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2020-06-17 | 🔗

Even France is taking a tougher stance against violent protests than the U.S. Aunt Jemima syrup is rebranding after cries of racism. TPUSA ambassador Reagan Escudé describes being fired from her job after criticizing Black Lives Matter from a Christian perspective. James Lindsay, author and founder of New Discourses, discusses “the cult dynamic of wokeness” and how the idea of “antiracism” fits the definition of cult doctrine. Glenn speaks with Ben Domenech, co-founder of the Federalist, after NBC News worked with foreign activist groups to try to ban the site from Google ads.

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Today. In the past, we talk to someone who was fired from a job for posting, a video about how Christians should approach the black lives matter, movement to get into that, also James Lindsey. He is a guy who is an academic and has uncovered just incredible bias in the world of science and research, using his new understanding of racism, systemic racism, institutional racism and the differences Van dominant from the Federalist comes on. He is his sight was threatened to lose its revenue from Google NEWS, because I guess it was too hateful. In fact, the comments section was apparently for which the desired thing and MRS Butterworth shopping blocked. We ve already lost. I entered my mouth that happened today now MRS Butterworth is the next month in the target will get into that.
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comes to tackling racism, Anti Semitism and discrimination. And new strong decisions will be made to reinforce the equality of chances, but this noble fighters perverted when it turns into communitarianism and into false rewriting of history this on, except I tell you very clearly tonight, my dear fellow citizens, the republic will not erase any trace or any name from its history. It will forget any of its deeds or take down any statues. I would just like to point out. There's this France, the world's pansies they're, taking a stand, good heavens, american men. Where have you gone? France's shaming France, France,
they'll surrender to escort gun v. Taking a stand. Meanwhile, in California, their removing. Finally, finally, the statue of Columbus and Queen Isabella from the rotunda of the capital, its Taken on like a hundred and thirty eight years. That thing is just been screaming: racism, four hundred and thirty eight years and just getting a rat. Well, I want you to know, California, I still don't forgive you still don't forget. You take down that racist statue from here written you go ahead and any race what those white people, in vain did ok what Ben, which were very
you were you view can erase it, but you will never erase my memory of your racist erasing of racism. I'll tell you that right now. Good thing, MAC Grown wasn't around here. Because he would Actually. Now you wouldn't be on your side, caution, darn. It. Whoever thought we would look had a french president go while he's got balls, still work. The programme, a notice, you're unusually quiet, don't wanna get, don't want to get involved in any of the studio. That sounds like a terrible idea. Yes, the m. So I like to invite you in on this one Pepsico. Has just announced that your mama is racist. And they are going to no longer well they're gonna make the syrup they're, just gonna put it in two
I don't know, maybe maybe bottle shaped like me,. And are you pour your syrup out of my head? Maybe I would take that Colonel Sanders. I have been saying decay of sea. I am Colonel Sanders. Look at me for the love of peat. You are you put blockade in my hand and a white suit in a little bolo tie, and I am Colonel Sanders and I love fried chicken, but they let me be the spokesperson, so I'm offering my services to Pepsico that they can make a syrup bottle in my shape, it there's a lot of room for syrup, and I and I know it's like a jumbo family, so it's only available ass know for sure writings. And you can pour the syrup right out of my head their hand. That's great! I came out so I am glad that peat is plenty just under.
Standing this or that they ve had this product for a very long time. It was created in eighteen, eighty nine, so I don't know, I would say by today's standards, literally every one on the planet who was on it who's on the planet in eighteen. Eighty nine was probably racist by today's standards. So anyway she on those yeas. It would be something we'd have to eliminate right away. Maybe we should just our deleting in changing all the names of every products every two or three years away. We never run into this problem again Look, I don't think we should name it after anybody. We don't shouldn't name anything anybody or build any statue unless there Me. No lesser be activists you know
sure, I'm sure the be allowed access would be fine. Having served poured out of their head, you know, ends and help Pepsi sell products, I'm sure they would be happy with that, though, I'm sure they would. I just can't understand a reaction to this. The idea that private been around. Eighty nine needs to go away now because, but P protesting someone who was murdered by a police officer like, these these penalty just stood there. Removing a statue age. Have you seen the statue of Isabella and End Columbus the enormous its enormous and cry. You know I have to tell you I would. I would love to tell you the story of the capital in Washington, DC and and something a story that most people don't know, but I am We thought about it today when I read that I thought about telling that story and like all we all you are
I'm never going to tell that story. I'm never going to tell a story because it will. It will absolutely move. He will move us into People would say the Washington DC capital needs to be too late. Now it strove, what do you say we just changing everything. Did you see this situation with a Bob Odin Kirk and David Cross, the two Camino so a lovely sky yeah they hate me, but I love them. Mr show with Bob and David was on each be out back in the nineties. The greatest sketch comedy show of all time. In my opinion, of all time in the correct dominion and they brought it back for Netflix for a few efforts by the way. By the way I do will be rounding anybody up and charming their heads off. If you disagree with that anything, we have little different standards and then the other, the roar regular,
oh testers, we're just about movies, entertainment and comedy these sorts of things that we can implement in our new autonomous zone that were putting together, but does so there is a sketch Kommeni show called Mr Obama David. They brought it back on Netflix in two thousand fifteen, for like three or four episodes is kind of like being a throwback to it, and in one of the sketches and it's fun? how fast sees things turn, but in one day, catch is. There is a parody of basically like a libertarian youtube. Her remember this is a thing for a while we're like libertarian you tubers would go out like by police and they would film themselves and they were tired of antagonism, Dick and keep saying things like look it's my right of veto. You! You have no right to ask me what my name is and you have no idea. That's me they're all my window doubt and you have no right to take. I talk about cyber free citizen. State law says you know like that whole thing, so their parroting that phenomenon, which is funny because new parity that phenomenon you have to the police officers. Look really nice and understanding, which is the exact up
set of what how they are portrayed today by entertainment but so they go through his whole sketch and he goes through. Like I am checkpoint, you do you, I checkpoint keep trying to antagonism carbon capture slicks anything wrong like he's totally playing along and not caring about what all these like, is he thinks he's trying to antagonism into. He wants to get himself filmed being a victim of police brutality and can't get it to happen, is essentially the sketch. So goes there like five or six times. Finally, last time he does it's a put on black face and go through as aid a man right and as he goes through, then the white cop caesium comes over his ease. I guess that's! The guy has been coming through all these times. Its prey sprang with pepper spray, drags front of a car and beat him up on the ground. Now, there's bunch of points being made its also just funny but One of the very fair points you could make from this sketch is that he saying Black P
we'll get treated worse by cops than white little yeah right and wire. Hops are the ones doing it, which is essentially exactly what black lives matter is saying today, right like it's exactly current put out because David Cross is wearing black face in the sketch their deleting the sketch from the series wait! The he's making this matter- and I mean that's better, look Those guys are so laughed in authority. Are there always Lex lecturing there? Then these guys will say all well they're, just cancelling that sketch we poligized for that sketch. We shouldn't have done that sketch another very precisely I'll actually mean it, whether if their body for their pretty pissed off about it Bob and David there like we made these decisions intentionally did not do in a world free of it like they stood up for their material, which they should again like? What is the problem with black face? It's not paint brightest,
the make up color the problem with black faces, the motivation behind it. I brought of an example actually less aid on students, America, Glinda, and if you were the one that made me think of it is because I remember go into your house and watching you, burn american flags and holy crap like I don't wanna burn american flags. That's a terrible thing! That's against America! We don't want that to happen. I want to cancel you for doing that. Will when you actually, it's not the burning of the flag. That's the problem! It's the motivation behind the act. When you look at the motivation behind act, you would say Glenn. It was
an official retirement satis ceremony of a flag, John with military and police, from around your area to get a domain. The ceremony not remember talking. I know he had a: we had the we had, the Connecticut Police, honour guard and their job part of their job is doing ceremonial retirements of flags, and so we looked it up and did exactly what we are supposed to do this. Is it the days before Facebook and social media so nobody's ever seen it except the people? They were there and it was a very I've. I actually have thought about doing it this that this year, at fourth of July and do carry it on on Facebook yeah, because I dont think people have seen it to enemies are very respectful. It makes you feel a little weird, though I mean you're, seeing a flag burned, but I realize you because you're an adult you think it through any say will this is actually the appropriate ceremony and how the honor guard does it? It's a saint it with a sketch black
Yes, it can be used for a hundred million bad reasons and, of course, you should never ducas your definitely get fired, but the motivation was too parity racism. It was too degrade racism doesn't matter can't. We were not even adults enough to understand the motivation behind a message. It's pathetic. Is it not It is. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Did you hear the story of the guy in California that was just driving down the street, and he was in the you know. California, gas and electric truck, or whatever the hell it is, and then he has his hand out and he's cracking his knuckles and ass. Cracking his first knuckle. He kind of makes the economy the Pisa error, the yeah ok sign, which we all know is racist Which is not racist, which were it was. It was started as a meme and it
started by one this started by like fortune people than making financing. Let's try to make everybody believe yet. So it's not even racist, it was ass. It was to choke who is trying to show what Sheep America's Americans, our yeah, so He's cracking his knuckles will somebody takes a picture of it and said? Oh, my gosh. Look at this racist making making this racist pan sign. Why would you do I mean this anyway? he loses his job. He then has the person who who wrote this said I didn't mean for him to lose his job. I mean I I made My may have been wrong about that, and He says you were wrong about it. I was cracking my knuckles now he's a hispanic guy, so the person that filed the not even the complaint, just social media, hey, what's goin on
That person has said. I know I was wrong. I was wrong. It wasn't races thing. The gas company will not hire him back. He wants his job back. I dont know why he wants his job back called to see if he ever would get his job back and they double down. The first national interview with him is coming up on tomorrow's program. You don't want to miss. It is it's an unbelievable story, but this happening everywhere. A Reagan Sq day who is a turning point? Usa, ambassador, Also a Christian, she made a video and she was talking about why be a lamb is- is not a christian movement. This is not the way. Christ would want us to do things. Well, my god. Somebody in her office saw how offensive that was and within,
fifteen minutes she lost her job. We have Reagan on the phone with us, hello Reagan. How are you great- how are you going? Reagan. Were you named after Ronald Reagan? You know it's funny my nickname growing up was reaganomics, my mom called me that, and I still answer to it to this day. I dont know really what team named me after, but my nickname definitely is attributed to occur. Oh Reagan. What did you say that was so horrible and and Sarah, please be ready on the added button go ahead. Well, you know. I was really MR rack. The dressing the evangelical church on seeing the way christian pastors and leaders have been just twisting. That is the true gospel of the Bible and in making this social gospel narrative was really
upsetting and sad to me because I feel it gets very misleading to believers and the positive video discussing the boy. Lives matter, organization what it stands for and why Christian should be focusing on the gospel which ultimately- I can filed hearts and in fixes the same problem of racism or rather than that. Rather, and calling for action, and you no, the focusing on right. Racial reconciliation and and things that are or are not of, Christ. Well, there's. No reconciliation with would be a lamb and this move and there is no racial recognition. There's there is beg for forgiveness, but you can't really even know what you're sorry for, because you don't know what you're guilty for, because your white and you have to go through them for forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness, as I just pointed out, the problem with that is the only one that can truly grant forgiveness Is God
coming in, because your white with original sin will that goes against. We we don't hold people responsible for what their fathers are. Their great grandfathers did at any time the God doesn't hold people responsibly old you as an individual and never a collective. This social justice garbage that is being shovelled by many of our churches. Is just that garbage and an affront to God When man declares there's an original sin that you have to pay for, because what somebody else did a hundred and fifty years ago and there is no real forgiveness for you, because your white or black, or yellow or orange, it doesn't matter That's an affront to God and I dont know why churches aren't getting this idea I agree, and I think I think too much
back on, there has been a Trojan horse of social justice within the church for a very long time, and I think you know after the torch Floyd an incident. Things have come to their peak and to the churches kind of in a place where, if they dont address this, Would be an injustice to congregants, it would appear but it's a shame really that the church has drifted so far from teaching theology that they have to know, as scriptures has tickle the ears of those willing to listen and they To call for worldly virtuous ness over spiritual righteousness and insisted Diedre find a walk. I think you, a congregation of people who come here on Sunday to hear the gospel and walk away and worship, but many church leaders are sharing a motivational speech with strict scriptures mingled in that conference, walk away with a worldly call to action which does not save
so easily reaction when you posted this you'd. Do you didn't think you'd get any blow back or did you? I dont think I expected get as much as I got most of my my following on social media. Is christian conservative too, who very much you know all the same The ideal is, I really was speaking them. I did not expect it in you know. Obviously, social media reaches everyone, but I didn't think it boil up the way to a dead and so on, and I got backlash give me I got backlash, probably for a solid twenty four forty eight hours and adjust it with a lot, but it's something people get outta here. What. You lost your job, because somebody in your office saw this post and said you are racist and need to be terminated and with
do two within fifteen minutes. I'm told you wherein the office of the boss and they were talking about you and your job true. Well, is actually an ex employees. As someone that I actually used to work with and she made opposed and called me racist, homophobic and she tag my employer of Then you know the mob on social media knows where I work now, and so they made calls and the company may that threats to the owners and I don't really know how bad it was. I know they had to get law enforcement involved to patrol the area and protect the building at images Blood my mind that that's that's the way we're going. When you were brought in- and you heard this- I know you didn't want any thing to happen to anybody Else- were they were they angry with you or what? What? What was their reaction? Was it like? We gotta get the mob off our back. Well, I think
I think they were so I first they first called me I've been working hard at home due to all the covered the regulation until they call me- and you had you know been brought to our attention about this social media post. We're gonna put you on paid suspension until we completed investigation and so a kind of Just all day, you know heart rate cut of go, hi I'm not really sure what to expect and then by five p m that day. They call me back and said: Due to the measures we had to take, we come to the conclusion? We have to terminate your employment, and I think it was something that they didn't want to do. And I could come in here- that in their boys, but it was one of those things like their hands- are tied. They said you resigned They did and that's a whole other thing we found. They offered me the option to resign and- and I said you know, I'd appreciate that option, and I guess that they took that as a commitment.
Though it actually an hour later. I call back and fitting I've made my decision and prefer to be terminated, but my separation, this- does not say that so right, right, So would you do it again? Oh absolutely, absolutely in a kind of at the way things have gone down. You know I feel like I don't have hard feelings towards the company I worked for at all I mean they have always been wonderful and taking care of me, but I do feel like this could have got a completely different way. I feel like they, They could afford me and then what they did or they could have protected me, and you know, press charges on those making threats, because those really where the people in the wrong- and so you know, looking I think I like, I don't think I wouldn't change anything. I did. I said what I said: I still stand by what I said to this day and if it is an employer No is willing to. Let me go because of something this did not on company time. You know not.
Related to the company it just gotta has solidified for me is the fact that its it's out? It's not mopeds, not worth my time. Reagan. You are. I think the first person I've talked to me that has as actually live the scripture of of he who will lose his life, for my sake will gain his life. You are, you're? The first person that I think I've talked to stew correct me if I'm wrong, that is actually fit that scripture and you had the bravery enough of your bourbon brave enough to stand up against the mob and say I'm sorry but The Lord would say this that is a big deal. There's a lot of cowards out there, many
of us, and I you know, I have been pushed to the wall, but I have not been pushed to the wall like even you have think Nobody threatened if well. No, I take it back anyway, but you. You really fit that scripture and congratulations. Congratulations! Keep it up! Thank you. You back the whole time all this is going on? I just kept thinking of John fifteen or cheese is set at the world hates you know that it hated me before it hated. You know, and as Christians were expected Persecutrix expected to happen, you were guaranteed persecution, as a matter of fact you so you know the worldly reaction. As early as surprise to me, I think what was a surprise to me with a number of people that I knew and grew up with. Who said they were Chris Then you have you studied script I've been to church with them in and they still they have have fallen for this social justice. Gospel
Reagan. Thank you very much Reagan. Sq day, I will tell you the same thing that I said in two thousand. I think nine If you're going to a church and they're talking about social justice you need a you need to do one of two things either run for your life or make your first stop bureau pastors officer your press office as a. What do you mean by social Justice there is no such thing as collective salvation. There is no such thing as the de emptive power of the whole there is no such damning. It's amazing to me the people who argue faith, verses, works over and over and over and over and over and over again will actually be the same. People who are fighting for social justice that's an affront to God,
when someone says there is no forgiveness for this sin, which you didn't commit. You're asking to be due to bow down to an altar of a false god. Hi stand by what I said the eleven years ago. On social justice. It is, it is something that has been misconstrued it. Started out as a good thing, I think, started out as a good thing, some People still are convinced that it means just help the poor etc. It does not mean that any more. And you need to know it study it and get away from it when I say study it, you better hurry, because all of our history are dictionaries everything.
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those with an ass dot com. Slash back your listening to backroom round James Linsey. He is the author of cynical theories is also the co founder of new discourses and he has been causing quite a storm with some of his latest writings in tweets on the. Dynamic of woken he? U know of you, know of him because he was some one of those guys. That of the three scientists, including I Helen, Pluck- rose that that Put together. These peer reviewed scientific papers and show that the peer review process was garbage. If you use the right language here looking at a step further now not trying to dupe anybody he's just explaining why?
openness is a cold and he's here with us now to do that, James. How are you I'm good, how are you well I'm wondering how you think you're going to survive this, They had a time. I think here so you know so. I've been following your tweets and been reading your articles on new discourses, dot com and you ve, come to the same conclusion that I have that this is absolutely a and in a new religion, Everyone is apparently jumping on the bandwagon, for And I wanted you to take us through your your thinking on called said, I think it would have a five five different points on he calls in its? It starts with cult initiation so to me generally about what
are you here and then let's get into the initiation? Okay, so several years ago, would, like you said that the social justice movement, as is sometimes it's called or woken, My colleagues and I noticed, probably as early as two thousand thirteen, that its death, I got very religious undertone and in fact, in two thousand and fourteen per tonne and so on we started to develop those idea than in two thousand eighteen. We started to go public with them, so we spend some time really looking into it. In early two thousand and eighteen we did a talk, a public target Portland A university is intersection, Algeria, religion and we laid out some big parallels. We talked about how it for those of you out there listening to ever be theological background. Then August indian framework, under it did it top of our very confessional model. You have to confess your original sin of racism and oppression and all of this, so we lay back out there
I wrote an article in late, two thousand and thirteen in Grady Oh very long, fifty thousand words explaining how it really in the religious movement and, like all religions,. Certain heretical cults can spawn within them and so now facing what appears to be a very cold like set up ahead, yours and, like you said, the away. Our three points that led into a call and then there's two more points talk about what to call looks like and how you get out of it, and so the first stage coming into a call is initiation. The second stages and indoctrination in the third stage is reprogramming, so just gonna give the map there. It's a slow process, its gradual. It's not like you know somebody snapped their fingers and now you're. I call you don't like go to the grocery or talk to the wrong person. The next day. You know you a funny uniform and handed over yonder thought them
slow progress has been the end. This is about his had been a very slow. This been a very slow process in our society, starting really with the pc movement, so it doesn't necessarily start out bad. Although I thought pc was was pretty bad, but it it played on are better selves to be to be better, and we have slowly been boiled here too. To where now you can look at the world and say how is this changing so fast? This is example there's a lot of people now in this call right, but think that right. There are a lot of people who are either in the call, probably somewhere, between five and ten percent of the country. Is that boy you know in the car which have had a lot of people in the millions of people. And then there are Many people beyond that who, in a much like you'd, have like a room with a religion
people who are really into it and then you have people who just kind of go to church, sometimes right she had his these social justice. Well, who just kind of you know they know the language they have. The kind of you know the moral impulse but they're not, studying it they're not deep into it, and now those people who are closer to it. Who had some of the ideas were taken up, some of it they're getting full blast and what and then they called initiation process is they start Full blast hit you with emotional vulnerability to try to make you feel emotionally vulnerable. In this case there telling people our whole societies. Racist racism is terrible and your complicit in that you have helped everybody be racist. You have made these terrible things like unity claims about how black people are being are being shot by police every day which aren't true, but that's what they call her lived experience
complicit in that, that's what they tell people to create an opening of emotional vulnerability and negotiation process begins creating in inflaming that vulnerable place and then taking hold doctrine in to make you feel better. So you'll take So nodded so did we play in to the initiation process in our own selves by allowing people to say that the whole country is racist, and us kind of sitting here go well. It's not, but I see their point on this in this. Did we kind ease the or Greece the grease the rails here for them. Yes and no. I don't think it's really fair to say that that we did too much of that. But I will stick a couple of institutions or maybe three is a lot of a lot of blame,
because they didn't they didn't try to say. Ok, I see your point, let's be reasonable, it's not, but they didn't do that kind of like. Let me hear you out perspective, which I think is the fair and reasonable from anybody you have. Our diversity, you have our schools, and you have a lot of the, as is you know, it often gets frayed, mainstream journalism the media have all taken this stuff on whole hog, The media did it because it gets click. Hot takes, get click they get. It views the ratings lots of people pay attention, so it's kind of a perverse incentive there, the education programme and the universities did it, however, because First, they didn't have the guts to stand up to this. Crap theory that it all comes from I've dedicated the last several years of my life, to studying this cry: theory under this call, and they didn't
up to it when they should have. They didn't stop it when it was rising up the last time. Anybody really tried to fight these ideas and what our critical race theory and the economic literature was in the ninety. Ninety they just the folding, let it go because I didn't want to be called racist, that basically how this thing? works. Is it it does not really have any arguments. It's it's! These are very weak. It does have a point each time. It makes a point and people say I see how you see that hear about it, but they It's really like, though, the worst possible way to analyze it, and then all these academics didn't stand up to it because they would get called racist. And then there maybe it would be a departure, review the next thing, you know we had a supreme court cases. Installing these diversity offices, which gave it administrative power and the university basically just folded and what happens in the university. Five to ten years later happens in culture. So here we are five to ten years. Twenty years later and it's everywhere,
so when we're going through the initiation stage. The reason why we're susceptible to this is because we do want to do the right thing, like you know when somebody says: look you you're you're on the side of races. Nobody wants to be on the side of racists. And you can even understand how your racist just help us dismantle the system. We are building a better world here then appeals to us and so that we can have can half heartedly get in to the front door like that, This exactly right. Let's I mean I don't like to usually use words like this. But that's why this is actually an evil occult. That's why I be say more out, halt than a religion and its because playing upon people's Beth instincts to turn into something different is telling you know we just want to get rid of racism, but that's not true
they re on almost every page of their literature that they want a radical overhaul of the whole system. They gets rid of liberal freedoms late. They say it explicitly. They do not just want to get rid of racism because they believe the first pillar of this theory. That's called critical race theory is it Racism is the ordinary state of affairs in american society that the first idea that they have the only way to get rid of racism. I say we just want to get where racism is to comply. We tear down the entire system that we have back to the constitution and build a new one that they want. Social engineer for us and its evil, because Play on our best instincts, they why to us I mean that they lie to us about what the word racism means. What the word white supremacy means and they manipulate our emotions, they upon our willingness to do the right thing and then turn it in something completely different,
and I wish I was exaggerating unlike like he said you know nobody wants. We associate with racism, so they have this call for all nuclear weapon that calling somebody a racist. I mean you look at any examples. You want now there so many you can't even pick one to just own it on where people are losing their jobs, because somebody on the internet called them racist you can ruin somebody's life with an accusation of racism. And then this call tactic, as I do, like white fragility as it's weird, definition of racism, we're definition of anti racism, so that it they call you a racist, and you deny it now the sudden that proof that you are racist, that literally a witch trial. So James, I'm going to come back. I got to take a one minute break for a sponsor, but the other thing that they have going for them you so they had a nuclear weapon, the other nuclear weapon that they have is the media and culture.
Nobody wants to be an outsider. Everybody wants to be in the cool kid club and if they call you a racist dura way on the outskirts of all of society, but then also there's this reward, that you're in the cool kids club, if you're, if you're with them and that's what the media provides, I think that's what Hollywood provides, and that is that it. Ordinarily powerful as well. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, so I don't even know where to begin on this story. So I'm going to ask the guy who's involved with this story. To start us off Ben Domenech he's the co founder of the federalists, the podcast host with the Federalist radio Hour, We want to talk about Google attempting to democratize his website, the Federalist Ben, how area
I'm good. In fact, I'm talking to you wearing my takeovers right now, so I did not. Are you really wearing that really great boots are day? They really are there there, one area but even wonderful is, is a big tack and their animosity towards anyone new conflicts with the name it is a capitalize it in this case. It really does look like NBC is irritated, perhaps at our coverage of there really, I think, in a terrible behaviour over the last several couple of years, not just hiding the truth about that Lauer and hardly wise dean, but also, of course, their activity when comes to the Russia collusion hoax. More recently there pretending that these rights violence playing out, America worked in no way connected to, Protests.
Attempted come after us and I think the date they really screwed up glam in a way that that is, firing. I know for a fact that the the top flight, lobbyists at Google, have been very active over the last twenty four hours, trying to prevent a cry. Down from Capitol Hill and I think we're going to continue to see this replay out over the coming weeks and months, even in terms of questions about what Google did. They were intending to do and it in a climate It's a real canary in the coal my moment of wait. It is a reality that these tech companies are going to for all of us and they are gone to do so in ways that That really go after anyone. The questions the narrative, but they have of the world that we live in the country that we love, and I tell you I am preparing for the day that either,
The only way to reach me will be to go and type in the address: Glenn back dot com or the blazed arm in arm, and even that is sketchy that they will. There will be no social media that we will be demonetized everywhere, and I think that day Ben could happen, a lot faster than we, we think, look how much change has come in just the last. What eight we We are in entirely different country talk. About things that we wouldn't even thought rational, eight months. Six months ago, the inner going. I I was here this country, and I believe that we are in very much a cultural, civil war and As you know, my wife, the Mccain is the only pro life oh gun woman employed by any.
Channel other than Fox NEWS that is allowed on tv during the daytime, and I don't I don't speak for her, but she has been really woken up, everything that we ve gone through in these past several weeks, and she is. Ask me repeatedly, you know what do you say looks like what do you think this is where you think this is going. Do you think it's the even be possible, someone who is pro life programme. Tv. Now side now side of these institutions and I've just told him. No, I don't think so. I think that Your headed towards a moment where you have to be total institutional support of something that you ve, built, Glen or I built in the Federalist or that others have built that anti behind you, a hundred percent, because otherwise they will, take you down tabled monetize you. They will make it possible to your job because day hate you and it is something which we would like
have a situation where we could have a negotiation where we can have a debate. Where would you have a back and forth? I mean that's what we otherwise, as Americans who like to date- and I know you- love it Glenn, but that's not possible with a mob that wants to destroy that wants to erase you that does not believe you should be allowed any platform for your ideas. If they conflict with America, so tell me what you think here about the NBC News. I don't even know what she was. A researcher reporter knew from ad NBC Vc Thang two f as fake news and c c d hate for their hard work and collaboration, and what she was saluting was the fact that you and zero head would no longer be able to generate revenue from any advertisements served by Google ads. Who is this person?
It was not I've never heard of his person before she's, a London based journalist. I do- but that is because I doubt that I dont believe that she was acting as a journalist here. She was clearly now she's an animal and human happiness. He went on yes and ended up with small leftist organization in the UK that attempted to come Glenn gears. Here's where I think screwed up- here's the state tonight. I think that the gap of knowledge in between in your across the pond between America and the UK meant that they assumed We were some irrelevant blogger pick a frame as being racist or on unacceptable when, in reality, as you know, we are well connected, well respected in terms the world of wires in terms or coverage was people like only cunning way and and Sean Davis and others, and so
had members of Congress and and senators reaching to us immediately TAT crew sent a letter this morning. Demanding to have some clarity from Google about what's going on, Josh Holly Tom and Marco Rubio or are introducing legislation decree down on until this morning. I think that this is a That's where we're gonna have to come to grips with the fact that these the most powerful entities controlling it? you said at another the percentage of the add revenue enormous presented the conversation. They are media companies and they should be, they are the as yet They are the public square. Now this Is the public square and they control all of it, and they said that that their problem was with you not any of your reporting. It was comments made by people reading we I want to know, have they demonetized, you tube, have they demonetized Facebook or twitter?
because somebody got those are the most common that you can exert an adult exactly right, we took our. We took our in section down for the moment because of this monitored threat comments, be back, I'm not going to let them bully ass out of having those. Personally, I don't really wait into comments. I think that they're a little crazy, but you don't people blow off some steam there But my attitude is we should how the situation where only people who are advocating or again questioning on bare narrative before leftist narrative about what we're going through they're, the ones who have to spawned for their comments. Not anymore I've got the Washington Post not mediate, not you too any of these other places that they are perfectly comfortable with Glenn an end to me this is a sign of how they will utilise
their lackadaisical approach to rules where they just oh well, but you know if you are centre right we're gonna go down chapter and verse. We're gonna look through all these rules to find a way to screw you to come after you, ok by death You are on the right side of the narrative. Oh that's! Fine! That's just that's just debate were letting that happen among your users. It's ridiculous! Glenn can't be allowed to continue and, as you said they have a monopoly on the public square. At this point, it is better if you had dig paper. Like, you have read anything other than what they are so the organisation that, when, after you was started by Amre M, ran, ah M ran and on. I have no idea cash. I'm sorry! Oh yeah, anyway, the he's a trusty, a victim support which sounds wonderful, sits on the steering Committee for the commission of countering extremism. The pie
task force there in London and that's wonderful. He also how the book knew the new serfdom. Triumph of conservative ideas and how to defeat them. He wrote that with a Labour party MP, also political advisor to the Labour Party, they also have big high profile supporters, such as the mayor of London City Con. Who is not Nick stream. As that add at all you, you have one of the secretary of of the Labour Party. You have several labour party activists, former speechwriter, for Gordon Brown. This is a far far left organization, I'm wondering where they get their money, but it sounds to me as if this is a London version of media matters that,
is doing exactly the same thing and their hammering places like Google and Google is listening to them there things that we have to be. Mindful of you is that you know these big tech companies as as many smart people as they employ their not very bright when it comes to these political matters and in this case I think that they were easily manipulated by of laughter use who decided to You know in mass report bunch of our comments. Or other content of meat that we had in a basically say: why are you? Why do you have any add on this site? Now I will say you, Google Adsense, not our primary source of revenue Thank Board and you. Don't even if we had lost them, we would be fine, but it's the sort of thing works more about the brand. Involved, you saying you know you're going to brand these folks. It is unacceptable for any adds to it and the left
Understand how to manipulate the scenario they Stan how to go into these is ad. Components, these communications shops and up. Some things and follow them and say why are you running ads on horse insider that person site and who might respective the real situation here? Is we have the resources to fight back, but others too not their tongues? people out there. You know a small businesses, and small blogs and in an individual, Susan Alike, who could beat him the ties by this, and they would not have the ability to get on the phone with tat, crews and say we're gonna fight back and and the thing that I think we have to be really concerned about, because that's going to continue the left a longer believes in free speech. There ditched the old values at the ACL you they did that the bill MAR the Howard Stern of the ninety nine, these the throne,
besides, they won't do coming after Howard, Stern yeah. I know it's crazy, it's in Ben. Thank you so much, then, in anything that we can do to support you guys at the Federalist we're all in this boat together. You just, let us know been. We stand behind you, one hundred percent. Thank you. Thank you going. I truly appreciate it. God bless you.
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