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2019-10-07 | 🔗
Glenn’s special, “Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia,” is already the BEST-performing video on BlazeTV, but YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter’s algorithms DON’T want it to go viral. Brad Parscale and Charlie Kirk’s reposts are also being shadowbanned. Dr. Robert Epstein weighs in on how Big Tech craftily suppresses information. And a second whistleblower has come out against Trump, but even if he has firsthand information, Rep. Chris Stewart argues that so does the public. Glenn saw “Joker” over the weekend and believes it’s the defining film of our day. But it’s NOT what it was made out to be.

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Hey broadcasters welcome the Monday, it is with us, so it's gonna be another pair. If he kind of show yes, but Have we have Doktor Robert staying on again, we have the review of the Joker. We also tells us some time talking a little bit about what it's like throttles. What to be a shadow band is twitter and Facebook the tube are now shadow banning and we have evidence that we get into right off the bat on today's podcast In doing so, we have some news about our special last week. We want to see thank you so much for being
A blaze subscriber I just got Data points last night: it is, it is now the most watched video on the blaze platform that the blaze has ever produced. That's in nine years, this is the biggest video we have ever produced. Most watched video we ve ever produced, that's in something because it was a two hour special and just the Chalk Board is fifty minutes long. Now. Here's where it gets weird, if you go to Youtube or if you Oh and look for it on line, it's not the biggest video we produced. Isn't that weird so inside the platform, it is gigantic. It is the best
This thing we ve ever done, but if its shared off of the blaze platform, all of a sudden, it's like it's ok now it still big. Still has almost two million views now on all of the different platforms, but really. Strange right, I mean there's really I mean we ve seen this a million times when we have something that hits with our audience here it tends to hit our that Youtube audience and with the everybody with every, but let everybody very spur standard procedure, were media come here what she thinks closely and so leave now is that it's like somebody gifted us in the first year. Now it couldn't be Google and Facebook. Could it. Now we have something. Last night or yesterday I guess Brad Pascal, who is the genesis, trumps social media guy,
comes a big role in the campaign. I am now here. Ok, so last night he tweeted investigate- or this is seventeen hours ago- investigate Glenn back nails it. The fake news media wants to ignore this. If anything close to this existed, the g o p would play twenty in four seven on every channel he breaks down, origin of it all in the real collusion against Real Donald Trump kind than a embeds. The link. Then, this morning he just tweeted. My average tweet gets two hundred and fifty two four hundred thousand impressions, a great tweet, gets a million. This tweet has forty thousand the lowest of any tweet. Since I became campaign manager
cards or so stacked against us. You won't stop me from getting this out lips. Then Charlie Kirk last night wrote to me and he said just saw the video Glenn. It's unbelievable. He said I tweeted out away, Charlie, just also tweeted typical tweet of mine will get a hundred and fifty thousand impressions and thirty six thousand engagements. Yet when I shared the par skull tweet about truth behind Ukraine, the video of mine. It only got to hundred and thirty seven two hundred and thirty seven. I choose to believe that Google, Facebook, Twitter, all innocent and people just don't like
not enough, and that is the reason why there is a model that is possible. So, and so, if you look at this, this is by the way that's not engage mince gay impressions, one hundred and fifty nine thousand is you know he just compared is average is honoured and fifty. So impressions, one hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred and fifty three, this His impressions not engagement impressions, two hundred and thirty, seven, this even possible about possible- it's not possible. Two hundred and thirty seven fresh impressions. So then, Pascal just these days name par skull. He just Tweeted this view, the peers that Glenn backs website. Url is cause. A conversation, quality conversion we want. Now.
Sorry about that. He says it's a conversation. Quality conversion hooker, which means impressions, are not being shown on those links once one step within those that follow me. So, in other words, if you follow, you may get the link, but You are one step beyond there's the algae rhythm, is stopping it and choking it right after those who volunteer voluntarily said I want your tweets, so not everybody's. Getting that, but no and passing it on. The algorithms are not passing it to any one else, right, it's not going to top tweed Soria. You know you and they do that and look it's probably there to do it, but it's an interesting thing that they are doing in and if you're gonna get protection from the government. How is this possible? I mean this this we should get TED crew
on. We should get everybody else. That's on with Google I'd like to talk to Robert Epstein and have him look into this now because city him, if he seeing it happened as well, there is there is absolutely no reason why this video is not being shared theirs. No, it is by the way. It is it's a band video. You know how they ban for that, but it's only two percent to know where you can't watch it in in college. You can't watch it in a school camp ass. You can't watch it restrain a library, yeah right, restricted its end. And they do it with its legitimate idea. The restricted about thing where where were you would say, will ya if its? If it had restrict like let's say, there's content words: we had been up a porn on, you do think, but they don't but it stuff like yes of hazards, violent videos that could be taken up. Sometimes the story with of let's even the holocaust right,
but with all the imagery might be enrietta demote. It's really met more for parents more than anything else correct, but do again like eight, your video, while it has, I mean other than Orange children to death is not going to do anything harmful now, there's no, where words there's no swear words on it. There is. There is not even conspiracy. I love the people who have been a conspiracy. What can spare see everything we showed. You was documented and you can look at it. I mean we in fact, I want you, I engaged so many people who are just just haters, just haters there my God plug back you're, an idiot, that's great. Thank you. I appreciate that. I accept that. Can you tell me where we got it wrong. I engaged over and over and over this weekend, just let's just did to the the documents the court documents, the sworn affidavits. The odd YO recordings. Can you
Delicious stick to don't know make this about me. Stick to those. Can you tell me what's wrong with any of those nope, not a word audio recordings. Typically of of officials, on tape saying they lay worked with the Clinton administration, the Clinton people too, to hurt Donald during the election at this hidden according by way of at dinner. So like I stage for some reason to try to send message very like that, play the tape again, if we happen to have it still here, it's it's it's in its in Ukrainian, so you won't be able to understand it, but maybe you'll be able to understand the word Clinton in there and we have to turn
issued by the way we have to go through multiple hoops to get the translation from an actual ukrainian translation company right, because there wasn't an english translation that existed, which is here, which is why we are causing right. I was on the front page of one of the papers in UK. This was part of trial where they convicted to people Ukraine to people cole- I mean you want talk about closely related to the the Obama administration, Guy who is running the anti corruption, your health really and tears. Run this bureau that they put in because they thought Ukraine was to corrupt rack right and then they, our seven bill in dollars and as the the government was trying to investigate the Anti Corruption Bureau, We know about was like no. No! No! No! It's flood we'll need to us greater social cohesion. Wow. Here's, the here's! Here's the video
the audio did those Russians helping your people's began to tremble. I think they did, but I helped them to not him. I helped Hilary yeah right, but then position totter. Well, this is how they right right. Human here, lorries, humanitarian aid, what the stop forget, what the hell does that even mean. Her humanitarian aid. There bringing plus a sheer position, teetered yeah? Well, her humanitarian aid. Why would to officials in Ukraine be talking about the Clinton Foundation when they were talking about? How come wrapped. They were in helping win the election or helping Hilary try to win the election. How is I mean think of that is very strange. It's almost as if the Clinton administration was, it really share hurdy
right like right. I mean you think about it. How much I mean, maybe they're doing all sorts of incredible things right now and I'm just missing in Umbria I've heard word one for many journalists about all the things the Clinton Foundation has done for people since the election ended mates in three years. I've heard that others are even in operation moreover, even though I honestly don't even know still in operation, I still accepting donations are still doing things. You know entered work. About the it's really weird, because only lost, wouldn't it be like your retirement thing, duly it literally a chair at least Jimmy Carter. When built still building right. I got a hundred years only Nathan, strain together with strange. It's almost like all those countries that gave money and then strangely got a meeting with the Secretary of state. Now it's almost like that was the business almost like a little download, mainly down when I know about worth looking into now? Ok, no, not we're looking into
on tape, saying that they helped Hillary Clinton and they don't know about that oceans. I suppose they tried to help Trump, but these are Ukrainians and their admitting that they work to help Hilary and the main guy who is speaking here is the guy who ran the Anti Corruption Bureau. The guy was like, I helped you bet. You bet that's the anti corruption guy. So here's the thing. First of all,. I told you this a few weeks ago that it is really important that you sign up for my news letter at Glenn backed outcome, because that's away that we have to directly contact you with no filter nobody's nobody's.
Being our communication. It is important that you are a blaze subscriber I I almost almost think. Maybe possibly have the purse strings almost open to be able to get the idea to get to be able to hire some investigative journalist and hold them up in a room like the New York Times does and really taken, so because nobody's gonna do it no, but where the same position we were at a fox same place. We have all the goods all it requires is some organization to take it on and actually do it and no one will well. We just That'S- probably a million dollars to be able to do and investigation like this. We need you to support us in an please subscribe to the blaze, and it is the only
The way that I can guarantee that you will see our videos our videos are now being blocked. They are being throttled even on twitter. The president's people are being throttled. Why? Why do you fear this story Tell me that Google, what is wrong with this story? We Emma Violet did any of your standards there nothing offensive on it. It's all documented there's, no. Conspiracy here. It's all documented Why are you so afraid of this? Why is the media event in this, and why is Google and Facebook doing everything they can to make sure that this word doesn't get out. Join us at the blaze place tv dot com, Slash Glenn. Do we see
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So I got to do a doctor, Robert Epstein. He is a guy who we have had on several times. He is a guy that was a Clinton support, and voted for Clinton he's he's from the other side. The other side has eaten him now, because he dare cross the line and say hey there. Then going on with with Google and their algorithms? and he has been watching the election and weave we ve got to help. This man raise enough money to be all to document what this next electric, what is happening with this next election Does Google we know they have said we can't let this happen again and he's the only one that is is in the position to document this, and he is not a fan. I don't think of either side. He just wants the truth. Welcome to the programme got Robert Epson to Burma,
the pleasure going nice to be back ass, good a heavier, so I oh just a touch base with you today, because we have we have some interesting things happening. We have I produced the biggest video the the blaze has ever published. It is a video that has more views on the platform? By far than anything we ve done in almost ten years and yet you tube in Facebook. It's it's performing well, but not like that? We now have to people who have tweeted at who have gigantic followings and they can't that? one had engagement of two hundred and thirty seven. They have no milk, the followers. I have two million followers. I can't get this thing over. You know two thousand likes that will
How do we prove that were? Being I told here as is you may recall, in twenty sixteen, the monitoring system, which allowed me would have people's permission to look over the shoulders of users around country. That point I had ninety five field agents and twenty four states and basically see what they were seeing on their screens as they were conducting searches on Google Being Inn Yahoo. So we we preserve more than thirteen thousand election related searches. Twenty eighteen, we built a bigger system. We preserved a not only search results, but we also preserved search, suggests strains and answer boxes. Twenty twenty or gonna build an enormous system with thousands of field agents and
we're going to preserve a lots of things and not gonna go through the whole less. But among other things, we are going to preserve tweets that will die document that will show without any doubt that will what a twitter is called share? EL banning and that's what you and your car eggs are running into basically is twitter person I believe that your violating any of their terms of service which were not well. You know that's very subjective, though, on her part, very subjective, ah, what they What they do is they can either down rank you and they admit this by the way they can either downright you. So people don't don't see it Here's your not high in any less drew near your popping up, very, very low. Actually shadow beyond which means you sent out a tweet year, two million followers, but that-
You know it's, ours are getting the tweet period or just a small portion of them are getting it, but we I'll have a well actually documenting this recording it quantifying it so we're gonna have rock solid evidence. When twenty is sweeter, doing. We are we're, we're gonna, documented, prove it and we're gonna run. Please our findings to the media and to a federal election commission to various authorities, so we're gonna be tracking all kinds of things with a very large panel of field agents and all fifty states, including shadow banning, so we also are having a problem with Youtube and it's not it's not popping up the way it should in in Youtube. So It's part of Google, for India is part of its part of Google. Are you gonna be watching you tube as well?
admittedly you re watching you too many bay, a different ways in which affect five different ways in which Facebook suppresses material. I'm not going to tell you how many ways we're gonna be monetary. Autocles, dome! Google, is the biggest threat there is that through the free and fair election, but I can't are you. I am positive that these companies There is no monitoring system in place. These companies are going to go all out and together I calculate that they can shift fifteen million votes. Next year with no one knowing that they ve done it and women leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace real problems, getting my myspace posts could even be seen not only out of all eyes basis in another look into that internet actor. So the that the scary thing here is that this is
such an obvious, shadow ban, just no way these metrics or even right, and they don't care. Don't care that I'm on the air talking about them doing this. They don't care that your do. They don't care, I mean only dollar, they don't care. Back to your. We learned a lot about shadow Bang January of twenty eight ten from a project. Very tough investigation and let me just read you a quote from a former software engineers. Last name is a dream The idea are easy. You about shadow banks. Here's a former twitter software engineer quote The idea of a shadow ban is that you ban someone, but they don't know they ve been banned because they can posting and no one sees their content. So we just
said no one is engaging with their content when in reality no one is seeing it end quote. So he project artists interviewed by half a dozen parted. Former employees of twitter. And they all admitted that this occurs then Forbes magazine did fabulous peace? I recommend people, look that up which is entitled is twitter, really censoring free speech where Forbes went to twitter and ass. You know Ashley's tough question, and in this wonderful article they report twitters responses. Twitter, like Google, like Facebook, Bailey, answer questions about about content, suppression about sensors in a hurry, hurry be ways because our lead twitter, No, we don't shadow ban by. Oh, yes, we do down rank.
And we make decisions about how to protect. You know our users from content. They shouldn't be saying right. Does that it is an amazing. I said amazing quote they there. I have it here. I would say area economic it has been our external audits. They won't matter. Any external committees are yet to come in and look. Look, what they're doing that they will not release the demographic characteristics. The people they use to make decisions about suppressing content. So amazing what do Here's go to twitter does not shadow ban accounts. We do take actions to download Bank accounts that our abusive and mark them accordingly, so that people can still click through and see the tweets if they so choose, which of course, no one does right that's not the way people use twitter, they don't go. Click on the named account, and we know
This happens right. This is essentially their own mute feature I use it all the time. I've written love them feature, but I'm choosing to do it. There's tons of people who are calling me a Nazi every single day that I dont see, but they Think I see it like their wondering they'd between all the time negative things to mean. Until I knew me me me examined care, but that's that should be something that the user does. That should not be something that Twitter is doing for us. While this, this is problem, or I should say one of the big three problems. The first one is the surveillance second, is the as they censorship and the third is manipulation, and here we are talking about the censorship problem, You know, you don't know what she don't know. So censorship is so dangerous because you know if material is being suppressed, content is being the press. How would you know that? And what I want I study is how
these kinds of activities shift people's thinking. Beliefs The two per shifts the voting preferences, and it is time sharing the impact that these kinds of manipulations have on people. Thinking of behaviour and on their votes. And again you don't know what you don't know you don't really interesting, because I read the New York Times. I listen to the daily every day because I was to be informed on what they are talking about. I I need to understand all sides of an issue, and I want to see what we know what they are publishing of what they aren't publishing what their spin is when they do It is incredible to me that there are many people who are on the right who don't necessarily know they'll blame the New York Times for never covering such and they will have. But it's the New York Times: it's not the mainstream media. However, the
mainstream media in bulk. They don't watch, listen or pay any attention to what people on the other side are saying and reported, as fact or even just this, the way half the country feels and who asked the last election I had a friend come down. Who was a liberal and paid no attention to the other side, and we talk about all the different things that have happened in the Obama administration. Like the IRS investigation, he had, never even heard of it and so they can report things, but by the way they reported or by the way they downplayed its four etc have country isn't doesn't even isn't even aware of what the other half thinks. That's a real problem while this also is either
worse problem than any censorship in history, because when these big tech companies suppress material, there's no way to counteract it, in other words, Google has no competition. Has no competitor. A really anywhere in the world. Neither does Facebook near twitter mean their very lives. If these platforms, one is suppressed material you can't counteracted and others if you, if it's a newspaper published on one side of the Pittsburgh wants to suppress something both no chances are there's a noose personally, I am rather on the other side, the Pittsburgh Worthy bring that material out right, but you can you can counteracted when Google Facebook Twitter suppressed
there's no way to counteract it back at the generally. Unless someone like me bills, monitoring systems, you can't even detect what they're doing Robert. I can't thank you enough for all the hard work that you are putting through. If you would like to donate, please donate and if there happens to be wealthy people there, listening right now, please donate generously to my Google research dot com, my google research dot com. This guy was actually just searching for answers and the truth. It is legitimate, research and and now, he happens to be on the out with the left, because, that's you know who's generally me controlling these companies, buddy. You do the same if it is controlled by the right. Please donate. Might my Google research dotcom. Thank you, doctor appreciated. We'll talk again you bet
this is the best of the Glen Back programme. Hey it's going? and, if you like what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his podcast available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes banks and Irishman, Christophe joins us analyses getting on an airplane, to God forbid, go back to Washington Dc Chris he's not on yet. Ok, hang onto the second, it is Google but doesn't screwing with phones? I'm curious, ass, Chris. So obviously, these latest developments what he seen what
can talk to us moxie as yonder got out of it right he's on the intel it he's going through securities taking off his belt and choose so when he gets when he picks his phone back up out of the little round cup. Willa will have him on says he seen the second whistle blower seen the serpent whistleblower, and we want to talk to about that that Interesting to know how much you can talk about with that, I think he can yeah, I don't know they say this is like. Normally the smoking got it's the second smoking can yet be they fertilizer early smoking. Now what is the smoking gun when really Giuliani was on television saying he was going to do these things? I kind of that that was a smoking glad if they were doing it. That was kind of interesting turn of events. Now there is more to it. I guess what the money being withheld and may be will learn more about that. We still haven't whether still you know what we are doing asked Chris peace, if he's also seen the full testimony or or was present of this person of the people talking about Volker and the other people involved here talking about the too
that came out last week alyosha. We remember this was like when some of the Trump officials were saying things like look. You know it's my. It is my understanding that were supposed to withhold this security assessment that the money essentially for in until this investigation starts and then the other guys like No, you misunderstand what the Trump administration would like to do. We want to do only the best thing for you to be more than enough. It is like one of those things of where you could tell both of them are trying to get on record, though not actually talking to each other and salt texting to get on record. But predictably, after this testimony happen, the Democrats bring out everything that I would assume is the worst mode damning information and we haven't heard anything from the other side of it Republicans universe, that have seen this information seem to become yon, saying if you see the full testimony you're going to understand what was going on, why don't they release the full testimony and the Democrats have it so that interesting and is an interesting point, but you know it's also predictable,
a partisan lines. This is breaking out. I wonder if Chris as any more insight is a republican, vital totally re honest visa fees, putting his belt and issues back on a right now welcome congressmen, Chris Stuart how're, you, Sir, gotta get my shoes you're going so crazy. Guy did you Did you see the whistle blower report, and can you talk about it? yes and somewhat okay, we ve seen it and think much has been released, there's been some reductive portions by this is pretty much in a public grounds. We can talk about on the toilet except her. Some small portions, okay, so go ahead. Tell us would tell Us Europe p of E. That mean this seems like Justin other guy who sang yacht that phone call happened while we know that perhaps he has talked about this year, Turkey. Secondly, second whistle
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well know it was obvious that I mean I said yesterday on some media that I thought this was going to come forward to this obvious that this guy's been having some coffee, guy or girl. Been having conversations and that they were they are interested in talking about, but, as I said yesterday, on what difference does it make all they can save? You start to say yup I listened, or here I read the transcript and yup. That's a phone call will again we already have that information. You could you or any of your lessons could read that in in seven seconds, other than that. What what can you tell us who tell put all the answer? That is nothing we can read it. We can make our own judgment. I dont need some. You know some secret analyse who tells me what this means is very simple, what it means You can read it themselves are right, so tell me about. If you can the the text messages that were last week, they were revealed. Can you talk about those me yeah,
although more limited, because it was an executive session- and we have to me- you don't have to be careful that this is this is this is the bottom line on this agreement, and this is so malicious and so deliberate because what they have done as it him little snippet target, not even an, albeit an entire short text in its entirety, but little pieces here and there and leak that, because, once again, this is in executive session and such was the release and creating impression. That is absolutely one hundred percent. Contrary to the fact where the entirety of this hearing- and that is Mr Volker and others came, Mister clearly was no quid pro quo. There clearly was no Lincoln she has very plausible, very, very reasonable explanations for the timing of the meeting. You know the timing of their intention to withhold this stage of the train that was based entirely
them trying to pressure Angela Merkel and others in the EU, and these guys will take little pieces of it? leakage of the media the needy course runs with it and by the time that the truth comes out whenever LISA Transcript that will show you gonna entirely what it actually need. The damage is already done. So Chris I am my dear special ass. We got to know if you ve seen it, but I later chalkboard out- and it took me about fifty minutes- everything in it? We have verified sources on theirs. There wasn't a bit of conjecture. Europe, maybe this happened or what are we? A hundred per cent based on fact, and outlines that the Democrats did in ukraine- exactly everything that they are are accusing Donald Trump on and yet no one in the media cares to cover this we're being throttle like nobody's business. It's the biggest video we have done in
almost the ten year history of the blaze on the platform its gigantic, but we being throttled down the old Charley Kirk said he gets. About two hundred and fifty about a hundred and fifty thousand views of breathing that he does when he retweeted this link. It got two hundred and thirty seven, yeah and I'm wondering where anyone is on on Turning this around back on the Democrats is there These are anybody who is on this trail lower train. When I mean there's a number of us, your trying- and I was actually listen to you earlier as running a talking about escaped him in a chart burden and the lack of response when twittering
ask me, are not terribly surprised at that. Frankly, I would invest a prize if you Linda had caught her spots. Remember that kind of the following. I don't think it's mooted that is clearly throttle, but that this is just one example and going on they give you another one. We ve been talking about for years. That is ignored. I mean the democratic in this argument that the present each be impeached and moved from office because of one sentence in one conversation that he readily made available human. These thing, within a few days of anyone, asked me, on the other hand, merciless story, Hilary run Clinton and the DMZ paid of warnings and then worked with other regional russian agents to do what did dig up dirt on their political opponents in order to these facts, the outcome of an election, which is the issue that you here all the time regarding President Trump, what you said, because we know that they did, that they did a far more reasonably and wonders of media ever
about that urgency is one more example. You you're expenditure is just one more example of them. What to call him biased as an incredible understatement. Their advocates now and dishonest advocates- and I dont know what it is hard to accept and do what we can. Also. The only the only solution here is is that they sent it because you can't in the house that the Senate, starts to look into this. This corruption. With the with the Democrats, I mean- Why are we playing defence when we should be playing off fence? Why isn't the Senate taking saw in saying you know what we like two we'd like to find out exactly what was happening in Ukraine and you go ahead. Investigate the president. We're gonna be invest gaining? What was happening in Ukraine and why people went to prison or were convicted. I think was overturned but its back in court today, but they were convicted
for interfering in the? U S election, we have them on tape on that, the video we have a tape of the guy who is head of the Anti Corruption Bureau in Ukraine action. He admitting to helping Hillary Clinton win the election, I'm already know dried tried to win the election. Well and, as you said there in the house, I mean do I'm his power, so the kitten in the house being in the minority. Unfortunately, which is why we got to change that, but the but, as you said, the Senate linked Graham and others in the senate- do have the authority to investigate this, and I think one. He's allocated more than allowing us to do. That knows one other tool that we have that I think maybe more effective and at his attorney general bar. Oh my gosh. This guy is a hero to me because she has fearless
he's committed. He'd have he's not out to make a name or reputation is then there done that doesn't need to do it again and I believe she is, as I said, committed to investigating not only the regions of the other five learnt and the other, as we know the other activities it going back to twenty six June in Russia, but I I think it is right. If you don't look and Ukraine as well, that size a warrant is going to fall apart. We have. We have documented evidence Chris. Please watch that of that video. We have documented evidence that a Dnc operative put all of this information together and send it to Michael ISAF. Now, saying that Michael knew what he was, what he was that he was being used, but in that text said she or that email she's, alluding to the steel dossier, which is one of the three
things if I'm not mistaken. That was used for the Pfizer report was an artist oh from Michael ISAF, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure glad I mean look. This witness was talking about circular reasoning are certainly in time. This was Pfizer document based on the steel dossier, which I just described. The regions that you, by the way painfully painfully hidden under there was the fact that they knew that it was paid for by the deity yeah, but in a footnote the idea, I anyone to read that footnote, where they describe where they got this information and who funded it and to actually understand who did it? It's a very clear efforts to to be too being deceitful and deceptive enough, but then, as additional evidence, whether they use, as you just said, Michael, is a cash reporting. I weren't rich. Where did you get? This is information from from Christopher Steel
So I mean their backup is the same document. It was just leaked to a reporter and they claim that that is a secondary source when clearly it's not and they knew that it wasn't Chris. Thank you so much for talk to you again. Thanks for the hard work you're doing on this, I appreciate it This is the best of the Glenn like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now, and I too, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, so Why do I went to Joker and not not knowing what to expect? But after hearing so many people talk about it, I was expecting the most violent Movie ever filmed and I was quite surprised
on the way there. I even you know so. I said to myself if it turns out to be that kind of gratuitous vial sorts man's inhumanity, demand I'm leaving and I'll walk out, because I just don't wanna put that in to me. I just don't I dont like I just don't like watching. You know torture is a pretty much any mail. Gibson movie, there's a part where they're always just torturing, maladies hanging from Jaynes and immunity, like. Ok, I got it. I got it, I got it so I expected Joker to be really really really stupid and what I found was the opposite in many ways, this movie is unlike any superhero or any comic book movie. I've ever seen this one is
realistic. This takes place in the nineteen seventeen they even open with the old Warner Brothers logo from the seventies. It looks like it's me no made on film, at least at the beginning. I mean it is really it's really really well done. Walking fella phoenix is brilliant in this movie, but what I didn't expect was that for the first three quarters of the movie. I would find myself saying this is a rat. Pity this is so who incredible. Sad because he clearly disturbed and and walking Phoenix really plays this very, very well, and he
plays a character. Who is a clown into the first? I will giving away the first foreseen opens with him. Getting you know, mugged by some kids he's doing of a clown thing on the street and, and he gets mugged in beaten by these, these kids, You come to find out that that's kind of the life he lives. He has lived this life where he's always been picked on always been bullied, he's obviously clearly very mentally unstable. He had already been been in our come when he was when I was younger, he live with his mom. He has no real life. None whatsoever and nobody sees him and nobody listens to him and when they do
they beat him up and you will go through the first three quarters of this movie. I think feeling really bad for him and I don't like movies that turn the villain into the good guy and the good guys into a bad guy, which I thought was where they were going with it. It's not and I was greatly relieved of that. I dont know the director and the writers p o v. I dont know what they were trying to do, but the Joker pretty much is leading. You know in the end, we all know that he may know becomes a leader weight but its total spoiler alone or any hates Batman O Mike working Thou thanks.
The whole I'd watch the sequel, but this is this is occupy Wall Street. This is antiphon, then reset several Peter. I share the politics of this. Are not advertise notary left, he's left, winger essential, well, he's or at least that Greece, now here's here's where here's are you could see it as left is? If you think that the left cares about people but really because he's he is genuine on. It is can we be nice to each other. The social media commentary. The least I got from it? They don't talk about social media have taken in the seventies, but the to me his rant is about us you know, nobody's nice to each other wise everybody mean to one another. What is it
did you just say horrible things about one another, that's not with the crowd is doing. The crowd is getting you know the anti rich. I hate the wealthy hate. Those in power disrupt the system, burn it all down. That's not what that's not what he sang and I would guess in future movies I I'm hoping he is ass, to be playing the joker again in in sequels, because I thought he was really. He deserves an Oscar for sure but he's gonna end up again. I think just being used and beaten cause he's he's clearly insane and not smart enough to be putting things together. He's not like the Joker that we ve all seen where he's this mastermind right he's not he's not that's interesting eminent. It does seem like that and the media's ridiculous right. They make these fake controversies.
Everything- and this was that the initial push on this was well good cause mass shootings of it does it'll be because of the left, because it is a message of the left, not the right. It's antiphon base, keep saying it's in cells, Zeb in cells, essentially involuntarily involuntary celebrates, I believe, as does to be the loser. Well might I mean it look if you are unstable and who go to see this. You will relate to him and said same way they could people would relate to Edward Norman Fight club right yeah, like you, you kind of there's these anti heroes that wind up being heroes to certain segments of the society no, not a here he's not a hero in any way, but that, but neither I mean could Edward Norton I mean I am spoiler, was a tear,
like theirs. I it's impossible to do to see him as anything else. If you actually watch the movie seriously right, not ever Norton the person by way of talking in his character and is putting your movie You know it's one of those things where that happens ought was his face. Some. What was the one are where Anonymous was using it Guy Fox Right Yahoo, a guy foxes, not a good guy. I thought, but Kite Father was sixteen hundred was a movie was not sixty. Yesterday I came out in armed relatively recently and was used as a symbol for a lot of bloody was for Occupy Wall Street and that fits they weren't good well, but they EC vague and they have I'm ass. She had her says that their heroic behind I like I know everybody thinks you know Hitler thought he was heroic right. Everybody think their heroic. Org comes up with a way to justify their her. I personally think that, if
We all saw Joker and we can all be adults. We could have a very good conversation. I think it's a great conversation starter, you know it's one, that you can walk out of ink and say so: I'd that say about society who are Who is he talking about and and and a real conversation because its in how many of these shooters Dewey no arc crazy. They're, not they're, they're they're not getting proper care. You know and they feel isolated and bullied. Will that's really happening. Our society is sick. It sick- and I think this is the movie of our day. Really do I think I don't. I don't know what to compare it to, but it is, I think, it's the
the maybe Saturday night fever of the seventies where it was it just encapsulated that time, and it was like Van right that's that year this is now so to question. For you, number one I like movies, that do challenge me make me think maybe has hundreds after, however, that needs to be paired with it actually being a freaking good move. Okay, so it is our years, our ally itself. Is it a good move? Here's how I reviewed it. This is a great film, One hundred percent rate one of the better films made. It is also one of the best movies seen in a long time while the other, so it will not and do not go to it. Thinking that you're going to be pre
to my oh you're, not gonna, be preached just take it. If you want to find it eager, add additional layers of competition if you want to, but I have you, dont have to get moving here. It's a good movie nobody's preaching to you. It's still a guy some movie, but it is the least bad man. It's probably the lowest body count Batman on television coming from Adam West? I mean it's insane for a movie in today's world of veto, violet movies, this a very low body count and car. My second question is more personal. I find myself falling into a very familiar pattern. Which is I dont, like superhero movies and then We want starts talking about a superhero moving. I think maybe this one's gonna be good enough. Because you don't it and its, not a superhero movie for did you like the battle, Christopher Nolan Batman. I liked bat man began
Hence I really liking that the world was, though, is that the one before the one with his ledger, the that one before gave a very dark, and I liked it right. That's that's Christopher Nolan. No one, I just the best Batman you The Batman series are dark, yeah yeah and it was realistic issue in Autumn India. This is, you could say you could say that this is in Gotham, it's in New York City, and there is no Batman and you could. You would be comfortable even the way he dresses in the in the outfit with a green air you would go up. I could see that a realistic ordains, very it's a very it's the most realistic batman or any super movie that I've ever seen? If you make me, go see this movie in its socks,
I'm holding you personally responsible. It's going on your record, you will be noted. I just I just everybody else to know. I'm only giving this review so he will go to its at don't call me again you all without you gotta go you gotta go to it. I think you will like the blaze radio network on demand.
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