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Best of The Program | Guests: Donald Trump Jr. & Ian Prior | 6/24/21

2021-06-24 | 🔗

Donald Trump Jr. joins to discuss the corruption and hypocrisy of the Biden administration, as compared to his father’s presidency. Glenn reviews his latest Wednesday special on what he calls the “Meat Mafia” and the complete overtaking of the meat industry. Ian Prior, executive director for Fight For Schools, joins to share what he saw at a school board meeting in Loudoun County regarding transgender bathrooms and CRT. 

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Big podcast for you today, Thomas Massey talks about what's happening with our meat. I go in to recap of what we talked about on last night's television show the Wednesday night special. This me shortage is anything but a mere shortage is part of the great three said and, as you will hear, it is a coordinated effort to make sure that beef is not on our main use anymore. Also, the president's amazing speech on the second amendment. We have Donald Trump Junior on today's podcast and somebody that was actually there in loud and counting the talk about c r t what happened with the arrests in loud and counting and something that made my head explore. The chairman of our joint chiefs, what he said about c r t all on today's podcast
The only thing came from Junior, the executor vice president of the Trump Organization, the author of liberal privilege, and he's a white guy wooden should know it. you can follow him on Twitter at Donald, J, Trump Junior or is website Don Junior Dotcom Aidan, our area, I'm doing well. How are you going I'm good, I'm good one talk a little bit about your dad in what the plans are. He is hinting more and more that, he's he's gonna be very involved, to put it mildly in the twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four campaign But first let let's talk about some of the things.
that are going on the policies of this administration are, close. The walls are closing in on the average American. That's hurting them financially, we are, we are seeing massive inflation headed our way. You know that Beef prices are out of control. That government. You know them the president gave a speech yesterday about the new, apparently F tee, not eighty f. The new, a F tee that is then there's gonna have new regulations, to curtail the weapons that weaken that we can actually by unknown your talks on what's happening. Terrible and yet it was also predictable. I mean liberal privilege, I literally wrote it about exactly what would happen yet the media, in their role as the marketing arm of the Democrat Party spent in ITALY
are eighteen months, pretending that Joe Biden was going to be a bother. If he was going to be reasonable, he wasn't going to destroy your job. He wasn't going to just grow your economy. He wasn't raised energy prices by cutting off our own energy independence, which is also security. Not just economic It was all there and they told you it wouldn't happen. He was gonna, be moderate, but the reality is a radical and if it's not him being a radical whoever's controlling him because they give. You watched him, give us beat you realize that he's not in full command of his facilities. Whoever is in charge is when a person that is a radical, and you see that every day now there infringing your second amendment last. There was energy independence to to go. It was kowtowing to Russia and Putin and giving them pipelines where you can have them. You can have any energy independence again. You can have those american harder, working well earned good, paying jobs. It is, though, working for China and russia- and this is what's going on if Donald Trump had this sort of policy towards our enemies media would be outraged, but their city.
they're saying I know this is wonderful. You have a crisis at the border, the light It goes on and on the buyers were born and again. This is coming from Americans who are still influenced heavily by a mainstream media that so biased and is telling you and objective truth to what's going on there. They're starting wake up and realize. Oh, my god. This is what we got Buyers remorse is kicking in again. That's with we won telling you that he's such a wonderful guy he's totally in charge you when you have American newspaper saying no no Putin says biting look really sharp. He was really with it. Like imagine commentary that would have come from that. It Putin said that about from I mean it so condescending of course, wouldn't want to negotiate with Biden. Bite is not there. Eating our lunch and laughing about it and the meat Yes, I know this is a great. This is good for relations with Russia. It is discussing it. spread, I'm really need to start, but it wont.
I'm really concerned. We had the right policy towards China. Look, you know We can be friends too, with anybody but we shouldn't be doing deep. Business with people were enslaving, their own people, setting up a a goose system, unlike the world, has ever seen and the end is stated that they are going to rule the world. You know in the next twenty years of it takes them that long that they are stated enemies of the United States. We are now deeply in bed. There seem to be calling all of the shots and I think, Americans, I dont what pull say, but I gotta believe that most Americans were more in favour of your father's of poor approach, which was hold them accountable, call them for what they are. A hundred,
send any didn't you see that I mean you have our scientists good, I'm being told, and for eighteen months we ve all been told you must trust the science and yet the scientists themselves less. We said well Of course, the wool homeland theory was always plausible. We just didn't want to be on. The same side is trump. You have fancied, seemingly disobeying direct order to stop short of some of the fund, of the laboratories in the experiments going over there it. What point in time and was the wolf on laboratory not be most plausible. We are to believe with the lab that study receives exact viruses would not possibly could not pass. We have a leak and if you did you're a conspiracy there, if you were thrown off of platforms, yours you were cut out of the scientific community, but we are to believe three feet out over the doors of that laboratory. Someone ate a bat and got everyone in the world. Sick I mean are. We idiots We were stupid and honestly, the next time they tell us to trust. The science could boy. Am anyone forbidding again hard pass? I'm just I'm not get across society
I don't remember, learning science, where scientific research is done in a way that it entirely influenced by a narrative of the media, because people are worried. We science was supposed to be about fact. It was supposed to be about ought not about a media narrative, mad about a liberal narrative and not about stupidity, which it seems our scientific community was basing all of these things on are either getting paid off by China. The same thing goes: trooper vaccinating our children in schools. teachers, unions. We can't do anything. The World Health organisation who I'd also don't trust but therefore angularity bright on your back from your kids to and yet the teachers requiring. What what does the end game for all of this? I don't understand it. No sense. If you play the statistics and look at it, people twenty one. What did it? Ninety nine point: ninety nine seven percent survival rate doubt that point o o three percent of people who did
while terrible, I imagine, there's probably some cool morbidity in there or, like so many of these statistics, they were hit by a bus. happened to have go, but they may not have died from goaded. They died from the past, but it was definitely a cobra death because that help you the same narrative going on in our country right now is absolutely ridiculous. When in someone's gotta put a stop to it, well yesterday, the president threatened mean that they would, dont. You know this better, probably than anybody else. Besides your father, you just said, will be construed by the media and by now, this administration as somebody's gotta put a stop to it. yesterday. We had a first conviction in the in the January. Sixth, were The attack on are on our republic ever and the leave the the purse Dave Sentenced was a grandmother. She,
he was- was pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of parading in the capital and she God, I think six months of community service and a five hundred dollar fine? It's ridiculous! All the narrative around it is insane they're gonna do that. I didn't see you know the f B. I posting a pitcher of someone who is taking a selfie it. I don't see the f b I doing anything about your twelve of looting, rioting, arson, murder, taking over buildings, because I guess it was woke just like Military has gone all awoke now so they're they're more concerned about your pronouns. Then they are about baby China's nuclear arsenal. That's what's going on these people are entrenched in there. They could only care less about one side of Europe within two thousand miles of the capital in January snakes than happened to be a conservative. You know there's a chance there investigating you, burn down a building, or you took over a court house in Portland or Seattle, no problem you get a flap and let us look at New York
or who are literally caught red handed breaking in building, arson vandalism, rioting looting, they're, just drop in the charges, no problem again, what's going on sick when Joe Biden Golden so that you're gonna need nuclear weapons to try to take over the government. I mean I look at that is a threat to the amount in public when you said something like that. Instead of sitting in any opposite situation there. would be branded the ito. Is heretics. They would be seditious. saying something like then Joe Biden can say: no probably a hundred percent right, the double standard in the hypocrisy has gone awry. It's absolutely ridiculous and again just such a shame, and this is why again, I stopped believe you need Donald Trump card. I imagine this is where you're going, because I don't know of enough Republicans who have the guts to say it, to have the guts, Take the slings and arrows that the media was totally nonsense right back yourself on it. What they say about all
those who are willing to fight it totally. Ridiculous comes just the one: that's not going to stand down because they do. It No wonder that you're going to roll over because they say oh means- is about him based on total, factual nonsense. So that's why Donald Trump is so important. I hope has woken up, the other conservatives. I hope he has woken up, those in the Republican Party to it, what's going on, unfortunately, after fifty there's just rolling over to the left and kowtowing to its source. in green links in so many conservative leaders that We need to make sure that changes. I dont there are conservative leaders anymore. I read I mean named them in Washington named them sent you put you make a solid, pointing back up the point I was making. You know I think you're starting to see it, but you know those people, who are starting to do it in doing a decent job. You know they get shut down or social media. They don't forget one way
Now it we're in a fair fight, we're up against molten. I try billion dollar industry, yet big tech, doing whatever they can. I get you coming million individual impressions lines the grand last week I lost followers. Like you know, two hundred fifty thousand likes it was the plague. You know you get a couple one day and then I'll take it away over the next few days I mean we're going you're gonna be a genius to see if you could be a very average bad content, leftist and you grow like wildfire, because they believe in what you're saying. Even if you're, not you know not someone who's gonna, create content or even decent content, but because your agreeing with them. There's never censorship, they're, not deep black, want there, not demonetized they're, not thrown up it only those one way when you're up against the giant but big tech when you can't search information and expect to get a fair and balanced sort of answering in it terms when you have the social media? Companies were so many people are communicating and getting information, but their cutting off the road of those on our side, when you have a man,
stream media that just eat up just gone Falcone, we're not in fair now we're up against it incredible adversarial force in terms of getting just even fairness out there. And again that will be interpreted as though it violence, because for its these days are violence at least words in one direction or violence were not in both directions. Just one way, but when you're up against that you if someone who can truly height, because it's not a fair fight in the slightest So I was, I'm really disappointed in people now that are really on the same side. We just might have a difference of opinion on you. How were approaching things, but we ve all got to come together. Can I you. What is your dad's relationship with with dissent as Governor Santa's, who seems to be lining himself up for a twenty twenty four run:
listen. I think the relationship is great. I think. Well, scientists was down, we myself, my father, any we came down and we did a lot to help make sure to get that win, and you see you know those things are very What did you see? What instilling conservative governors has done? Look at the differences in the performance between the red states in the blue states during the pandemic. Look at the difference in their recovery. Look at white, but you have from places like I moved, deplored out of New York myself. I'm gonna pay insane amount of taxes to have cops, aren't allowed to do their jobs the head, I'm going through the roof to have you everyone that made it so much of the fingers in robes. What do you think's going to happen pollution is not fix. The problems that they created the solution is to attract people even further, creating more light to places like Lord at access you in places that are reasonable, so those relationships are good.
that's right, so critical and why my father fought so hard for these governorship because it is not just about the president is not just about congressmen. Senator we gotta take the thing, and it's not just about governors globally. I take this down to local look at what is going on in my school board and these local town council the way they ve been taken over by the work more on. They want your kids learning. We have always theory, because, while its total nonsense, they get to feel good about. It does nothing other than probably create more animosity create division. all the things that were trying to avoid, but you know we need people. more willing to get involved, we, if we ban together and do this again king. So all of us, when you have one day out there taken all the arrows and from still seems to be guy taking all their heads, because you know they're they're, Modem Rate but I'll do whatever they can to diminish. Hammond Yoda build those around him until those people become leaders amend I'll, take them out to be that began. We watched it happen over and over. If they're, not aware of that. If we haven't figured that out
that out yet where either more arms or you don't, we need to do a lot better job paying attention. So that's what's going on, but those relationships. Great motorcycle, my father went back around say it is when you took another very close reason than Donald Trump involved really changed the dying I know I spent days with the governor doing just that. Personally friendly. He was very good with us when you was a congressmen that our relationship spread. I am glad to hear that. I'm glad to hear that cause we we need all of us standing together. You know it's Franklin said or we are we all of you to hang together. Well, hang separately, Donald Trump. You're, please say hello to your father for us of there's a ton of em. are concerned. I know I say this every time, but I just want to make sure that he'd he knows Millions of Americans are behind him, think about him all the day and quite equally as high, as I think I told you the other day, travelling
country and having to fill up my gas tank. I think your father needs to run spots on those little the gas tank or gas love, station tvs, because I can't believe how much were paying for gas its observer landed. Thank you so much. I see it every day underlined as a millionaire and when I grow up I take or when I go to the supermarket, to grab some groceries. I see the different like if I'm noticing it guess what everyone in America's noticing it and they have and just except at the policies that Japan is pushing or creating this France policies are what allowed us that right, you don't you may not like between it may be a little mean, I would venture to guess that most of it was pretty much spot. even if it was mean. Sometimes you need a discipline We and parents right that's what happened, but we can bring their back. It's very simple: we just can't sit there and be an active Thank you very much, Donald Trump Junior.
Author of the book liberal privilege, and you can follow him at dawn, junior dot com and also at Donald J Trump Junior Are you prepared for the next prolonged food shortage in America? As we have recently seen, we are one heck away from losing major supply lines on pretty much anything. It looks like ninety eight percent of Americans only have a few days worth of food at home. That's why
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and you see it with the price of meat at your supermarket and they say it's because of the pandemic. I am telling you it is not it is all about. Great reset and I'm gonna make a case here for you, but to get the full case, watch last night show on the blaze tv just go to. These tv dot com, Slash, Glenn. I think it's up on Youtube, I'm not sure, but please If you care about anything that I'm gonna say you ve got to spread this word, you ve gotta, take this YO and share it with as many people as you possibly can I'm not even to get into the home prices, because that this is connected. I connected it last night to whatever to our farms are farm land and our ranches right now leave the area expert will tell you: we are in a house price bubble The housing bubble is way bigger, wave
Then it was in two thousand eight If we know this- and we know that these are all time high prices, why would the very very wealthy investors go in and by at the top of the market? which is happening with of the largest, in fact, the largest money manager in the world, black rock. Who has a suspiciously high amount of its employees now, all throughout the buying administration ministration? These are the guys who are leading the way with the power, as climate cords and the e s g banking staff, and all of this they are leading the way. Will they just their buying up whole neighbourhoods and paying the fifty percent more than the asking price wire they doing that it doesn't sound like a smart investment. You by low, not high well
explain. I think why they are doing this in last night's broadcast, but I just want to see spoke is here on one thing and that is what's happening: To the price of meat and what's really going on- and you won't get this anywhere else- and I telling you it's right. Let's start! the beginning, Michelle Obama on the campaign, trail two thousand eight. She says this ambition, knows that we're gonna have to make sacrifices will have to change our conversation. We're gonna have to change our traditions. Our history, we're gonna, have to move into a different place, then Och Obama. This is what's happening right now, Barack Obama says at the bid the end of his campaign in o eight. He says we're gonna, fundamentally, transform in five days, fundamental transformation. Well it we thought it was
happening and we worried that it might continue after him. However, what we, didn't realise is that Joe Biden is nothing more than a shadow puppet of birth Obama Harry is two weeks ago saying this himself, What we are seeing now is Joe Biden administration are essentially finishing the job I think it will be an interesting task. Might almost have listen already saying others. Ninety percent, he said ninety percent of the people in his administration were in my administration, and so he is finishing the job. That's really important to understand especially when it comes to meet now. Listen to this There are only for real companies that process our beef. There are all the small guys have been purchased in, and shoved out of business and the four left I call them. The meat mafia
and they say the price of beef is rising due to the pandemic. Will true. If so, you would see the divergence in prices it should have begun. Last year Let me show you a chart here: that that shows that our weight, it didn't happen, it didn't happened in the last year? This over a ten year period. Didn't begin in twenty twenty, this been going on since the end of twenty fourteen and the beginning of twenty fifteen here's why this is important. You see the price. of beef going through the roof and the price of cattle going down. This has never happened before in history Why is it happening now and why did it start around twenty fifteen? Will they have all kinds of excuses, but let me tell you the truth:
twenty fifteen twenty fourteen. This is when Obama was in We're DR calling climate change a weapon of mass destruction, job carry was all over the globe. He it all culminated with him and the twenty fifteen Paris climate agreement. Now, you might say, That's about global warming, but it's not. This is why they went crazy. That thing does nothing. We thought but, as I showed you in March, the Paris agreement included a lot of things? All of us completely missed that is so critical to understanding what's happening in America. Article two! Point one c of the Paris climate Accord says this: the pay this agreement mandates country parties too financial flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and play resilient development. This
all about the banking system. This wish both the World Bank and the? U N, to create a framework for banks and financial institutions to begin? pressure corporations to go woke and to pursue green alternatives. Now Is it a coincidence that all of this was going on? Why a historic divergence in cattle and beef prices began never bend in history before and now it is ok. How can I make this charge well, all you have to do is go to the website of the of the big for meat processors. Thyssen has added in environment, social and governance, or yes, g section to their financials Cargill, has done the same thing, likewise,
J B S and national beef, those of the four countries, companies and they're, all too king about environmental responsibility, when you hear real environmentalist talk, we do they say the number one leading cause of global warming is, and if you do, to address this. Nothing else, matters. cow farts they're, saying the methane produced by cattle you- and I both know this the farming industry they say is responsible for global warming. If we can't get the cattle farmers, control, then don't make a dent. Ok,. I want you to understand the now this actually has anything to do with the environment. It has everything to do with money and control, but Using
bill warming. As the way the vehicle to get control and money, so these four companies all of Sun become very yes g centred environmentally centred. Well, how do you do that and and process as beef, well it turns out? Three! Well, let me start here two out of the four companies that meet Mafia one is owned by Brazil. The other is a wholly owned subsidiary of China. all four of these are our processing about. Ninety percent of our our meat three of the big four have gone all in on lab cultured fake meat. Growing meat is pulling in millions of dollars of investment. Now
One year after cattle prices began going down and beef prices started going up Thyssen Foods announced a massive campaign, a hundred and fifty million to fund me less food alternatives. Thyssen, did this, as in one of the big for meat products, messrs. But this is something now they're all doing Cargill announced last year. They were stepping up their investment in fake meat. They poured money into labs like Memphis meets L, farms? Also, seventy five million dollars to purists J B ass. The the largest meet supplier has also announced their intention of expanding their role in lab cultured meet Jabba CBS C O told Bloomberg, and I quote this: the ceo of them to processing plant quote me from animals, will be a pricey luxury in the future, and
people will have to turn to vegetable derived alternatives which will be cheaper, why will it be cheaper? It's not. The point so the cattle the price of beef is going up because of J Bs, the four big meet processors? The clearly on board with fake meat by the way, Their one of many woke corporations that are, I didn t go net zero by twenty forty. how can you go net zero, If you are our part, of the processing of the animal. That is the biggest problem with global global warming answer. You can't. Well, they just invested GPS did a billion dollars into the green agenda, one billion dollars. Now something tells me that ranchers aren't gonna see a dime of that money. The
companies know exactly what they're doing their lining up now for the mother of all paychecks, while the gun and pushes incentives for companies to fall in line with the great reset the preparations are gearing up now to corner the market. Why else would bill gates be buying up all the farm land when he says things like this? I do think all rich countries. That would be us should move. to a hundred percent. One hundred percent synthetic beef you can get used to the taste difference and the claim is they're gonna make it even tastes better overtime, eventually that green premium is modest enough, that you can sort of change the behaviour of people or use regulation to totally shift the demand So we do why? What does that mean? Well play a bio ethicist who likes to eat meat law
me give you, in a conversation among by with this is to our trying to figure out what are we who about meat. I want you to listen to what he said. Listen carefully. They saw give two examples, so one is that people eat too much meat, right and if they were to cut down on the consumption of meat, then they with it would actually really help the planet but People are not willing to give up meet. You know some people will be willing to by other people. They may be willing to buy these sort of. They have a weakness of well. They say this mistake is to juicy I can do. I am one of those by the way, so you now, but so here's a thought right It turns out that we know a lot about us all that we have these intolerance too. Why, for example, milk intolerance, some and theirs People are intolerance to crayfish, so Possum.
We can use fewer human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant of certain kinds of meat to certain kinds of bovine bovine proteins and there's actually analogues of this in light. There's this thing called the long start tech where, if it bites you you will become allergic to meet, can sort of describe the mechanism so that something we can do it through human engineering. We can Skynet Mosby address really big world problems through human engineering. human engineering now to see us from eating beef by the way? One last thing you should know about the Biden: be a Lamb nominee. That's not black lives matter! That is the Bureau of Land management. This is where most of our beef grey. you want grass FED beef? That's it ed on government land be a lamb land. It's been that way forever. Ranchers cannot survive without be a lamb land. So what Why am I bring in this up? Because
the new nominee. That Biden is pick to run the b, a lamb. believes that we should have one or two children only because it's it's killing the earth, so she's Anti children, one too, two children only, but here's the more important thing She says real food, meaning beef, Pills our public land she's, Public lands all over the west should look is healthy, is land shown in this picture on the right, but more often our public law, look like the land on the left, because cows have pummelled it so the woman who is going to be in charge of grazing of cattle and future of farming and the future of of ranchers is
in cattle grazing on the land she's going to be in charge of they are putting meet off the table I'm telling you now, if you don't get involved locally, if you don't call your governor, if you don't call your state rep, If you don't start going to a farmer's market, if you don't support local processing, you're, never gonna have meet again, and I guarantee you that it will become a very pricey commodity. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to: U S: a beef dot org they! put your directly in contact with local beef producers. Yet deal directly with local ranchers local businesses, local banks, local farmers, that's the way! to attack this right now. Also alert your governor and you're, a state representatives, go. Do first thing: U S
beef God or two the best of the gun back programme. This critical race theory is getting out of hand and now because they are denying it, other denying that it is playing any role in our schools at all and it is going to get worse and worse, now in Loudon County? I This is perhaps one of the worst examples in the country. If it's not, I boy Haiti or what is they two days ago? They had a public meeting a hearing transgendered bathrooms, etc, etc, but people- showed up to talk and the scoop. didn't seem to be happy about the comments from many of the people there.
And I want to bring in somebody who was actually in this meeting his name is even prior he's. The executor director for fight for schools senior Council of on majority and he was there at the meeting two days ago in how are you- I am glad that you have me you back I want to give you of recap of this as written by Fox NEWS, so it should be friendly. Coming from Fox NEWS, the first half dozen speakers were in support of policy proposal. Eight forty, which is what gendered bathrooms and yes transient bathrooms needed, requiring teachers and students to referred it. Other students butter As an pronouns and then requiring schools to allow your biological me the play in female sports Kay, but fireworks erupted when the seventh, who identified herself as a mother of a transgender, loud and student, was boo,
after saying hate was dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room, she was wiping christian parents? Is that what happened yeah. That is what happened in actually Glenn. You know I I let it. of of volunteering. We're looking recall this school board, so I led a team of volunteers out to lease Burke Virginia to get signatures. One of these school board members. Actually, while the meeting was going on, so we were watching it on our phones, as we were going door to door throughout the neighborhoods in India. We not on one person, s door, they opened it. They were signed a petition. And we were watching it literally at the time that this person was signing the petition to recall two School board members, it was, is just incredible incredible in a bad but just insane, and you could tell that that was done really church arrival, the crowd up and get them angry, because you know most parents go there, they they director their comments to the school board. They dont director
two other people in the audience and religious beliefs, and I was just on call for an absurd, so they called a. They called a five minute recess. Then the board voted that if there's any more eruptions that they're gonna clear it and this meeting will be over but a ton of people- showed up now, the way this story is written and others are written, is that they did everything they could to make sure that everyone was heard, but it was these people who are against critical race theory. They just cause chaos, What really happened? Yes, so what you know this actually started about two weeks before the last school board meeting where you know, first time in really urine one slash two. You have parents that were allowed in the in the meeting room other that you're, usually only have one person speak at the podium, but everyone is allowed to sit in the audience and
but he cared for one of the speakers and they shut it down for five minutes. So we got a new that they were. They may be planning to shut it down when they started here things better like so they really packed the beginning of the speaker line up with folks at work, for schoolboys policies for the transgender policy, but the kind of Renate Gath around seventeen or eighteen speakers in and that's when all. The rest of the parent started speaking so yeah, you know out at the next thirty or forty was probably at eighty five to fifteen ratio, and then we have a former state editor by the name of Dick Black. That just gave a passionate speech, and you know everybody applauded and that's pretty much what in and they shouted down because of applause than you are. My contention is applauding as before expression and you are expressing support as speaker that the first amendment right when you shut down that meeting, because of that you just violated the first a memory. Everybody in our room? Well, You clearly have now the
are they gonna have more public hearings because one the things is revolves around a teacher. That's Look I I it is. It is immoral and wrong call a little boy or girl. If that's what he wants to be called, I won't do it, and I think it's also wrong to have rooms where anybody can go into any bathroom. It's also wrong, and he was, I don't think he was fired. He was suspended for saying that right that's right! You! He went there on his own time as a resident of loud in county about a month ago to speak is concerned. the comment. They requested Papa comment on the policy he gave public comment. You didn't say anything inappropriate. He was put on in a state of we took it to that. Sir, court and leaves bird. He won a resounding victory, and now the school board at school is appealing that victory. And could you pick a better case name for somebody?
Trying to exercise their religious right than loud and county public schools versus cross, and that is the case now I've never even if the brain court case so What happened to this county view? to be pretty reliably red I mean it- was only like eight point. in favour of the Republicans, but that's quite large spread. Then I think Latin County went what twenty five If points for Biden this time, what the hell is, this county so far off track so quickly. why won't you seeing is the growth of the bureaucracy and in Washington? And so you have you no Fairfax Arlington. Alexander counties have traditionally in blue, but as these things have grown as these can, these carries a groan
He was certain move out aloud county where they could get more space and loud uncanny was renowned for its public school system. In that's, that's. Why cannot earn twenty eighteen, but unfortunately, all these people coming from fair back than all again brought their politics with them, as we see so often in this country, and that, I think, is what what has resulted in the dramatic shift on the boat to the blue side. so the superintendent Scott Ziegler. As I said, that this is this is nothing more than a dog whistle politics that all of this. about c R. T is nonsense and lobbying jined up by using, dog, whistles, yellow We find that amusing at Yale, so He who enough parted. The problem is that they just will not admit their critical his theory informs their teacher training and there is no instruction of students. In fact, we
an email from the last superintended. It says exactly what I just that and if this is the superintendent that left the out a couple of months ago, so we Change the nothing's changed they had a I consulted on on board for three years, called the equity collaborative all California, but basically running their teacher training that set up their whole quote equity programme and this equity laboratory their entire module is based on oppression, analyses in critical race theory. It's all over their document. You know within the school itself we ve seen dozens of doc a teacher training when they talk about Europe being the oppressor were being the oppressed you're. One document, which was particularly striking even said If you are a light skinned person of color, you are no pressure. These are the aid dogskin person of color. That's how our down. They are going to divide people not just on race but actually on shade of skin color.
Me that's! You know. One drop of one drop of jewish blood makes you a Jew in in in Germany, Nineteen thirty's I mean it, it is skating. Scary, on what these people are teaching and the media is covering four for them. How do you respond to the media who says in fact our joint chiefs chairman yesterday and testimony in Congress said this is asked an obscure teaching that happen in Harvard, and it's not happening in our schools? How do you, spy and those people who are carrying that water? as they deal documentation, documentation, documentation at we? Parents have done our homework, and you know it's easy or the legacy media. Just serbian and say you know what is isn't going on our schools, but where they want to see what happens when you dont, we walked by our kids crumble in and see what their learning where they want to talk to argue to our students. There you have it the superintendent in one of his interview,
said you know, I talked to students and then this is what you're telling me like well, you know what we talked to students every day, because there are kid and there Hundreds of thousands of parents now they're rallying this caused her to recall the school board and they are seeing the same exact thing. So the fact of the matter that is the school board. The superintend. in a religious gas lighting, the community. Here they are attacking parent, saying that parents are spreading this information we interact with the parents who have done their homework in the school system had absolutely no response whatsoever- that's credible! So when when they come out to attack you they say: will you used to be? You were somebody who was involved in politics, and this is proof positive that you can. You can listen to him he's clearly, nothing Body republic, inoperative. and here you know, I love, I love and tat line. It is I
in four republican organizations and the Justice Department for you now sixty years, give or take I've been apparent for aid. Years eminently apparent for the rest of my life. That is where my priority live. Second of all, I wasn't planning on getting involved in this fight. Until you had a private facebook group had six school board members, and a campaign to target parents with illegal activities- and I found it self on that list, you can be sure that our Knocker sit there and take it lightly. really what they have. What happened was was maybe six to eight about parents that We were just gone, somebody's back porch and said this is not the school board has ignored and mocked parents. It we're trying to get schools reopen now, they're taking part in these secret facebook groups or parents are being attacked Doc targeted it's time for them to go, and you know, sir, I utilise the skills that I've learned through working. rather than a warrior over the years that to be expected, but this is truly.
You know I don't even open call it a grassroots campaign, it's probably a back deck campaign. Does that's really were started and how do you think it's gonna end? Well, You know, I think that, unfortunately, the school board is not up for reelection until twenty twenty three we ve already seen a hand. full of law suit. I would expect there will be several more trying to recall six school board members. We ve made amazing progress in six weeks. If it's gone faster than that, I didn't plan for we're at close to ninety percent of acquired signatures for one of those school board, members how and ultimately went once we get those matured. Then, unlike in California, we have to take it. The court and the court will decide, If these these school board members are abused or office neglected their duty or a competent in the performance of their office. So this is gonna end up in court sooner or later on multiple I recall you have
first amendment issues, all the things that are swirling out there, so I'm just not sure how this boy it is gonna, be able credibly function in a representative fashion for this community going forward I can't thank you enough fur for standing up it locally again in your in your own community. This is the only chance we have of winning and making sure that our constitution and our bill of rights apply to every single American is. What you are doing and take it through. The court be calm and collected, use, wisdom and knowledge, and and let the system grind it out and thank you so much later much less
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