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The Federal Reserve is making CRAZY moves we haven’t seen since the last bank bailouts. We must get out of debt, but no Republicans are even mentioning it any more! Dr. Frank Tian Xie calls in to discuss the trade war and how China is actually very unstable. Dr. Timothy Ball, the man who disproved the infamous “hockey stick” graph, provides tons of examples of how distorted the climate change hoax is.

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Hello, podcasters, his Glenn Beck along with pat brains been filling in for us to who is Vacation this week- and we got another great show for you, We we started with the economy, how you feel about the economy, all my god yeah. Why surreal pick me up so confident in the economy? Yeah, we start with explaining. What's really going on with something no one is talking about it. Easton real people terms, we have that on today's program. Also, is the trade war affecting us or China spirit on who was born in and went to school in Beijing and his like way over school self? What he's saying you don't stand? China is on the brink of disaster. That plus, do we talk to we, the twelve for mom today I know we we talked about March. The twelfth imam may check in on that. A couple
amazing stories on that front: US global warming, the guy who actually proved the hockey stick, was total garbage. Wait until you hear well, they made that hockey stick all on today's podcast there is. There is a couple of things that you really need to be aware of today, and I want to take you through them. If you'll give me twenty five minutes today, I promise you you're going to get more out of those twenty five minutes than anything else you can do today. Let me tell you about
something that is happening with the banks and the Federal Reserve that nobody is talking about yeah they're, talking about on CNBC, but they're talking about it in a way that it doesn't matter to you. This matters a lot Tuesday this week, the Federal Reserve, and that it would offer banks and overnight repo operation. Now is Wall Street Jargon for repurchase agreement now when's. The last time the Federal Reserve was re, purchasing things from banks. Do you remember? It was tarp. It allowed the Federal Reserve to go in and buy with your money go and buy different assets that were failing,
Now, repo is a mechanism for short, I'm generally a one day loan. This is something that the banks they have to have a certain amount of cash in the bank overnight, so sometimes they'll just put assets up for sale and they'll say we need the money for the overnight and then the today they repurchase the same asset. Back now during the Tuesday repo operation, the FED pledged to fifty five billion dollars, funds available to the banks and the banks could all the FED their assets. Now they were selling a mortgage back, security. Securities are Us Treasury bonds, and that way the banks would have the cash on Tuesday the the repo was oversubscribed by more than five billion dollars. That means the bank showed up asking for cash
more cash than the FED thought that they would even need, and that was out by five billion dollars and so okay. Well, there might be a bigger problem here so Wednesday. Never ever they haven't done this once in ten years. They haven't done this since the collapse of the market, so the next day Wednesday they did it twice. Are they did it? The second time. This time they said? Ok, we're going to come to the table with seventy five billion, so if anybody needs Me tonight will we have seventy five billion? Will this time the banks showed up and they needed an additional twelve in dollars over the seventy five now yesterday the FED Furman Powell, he announced a quarter point cut in the in the interest rate, so he's lowering the interest rate and we're going to have to get to that at some point. But he also said they do
another round of repose last night for another: seventy five billion dollars, so they I'm done this since two thousand and eight they've done it now three days in a row that tells you something is wrong. This is the first time since two thousand and nine the Federal Reserve have stepped into the banking sector and ends in banking sector and offered cash. Second, the amount is really significant: the banking sector, just the Federal Reserve to inject two hundred billion dollars into the banks for just operating capital- that's this is- is operating capital, oh night lending is bank to bank usually and it a few billion dollars a day across the banking sector. So you know, Bank of America can call Jp Morgan,
hey hey, can you just? Can you just? I want swap some assets for some cash. Do you have some extra cash that you don't need tonight, just to make sure that you know we're stay overnight and usually it's bank to bank this? The banks calling the other banks in the banks are like. I don't have any money, I'm going myself to the FED. Now the third reason the FED stepped in here was to control the interest rates and ensure that the FED's target interest rate of two percent was maintained now, since banks lend money to each other all the time. Bank aid need some cash on hand to cover a given market position or to insure it needs its cash reserve requirements set by the federal government or the FED. So Bank B agrees to lend the money by purchasing the assets from bank a with an agreement that bank a will buy those same assets back at a future date
likely in the morning at the same price plus a fee. The banks do this all the time and they do it at the FED's interest rate, their get interest rate. As of yesterday. That was one point. Seventy five percent now the funny thing about the free market is the the market will tell you what's really going on. So what is the price of money right now with the banks? The federal says it should be one point: seventy five percent: that's the interest that they would pay borrow money. However, the interest rates at the bank due to the free market, where the banks were like look, I don't have the money. How much more, how of whack was the one point? Seventy five set by the FED. It was only off by five hundred percent. They were asked
ten percent fees to loan to the other bank, or sometimes twelve, to eighteen hours. So that's why the FED stepped in they're, like whoa whoa whoa. What is going on here, this is a sign that the banks are very risk. Averse it's much more risk averse than the FED thinks they should be now if the hair start standing up on the back of your neck, yet they should be. This is exercise is exactly what happened to Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns in two thousand and seven, but it's happy with now the only six banks that we have the feds step into the market to give more cash unannounced three days in a row screams. Something is very wrong. There is a massive lack of cash at hand.
We're also all the in a very loose and cheap money environment with really super low interest rates and trillions in cash that is just been printed and injected in the market by the way of quantitative easing the fact that the banks need seventy five billion dollars of extra cash every day, day after day is a sign that something is dramatically wrong. Now, here's what we don't know! We don't know why. The banks need this much liquidity this quickly. It could be that they just are in short positions on bonds or energy derivatives that need to be covered. Two, given the recent spike in oil could be caused by Aramco. We don't know it could be banks using capital in the short term to cover reserve requirements as part of a quarterly audit or it could.
Many of these banks have overseas investments in stocks and real estate and futures market that are now taking losses and they need cash to cover their urging calls overseas. The truth is, we won't know until the banks are audited sometime in the fourth quarter anytime. The federal reserve is stepping directly into markets to inject cash. Some in has gone very wrong somewhere in the gears of this very calm x, machine that grinds our economy. One hey, it could be administrative error or market timing of eseta bonds mature and they need to be paid off or refinance. Two days in a row indicates that it's a little more than that, probably covering some short or some or I say it. I hate to even use this word derivative position that many investment bank,
so we're in in the crumbling of two thousand and eight and they're in again. But three days in a row, seventy five billion dollars a day of new cash needed by US banks. This has happened since the financial crisis. That's bane telling us something is wrong. It's probably more than just a warning sign more like an exit sign, get off on this off ramp. Here's what's worse, Trump suggests that we need to move the interest rate to zero or negative. This is the worst possible thing we could do right now. It would fuel more speculation and give a bigger bubble on Wall Street. You would so cause trillions of dollars that you're
is now sending our way and they're, putting it all in our stock and are US treasuries. If we move our interest rate to zero or negative, it would take all of that money and, if it back overseas into Europe and Asia and the Middle EAST, the more like the FED response will be more bailouts overnight and nobody will talk about it without the formal, Tate easing. They just give this money to the banks. We are printing money to bail out the banks again and last time the banks were doing this to shore up their balance. Balance sheets was two thousand and eight. It was warning sign, then, that we talked about and very few people recognized it as of the time.
I'm warning you again: please recognize this warning signal this time around the best of the Glenn Beck program. Hey, it's Glenn and if you like it here on the program, you should check out pad great on leased. His podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcasts. So what we do, the others would pass right when we cry going to any of the commercially just looked at me and went and the soul than what is. I have been saying for a while get out of debt pay your debt down, reduce the footprint
of your of your life. We have another sign, you know I talk to Mark Sanford Sanford last night mark. I got Amman on and I'm like. Why are you running dude? What are you doing? We are running against Elizabeth Warren and we don't need a challenge right now. I appreciate him. I really it respect him. I like him. He was. He was Kato, most conservative, fiscally conservative governor in the United States. He has stood for constitutional principles and he has stood against the debt like crazy. However, can we not split the party, because if we do, Elizabeth Warren will be the next president, United States almost every time a sitting president is
married, he loses the general election because a week some weakens the case. So I to him yesterday had him on I Adam on television last night, and you should watch it if you're a member of the blaze tv watch it and I for the first eight minutes, I'm like what you doing. Why would do this I mean it is, is trying to make a point- is that more important then winning the election? Would you agree? Elizabeth Warren will be much much worse and he's like. Oh my god, he said Glenn. I am going to vote for Donald Trump and I'm like then. What are you doing it right and he said an it, took me about fifteen minutes to really understand an. I think I really. I think I believe him. I just don't think he should be running for president. You should do it another way, but he said we must allow to people. He said no one in the Democratic Party,
no one in the republican Party. No one is even there hasn't been the word deficit, debt or economic catastrophe even mentioned by any guys and he's like Glenn. I am seeing the exact same signs of two thousand and eight and we to warn the american people. Now I agree them. I just wish she wouldn't be running against the president while doing it- and I talk to him- and I said you know you- I saw a headline in the in the New York Times, Donald trumps, biggest nightmare or or you know the biggest foe. Something like that, and I said, was you know it's about. You know I didn't get anywhere in that article about fiscal
bonds, ability and the coming economic collapse. What I got was you are a big challenge to Donald Trump and they're, just use the I said Mark. They will take care if you were standing on the stage with ten other republicans. You might be the first one, they tear apart their own, holding you up to hurt Donald Trump, but he I need some stats and again we can't kill the messenger. We can question. How he's in a what horse he's riding in on to deliver this pony express horse? It's the wrong horse, it's the wrong horse, but we do have to talk about it. There is. There are other signs, not just this, but there are some other signs that he went into.
But I've done my research and it's actually worse than what he thought and every time, every time this one number gets out of balance, it's our gdp to household wealth. Every time that number gets way out of balance. We have a collapse. We have a real financial downturn, a big one. For instance, two thousand and one the GDP to household was like four hundred percent. That's way out of whack. That means corporations are making much more than households are uh, then in two thousand and eight it was like five hundred and thirty eight, which percent, which was way out of wack. It's one thousand one hundred percent, now gdp to household wealth. Never ever before have we seen this gate. We didn't. We had never seen four hundred percent two thousand and one
never seen five hundred percent two thousand and eight it's eleven hundred percent out of whack. A correction is coming and most likely a massive correction, so please beef, Scully, responsible, financially responsible and and prepare batten down the hatches. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program: Hey it's Glenn. And if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out pad great on leased. His podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcasts. You want to talk about a guy who's done another with his life because of this Dr Frank Z, graduated from
Peking University in Beijing, China with a bachelor's degree in earth science. Then he was admitted to graduate school of Peking in so to study, geochemistry and Cosmo chemistry. He then attended Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and he pursued a doctorate in chemistry in 1980s, and then he continued to get an mba in finance on hd in marketing from the it's in college of business at Georgia, State University he's I'm doing dishes. It really is. I went to Yale for a semester and I'm a doctor. I have a great trip, you know what I mean and I have it. I have a doctorate in humanities, which means I can treat any problem in the entire human body. Always I mean that's what it pretty sure that's what it means see. How are you, sir? I'm sorry thank you. How are you ok, very good, so
I've been really concerned about the tariffs with China. I'm very concerned about the China two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty five plan, the things that they been doing really. Since the year two thousand and none of us have been paying attention to they. They are positioning themselves as a country of great strength, but I read an article from you this last weekend that says: no. You think that they are about to collapse. Yep yep tell me about it.
Well, the we we we know that this treaty worked at to so called trade war and is actually President Trump's knows that as action against China's and fair trade practice, you know have been have been ongoing for about two years now, one it had two years now and it is working as as a set of issues that you know is working, because you know you targets directly, who would weak spot of the chinese communist regime. They had been exploiting. You know an american that american generals, you know and benefiting from treated with the? U S with a huge surplus, and that is one thing. On the other hand- and you said in there that made in China, twenty twenty twenty twenty five program is actually state sponsored too. You know action to steal technologies from United States. It's not a
trying to trying to develop its own indigenous technology to develop its own economy, that that's fine, that's normal right! That's what that every country should be doing, but in the chinese case the region. Actually, you know, has a systematic way of stealing. You know if technologies from the: U S and sourcing US companies, those who gave them to turn over the technology to them, use chains, market access, yeah they have they have. I mean I think this is the biggest robbery in human history has been going on. They have been, they have been stealing technology and really raping the United Dates and the rest of the world for this technology. But I have read: China is not in the position we used to think China well, they're, never going to be able to make anything. Quality and they've also not been able to take that technology because they have theft, mentality, creation, mentality that they are
to be able to do anything on their own, and I've read recently that that's not true that they have. They have improved, move many of the products and many of the thing themselves and are not in the same position as they twenty years ago. Do you agree with that? to a degree. I think they are. They are making progress towards quality. You know if your you, made, it made their products more durable, but but still it still lacks the precision and let's say that the long term, quality of metal products or japanese product So we we have this trade war going on and I'm re concerned what it's doing to our economy, but you say this is almost suicidal for the Chinese, because, while we and replace those products you know at a higher rate, they don't reply.
It's the products from from coming from America. One day I don't think they we're paying a much higher rate. You know, maybe we can see the higher rate you know in the beginning and in the long run or you with the meter and meter RON, you so we'll see at the price. Now you can be being on the rise, seeing as we have seen the one and one slash we hadn't seen. We haven't seen the inflation in this country, yet you know we don't. We don't see that that's because in that is that the meeting China at this war factory there is a re wages- is- has gone up so fast. So so much now, because the chinese government, basically imprint, is tons of money. We inflate uh to inflate it turns it and making the making the economy looks good and stimulate the economy, but the people's wages are there.
He did a real actual wages going down, but on the surface at least seeing chinese currency rmb renminbi, you know the it seems to be making more and it costs more the actually the cause of ace is the increasing, the Chinese, not as competitive as the Vietnam, war, Bangladesh or India, because because of rising inflation over there. So in that, since those were factory you know, plans are actually relocating to supply chains movie Vietnam tools, Indonesia, India or other countries, se asian countries, so the price at the we can anticipate in this country. I don't think it's going to go up that much for one you're right, you're, absolutely right that you know we can buy things to know that they can replace chinese imports. But China can now replace american imports. They depend on us and some
as high as those high tech technologies, communications, computers. You know, sidelights airplane components, those high tech staff, as well as the little tax that you know, agriculture, Nobody can produce, you know so much so the beans were pork bellies or records as she, even as good as american bombers and China needs that you know the the the poor crisis is gone up so, much in China now people are really complaining right, just released a huge amount of pork reserves that they had even know. People had in on Ridge but they have freezers. You know I don't know where thousands of them and they had to release emergency pork reserves right because this is key to reporters are, I think, was a ridiculous. You know you have strategic petroleum reserve. That's why the poor creature I mean you can restore is that the Porv was too long right. I don't know the
exactly well. I don't know I mean I I'm hoping the United States has putting reserves because of go to Hell in a handbasket. I still need my pudding, but that's a different story. There their banking sector. Where is shady their their dog key report, is shady. I've always heard that they can't survive eight percent GDP and there around four according to their own reporting, exactly so that eighty percent- these this is a false and then tell you that the the trend, chinese. You cannot because I'm numbers, don't you can trust them? Okay, I mean if they are indeed this unstable, what this mean, what is coming to China? What, then, how that affect the rest of the world? This is
so unstable is because it's forty five, those members, including the correct numbers, that the consumer price index, CPI numbers and the bed best numbers in banks, and they they cannot stand and and now with the factories the supply is moving out of China. The employment is going up and we needed. There are tens of millions people being out of a job right now, isn't it isn't this? Why they have the social credit scores? They work so hard get that into place by twenty twenty, because there are of their own population and they knew if they started to go unstable. They would they have a way to control their relations. Are there there might be a revolution
after a you exactly absolutely right, yet they are free to the people. I think this is really the is the regime is that the chinese people use the Regina. Does a dance, his own people, they want to use this tech, it is, you know, face recognition is Laurie, though, does it technologies to monitor people, the social credit scores you have? You know you if you are on the blacklist, you see you are like a democracy activist or religious here. Really city there's, regions of religious people, you know people you have fallen going. Practitioners is underground Christians. Tibetans, you know weaker. Is you know you cannot because it he put on a social credit score on you and the the system does not recognize you were you on the street. You had to you that would you cannot be as for? U K, now. The treaty by you know an airplane ticket. So are you a high speed trains? Train tickets sold your ticket me ask you this
than I'm running out of time, and I thank you so much for your your comments today. But if I have heard that, even though Z is now in the constitution so ruler for life, he is losing a lot of research for support in the Communist Party, because things not going well with the economy and things in Hong Kong are getting out of hand, and he is the guy who said I won't let any of this happen is a chance that President Z is in trouble from a coup or anything like that yeah, it's very likely. I think it that the power struggle is on going right now and those are hard liners in the Maoist. You know the hard line you know Tom is they are? Actually you know putting a lot of pressure on him. You know the cutie mode the failure of the trade war and the problem situations in Hong Kong and the downward spiral spire economy and, as
It's a struggle there and things the one the only officer by name is if he had to guys like go over chops, you, Russia, you should read it boast party over, but otherwise this is the whole economy, and so the regime, the communist rule, our old, come down the drain. I do, as we see it, doctor Z. Thank you so much, professor at the University of South Carolina, you can find is his article. China faces economic collapse, decoupling from world markets. It is fascinating, read. Thank you very much. Doctor appreciate it that guy would get himself in education yeah. Imagine how good he being mean just spend a couple more years in school, too lazy, lazy,
six hundred lifetimes to get all that education. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast, the chief science adviser of the International Climate Science coalition coalition would make you think that there is more than one scientist that disagrees with a global warming hysteria, but we know that's not true. There's total total consensus on their parent Lee, except for this guy, the doctor, Timothy Ball. How are you doc, thank you and and by the way, the use of the word consensus tells you that it's political there's, nothing! There's no consensus in science, so
that's wrong, and by and by the way you mentioned bombers, waterfront property. You could argue that both he and Al Gore went around telling the world to see double it's going to rise, which lowered the price of waterfront property and they bought cheap It is Gore Button Malibu yeah yeah, but they got years before we all die. You know that I saw story doctor that there ran yesterday, I think from, BBC that showed that a young people are having to go to now. There PETE sessions there there starting these group therapy sessions for people who were saying, I don't know a plan for my life because we only have twelve years to live. This is the most irresponsible and quite honestly, evil thing.
But I have seen your freaking people out to the point to where they really truly believe in twelve years were all dead yeah and there you can add to that that grant a sudden Berg appearing before the U N yesterday. It's just that these are all examples of child abuse, because when you start you children to push push your message, I'm particularly a scientific message. It shows you that it's not that it says inappropriate. It's purely political all! So, let's, let's talk about a couple of things. Because I'm very concerned about Barack Obama's oceanfront property in his island. Alright, I'm hoping that that island floats so it'll just go up and stay at the top of the glass but uh Have we seen the sea levels rise? Anything like predicted? No, as they they will level right are perfectly normal. Well
always within natural increase and and of course, the most dramatic rise occurred about nine thousand years ago, when the glaciers form during the ice age. The majority of the melted and that caused about a four hundred and fifty foot increase in sea level in less than five thousand years since the in the last three thousand years, there has been a Metro, but very gradually, two millimeters a year increase, but that's again because the world's continued to warm out of the last sorry sage yeah. So what? When all those glaciers, though, will melt in you, know, Alaska and every place online renewal and we're all dead yeah, but but this is this is what what they're doing they're taking the volume of our bodies in those glaciers, calculating how much water that is involved
and then adding that to the current sea level that that that's not the way it works at all because, as as the ice melts uh well, first of all at least three slash. Four of the ice in Greenland and Antarctica is already below sea level. So it won't change the level at all and then are water expands when it freezes by about seven percent. So you can take another seven percent off of yeah, but you can't prove that with just a simple glass of water with ice in it, that's that's only something they would do in grade eight, so I mean come on right right, right, yeah, but but but then this is just. This is the simplistic things that they do, as I said, just simply add all our water to the currency level and then putting it out there and people like Al Gore. They they should be held legally liable for the for the scientific license, your talent, I I think for the lives
they are destroying as well. I mean that people are just. This is become a religion. It is frightening. I don't know if you saw but NBC is now taking your climate sins. You can confess your climate sins, uh to NBC. For some reason, you would think that they are the high priest of this but uh. I find this amazing. If I went on there and said my sin is that I don't believe that humans are causing climate change. Is that a sin? Yes, it is I believe that the climate is changing it from anything that I can read. I don't know if I buy into all of the all of the numbers, because the the numbers, the way they have placed these weather stations, is ridiculous. Some of them are on. Some of them are in parking lots. They don't have any in. Mountains. If I'm not mistaken, I mean
How do you know? Well, we don't knowing and of course said that, if you look at all of their predictions are all based, apon computer models that are built on inadequate data. So the problem starts even with the data to build the computer models on then, when you run the computer models they make predictions while the computer model is designed so that if you increase the two, the temperature will go up, but that doesn't happen in nature and all the records we have. Temperature increases before C two. So it's not surprising that if you, if you programmed or ask the computer, what happens if I, if uh the temp or c two goes up, they say. Oh, the temperature goes up, but that's not the reality. And if you look at every single forecast with every computer model that.
Made by the UN since one thousand nine hundred and ninety every single one of them has been wrong. I mean these are people that can't even forecast the weather for five days and yet they're telling you they know with absolute certainty. What's gonna happen, nine hundred and fifty and one hundred years from now do you think we ever learn from the past? I mean they've been doing this since the 1970s and Paul Ehrlich was still some reason or another considered. An expert on this they've been wrong every time when does this and when do people finally say you know, I think I'm being used yeah we're across her. Created the first Earth Day and he did it on April, the twenty second in nineteen. Seventy two well April. Twenty second happens to be leading his birthday, and I should tell you everything about
what what's going on here. If you, if you want to push ahead and demand or force a world government, all you gotta do is find something that threatens the whole world and say: look no one nation can deal with it. Therefore, we need a global government to deal with it. That's what's going on and and and there's a set looking still out there and, despite, as, as you said, all of the predictions he made on that original earth day in nineteen. Seventy two everyone image been wrong and in fact, if you, if you go down all of the items like desertification, deforestation and all the way down the list, there's simply no evidence or data to support any of them. I've gone every single one. In fact, I'm writing a book out there that I hope you get out soon. Where I take all of these issues and say well, where's your data, there is no data, tell me about tell me about the date of a hockey stick, because you proved that the hockey stick was bogus. The guy took
court and then wouldn't produce any data to be able to defend it, and you said what its focus. I have to show you where your date is wrong, so produce the data. The judge threw the case out yeah. Well what even worse, and I had I had three lawsuits by the way and of course that raises questions about why. Why am I picked out and the answer is because I'm qualified not they can't see, I'm not qualified and also I I can explain it ways people can understand, but in answer to your question in the first IPCC report in and ninety there was a graph drawn drawn, a gentleman I had the privilege of working with by the name of Hubert Lamb and what it showed was a warm period around a thousand eighty that was warmer than it is today, and then the temperature declined down six
eight eighty when it was much colder than it is today, and then it's been warming since that time. Now that, of course, that one three two thousand years ago Khan predicted what they were saying, they were saying that all the world warmer than it's ever been- and people like me, were saying well what what about this diagram? What about these? This all this data and and all the research that shows it was actually much warmer a thousand years ago and so and and a professor by the name of David Demi,
he said I like, I got an email from somebody pushing the false global warming thing. He said: we've got to get rid of that medieval warm period, so they literally rewrote history. The hockey stick was a deliberate creation using a couple of tree ready records which were we were, we're told not to use their show that there was no temperature increase from for about a thousand years and then suddenly a dramatic upturn. The blade of the hockey stick in the twentieth century and, of course, not the that diagram, just just picture of it said the sucking peoples minds said, like some symbolism of it go, look dramatic warming in the 20th century. This is proof humans are causing it. The whole hockey stick was false and by the way, just just to show you how false it was, the heart they handle the hockey stick is tree rings. The blade is, is instrumental records you never ever inside
it's put two lines on a graph, different sources of information. I didn't even wow, that's fascinating, so I to Dr Timothy Ball, he's an environmental consultant policy advisor the Heartland Institute and he's also former climatology, professor at the University of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada say, there's a connection between global warming and eugenics. What is it well? The this has always been a deep it's going on is the extent to which humans and human behavior is controlled by the environment the the the whole idea that we have a free will and were independent of of environmental pressures and so on. As as long been a debate, the reality is, there's a philosophical contradiction in the academic world between saying that on the one
and that we're just another animal the other and that were completely independent of nature and and and and and are not controlled by it at all, and so that that's of course, what what this is all about, and and and of course, eugenics studies. The of the way that people are born the number of people with the there are a number of children that people haven't so on our old uh for humans for the most part just like animals environmentally dictated doctor. I want to ask about when asked about, ice melted. The talk about all the time that the Arctic ice is melted. You know a certain percent more than it ever has before in history. We've got more frequent tornadoes than we've ever have five years than we've ever had floods than we've ever had. How do you respond to all that? Well, first of all, the the glaciers of are melting and they've been melting for the last three thousand years. Commanders were coming out of a nice
The argument that the number of hurricanes tornadoes and all the rest of it have increased is consistently don't get me wrong. There was a study just came out to a about a week ago and showing that the number of hurricanes have impacted decreased. You see this the same thing with it with the fires in the Amazon. There there were less fires over the last thirty years and they had in the previous hundred years, but but that's not what you're being told me not to they. They want to play up that there. This is part of the global warming issue, but also added to that, of course, is that both a narrow, the president of Argentina, is, is not buying into the climate nonsense. So it can attack. Calm him in attack on the whole idea in general. So, what's going on in the world right now, well within any long natural variability, and if I tell you they keep saying well what we're going to get two degrees warmer
and that's gonna be the end of the world for the last ten thousand years. It has been two degrees warmer than today for nine thousand of them right and so suppose, yeah welcome. You see. This is what you do with climate. You just pick a period of record what you wanted to prove that I good at they're really really good at that yeah, it's called Kerry. King and then of course this this. So what I've just done is say, give you the record uh, oh temperature record over the last ten thousand years, and it completely dispels what they're saying for the last one thousand years about twenty minute. Why? I think everybody is wondering right now is why do you hate polar bear? So I mean they're on the ice shelf, they're ready to die the poor little ISIS is about to flip over and they're, going to drown, yeah and the Polar bears are good around yeah, that's even more heart wrenching.
It won't drown in the reason they won't by the way I know just because they spent five years of search and rescue in the Arctic, so I'm very familiar with polar bears, but they've got two levels of of four or they've got a very short for close to the skin, which is an incredibly effective insulator. To the point where I worked with scientists that were taking infrared port photographs of polar bears and they go show up on the photograph because they don't really they don't give out any heat. That's one sweet jacket naked! That's why her jacket that'd be great anyway, Longer hair is hollow, so they float it floats. You can swim yeah because when they bring me well, in fact, I I I personally have see polar bears, eighty miles offshore yeah, but I have to tell you but yeah whatever, but that mean they have moved down into Canada, because they're just find to find food food they're going away from their natural Arctic,
yell location, hunting grounds yeah, because there's no seals for them to eat up there anymore. I hit the ice, is melting, coming down right and, of course it once once the ice goes out in the summertime. There is not oh for them to eat, so they move on the land and they're very, very good foragers state. They survive Greenlee well on the land and you could go. You could go up around Churchill and see them on the land where they they come ashore and and they're out there they're young, when they're on land. So all of these things are taken out of context and and simply are are, are false. The polar bear numbers- and I work with with a couple of the people. Well Names- should get my no properties, Susan, Crawford Polyester World expert on polar bears, and she she's telling me that I know this that the polar bear numbers it in most of the hertz are increasing
yeah. Thank you very much. Doctor Timothy ball. The blaze radio network on demand
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