, one hears dining at a restaurant, they're going after him eventually. So the attitude- The game that the nation Democrats, in plain words and They have had a convenient excuse in.
sharing how many a shared enemy in the top administration, but in those days are limited now. And I can promise that the violence that we sign for you. Twenty will continue, and it takes a very, very small sought for us to see more interaction. If, as we saw last year, because all the other underlying variables such Dover we're too, king to two Andy? No, and his upcoming book called unmasked. I urge you to get it. I've got about two men in the half light four for an answer to this question Andy, but there are of people that will listen to you or me or others, and they, like, I know the problem. I know how big it is and they can see what's coming their way That's, I think one of the reasons, and there are many reasons, but no excuses for violence, but people
I feel like they are being backed in a corner and they have nothing else to do which is incorrect. But what do you suggest? What do I think a kind of violence is giving the left exactly what they want, but what and people do you know this is a question. I ve been wrestling with myself question right, you have spoken just sort of watching helplessly as my city was. The bar into an alarm american citys for Burned to the ground And I'm not sure if I have been an answer for that. Sadly, I wasn't remain a very strong believer in american institutions, but when you're looking at how let's say at local level, how crowd things can be that allow violence too, political violence too, so plainly operate in the people who law enforcement
Chile, Apprehend, are getting their charges immediately dropped just as a matter of policy and its branches, unique to Portland that you say that you turn Seattle in San Francisco another a lot of these up a lot of these places. This is where the the prosecutors have been we're getting their support from from my George Soros: that's where he puts his money, where the people ladder yeah. so I guess I would you say that you know conservators freedom lovers, media about had organizing in this in my criticism, Not so much at the grassroots, my boy comes from conservative in positions of power, who, I so afraid how the media will treat them that they will do they would throw their constituents under the bus for you just to have a nice headline,
for example. I think. I am afraid of their dark days ahead for the country. Those two thank you so much Andy. No again, the name of his book. That is, that everybody should shut especially since the left really doesn't want you do they don't want it to be printed. It's called unmasked on me asked, and it is all about what's really happening with Antiphon in please the port Andy. Follow him at Mister Andy. No, it's an g o. I think he should be abandoned, I mean it's a great. Mr Andy know your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme. Last night, I was on Tucker Karlsson
I said this. Have freedom of speech. If you can't have, if you can't express yourself in a meaningful place, this This is like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall. They would put them in the ghetto well, this is, digital ghetto. You you, talk. All you wanna Jews, you do whatever you want behind the wall will that's no meaningful that's where we are. That's where millions of Americans will be last night boy. the American Jewish Committee, the age. I see the constant compensation of histories. Darkest chapter is deeply offensive and an affront to the six million Jews who perished in the holocaust. There is no comparison between big tat come these enforcing their community standards and the Holocaust period none period upon guys, Glenn back
I had Jake Tapir said that your either a moron or an anti semite there that anyone who would believe what I said about the digital oh and talk about ghettos. Asian. is a moron or an anti semite. Well, I won, to get the guy who actually coined the term. He said digital getaway zation gets the same thing, but his name is Edwin Black. He was on with me yesterday. He is, has been nominated for a Nobel Prize or his name submitted for a Nobel prize. Evil, I repeat, surprise eleven times eleven times Don't think he's a moron, I don't think he's an anti semite semite. I wanna make sure I'm in line with the man. I think is one of the greatest holocaust is storylines alive, today welcome
program and would black. Thank you for having begun so Edwin! I want to make sure cause. I mean I think you know me well enough to know how I feel about the Holocaust and Israel and Jews you have won the defender of Israel award from Sheldon able send it was presented to me by Children and Benjamin Netanyahu I mean, I'm I'm serious about these issues, am I wrong. Did I say something out of context here? you didn't say anything wrong, and I think that the criticism received, this quite ill ill advised I think it's a measure of our times. Not
you're the accuracy of the claim. So here's why you used the word digital get all it's because I coined the term did. Get off and algorithm get off, and I did that into one eighteen as the keynote speaker of four Holocaust day of the official governor Holocaust Day, speaking in the return, the damage can state capitol in land sing, an I some arrived. My remarks, including the algorithm in ghetto, ended digital ghetto before in The trial, which ran in the times of everyone about thirty other papers and history network news, and I was
sound- and I remain even more concerned that the activities of the of the oligarchy of digital control are in fact trying to chonta into digital ghettos. I should mention that a get all evil My parents are holocaust survivor of no use to think it was. A polish word is Chile, in italian word a jewish italian word, which originates from the sixteenth century from one of the first get named get out, and that was in venice- and the word comes from it is argued by many that the word may come from the jewish, hebrew word gets, which is a divorce, but it also means being put aside from worth separated from
during the nineteenth century. The ghettos became much much worse and during the holocaust they became the first step, along the way annihilation for the Jews. This, of course, was facilitated by IBM in its twelve year alliance, with the Nazis, which I wrote about in IBM and the Holocaust several years ago, after it when I was writing my book war against week about eugenics and genetics that the word was coined genetic and was used largely by her daughter many others who were seeking legislation that would not permit people to take testing of individuals of their genetic back ground for the purpose of denying them a
damn employment, credit access to housing etc, and I believe the genetic ghetto was one of the earliest modern innovations of this terrible place ghetto and, of course my parents were in a ghetto. You use this term be cause. That's exactly what I have observed them. What many people have observed? I think that there is nothing historic about the criticism in evolving hit history in the crews, that you received. I think this is just another byproduct of anything that anyone says is being a trans, magnified and weapon ized against them. I am very concerned about the breach of the concept that you do not you
if it were as a criticism, even though numerous leading all cost historians have called Trump Hitler, and I don't like that- I have to tell you this this we can use Nazis, we can use concentration camps, we can use storm troopers, we can use trump in our aura Hitler to describe the Trump administration, but you can't ever do it. It is that it is so important to me Edwin that we. You know that the phrase never forget doesn't mean, don't forget what they did. It means don't forget how we got to the showers and It's the seeds, unless you pull those weeds up early and you king eyes them, no matter which side I mean, I would be saying this if the Republicans.
On Facebook and Google, and they were in bed with the government and they were silencing people. I be saying exactly the same thing the These are the sea leads that start to spread up and if you don't cut them off early, it's too late, am I wrong. I of course have seen the misuse of this term by so many of holocaust terms. I heard, are not Schwartz nigger the other day all make reference to a crystal clear which is something I studied in nineteen thirty eight, which involved the murder aunt em, resentment and burning of many thousand jewish wives, and motions and also had the v, the army and the police standing? By doing nothing doing,
NASA. Yes, yes, because this was one of the best manifestations Crystal knight of the of the authorities becoming part. Of the affliction in the worst way, naturally that started on January 30th, one thousand nine hundred and thirty three everybody needs to take a breath when we are talking about a digital ghetto. That's exactly what we're talkin about we're talkin about people who is to silence you we're talking about people who wish to marginalize others we're talking about operations that are trying to follow the most often steps of marginalization. You know, and once again we are we talking about this. For the digital means, it was the m that made it possible for Hitler to perpetrate the Nazis. That does not mean that this
Is a nazi regime were work or twitter is part of and not he regime, but what it does mean is that high tech was involved. In the words of my time in the history of humanity, I've heard people talk about what these are: private companies Google's a private company quarters of private company there, not private companies. both companies and their loans by all of us and as a public interest in these companies abiding by the the Bible law and I believe it was some versus Alabama my wrong and about nineteen? Forty six private companies- I talked about that last night. That stated that a private company can
Do not engage in illegal activity or improper Gimme, regardless of its terms and conditions, health care when it comes to the private ownership versus the constitution, the com petition, always must remain supreme well, we'll have you on again I'm sorry if, if, if I said something out of turn. Last night, I don't think I did anything out of turning the out of turn it from my friend and they know who they are, down the rhetoric tone down the rhetoric. If you have a problem, give me a call You know who you are, and you know who I am keep the high cost of this, but we need to look at the step. We need to understand that right now, people are are following the step of identification, exclusion and
publication and that things tat is about, is what We wanted to stop. The purpose of the historian is to look ahead and over the horizon, based on what he has seen come before. That's why we, here. Shall. Thank you read my thank you watching your listening to the master of the Glinda programme. I have done everything I can as much as I possibly can to teach you about. Martin Luther king and non violent protests- and I dont think there's anybody in the media who has talked about nonviolence longer. more in depth.
Commercial airwaves than me, could be wrong. But I bet you almost in american history. That might even be then am I, and stand up to be. True. Preachers certainly commercial airwaves. I don't think anybody has now, I think many art trot began Turning to understand why I tried delay that found foundation, I told you since September eleventh, I have this feeling that you are going to be the group of people that will, in the end, save the republic. I have always believed that I dont know how it is saved, it might just be preserved in our hearts and in sections I don't know, but I leave it now. I never will did us to get. To this mean everything. I've done is to prevent us from getting here, but everybody is so politically tied to their side.
that no one will let their shields down and actually listen to one another and we're at that desk. Point now. You are equipped to save the republic because who at least hopefully have a fundamental understanding of the constitution. The bill of rights And you understand it least a sick understanding of Amerika, history MA More importantly, what makes this audience so phenomenal is it is the most generous and service minded audience of any show in America and perhaps the world it's part of what continues to be so frustrating about the capital invasion last week, because you're being maligned you? I know who you are. This is
most peaceful, generous, loving. God fearing authentic patriot, dick audience in America and who are frustrated and you are tired of being hit in the face and called bigot and everything else. No matter what you do. I know I know I've been called an anti Semite, just in the last twenty four hours by everybody. Unjustly I get it. You are now being tainted by the actions of complete imbeciles who do not reproach you and I it's not fair. but that's the hand that were being dealt and gods in charge He is not surprised. We know the left's current tactics fail in the long run, silencing cancel, taking away rights.
These are the hallmarks of regime after regime after marxist regime on the ash heaps of history now China is still there because they have taken so called free market which is not free. They took the capitalist system combined, it with their marxist utopia, and I don't know, what's gonna happen to the people over there, especially seeing that our high tech has joined them to weed out dissidents. It's not inevitable that we join them and it is, going to require us to take a stand. just not in the way that most bill, especially if their angry think is most effective. Look at the ratings of b a lamb, seven eight percent of Americans at the beginning of the summer thought that they were swell.
The number is in the low twenties now. Why? Because violence doesn't work. I don't know if you saw the fellowship of the ring, but you remember if did when Frodo says I. I don't want to do this, a he's he's he's. minting having to face down the evil, and he's just one guy. I'll, never forget, because it was right after nine eleven that that movie came out I'll, never forget, Gundolph reply. Enough said so do we all who live to see such times, but that is for them to decide All we have to decide is what we are. owing to do with the time that has given us. We can't decide what others are gonna. Do we care
control the dangerous orwellian darkness that seems to be descending on America, all we can control room man search for, meaning is our response. and strive to lead by example, and by the way, if you know any one in your sphere of influence who might be planning to attend. One of these armed rallies in the coming days. Beg them not to go down everything you can to stop them. That is not the way to take a stand. It does not protect. Anything that you hold dear it will endanger the republic. It is what the other side why darkness were, Star wars, yes, give in. embrace your hatred. Don't do it And how do we take a stand.
First thing I need you to do today, help lower the temperature. We can build on. It has been so hard for me not to respond to people on Twitter today who have called me every name under the sun, because I quoted, The leading holocaust historian last night on Tucker Karlsson, but see that was the attack on me. That was an attack on Tucker. If you can scare, the guests from coming onto Tucker, you destroy Tucker, that's what they're doing there was an attack on me. That was an attack on him. Do not your anger on social media. At this point, it is probably just gonna get your account shut down. I, I urge you to write this down. I want you to keep. This in front of you bless it are the peace makers for they we'll be called the children of God. Thou That means something today.
Much more than it did six months ago, placid be the peacemakers, be a peacemaker You have to stay plugged in, and this is the hard part you can't disconnect, as things are moving too rapidly Must stay plugged in. But I want you to reach out to some one in kindness on social. media, encourage someone not engage with the darkness b, the light corner of your world. Instead, you to be a leader for what is to come. And I know I'm asking you almost the impossible. I know you're angry and frustrated and it is got wrenching to feel like your powerless to drop your nation, from what you believe is sliding into the abyss, and I believe it too, with everything in me. I wish I was wrong
I hope that I am, I pray that I am, but no, this you are not powerless. You are not voiceless, you may be the voice, the only voice that anyway, Here's, voices like mine will go away. I am. I am too and to think of how I can't what I need to share with you before and God forbid, if that ever happens, because I cannot live with myself. If I was talking about something, stupid politically and I, find my voice, silenced and then saying I wish I would have said this. I wish it would have told them miss. You wheeled more power than you know, not because of your vote. being able to call your congressmen, your more powerful than you know,.
because you understand the real problem in Amerika. The ring the problem in America is not political, it is spiritual. and until we are humbled and you get angry and you're like I'm gonna, take this in a mile. You are not being humble, you think you fix it. everything is happening to us, because we are an arrogant out of control. People. We must hum ourselves. please. You have the skill and the strength to endure the fiery darts that are gonna, come your way or already are, but It is a problem with our heart. You cannot, reach some one's head without capturing their heart? and no one is going to capture anybody's heart through violence
in your own home and then reach out, and if your able serve your neighbour You can serve your local community. You, must be a beacon of light in a very dark place.
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