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Best of The Program | Guests: Dan Bongino, Elijah Schaffer, & Sheriff Grady Judd | 6/2/20

2020-06-02 | 🔗

The media calls Trump weak and authoritarian for bunkering down in the White House. But former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has a better perspective: Did Trump even have a choice? BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer discusses why piles of bricks are showing up at protest sites. Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd went viral for warning looters not to attack suburbs and encouraging residents to have their guns ready.

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Hey it's bad gray, and today, on the Glen Back Radio programme, we dampened GINO Stoplight talk to learn about the president's move into the bunker. Does president trunk have a right to unleash the military spoiler alert? You does also Eliza Schaefer Toxic Glenn about so that roofs he seeing out on the streets during these rights and finally, we have sheriff Grady judged from pull county to talk about his press conference, that with supervisory role, all that and more coming up on the broadcast. Well, of course, CNN is talking about the White House, bolstering its defenses CNN reported that it was bolstering the White House defences like authoritarian countries. Do
still potential. Last time you heard of fifty secret service agents hurt in any kind of confrontation. None was the fifteenth of never a sharp birthnight- and here I don't think I've ever heard of that. I never heard of ever heard of that and the president's doesn't decide when he goes to the back of the bunker. It's my understanding, but somebody does. No, this is Dan Bonn GINO the host of the damned upon GINO Show and a former secret service agent. That was on the presidential detail at the White House for Barack Obama, hello Dan. How are you going? talk Dorothea yeah you're right that reality is correct. Ok so tell himself so so. First, while tell me the last time you heard of any story with fifty secret service agents skilled at any time in american history or not in yet
Never I mean I can recall, be it at seven EU! You no longer you and General Assembly's up in New York. Or what will you do with that? W Theo where we ve, you know here and there at perimeters you bad people injured things thrown out them bottles generally, but even over these- where we were over in in Georgia, I wasn't on their I was in the training centre at the time that time where they HU, the grenade President Bush out of your members. I want Even then the injury count the agents and staff, and everyone was far less them- will be sought at this insurrection at the way, Listen glad that that was not a protest it it should and it could have been- there were obviously legitimate, great fear that debt should be aired, but that's not what that was he's an insurrection. It was a riot and I can tell you options. Forces of mine that, where there are more than credible and unimpeachable that the
on the white. That's what it was over a period of days was the organised we ve done using very strategic tactics. They were used this kind of lifting shipped model where they would hit a certain point, get the officers air get the secret. Serve uniform division there and then, when they got them in one spot, they would move to another spot trying defence, the Achilles heel. Dick was not this stuff glass. Other up a bunch of, like you know, to bed criminals who just found themselves at the White House on Saturday, on Sunday night, I want to be clear: no clear this was organised by an cars that a joke and hyperbole. These were people committed to an insurrection that was thankfully put down so the damn let me go before we get back into all of that. Let me go back to the other they're saying bed, you know he as a coward for hiding in the bunker, etc, etc. Does the President have a right to say no, when
secret service says you have to move now. Mr President,. Well, let me give you the textbook and unless throw out the textbook talk reality. So the textbook answer that is no, he doesn't have the right to say now. The secret service the authority under title eighteen? U S code thirty, fifty six to protect the president, however they may deem necessary is the real world the present a United States and add I always refer back when questions like this. Come up to that does they'll. Be me: he was at the american president. Assad Michael J Fox is achieved and marches, while I wanna get out now and and jump out here say hello to people, and he felt something like the others. No jumping, MR presence of the president, wants to get out and jump out, say hello to people he's gonna do it. I can't tell you how many times we told President Bush there's nobody is carrying out a good idea that you do this do it anyway. I'm inaccurate recall. One situation where they shut the president down
they told him. We are absolutely not gonna do this, so you know if he says I'm not going there probably knock? I take him. Having said that, the situation like that were there Very little doubt amongst us people they were trying to storm that white out. I think they. However, road and answer, Mr President, were really sorry. You can punishes later for this, but we drag out. He did not. That can use drugs did Dan. You know that I I'm protected by given to Becker and associates, and you know who they are, I'm sure I end there is a difference between when they say we highly recommend. We really don't want you to and can override them, but they're all oh times that I have been where they have picked me up by my pants, like the president and thrown me into the car, and said: I'm sorry you're not doing it or we're not protecting you. We will not guarantee your safety on this. We want
Actually we ve gone to war zones and everything else. But there has been a couple of times where they said no, and I had no choice unless I wanted to fire all of them and in which it you know, I didn't the president and fire the secret service. They do have the right, and if fifty secret service, men and women were injured there, at the White House trying to protect the White House. I I believe they walked in and said. I don't care what you say, Mr President, The secret service agents have just been injured during the bunker yeah yeah you're right and justice. The double down and what you're talking about here, number one. The president is one of the few protect ease. Who cannot what we call the secret service sign off on other bouquet he's far indignant carries on, they can sign They can literally side a piece of paper thing. I don't want you guys here, whatever I'm going out the party on a Saturday night, I don't want you around and secret service
ok there's a little paper. They sign it and that's the depressing safe, cannot Julia. He has no. What's already even himself to sign off, protect none zero number one number two you're right up: you have a private Chica Eddie came is very good, but they have profession liability standards to guide. You said: listen, I want of rock into the cereal murderers house on a Saturday night, light high on drugs and I'd like you got it, they hey. That's a really bad idea: they're, not gonna. Let you do it because they did you, maybe aided when you get murdered baby on the front page erect, Opie security form. What club back get himself you're not do that, though, the situation like, they'd Saturday night. What we're looking at it a insurrection at the White House. I don't blame me good service one bed for saying. Mr President, we really gotta go and shame on the media by the way for painting this as some kind of security, you trump ran like a coward. You already said yesterday. If it fell, my beer, you think I'm wait a minute. Take my ass. I going to show you
stones. I do have an you. What do you like this guy or not? I'm gonna walk across the street in the middle of an or a right in the middle of these phenomena. Show you who treats these really are their hours. The american people they're not the streets of the rise. The he's getting heat for that, because they used their actually calling tear gas chemical weapons, that he used chemical weapons on that crowd of protesters without any warning which we know for a fact, is not true. We know people that were there and they say that there were two warnings issued warnings, vat evacuate. The area evacuate the area. An organ or you will be confronted with tear gas, so they warned people the president. If he's got to go, someplace he's going someplace and I not think there was a problem at all.
Either I dont weekend. I can't delete I'll, give it rats. He asked Malta media says there actually putting the president, the United States remains figures in danger. You monsieur my goddamn, that's up to say: is it really a limited some? If they did not report on this bunker incident and it just either kept the lid on it, put it on it responsibly, say: nay, the secret service made us security call removed the presence of the bunker. Instead of writing stupid articles like the present, It runs in shame to the bugger, which is totally false and made up gland, ironically by writing like that they incentivize the Did it to go out and say? Listen now we have to do some kind of symbolic, show a horse and we're gonna lose the White House. They don't under spam like they're, not smart, their moron, Your embers filled with double digit. I choose were only in this to aggravate the already add situation, and it is a shame because they're really incense devising this kind of stuff to happen. They don't even see their role in it.
So, damn you came to me when I was on Fox, Tell the story of what have we told the story before course by custom, so long ago. That was great so long ago, the IP and you were you were there at the White House during Obama, and you came to me during a show and I we're coming over to shake your hand and say hello, and you said in the break: I'm leaving the White House because I'm watching you- and I know I am seeing you know everybody watching in the White House- and I know what you're saying is true- you were there? Can you a little bit about Obama, gate, and you know what we're probably not going to even care about the end of this summer that we, good care about. I Guy said on yours: you all a media, I'm pretty sure, because the thing want nuclear like our diversity, maybe
nine years gone. Almost positive is you're sure, where I warn that the problem with the Obama administration was he was surrounded by thick offence, you tell him what he couldn't do and when you sign that you may I am looking to be fair here ever administration at Second- and you may have even even Mediterranean, everyone has problem with the Obama administration. I think the warning I given your shows when you By not with this toxic stew, glad of media permits ability where the media, in contrast with Obama, everything he did, was ok, you in a Lord Actin scenario where power corruption and what do they say all great men. A river bed meant you. A bad guy Obama with awaiting bad motivations who had no control mechanism. There was no show points for his behaviour and obey the gate at the end, I had left the secret service by the time. Obama. Kate was happening, but for my sources books, I wrote about it who were feeding the information about what happened, my FBI, guys it isn't
biggest scandal in american history and it a direct result of the media, refusing to call out United Layer rebuke weapon icing powers at his discretion. It was a shame what he did is disgraceful so is there a possibility that it is this same deep state that is supporting? I mean I look at you know, George Soros and the State Department and the the riots going all the way back to the Arab Spring They helped produce. And topple different governments. This is, taking. The same kind, of course, is is there a chance that the deep state is involved in this at all? It's funny meeting plan decided taught you were the shell, but I'm actually writing a different book and I don't even want, if I'm not even to tell you things, I'm not interested, but I just want to put this out there, down with it ass. She finished here and the block is about following it
keeps day money trail out. It's interesting, you bring upsurge of xenophobia. I got you can't talk about, so not all. I will I'll talk about whatever the hell I want. You can kiss my ass on that. Let's make any glutton disobedient. Our faith and I'd get here is like I'd give exact. No, I know you are no doubt I thought I'd get back at these media matters, lunatic actually have the documents and monitored showing tat the same people glad in the deep state that the lesson doesn't exist involving the spy gave it and the advancement of false narratives emanating from Ukraine and elsewhere. Trumps despise colluding with the Russian EAST from the gold linger James Bond movies. Oh my god same exact, people were involved in the appeasement hoax. The same point: its own paper just walk it's on paper, but the media will never tell you that story, because when you bring up short I got your sword. Can't bring us no I'll bring up whatever the hell I want and that in the boy
so you're assertion. There is entirely accurate. It is the exact same people They have their own ideas with their fingerprints are run. Everything at its really gross media. Won't get your heads out of their collective, rearrange and report on it. Well there I think they're part of it. I think they, I think they would rather have a world with Antiphon than a worldwide Donald Trump and people who go to church Meslay. It feels at least Haven damned mancino. You mean there come here for them, I mean it's gross I'll I'll.
Then bungee no great abbe on you find him at Bonn. Gino dot com be oh Angie. I and Odin combine GINO dot com and follow it D. Bonn GINO on Twitter. Thank you so much your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme. Let me go to Eliza Schaefer who has been down with these these rioters for a long time he's been following Antiphon and when you are with it with aunt afar- and you were you- are watching them beat people etc, etc. You told me The time Eliza that the police would just mysteriously disappear, that's because the Police chief and the mayor are our four antiphon seemingly
Are you seeing a difference between other tests and, for instance, the Dallas police, as opposed to thee, the Portland police. Yeah. I think one interesting aspect and I could be correct if I'm wrong, but Andino no journalist has taught me about how, like the marrow Portland. Similarly is the police commissioner He understood. Somebody's mares held an uncanny amount of power and influence, as we just heard over. The police department, whether indirectly, by directing grew from their more populous towards them and misrepresenting them or directly by telling them that they can stand down and not do their jobs, but I have absolute Thirdly, watched not not without police were over run in cities like Portland over the years I washed as they just begun gain control. Why dont have a radio I watched them answer calls get back on their trucks.
Cars and leave and watch the? tests in riots turned violent and vandalism increase when they had the opportunity to stop it in its tracks, so what is your take on this Elijah's? You watch these guys I mean it's really important for top down bottom up inside out that theory that I've been explaining for the last fifteen years, you, got to have people in power. This is the way they flipped countries to be communist. You have to have people who are communists in power, but they don't necessarily say they are but they have enough control to wear. They can move the system. You have to control the attorney general's in the prosecutors. We know the George Soros has been doing that for a while. Now and you have to have these uprisings in the street, no
prosecuted, knowing paying any price until the until the people just stand up, and they say the federal government help us help us nobody's helping us and that's when you flip the country to to a marxist utopia. Does that sound too crazy? This We ain't eliza, No, you know it doesn't go in and I think what really important or your listeners too. To understand is that I have been documented groups, like WEBS com revolutionary now, in LOS Angeles for years, recently. I have them on care. We are calling for a revolution in the streets. Are yelling at hunting and they are. They are completely calling on people to reverse and you know people laugh at me. Oh, are you pay attention to this group? While you pay attention to our group, I go because they are literally calling for an attack on our country, internalizing it and
the violence in our shriek, and I take people seriously. They call for threats of violence in our street. What looks like, You know it looks like we're not laughing anymore, because groups like that are working tirelessly in large cities, like LOS Angeles, to recur and they're getting at least the first taste of the revolution, and if we ve seen this escalation in just the last couple, Here's where the media laughed at me mocked me called me a propagandist for saying that these were viable threat to now. Just two years later there saying oh Actually, these people are burning down our cities. I wonder if the next Those were singing in the protest last night and riots that violence in just three days that's great? It's. We went from two years to three days. Who knows what could happen in an hour twenty four hours so Tell me what you know about the Lee Bricks situation, because I've heard two stories on this and we're close to some some information that I hope to be releasing this week.
At this point. Until I have that information. I I dont know, if it's just a coincidence- and you know that and too far happens to know where the construction site isn't so they they say, hey everybody meet here, but I've been around a while now and most construction sites are fenced off, so you and go to steal a pallid bricks, which is a lot of money, but the These organizers are meeting at places where the ASEAN, these palates, Rick's and they where to be part of a construction site most of them, is this a coincidence or do you think this is coordinated, that's really important question and I wanted to Charles to what I here's that we don't conjecture, I die, went out spoke to us about worked in bricklayers for quite some time?
they confirmed this me- that construction sites do not leave breaks out there. Body that is often stolen there so completely field, often with wired bars when their left that continue keeping Package in place after its broad offer the flat that, but you know, Glenn night when I made the claim that it was organised. People were leading people to pilot the bricks. You know I was, online and ridicule as if maybe just maybe I was trying to say, conspiracy? Maybe I was myself shot. To realize that somebody was looking to increase the violets and Vandalism and I saw how to bricks this is where there was not construction, and I uploaded video footage of even protesters acknowledging ridden filming like this is selfish. I see he's not construction around. Here these books are here and there to put it right now I might get your audience. Kin can look it up of great new protests. Flatbed trucks
just coming in the end is dropping off power to bricks the day of the protests, what Scott cars all around and that's, what's more suspicious to me, cars are there while flatbed truck goes into a parking lot right x, the protests and jobs are two giant pilots of bricks into the middle of a parking lot that doesn't breed suspicion and indeed in the eyes of any smart intelligent American of white bricks, whipping to opt out in an inner city in front of officers. While a riot isn't suing, then I don't know what would where the Teamsters could answer that question. Teamsters, would know who those truck drivers are teamsters would know what tat the usual is, I wonder if they would answer that question I absolutely I actually implore anyone with information, whether you're in construction, or you have background, to try to bring some thirty, two, the national conversation and that's why? For the
This time, I think Americans are not only realising that is up to them to protect themselves, whether it you know from from deadly force that seems to be asked we're police cannot help them in a one point, level individual on Twitter said that he had called the police because of it education between writers and his neighbour and the police said the city is under attack that is on you. I now do what you do it you need to you go to this really America, and yes, this is America in in a good in a bad way, in a bad way, because we're seeing our own governments that have been falling apart for years unable to protect us, but on a good way, because a man has always been by the people for the people it up to you to protect yourself in right now, not only physically information wise. You cannot trust the media and we You two helps. If anyone knows and have information, please contact Ebay self Elijah, Schaefer online or this programme, and help us bring bring too the evidence that the deception
people who are trying to protect this is all just random and somehow every city in America is burning accidentally at the exact same time,. Eliza. How is how do you think Trump is being viewed by the average American and the Trump supporter, because I have heard many supporters, saying he's being weak, he's not acting. I know that took her Karlsson did and did a monologue. Last night worry pretty much called him week. What you're thought you know I have been very very big supporter of the President of the United States since early on. Since I saw him continuing completely, ignore the advice of so called, couldn't good. Why councillors instead. B to the heart of the american worker and people, and just now like a run of the mill man who doesn't
have you any cried from people? You know I I I think any leader, just like George Bush during nine eleven really could fool understand how to respond to this, because you didn't even a very precarious situation every one already hold him racist and fascist, and you know compares him cute. You know it you out all Hitler and so on no matter what he does in this situation. I know, as the man you wouldn't you you're going to be labelled in a very negative light of your tough on the violence. Then you're racist, if you're not tough in a week, but I think everyone is to give a little bit of time. I do think that his speech was about three days too late he gave, but it was warmly welcome to my understanding in I would hope that he as he speaks and says that you know that America is a country of the rule of law that he would complete. We stand behind that and that he would set an example on president but weaknesses not the right word, but maybe just a
bit delayed, and perhaps just perhaps that could be because of that council from people like geriatrician thank you so much appreciated. That's Eliza Schaefer you can. Follow him at Eliza, Schaefer? Dot com as it is at the web address obligatory web address here. Where are you didn't think at Youtube? Dot com, slash slightly offensive, Org extent, content as well. At least you eat dot com, slash slightly. This is the best one by programme I have to play some audio from yesterday. This is sheriff Grady Judd. He is the sheriff of pulled county Florida I want you, listen what he said in a press conference We have received information and social media that some of the criminals were
take your criminal conduct into the neighborhoods. I would tell them if you value your life, you probably should do that and pull counting, because people, a pole Kennedy like guns. They have guns, courage them to own guns? And they're gonna be in their homes tonight, with guns, loaded, and if you try to break into their homes, to steal, to set fires. I am highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns, so low the community alone. I lived in county. I think I lived in poor county Florida and I did not get a chance to vote for him, but I think I we have here. Overwhelmingly elected sheriff in two thousand for reelected
eight one thousand two hundred and sixteen and I'm guessing he's going to do well the next time should he decide to run well to the programme, Grady John, he very much, and certainly I will want to continue serving the people of Bulgaria in keeping them safe and supporting them why they do the right thing so Grady are you? Did you see something in the you in your county that this Yours is just what's happening all around the country and they ve been saying they're coming to the suburbs, so you were just well. Making sure everybody understood wig tell me about six hundred men. Ninety thousand people ends, as you can imagine, will have a large sheriff's office here, an hour, religious group. Take this chatter up, All of these different face
or social media post on over. He was on Facebook. It was another social media. We weren't able to verify it at the time of the press conference, but we take All of those threats serious until we can discuss them, and we weren't able to discount it because we saw it for more than one source. So I was spending to reporters question, but at the end of the day, that's make common sense. I mean it's Armed Viral, I looked blessed. I knew was two point: five million views, but Tibetans, grim We said: what's what every citizen in the United States has a right to do your home, in your house. An looters take to the neighborhoods and there, a break into your home to rob to steal, to set your house on fire. Why? Wouldn't you below the amount of your house with your firearm. You ve got the right
take yourself, your family and Europe so to me. It was just common sense. I find it interesting. Greedy that there has been such a movement to yet guns out of the hands of average citizens and the same people who have been trying to do that are now in the streets causing all of this ruckus and saying we're coming to your house? You think it's a coincidence or these things coordinated do think. I pray it's absolutely coordinated? You know it's pretty basic, You know the also em. If we knew our guns only out, walls will have guns. Three, our two years. I've been in law enforcement. My entire adult life outlaw criminals fags. They don't pay any attention to rules. If they did, we wouldn't have criminal combat and the criminals always have guns. So
swat shocks me about risk. The criminals always have gods, of the criminals have guns why odds, Green Earthward. We want law, abiding citizens, at least be able to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families and their or areas in this country. If people did guns in their homes- they wouldn't be safe. So what we are saying is locked. The criminals start obey the law. When the criminals story and watch right then come back to us and talk about gun control. I don't think we'll ever have a conversation. I don't think so either I still wouldn't give up my I still and give up my gun. I mean I have a right to protect myself and I think we are seeing now why there needs to be magazines that hold more than seven bullets. I mean look at some of these beat down that are happening in the cities. There are two
twelve fifteen twenty people that are after one personages beating them, I mean you know, I have a right to live and I have a right to my own opinion and I have a right to say it You have a right to protest, but not to be. Need a death Give me a shot of of saving my own life that's absolutely correct, but I can assure you of one thing that that that second third fourth fifth person, when you modify that first persons behaviour with a gun. The others decide to go the other way and in winter can't be safe in your home. You can't be safe anyplace at all, but you the right, especially in a state of flora. We have beautiful laws, not Castle Doctrine laws, but we are also have a stage. Your ground lol and it's really been take him out. Context. Our stay your grand loud does it mean that you can enter into a conflict and stay.
Near gray, the internet and the pure, purpose about law is you're a law abiding citizen behaving well, down the street, mind your own business, and so One comes up to attack you to be you day on with a stick, a baseball, but they have a knife? They have again, Sir, you have the right to protect yourself. You don't, have to run from somebody did. Maybe stir and certainly wants to assault you- and may is common sense and when you look where the price, bombs are occurring additionally it it's in the communities that have stopped the good people from doing what's right possess. Their firearms Having easy to access conceal weapons permits. Obviously than the criminal stake over so
where do we go from here share of what should the the sheriffs and the police forces around the country be doing right now to make sure they stay on the right side and there and there their cities in their counties are protected. Reggie you ass. I leave the police are nothing but a microcosm or a reflection of a community when you saw these police agencies around the country that warrant appropriately responding to protect lives into protect property that the reflection of the government that reflection of the decision makers, the police officers or the enforcers, they dont create the laws they just the laws and enforce the rules so winds. Police officers or told a standby on lead and burn the building police officers stand down and let alone the building
would police officers and other communities or told you're not going to let them burn out our stores and then then that's exactly what the police can do. We have the resources to protect people's property and take their lives, the leadership of our community the mayor's the city com stirs the governors, the state legislators if they capitulate. If they back up because of the use of force, or threat. It gives them or a threat. Of forcing it to them. If they do, the police to stay a bell, but you get what you get. There's a horrible video back in the two more riots where the place worst were told. Do not engage these people lead or tearing up and burning this store, and there was certainly a police officers there to do it. You have to not looked at the police. You have to The leadership and the man
one of the city or the community. And how do you think the police and sheriffs are handling it so far I mean between cove id. There were some really dicey. Things are happening around the country with covered. And some sheriffs mainly sheriffs with some police officers- stew, against some of the draconian things are happening in the state read it police are handling it well, we ve got a lot of challenges on our planet. Right now covered is certainly a problem. We ve got high unemployment. We ve got folks who have an environment where can legally aware mask all the time and be An positions to one protect themselves with a man, Or two, themselves with a mask while they rob so when you add to that this environment that we have here now, that is absolutely totally Shockey. First
foremost, no no reasonable police agency police officer could ever I defend the conduct of that police officer in in Minneapolis. That was totally horrific. There's not enough words to talk about that, they made there Just is not adequate words. Never has a place also been trained in a police academy to put their on someone's throughout regard, regardless of whether they are resisting or not you don't the old down on someone's throat so list that aside, but then for a second because we all agree that that was horrific. It wrong and- community head please also does Matt. I would have had him in jail before Sundown, but that really if people are right to riot to loot to steal. Yes, you wanna privileges, difference who wrote it what's the deal between a protest and arrive at a protest
is women. We had one Sunday where we had four five, good. People show up to protest. Get the death of joy were destroyed. It was healthy. It was good. There was all folks there. There was young folks there, there were children there and they proud Did that heretical bad? It was wonderful event: the exercise their first amendment right, it was so passive. The local police department did me, an visually? Have law enforcement officers in the crowd, but tell you what happened the protests, just then went home, but from there an artist, the rioters they they mark down toward the police department, with some protesters and after that protested at the police department. The nose protesters went home and that left the anarchist and it left the rioters and that's the p
for that we had problems with in this community without the police department, called the sheriff's office and we all mustard. Other and we pushed him out of the intersection after they had torn up one building, and Damaged one car and injured one set of people who which, by the way, was one of the protesters that they got mad at, but that's the difference protesters or exercising first amendment rights, why errors are taken advantage of the situation. It delude steel? Hurt people are created. Salute chaos and we'd it that's why it's important police agencies to be allowed to go in and pick the dissidents out but global makers out that citing the riot when you them out the new level protesters sheriff.
Had been great to talk to you. Thank you for your insight. Thanks for the courage for standing up, and my best to all of Europe. All of you, Fellow officers- and I wish you nothing, but safety and and health? Thank you so much sheriff by the way you verify cheaper. You bet we keep earth policemen first spotters in our prayers. I can imagine what it's like to go to work, especially in a city that is hostile to cops and you're, one of good guys we two cops in Vegas in the hospital one, of them seriously injured. We have four in Saint Louis in the hospital and two cops. Last I were run over in Buffalo Ohio. You gonna take before America's enough is enough that camp if any honest, decent America, American is,
with the looters at this point
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