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Best of The Program | Guests: Donald Trump Jr., Byron York, & Dr. Harvey Risch | 4/27/21

2021-04-27 | 🔗

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York stops by to talk about his new book, "Obsessed," which breaks down how the Left obsessed over ousting President Trump. Donald Trump Jr. joins to discuss whether John Kerry leaked sensitive information to Iran and the media’s hypocritical coverage. Yale epidemiology professor Dr. Harvey Risch shares his expertise on the COVID vaccine and herd immunity.

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Welcome to the park ass. Today we have Byron York on stuff about his new book. Donald Trump Junior joins us as well. We have a doktor from Yale to talk about. What's the truth, with vaccines and heard immunity, and where do we stand right now should be going back in the lock down he's got the facts on that. Also we have what we should keep from the pandemic. There's some things that we actually should keep. You know like alcohol delivery. I mean and things like that, important things we talk about Caitlin General, who is running for Governor California? Why does the left he trans people so much.
You anything to York, you see chief political correspondent for the Washington examiner, an author of the book obsession and hope the podcast, the bravery of the Byron Yorkshire, Welcome Byron. How yes, Sir, I'm doing well, thanks for having me good eye- I have we got about twenty minutes and I want to run through a bunch of things with you for two. I was king to Victor Davis Hansen the other day, and I asked him this question in your book really kind of. I mean this. What your book is about obsession the obsession that people had on getting rid of Donald Trump and just destroying him at all. All costs and I asked him when it comes to the media-
The media, I know hated themselves because they thought that they had. You know they're playing. See with him, helped him get elected, but is it is it true? that or was the media's obsession with this. Also put, by the elites in you know the ep. Higher the CIA, any of the deep state stuff that sod Donald Trump as a real threat, because he was upset the Apple cart one way or another and and they weren't gonna have any of that will which was the main factor, Lee the press, just hating him and hating themselves, or the deeps really kindness choosing that up and pushing stuff at them yeah. That is incredibly difficult question you write. The book is about that called obsession that it is about this,
obsession with getting tromp that that began well before he was elected that continued with the appointment of a special council on the whole Russia thing a man impeach want and then another patron so. There was this. This obsession I mean they were. There were Democrats, who introduced a bill to to peach, Donald Trump and twenty seventeen for comments at him about Cohen caper neck in the Unifil. So I mean that's that's where we, It was an upset I. So the question is: if you raise a great question I'm not a really good armchair psychologist, but I do believe that the success of tromp was deeply threatening to a lot.
People. It was. It was running to some people who felt that they had some manner of input and control over the Republican Party agenda and they became never trappers. It was. It was threatening to it to people who believed. You remember that, after two thousand, eight and Obama's big victory in two thousand, eight there was one talk of the Obama coalition, a group of minorities and young people, and there was this idea that the Democrats kind of cracked the code and that they would win the presidency from now on, because demographic change, especially the rise of his spanish population, the United States would literally ensure the election of a democratic president from now on, and they were absolutely stunned that tromp one, but you writers that the darker side, the dark underside of them,
is what the intelligence and law enforcement agencies did during the trial period and Maybe they were feeling threatened and so do the same way that others were. But the fact is, they survey old, a presidential campaign and they did extraordinary things like like the meeting which I still can't get over on January, six. Twenty seven theme weeks before drama is sworn in in which James Comey is in the get. The FBI briefs asked to brief Trump one to one one on one, and he tells me that the FBI has his information about him and prostitutes in Russia and
We specifically worried at a time the trot might take it as is caught up in this is always word a J Edgar Hoover move across a reason can be worried about. That is because it was a J Edgar So what I'm trying to get here is that you had the intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, doing exe, ordinary things the whole dossier to try to Bill Tromp, you know from the system So there was this broad obsession and I think the motivations words were different to different people, but but it was there and in your right it, got away. You I need it is the people? supported tromp, and that includes you know. Most Democrats. Armies are most Republicans whether they were big supporters are not it doesn't matter, if you're not in line now, it's your turn to be smeared and destroyed, and just when you thought
F B. I couldn't get any worse, there's a couple of things for the wall I read, and I saw your great argh article rebutting this The FBI now saying that the Alexandria shooting the the baseball shooting at me notice. It does have a name. It's you have to come and explain it before people even remember it. Writers police and all of the Republicans were, would have been killed if it, hasn't by the grace of God. Just as massacre the FBI, Sound says that wasn't politically motivated the guy had the names of the representatives in his pocket with Physic we'll descriptions. How is this suicide by cop who stunning news- and we just learn this, but are we half ago and What happened? Everybody does remember June Fourteenth twenty seventeen. The team was
thing they were in Alexandria, was all Republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game. Man comes up asked why the Republicans Jap Duncan Republican from South Carolina leaving early man comes up and asked? Is this the republican tee with a democratic team and Jeff Talkin no idea. What's going on who the man is says, it's republican team and shortly after he pulls out a semi automatic rifle begins firing, eve, especially ones gullies lobbyists is terribly It is well to others wounded, less seriously. Until the man James Hutch concern is finally killed, so you're, absolutely right. He's a heap. Keep prices felt as a member of the Resistance Visa House Inspector in Ohio.
And he postings on his face were paid like quote? Tromp is a traitor. Trop has destroyed our democracy it's time to destroy tromp an company. You is also part of spoke Group like which was called terminate the Republican Party so including job Those two Alexandria lives in his ban with his gun and weights in your writing. Specifically targets. Republicans. He has a list in his pocket congressional republicans. He wants to kill, ok, and so he does it and there is absolutely no doubt any so big Bernie Sanders supporter for what it's worth is. There is no doubt that he attacks these members of Congress because there are Republicans it was clear. Act of violent, politically motivated domestic terrorism, and if we remain
or even at that time the FBI was telling us that the greatest threat to our national security was violent. Domestic terrorism. Ok, so happy. I obviously Atkinson is killed at the scenes of there's no man on, but they begin investigating this and looking into Hodgkin's and shooting is in June and a note member of the FBI, has a private meeting with the members Congress who were there any up ice as well? We will discover the cause and they say well, and he and the FBI says: well, it's it's suicide by cop. And the Republicans or just dumbstruck. I mean they what I mean they literally go. What They should look at the order. Commit suicide by copy you point. A gun at police
and now we usually do the trick. You don't go attack republican members, the house. Besides there was up, there was a small capital police detail at the the practice Andy because these colleagues house whip. Vulcan whip was a member of the house leadership, so the ETA security detail. They were in plain clothes. They were not unmarked car, the shooter did not know they were there. This was not suicide by car. There is simply no way in the world, it's suicide by CUP one. The interesting thing is, Republicans are often pretty discrete about these things they didn't like it. We didn't hear that this was this. Was the FBI dominant suicide backup in November of twenty seventeen, and we just found doubt because one of those Republicans bread when I was there that day and played a growing role, revealed it in the hearing. We
half ago at the House Intelligence Committee and be revealed a bit, the Christopher Ray the FBI director in front of him. So he told him about all this stuff, and you know what were first response was. I was a director, then fine, you work director them, but the f B. I did this and so winced Europe so demanded that the FBI explained Then what evidentiary and analytical process it went through to determine that this was a suicide by cop, as opposed to a clearly was a domestic terror attacks So here is why this is really relevant. You know innovation. That Brian sick Nick was you know, killed by in the capital riots? They say is the worst thing that ever happened obsessed. Overall, this Sidney did not die, from injuries at the capital died of a stroke. The net
Today, in the hospital is so trying to make this into really an exemplary a kind of moment where it wasn't. It was a horrible horrible moment, but it wasn't something where they were going in and trying to kill everybody at least seriously like this guy was, could have been an was hot people in and of itself the media and the FBI seem so focused on only. Things that come from the right I am I dont for us, the FBI any more, and that is that saying something by. I've always trusted the FBI and end and the government I mean, you know I've I've been skeptical, you know and see. Let me see all the evidence, but I dont ask them in all anymore. You I think that is one of the saddest resolved for the last five years, and I think your exact
right. First of all, I think maybe for your listeners we should say there are lots of parts of the FBI that do old fashion crime fighting they search for murderers. They search for bank robbers, faced eraser for all sorts of really bad people, that sort of rank and file F b, I work is something we should, I'll be glad for, but there was. A managerial elite at the top of the FBI dad had become incredibly politicized. Maybe they actually there during the twenty. Sixteen election they had both major party candidate under investing Asian. I think there's something wrong with that right there. But certainly when we discovered what they did with the dossier, steel dossier, which the F b I actually wanted to hire Christopher Steel
to do his aunt, I tromp research for them. In the last months of the twenty sixteen campaign absolutely inexcusable, they only had the sort of cut him loose because he was breaking their policy by talking Prescott all still wanted to do was exposed. Tromp tried to defeat him and twenty sixteen. Even when the f I had to cut him loose, they maintained a back channel to him and can continue to grow, what we now know where these entirely false dossier reports- and then there was the sandbagging of of tromp that I mentioned earlier We know about you and those hookers and Moscow thing, and then there was the microphone I mean, so I think there plenty a reason to not trot the leadership of the other side. There The Pfizer couldn't do. Are we ever going to get a final report? Are we We're gonna see the final report on any this. Do you think
there is no final report on this whole thing. Everybody has to piece together as best they can for more. Is out there? We we know that there really is a Durham, invest station. I know a lot of conservative, some completely lost, say they're, hoping that and think it's going to be nothing but there's some people in Washington who who you would all trust. I think who still think that Durham is going to come up with some interesting stuff. But it's everything is just a part of the picture you have to kind of put it together, but clearly defines the thing in which the FBI misrepresented the evidence in order to wiretap a former a low level, tromp campaign aid, Carter, page because that would be a doorway into the larger trunks.
Because Carter page was the most important person in the world. It was because that would open a door into the Trump campaign which they were investigating during the campaign if, if you're, not reading the Washington examiner and following Byron York, a you're, really I don't know what you're reading you should be following the washing examiner. It is really really we read it every single day by day, is the chief political corresponding an author of the book obsession also, another must read, and the to the Byron Yorkshire thanks. So much Myra will talk again. Thank you for the pleasure, your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. Yesterday we told you about aid a little now get in a New York Times piece. It was like third paragraph from the very end and it was not even commented on and it too
about how the uranian foreign ministers let slip that John Kerry had personally advised him Israel had struck uranium interest in Syria at least two hundred times now, the White House yesterday. So we're not gonna talk about leaked tapes, IRAN's said, this was a leaked tape. It was never supposed to be released. It was given to a think tank. It was supposed to be held for posterity Eddie, Bob blah blah blah blah? and the White House in commenting on this, really there not commenting so the interview actually happened, The media is not stumbling over themselves to get to the bottom. Whether John Kerry Leat classified information of an ally to there. Number one enemy, an enemy of the United States, Google, the story, no one. Is asking the question now Google, the story of of trouble, leaking classified information to the Russians in the oval office,
they went insane? that story isn't even true that story, but Google that story. That's there. They question that every major news outlets in the country in the world were running the same angle, but Nobody is saying anything about this Oh, it's some anonymous source Wid way was a some anonymous source when they said this about Trump, except National security adviser and the Deputy National Security Advisor for strategy, both in the room at the time, said never happened, and there were no to be trump lovers. They said that never happened, but that didn't stop the media, the Job of the media is to hold the government accountable, but there are not doing it. It does it doesn't. The laws don't apply, it seems to some underground political elite and John Kerry. Is that a protected zone? So did he or did he not leak information?
about the Israelis to the Iranians where he said yesterday that these allegations are unequivocally fault. This never happened either when I was secretary of state or since, but and the second the State Department, really information, saying the information that carry allegedly Lee was already public knowledge and not classified then it John Kerry say It never happened. The state department said it happen, but it was no big deal which is it I sit on the National Security Council, which is it the comment on this and so much more is Donald Junior, a dot. How area I'm doing well yourself, I'm damn good. I think you and your family often say hi to your dad, for, how's he doing here. Well, I just saw a few minutes ago that he is doing really well it up.
Could I just say that really well and it sort of amazing what you can get away with it? You're a Democrat did I. I wrote the book about liberal privilege, but we're seeing more and more every day, whether its John Kerry Weathers Erics, while well sitting on the House Intelligence Committee. Well, I guess it's ok for him to sleep with a chinese spy, it seems like a double standard. I would think glinda these people would lose their minds. If someone in the trunk administration did this, all they would have, and they rightfully should have if had, I mean the zoo, it's crazy, if your dad, were giving secrets to the Russians he should have been in peach. They would have been a big deal, but he, wasn't and they knew it the whole time and they ran with it just to destroy your father, his legacy and his chances of of winning a second time. But now we actually have evidence that somebody is doing this and they don't care. Wait all out of breath
and it's not like it's a random occurrence. I mean it's pretty clear that John Kerry has very close relationships with them. In IRAN in power. So this isn't like something that surprising and out of the blue, I mean these things are well known, I'm pretty sure they would have talked about the various violations, hi Jack or otherwise, of all of the things that he's been doing. Had he been a Republican, but because he's not totally immune from any, I or criticism even Roma area who just refuses to do their stated job of their profession. You know it's it's One thing to attack you guys personally and I honestly don't know You guys lived through it. I really don't. I have so much respect for your family, for your father from alive All of you guys for what you put up with I mean I would have just. I would have been on the roof of a building like a postal workers. At some point I mean I don't know how you did it and still continue to do it, but
You know the one thing it's one thing coming after you, it's another to actually make real accomplishments in the Middle EAST things that well, I ve been trying to do since the nineteenth forties. You did them nobody recognize him at the time, and now, in less than a hundred days, everything's coming undone really scary and environmentally river. It it'll peace in the Middle EAST was sort of like the holy grail of geopolitical politics, and we are you admit it. My father's administration actually did it. Now you have business opportunities. You're flights between Israel and other parts of the Middle EAST they all probably to open up the door, but there was a long history that made it a little bit hard now, Donald Trump, when the door and within a few weeks, not only is John Kerry, seemingly viewing the Iranians weight in the world but one leading state sponsor of terror, but doing it at the expense.
Of our number one ally in the region, Israel, where bombing the Middle EAST again after you know sort of trying to end. The angle is worth all of these things that are so popular with the american public, not so much with the Washington DC beefy establishment. And sort of the military industrial complex, the sort of use, the old fashioned term there, but their reversing one of the most successful foreign policy missions, ever, and they have done so in a hundred days. It's it's is truly impressive. I grow please underestimated Dubai. Ability to screw things up. I knew it would be bad. I didn't really it would be this bad. I didn't be this fast, I ain't ice figured. It would be bad, but not this fast, I mean look, would have on the border, and you know now nobody cares about the cages. You know now he cares about the policies he's reversing himself. In some cases. Where he's back and doing exactly what your father did. But.
It's a mess down there, it's an absolute mess. In days he created that correct in their wondering now running around saying how did this happen IDA when you If someone you offer someone everything for free, you gonna give rehab, give re education. This was a welcome picket. You know they get the did come Allah Harris's, look at the children at the border. Imagine someone in the products on did that in the end, by Dint of continues its not just in our path It's called anymore. It's now at the border in Joe Biden cages they stop. Never ends and yet again, if it was a Trump administration, official People would be losing their minds, it would drive you double week, long new cycle, when you bite and does it if he gets a total pass and it didn't even discuss these things. Then you don't there no longer cages, they were only cages, for for years between the Obama illustration and the divided administration,
before and after that, for your period of time, their migrants facilities, where their help children and in its absolute insane, and you know what scary going to do. Will they be american public? While there are some and probably many of your listeners get it so many are still in. Who is by no means only area that has shown to be nothing but part of it acts I mean there literally there's nothing. Genuine, honest or real about today's mainstreaming, And yet many Americans still don't see that So, tomorrow, MID July, mine, is going to get up, and I don't know how they're going to keep him awake until nine at night, but he's going to get up and he's going to speak. Usually this The president will say you know he'll spell out big ideas and ask for money. In a hundred days he already put in legislation over ten trillion dollars in spending
I don't know how much more you can ask for, but you know that not that they asked us for it only. They should just do this speech at the FED. Prince more money amount to do these things at what We expect to see tomorrow what what do you think we're gonna see tomorrow I think you're going to see a bunch of Democrats soundbites that have no basis in economics. You know I am not a master over these. Things in terms of macro economic policy, but in monetary policy, but what's going, It is crazy, like you, gotta, realise, like this money has to He paid back, and I get it's great to be able to bribe the people with their own money, even though there Are we getting a small fraction of the stimulus money right? You say you sign a multiple we'll trillion dollar bill. Here's a couple, Branda worried. They don't explain to the people that what each family owns approximately six thousand, so you get two thousand, but you oh six. Now events
will you gotta pay the Piper Glenn, and so this is not sustainable and it doesn't work we are putting arch children and our grandchildren in debt that they will ever be able to get out of here there When it ok, no one saying anything because its job, I'm trying to be really nice he's not he's really nice in sound bites and on tv and yet, if you look at the policies that he's pushing, there's nothing more than ordinary and there's nothing more than vindictive this within them. You again, he gets to have that past me the profession known as the media simply no longer exists. The way it was supposed to we'll deal. Believe I mean you have to sit around and talk about this. Your dad built an economy that was actual there was really was starting to work for the people down at the bottom of the end the bottom of the latter, and that's when it's real. This is so to be a sugar rush- and I think we're gonna have a I mean you just can't open and economy and not have Abou
of course, I'm gonna have a boom, but it's also with all of this bogus money. It is, I mean it's gonna, be unlike anything, we ve ever seen that maybe be nineteen. Twenty nine up and down might have related then eat you combine that with you too to raise tax rates on corporate Amerika, who employs so many people. You do that by yet one more pleadingly more than double the capital gains tax for people who, investing in those companies are higher in you, creating a disaster of epic proportions. What that will do? the economy, is truly, it's scary and an end. This isn't just Ok, well, we believe in a little bit higher taxes. These are draconian taxes that they want to put. Americans, whether its corporate or civilian, at a time when there are literally coming out of a global pandemic Europe I under and the Democrats notion of you know you can tax everyone. You know Margaret Thatcher stood at best when you said the problem was so
Wasn't eventually run out of other people's money, but to do so At a time like this, when the economy small business lately and teetering on the brink for a while. This will be the death now to so many of those businesses. If they do that when people pull their money out of the market when they worried about these sort of things, it's going to be a disaster the fact that no one saying that again. I don't care how you feel about these things in normal times, but if you're gonna put that kind, your hammer down at the literally End of a pandemic people expect, I really don't mean it. You wake up, and you wonder if you're watching the onion seeing news on a daily basis, because it is like a caricature of itself. Talking to Donald Trump Junior don- I dont know if you guys, are paying attention to the great reset.
And what is coming with these? Yes, jeez what it explains the corporations. It explains why so many countries around the world you know did some black cops work against your dad, etc, etc. I think he was, he was. This would never happen under your father and I They knew then, this one of the reasons why he is out, but I urge If you haven't yet to look into the great reset from the the World Egon like Forum and yes, jeez has just been pushed through in the European Parliament, of course await us I'm not as familiar with it as I probably should be, but the reality is this: when all of these and governments are going against individual, like my father, there's a reason for that and it's not because he was good for their economies good for hours. America has like the moronic like red, headed step, child of the world. For so long pay, we're all over there things. Subsidy,
I think the? U N, too ridiculous numbers subsidizing everyone, whether its NATO or otherwise got drunk yesterday. We expect everyone to carry their fair share. Of course they hated Donald Trump. They had the gravy train of a lifetime. America's just gonna be the idiot and paper all of our stuff, they're gonna subsided they're gonna be able, on China rate for aid only at every one, bright red. They don't want. Where'd they want America before they want one sided free trade where they get to do whatever they want, and if America, anything they. They re wholly hell, that's! What's goin! On for so long, so I dont want foreign government governments to love our president, because it means you're a schmuck if these people love you so much? It means you're being a schmuck, in my opinion, Finally, as it relates to monetary policy and these sorts of things- and so Joe Biden report I think if he doesn't know, what's going on your put what your sign whatever the radical left puts in front of him, he can help in between naps. He'll do a couple of those things
put him on a teleprompter he'll, even botch that every time, but no one cares. Because no one in the media is gonna. Call it out. That's why so important for guys like yourself it it's why I've remain we're gonna get very easily go back at you. Molly and being in a real estate and doing those things, but it is too much at stake when I five kid I want to leave them a kindly. They recognize. I know done boots great to have you on always- is we'd love to have yon Moroccan from Junior. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget re nuts. I too, you know you'll, hear a lot of experts. Talk about the virus, talk about the shots, they were really supposed to go when it comes to obeyed, but made the We have with us now you probably know Doktor Harvey reach, he's an per diem geology, Professor, at the Yale School of Public health, so this is his specialty now
he's the guy who I guess we first heard of during this pandemic, because he said hydrochloric win. Works. It's easy, we have it, it works. Help, you know get rid of a lot of this stuff. I know I took her hydroxyl Chloric win my family had covered everything else. I never got it. I stopped taking it six months later, I've got covered. I think I do Chloric when it was a miracle and at least something that would. Slow things down for a lot of people, but who am I to say, doktor Harvey reaches here with us. Now, I'd like your. How are you good morning. How you think so much for speaking out whether you're, right or wrong, speaking out about the things that you believe in and and not bowing to the pressure of this new? weird science rule that we just don't question authority,
me. Let me talk to you about the the vaccines. I guess So much heed, because had covered, I am not interested in getting the vaccine. Is not an anti vaccine arrive. I dont a problem with the vaccine. But I know my kids are young, I'm not gonna. To them. And because I don't think it's I think, there's many questions out there about something that is brand new, that we ve not had. You know trials on if they needed it, life, my parents, I would give it to my parents. I encouraged my parents to take it. If I were a little older and more frail, I would take it. I am called insane for having those standards am I now you're completely rational down when p. Or are we call you named instead of debating the science? You know the table tat flip the signs of the real The evidence is what matters
We know a couple days ago, proof of exactly Your understanding was has been, written in an article from Israel where they actually looked at some seven. Million people and their experience from taking the vaccines or having had called it or being underestimated and not knowing we have had called it and what they found is that there was equal protection from getting covered either a second time or after vaccination from people who, have been vaccinated as as the same out people who had called it in the past as a means of protection from from golden it is just as good ninety percent or hire them, then the same as the vaccines from getting cold So then, why is everybody pounding it? Nobody seems to be paying attention to what we have going on in Israel. We have population that has has vaccine
did. They have heard him immunity now we are seeing different kinds of results? We have the facts, wizened wise in anybody talking about this. Well, because I there is different motivations then just about saving people for their help and that I think we or in a mania, there's no other way to put it that people are condensed the matter of their religious assumptions. Their backs is, They are creating and added a mania that there's no discussion, there's no pros and cons, the cons, don't matter, no matter what. I think that what more interesting and Israel. Even is United Arab Emirates, who also vaccinated sixty percent of their population with essentially the same vaccine. Pfizer back and their expense it is more realistic that what one sees is
the mortality come down quickly, but the case numbers not the case numbers are. I came down but much more slowly- and that is what is to be expelled from vaccination, and that's why I don't know we ve been vaccinating alone, the wealth that there still can is occurring and we do have heard immunity and in many states in the U S, but its it will be slow. And that doesn't matter and as I have been saying for the whole year, it's not the cases that matter its people who are hospitalized ended the p. Who die from the disease that matter and paying, breaking his eyes separate right. That's what separates this from the flu is how bad it gets for so many people and how many people would die from it compared to the flu. But if you do added, and your sick in your home and stay home for a couple of weeks and you don't have to go loss, but when you don't die from it, then it's just. The flu well, we could be enough to. Let now is to put a big dent and on people
economic viability. And so on It should be a couple days. You know we ve. Now we ve got half a dozen or more medications to be used to treat us for our patients. When that, when the treaty in the first few days, they all work all combine the very effective there. Even if we know there are effective for the Brazil therein the Brazilians have been using Annabel them effective. So we know how to manage this and we ve known had imagined for a long time. But of course, can you think of any other Many any other approve medications that have been blocked. A prohibited by medical society you know. Medical regulatory agencies no with its especially like, if you're talking, I dropped a clerk when, especially that's been out for ever for ever know exactly what it is. So the fact that there that there's interference in a drug that is safer than aspirin that
been used for fifty five years in tens of billions of doses of actors. Push back an informal government the medical interference in that there is no explanation other than the nefarious reason. There's there's no health explanation. So I could dismiss a lot of the things that were happening at the very beginning, as me We didn't know what we were dealing with do we know what we're dealing with now. Pretty much Does it ever become some that, were you know, as I said at the very beginning, you know that this is probably going to be something that we have to deal with for the rest of our lives like the flu, but if it is even has the same rate of death of the flu, that's doubling that at a big number so it's not something you want to do, but it gonna be with us forever and work. It's gonna be like the flu. Do. What does it look?
like were headed in that direction, is at what were we to deal with this for the rest of our lives? I think that there is two things. First of all, this is when, when children are affected hold it almost every one in ten thousand, it may be more serious, but but by and large promised all children children. This is this is nothing worse than a cold if they spread it to each other. It is It was on unusual. Mostly they get it from adults and they d he fell immunity and their protected. We didn't we, we've only known about adverts for fifteen months or something so it hardened how long anything left, but the evidence is there he fell. Immunity will be long last. We know that the detail immunity from Sars one is now seventy years old and people still who had soared wired are still have to sell immunity from that. So likely that children will get it it'll, be a cold like illness and they want
most won't even know it and it'll go away and that'll be the end of it for them. They had holder in life. It's we adults who happen you're with it. Now, when I get entered into the population as an endemic diseases, which it is so we the transition period to get through it bad children? especially young children will not have, and I think the long term characteristic of this will be over the next twenty to thirty years when each new generation of children hardly notices, then things happening where the adults we'll have to deal with it one way or another and with its vaccination, whether it's getting the disease, whether at prevention, whether its treatment- all of those are possible is it of dealing with it for the adults. Is there any reason that you can see that Texas and Florida and places the didn't lock down, are doing better than the places like California and New York
Why is that happening that? Because walk down is counter productive at the beginning. The very beginning of this. When we have no idea what was going on. Lockdown was useful in order to give us top time to figure out how to manage it and how to keep the hospitals from from blowing right at the beginning? But after that point The disease is endemic. There's no point, because all you do prolonging the inevitable the disease. The endemic, it is in the population. It will grow to the door to the degree that there is no hurt immunity. So the states like North Dakota, South Dakota Taxes, Arizona tendency, that at that didn't locked down or didn't really lockdown that have let the the infection oh and occur between young people who are mostly unaffected or if they get it, it's a mild disease and recover pretty much perfectly well, if not in a couple weeks in a month or two, then what you get,
as you build up a lot of heard immunity, and so we heard immunity in North Dakota in October, without the quota in October or November and so on. End and filled out peaks have come down dramatically famous Texas and Am Florida, amount of heard, immunity that built up is quite large ones What happens when you too- and this is the community- is not a function of vaccines that can contribute to it, but so does natural infection and most be boring symptomatic. So they built up. The were demurely worth California didn't. So is the idea that once you get the vaccine or once you ve had it that you still have to be quarantine or you can go out for a fourth of July? Are you have to wear masks, that's bull, crap, isn't it well This is a subtle thing that I dont think was well wreck
nice and that is that just like masks, there's a benefit for the person and there's a benefit. The bystanders, the people around the person that called source control and what we ve heard that the manufacturers, randomize trials for safety and efficacy only examined for the people who were vaccinated and that benefit between sixty and eighty per cent and generally tending towards the ninety percent for foremost in and the vaccination trials, what they didn't evaluate, is how much be vaccinated peopled doored or don't transmit the infection to others, This is why I say the United Arab Emirates. There data shows that in fact, transmission is not benefit. Quite nearly as well as as vaccine vaccination for the person, so the vaccines cut the individuals.
By ninety percent of getting covered, but they only caught the risk of transmission by fifty to sixty percent, and that's why the case numbers go on for a long time, even though the mortality goes down, and I think that's really- we ve been sold the idea that if these vaccines, the disease by ninety percent, and why can't we just go out and have normal life, and the answer is because they will prevent transmission nearly as much and so will fill spread now cutting is, as I said, is not necessarily bad if the people who are at high risk who will do poorly if they get it, are adequately. Protected either by vaccination, orally treatment or Prevention and whip. I'd like to Rebecca and other other medications if they are adequately protected them. Society reopens like normal school should be open. They camps should be open. You know, because we,
That is how you got: hurt immunity in safe natural, protected ways and add you protect pirate Bay by keeping them later separated deserve degree. As well as having vaccination prevention and treatment, and I think that's the whole way that that this we work out of this daughter? It is a pleasure pleasure to talk. You, thank you so much for the work that you do and keep your spine you are an inspiration to a lot of people that you are willing to take. The hits from You are your own, your own circles. Thank you. That doctor harming rush ahead of you you're to speak us through science. I don't consider that nature lies to me. I didn't make her tell the truth. I just have to be open to listening to it and I'm just a messenger here. Just for you,
Doktor Harvey reach epidemiology, professor at the Yale School of Public health.
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