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Best of The Program | Guests: Gov. Scott Walker, Tim Pool, & Greg Anderson | 5/14/20

2020-05-14 | 🔗

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker joins after his state’s Supreme Court overturned the stay-at-home order. Journalist Tim Pool calls out the media for ignoring Obamagate in the face of overwhelming evidence. Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson joins to explain why he spoke out in a viral video against arresting lockdown violators.

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Welcome to talk ass. Today we talk a little bit about the ridiculous nature of the restrictions being put in by government, not only looking at some of the overall each put, also looking at how much they actually matter and how much we as Americans listen to them. You know you guys are just not paying attention to authority as much as you're supposed to have to work on that. Scott Walker from the governor joins us to talk about. The developments in Wisconsin TIM Pool is here on the media. We talk to an officer in Seattle who says he lucky enforce. Unconstitutional measures might cost him his job and we go through the entire obamagate scandal. If you don't understand that this is a great show to check out, you can get all the information that kind of leads you to the understanding of what actually went on with this. It's a bit complicated, but you need to know the story. Cuz, it's going to be a big factor. The election and also watch
The full show with all the documents in everything else from glens show. Last night you did of course, at police tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn and used Ie Promo code Glenn for thirty bucks off that offer ends to morrow. So please don't miss it. Private Well, you can get all the information on what we're doing as far as the government orders and how the american people are reacting to them. I did that on students, America last I get other students. America shows on Youtube. Just go to Youtube. Search for stew will be the first one. There check that out and subscribe and rate this Pakistan suitors America's wealth, always for free on the spot cast platform. Here's the blackest thinking welcome to the Glen Back programme to start with,
a piece of audio from a state supreme court. Justice this was from Esquire magazine in discussing the governors order to stay at home, the assistant attorney General Collen Roth appeared to be rethinking his career choice, Bradley the Supreme Court Justice, when full on Glenn back, never go full on Glenn back. This is what the press called full on Glenn back. Listen to this judge like for you- is where, in the constitution to the people in Wisconsin confer, authority on a single analysed, a cabinet secretary to pow. Almost six million people to stay at home, close their businesses and face imprisonment if they don't comply with no input from the legislature without, the consent of the people. Isn't it the very definition of tyranny for one person to order, people to be imprisoned for going to work
other ordinarily lawful activities where The constitution say that's permissible. Council one of the bravest guys in the guy who appointed her to the Supreme Court. Successful governor economic education, healthcare reformer, Scott Walker joins us now, governor. How are you, sir? Glenn, even better today because of the Supreme Court yesterday for sure? Ok, The Supreme Court yesterday in Wisconsin struck down the stay at home order. What does that mean? Well, there was no. A certain means. Technically anyone anywhere in the data was could be and the one caveat too, that is I was going to the home rule states. So there are still the ability of local jurisdiction, so a handful of communities, so the Milwaukee. City there were seen a Dane, carry your estate capitals at all very liberal democrat areas. There
governor should neither mayors and or can executives issue similar orders to what the Governor Administration ministries done, but for everybody else, technically any retail establishment, the taverns open last night around the state? There are other places out there. Although and I heard the tail end of year, your last segment in the end, the governor set for weeks, the governor can get out of the way that ultimately, the market determine windows his reopen when employs feel safe to combat, and when the wind Customers ultimately come back as well, but it the first step is getting the government, otherwise, so the get the new governor, the guy, who, I think replaced. You had issued the stay at home order. He said yesterday last night on CNN. This puts state into chaos. Now we have no plan, no protections for the people. When you have more people in a small space, I don't care of its bars. Restaurants or the home you're gonna be able to spread the virus today
thanks to the republican legislators, convinced for Supreme Court Justice is not to look at the law, but look at their political careers. I guess it's a bad day for Wisconsin, because now it's the wild. West why I'd commander Glenn it's it's like. It's like they suspended common sense, narrowly in his statement, in others across the country that we see this over and over again, we have been asked for nearly two months now, with the threat this crowd a virus in the area? anyone goes in a grocery store. Every time someone goes into pharmacy, every sign. Someone goes into a hardware store everyone's time, someone nobody's gonna manufacturing plant is deemed essential by the government. They ve been aim to do that overwhelmingly across the country safely. So to me it justifies common sense. Now certainly rights. The so called non essential businesses can open. Finally, because those just This is actually upheld. The law they did exactly opposite way said they actually upheld. The law now did that
The people who been operating safely are suddenly gonna, go crazy in and use the same Martians that done before, of course not you know here here so here's the thing First Hall I think you guys had the election when every, but when nobody knew what was going to happen- and It shows that There was no spread from you guys holding holding the election, which, quite honestly, at the time I would have found surprising. There was no problem from holding the election? I guess the governor didn't learn a lesson from that one. When did we go from a let's, not overwhelm the system? Let's not overwhelm hospitals and the doctors and nurses. Let's flattened the curve to nobody's going out until everybody a safe. It the flat occur versus now. We have to find a cure before anyone can set sort out there. The logic went back and look two months ago yesterday I wrote a piece on Facebook about how
we need to be rational. We needed to file the guidelines. We probably shouldn't have picked sporting events or concerts rules. We could say this out, but that we could do things without shutting down the economy, we just the user common sense. We had to be purposeful and our actions to make sure we are safe. The same is true. Today we're two months. We flattened the curve, but do you still have done? officials who said to me at least like their hiding under their dead, hoping to guide. Somehow So just go away. It's not going away here tonight. A change anytime soon, and if we don't, this year, Manchester economy devastate, but think of all the people across Amerika who stout and doctors, deserts and clinics and other checkups who missed. An early detection, and this is literally a life threatening issue, ebonic to reopening academy
Oh governor, do you really believe that these people are hiding under their beds or is there something else involved I mean there is we? to balance things, and that is what a leader does. He gets advice from the FAO cheese and he is a vow. Chee just tell me about the health effects, and then somebody else has to advise, as do tell me just about the economic effects, and then I have to make choices as a leader on what We do We are now looking at a group of people in Washington and it seems to be falling on party lines that They for some reason, just don't want to open the economy, and no one is talking about the dead. The effects of America going down the drain or going into a d
depression, not only the effects financially, but the effects of health and welfare all over the globe. Millions could die because we go down. Here, you even amazingly group that I'm not a line with it, don't normally reference, but even the United Nations report recently this. We showed that the grave concern about massive and me we're talking Chris Growing poverty around the world because of the economic effects year in their point was that this actually have a much larger, devastating impact on. How would you don't casualties because of it, attrition because of depression because a suicide because of all sorts of issues. I think it's a cabinet, some are afraid and some have energy and when I look at Nancy closes, then we can talk all day about her ridiculous. Three trillion dollar abilities. But one of the things I think spit ignored about what she did put out this week. Is they ve got a provision that would extend the
RO unemployment and hands benefits. January, one that tells me Democrats believe our whole summer. Agenda that they want the economy not to open until ass, the start of the year, which conveniently happens to be after the presidential election. I gotta say if you're at American, a republic and not a democratic and serve not a level, but at a barricade that should scare the about a year we should be doing some about soul, Do you think that the american people are I mean, I think, that My father used to say there is no such thing as bad. It doesnt. Nothing is bad, it depends on how you react to it that will make had a bad thing in your life or a good thing. You can go to prison for robbing a bank, that's not bad! That is something that you could use now to re for yourself in and become better. The corona virus, I think, has helped a lot of people get perspective on their life
it is shown us that we need family. It shows us that you know that this arguing back and forth with the politics is really the Washington doesn't have the power we have the power we could use this to wake up on the bill of rights, etc, etc, or We will allow it to destroy us. Do do you think american people are waking up on both sides of the Isle and saying wait a minute wait a minute. These essential bill of rights. Liberties are really important I do have some more slowly than others, but but I do think there wake you up yesterday's ruling in those Scots Spring Court was a good step in the right direction because, as I said, after the ruling, came out Upholding the rule of law is important. Even in an emergency is an important issue, and I am optimistic. It is free straight. His I am, as is challenging times are, I think, about american particular. Through that started up in defeating the great,
military power at the time who overcame a sieve. War that would have torn apart just an end their country in the world you ever care. Who me two world wars took on nine. Eleven were Americans inward. Country based on freedom and as long as we cherish those freedoms and liberties, even in times like this, I have no doubt we overcome anything, but part of that means. Well and the ability to engage you're free enterprise, that something that I think is fundamentally a part of whom our it's. Why King Solomon talked about finding join your labour, I often say but he stole my my high school year but saying good luck becoming. The government. We all no matter who week where we come from, what we look like we all in our hearts, one the work we want to find joint or labour. We need to get the camera LISA and get it out of the way so that we can go back to work in and restore America again
to think. There's anything to be said. For dick having trumped Declare America, an economic empowerment zone, and help these small businesses and everybody else get back on their feet by loosening some of these restrictions for a period of time, o absolute, I think that's the great things, even some of the temporary things about the present, but even some state local officials at dawn it should attention to the question of. Why did we have these things in the first place, if we could operating under these circumstances, without those onerous restrictions from the federal state, local governments, we should never in the first place and that one unleash unlimited prosper. Going forward last question. I want to go back to the local lawmakers or the local administrators use. Add that some local counties and cities can know still say you're not opening up in Wisconsin, but then this
bring court yesterday say that These are not enforceable where that's gonna, be probably another legal challenge other by the time it makes its way through. The courts will probably pass that date, but it is The thing that I think will have a lasting impact on where entrepreneurs decide to place their businesses at a dead. We just saw recently with Tesla making this. At their we're gonna go somewhere else. If California, that local county it was trying to restrict and didn't back away they backed away, but that means, need to be vigilant everywhere in every place at every moment, because the governments there to serve the people? the other way around, and sadly we seem to an examples it at all levels, the government of people trying to get the people serve the government. We should never before that that that's not how our countries found it and it certainly should be the case were tested. The mouse
when we face times of emergency and challenges. This is one of those moments we stand up Well, we miss your leadership. Is a governor and and and miss all the fodder that who you are we'll talk about because you were just pissing everybody off. We loved and we miss you. Thank you so much Scotland Glutton going one last quicklime. It shows the importance predict when his presidential but other elections, judicial appointments to the four on that for a person majority were people I appointed the other two I endorse before I was governor. That's the lasting impact is putting people up. The law on the bench at all levels. Yes, thank you, much Skywalker right. I know what you're thinking people ask me all the time Glenn how on earth do you maintain that unbelievably handsome figure? It's not easy to have a body like this, I said, at four a m by running two miles. Then I bike back. Do seven and fifty crunch. It's finished the morning with hours of hot yoga, ok,
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others offered billboard dot com? Just don't tell me why I told you you are listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. The law is a. A journalist award winning american journalist political commentator founding member of Vice news He is. He has written and been featured by international media outlets, the guardian Reuters, New York Times NBC fast company, everybody, he's a truth, teller and he's a guy that you may have seen before. If you don't know, is if you think of him in the in the stocking. Me why you, whereas this like it's like like he's in my studio, all the time and you
at least. I am fascinated by what he brings to the table because he'd, I can't pinning down on what he you know how he would vote and I really care how he would vote he just seems to follow the truth, and that is rare these days. Now has its TIM cast TIM cast out com and Youtube dotcom. Slash TIM cast welcome to the programme TIM Pool. Thank you bet So I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things. I dont understand what's happening with the media right now, especially when the documentation is coming out, It shows that thing never had any. Evidence on Russia. None. None of them did while they were on television all of the reporters and the journalists that had there inside sources. That said this is what they have. We now know they never had it and those journalists were burned or
were they in bed. With this, narrative and they didn't care what the truth was there. In embarrassed, is tough, but I think they don't care. I think a confirmation bias. I also think it's at comically, driven these are new companies that are thinking what the fastest way to catch a quick bach and one of the sky as things about other media operates. Is that if I published a fake story, and it goes viral. I'm gonna sell me. Ads on that story, I can manage acted later. I keep all that money so, of course, worse, these networks works are gonna, keep inviting invited, make the same people and they'll just default to all, but that was just that Opinion of unofficial we have here is doing an interview, not our fault, but yet at a time that these documents be released. These people are gone on CNN Msnbc for years under oath their admitting. They know nothing, nothing, really, opening another scandal, the crazy about the Obama, gate, scandal and works. Sort of leading us
is that what may not you know trumpet saying it's worse than Watergate will see if the evidence comes out, but the desperate and of many of these parted and media people to act like there's nothing here in other desperately trying to me, the goalposts now because it really look like the Obama administration was, at the very least, acting in appropriately and potentially digging up there on a political opponent. Now, the media's all of a sudden, we don't care about this, but they were not gonna windows. Jumping accused castle We just give you this. This is from Secretary rice. Remember she was. She wrote that memo ass. She was leaving the oval beyond on inauguration day and in that she said, President Obama began. The conversation by stressing is convenient, continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by intelligence allowed for community by the book. The present stressed he was not asking about initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.
Problem is, is to the evidence now shows that he had a meeting, on January, fifth, the day after the F B, I said there is nothing on General Flynn were closing the case he called the law enforcement agencies and Brandon and everybody else called them into the office and That's where they said? Let's get him on the Logan ACT, so every Susan Rice wrote is wrong, She said that he said. I'm not gonna involved myself in this. If Donald Trump would have said, I don't care what the FBI says go get Schiff. It would be Good then Watergate this you guys bigger than Watergate No, absolutely absolutely why I think it would we ve seen the unfair. The unmasked got on masking documents come out what I and you see members of the media now all of a sudden tweet deposit, their twitter posts. There fatal poster wherever sang
but why does it matter that the Obama administration was seeking to unmask? You know private? U S. Citizens conversations which is. What is important is that the very leaf, but then so I need to go through this dynamic sure, I'm not getting it wrong button MIKE my curse, understanding is that it was the day of day before that Obama's chief of staff sought to unmask Flynn, then Obama, This meeting then said he ate his shocked to find out using and understand how Obama knows about this, so there's so much. There's so much more evidence here that, at the very least, Obama started the term political opponents. I know some people have said sabotage top administration, but just kind of which is very very lightly what what they choose to trumpet doing with bite in Ukraine is, is nothing compared to what we have now is more more evidence comes out, especially when you see those FBI notes. Why did they want to get Michael Windfall? What does that have to do with anything from a law enforcement perspective correct that
there. You combine all these things and it really does look like it was an effort to just jam up. Donald Trump administration may be set some fires causing damage its Actually worse than Donald Trump, on a phone call saying hey this binding thing sound? We are now how about that, but we want these media personalities that bear their there in you know it's hard lay in bed with what they really are rooting for Democrats and acting as their defence it's. I think when you look at the reason for doing it, I think it's worse than this Stephen do but I have the video of Senator Church for one? Seventy five savory pull this out of our while do we have that? Okay, let me know if you, if you can pull it real quick is Nigger church. You know what the church Committee was. It was in the nineteen seventies and it was looking in to what the intelligence department was doing because
Hoover and his Hoover files, where he was blackmailing people, etc, etc, and were concerned that the FBI, the intelligence they were good, in technology. This nineteen seventy five- they were gaining technology. That would be able to survey Savell anyone and they could use it to smear people, listen listen to the warning of Senator Church in one. Seventy five there would be no place to hide if this government ever became a tyranny. If a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could Will it to impose total tyrant, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort-
two combined together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done is within the reach of the government. To know such is the capability of this technique now. Why is this investigation important I'll? Tell you why because I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge- I know pass that is there to make tyranny total in America. And we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we know across over that abyss. There that's the abyss from which there is no return. So this is nineteen. Seventy five. This is why these unmask ing laws and everything else were put in to make sure or that never happened I think we ve crossed that bridge people, don't understand that this isn't
bout politics, this isn't about Flynn. This is about you there law of on masking is put in their because if the government ever happens to collect information on you, and there is not an investigation on you. It cannot ever be released because it will smear you and the government can shape the entire community law just smearing the right people and making it appear as though that there is something wrong that's what he was talking about. Seventy five it's here and now. The question is: who who leaked Michael friend's name to the press, who, within penetration was getting was getting information, use that to damage the credibility, create public opinion? That's exactly why you what what you're saying? last night. We did a special and there's some real question,
that need to be answered. I had a Lara Logan on with us, as this was released, the list of all the people that had a non masking Samantha power testified. She never asked for Michael flings name to be unmasked. Although the the records that were released by the DNA yesterday show that she asked seven different days, for an unmask hang on on Flynn. So, What did she go ahead, but I should She don't ask or said she has no recollection of that mission said Bob hang on. Let me get it exactly on hearing running shoes Is it right here, man. Crap I mean to look for it in a break I'll, come back but I issue she said she had no recollection of doing it. I know she said that, but I think she's also said I didn't
It might have been someone else which is against the law on masking ass, to happen by you and if you have no like a recollection of seven times asking for it to be unmasked said time the all observers So here's an alibi, Thinking on the day, the Washington Post published the story about Michael Flynn. Joe Biden had made a request according to the dogs, and as well I'm wondering if someone the Obama administration had done this and then Biden upon seeing those are story sought to figure out to confirm it on his own I know a lot of people. You know that there is people there are people try to paint a picture that bite in May this year, the same day. So their assume that Biden then got the name. An incentive to the press possible possible could also be me as pilot. It's it's possible, but I think the Washington Post probably had to go through jumps into through some legal hopes for a few days before they were able to join us, I think it was Biden who made the leak button. Nonetheless,
wait, a minute twins name, which is this violation of of of our privacy rights, I mean we ve, had problems with the fire of courts. Going back Why me for a really long time, I'm only thirty four, so irony we're back during the occupy. You know Arabic, twenty ten, twenty eleven you had all of these leftwing activists, dragging the intelligence agencies war that the non adversarial Pfizer courts, how there was spying going on bomb administration had been spying, like crazy spying on foreign countries, spying on private citizens and today, The strange happens now you have many of these. Same people who who once used to complain about it in media, justifying it this has been a routine intelligence work. This had the f b I operate is totally ok, yeah. Of course, there there's they're allowed progressives an journalist people I Glenn Ringwald, who have never stopped ragging on this. These abuses use, a very rapidly progressive guy. Would you can really see the that, due to the deception, the people, no principles who just want peace? or who will complain about it when they are not in power, and then
as soon as it becomes a bomb, a weapon for them, something they can use. Now, it's just routine. It's all fine, it's all! Okay! This is the best one better. So what happening to our nation and as a bill of rights, mean anything anymore Wisconsin. The Supreme Court yesterday just said all of these health things are. They are unenforceable and go against the constitution and lead us to tyranny. While there is a of the port of Seattle police officer, his name is, Craig Anderson I saw a video that he did, that was on Youtube, went viral and he's very calm, rational he's, not accusing anybody. You just say hey I, I'm seeing these reports were all over the country where people are being arrested. For me, you know here given haircuts and
I just urge police officers to know that this isn't that did that that this that's constitutional and we have to abide by the constitution. He was very reasoned and I didn't think, said anything wrong at all? Well, he had permission from his hire to make the video and everything was fine. Until it went viral environment, somebody got pissed off about it, and now he may have a, be terminated for it, he's been put on leave and their deciding what to do about it, Anderson who has rejected a lot of interviews, graciously accepted this interview and speaking out about it. High Gregg how're you morning, land, no thank you. Thank you, for I mean you know just at the time I don't think there's any common sense left in the Pacific Northwest, and I see your video. So thank you for that.
First. While did you have permission, and was everybody cool for you to speak on your own This video and that was the first point that I was gonna clarify. Listening to your introduction, I would not say that I had permission from the department did a video I did. Video a hundred percent of my own accord for reasons that one then too, but I didn't I initially didn't any pushed back from the department. That's what better, when I brought up blocking the following day Ok, so when you say you did it for reasons of your own. What what? What were those reasons while I can tell you of a military, bat and I'll be in law enforcement. I friends and law enforcement all over the country and speaking to everybody that is in my profession, I can assure you that ninety nine point, nine percent officers, feel the exact same way. I do now the step were seen dawn on. Nobody can believe it and everybody I talk to you,
I would never arrest someone for going into apart, and I wouldn't ever arrest a surfer and I would never arrest a lady for cutting somebody here. This is absolutely asinine, yet we keep saying it every day, more and more- and it really started to bother me for several reasons- in the first and foremost reason is we're trampling up people's constitutional rights when we don't have the authority but with things that people, regardless of what elected public that and the other aspect of birds. But it's really troubling to me is maintaining good relationship with the public is something that's been a struggle, fortunate for a long time and in a short amount of time I thought that relationship greatly strained and the gap with the trust between law enforcement in the public. That gap is growing exponentially and I felt like I needed them. Something in an attempt to slow that down? and I think the proof of the pudding resonated with so many people.
So you say that ie, you know you didn't you do want to do this in most of the officers. You know, don't want to do this, but do they end up doing it anyway, I feel I mean and, like I said my video I haven't seen at first hand at my department out of the forest, Seattle has been a really good department when it comes to any type of enforcement, but even my heart, that officers don't wanna, be doing these things, but their put in a place where their higher up asked them to, and now there duck between ok, I'm gonna be looking at disciplinary. Action are losing my job we're on. Was my livelihood inability to feed my family, or do I have to just you know a bend the rules a little bit this one time and I feel like a lot. Officers are getting stuck in that place and they a lot of people. Dont have the courage to just draw the line in the sand and say no. I have an oath to the citizen, this country and I'm not gonna, do that
believe Gregor were actually talking about. This is something that war games in my head a million times last twenty years, Whether or not you know you we'd have to rely on the sheriffs or the police would turn and You know and end it's always been crazy thought and thank God, it's not to the level of of you know why I was thinking about these things, but is really important thing and doesn't it seem crazy that were here? What is it? unbelievable and in our hush on that on on my video is that our power is nothing more than a perception. We have a little piece of non, are on our chat but reflects the forty. One theme some people have enough? It's a numbers game. It can be stopped. From us and one minute and other really scary, thought of having that offend against officer on the streets, and I know some people think that that's just you know,
The conspiracy theory that year out, I'm thinking out a left field, but I can tell you: are someone it's been deployed to a lot of third world countries that are torn apart by war people? when people get in places where they have their out of desperation, they started. Really nasty things to each other and people think that that's an impossibility in America. I don't think you're grounded in reality. So what was your message? Because now you have you have to mortgage? Is you have kids you can't afford to lose your job It sends a message to a lot of people, while I'm not going to do that what is the reason that I am taking such a hard stance on that Just in the video I implored officers to stand up for what's right, regardless of what it cost you re, regardless of what it costs you, you have to put right over your own personal,
and I think the reason that I'm trying to push that message out there is because every officer stood up for what they believed. It be a non issue and the people in these political opposition that are using us like like their their foot soldiers. They would lose all the power, and so that is why I think it important to tell people no matter. What is on the line? You stand up for what's right and you stand up for the constitution and that's why I had to take them. The hard line on this one. My department said: hey it's time to pull the video down it's getting too big I set my whole messages about standing behind what you believe. I can't put a man, jobs and millions of people telling them to hold straw on their convictions, as soon as I get a little push back. You know, within my words and say, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that So what you do it again? Absolutely you now
regardless of whether cost me my job or not the amount of feedback I've got across the country from both officers and citizens about how just open their eyes it cause. They started conversations it made people look inward and I got an email and were literally getting thousands and thousands of emails. I can even begin to keep up on him, but I got one today that I did breed and it was from a guy who works for Nypd and he said gradual I'll? Let you know every offshore and our department has washed but here it made a lot of people, do some self reflection, and I can assure you that your aid and video change the culture and alacrity and that is the most ass. It is level, to think that me sharing ideas for. Eight minutes has been able to reach people across the country, but what I'm gettin all this feedback from people? I have to believe that I did the right thing. Well, I
You did, and I appreciate it Gregg. I think that you were very, very brave and there was there was nothing that you said that founders wouldn't have approved of, and it is combine about of all of us. You said something I can remember what it was, but you you made me think of the Germans back in war to that's it, I'm just following orders and use it. Don't have that here. We don't we don't know what we do now. What we do you remember what you said will not because I have a friend who was in the Ranger Regiment whip me: either special operations veteran and he's been stopped two times asking for papers proving he's essential, and I said that that's that's the gestapo straight out of Nazi Germany, you don't you people and see what they're doing or what their credentials are as a law enforcement officer, I can stop someone if I observed them committing a crime. It's really
simple. You don't get a just randomly target people or go after certain groups because were told to do that. I think that's a slippery slope. You know today this is essential, but what? What might a governor in order to Morrow you know, that's why laws go through a long legislative process to become law and its not just on a of one person, because before you know it comes tyranny. Greg. May your voice be heard all over the country by police officers and may they began to form their own words and their own spine to stand up and say exactly the same thing you didn't do in a time of crisis- and you didn't do it- you know, because you were all upset or me anything. You spoke. Calmly and rationally, and you ve made a big impact and I hope to see more police officers doing the same. Thank you so much I appreciate it? God bless. Thank you glance appreciate as well
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