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Best of the Program | 4/30- Too Old Joe is a Go - h1 - Maduro's Days are Numbered (w/ Daniel Di Martino) -h2- How Obama Engaged Ukraine (w/ John Solomon) -h2- Watch BlazeTV for Free -h2- Securing Synagogues (w/ Yael Eckstein) -h3

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One day before I special on socialism that you're going to be able to find everywhere. That's tomorrow at eight p, DOT M Eastern. You don't want to visit socialism a warning from the dead. We ask that you come with an open mind and you really really pay attention to what we're going to share with you tomorrow, something that the rest of the media will not share and it kind of ties into some of the news it was breaking today about Venezuela. We have an update during the show or from Venezuela on what is actually going on Also John Solomon is with us to talk about how they did find collusion. He and his reporting has found collusion, not with a Trump administration, but with the Obama administration. Wait until he lays this story out. For you, it's pretty remarkable. We also look at Joe Biden these new speech impediment, which is kind of disturbing
in what I think is one of the highlights of the show stew breaks down the Clarence, Thomas and vitamin arguments. They are changing our history in real time and its really really important and good as well and don't forget to Morrow night Wednesday night may first May day is the date of the special that were area called socialism. Winds, socialism, a message from the dead tottered socialist turn a capitalist country, it just three years to socialism going back looking at how it happened then, and how their attending the same thing right now that it is an incredible look at history and also, unfortunately, our present socialism, unless it from the dead, is available for free to be subscriber. For this, though, it would serve to encourage you to do so at least Ebay dot, com, slash Glenda from a quick glance, however, watch it for free.
To Facebook, Toby everywhere, you're not going to be able to afford it tomorrow. Night may first May day socialism a message from a dead. That's all I today's podcast, the only thing tat the day. I saw some video today that I was little disturbing and not that he is going senile or or anything like that. It's just if I were working for Biden, I would be concerned a little bit yeah. You think, maybe a little bit on this about a speech that he gave yesterday where he was He was slurring his words Abed and he's
Darting to sound like a very old man, listen to this one thank our rich for Gerald Account executive around very count, executor being here in all my time in public life from the sub got involved A country wasn't bill by Wall, street bankers, seals and huts five men. If the enterprise in our times everybody took a hit union workers, the- U S, W, took incredible cuts in their future that their pensions in the left to get GM working. There also got that last year and try to cut wages, freeze wages for the people right today. The same is happening because of this because those systems, I regret to rethink how we define I'm a constitution as excessively common folks american think that children can have the same standard of innate. How kind of person dig may be maintained, but why they do that. It means investing much more in medical research to cover the costs
devastating these, like cancer detection of all time. So God bless you all, and may God protect our true now this was within from the Teamsters yesterday in Pittsburgh. And again I don't think he's senile or anything else, but he is starting to slur his words like my grandfather used to and that doesn't instil confidence. It's you hit a wall there, maybe where it's just not happening it. The here's, the issue with Joe Biden as he's not a deliberate speaker, right he's not as the type of prison professor where he sits back and speaking in market tones. He knows that that somebody does. He is a conversational guy. He tries to sounds like everything he says is off the top of his head and that's been part of the charm I guess of Joe Biden Bite and if, if you are an archaeologist and can find the charm, that's candidate, rioting, conversationally. China goes that way
back is harder and harder. I think, as you get older and if he's having issues with this he's, gonna have to changes style. You as a death, damn yeah at a really be a death. That's gonna be tough. I mean look at his first speech in a long time, maybe a real chalk. This went up to his little rusty. You can make that argument I mean I've. I'm just jiving use just tired or whatever, but I if I were unsure staff I would be concerned you can't, but you can't pile speech after speech after speech up like this now well and gluttony. This is if this is your campaign launched champion. This is not at. This is not a I'm tired, especially after you know. I have for you running with. Well, you know against Trump. Trumpet is a machine. Gee has and limited energy when it comes to the sky, and he I mean I was. That was probably the most amazing thing about two thousand sixteen I'm the guy ran was held his he. Seventy two seventy two years old and he is he's not in shape and select. The guy's worked out.
Whole life. Now he eat my Joey's Mcnally's, amygdala separated right and he is just a machine he just doesn't slow down. I remember we did one. He can't in Iowa last year earlier last election. Remember this and we're just going around its you get off the plane. You go to a car, you dry for forty five minutes you get out, car. Your your wist around you know where you're going go especially like and I ve been glens. The one making speeches understand us stand there behind watching and but give you your meeting bunch of people for the first time and you have to be on and every one of these moments, because you know you it's an bees are important. Interactions are having a leash, they are, and then is the second. It's done. You're running to the car, it's cold, you're, driving to another place, an hour and a half away to do a centrally the same speeches, different group of people. We have the same interactions and you're doing this. We did this for a week and they wanted to kill myself. I gave an imagine what it's like to do, that every single, weaken tromp was smart. I think in the way that he sort of redesign up
us his processes. I got my big jet with my name on the side I land. I talk. I leave and I think that was part of this being a brilliance of of the way he approached it. You know every one else was going door to door in and meeting nine people at in about a place where there serving eggs and Bacon he's going to be a big venue, and so he had it lit less appearances, but still talk to as many or more people and that's a smart way to do it may be biting, can pull it off, but it of twenty eight. Is that any there's no celebrities in it? Inside of NEO Liberal, it's not like it's not like the second run for Obama. Remember Obama. The first time ran like a drop me up, had huge venues and you know could fill stadiums. An arena is the second time. If you remember he couldn't Phil arenas dumb.
Tromp is still feeling arenas, so he still running it with the same kind of electricity. In the air, where that didn't happen, for Barack Obama yeah and from has the ability to that, I dont think Biden has in that trunk can say, Look I will show up when ten thousand people are there or I won't show up, and no it's gonna say you. Will Europe well yeah, of course, he's an elitist he's. Got he's got gold apart. Yes he's in the lead us because he's actually I mean he's pretty much admitted that he's been like. I don't know why everyone says that led us is so bad. It sounds like a good thing to me. I mean where bite and is doing the exact opposite pitch. Here's a guy who's got tons of money, tons of influence, look at the shows, go back and watch them, though Ukraine one is out there right now for free on Youtube at the Glen Becca Channel go there and watch what he's done in Ukraine. How much money flowed into that family mean bill.
The of dollars of deals were going through the company through with his influence? They got plenty of money. They got plenty of influence, but he's trying to pitch himself as middle class, Joe, which every one calls him. If everyone is Joe Biden, he calls himself middle class Joe. No one else calls in that he's lunchbox Joe he's the guy out. I'm a union guy, I'm out there. I'm he's basically acting like he's a construction worker running for president and, of course, that's not true at all. So he's a having to lie about it and be like you can't run that the Trump style when you're, I'm a guy who wants a shake everybody's hands, because I've got my sleeves rolled up
bite in style is not conducive to the Trump approach, and the Trump approach can be easier on a seventy plus year old person. So if he's got less only like this on day, one that is worrisome firm. So let me ask you this, because I saw some some people unless a trump took the bait he's gone after he's, making Joe Biden the candidate, which is great for Joe Biden, a great for the Democrats, and I thought- and I'm not so sure I am not so sure that Joe Biden is, is the end all be all I mean new. Who, who do you think would be the best candidate I mean of the ones who have a chance, the best kind of,
to run against her doll drop out. If he, if done from, could pick his candidate could pick his cabinet e Lizzie Beth Warren. If we get the money that has a chance while she's in the tops, because its second tier of candidates- I you know, I mean she's around seven percent Bernie Sanders Kemal. I Harris Joe Biden, Milano PETE, Buddha, Buddha, Judge, Bob Franco Rourke, I think he's tubing area. He is he's tanking, as we speak, I mean running Bernie Sanders would be the best would be the ideal Yeah, I think so me Bernie Sanders. Another thing about Bernie Sanders is: there is still a percentage of this country that remembers what socialism actually, as that is not a social network. It's not how you interactive parties. It is so
in that killed a hundred million people in the century that they lived in an enemy and when you got a giant black book filled with a hundred million dead bodies that are all respond submit that are all from communism and socialism. The older voter looks at that and says, even if they are friends to the policies. The word is still scary enough to remember wait a minute. This goes wrong. I like universal health care, but I do these things go that far and all of a sudden woe where, where we gone, and these things go down the hill fast, they remember the stuff wait until went into uses specials happening to Morrow night. It's free Newton, go to blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, you'll, be able to watch it for free to Morrow or you watch it on our Youtube Channel or on our Facebook page, but watch it. Please watch it watch it with your friends. Watch it with your family
it is. The special is called socialism, a warning from the dead and it's alive special event tomorrow at eight p m, and we made it free food The reason is that we straw We believe every american needs to see this. This is this is a document based on a document that we found that was smuggled into the United States from behind the iron curtain in the nineteen sixties and it just disappeared and nobody paid any attention to it, and you really need to. I was re reading it yesterday, and it is, I mean it is torn right when you hear it the way it talks about democratic socialism and democracy. And we have to convince the people that they are they are. They are in need of pure direct democracy,
and you see what people on the left are saying right now, it's the same thing, but this document shows you why they're saying these things and it's a way to flip a country, and it was done by the former Soviet Union without a shot being fired. They flipped a massive free market to communism in three ears, and we are already three years into this socialism- a warning from the dead make sure you watch it it's again free tomorrow, a special event on our Facebook page. Are you two page and at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn? the best of a bad that programme I it's Glenn. If Europe,
driver to the podcast. Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs this: is the scene from Valkyrie? Listen to this ochres phenomenon for other devices have secured the well. In many cases there are repeated stations. Temporary workers have, as we met you my best. Your friend is with us constantly telling place all available heterosexual You have you better. Give me we're patrolled government, you don't have Berlin. Yet this is what is happening right now in Venezuela. They're trying to get the broadcasts are trying to get the the government can control there trying to convince the arm to switch sides and go away from the door right now it looks like the National Guard has taken at least one air base its
happening in multiple cities, but there hasn't been anything yet on broadcast broadcast is still saying. You know this is a coup in its being put. But you have to remember: Maduro controls the broadcast as soon as they get the broadcast facilities that could accelerate things. If they don't get the broadcast facilities, it may die and freedom may be lost again for another. God only knows how long we have Daniel De Martino, who has an update on venezuelan real time. I Daniel tells what's going on
Hi gland, so what happened was unexpectedly today because tomorrow was supposed to be a big protests in Venice were since she was my first and that's what the president said wider. But today we woke up to see a big chunk of the military uprising in Caracas was in other parts of the country would wider on, as well as full former political prisoner now free Nepal, the lovers who had been in jail for a long time now he's free so wherever it for them This will mean that Madura will be overthrown should. Ah, what are we? What are we looking for? or a sign that things are going.
Their poorly or going well. Do you know Daniel? Yes, so I think that if this is successful, will see Maduro and the rest of his regime, members fleeing the country, because there that's what's dictators, doing these kinds of places. Now, I'm still sceptical of I dont want to say that I see no successful when it's not because we have had this type of operation happened before going. So we really have to be carefully what we say. We have to check what information the press. Oppression. Why do is showing and, as you said, especially to inform Venezuelans inside Venezuela, they have shut down most social media, you to be shut down. The trend to shut down twitter and Facebook before you communicate in sending videos through what's up and the We look for them to seize the banks and the gold.
Do we know what the situation is in Venezuela about any remaining gold? I know he has shipped most of it out of the country to to Turkey. I dont think that their Senegal left, since they took it over a long time ago, but when I saw one name disqualifying, will have a lot of natural resources we have but who are willing to work. We need the freedom to do it. You very well know that country's stony natural resources even to to succeed there. You see the free market, and hopefully this is what we get. Ah, I think that's what international community needs to be doing right now is supporting. Why do they need to express our support and also stand ready to two? No actually take action is wider requested, because if this is not enough, as you said, is might be the last chance to freedom in Venice were on their site terrible humanitarian crisis, which, according to a union, seven million people risk of dying at any time.
We don't get you monetary and aiding unbelievable Daniel. Thank you so much from young voices as Daniel De Martino and please keep us up to date, even as the showgirls on today, we'd like to we'd like to know so you know mercury, on his already stationed itself on the border, we have many of our allies groups they're waiting to go in waiting to provide aid. We just the green light, and we could certainly use your support. If, if you would like to help those in Venezuela. If we can get in the sea. Is this thing, is over and we can get in we're going in with the with the soup kitchens a blazing because You know how dire the situation is. We just can't get in at the moment, but we are station
we are also station with Nazareth Fund and operational. You are right at the border as well to try to find those children who have been taken from their parents and have are being smuggled out across the border we each support. You can do that by going to mercury, one dot, Org, that's mercury, one day, or this is the best of the plan that programme, hey it's land, and I want to tell you being that you should either end your day with bore start your morning, and that is the new who's in why it matters. If you like the show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us they all get together at the end of the day and just talked about
lorries that matter to you and your life, the news why it matters for an hour. Were you download. Your big John Salmon is a is a journalist. He worked for the eight p in Washington Post, among others, for about twenty years. He now is the editor of John. Is it let it go or the hill at executive right by them at their own ground. The halo camps are an executive vice president of the hill and John has been looking into the nefarious stuff that has been going on in Ukraine, with with really pretty everybody. It seems whose at the top of these parties, Joe Biden is one of them, and now, if we're looking for Collusion John, do you believe we founded
Ukraine, with not the Trump administration, but the Obama administration? We we currently have a growing body of evidence are granted. I figure we wine go back to a bit about a month ago, I reported that ukrainian officials acknowledged that they had released a black ledger book during the twenty, action designed to tarnish poor man affords rapid asian and as part of that they admitted that the goal was to help frequent and the evidence is pretty clear? There's a court ruling in Ukraine that says the Ukrainian, ferment, wrongly releases document, in an effort to sway that twenty sixteen election, and then there were the tape recording released by that court and by a parliamentary member that, in which a top, but will you call the FBI of ukraine- is called Nabob they he was captured in the tape recording bragging that he was tripping trying to help Hillary Clinton. So from that, we try to roll back and find out what how do that happened? Where were we,
How is the genesis? What gave the idea of Ukraine to go? Look after her to release some dirt on Paul Manafort during the middle of the twenty sixteen election, hoping to hurt Donald Trump in the help it'll be, and what we found out was Ukraine. Officials were summoned to the Obama White House in January, twenty. Sixteen. This is just as I will try- was beginning to rise in the polls and start to win his primary victories after the other and they brought these prosecutors together, including the very agency that leaked documents and gave them a mandate, saying hey and you go out and help us find some dirt on Paul man afford, and it was that meeting in January twenty sixteen that gave rise to this sort of ferries of events. We have a foreign government now admitting on the record that it tried to intervene in the twenty sixth
election? That government wasn't Russia, it was Ukraine, that's unbelievable now. How much of this is related to what Joe Biden did with his son on holding back? All of that, american aid. I mean what was that involves it all and are not saying that was part of the deal, just the flexing of the muscles that they knew. If we don't help America out, they could cut us off at any time. Yeah. I think that's right. It's funny both man afford case, and the Biden case, what we call the bereaved my case, both came up in the January meeting, and so the Democrats had two needs that they had from Ukraine. That's part of the reason they took the extraordinary option of bringing them overseas bringing into the world
that's normal prosecutors from a foreign government. Don't go to the white ass if it's a rare episode to invite them into the White House and into above a discussion about what are really internal cases in Ukraine. The first one is ball metaphor: does we just described but back in one according to the attendees at the meeting, the Obama White House also ass. Could the ukrainian authorities step down their own investigation of a company called very small holdings. This was a company that that hired a hunter Biden, Joe Biden son, to be a board member, from which more than three million dollars was paid in consulting fees to Hunter Biden during the twenty fourteen, two thousand and fifteen time frame. So the second request that the meeting was first office get dirt onto Paul, Manafort and Donald Trump. The second request was: could you guys stand down on the bereavement vestigation and, if so, the FBI I'll take it over trust? This will do a good job investigating
and that didn't happen, the Ukrainians wooden back down? So then, two months later, what happened? Joe Biden shows up in Ukraine and says if you dont fire, the prosecutor leading that gave I'm going to cut off your foreign aid and of course he got what on itself that white Ass meeting had a dual purpose. According to the Ukrainians, one was Biden, one was manifold, so John, what what they were accusing Donald Trump of, was accepting a phone call from the Russians saying we have information and The trump you know campaign said: ok, we'll meet you, let's talk about that than they had no information. This is much worse because it's the Obama Whitehouse reaching out to Ukraine and saying we need your help to fine dirt on these people. Births exact
Right I mean it is now it's an overt ask as opposed to a path of receipt. So if you, if you compare the two episodes, are termed tower meeting of a sort of a passive event, where the Russian take the initiative come in men, don't deliver the goods here there you have the Obama administration making an overt request of the Ukrainians. Not the only one. If we remember where you go back to January twenty, seventh, so long ago now that we ve forgotten, but politico reported that around the same time, this meeting that I just documented at the Obama Lighthouse that the Democratic National Committee in the form of one of its consultants was sick. Dirt from the Ukraine Embassy and I'm gonna, have some new regulations on that. But you have the decency going.
Ukraine embassy in Washington, asking for dirt on Paul man afford you ve got the White House asking ukrainian authorities. They often restart the case on Paul manner. For these are not. Accidents are not coincidence, as there was a concerted effort by Democrats, both in the government and in the political party system, to try to get Ukraine help and trying to make the case that Donald Trump was an agent of Russia, which we now know is in truth, and so now you have a foreign power involved in a pretty clear, overt asked being made by Democrats of a foreign power to help them in the election. Do we have any one in journalism and all looking into
this besides you, while I the Good NEWS it I've heard from my friends in Ukraine, meant that the Washington Post in the New York Times have been in country in the last few days. Asking questions so hopes brings its own. All that more people will pay attention to is, I think, as time goes on them, the more important element to watch
we'll be what attorney general bar does he's, taking a look at the entire intelligence committees. Behaviour during the rush investigation and part of that could very well look at what was the source of this information who solicited? Who is pushing the flesh on this, and I think when we get those answers, I think his inquiry almost certainly will lead in some directions towards Ukraine, because Ukraine was curly playing and our election. They have admitted it now and the question is who is complicit if on the american side- and I think were beginning to get a little bit of a portrait of who the Bay conspirators are complicit? If people were in the United States? Okay so but the Ukraine did not like a man of fort, I mean they had nothing. They had no love, lost four manifold metaphor was I mean he was a bad dude for Ukraine. He was on the right. He was I wrapped in. He deserved what I got. I think yeah absolutely with them.
He was helping the party that was the Russia Align Party that got thrown out of power and twenty fourteen. He collected a lot of money, the only one remember, Obama's White out Council Gregg Craig has been indicted for taking money from the same party, helping them in and not properly accounting for the reporting of here. So you had both man affording great, Gregor Republican, a Democrat playing in this Ukraine field on behalf of the Russian Back Party in and the Ukrainians didn't like either. What's interesting, if you read my story, you'll find out that when the Ukrainian said hey, we not only have stuff on manner, for we have stuff and Gray Gregg Democratic Administration set out on our word out interested. That's just keep that to yourself, and so you can see the selective nature of what went on between the: U S, government and the ukrainian process off the subject. What is your take of what just happened with this new president, whose a comedian, the any game,
on him on where he's gonna fall on things. Well, there are some of those whose aim gave a first time political newcomer, whether the most famous COMECON Graham tolerate a new sort of bee would, we would consider Jerry Seinfeld in the nineties, to Ukraine is out of the present lack will be present and shortly, and I he has made quite a few soundings in the last few weeks that he wants to get to the bottom if he wants Ukraine to get We on this, I think you're going to see a change in leadership and all the offices, including the prosecutor's office. One person that there's a lot of speculation in Ukraine about becoming the next attorney general, the next prosecutor general, is a guy named cubic, am killing is one the people. I've talked to several times on the record who have com
told the story that the Ukrainians were playing in the election that we got cut off in the investigation of by me? If he becomes an Xbox secutor General, the american administration will have a very strong counterpart if they so choose to investigate these allegations. Loud Thank you so much for doing all this work. John Prescience, John Solomon, easy executive vice president of the hill and a journalist, even though the left is trying to discredit him, saying now he's an appeal guy really twenty years, a p in Washington Post. That makes you an opinion. Guy he's tracking down the facts without the opinion,
the left just doesn't like what he finds its the best and we're going back. You know that the New York Times her day had a headline recently was in March. I'm sorry, I was in New York Times. It was let and in the article the headline was: how Bernie could save socialism from Trump making Donald Trump, the the enemy of socialism amen, good! Well, you ve got my vote. The headline turned out to be the team as part of the article listen
This Sanders should deliver a detailed speech that chronicles exactly where Maduro went wrong and why he doesn't deserve the moniker of socialist. This is such revisionist history, which stew is gonna get into here in just a second such revisionist history. Shove as already when he left office when he left office Venezuela was already number one on the misery index in the world K. It was all ready falling apart. This is what always happens with socialist countries. Remember we're not talking about Canada or Sweden. Those are free markets with socialist underpinning. So in other words, you know socialist medicine, but that's not socialist country: it's a free market, Venice sway,
is a socialist country. The government controls everything. This is exact what democratic socialist are looking for, and we have to be really really clear on this. When they're saying heeds. While he's not a socialist he's a dictator. Yes, that's what happens while that Hitler Hitler wasn't socialists, because he just took power. No, he was dead critically elected he even gave people a chance. He then broke the constitution by by killing, so people in the night of long knives. But he went to the president and the President forgave him and the people forgave him. Then he took power. He became a chancellor. Well he's still was
socialist. He just became a dictator. Venezuela is a socialist country, but once these guys start to lose power. They don't care about the democratic process anymore?. A few days ago. The New York Times ran another article. This one was: can we please relax about socialism? No, I don't think should only in America is the word
used with such perceived menace, not check out this definition of democratic socialism. Democratic socialism is briefly put a noble tradition of civic consciousness that was historically a far greater degree than any of its champions are detractors today, often care to acknowledge, grounded in deep christian roots, really really I mean that's an argument. I haven't heard before it's ridiculous in the author. Never explains it, but it sure sounds nice. Then we get this countries where, since world war to the principles of democratic socialism, have shaped public policy, basically everywhere in the developed world, except here the lives of the vast majority of citizens, most especially in regard to affordable health care, have improved enormous
Lee well, it turns out the New York Times specializes in commentary about socialism. In March the article Bernie Sanders scares alot of people and quite a few people of them are Democrats, captures the anxious that democratic, socialist or causing here's listen to this. A word of caution from the new year times. The United States was founded as a contradiction to not an extension of Europe, so Four is to Amerika what fraternity is to France part of its core, the american space. So, and so on. European com Americans a bristling independence of spirit that wants government out of their lives, but other than that it checks all the socialist boxes. Socialism is not journalist, it says intellectuals or politicians armed with a policy agenda,
As marking angles understood, this was one of their core insights. What distinguish them from other socialist thinkers? Every ready ever ready with their blueprints is the workers who get up their who decide what and where there is that too, is a kind of freedom, a socialist freedom. Now here's the lie and here's the thing I'm gonna give to you tomorrow on a special broadcast that we have made for free. I don't remember a broadcast. We have worked this hard on for this long, special wonder, given away a job. If I know smart, I had a fight to make this one free they don't like, given the especially. This has been wildly expensive.
But I wanted to go out to the widest possible audience and I need you to watch it and to share it, so you can watch it on blaze, tv dot, com. You can also see it on our Facebook page and also on. Are you two page tomorrow live at eight p m Eastern? Please please share this with a friend it is all about socialism and a warning that we have found from the dead. Now. This is a plan, a blueprint and and
The New York Times said it's not a you know. Socialism is not journalists, intellectuals or politician armed with a policy agenda. It's the people, but in the intellectuals blueprint it describes this and it talks about how you have to have democracy to get there and listen in order that the reformist democratic way to socialism be complete. There had to be, of course, a denial of the basic condition of the possibility of victory for socialism of the dictatorship. Our state has decided for socialism, in the democratic manner, that is to say at the ballot and not through revolution or dictatorship, thus solving the problems of transition from capitalism to socialism, breaking the desperate resistance of the
Bourgeoisie of X, x, proper expropriated, the desperate resistant resistance of the capitalist private capitalist production into socialist production on a large scale on a large scale should be possible without the direction of policy by the workers class. Without a dictate. Ship just by phrases about some sort of pure democracy, in other words, Rick.
Vision and denial of the basic maxsim of Martinus Marxist Leninist theory of classes and class struggle? So they're saying: look we if we want to do this without revolution. What we have to do is convince the average person that you need pure democracy, because people will vote for free stuff. So if we can get pure democracy, we can do it without a strong arm of revolution or a dictatorship. Then once we have it as it goes on, then the vice comes down then, We have it and we hold them. This is how they flipped other countries. The blueprint they were going to show you to Morrow was one that was smuggled in from behind the iron, into the United States in the nineteen sixties and then it was just lost and people forgot it. I'm not saying anybody is using. This is their blueprint,
I'm just saying we're getting to exactly the same place there doing exactly the same thing as this blueprint written in nineteen fifty and used in Czechoslovakia they're using the same tactics, so they know it or not. It doesn't matter, they flipped Czechoslovakia, their flipping us and you need to see it. You need to watch it with a with an open mind. That's tomorrow, at eight p m e. During the kind of stuff that nobody in the mainstream media is going to actually do their homework, it's not conspiracy theories. It is the truth, and I make that case tomorrow at eight p m, don't miss it socialism, a warning from the dead.
The best of the Glen Bank Programme Here, even the New York Times last week analysed.
Something really disturbing going on in America, truly truly disturbing and it it has reared its ugly head here before, and it always happens during a time where there is a rise in socialism and it is worse in Europe. But it is becoming very clear here, even the New York Times last week- and I will show you show you this. If you happen to be watching blaze tv, but the New York Times up Ed cartoon up with Thumb, Donald Trump being led by a dog with the face of Benjamin Netanyahu by a leash and he's wearing dark sunglasses- and it looks like he is, leading million are being lost
and by Israel the dog has a jewish star of David around its neck. It is horrifying and D. The New York Times said all we apologise for that. We apologise really you didn't know that was anti Semitic were I kind of, looks like something that may be. Germany know doesn't kind of look. It looks exactly like what Germany did. In fact, we found a a magazine cover from Germany, with an old Jew leading. By the hand Winston Churchill it's exactly what girls was doing, and the left seems to not care about it and we have to care about the people let her in China, the Muslims that are in that are being rounded up systematically and killed or tortured in China. We have to care about the the Christians
that are being killed and bombed, and we also have to care but our jewish brothers and sisters- and I was I was so moved by what happened in California that the rat by said, too, on congregant cod, You bring your gun because he worked for the border security. Could you bring begun, so this guy would travel for hours back and forth just to be. Well to be at the synagogue and and worship he happened to be there with his gun and he's the reason that that, and become a mass shooting these synagogues and these houses of worship and the the Torah schools are under attack and could your you survive. Could you
church survive. If it had to have bomb proof bullet proof glass, I mean think of the cost. Well, I was, I got an email on Sunday from Yale, Epstein and Yale is she's with the international fellowship of Christians and Jews. Her father was the rabbi that ran that forum a very, very long time who has just passed away and Last time I saw him we talked about. How can we help these synagogues that are under attack and so ya? L is with us now high I'll how're you hi grandparents a sombre dear welcome I first while I'm so sorry about the passing of your dad. He was a great great man- thank you. I know he felt the same way about you. Thank you. So we see in France
It's a seventy four percent increase in the number of attacks against Jews, Germany, sixty percent here in the: U S. Last year alone, it's up fifteen percent. Sorry, fifty seven percent here in the United States- and I don't know how these synagogues can afford to harden themselves. It is here,
applause that we're seeing all around the world that Jews are vulnerable. I mean you see. The tax in Europe have become a daily occurrence and now that it's got into America with San Diego and the tree of life to Nicaragua whether people were killed, if it could happen in America to sign that it's happening even more intense in the arab world and across Europe, and so what we ve been so shocked by these attacks that we'll just would never believe could happen, and american soil at a synagogue during warships at churches that mass like what working round the world. It's always been the case Glenn that when the world
I'm crazy and can no longer which, between good and bad and right and wrong and darkness and light it's the Jews who are calculated and right now we're in a world where there is so much darkness and what we are seeing is that the truth, more and more, every single day are being targeted, and so just like you said you spoke about with my father. My father came back from that meeting. Some courage that you know the fellowships donors are mostly individuals who gave fifty dollars a month with all his might and their ties social security to help Israel and the jewish people. And I remember him coming back from that meeting with you in saying it's, not just the individuals who care so much about Israel and the jewish people, and about Christians who are being persecuted across the Middle EAST and about Muslims who are being targeted. Its people on the top is well like one back so
Thank you for standing for these important issue than they know your followers. I feel the same and appreciate that new. So here's what I would like to suggest and your father- and I talked about this- and I know you have developed if a fund, but I would like to suggest that if you would like to help support and protect the jewish people, this is leave the first step. To being you know, one of the righteous is taking an active steps to protect the jewish people. And you can do that by donating and you set up a pay. Twenty tell me about the page and where the money will go. We're singularly yeah, so the fellowship,
Communities around the world rely on the fellowship to provide them with simple things that you would never believed that they dont have like security doors or a security camera, or a lock on the door and at all for jewish synagogues and school in location that we work with different officials that I can't speak about, but that I that they know the exact jewish communities on both the risk of being targeted directly by please terror groups like ice and Al Qaeda that just last year, we equipped places like Norway flow in India, in France, in Mexico, in Thailand, and so now what were working on is. It is to get security for location that
no, they are targeted and there are many of those places like Poland and Turkey in Russia and thwart glories traced five hundred thousand dollars. Now too, immediately quit the most I'd, say the most targeted eight locations across the world,
but we know that our direct threats against them and what they need are simple security precautions like anti bullet windows or a security guard. We stand at their gate, mixer tariff doesn't come in with a gun and so the way that your audience condone aid is. Are we set up a special number? We know that your followers urges, oh so so, generous and so forth. Coming into the right thing, it help others in situations of crisis like the jewish communities around the world, is in right now and with especial number one, eight hundred to o one eighty, three, eighty three once again that one eight hundred to o one
it's three eight three or online W W W that I see J, DOT, org backlash and back and yet something like a camera system that places like America, almost everything God how it has, and these attacks still happen well in places like Katmandu, Nepal, they don't have that and the need of that girl. Thank you so much and we will work to encourage listeners to help out a thank you so much to let us know how we can help in what we can do. Thank you so much. I was bad, join you and praying for peace and doing everything we can to bring hope to those people who need a god. Bless you climb back you your legs extreme. She is with the international fellowship of Christians and Jews. The eye f, C, J Dot, Org, slash back
is where you can donate, or you can call the number that she laid out its eight hundred two hundred and one eight thousand three hundred and eighty three This honestly, you know my doing something on numb socialism tomorrow and my daughter came in and she brought something that I got for her birthday a few years ago. This my eldest daughter, Mary and it's a picture of the. When I always talk about Paulina. That was one of the righteous among the nations and. Is the only picture. She would only let's take a picture of her hands and we got one picture of her. And that one pictures of hers. And she was so shy and so sweet and. As she just didn't want any credit. She was just somebody who tried to do. The right thing
and try to reach out and save the jewish people that she could save and at the very bottom of that is the quote that she, she told me the righteous did not suddenly become righteous. They just did not go over the cliff with the rest of society you have to do is do what we ve always done when people are in need, we act. There is nothing that will give us more protection, then helping children. And, quite honestly, I think helping the Lord's people. Clearly in the scriptures they are targeted. Christians are being targeted, and you know what we're doing with the Nazareth Fund, and I urge you to get in if you'd like to get involved in that
But here is something where these people are going in. To the synagogue, how they're sending their kids to school- and they are horrified. So let's helpfully the now in what she say. Eight or nine different. Ilities around the world that are most in danger, and you can Don't eight now at I F siege a dot org, slash back or call eight hundred two zero one. Eighty three, eighty three lays radio network on demand.
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