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Best of the Program | Guests: Jason Whitlock & Bethany Mandel | 1/4/22

2022-01-04 | 🔗

Pat Gray joins to discuss the legacy of Betty White and a law professor who thinks it’s time to change the Constitution. Author Bethany Mandel joins to discuss how Facebook banned her and the company's conveniently timed backtrack. BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock joins Glenn to discuss Aaron Rodgers and his search for truth.

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Still, I think today's podcast was riveting from start to finish. Not a second was wasted, dwell the I would disagree, the four thousand two hundred and eighteen. Second, I thought was trash, but other than that growth is there really is a really good great programme today, gets a little deeper into the covert philosophy of where we are what's wrong becoming with Amr Kron. Also we talk about the upcoming year and compare this to the red wave that we saw with the tea party. Are they the same, or is this one different? Today's focused
you anything to Greece joining us now from the path graecia. You just finished up Leah your broadcast. blaze, tv and you can hear the podcast impact gray unleashed wherever you, your podcast Mig store. If the data you, I love the fact that its finally happening others allow professor at the University of Miami who
proposing some much needed changes to the? U S constitute half o k which, as you know, so outdated old and ass day. David had just irrelevant irrelevant. Yes, rights have changed so much easier and of people ran. The founders couldn't have foreseen any of them now. So I think this is great in all its language. He proposing She, she is proposing Marian Francs law, professor at university, to Miami aha, proposing and proposing a couple of changes to the first amendment, which should read. Every person has the right to freedom of russian Association, Peaceful Assembly and petition of the government for redress of grief grievances consistent with the rights of others to do same and subject subject to responsibility for abuses all com Flicks of such rights shall be resolved in accordance with the principle of equality and
dignity of all per man. Finally, somebody kindly Heine Linley under this oppressive constitution, as currently written, you could say that you couldn't, you know you could not write, then in the second amendment, what a surprise! The second M M Nea curses. Second amendment, the gun, situation has been eliminated. My hand. Instead, we never talk about a product protecting reproductive health yeah. We That's what the founders intended guess if they would have seen this society exactly said, their wage change amending the second amendment two to be about borders, an amendment. Yet it's gotta be about abortion, a guy. All people have the right to bodily autonomy, consistent with the right of other people to do the same, including there to defend themselves against unlawful force and the right of self determined
she's in reproductive matter. Ok, thank you good God himself. So I can kill our babies, but we can't stop somebody from killing us. Right. Ok are at a gun. That is really really go. It's important in you know it's like Ruth bitter Ginsberg, said You shouldn't look to the: U S! Constitution! if you're writing a new one and that's what kind of this is all about their. She suggested that we go with much more recent document
like Canada's, which I handed is not having a problem at all, not a proud nano. Nice Lynde must redid theirs by tired twitter to areas where there's all kinds of Ella Wells institution now is an emerging at EAST constitution like that like then I like them them, and what the emergency content understand better. What the original intent was right. If you see a smiley face, you know they're happy about Iraq right or the crying like the crying laughing. That means they don't want that thing in there. That's. This is right. This is a joke laws. May I change? May I changed the subject to Betty White Betty wide, obviously change ideology, tragic, lousy, little dusty and irrelevant in that change was about to come and it was way overdue. We only do better
I I don't know anybody else, but when she died, we started watching the golden girls and I haven't seen the golden girls since they were on. Originally undermine once in a while, I catch a re run, but not really sure I just turning just turning it on and hearing this brought back so many it was weird I said to Tanya. Are you like it does this affect you this theme and she's like yeah. I can't actually describe it, but it feels like home You know the mania great AIDS is so amazing. I watched it if that tells you that was funny television was it holds a funny does need. Does it holds Finally, television has never afraid of back in the day, but were you d? I want you.
I d like to do. I want to watch the reruns river, and maybe I was just to scream yeah. She was her shareholder she's. Just dumb Marty resolved used the dear yes essential right of the group right and then her be Arthur and Estelle Gaddi. I wasn't a fan of. What's your name, the other room, cleanin room cattle? I wasn't a fan of that character, but I choose one I was. I was having sex with everybody. Everybody here, yeah everybody I saw a quote from I quote I saw quote from Eddie White. She said my answer to everything under the sun like what would you have not done in the business that you ve always wanted to do, and she said Robert Redford. I was really funny. She was the shares of delight. I mean you can't not like Betty wait, yeah, that's the one of those rare
that I think unites everybody in she was. She was one of those celebrities. I have no idea what or political background was now no idea that went away base they stopped caring about appealing to all of the country. There is this thing to that happen with her, were you just you just can't breathe, Anna one hundredth birthday party schools uses. Do it. It's not. A good idea said how you certainly shouldn't announced months in advance and then in the article they said she was in good health. Now two days later she gone you may ninety nine years old and I will let you go fast. It can happen. I would I went to a movie this weekend. This is like a three or four days. Similarly, I get a couple days seemed after the sheep, of dying and they still running the commercial for her
join very wide per one hundred birthday party now now either to have fathom event, which is one of these in theatre event, and I assume it it's Now you just gotta, we got a sad, he ain't gonna get us a memorial or by right. I don't think we're gonna be joining her. Unfortunately, an analogy bought tickets for that it might turn out to be kind of a different kind of mood. Yeah yeah, Dumay live there may be either. She said that she said actually the same thing my father said: I'm still a teenager. In my mind,. That's what I say all the time me too, are you saying my head? Yeah yeah, It's not until you see yourself in the mirror that you're, like oh, a crowd, not eighteen on the outside Russia lie it's weird, isn't it and you use weird it's it's play such a game with you. Because
especially if you start to get to the top of the food chain. You know as as people who always were at the of big person. Stable and you are the little kitty stable. and now you find yourself, you know close. And closer to the end of the table. As the patriarch, your like, oh my I'm next It's is weird, is very weird. I mean you notice it for everything from the table for sure, but also bending down to pick something up, I was at Instagram on another while ago and I was going through. They they start serving you ads, for. I guess things that they think you want, and they were certainly ads for shoes. You don't have to bend down to tie and I was like this is insulting click. Click the tasks that are they slip right on, and that is how the back of your ankles there. Also what I lay are you where one? Oh yeah
it reminds me one of the first episodes that we watched of golden girls. She It's a foot doctor and she is very white- says: have you ever met Doktor Shoals issues like that That's pretty good! Look, I don't look like an old person. Chow. Doesn't this? Is an old person telling you that so it's a good point, their fantastic kisyak? I think they're called yeah and I love the. I am looking for issues like that and there on it dies. You saw an you put him on and they just slip right on a slippery up their particular languages. Have you had the have? You tried the new sneakers that have the little thing on the back: the tab on the back that you just hold on the lid of the shoe strings. Don't do anything now, oh yeah! I usually wear them every day today, I'm not wearing their fantastic there, ass to gild toll on the back of them
Let me end they slip right on. You don't have to tell you you are the languages rehabilitated draw you got. My pills aren't made our own people that that's that's a new fashion thing I think bright. That's how I think of it too. That's how I have at my side of of getting old as well you're, because you know like it just comes your point. If what year is this, do I really need to bend down to pick things up? They should rise to me. Everything should just come up to the level makes me comfortable right. This is America means twenty twenty two. We must have fallen encouraging liking, member, whose added a digression we time we hidden twenty twenty order. Sorry twenty two thousand you're? Two thousand, I remember thinking the you Two thousand was a joke, growing it was a girl I have, but a year two thousand it was an absolute joke NED. I remember twenty two thousand and one- and thinking how much change will come by twenty
honey and me go and buy stubby alive and twenty twenty. you don't even know it we're we're on our way to twenty thirty yeah. I'm Remember all you have all these like things you ve been talking about for those loans, I've known you by twenty thirty, X, Y and Z is gonna happen, it's like red. I'm a corner. It is like all changes. I knew you see a lot of them happening. I mean the automatic driving cars was a big one area. Her in attendance our losses. Have you seen the job losses of? What's what's coming? Now, keep Brett now you know regular reporters are starting to talk about job losses and because of robots yeah or a I just being so good that it will take- and I want to talk about this later this week, but it the important that you understand what, coming and you understand for your children because going to college now, for some of these degrees is ridiculous too ridiculous by the two
they get out of college, for instance accounting, but I'm they go through college of their goal for four years. It's it's we're in the last few years of that I mean somebody's gonna have to oversee it, but you're not gonna have accounting accountants like we have that. That is a that's a dead. and job accountant. Yes, why a lie, be able to do all of it. I be able to to balance all the books make sure everything's a I is going to be taking any of those little menial, you say like on the an accountant, makes all sorts of important decisions, though, and that are that have the save of human life right right, and so they will be somebody zero Steve jobs there is that only derives, but they are different and aids and fewer. Much much much much less. The thing that you have to focus on is your emotional quotient
the thing that a I won't be able to reproduce is connecting with the individual, for instance, doctors, Doc, we are not going to be the source of information, they're not going to be the ones that say you ve got Cancer ACT They will be the ones saying to you. You ve got cancer, but they were, be the ones diagnosing they'll just take we'll go in take all of it. Those faded into the machine, the the a. I will diagnose. Tell you exactly What to do give you all the information, but you do. Wonder, machine doing it because it won't have any personal skills, so the doktor is just go between between the a and the patient. Saying? Listen. I'm gonna break this to you, while instead of doing that. You need like adorable little children like them like you have answer daddy, you note Amelia just sounds better come from acute kid.
you know what some weird doktor lists easy hand. All horror movie, really your old days, were sunk, greeted the area you do it you're not while it sounds like something for my horror build. This is the best one big programme we have Bethany Mandela on. Then I want her to tell the story high Bethany. How are you I'm good? I'm Glenn. How are you of great it's good to heavy on? I saw your text, our Europe Facebook post last night. I remember what it was about: nine o clock at night and you have done the heroes of liberty with a book series, you ve, published, I mean you're, an independent publisher and apparently
you were labelled, disruptive content by Facebook, and you were permanently suspended. As of now, today by Facebook yeah a leading up to the to the sort of mad dash of Christmas shopping. We hide. We had received a message from Facebook saying you have to clean up your ass. You have two posts. ads or we're going to suspend your account and we have applied in bed exactly are we in violation of without we don't understand, and then they replied and said. Ah, this is your final. you're in violation in your account has been permanently suspended and foot. I meant a few thing we couldn't posed to add many more, which were them now. The source of revenue, and we put a lot of our marketing budget. I would say the vast majority of our budget into those add, but also we had spent a lot of money and time
cultivating a community on Facebook and Amsterdam, so that we could tell people about our books and they wouldn't let us access to those accounts, and so they appeared like they were still active, but we were unable to access them. Though, there was no there's no recourse, there is no human being that we could talk here. We know that a human actually shut down, but there was no there's no way for us to talk to them sort of appeal in any way and I will get it felt like we were hostages, You know we're paying now aren't thousands of dollars and there's nothing you can do, and so we made a think about it and it became a story on Fox NEWS on box there and then at that point was when they contact. He had not a, but several members of Congress and them that we were reinstated on they'd, never actually contacted answer, told us
a new Anita really does he like it were hostages, because we got a call from me. No government representative thing we can go free from jail cell is open as crazy. We weren't average all back so the dust corruptive content. Tell me about your content. So it's Or wholesome, and really like we're not even poorer, oh, where we're very patriotic impact with american values. The pictures in Our books are studying and we had a lot of those pictures. In our add an ear. We're doing- is trying to sort of teach children about a hero that way. We consider heroes, Ronald Reagan, Hamas, on any country. There are the three first books and we had a lot of comments on those on those add saying here. Fascism and- and I want to burn these books, especially
There- is an outbreak of a war criminal and we think that those people reported our content and that report got you woke Facebook employees we agreed with them. They agreed that Ronald Reagan, the war criminal and so they shot down no. This is what I told Mark Zuckerberg. He said maybe or other said. Maybe we should have they have quotas. Were you hire a certain number of conservatives? I, I don't think that's a good idea. I hate quarters however, the solution has been. You just have to get out of a bubble. You do have to hire people that don't all think in law step because That would never happen in a company where you had that debate. A healthy debate going on inside were who would say Ronald Ronald, again,
a fascist and we're gonna, listen to the person who just said we should burn these books come about it only authoritarian and in this is the last now its authority in their book burners there again the first amendment it everything again to what we built our country and this is so much of why we wanted to give these books for kids, because we don't want our kid. The turn out like these people- and you know they ve happening in our schools. then, and this sort of our way of changing the narrative that kid their hearing about our country now morals and valued at home. You know they fifteen minutes before bedtime so, These books are aimed at what age around six to twelve. I have five children here. Fan, though they live, and my my four year old definitely get something out that my eight year old Bob and I put some folks that their young teenagers them to, but I think that the sweet spot is between eighty six to twelve. Ok,
and how do you get them? Heroes of liberty, dot, com? and if people, what are you a promo code? We we activate Glaze Europe, well, ok, heroes of liberty, dot com use the promo code blaze a well. I can't I can't issue enough luck it. What are your next titles we're coming out yet we're doing our John Wayne coming out in February and murder subscription sort of service so that people can people can you bad and also Alexander Hamilton and Margaret Thatcher, and and will sort of trying to do the subscription, so that were not indebted to big pack and serve on the whole to be at their mercy, but we can send books directly to people without having to to market everything, mountain and pray that that they don't gotta again, because we don't know they ve, never told
If we are on thin ice or not, I I have to just tell you from experience you really cannot build your business around Facebook. You cannot do it. I mean they. They built an app for people like like me. and I think I was one of the first people to have it- the creator apt, your remember this stew and rod. It would the algorithm would change, so my content would be pushed out faster and he built a large audience on Facebook and- I really have very little connection to my facebook audience now, people that signed up and want to follow me. Then they're not get my my posts so cannot build your your business on on Facebook because they will come and shut you down and they d really mind. If this wouldn't have gotten to Congress, they wouldn't have cared yet. That's exactly right,
we know that, because when we were told personal, we were never told by When it became known that we were released from Facebook Jail, Baden Palace, they told several members of Congress and they told Britain Fox NEWS and Mary Catherine HAM at Vienna and they replied to their tweets, and then they contacted members Congress bait? They have our contact information, we pay them tens of thousands of dollars, they could reach out there, but they did it and it's because they cared more. Now the narrative about the objects when they cared about actually doing right by the customers. They didn't change their belief that you were well. What do they call you a disruptor eruptive content, but I like disrupt your better You are a disruptor and disruptor of of the left and what they are doing in the more power to your Bethany take so much appreciated. Thank you
my spine- I really the best land back programme, our eye, we Jason wedlock- on whether I Jason. How are you Glenn. How are you happy Tuesday? And thank you very much. I don't remember what episode it was that I watch, but I was on vacation and I was staying away from the news, but I thought I watched Whitlock as it's kind of news, but No, it's more spiritual and everything else you didn't you ve got a great show. Jason, really great show that you are appreciated. I enjoy the obscene to fill them for you couple weeks ago, wait a minute let you fill in forming the maybe I'll win count William. Let anybody off the street now Jason. I wanted it two about Aaron Rodgers theirs. Blue things he was, if I'm not mistaken, a hero of the left for awhile because didn't he Christianity,
think so, and you know, like think, went to school cow Berkeley and so they made to him on the left was you know he fit? part of the left narrative, but now, I think, he's Diana go the other way animal if he saw this last night, Gladwin. he was on the ESPN Monday night Football broadcast and the book ATLAS shrugged. Behind her back to her made reference. Oh my gosh, not ATLAS, shrugged upon my gosh that such a controversial book I mean hasn't everyone Red ATLAS shrugged. Well, Aaron Rodgers has, I think it may explain what what's going on with you So what is going on with them all? I think this thing. That's gone all with everybody with it. You know the great reset is actually a great awakening and for our people and people are just starting away.
I believe, the vaccine mandated all the other lies that are being forced down our throats or making people start to question itself and question the police. They had just adopted because that Everybody thought an end, but that the ban, clean deal- and I didn't understand this initially a year ago, but it's so personal effects, everybody, and so it's it's some to the military draft and because body any man could could be drafted it at some point and if you remember Mohammed Ali, because he got drafted it affected him personally. He then was forced to take a bold stan. People that agreed with I'll age up behind demon Bob that's what I think help me with Aaron Rodgers he's been force because of these vaccine mandates he's been forced to take a bold stands and people
we have had no body speak for them it with a large platform in the mainstream pop, We were culture, he's gonna, be enforced be that guy and he started to, I think, enjoy being the vision and embrace their position, and that is turning. My favorite NFL player, because I will tell you that that I think we're seeing it rose, and I wanna be careful on this- we're seeing people of real courage, stand up, you know calling capper Nick acts lean on and the press makes seem. Like he's so courageous, it's not courageous to stand up and say the thing things that everybody in power believes you know your questioning the little guy, not the big guys that that's not courage. It might be what you believe, but it's not courageous. It comes from saying the things that could very possibly do
draw you or your career, and that's that's the position. Some of these guys are taking and we're seeing more and more of them, which is and they're, not necessarily the people I would agree with. I dont have agree with you to say: that's a courageous move well captain. I really didn't risk any well for real scorn because, like you say he's taking on the police, the police are actually working class people doing what their toll by politicians law makers the government. He's not taking a stand against the real power law makers and the government he's taking The middle man was just doing what they are told to do and in theirs. No real risk all. What does the thing that athletes and popular figures are most concerned about? How are they perceived
social media and this cow in corporate extensive, enhance too Brandon social media, which is seems to be the most important currency. Public figures have, whereas, Aaron Rodgers is receiving of scorn over social media he's. Certainly, define what the globalist and what government and everybody else want. Everybody else wants you to take the damp, don't question it. Everybody else did it, so you need to do it. There's real risk in what Aaron Rodgers is doing an end. even though he was force and there have been other athletes, MBA player, Cairo, Urban who wasn't forest on they eat. This took the safe, I'm not taking of active, basically have booted him out of the NBA. He is now coming back here, because this alma crime thing but and then there was cold bees. The allied receiver for the bills, who's been kind about spoken, but to see someone,
air. Why does success level important city Anna fail? He these ITALY, define his leg and popular group think opinion by taking a stance it he did and- and I think it is, pretty courageous. When he says. If science can't be questioned, it's not science. I think we are Finally getting to appoint two where the principles are so clear. We're not argue about policies really were arguing about principles. Wait a minute, wait, a minute wait a minute you make as a governess. you make us run, adds farmer, suitor all companies run adds where it least Twenty percent of the sixty seconds is disclaimers on all of the things that are not gonna happen to you, but could
and on this we can't even talk about the things that might happen to you. Don't make sense its illogical and that's where, I think his journey. The air large design is going through turn him to this way, because every time you start seeking proof of what you really seeking. if god- and he may not know that right now, but a bit he's going to get there an antelope. I am proud. I just wanna, be supportive of women in Europe he won't be perfect. None of us are in may we now say some things I disagree with, but as long as he keeps seeking true and in response to that truth by stating true, I'm gonna, support to get near. How is your attitude? I know right before we spoke,
I think, on your show before the holidays and he who were a little depressed. I my attitude is better because I'm starting to think the great reset is actually causing a great awakening and- and I do think it's because of this vaccine and just how illogical our approach has been, how It is just shaking and waking people up in it. Ask me a tiny bit optimistic that The actual right side is going to win leaving me met in a political sense, does it people love freedom, are actually going to win yeah? I agree with him. And thank you so much God bless you God bless. You bet Bobby.
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