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Glenn and Pat debate which First Lady is worse: Hillary Clinton or Jill Biden. The FBI is auditing concealed carry permit holders in Missouri, and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt joins to explain what's being done to stop it. BlazeTV Host Steve Deace joins to discuss Biden's COVID diagnosis, vaccines, and the left's plan to politicize Monkeypox.

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Today's podcast is a really good friday, podcast patent. I start the program with a discussion she thinks jill Biden is the is the worst first. Lady of all time, I reminded him of all of the reasons to love Hillary Clinton you'll have to decide. Also. We have the attorney general of the state of missouri on where the f b, I is going door to door asking to see your guns kind of unconstitutional. We talked to him about what to do. If that happens, to you steve dace is here. To recap a ton of stuff, including the president he's got the sniffles bill. O'reilly and Michael malice. Also on today's podcast brought to you by relief factor, if you're, one of the millions of americans who suffer everyday from pain, listen up, there is hope, and it comes in the form of relief factor. I see testimonials every single day from people who tried to really factor for the pain and gotten their life back, and it can happen to you. I want to tell you that seventy percent of the people that actually take relief factor and try it for the three week trial period they go on to order more month after month. That's a pretty good shot at getting out of pain. It's not a drug developed by doctors and get the three week quickstart trial pack for nineteen. Ninety five: it's a drug free natural way to get your life back relief factor, dot com, that's relief, factor, dot com,
The only thing he said to me just tiggle de piggledy, off the cuff, the other day we were on the errand. He said you know. I think Biden, is the worst first lady of my lifetime. She may be the worst ever and by it have to say two words to him. Hilary Clinton but he still stood by jill Biden being the worst, so my would like to have a little debate. I've done my homework, I'm assuming you ve done. Your homework on Joe Biden excited wasn't makes her. The EC sixty
to answer this this really. This really got me tat. I have in hours and hours just rooting out this. How can pack possibly think that so booty, We have made a start or yeah you go ahead. ready to hear it. Ok, so should start me, there's a generalised case that I've, This is just my case that she is the ultimate pot sauce carrying sallow linsky, loving, warmongering, deplorable super predator that we ve ever had as a first lady. Get. First, while all of the all the different gates that they went through russia, gate, white, watergate pizza, gate, pickle gate, trooper, gate file, gate, email, gate, china, gate, pardon gate, hair gave Benghazi gate, mcgovern, Monica gate and travel gate? Ok we hope that we will get us a lot of that was bill. Ok,
listless. Let's, let's go here. Let's look at her. Little is looking a little bit of her past a twenty seven year old staff attorney for the house, judiciary committee, she were two under jerry's iceman chief council, the house judiciary committee. This is stirring the nixon impeachment he didn't really liker. Now he didn't fire her, but he said a sense. I would have fired her if I had the power, because She was a liar. She was unethical. She was a dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the constitution, the rules of the house, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. ok, no argument for night, yes, I will leave you got to go, I throw in europe, I had throw and make me feel better, throw in a jewel biden fact. So horrible waited come on. I she's she's guilty of elder abuse. Husband abuse she's, pushing this
forward on the united states of america, who she knows, is it in Put in fool, who is losing his mind and she doesn't care because she wants to be near the the throne of power meets- is one of the most fini as people. I think we ve ever seen. In around the office of the presidency. I they jake tapir interviewed. You never know when he said, hang out just a second I'd like to get another opinion. Let me just because I brought witness in let's just ask vince, foster Come on come! Oh! No. He can't Go get what were you saying so your give? You are digging into the death list so that that is good news, but by now you could you just treat. Those is Joe. Just three thousand is a joke. I got a lot.
It will never jake tapir interview would tapir was trying to ask her about the gaffes about the problems from from Joe Biden. How piling up, they were getting much more serious than they used to be, and she simply says dining in gaol, their daddy he gathered there Jake and it'd meetly shots him down It just shows that she is fully aware of issues aware, like nobody else is aware of the problems that man is having an she continues to push him forward. On too, at this point. Like stage that he's not prepared for that he's not fit to do and an just setting its opt for one of the worst disasters in american history. Ok, are
ass right wing conspiracy die. She she got together with george soros and david brok and founded media matters, now you're, not john pedestrian, who worked for her. That john possessed as a spot of hilary provided office space for media matters, as they started centre for american progress, also connected to hilary and george soros. Then let's see she? Oh I love this. She approved a purchase agreement for russian own company that was seeking to purchase canadian uranium mining company with mineral rights in the united states. It was later revealed that the Clinton foundation had received two point: three: five million dollars worth of donations linked to the russian company that it didn't disclose. The canadian company involved was founded by a Clinton foundation board member and a hundred million dollar donor that, because
had so many good friends that cared so much about charity. She negotiated the transfer of twenty percent of all uranium. The united states to russia. She was also on the committee of foreign investment in the united states when it unanimously approved the uranium one deal by the way the hill said they had
substantial evidence that russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks extortion and money laundering to expand russia's nuclear footprint in the? U s as early as two thousand nine, while we're here on the Clinton foundation. We should remember that the foreign investors in that one deal donated a hundred and forty five million dollars to the Clinton foundation. Bill Clinton received half a million dollars first speech in moscow from the investment bank that was in in that deal and by the way she was also put in charge of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for haiti's recovery and reconstruction and, if you remember her and bill Clinton, Klindworth just working so hard, namely that they got less than nine percent of all of the foreign cash to
Actually too, the haitians and the government. So that's a pretty good did I measured, I mention her malian. I mentioned the jewel jill biting his span during south with me. the future. Is here somebody tell me that doesn't trump everything you just said.
I know if I had, if I would have thought of it, I would have had the audio of Hillary saying that you remember that entire debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic and wages. That way I can get away with that shit blizzard are soothing. That is listen to soothing voices. I'd rather hear jill Biden talk about breakfast tacos all day long. You know you're about to there's another example: mandiri helped build an organization with the understanding that the diversity of the community as this
and, as the abogados of the bronx bull good, as beautiful as the sims of miami got bodegas and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, charming phoney. She is the worst. How about the phrase we came? We saw he died. Oh how about that? One? How about that? One yeah who, by the way she's, had secret meetings with the muslim brotherhood leadership
and the egyptian president mohammed more see they they met. She made sure that they had three hundred and sixty million dollars in funding to help egyptian businesses. Wink wink nod nod when the when Benghazi happened. Remember for americans died, two navy seals to diplomats and- and she knew she had and to do with it, of course, she said, and of course it was because of the stupid film that came out which had nothing to do with it. It happened on September eleventh and then, after that, she double down on the arab spring. She said it was a strategic necessity and pretty much pave the road for isis, but I but I mean Joe Biden does gear, she does she she yeah she descends below. All of that remember the dandy lion incident, she's walking along the field
toward the the marine one she's walk. Oh in with Joe Biden in the field, job bends over and sweetly and romance quickly. Picks on deceit, dandy lion, not even one that was blossomed and yellow it. It had gone to cede already in hand to his loved one jill guilty a few steps gets behind the marine, who is standing there to salute the first couple and throws it on the ground showing, but that its meaningless tour that rules man meaningless, gesture from her feeling all aid Jude husband was. meaningless to her that I do. I need to remind you that Hillary Clinton was the one behind fusion gps and the steel dossier.
Don't just remind you that do shows that one beats Joe Joe Biden, just not just that. One thing it by the way where I do my research of this is so this is so satisfied to see she was so angry. She said, europeans peninsula hotel in manhattan and when she realized she lost, she was so angry. She had to quote, suppress the anger. They touched every nerve in my body. She didn't draft a concession speech. She never did it and she had to find another way to use the hundreds of thousands of dollars of fireworks donor did by you, charitable foundation
so. She's got like half a million dollars of fireworks from her charity for this. She she also had- and I love this- oh- I want this documented. I I got to see pictures of this. She had a five hundred thousand dollar special effect glass ceiling but she was gonna break through which you walked out on stage when she wasn't there like
we just spent half a million dollar italy's breakaway glass ceiling. What do we see I may have, and when I made the claim, I may have been suffering a bit of recent sea via us, yet city hospital. I think you, I think you might. I beg you buy, but I agree with you: she's, not the words first lady we ve ever had, but she is a despicable human. Is his absolute because ice pick. I agree with you. I think this is elderly abuse, spousal abuse, but that's what it's doing away that, what what it's doing for the nation. She knowingly pushed him forward in this, and you know she was behind him. The whole time say, and yet you gotta do this. You have to do this. And now we're we're stuck with it, we're stuck with it but I don't think she was a driver of it. I think everybody in the republic or in the democratic party. Pushing him just five. He is the perfect he's
the perfect guy to finish the fundamental transformation of america, because you have all these scandals, you have his son, you have age. So there's a million ways do turn on him and say that guy was crazy ass everything has been done? You don't mean then they can separate. That was Joe Biden. That was not us because he just did all of it for them and they could flush him down the toilet and wipe their hands clean, and I think that's what you're gonna do after a while. They happy to assist me. They have to come out of it. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. The this is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome glad you're, here, Michael malice, the author of the attic, the anarchist handbook, also a grape dear reader, the unauthorized biography of Kim jong IL
and the host of the podcast you're welcome. Michael malice joins me now leave story, Michael that stuck out to you this week, that you think really needs to be discussed there a couples, but I think a couple I think the one that really is flying into the radar it's what's going on in the italian elections, What you know in many listers know a lot of things that happen in europe, often presage. What's going on in the states, I'm thinking similarly a modern lodgers election and nineteen, seventy nine which paved the four reagan in nineteen, eighty in america and, of course, in some ways, worse foreshadowing, for what's happening with trump. We just saw copper. We ago, marie le pen's national rally doing far better. In france than had been expected that you know there s this far right is is really a disservice, because it means different things in different countries. You yeah. I remember it wasn't that long ago, where mitt romney far right
then population was the was the far right side of europe can party, here. I can get arrested what now like Lee, who now MIKE Lee is the far right. The cods, too, You shouldn't is the far right eat. Really it's it's dangerous in over in europe, the far right means fascism yet yes and I'm speaking specifically of italy. What happened in twenty eighty eat of people are at times in the states, say we need more political parties, well, in italy and other places they got my twelve. Happily or left wing parties. For writing. two parties, and in twenty eighteen berlusconi, who had been prime minister, who I best be known as referring to Angela Merkel, as an unbelievable, lighter has his heart in germany, centre right party and then in that election matera, albania's league. Basically
out of nowhere, there were two the right there are kind of a minor party. They became the main political right wing party. They formed a coalition of government and although the crazy, far right once albania's out you'd out of his mind, the attack in government just a collapse this week, the party to solving these right, the brothers of ITALY, which in many These are the descended some of you have fascism. Arguably it was Mussolini. These are the people who already have this sentence ideologically for better or for worse now, they're the ones where the main right wing party, so that we know the story. The boy cried wolf so the more the media says far right here. I for right the spoil of that story is eventually the wolf shows up. So if you keep link people, you can't vote for Paul ryan he's far right. You can't boat for tromp he's far right at a certain point b b like I can do wherever I want this, is I wish you a democratic republic, and things are,
to end up in a way that I think the real he doesn't like both in the states and abroad. Again we saw in hungary is seeing in france, and I were going to see it in italy in their upcoming elections. bullets Berlusconi com Me two thousand levin twelve do you like that and he said here. I want to know how to really start a tea party. I'd like you to come over and me with me in and help me. you know, captivate the tea party spirit in ITALY and I'm like what you didn't have a tea party, and you already have people they are trying to do it and I think you're, just like a mitch Mcconnell try. and co op. That's why I never went Maybe I should have. Maybe I should have, because there are some really good, there's some really good people there. That that understand. Difference between american tea party people and fascism.
The ngos have riotous fascism, as we are doing have reason to be having this. This isn't some kind of vague fantasy thing, but do they even have tea over there wouldn't be like the past, the party or something yeah, although I usually stuck to that I asked I asked one of the guys of the tea party like how are you selling this? These, like a lot of explaining, has to happen first and so one of the things, those two things that really disturbed me that I wanted to talk to you about one. This constant talk, and it's coming telling you Michael it's coming, and it is terrifying, this cause in talk now of a health emergency and climate emergency and the white house talking about issuing emergency orders. If he declares in emergency you are living in fascism, whether he does it or not. He can make a fascist dictator and I think that they will didn't things
that our very fascistic. I think This is their last gasp. They have to try their going to the mid terms. What are they have to show for it? They have adobe turning over Bobby wade band lynching in the federal level and that gay marriage is now legal glen. It's this! Oh, my god, gay people can now get married. It's a. We should have a so our as bug lug celebration, so Biden, it was one I think the first democratic president come in without a significant, senate majority. Of course you barely house majority but you're, forgetting something that we have this supreme court, so a lot of these. The mask mandate wasn't taken down by mid mcconnell aeroplanes. It was and down by a judge and the joy is that the supreme court just recently pulled back the overreach by the epa. I believe it was so Some of these emergencies that he's gonna put forward its gonna very quickly, find a lawsuit and it's gonna very quickly make its work very quickly. It's gonna make it
way to the supreme court and- and I and I suspect you think as well. There was a meeting somewhere at the high ranks of the sea decided to cut their losses with Biden because you had and pr npr, The voice of the rio even just yesterday came out and said you know all this money It's going to ukraine. People are talking about corruption over there it's a global well above nor are yes, and why is it that is treated with back to the hour? Yesterday, hey, I did five specials on the corruption in ukraine, two years ago you should use a jack about so cruelly ask you in your. In your opinion, it npr saying this: don't you think this is some kind of I think the scenes yeah, I think so
ship is turned. I think they did. You know that I think personally, this was the plan of the far left. The whole time he's the pearl its president to have he's an empty suit. We can tell him exactly what to do he's senile, so we can get him out if we have to and his ease wildly corrupt. If we have to, we even have vat, or we just have the threat that you guys are going to go to prison and we're not for you remember it was the republican party that that finally got Nixon to resign, it wasn't it I'm a crass or the scandal it was. the fact that the republican party said we're not standing with you anymore. Goldwater who s sitting dixon down and said you're out of here, and I think that the fact that its It would not be impossible at all for honey to be arrested because he's got
I don't know how many crimes he was key submitted publicly in the new yorker thought. Then either new york or new yorker magazine that he was a crack purchaser. Which is a felony which his dad pushed very heavily when he was in the Senate back in the nineties, so I The thing is they don't have a plan b, a couple of heroism from there. Standards. It is even worse, she's even more, unlike of all she's, even she's here. Be more brain damage than him so their scrambling and it is an emergency when they say the climate are obviously what they mean, is it's an emergency for them, stay in power and that's why? Therefore it is one other thing that I wanted to pass by the f b I and it is going door to door in delaware for anybody who bought guns, yeah and they're, saying We need to see your guns, which is absolutely unconstitutional.
In Missouri the eighty yeah. I think it's no eightieth yeah be. I know eighty f in in delaware and b. I just notified all of the sheriffs in Missouri that August first they're coming to do an audit of all the sea devils. All the concealed carry permits, and that's also illegal and I'm out, Michael and I'm sure all those sheriffs who love the constitution said no we're going to. port, our citizens. Second, amendment rights and work. Do the right thing right, that's what they said actually a lot of them did a lot of them said I'll go to jail, but before before that and the attorney general of Missouri, I just talked to him. He wrote a letter and he's like you're, not coming indoor state in asking that we are not forget. It you're not welcome here. Do you think that that's wouldn't happen, or you think they're gonna can do what they please
Think that's gonna happen in Missouri that they will stop it in Missouri, delaware. They want, but in Missouri they will then this is. this is happening faster than I think you and I thought This is extremely disconcerting items. I you know, I think, discussed what happened in new york, where the new law in the wake of the supreme court decision is now. maybe we're gonna. Look at your social media. determine whether you're a good person or a decent person in sir of having gone rights I recently. Finally, as an newly austin resident acquired a gun and have exercised my second, then rights and I can say is, I hope, people you know, go out and have get as many weapons as they can, because there to do whatever they can, including much mcconnell too make sure you cannot protect yourself in your own home and are trying everything in their power to make it a crime. To defend yourself. This is one the reasons I left the hour. If some of them
into my home and I defended myself one hundred percent- I be the one on the hook and they would be delighted to me example, out of me just like that, guy the bodega not that long ago, yeah. So it are they. There really is this idea that, if you defenders like revolved is another example: there is this idea that if you defend yourself or your children, you the problem, because you didn't let the government do it for you, even if the dutch government whoops sometimes make airports mistakes. Today. I read the news today and I wasn't gonna share this, but if you sign up for my newsletter and you get my show, prep this what I got out of my show prep today as I read all of those stories there I I realise there is no centre anymore, you know, they say the centre will hold. There is no centre anymore. We ve got
got a four year old shooting at cop, because they're arresting his dad that goes back to a story last week where this, these black kids, probably eight years old there they are beating on this cop or of these stories that are showing that chaos is raining and chaos is being concern, is being cautious, sorry is that chaos is being pushed. We have people in the inner de offices that are just letting these criminals out the guy who tried to stab a candidate last night, new york he was released on his own, recognises this is nuts, Michael. I think this is going to happen. Really fast. But this is the play book. which is this happened in chile and in many other places where
government agents refuse to enforce the law. Even basic medicus law, which is just protection of personal property, then things get violent, crazy and then the response from the masses and or the government is well now we need more government control is look how chaotic things are becoming you seen this happen time. Again, the I don't care by design. You could put on your tinfoil hat states by design at the end the day. Does it really matter, but I agree with you completely they're, all they're going to do is double down. I don't think they paused for one second apertures abandon the sample good day was recall that, as always, like those example, just gave a puppet examples. The fact that you can attack Gordon a candidate and walking. The streets is just just mind, boggling yeah
thank you so much michael. I really appreciate your check up Michael's podcast. It's called your welcome michael malice things like the best land back programme, MR steve dace, welcome to friday what was the biggest story of the weak steve, unquestionably Glenn. I think it is the overall health and state of mind of the so called leader of the free world, and he told us on one wednesday, I told us he had cancer on thursday, we found out despite cheese, quad, quite dead, poked and jack he's got covert, maybe this, weekend will find out. He has my car data's and then we'll know he did. The full show we call it. Hokey pokey if you know what I'm saying you pick it up when I met you down here, guy gotta, though god well I mean cancer in cove iD see,
generally same lacking. I think I've I, I think of anything happening right now in public health that is known to spread either one of those things right I have to tell you the up the president's overall health, I think, is declining quickly, but I think the left is done with him now. Agri he's done, I think he's done big transition stuff that they needed him to do, and It's weird is popular is, I think they knew it would be, and now it can just wash their hands of. I completely agree. That was Joe Biden a watershed we crossed this ruby kind a couple of weeks ago. We You could go on twitter and openly acts and share without any warning labels or censorship. At all video, of the first sign, getting oral. ex from prostitutes and doing crack, and
keep in mind. This was the same platform that if you had the laptop we're all these things came from and reported on that they said sir, do because it was a month before the election, and they didn't want this information to get out and so now. Why aren't they censoring you for this? Why, I think, that was a clear opening salvo, that the narrative you gotta keep in went when you're dealing with the spirit of the age with these people. It's all narrative all the time. The agenda everything is to drive their net. Given. The narrative is to drive their agenda and there there greasing the skids there and there must be, is going to need to be a re brand after november, a reboot someone has it the fall for this and in the same day, that twitter said it was ok. This share these tawdry videos of the first son that the same day that the new york times goin out of nowhere, I'm sure it's a pure coincidence out of nowhere and decided that, after three years of dementia episodes, maybe it's time to talk about the president's fitness for office now, a coincidence at all, it is clear that this narrative his kind of
in cast now in advance of what everyone anticipates will occur in november. I find it interesting yesterday that npr did four or five specials on the corruption of ukraine right named all the dug up. All the body showed all the connection, everything five specials on it. for three years and npr, just reported today. You know Maybe we shouldn't sent that sixty billion dollars over there, because there's rumours that their corrupt I feel like Adam sandler news, though been good to know. Yesterday. Ok, it's just this thing has greatly frustrated me, brother, I'm a child of the eighties. I grew up in the eighties, We're america suck it kid. I grew up in that era. Okay and you know, and and as you know, I love rocky four. If eyes can change, the news can change. Ok, I mean
I I understand the residual russian weariness and hatred not write any link at the long arc of russian history. There's a lot their frankly to hate even before we get to london right right. So I understand our eye, but we have to see the world for what it is and not what you think it is and for all these public is to just come out reflexively and say we have to save this corrupt accuracy from the thug accuracy or we ve lost the western world, so give them a blank cheque. Dare ask questions just like we saw with cove it. If you dare ask questions eight grandma right europe. Putin, enabler well brother here, what's happened since we would, since we have unilaterally, was eighty nine ninety one percent of the ukrainian resistance, weary. We are unilaterally funding here in the: u s, right: here's! What's it Inspired in the few months since we got involved in this enterprise, a proxy war putin is well than he has been in seven years. The russia rouble is the wealthiest it has been on the exchange markets in over seven years. All of this
dat You'Re- there Putin lost after his joke of an olympics when they were doing paper, michel toilets glenn. All of that erased. He now has prominence now on the way stage is seen as a major player again on the. World stage we're paying record high energy and fuel prices, we're in a risk we're if we're not in a recession. The next quarter will confirm one. We are seeing an economic cataclysm here in our own country. The saudis are selling there are selling their natural gas or getting natural gas cheaply from the russians. They can then, pill for us in the market. Those are the same saudis by the way that troop was doing israeli saudi peace deals with just a few years ago. I- and so it is if this is, If this is opposing Putin, I I hate to see, would putin enabling is and there's a lot of people that I like people. I used to work for ted crews. I love ted crews. I would love
get them I'd want to put the wonder woman lasso of truth around all these people that vote just reflexively set. Russia must stop. Nineteen. Eighty seven must stop. Reflexively must stop well now that we are the ones taking it in the short for this I'd love to put the wonder, woman last of truth around them and say what peace information, were you give it that told Do any outcome other than the one we're facing right now is how this was going to end that somehow ukraine, it was bunker hill. This was the degree that zelensky with all his wise he's the new lech walesa. This is the place to make your stand to draw your line in the stand, because it seems to me all were involved in here as a habsburg dynasty. Urination match between one way and called the world economic forum and another wing called vladimir Putin, not my fight man. I've got a lot of other things going on in my culture that I've got to deal with right now, other than how many more green shirts can I buy for Zelensky and all his wise.
A. I wish you are passionate about something, though, really do wish. You had some passion about. Any topic. I bring up. Let me turn to women Turning to the climate and health emergency orders that White house is talking open about executing. Think that those two things it will kill a republic and finish it one, an emergency order with people at the top that one it for the reason for fundamental change to get their things through? without anybody questioning them. An emergency order and adding pulled the supreme court. Those are those you don't. You know back from that we close to emergency orders like that. I think and I think this is something that a lot of folks
and in a generation that remembers what it was like when over she's like taxing in spending reagan o neil would go into each other's throats until then a clock, eastern and then the new cycle was over and they get together over a brandy or a bourbon and an you know, wash the news together and compare notes and say due to get me really good. There were back it again to morrow. I think, a lot of people who grew up in that era, where This was largely a right of centre. Verses left, if centre political conversation, except for a couple of hot, but an issue like abortion have to really recognize what time it is you are. You are dealing. With an opposing force now the debt. the spirit of the age. There is literally a demonic manifestation in within a political, major political party in america, granted, since we only I live literally literally and since and here's what I mean by that you know if, if think owes pagan or something goes haywire It still is seeking some form of transcendence, an absolute that you can eventually find some air. that you agree with I ran was a huge which a huge
atheists thought christians like me were morons, She, though, looked at the world and realise there must be some objective truth somewhere and created. Our own philosophy called objective is to recognize it we're dead, with nihilism. Now we're dealing with ye being my god garden bureau. First, things kind stuff. I my own gender, on my own identity, I my own everything I I know everything I will be the most high. I will, I will send you mean literally the language of lucifer himself you're dealing with that, and I think that for Basically, you have to put every card on the table things you never thought where possible, before are absent the possible now and and think this is it. This isn't gonna be one by the politicians you elect. I fear that there are people in our audience, Glenn that their good they're gonna in the camps, one day with their kids and though pat him on the head and say it's ok, honey, hunker down the red waves coming to save us, it's never coming to save you. we're going to have to be the people that you have been waiting for. Our people are going to have to learn
I can last ageless right now written another mask mandate, but the woman who runs the health department is wearing them when she goes out it's what chris, A push in the is offices as his ally We called it's, not hypocrisy, its hierarchy there better than you lesser than them they can do whatever they want. You will, the bugs and you will enjoy, and you will owe nothing and you will be blissful while they fly around on their carbon footprint, privately avenged they are people Glenn are going to have to learn to become and Annabelle by the spirit of the age. We will not comply with any of this. We dare you to try to enforce it. Could you couldn't enforce it against all of us and theirs? place, what we're doing that successfully, and I want to use that as an example, the right now, cdc says only two percent of americans have put those apps into their children only two percent, nor can, I would argue that still too high, but a pretty loan anemic number. I promise you have. The number had been twenty five or thirty. They would have You cannot put your child in anything that receives federal funding. This fall, including a daycare that gets headstart. Anything kate through too
daycare the gets headstart anything. I promise you if it was twenty five to thirty percent of americans, still a really low number, but if they had started that baseline. They then would have said you cannot your child into anything that receives federal funding. This fall, unless you inject them with this experimental substance. The fact that, though it's only two so they make that's no baseline. They can't start from their suitor, even talk about it. Now they drop it. We to make this a regular part of our regimen. Here, don't sit here, the the old ways of we're going watch fox news all day, long vote geo, p and there in the red wave will save us that's out the window. Now I take control of your own fate. We become ungovernable by the spirit of the age of you live in san diego and they want to choke your kids out with those mass. I want to see twenty thirty dad's get together on the first day of school, we're drop in the kids off to school that day more
wherein mask and we're walk in a minute. We dare you to do something about it, we'll be back again tomorrow and the next day and the next day until you get the point, we're never doing this to our children ever again and we won't let you get away with it. This is the attitude that our both need to begin to embrace welcome. to the looking back to the poor. Ram, you know steve- you have been really one of the real leaders in the fight against this covert thing. You know I've said people so often cause p we'll call me if you want to cover this. You have to cover that. No, no, we, I can cover everything to the extent that it needs to be covered. You know I do my thing. You do you're thing and I have to tell you listening to you every day because you're on the blaze right after me, I'd tell you had that thing nailed nailed. The beginning, what is Where are we on this? Because you know
out she came out again, I think was a couple weeks ago answer. You know we're not done what does she is coming back and then you know they're talking about the monkey parks and everything else, and something was wrong where that monkey pox thing may I say in the last twenty eight months there story has wrecked me, I'm not I went from man, I really do. I really have to stand with Alex jones in order to stand up against big tech censorship. I was there are twenty eight months ago to now I am, I'm alex jones with bible versus now glad I mean this. Is this when you know that this is this is what the last twenty eight months have they have done to me, I mean this is the lies are so obvious that the data is so contrary and I just use their data. I don't even project that I don't you There are so many good independent people that are now banished to get. You can go to on sub stacking. It grew data and projections from even have to go to that next level of school, Doug irmak, raking, I can just use the data that these countries, including our own, give us some in germany this
admitting its health department one out of every five thousand doses, not patients, doses of covert. see could lead to a serious adverse effect. We have given us six hundred million of these doses in this country, but not now x out too well over a hundred thousand people. the good news is you can't sue the pharmaceutical companies or the excellent yes indeed, and and and so they set up this very database. Here's what's funny, but not ha ha funny. cutting myself funny when you go into the the vaccine. Adverse effect reporting system in that was the system they gave us in exchange for indemnifying. These mania actually said that that this would be a transparent system will now you can't use the data they claim. The system is not reliable. The thing: it's not a red, it form you don't you file, a very report, dear penthouse form. I never thought this could happen to me. That's not the way it works. Glenn. I laugh at you and takes in takes now worse glenn for a physician, and then you have
like legally agree assign a disclaimer. I could be criminally prosecuted if I, if it is wrong. I mean this filters out false reports. That's why every study has shown its under reporting. If you look at the very data base. Right now, there are more hospitalizations from the cove vaccine being self reported in that system than the one out of every five thousand serious adverse effect ratio the german government is admitting to right. Now we have more than that right now, but eve If we use that number, let's just go with their data, where we have to even jack just use their own. It's bad enough. A month ago, Look at the ragged dinner and billings montana largest city in montana that the population of buildings. Imagine like twenty eight days later, one day and everyone in buildings had a nervous centre, nervous system problem, mayo cardenas you know had it had. Immunity suppression had a new, auto immune issue like you struggle with imagine. If the entire city billings got that, that would be the wage story on the news we'd be like. We have to figure out what causes this. Where it was,
the origin of this, and it's just like it never happens. There's no data that you could present that will them to reconsider any of their agenda at all. Now, with monkey pox, we are literally being told. Gay orgies. If you look at the, if you look at the congruity of their policy, Glenn gay orgies are more important than church services. Your business being open mean going senior having a funeral a problem for your kid, a wedding, Those are the things we had to shut down for coded, but because any it could be a super spreader event. We know the one thing that spreads monkey pox, but they will never ever tell us that those have to be. There needs to be social distancing there. Those have to be shut down. Why? Because for The beginning in this this goes to the first day I read the imperial college survey and my background in data and analytics just found. So many incongruities here. Was clear, that there is an agenda here and when you found out that imperial college has an entire winging its university devoted?
winning the two hundred year war against fossil fuels, and it just so happens. They put out a report. That said, we can't see, this thing, and so every solution to it will be the green new deal, those art those aren't fallacies. Those aren't mistakes. Those aren't hypocrisy is their purposeful. It's been an agenda of control from the beginning, I will tell you just talk to bill o reilly. He's so disagrees with this. What you just said, I agree with you entirely. I mean No, why look if looking to everything else. and this is the most logical at sir. That's your answer. Man, a man that is your answer,
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