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Best of The Program | Guests: Ian Smith & Brent Underwood | 5/21/20

2020-05-21 | 🔗

Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith recounts how New Jersey’s governor weaponized state organizations like the health department and police to close his defiantly opened gym. Abandoned mining town owner Brent Underwood has seen some “spooky happenings” as the town’s sole resident during the coronavirus. Game streaming platform Twitch gave censorship power to a “transgender deer.”

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Welcome to the podcast. Today we talk to a gym owner in New Jersey. You may see the video where the cop comes in and he hastily says he's not gonna arrest. Anyone in the crowd of those crazy as an unfortunate development in that story will talk to you about. Also, we discuss the developments with Joe Biden and Ukraine. We have recordings now of conversations between five and John Kerry and push Anko. The former president will get into those James Rawlins was huge fiction: author vessel, the Sun fiction author. He comes on and talks about what he's learned with his research about these diseases and the people who robbed a bank with a watermelon Basque. It's all coming up today on the park. Ass victory, subscribe at police tv dot com, Slash Glenn user from Google and pretend bucks off its inscribed on the podcast to not this one rate in review. It is well could also stew. Does America watch every episode that also anew to just go to Youtube, surfers, do and I'll be the first one there there's the Pakistan aright so last night I did a tv show on the new civil rights era and
and I think we are in a civil rights crisis. I think we are headed or to rubble because some of these states are absolutely out of control? Thank God. It's not coming from the federal government god. We have the federal government to run to and say, hey Justice Department. Can you investigate this. So do you remember, I think was on Monday when we played the audio of that cop in New Jersey, opening up the the gym, in New Jersey, the tell us jim- and he said we are all in violation by how a nice day- and I said on the ear- it feels like. Do you believe in miracles moment? You look at that moment. The Olympics in the uniting eighties willing update for you that same cop, that same guy came back,
to the gym. Fifty minutes later and so did a people s The cameras had gone. He comes back and starts arresting people. Now I dont know what happened. I dont know if he got his head handed to him. I don't know, but I'm in It shows very at the best. It shows he believed in something then got his head handed to him any full, did on what he believes? I don't with that, I dont know what happened: Somebody who might is the owner of the utility Jim. His name is in Smith because he's got even more bad news, This Jim has now officially been closed in welcome to the programme. How area I'm will go and how are you I'd be better if your story was better, First of all, it starts with the let's start, with a cop,
Do you know anything about this cop or or how did he leave a hero and come back fifty minutes later and start arresting people? We, We are very close knit with with local law enforcement at our Jem. Our Jimmy's is full of law enforcement first responders, at the end and better and military a lot of these a lot of these guys. You know we know one a very personal level. I have never met. The individual Although engineers now I know you came men and that that first sort of video clips, where, where everybody was rejoicing and chanting, I say you as the USA, was well what I believe to be a true feelings. When he came back later about fifty minutes later. It just so happens be about ten minutes before Governor Murphy's press conference so that
Are we to believe, along with a lot of the other stuff that we ve been hearing on the death of his coming straight down from the top that these guys are being put in a in a position where they date they have to choose between the job tensions and their livelihoods or she's. You now Please guys got us, they ve got. Stand up police officers. Please the people will stand with you stand with you, you ve got to stand up and and risk your job, but I know that's a really big thing, but I'm telling you the justice system Many will go all over this. If people start firing our cops like they did in Seattle for just speaking out or doing the right thing, a it's gonna work out. Well for you in the end, because I think that cop in Seattle he could be a sheriff anywhere. People would elect him in any decent city.
Not Seattle, but they re they elect him. Sheriff he'll get another job. It will pay ten fold if just stand. Okay, so Now you found out last night that the health Apartment came out and put notices all over your door that you are not allowed to open up because of the health department. Tell me about that correct. So yesterday, Governor Murphy in his press conference, press, the Jim, and he said he meant something about now continuing to pursue, legally, which I think, came. He knows, although he, you won't publicly admitted that he has no legal grounds, the shutters that we are protecting right constitution and no matter what he said in his executive order or how many citations that he'd have thus, which is three days worth mouse, or up to eight up to eighty seven, each
for seven grand each no seven thickets each. Seven tickets, each ok, yeah, I saw it. I think governor Mercury truly knows that that he doesn't have a leg to stand on where it without concern. So I'm here now he's resorted and he put very very publicly stated. You gonna get the help Barton about, coincidentally, about two hours later our our sewage system of sabotage by somebody stuffing and entire role of commercial paper towels down into our toilets, to the point where we did have to shut down the Jim for the day. Why I'm so we are investigating how that happens, but we had three different plumbing crews come out last night that had to bring in some some would yet equipment. Not
like a snake plunder about we had, we had me specialised dropped, the had command and black water into our pipes in order to clear out, and they they finally got that resolved, but they they confirmed that. That was very clearly purposely gone. That wasn't, you know who play I flushed a one piece of paper down the toilet. It was day was quite deliberate till we spent the night. Doing that frank, I left about nine and in the middle of the night somebody had. I guess it was kind of passing the gym and they saw that there were four squad cars here in the middle of the night, as well as some other unmarked vehicles posting some stuff on the wall, and we have some pictures of that. But we also just handed over to a fact why news on posting the stuff on the wall and overnight, and it is
screen order of embargo. It says in the Sahel could violations. We got them up our Barak, surely big, there's not nothing specific that we did to violate and in an in addition to that no health department official, has overstepped foot. Inside of our building, as long as we found it, so the wording in it is very vague. Just you know refers to your corona spreading and stuff like that, but where the only business in the entire Strip mall that that seems to be closed, so it it's a little baffling and understand how they can come in and and shutting down without even inspecting our facilities. There's there things honour that mentioned: poor ventilation. Ah, you know, if you, if you just happened, cider are facilities. We have an irish problem, side we have in a track system that works perfectly fine. Ah, the facility is then awaited, there's a pot of measures that we taken. So it's Wednesday at best we have our lawyers working on it and then we planned.
But up to now I have to tell you here and I am about to lose my mind and I think America feels the same way. I talked to a woman yesterday. She's a salon owner They said they were gonna arrest her. This is in Oregon there. Didn't arrest her. They have threatened to pull her big business licence IA and then they sent child, directive services to her house, ray This is such an abuse of power. I was gonna happen to us as well. We have what we have. Two year old at home and in which it can get her up at night all of the potential blow back from this yoga, she's she's here she stands behind, They are more at my side with all this. You know, but you know it's some yet.
It's pretty scary when, when government organizations are weapon eyes against the public in the Department of Health, is there to protect us, you know, and for the most part, that's that's what they do their job, but now be he's. Governors are weapon icing, these organizations that are meant to protect the public to enforce their will and that that the brief scary thing now and then simply with with child job directive services. You know that organization is there to protect children but its being used in the case of the salon order in Oregon as a result as a weapon against her? That's that's pretty alarming. That's that's very scary! the and stay in touch with this. Let us know what's happening, don't let a day go by if their upping it, if they're using another weapon, make sure you reach out to us a guy absolutely key, because in touch
and what is the? What is the go? Fuck me page of people want to help you no help you with your legal bills so that go funding was set up by one of our members and that is a defence fund not only for authors owners, but we have a bunch of member slash volunteers who have been helping us stay open during this time. As well as all of our members, because some of them had been arrested and charged. We have set up that legal sons and our lawyers have agreed to represent everybody, so that's going to pay for the costs of the lawyers as world, any fines or punishment incur by any man. Or patron of the facility or any volunteers. Well, that's available on our social media, others alive gone scrutiny or into groundwater. A telescope belma. So yet- and that word where to keep pushing forward. Nowhere were deaf or not. Back down and we are very thankful
remember stand behind us as well as progress down with them too good for you. Thank you. They tell us GM dot com. You can find them also and help them other go for me page. You bet I wanna thank Patriot Mobile. In addition to their generous support of mercury wondering these troubled times, Patriot Mobile has gone above and beyond to help American stay in touch with their loved ones. During this lock down and they ve done it by lowering their prices even further. Now. They're. U S base team is standing by to design with you a customize family plan that can started only twenty five dollars Patriot Mobile shares your values and I'll, never charge you for hidden fees and unlike big mobile they're, not gonna, send your hard earned money to places, plan, parenthood or leftist causes, so you get the same reliable nationwide service and support a company that shares your values, supports our constitution and puts people before profits. Switching.
Super easy right now when you join their family of freedom, loving Americans, they will waive the activation fee, plus India Free gift with the offer code back that nine seven to Patriot, you can save a lot of money. It's patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back nine, seven to Patriot or Patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back the best of a good programme. So there's a lot of news that is not being reported. A lot of things like we have talked about the trouble of child abuse and domestic abuse in homes that nobody is reporting, but The New York Post finally is thinking about the average person just released a story. People stuck in haunted homes during quarantine reporting now arise in spooky happenings
now this story is written by Natalie, O Neill, who Natalie good for you for taken on those big, yes you're in New York. Yes, you could be reporting on the spooky happenings around Cuomo and how everybody all around him seems to die. But no you got the real important story, the spooky happenings in hundred houses. I was, intrigued by this story, and I wanted to reach out to one of the guys who, as is mentioned in this story, his name, Brent, Underwood, he is the owner of zero Gordo, it's a ghost town, and he says I don't believe in ghosts, but spooky happenings have happened Brandt Underwood welcome to the programme. How are you, sir? good morning, some pretty good area I'm I'm I'm pretty good. Now you're you bought and abandoned silver mine right and
and is this in Nevada, or is this California? Where is this it's about we are going to allay California, it's kind of right by about what, if think, is your point of reference tween done valley the going on about ok, what it would have What a wild place Death Valley in Sequoia National Park right next to each other's crazy. So so tell me you bought this and it looks beautiful you boy. This a while back. You had heard the stories of the ghost town and everything else, but you know, by India stuff do you know I mean I buy two years ago was friends and the town that I won't time is the large producers sober California. So there was more doubt rather other people. I mean that there is to be a man per the town in the minor the liner bunk bags, were sandbag tapestry boards in the middle of the night, and so even even though
that under the cemetery on site and the ghost the were stories were abundant before buying it, but I can have brought them all away. Am I should? They are wanted? They goes believer but then about do you want the Golan when they go the greatest that are a caretaker We can live in care to hear that lives. Here. Why? So I packed up and ask them. Why typically live and let it out- and I then everything. And so you say you weren't a believer in ghost and now you are what happened to get a golden increments. You know at first be they put away. We think the draft by the way, but I think my first entry into that- There was one night I was walking to watch the sunset and twenty two buildings. It'll take you buildings The building you got a bunk house and at the ape at your house,
the minor uses day and when I looked here and how those going past I know something in the living room that open up the curtain and closed the carton, and the light was out in the living room and I had a note. Banana both in that building before so I went in there. Not the light tat knock on the door and you're right, I'm the would be geared to the padlock ed, the town thirty biochemical, just about around eight hundred feet, eight thousand feet elevation does not like squatters their neighbors right MIT bouncing around, and I do not like what, about my day off the sun tat, not a big deal. That's my. I went back to go to the point that again and the light with again in the living room, and so I on only was light on this just flipped the switches backup me at first, you jump. Oh sure was forty electricity, others that fighting being allowed in a town,
that I raised my kind of like I guess in her question. I guess I should say man going later in the house are no go ahead. Go ahead! Couple nicely. You're a couple of a complete later out. How did I was saying in in the middle of the night was a grip on the morning, a bookshop, a shelf and again how's that there's no draft. I look at the piano or other dog rat. Then, as I do got a long time that something out of the house with me and what I did, this I'd think sweetest looked toward the ground and I thought maybe you'd like an animal some type, but nothing they're gonna get the feeling, and then, after that, there's a brief question. That things are moving around when I walk one after the other house and all the things that I couldn't explain where a beer sitting alone in the middle of the night in a town, thirty mile, you know from anybody else, you start jumping to conclusions again.
Yes, that's what I was and ass. He brand, I mean you know. You're in a town, where their stories ghosts and you're all by yourself in the middle of nowhere I mean I freaked out, I have a cabin in the middle of absolutely nowhere as well, and I've been thereby myself at times and when I'm, thereby myself. Honestly, I keep my gun close. We here, at night start hearing things you're like a man what it. What was that? What was that you think this was playing with you. Your mind was playing with you, maybe a little bit by bit, I read the Mortier you're gonna get a golf club in the bed with me. I don't know how effective golf clubs, arrogance, ghostly, no guns, rakkeed its identity ratified Doyle. I'll take you know yet I could be the wind. Maybe this budget, the light switch in Emma law moving is something that I couldn't explained I aye. Maybe I bought
good bye. At this point, I have moved from now believe or to find a way to coax into these. Go though I nodded, I don't go I know they like to hang out like the one thousand my hotel, these other buildings, and I hope that maybe they respect Myspace is war. All right, so, hang on just a second. I just want to get one more thing, so Somebody went in our most went in turn on the lights. You lock them, but they somehow another got past that lock than the next thing you notice is somehow another. Your wallet, but is sport, That is something more earthly law, someone who is squatting and looking for money in your wallet that possible I'm Why do you think about how ridiculous I'm with you guys, like Predicary, colored, misguided stuck in a town by himself? It might
like I'm going. You made that that might barricade out either right, the building which, like all love, I didn't find any squatter j of Red. The reason why you're on with us is because I read this story about this- is ridiculous and then a way we called lot of the people and Sarah whose are Booker she said: you're gonna love, bread cause he's like. I know this is crazy and I might be traced if I know what it sounds like and I love you. I love your title. I will say the rent. You know a lot of people would point out. Could you say you know you bought into this, and you literally did buy into this like into this business, so It possible that you're being motivated by the idea that more ghosts good for business
I didn't think it goes because I will move your wallet brand, you don't let the play or to let it go until they leave me alone so are you gonna you're, going to restore this and you're gonna make it? You know like not to this place, but like a kind of of western resort, I guess I don't like it yeah I'll, do one day renovated buildings, but nor can appear to allow more a common stay and in the history and the natural beauty open other goes, but you know everything helping us Well, I don't know, I don't know me, Why pay extra for the girls, so you buy what you might want to keep that one to yourself? Thank you so much for talking to us. I I appreciated yes, Another result of covert nineteen right here,
An under reported GO citing Brent, Underwood. We'll talk again when you open up here will open up your lodge. Thank you so much. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget rain us on. I took this you're gonna love. This blaze Analyzer Shaver is reporting today. On the madness of twitch twitter is a gamers platform and they have just added a new member to their moderation team. A trap gender, who I do defies as a deer
They're going to be the monitor of freedom of speech and what's aloud and what's and what's not now I just it- you know, I think I've said enough already, but let me let you hear from this dear. And what he or she has said. This is Steph Lauer, And here what she said. Let's take cut one of staff. Don't hang in there and I'm not going anywhere. I have power, they can't take it away from me and honestly, you know I, the third theme there. There is some people that should be afraid of and that they are facing. I represent moderation and first, I'm gonna come for hurtful harmful people if you're really.
This- the number stand up against you. So he was me ok, no she's on a gaming platform and here's. What she thinks about gamers! Listen to this, No, I just haven't you. I'm cool, avoid white supremacy all its not that I think a lot of games actually white supremacist. Sorry, just a fact: but how I feel for that. Totally different, in fact, and in fact about how you feel are totally different things. No facts: feelings are facts. Now these are facts. It might be had at least should be way, but what does that mean should be banned now, here. She is talking about what she likes to do in her off times. So am I spare time. Stop our stuff, stop, freeze that frame
can you freeze every she's wearing antlers? I just If you give your missing you're missing a lot, if you're not watching us on blaze, but she's wearing antlers and she's a looking woman, a deer, a female, dear, a dough, a deer, a female do, anyway, go ahead plays sought my yarn myspace. My god I am France around and ate, and they eat grass. And if you want you can help me out like into with make yourself. Thank you. No no Stu since real like this, what I would just ask to youth this is real. Hey gamers or racist cheese and she's on twitch. That does make any sense.
You know she likes to go eat grass. And we maybe she is, but I'd I don't even know anymore. It's amazing compensate, usually idea that we actually think it could be a real right, but I mean this is a sure noses world better than I do Ten years ago I would say this is absolutely bogus, but today yeah so and what else is in the news? I mean that that that it today This makes sense, and I would say, to the mean, a good chunk of the country has absolutely no right to say anything other than its true, and you should respect her as a year, a a female dear, whatever village of female fight? Yes I don't fall into the category that that would that would say that, but There is no reason to
if you're going to say a guy can just identify as a woman whenever he feels like it. Why they identify as a dough. Why not again like you're, not that big there's no physical characteristics that coordinate coincide with being a doubt? What it has to do with whether, through that being Elam explain this had a long time ago. I remember on her show is saying, like you know, it takes its own it with the way you feel in your mind when you're talking about gender. The way you feel in your right. Well, I don't know what they have to do: a society like its whatever you want to feel in your mind. I don't know why we would change any policies based on that, but if that's what you're talking about? Ok whatever, but that's, not someone that necessarily affect anyone else, that's that's users at early had there is being kind. There is at least a fifty percent chance. This is absolutely real. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Is the Glen Back Programme
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