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Best of the Program | Guests: Donald Trump Jr. & Rep. Chip Roy | 3/30/22

2022-03-30 | 🔗

Rep. Chip Roy joins to discuss a case in Finland regarding two people being prosecuted for their faith and how to stand up against the woke ideology. Donald Trump Jr., co-founder of MxM News, joins to discuss the platform, which will compete with Apple News. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss Disney’s latest move toward indoctrinating your children.

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code to the media, for you and I'll introduce you to the the finalized Wakey's box. If you will be today Each we have chip Roy on talking about something that is crucial to your freedom of speech. I kind of lost my marbles a little bit when we talked about Disney today I am a huge fan of Disney and I announced a Florida project and I love your help on it. But if you are tired of, does the make sure your listening to today's broadcast and don't miss Studios America, it's right, but far Glenn TV tonight, starting at eight p m Eastern, what a great aunt testicle my show starts at nine p m. I don't right before. That is what I would as America and overcome subscribe to. This body has as well as do does America to rate review at five stars? Is the appropriate number of stars? Great shouted! A film is a second.
The only thing came off. The air was reminding me about some of the details of what he's an apparently no kind, the Florida project here and which is a little. What does this of the Junta ass alone? That's that's, yeah to him, not the corporation, correct and is set with stuff. It's incredible! Violet mercury, one doubt or you can go and their updating the site now. I just announced this just spur of the moment cousin. He asked at Walt Disney World and what does need company and enough is enough, enough is enough this is essentially a spite store if you're starting up a spite story. You know, I guess I Aramis razors. That's what it is a bad enough. I've had enough, and I have the team and the people I ve- just not put them together yet
because I've been waiting to go to rich people and say hey. We need to raise a million or two dollars for this I've been waiting for all enough You want your children to really learn and experience the truth about America. Help me out help me out donate Box hundred bucks. Whatever you have I need a million dollars to get it to launch, will do I'll! Tell you when we when we have it, I don't want anybody to know about it. Yet but we need a million dollars to launch it and it a blow your mind it blow your mind so mercury, one dot, org. Let me go to chip Roy from the great state of tech this congressmen? How are you, sir, well, Glenn are going to be on her show. As always- and you know, it'd be great- if were in Texas like you, but I'm gonna watch DC. Sorry about that sorry about that hates
good news. I know you want to talk about what's happening in Finland and a lot of people don't know, but some Good NEWS, today and if you don't sure you do know it I'll. Let you break it, but tell the tell the story of what is going on in Finland yeah sure absolutely- and this is such an important story right in and for your listeners out there just quick background and then news right. You got a member of parliament in Finland, okay by the resident and a Bishop Bitch you will you hunt up poor Yola and they were being prosecuted in Finland for having the temerity for daring, to quote their faith, quote the book of Romans, for example in criticizing the. Or you know, Lgbtq agenda. Okay, that's what they did, the bishop. They handed out pamphlets a pipe, he literally tweeted the book of Romans and for that they were being prosecuted. Now the good news-
as forward to today and after a lot of work by lawyers at eighty, a fire for our friends and family Research Council. A lot of you know public awareness. The court has ruled the right way the the the court has found them now. Guilty by the way it was a unanimous ruling that it is not for the court to interpret biblical concepts that is huge these. People were going to jail for two years. If convey Did you nanometer ruling exactly right in, and a member of Parliament piety her quote was. I am so good The court recognized the threat to free speech and ruled in our favor. Of course, I would add freedom of religion. I feel a weight has been about my shoulders after being acquitted, although I'm grateful, I hope that this
won't help prevent others from having to go through the same ordeal and and naturally yet. I I put out a statement or something similar, basically saying Fantastic NEWS: great shot across the bow or for the world for independence and freedom of of his expression, but no one should have to go through this and the fact that they were prosecuted in a western country particular crazy. Absolutely astounding and should be a wake up call to everybody out be must be very clear. My friend, Tony Birchen did I I wrote an op ed, hitting this subject that the equality. Do you remember the equality at that effectively outlaws disagreement on matters of sex and gender ideology? there is another build, a global respect, act which would allow for visa sanctions, replaced on board. Individuals proceeded out of step with the less. Will genuinely else. There is the global magnets key actors, familiar with provisions of were in?
so called Russia Trade bill that we voted on two weeks ago. Now I and seven five public and colleague you're taking he because we work. Oh, your pro Putin you're a russian apologise, because we voted against a russian trade sanction bill because in it was a global magnets act, expansion of power to the executive branch, The president of the United States actually go after it sanction. Anyone around the world for undefined quote human rights abuses now mind you that's the kind of way. What's that you see, for example, the World Health Organization as recently saying that abortion is a human right look. This is all coordinated you you lead into this segment with, I think we saw with all of it's just outrageousness over the last several days. What they're doing behind the scenes to force our kids to have whatever fifty percent or more of the characters, the Lgbtq and all that theory of unknown agenda and their backlash is against the the of
for daring to say that school shouldn't sexual eyes are forty. Seven year olds mean that there is a coordinated agenda. You talk about it better and more often than most to go after our western values the bear that act, the Black History museum. american history music off, they got, they got exhibits and they got it was handing out our western civilization. The nuclear family is racist. This is the war that is on our way of life, and- and I don't exactly know, what's going on with your florida- Jack and all these things and whiskers everybody, we got away gap and we gotta fight back and know that these guys are coming after us. This victory and Finland is great- I'm proud of the people who stood up and fought. I'm proud, a party and a bishop boiler, but this is that this should be awake, all of what come so what's really frightening about. This is people because the media, everything else they are making it that they will take these things and tell people it's a conspiracy theory
and like in Germany, in the nineteen thirty people, said all the time: yeah. Okay, this is bad, but it can't get worse. It'll never go further than this, and if you don't stand open stop it. It does no further, not necessarily the way it did in Germany, but it does further and further. when we have the congressman Roy can justice while you chip When, when we have the White House looking into programmable currency, we have the great reset coming and the media, the social media already will ban you for anything We are. We are about to lose our freedom of speech. I mean, I don't know if you know who David sacks is, but he's one of the big angel investors created a lot of these things and he had I didn't leave social media and I didn't leave so Silicon Valley. It left me we use
to be the defender of free speech. That's what we started as and it over now, and they are going to close that door on any who disagrees with the woke ideology Well, now, let's tie all this together. Everything, you just said is true everything but in an old technology, it's an assault on our way of life. It's purposeful, the education system. The more he on this for decades were now seeing the fruits that is all of these people that have been being trained up in the way of leftism. When put out under the schools in their teaching all this garbage don't even really know they're doing anything wrong, they're, just teaching what, you're gonna, train to teach and universities are talking about. You know Craig you. What does little arts I'm talking about Like Texas Data University. I need you to your or dinners Virginia or whatever right training these people to go out and do this and here's the deal what's going to happen this next week? Well, we just saw
Collins today said she was going to vote for and support a brown Jackson for a confirmation Supreme Court. Now that is insane you're a listener in Maine. You call, Susan Collins Office. Right now, that she is bad, crap crazy. because this nominee is crazy? She is to the left. any judge you've ever seen, she's promoting critical race theory. She's been a part of it, it's in it. On the on private boards, she won't prosecute child porn promoters. That's straight and she can can't define what a woman has refused to do so. She's all article, what she has no business being confirmed to the bench bench, but I want you to be That is the woman who will be the future face of the Supreme Court, decide whether you and I should be prosecuted for hate speech or hate crimes. two will be doing it and there are a thousand
and you saw that in yellow school. What last week or all others, you know privileged, probably white, but whatever Yale, losers at the law school there in New haven. We're all shouting down this There was a liberal professor. They are saying guys. You know we every speech here and there saying you're interrupting us and they were shouting them down. Those are the people are going to. courts in courts. Those are the people be judges in twenty years, but this is what's coming: we're going to have to get our loins for a battle to say our way of life, western civilization at the state. Local level, we're going to have to say no to this crazy and that that's our calling I will tell you: we've been trying to get the treasurer's all across the country. We have twenty states that are working on Anti Esg legislation that would prevent the banks. From your
doing anything other than looking at your credit score, you can't look at my social credit score. What are you talking about and I will tell you the big banks have their lobbyists out and in skip I've. Never I was talking to somebody who has done this for twenty years. They said they I've never seen anything like what the banks are spending Bring these lobbyists out to the local and state level and it is a real fight, we need to wake up our state, our governor. Are our our salute work or our state governors or our state legislatures and wake them up and get them going as well as our town, because the the as already deep inside. Now, there's no question in and what you just talked about. What the EU is defending again for your letter that, though they know that if there was a big you buy, it is far worse than then
frankly, even your. I fully realized right, the extent to which now This is intertwined with the flow of capital right. We believe in freedom and free enterprise. but frankly, a lot of our republican friends are sort of right of center. Folks have been kind of accepting this fashion notion of oh, the free market? Let's not isolate, let's be real, but we're allowing corporate America steam all our way of life, whether its big tech, big healthcare, big adaptation a bit his private there's a lot of money making there, but all of these big entities in corporate current. Some are steamrolling our way of life and the energy flow of capital limits or a big part of that You want to go, you neither say all. Why will these big oil companies go punch for oil know these guys constrained because they can't get capital because in it-
As for the latter's constraining that capital they want to constrain it. They want to constrain capital for guns. They were. to constrain gabble of oil and gas. They want to constrain capital for any. are you isn't going to bow down to the altar of the politically correct and so it is our job right now to free up the flow of capital to get our kids out of the corrupt education. And take ownership over our educating our kids. We have a responsibility to educate our kids. in the way and the truth- and I mean we- We need to lead our kids forward and were failing a corrupt system. I only have sixty seconds if the Republicans win. Are they actually? going to come through this time only if we demand it and some of us are trying to put the framework in the guard reopened the bandit. I believe that we need. Secure the Boers United States stop spending my
We don't have to fund the bureaucrats who are trying to kill us and we need a double down on freedom. We need to get the free flow of capital going free of our education free up our health care. fighting and targeting all of these big corporate cronies entities We need to go to war on it and if we don't do that, if we just give, I would like to have a healthy America. Let's all get in the German, do whatever the hell we like to give people went, we gotta go to war on this stop and some of us here to be demanding that, as we have now had brain and we'll see what the party does have good Thank you, chip, Roy, the the congressmen, great state of Texas thing you for standing on guard today. This is the best one big programme. I am surrounded
a new family of people who have their life back because of relief factor, I'm one of them. I was in pained and got to the wait to where I just couldn't. Do it anymore? I I feel, like you know I just I can't get up another day and we have our life back because of relief factor, not a tv commercial. It's a it's! A group of real people with real results that had real pain. Try. It yourself really factor this when he started completely bald. Look at him. He doesn't do anything for your hair, but it will help you out of paying give it a shot tried a three week. Quick start doesn't work, move on, but we're here to tell you it works
Lee Factor not come co, founder of Annex M News, a new app that you should absolutely download and use. Donald Trump Junior is on with this hey Don. How are you I'm doing well yourself, I'm great. I am great thanks. for this app by the way, tell people what my pleasure people what exactly what it does exactly well M acts like minute by minute it's an app designed for people who actually want to see the news. I you, you have a lot of followers, I'm pretty sure that you know Apple news. Our group has literally never shown anyway and one of your story, one thing they used to be about ten years ago. It was, it was pretty good now? Nothing, nothing you'll never show up. Just like you do. maybe show up in my twitter feed ten percent of
I'm staying post correct, but a hundred and fifty percent of C M shows up in my current whether I follow it or not. I know I know and that's how the algorithm work. So you don't these stories, they do exist. the Hunter Biden. Laptop people were writing about it, but the vast majority America did not see that We now know that, like close to twenty percent of bided, voters literally said they would not have voted had they known about it. It was on the cover of the New York Post, but big tech decided to make sure that no one saw that because they would hurt the odds of forwarding their political agenda. So I said you dont want enough they not by no people are writing these stories. I see if I spend all day looking at this, but what you do so we decided out, couple. Friends of mine, all super political guys, Naga guys to come up with an app create, an app that will literally plucked from all stories I mean, there's
there's mainstream media in there as well, but you'll see the Glenn Beck stuff, you'll, see stuff from the blades you'll see stuff from Breitbart. The stories that are being suppressed will also show up cool, so you can actually read about everything and then formulate your own opinion. That's what this was about, and we just saw that it literally didn't exist, the places where even concern we're still getting their news, were still heavily biased right. the hand of big tech with suppressing every that they want to read and we gotta make sure that this stuff is out there, for these disasters don't happen in the future and until big tech decides to actually believe in free speech not censorship and not controlling that kind of messaging. Someone has to step up and do it I will tell you that this is so needed, and I appreciate the fact that you are putting in the mainstream media sources. So you see it, I don't. I want to read all of it. I want to choose
to read what not to read. You know I mean however, the report, if I've articles on a subject, I don't just take perfect one as a gospel, because I'll always pick out an extra point in something there. You don't. You can see. You know that bias. Then, when you are now, I didn't realize X Y see right right. You saw that with you, don't Kyle Rittenhouse, oh you mean the people. He killed a warrant actually african Americans, I didn't realize that I was told he was a white supremacist right, so you can see that I hadn't it really helps you formulate your own opinion, so literally we create this app its totally free you can down for Iphone or Google and Europe. No. I can't believe it it's that boy. We're not asking for information were not asking for elsewhere that were literally just trying to make sure that people can have access to the news that exist, but they won't see. Elsewhere. So how do you do this? I mean an algorithm is his hand selected? How is this done?
la la right right now. We literally have a team of guys going through all of the sources, and you know and picking the things that are going to be trending they'll. You know, they'll show the diversity of both was again mainstream as well as sort of the things that I still consider mainstream I'd say you guys are mainstreamed based on simply the amount of following that. You have wrecked that no algorithm from the usual big takes us back where I ever going to highlight, at rate it may show up, but you're, going to get ten percent of the falling. It's like my instagram feed. You know ten percent of the people who want to see my stuff will maybe get to see it at best a whereas you know I see stuff from I don't even follow and it magically shows up in there and every suggested follow is a democrat politician. never republican, even though I dont know what would lead them to believe that I'm wanting to follow Bernie Sanders last year
I get that it really easy for people what they can. You know, honestly, you could just go to Don Junior dot com and it'll be like at the top of bite. My home page, just the o, N jr dot com. You sit there, you can click there. If you have android click. The link. It'll. Take you write to the great store. If you have your iphone it'll take you write to the act and the Iphone store. It was the old leading downloaded app or apple all weekend, which is pretty cool for news and stuff like that, and so you know, people are into Then they industry a very simple platform. You choose, the preferences of things you want to see and those are the things that I end up in your feet and you'll actually get to see the stories that you've have been missing for all this time. I'm looking, I mean business insider, not conservative, the blaze politico, not really conservative, Associated Press Breitbart Part Press rumble the blaze Bright, Bart, national pulse, the Federalist Daily Collar, the hill, Daily STAR Bloomberg NEWS week I mean you are covering your cover. the news. It's not a it's not
agenda driven thing. It is a it seems to be a truth driven. which is what we are lacking right now one hundred percent? You know, there's no agenda behind it. We we let people actually use their brains and, ah you don't make their own opinions and and that's what it should be about, but it it has it's been for so long and you again for so long. I use social for my news, but again if I'm getting ninety percent of the other stuff. Then I believe it is based on the last five years that you know I was working with Russia, but agent of Russia based on the nonsense that that their growing not not actually the trousseau, The kind of thing literally and in ten minutes you can scroll through and have all of the news from all of this, it's all over the world in one place great way, to get educated quickly without having to sort of sort through the filter without having to try to actively search stuff. you'd be looking forward to maybe find the corollary opinion M
pretty excited about it and just trying to again fight back against the nonsense that we've been seeing. I I've been preaching it for a long time, and you know all these Well build your own, that's what we did! We did Don. I get it question all the time. What sites do I check and I a million of them, but I I follow one site that certain at done by an aggregator he's, got the bad finger on the pulse for stories that I've ever seen and most people, don't even know about the website. It's called spin quark you should, you should look that up for stories. They it's a great selection of stories, spin I'll check it out. Yet this was really also import design. To fill the void that bright for or that a drudge Drudge left when, when Drudge sort of got, you know, I guess he's sold and you know got woke and the as a liberal and and all that stuff? But when you have a drudge report that used to break the now they won't even cover the Durham report. Mainstream media talks zero SEC
Hunter Biden in the laptop now they what they wanted? They can say: oh yeah. Well, they definitely were wrong. It wasn't really russian disinformation. Despite two hundred intelligence officials, meaning onto the letter as though it's real as though they had some sort of real information that it was rushing. This information we're we're trying to cut out that nonsense because plenty of it out there. You see it right now, I'm sure with Russia and Ukraine. I don't know what to believe, because been in the room for the last five years as they have lied as labour What about what happened in the room that I was in the two things had nothing to do with each other. They don't even resemble each other remotely one Is a message in decided derive a narrative other is what actually happened and get. There doesn't have to be a correlation between the two anymore and that's a it, we're trying to eliminate that it's I'm sorry Xmxm like minute by minute, M x m. You can get it wherever you get your apps
I highly recommend that you download it and use it as a great way to stay in touch with the news without the liberal algorithms telling you what you good read: read it all read it all. Ask you a bit your your dad said yesterday that Russia should release what they have on Hunter Biden's. You know, bribes, and what we think are bribes ensure look like bribes, yesterday also, we found out the FBI g. What did I do with that Hunter Biden Laptop? They don't know where it is less Actually there are copies of it now and it was entered into the congressional record yesterday what is your? What's your take on what's happening with not hunter by but how this will affect Jobe. Because this story is about him being compromised.
On a persona. Listen I've been saying it bro. While, as this thing started weeks ago, eyes like has anyone ever thought about. Maybe the fact that our response to the Russia, Ukraine situation is total, misguided, because they're trying to cover up what they know still exists out there that baby, we don't know about it. The F b I, who guarantee. You has every text message to anyone who was within a fifteen one hundred mile radius of Washington DC on January. Sixth, all right, your grandmother, they're spying on them. They haven't lost that text message but, they don't know where the Hunter Biden Laptop is because you know it's just not that important that Hunter was laundering money for russian oligarchs, tied to human trafficking and sex traffic grimly and he was doing all sorts of shady business that there's ten percent bracket the they that's not relevant the FBI, anymore. Glenn, that's done doesn't matter. Let's just part of the swamp and it's just totally acceptable again, if your group well took a in. You know near the capital that week
she's in trouble we're they get her. I guarantee you that they spent more time researching the garage pool War at Bubba Watson, supposedly hate crime thing with them more than they ever did looking into oh yeah Hunter Biden Laptop. This is a recurring pattern. People and the leadership at the FBI is so corrupted. Imagine it was my laptop you're, like my god, you think you know missing, but do be exhibit hey, it would be everywhere. He would be on the cover of every mainstream periodical in the country. It would be everywhere it's hundred by items, you know now it's fine, true true now that we know it's that one missing you. These are not coincidences Glenn. These aren't stupid. They may be biased, they may be corrupted they may report. Is it but they're not stupid right? They don't. You will lose these things, in and again if it was about their political enemies.
The people who will get them there, ten percent in time. I guarantee you, wouldn't be lost, I were talking to you Donald Trump Jr, the no founder of em ex em, an app that you should download Donna. about a minute. A minute left Just tell me I mean, because when you look something's wrong with this war, something's very very wrong. The way Biden is playing this almost seems as if he wants a really big war to happen. How much of of the turbine stuff do. You think is playing a role in what the present and is saying about Putin and the direction we see to be moving in. Listen, I think it's great country out there that doesn't have.
of our enemies seem to have a hundred by laptop the only people that don't have a hundred by laptop or the FBI because they lost it. I guess so again, I think, decision making process is literally being done to protect Joe Biden. Hunter in their shady dealings abroad, and the fact that there is no one in the media, even questioning is that could be. The case is more scary. because it is sort of obvious right. He was doing all these deals for no reason with no experience in billions of dollars in yadda yadda yadda, with both countries, not even saying like hey, do you think it'd be a response is biased, because of that I mean that It is truly scary. I mean literally no one has asked that question. I've been asking it for a month, and I know that was made. They say Reverend begging. This is because he's compromised by this country, but Joe Biden, not like Gimme Is there anything in Joe Biden, history or under by this history? That would believe us allow us to believe that they are, the high road. doing the right thing for the people of America, we could be
the world war. Three with Russia, the cover up a hunter Biden, scam, we're gonna, send our kids over there to die to protect a practice. like are we out of our minds and again the fact that no one is after the question makes it even scarier. But again you won't hear that reported, which is a big part of why we also created M except those so that you can see for yourself. Thank you very much. done appreciate. It will talk to you again my best to your family. God bless Wendy? Well, it s action is the name of the app the best of the Glenn Beck program the so today I got a bee in my bonnet to quote to our President Actually, he would say I've got to be. Underpants
anyway, Disney executive in charge of content yesterday vowed to up the anti on gender politics during an all hands meeting. I want to play just a bit of what she said. Listen to this. I am sure, is a mother of two queer children actually one transgender child and and when can sexual child and yeah me too, and and also as a leader and now is the thing that really got me an open forum last week at twentieth. Where again the home of of really incredible groundbreaking l, GB teach you I stories or worse, where one of arts and stood up and said you know we only have a handful of queer leads content
Actually it's true? I should all make it any more about also quite characters in our stories. So here's what she said this is the general undertaken member president of Vote want Disney Corporation during company wide zoom call that Disney is now going to have fifty percent of its characters and content will be about. Gee, I a two plus, other Minorities Jay the end of the year. Now they just but the lesbian kiss back into New Buzz lightyear I've had it. I've had enough enough, and I am a huge Disney fan, I love Walt Disney and what he created. I told my son, I told my son, we were seeing my daughter in the little mermaid she plays Ariel and
watching it- and I said to my son, I said you know I hate ate- at this. But when this first came out, I saw this by myself and I wept because the Disney magic was back. That was the first cartoon that Cain brought it all back and I wept and me said Walt Disney right now if he knew that he'd get out of his freezer and slap you across the face anyway. He's so mean to me anyway, I'm a huge fan of Disney and I've had enough. I've had enough, and I've been telling you parallel. economy. We, I have to have a parallel economy right now with just one angel studio, the the studio. They did the chosen. That is off the charts, great television. I don't know if you've watched it. If you haven't,
you need to do, and I think Amazon now so best Jesus story ever told her. I think ever and it's it's so good. It's just a bit for a myriad of reasons. If you and seeing the chosen. You need to the second season is out, and it is tremendous just tremendous so VE good movies that are starting to come out. I know that the daily wire is also working in that direction. we have Jeremy's razors, I don't. I won't use the most likely he s. My rates are, but you know, I'll I'm ordering Jeremy's razors, because God I bless him. We are standing up and I love Jeremy boring he brilliant. We are doing things Patriot mobile, I am uniquely positioned to tell history there, either know of any other person in my category
that has done more to collect the true stories of history with the artifacts in the documents than anybody else. I don't know anybody else in this category. I add something because I'm also a student of Walt Disney. I have had something that I've wanted to do for years. somebody else started to do it on a scale that cost him about a billion dollars, and I thought cheese that if technology ever comes down I've been watching it. I talked to the guy who built the technology and built the whole thing happens A big fan I found out and he said- oh no- I can do that. I've got two projects I can do that for a million dollars, and I hesitating because the economy and I've been waiting for people to go out and reach out to rich people that built them.
But enough is enough. Today blew a gasket, I'm calling this the Florida project. It has nothing to do with Florida, but I'm calling that in honor of Walt Disney need to raise a million dollars to get this done done. And if you want to be a part of it, I'm telling you you you and your family will experience something you ve never experienced before and I'd like to take it all around the country, like to also keep it permanently here in Dallas, but it is so I that you will experience history and your kids will beg you to go back through Mercury one as Mercury one. This is not up for profit idea. I should reconsider by ethnic. I just like. I can't take it anymore. I just can't take it anymore, so please go to mercury, one dot, org and in eight your your money will be tax deductible. And
I would like to have this out by fall, so your problem is their only do in half the characters and not all of them to be gay. Mind you. I really really yeah, but everyone should be. I have for children who are ill. Djibouti, kooky. I do two plus go you re or of a boar of Libya for out of the six, while our eye, the community, I think about eighty percent of humans, as a rule, are well it s. Now it's u on from two percent, then it was like six percent. You know it was questionable. Is that really a real? But now we know It's about thirty percent! Thirty yeah! That's what they're saying now thirty percent. Yet a population is now celery. Persevere in any notice. You look at the age breakdown and that's dad in it. It's over well mainly moved by younger people, which you, I guess, you'd youths Anderson,
and but, however, if this was a thing that you were born this way, and you know that it was reflecting that real thing I wouldn't have a big age difference right like it would, in theory, this about thirty seven then, naturally, shouldn't have just started right to climb like that. It should have been going on for ever and I think what you're seeing here is a lot of people who are straight, but don't worry, we know how political view of I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't say I would never I wouldn't say I would never. I would go with what whoever person I connected with, like They never have connected with someone of the same sex block it to vomit, because it's the it's, the bisexual number is incredibly high as souls so and I think there's some propagandize and going on to do you know you just talk about the fourth grade teacher in Austin know that says that they're having a gay pride parade but it was on a day when they also did a wellness wellness kind of fitness thing and
Really hacked off that they were combining the two cause. It didn't focus enough on the air on the gay pride and she said that's awful, because twenty of her thirty two students are- The elderly I ate two plus a that's only sixty, two point: five percent is higher than twenty. If you include the second Q S, ok, my ire is much higher and it goes further erosion of sixty two point: five percent, while so either that, absolute stupid lie or they're convincing kids. They are convinced that there is this This is from a kindergarten teacher in Florida. Okay, it really. It hits hard in my heart professionally and personally, it truly made We feel like I'm, not trusted as a professional talking about the don't a gay bill. That's not what that bill is. I know
my kindergarten standards through and through, and nowhere in our curriculum does it have anything about teaching sexual orientation or sexual identity. So for them to say that this is happening, it's kind of crazy hut. Now now I'm going to be questioned as a teacher. We as educators build relationships with our kids and now in order to build relationships. I taught about my home life. You about what you do on the weekends building community. It scares me to death that I'm not going to be able to have these conversations with my kindergartners, because it ask me what I did on the weekend and I dont want to hide my partner when I went paddleboarding this weekend, you know it's weird concern of most people. Paddleboarding is really the reason why we're going to kindergarten and here's what here's? What I just like to say, oh fear. You fear that that might happen. Yeah kind of like I don't know Christians that when
They talk about church or went to church this weekend and I read the Bible with my family g R. they treated like you and your paddle board story. No subtle don't go whining to me, you don't you don't come out and say I just want to be recognized for who I am fine. We are then don't indoctrinate everyone else. I I would be on your side if this were reversed and churches were indoctrinating everybody that comes in here. Baptized of this faith got to be doing that. No, no It's not what we do and I'm a christian love to see everybody baptized and come to Christ, but what we do and for you, to now take your your freedom post your view in indoctrinate- and that is exactly what's happening. This isn't
nation. There is no reason any kind order needs to know about anybody. Any bodies routine. Out to that. This was the initial concern fake concern. of the left when this bill was proposed, which was hey, if a kid has to die ads and they go out on the weekend and they come in and they say. While I was with my two dads and we went camping, Then they could get in trouble bothered to jail ready through with this bill. They put that I would have a real. They take them barely a year than their methylated jailed, rightly to pleasant. Editor disappear at here, rumour Laana giant, shooting them in the area. Now, of course, this wasn't true at the beginning was not true explicitly not true by the people who wrote the bill. That's not what we're doing at all, so but just because of the dumb complaints about it, they amended the bill to space
eventually make sure that that was not the concern and it said it talks about how these are, planned lessons in curriculum, so these conversations in half can still happen in a normal classroom, not the Bible, one, nothing! No, but but the gay conversation could still happen with your second grader under this bill. It just wouldn't be part of a planned curriculum at all. If you are an older kid, it has to be aid. Your procreate, which I find too Firstly, that they're fighting against, because to fight against that. You are explicitly explicitly arguing for an age appropriate conversation would tell you that there is no that's inappropriate by the way. Is also changing something they no longer going to say. Ladies and gentlemen, and girl or boys and girls, they won't there they will say dreamers of all ages and by the way, something else It is now a trend in restaurants to not people
Call people, sir or madam, or man they want to make sure that nobody is offended, I challenge you, Anyone ever does that you, your family up and you walk out o the restaurant after you talk to the manager and tell them this is gone too far enough enough enough is enough. If you're offended by being called sir or madam, I am sure that, with the server will politely up apologize and then you can move on with your life. move on with your life, the micro aggressions are insane by the way. Speaking of microaggressions a regret, microaggressions, I I'm introducing a new series. What are my what,
nice is very cereal. Two beautiful photo their Leah Thomas Leotard centres. Windsor such a beautiful woman right beauty, this island, it does is now. This was amply trial box, because tonight I'm giving you a decoder, weeing ring on how we use. Yet these are way keys, cereal and remembers when men were men, but this isn't exactly right. So I'm going back to the printers today and I have a different box. Do you? Yes, that I've gotta differed about wild? I wonder a year, how see deny nine o clock today's brought enough is enough Thank you, Pat Grey
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