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A listener sent in a fifth-grade assignment about the NBA’s boycott over police brutality. BlazeTV host Dave Rubin returns after a month off the grid to find that nothing got better, except in the Middle East. Former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris previews the new Netflix special “The Social Dilemma” and warns about “the largest psychology experiment ever run on humanity.”

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America and welcomes the programme. While what a great showed it would, you say, still great showed you're, not even listening now Harrison. Well, we do in this year on year old today, how great show we're gonna talk to you about what is headed towards the next election. Talk a little about about some of the things that are going in, and you know our schools and our churches not disturbing at all, no not at all, not at all, and we have a guy who actually was one of the emphasis that worked at Google until they scared him his eyes almost melted. He got out being Netflix special on Google and Youtube in Facebook next week, and tonight is our special on big tat, the president for the first time, retweeted, something that I did or said, and it was on the special tonight. He knows what a big deal this is and how big tat can influence and steal the election. You don't want to miss it on the plays on demand after nine p m and tonight, you'll be able to find it live. Nine pm me either on blaze, tv or on Youtube, while at last there, but make sure you check it out. If you want to join us in place, tv just go to place tv dot, com, place, tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn and use the promo code, big tech, annual, save twenty bucks. You saw this, but a new new council got together,
altogether in Washington DC to do a study on which monument should be removed. D emphasised, stride or just re framed, and the top two I like our our region of the Washington monument stride or removed, or order relocating, relocated and other Jefferson Memorial, and you have a problem with that. Yeah something along the lines of over my dead body. Yeah yeah I mean that is something the honestly I don't like the way that the country has become more Washington DC has just become this corporate state. In I mean I lived in Washington DC in the eighties when it no one! It was just still recovering from empty, are
but it wasn't like it is now now it's just all the big businesses. Everybody has their headquarters there because they need to do business in Washington, which is sickening, but I will tell you if you take down if you try to take down the Washington memorial you take down- and this is saying something I hate Andrew action- I hate him. I he is the guy. If you go back in history think he's the guy that actually ended the republic, as our founders understood. It he's the first one to put the nails in the coffin, turn us away from who we were the founding. Would you agree with that and I hate that guy ATM Buddy you try to take his statue down in Washington D C. I'm thinking about getting on a plane and going and standing around it probably would do it
you start to mess with Benjamin Franklin, the two statues of Benjamin Franklin- they wanna, take down Benjamin behind where he was a racist, he was annoyed, says he was a racist. Now you abolitionist now our spoke it absolutely that our own business interests us. He was humiliated at the end of his life by the southern Democrats because they were saying all looking out for abolition. I mean he's just he's gone crazy. It's sad to see him decline so fast. They made him in to a guy who is a bubbling idiot when he wasn't, which party was that again Mc Grath, Al Qaeda, democratically, the defenders of truth and just as I see it, the bringing of light a yellow green light. I don't like you, but that thought that is, that of fight. That's a fight touch the Washington memorial. That's of fight see that aunt. If I went in and
down- and I know this isn't the same thing. It shows how deeply they're going into culture. They defaced grassland. And spray painted Antiphon Violette messages on graceless, if you think any of our culture, is going to survive this you're mistaken. They were burned down. Everything they will erase everything Now you ve got to farmer you Talkin about the UK, Germany, energy, which is well.
The king of Data Savage ITALY's he's gonna he's gone away. I mean they even easier with the what they're trying to their because all of it has to go right. It's not it's not just the confederate soldiers statue, its American America, and that's why I voted for the confederate soldiers are not even as important as the founders. They don't care about the confederate soldiers half as much as they do about the founders and they Don't care that, though, one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement as our founders was Ben Franklin they're, not holding As a euro, because they, have to erase all of it all of it. Your culture is being not not kind of going away slowly, a marrow, as we know it will be gone in four years, gone in four years, which is their goal:
if you don't believe it listen to the the protesters. The rioters in Oakland, the other night, oh yeah it Tor chanting, death to Latin America, honey ran when you ve got these people trying to story, our country from within ten by the Did you see that Wheeler finally he's getting peace? Getting they love him, they love him. The mayor of Portland Oregon LAW, love, love, love, love, love, him they have, they had disrupted his. I guess he lives in a condo, they disrupt his condo he's now, moving presented on fire trying to set on fire it is? It's really really really bad. He said backing them. He still bear king them, he's saying they can't. You know protest around his house sky. Like Nancy Pelosi, you can't get your hair done, but I can and may your life
Ford in Chicago doing the same thing. I will not apologise for protecting my house and my wife and children. Well, ok, what about everybody else's house in wives or husbands and children, she didn't give a rat's anus about any of them. She Jim protects our own. There's reports at all, two hundred and forty seven cops are guarding your home every night die mean in time we ve got kind of a for police, democracy sees in you, magellanic icy. Can you imagine, being a cop and guarding that it be like I mean this is why our cops are known as heroes because guard people. They vehemently disagree with allowing the police to actually do the job they want to do right, disobey there, if they're pulling out of the deep danger areas and then we know assigning them to the mayor's house and all of these cities. Incredible, that's incredible that people don't get more. Credible that people don't get more pissed off about it.
And it's incredible that the media is just going along with me- is ok, it's understandable. She protection she's, the mayor. Oh you imagined can deal. Imagine what it's gonna be like because remember how the media was under Barack Obama, they just they just they didn't care. Media already is trying to make if it wasn't for Donald Trump, I wonder if we we even know the truth about the story. I should say this: it wasn't. The blaze. But Blaze is protected. Quite honestly, your freedom of speech to say something that the media doesn't like is being protected by this administration that close? We are to the end of the first amendment. It's not for him standing in the way blocking I'm telling you we lose our voice. You wouldn't know the truth of the rice dog fire that happen. With the shooting in Portland. You know it
you wouldn't know what was true in Canosa because we wouldn't have been there and they would have spun it as right wing of far right a white supremacist coming in and You don't think that was closed down. Every single group that you might be an you might have ever been associated with. You run a watch list dude You're on a watch list stir fine because if you leave gotta captured the hearts and minds of the youth to which is really of travelling to me, when I see all of these. You know collegiate football. Seems including beware, use football team, the shameful talking about how these support these great zeal aim for what is going on shameful that the church needs to get rid of be why you Be why you
hold to the standards of the church than the church, should be funded and get rid of it. Well, I don't think they understand, I don't think they ve looked into it. I don't think they're paying attention to you know they hear one side on Facebook or CNN or wherever and then I'll get the full story, and so they buy into the fact that black lives matter is about black lives matter. Desert desert news is doing the same thing same thing same thing does retinues, I mean it's paint desert NEWS owned, the church. Sorry to get all really specific here, but people in SALT Lake. You need to know this week up. Desert read: news is now painting Michael II as an extremist, MA Glee is the furthest from extreme that I've ever seen they are making excuses for be a lamb, they're making excuses, they are marching through the same tune and I don't know what's happening, but these. Urgent needs to divest and get away.
Get away from it because the infection is there in be why you in these, in the universities and its the press git away from it to Saudi, because I got this is essential was by a listener in Kentucky, I think fat, county public schools virtually virtual learning academy. This fifth grade assignment where they had to study what the NBA is doing. Gay here's, the audio of this a Ladys. Look here. This is his assignment. This is a fake having public schools, you go over here, you see the news outlets MBA boycott. Let's click on it read this attached article, while what is the relationship with their economic and Brianna Taylor? and they don't give. The context of the here is the article and
protests overblown eyes matter now the one sided viewpoint of black lives matter role: and here is the questions so please, and what are the questions by tells you? This is fake. The remotest is not fake what is raised counting public schools of a balanced in small towns, fifth grade assignment, so just to show its, not just universities. What's a relationship between Jacob Blake and Brianna Taylor, a both were victims of police violence, sparking protests against racial injustice or be. Why- supporting and be players decision to boycott the other. Doesn't boy were involved in the decision to boycott the NBA blah blah blah. So obviously you know they were both victims. Police violence,
I believe a pull without explaining what exactly happened in the in the I'm telling Jacob Blake this is working. This wording is just what social media is doing is working the conversation in my home. We talk about this stuff. All the time. In my home, I'm I mean I'm dad. Imagine I'm talking about it in my home and because of social media. My kids will go but dad that's not what happened. You're gonna believe some friend of yours that sent a story on Facebook over something that I do and you ve grown and to love and trust me really scary, EVA terrified, terrifying view, parents, you do not have a chance If you aren't add your school watch, last week's wednesdays Special just go to and tv blazed tv, why last week's Wednesday night Special,
you see that it is all about the schools when I am I'm going on a couple a day, vacation celebrate my wife's birthday, I'm coming back next Monday. On Wednesday of next week, we apart to of what you're putting into schools, and this is horrifying if you are not at your school, if your not looking over every single thing that is coming from the school you are going to lose your kids. That is not hyperbole I truly believe there is a chance, that we are on the edge of the times that have been foretold since the beginning of time I believe we are on the precipice of that, if That's true! Your going to lose your children our children will turn against Jude? They you will lose them to darkness.
You must read what is happening today. Your self pray, like you, VE, never prayed before and trust the Spirit to tell you what to do, Everyone has a right to their own personal revelation, no one else can have revelation for you. But you you and your family. You get revelation for you tell me the union revelation for me and my family. But I know you get revelation for you and your family and now is more important than ever. You and your children are all children of God and he does not want to lose you if you sincerely come to him and say help me understand, help me. If you do your own homework and then bring it back to him and say, is this true? Is this not true? It's the
Only light that you can trust. Dont trust me, don't trust anyone. Do your own homework and trust only in him. These are the times where you must be so one with the spirit of it says, stop turnaround. Your kids out do this. You to be so in step, but you do it immediately or the consequent will be severe. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. It is good to be with you. Apparently, the world is still spinning. Earth is still here, but, yes, I did go into a cell imposed coma and I'm just getting back man so take it slow. Take it easy on me what he had so Dave. Tell me this: are you
are you where you more surprised last year, because the world wasn't on fire as much as it is right now. And so when things happen, you're like wait. What But when you went into your self imposed coma you knew the world was raising as hell So what were the things that you did? You still have the no way that can't be possible have any of those you're when did the month off, and then you sat down with me for two hours. In an enlightening to me, I find that I missed and one of the really funny things that you did was made up some stuff and then you know contrasted with true things that happen and I had to guess which was to manage and wrong several times. You're like that can't beetroots, I'm gonna pick this one now Dave Babylons, true yeah. Well, this year, look it looks like we got peace in the Middle EAST. I did
did not expect that to happen in August. You know, there's there's some strange things out there I mean look. This is the fourth year that I've done the August off the grid thing and I do this is the fourth year that I've done the August off the grid thing, and I do no news and I try to stay away from devices and all that stuff, and I do it more than anything else to just get a little extra perspective on all the issues that you know guys like us, spend our lives talking about, and that are the things that everyone is consumed with. Right now I mean what is political, has now become everything everywhere in society and one of the problems- and we ve talked about this many times- is that because of the nature of the new cycle and really twitter more than anything else how it's just driving this endless sort of craziness, all world doing all day. Long is reacting to everything and by taking a little time off, I think I am well to give myself a fresh perspective on some of this stuff?
to directly. As your question I mean, I knew that this year was gonna, be particularly crazy because of course we had the conventions. You know, Biden was gonna pick his bp, the riots, racism or all of these things, and sadly, as far as I can tell so far, none of it got better known got better what the thing, your most surprised or you add the biggest. What gimme some perspective on something big that happened that You ve been thinking about now unless toy for hours, while our question I mean this deal that was signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, is beyond historic and if I'm reading the stories correctly this morning and I'm just trying to catch up on everything, it sounds there could be about four more arab countries. Four to five may be more countries that are about to sign peace deals and if we lived in a sane society everyone, regardless of your political affiliation, your religion, your belief system,
be saying this is the most monumental, absolutely staggering incredible event that has happened in terms of Middle EAST politics in the last three decades, Asia, from what I can tell, while Trump had something to do with it. So this is some right yeah, no lately didn't they barely nation. I actually heard people say this happened spite of trump. You know this was something really that was in that works for a long time really was it, but anyway, they say just reading today, that they think the Beady S movement, the boycott divestment and, what's the other one idea, sanctions they say That's over now. They say that bad that movement has been destroyed by this, that in it of itself courage, absolutely incredible, and you know it again, because I'm just catching up on all the news stories when I googled it this morning. You're right framing of this is somehow this is despite try
or in spite of tromp or has nothing to do with Trump and with making everything about? Chrome, because again, I'm just get back on the great here and I gotta eat my way into this whole thing. It's This, is I thought Middle EAST pieces? What everybody wanted? I thought it doesn't matter if you're you're on the right or left Europe again you're a democrat, liberal, conserving, doesn't matter, we all want peace, that we all want peace and yet somehow no, no! This is a big trick and- and that just goes to why everything is so screwy man you have to be for something not just against people- and that's one of the reasons why I'm they do a new show the blaze, because that's what I want to get too so well by resolve announce it now go ahead. I'll starting today in about three hours or so I ve been up since about three a m today, I'm gonna be doing be doing a new show on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays that we are going to simulcast on. My
to channel which, as you too, dark arms, Lash Reuben Report, as well as stream on the blaze and it's gonna, be a twenty four minute. In effect, a half hour show the blaze you guys, we we just like everything we ve done together for the last year and a half or so I, all the decisions. You're, not my boss, on your boss, we're we're just we really have gathered this anymore. Do people even people still say that I mean It simply crazy. Creating? I'm sorry glad you don't control me, so crazy. I mean I mean you know me Dave. Do I seem like a controlling guy that I want to control everybody show. Have I ever light organs that Wales, you Dave Reuben stupid? What I'm going to be doing is I'm I'm going to wake up in the morning I'm going to have my cup of coffee, and I am going to talk to my producer, we're going to put together. I'm only going to try to hit probably two to three stories a day. You know
The problems is, we are obsessed with every little small thing that happens in the world of politics in that so it will be a time before it. That's. What's keeping everybody crazy. I actually think in one of the reasons I wanted to work with the places you guys have, or I should say we now have a bunch of hosts that I think give a really nice perspective about this stuff without making everyone hysterical, but that really is going to be the thrust that I'm going to go for I'm going to wake up, I'm going to go what's going on in the world. And how can we? How do we, for a little bit of sanity out of it, because I want people to or about the news care about current care about what's happening, but not be obsessed or even more disturbingly, not be depressed by it, and I think if we can, if we can do a little more that, then we can start setting some of this stuff right. So give me the thing to not be depressed about.
Mad, go ahead of its time. Your ed, I want you to eat me in dark, eyed, all right, all right, all right! So maybe I'll just be a little depressed on today show but fully war to what thing to not be depressed by. I think it is hard to see, but I really do believe it's happening and, as you know, I'm I'm here in California in L A so it's really tough when you're in California I gotta get to, but I think underneath the headlines underneath the riots underneath racism underneath the pandemic, and all of that I truly believe that there is an awakening happening across the country. I think people are waking up to the nonsense of the media. I think people waking up to the nonsense of just factory settings that somehow left is good and right is bad and you don't see that in the polls. You don't see that on CNN, but I think I
I think you will see it when it comes to the election and I think just walking around Ella here when when people can recognize me, which is a little topper these days, because at the mask usually now, when people come up to me, they say: hey Dave. You know I saw you on Fox, or I saw you on back. They're happy that they saw me and they all want people to know it, because it still ally in Uganda. People know- and you watch scary, Glenn Back or scary to ruin, but if it starting to bubble up here. That means it's really happening elsewhere and that's the type of step with the mainstream media can cover because its its end that to everything else that they are pushing, but think a wake up is happening and I'm gonna do the best I can to be as big a part of it is tat. So I would really like to hear from you Dave at some point when you get your we're feet really back into the waters of some that I'd like to hear what do you think People on the left, no. You know what do
we are. We are so separate in our news streams now that there's two versions of America, Donald Trump and the protests and everything else and for the life of me, I cannot understand how people and I dont think they'd do, I think, the regular American that's not playing a political game not involved in politics or in media everything else. I think that people are looking at those Democrats that mean or just not the game players there looking at the riots in their like you know this has been going on for a while that the Mai own party seems to be o with it and I'm not okay with it. I just can't vote for people who are okay with this, the media in the last week, Can a half has turning this now around on Trump and blaming all these riots on Trump and saying that there are now against these rights
kind of lie, I've ever seen and I'd like rice dog kind of lie. I've ever seen and to know if regular people who don't the attention that much if they buy into that I too great question man, because it's hard to tell right it's really hard to tell because everything now, whether it's the NBA Sports world or anything else going to a salon is now pull the so it's hard to tell what regular folks thinking about things and again why, when I, when I gave you this show just in a couple hours, I am not going to try to bludgeon people over the head with just the day to day political stuff, because I think there is a much bigger philosophical and moral and cultural battle that were fighting
but I would say this: you know what the average person who's, not political, which is by the way most people. The average person who just you know, wants to hopefully have a job and have a family, another house and a car and a dog their choice, in November is ok. We can either burned down the entire system, and I mean that literally we're gonna burn down buildings and we're going to tear down monuments and everything else, or can potentially vote for a guy that maybe they were uncomfortable, whether they don't like the way he tweets or something like that. I guess to all of those people, which is a huge chunk of independence, sort of middle middle of the road people they're all a break towards law and order and towards civilization and towards some semblance of in America that we all love it. I mean to try to imagine it the other way. It's pretty hard to imagine a sort of middle of the road person goin, all right, I'm gonna, buy them in about it, I'm not really political. I don't really think that all the issues, but he's gonna, throw it everything and I'm just
The regulation I'm going on I'm going to go down with the people that are burning everything I just don't send people will break that way. I think they're. All gonna break the other. Ok, look back with Dave Reuben here in just a second returns to the grid. After thirty one days, blazed tv announces a new show with Dave Reuben, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning today, make sure that you are a subscriber ablaze tv dot com. You can do that. I'm going to place tv dot, Slash, Glenn use the promo code, big tech for the special we're doing tonight. You'll save twenty percent is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Thanks for having me glad it's good to be back in class time, we spoke with three years ago. I can't believe it's been that long is it shouldn't be. A bit about the special that is coming out, an Netflix, but I I I I don't know what it's going to take to,
convince people that the day are that we are going to lose. The idea of fur a choice so very soon because you won't know what your free will really is. Have you been manipulated to Could that can you spleen that two people yeah well who for people. This understand also the lens that I'm using to talk about the topic that a kid I was a magician I've had a lifelong area, a symmetric information like how does one party in a magician know more about your mind than you know about yourself? If they didn't know more than the trick which works or the whole premise is a symmetric influence technology to act, but not quite the case that people think think about the time? Last time you set up in a watch with one Youtube: that looks really interesting. And then I'm going go back to work after the video.
You know you wake up two hours later and you say what just happened to be a big man. I should have had more self control, but what hide behind that piece of glass that screen you'd like basically the large supercomputer in the world had almost like an avatar, viewed all model of you and it can basically stimulate if I were to prick you at this video virtue with this video. How long I get you to stay and you You ve been running these simulations on each of our avatars to figure out what the perfect next video to show any think about the fact that our brain was running pretty old hardware, their compared to the biggest supercomputer in the world at Google that weren't who's. That battle and that's the problem is that technology we have the largest ay, I systems and a world predicting. What's the perfecting to keep you here and there problem is it that reinforces affirmation, not information, because the thing that tend to work that keep you there are things that concern your views about reality that are even more extreme view of your existing You a reality. So do you
look around the world. You say: why does the whole world feel like gone crazy everywhere, all at once, you're seeing level the polarization divisiveness anger using extremists militias and on all sides showing up around the world, people on the street wit? these countries have in common and the answer is it? Social media has become the information infrastructure? For you know, humanity and it's not having our best interests at heart through to the film social dilemma is really the first on you can think of it almost like the insider with big tobacco, because the still may be in fighters who built the facebook like that, the father of virtual reality journal here. They use. Recommendation, engineer who built from other the recommendation system, the early employees from Twitter from Pinterest from Instagram, who are all talking on again
about visa. The unintended consequences of these systems that have kind of you know gone out of control like a Frankenstein and enough for the film is so important because as long as these companies profit, from outrage who confusion from distraction from addiction from depression, let alone we have talked about the issues of teenage girls because a teenage aged ten to fourteen years old, I suicides are gone up by about a hundred percent she has ignited plan and that at that we think very related to social media really arriving on mobile at that time, in putting teenage girls, especially in this kind of car, bullying social pressure type situation, which is something of universal concern, so here nobody really hoping that this becomes out of a shared artifact, a shared truth about the breakdown of shared shrewd and about the breakdown of society that occurred from these social media class and figure out. How do we fight back from that right? How do we take that control?
but how do you I mean you know seeing today the head of four youtube? She was talking about how you know that start looking for and they already have authoritarian news, and then you know bring down anything that they don't feel, as you know, from an authoritative source the and she said we're teaching The the super? Oh, I can remember what she called it, not the algorithm, Reverend Thea. She said we're we're too cheering through machine learning, You know what truth is, and I thought late they don't even know what who truth? I can't tell you what truth is they think know what truth is. How do you ever when this machine, as we approach the singularity? How do you ever train it. To think truth is something else. Yet,
They really can't find anything unite both notice that there is what it's. What is right. I mean I mean that in two thousand exist, but let's say that work were looking on Twitter. They offered us the second, so you truth is well, even abashed conquered truth in it, bases in what she could be defined as what people are tweeting, but people are tweeting about things that happened thirty seconds ago or five minutes ago. Well don't know. What's through any can right, they can simply spin it and you can do anything I think, as a twitter had turned each of us he yellow journalists work. Each of us are incentivize to say something with. Certainly you without knowing that a true it happening on all sides of the political spectrum in the world. Just lobbying thinks it's like we're littering into the epidemic. Comets littering the information it fire, and were polluting it, but we don't actually see that's what we're doing and Twitter incentive either. That's because it gives us that dopamine rush of look you get more like
more followers, the more angry you are and what certain you are and the bigger mob you build up of a caricature of what someone else than the other side set. And it is happening again on all fighters driving all of us into this very warlike, uniting were all viewing. This is almost a decrease of award type thing that we don't have to go this way really hoping that this zone can become a kind of a wake up. Call for that and anything if you want to go, each of the example. You know they dont know what Europe is they can a state can do things like ok, we're gonna prioritize. A longer standing branded media because that that might be helpful and it has been a kind of massively democratized force, which has had many benefits, but the problem is that there are many many people gaming. That system, Maybe there's an article in the new german journalism lab something like for honey, Local new sites are just masquerading in a fake news idea radically, because very easy to start up. Local faking is better fake.
When one reason for that, by the way in the death of the fourth estate, Local journalism is because technology companies have hollowed out the profitability of all these local newspapers, as we know, and You know you, Thomas Jefferson, I've attitude between you're having a government forces having having perfect news, I would choose perfect news because the people need to be informed and one of the other side consequences of technology companies is hollowing out. The profitability of local journal which we need to keep our institutions and Jack Yeah, I find many times it's. The local news. Reporters are the only ones you can trust their closest to it, they had the video and they're not part of this system. Although that you know they are part of the clicks and likes and everything else, but but generally, speaking the closer you get to it. The leave more accurate it is. And they are go ahead. Have more of these centres and be theoretic,
We used to be the training to figure out if we don't just report on it because it happened. We said as a developing story here, work and a figure it out. That's what local journalism but again when local journalists have to cater to that same race to them. What about the brain stem to get clicks out of people, because Facebook is that their video there beholding, A great local journalism get most of the traffic from Facebook which mean that they have to participate in this kind of grace, lot of outrageous, quick bait headlines and things like that, and so it's actually made journalism writ large even worse, across the board everywhere in the world and not too subtle about it. It's it's so invisible because we're ten years into this grand psychology experiment that this is the Psychology experiment with ever run identity will you literally, three or four. Major technology companies with. You know a hundred people making neither thine decision than algorithm potatoes. Then shaping. What's three billion people are thinking in believing about what's real and eaten,
had been in it. We treated at normal that, of course, that's what's real enough with the news is, but we don't see that were being that a complete neatly different diet and the person right next with including our own family member and that the network so pernicious about The invisibility of this breakdown, a troop of surgery, shared reality.
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