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Stu gives his opinion on Dr. Fauci and the Wuhan lab theory as more truth comes out. Is Dr. Fauci a villain in this story? His emails may suggest so. Glenn welcomes journalist Jason Whitlock to BlazeTV, and Jason joins to preview his new show, "Fearless with Jason Whitlock." Liberty Oilfield Services CEO Chris Wright calls in to share how the company is calling out the North Face for its hypocrisy over fossil fuels with a massive billboard campaign.

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Welcome to the park ass. The day we have a big announcement on police tv, a brand new person coming on board for new show Jason Whitlock he's going to show today talking about these new announcement didn't get his show on part as part of your police tv subscription, police, tv, dot com, slashed, Glenn Promo Code is Glutton September. We also talk about how the bronze James has become the most hated man in all of task evolved, not a standard to me. Actually, your teacher, don't be a bronze com, it says, don't be an idiot, don't be Calibre T shirts, mugs everything available. It don't be elaborate dotcom. We also get into the lab leak theory and how bad the media was trying to cover it or cover it up and fossil fuels are always vilified by companies using fossil fuels. Someone has come up with a brand new idea on how to make that point with a billboard and you're gonna appreciated make sure to subscribe. To this part cats anklet over to stew. Does America we have a new episode today. Click over their subscribe rate and review. Remember five stars is the appropriate number of stars: here's the bucket
the only thinking today is the day I am so happy to be able to make this announcement. I've been waiting for that announcement to happen anybody who listens to this programme or or watches the blaze you might have picked up on this direction, but today, The blaze is thrilled to announce. the addition of a new programme on the blaze and a new voice and a new writer Jason Whitlocke, is now joining blaze, tv he'll beyond with us. In about an hour. I just
to give you there's a story written by him on the blaze, its front page, big story. First, first story on the blaze, dot, com, you to read it. I urge you to listen to what he said. Fear is the enemy of truth, freedom and the american dream. I signed a convoy. To partner would place media on a digital media project dedicated to pushing back against the corporate, supported, systematic effort to undermine America through race. division and fear? I join lays media, because I wanted a partner with people who wouldn't look at me. Funny when I referred to Jesus is part of my journalistic worldview and platform. I join these media, because Glenn back smiled when I said Jesus is the only solution for what Ails America, because days, where's his faith publicly unsatisfied Robertson, an Alley Beth, Stuckey and others. What you do know, I'm not a sports journalist turn preacher. a finger wagging hypocrite looking down on people who don't share my belief, I'm a sinner.
I'm the same guy. This is amazing. the same guy who wrote hilarious, t galore columns for Fox sports, I'm the same guy who used a waste of time and money, drinking carousing inside the spear, rhino in LAS Vegas, sees in Miami Diamond Jos in Kansas City and Ec City in Atlanta. We should talk about, though, since should we, when these are next hour, stew, I'm someone who knows that in order for me to make better decisions in all aspects of my life, I need Jesus as someone who recognizes that any success I have achieved in the thirty year career as a by product of the values of my grandmother. A Chinese search in Indianapolis, my parents, my siblings and all those things instilled in me as a young boy. You're, gonna love, Jason Whitlock. he is He is starting a new programme, and will have all the deal's details with him coming up in about it.
Our from now also another announcement that I'm very excited about. Conversations with the forty fifth president. It is the american history tour and it is going to be hosted by Bill O Reilly. and did bill, O Reilly will be joined on stage by President Trump, Its dubbed the history to our president trample provided never before heard inside view of his administration, which will be his article in and of itself. The tour Wilkins Include for dates kicks off in sunrise, Florida December, eleventh and twelve other events slated for to Texas Cities, Houston in Dallas on disability. the nineteenth these. We won no but hard hitting sessions where we will talk about the real problems happening in the. U S, Those fake news media seems to never mention I'll, be focusing on
greatness of our country, something seldom discuss in political dialogue. If we don't maker, three great again. We will soon no longer have a country, that's President Trump and he's gonna be working with bill, O Reilly and this should be very fun. I'm excited talk to him about that. So much more. On Friday, now Why is the? Why is the tour with President Trump and Bill O Reilly important? some will market and they'll say that Belarus he's not a journalist. Yes, he is bill, O Reilly, he's just a right wing had no is no he's. Not noise, not use a lot of things about Pillar Riley end. I have a right wing hack is not one of them. bill, O Reilly. Many times has, as you know, if you ever watched us or listen to us me, He time see disagrees I, be a right wing hack, but he's not
and for someone to actually set the record straight a journalist with Bill O Reilly, even It's only in a theater is important, because no one else will did you see what happened yesterday. Stew, when Twitter went crazy with people saying Donald So out of control, he was wearing his pants on backwards it as little as late as the rally. no. I'm is why this pants on backwards gate. oh did you really did you? Obviously it was everywhere. Yesterday the left was claiming that Donald Trump was where he was so out of control that he was wearing his pants on backward he's. citizen now he wears Panza backward. If you want to do, but I assume he wasn't, I wasn't wearing resident, he was not wearing his pants backward, but this is Crazy, it has gotten. You can have
Joe Biden, other loan womb go with the last hundred years, killed a billion people and they don't say a thing, Donald comes out there, like, let's see, was wearing his pants on backwards People believe it if people believe it is so crazy, so crazy, what's happening with grouchy. I know you ve been gone for a couple of days where you see unfair cheeks. I bet it's not the same place. I met I mean. I just don't think I dont know why we're so obsessed with a guy. I am bored with faulty frankly, but I easily guy that does I'm an hour of his own on his own. So he's just he's key. His power comes from the media, largely now, of course, invited has empowered him. Maybe you know to make, and he can't make policy right he can.
he's not in a position to make policies of the fact that he comes out and makes dumb recommendations on MSNBC. Every three days is now all that interesting to me, but I do understand why it's important to understand be because of general media influence and the positions he's been given by the last couple administrations in that sense, one was a moment to understand when in his head was at the time. I think I he goes deeper than that. Are you familiar with the Christian Andersen ass, an what's happened with this year sizes. So let me give a run down of of this. He is a virus allegest. His name is Christian Andersen? He wrote Doktor faulty responding to an article tight, titled mining, corona virus genomes for clues to the outbreaks origins, Fouche II Old Anderson Quote its of interest to the current discussion. Anderson replied. Some features do look engineered. I should
Mention that, after discussion earlier today, Eddie Bob MIKE and myself all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory. So, in other words, What's he saying here, and he was a big guy on it came from the lab. At the beginning, Christian Andersen, big guy on, came from the lab came from the lab had to because of luminary theory, which means it started someplace got into bats than bats. Some. passed into another animal, and then another animal passed to humans and it changes every time to make it easier. Will this one? from supposedly bats to humans. Rare but not impossible, but rare then they started looking at it and they started seeing markers that we're not evolutionary they were. They were, Spliced in it appeared
was spliced in in all of the glad most convenient places if it was going to be engineered through like a gain, a function, research type of situation, correct, correct, so he said covert. Nineteen appears to be manipulated in a lab. That's when out. She says: hey, we need to talk soon, I'll call. You then stay found. She sent an urgent email to his deputy with. subject line important and he wrote Hugh its essential that we speak this morning. Keep your cell phone on read this day as well as the email. I will forward you. tasks today. That must be done. We don't know what those tasks where maybe was just hey. I, need some more soap. The document such was the Sars gain of function pdf. So right, after one fancies trusted scientific advisers suggest covert. Nineteen could be man made while
FAO. Jean associates dismiss the possibilities, a conspiracy theory. He shot a research paper concerning the gain of function, research which she was funding at the wheel on institute a variety of virus. Virology to his deputy weeks later Anderson reverses course he writes a paper going into doubt whether covered nineteen was engineered. you didn't rule it out, but he made the apparent consensus earlier muddy. Now. It's interesting because Just a couple of months later, Anderson would receive the first instalment of a fire five year grant of nearly two million dollars per year. The guy who had been receiving the end. A I funding in the past Peter dazzling. He was funding. The whew have lab. He also received one point: five million dasset is
has been regular regulars rigorously trying to claim at the lab leak. Possibility is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. In fact, he actually email, doktor, fancy to thank him for helping shooting all that down, and the the sure the funds that he was directed to the war have, who hung lab, had nothing to do with gain a function. Oh yes, it did Christian Andersen is also come out publicly on twitter. Attempting to put doubt in the lab leak. Theory. Remember the theory that was the consensus among him and his peers in January twentieth he's ban on a twitter crusade using the platform to so lab leak. Doubt here it gets even more interesting. Over the weekend, Anderson's tweets before March seventh of this year began to appear over five thousand of is tweets are gone. Then
when people started. Saying: hey he's erasing his history, something else disappeared his entire blue check twitter account now smoking gun, we had a lot of things that look bad, but is it smoking gun. I dont know I do know that Barack Obama outlawed the gain a function? He said no money is to go to that out. She sure money after tromp was elected. Money went to the gain of function, but denied that any money went to gain a functioning, and I gave it to these people. What they did that I'm not really sure I mean I wasn't Saint bull crap, he was. for gain of function. He has been for gain a function, research and any he he is for. Other law
I was doing it. He was for the womb Hon LAB doing it by the way. Your dentist, is about the same kind of security as bio weapons level. Two lab had in whew Hon found she into those. I think of the US and twelve had a opinion paper where he basically outlined the. He was we understood the here, the risks of this our own Tyler carded. Here the Brittan Blaze Yogurt follow on Twitter as well this long before it was being reported and conservative media, and I he but the study out there and that study showed that we don't found she was even now He was aware of the dangers of this and was and was worried about it still wound of directing on to an organisation that was directing to gain a function. Research in whew hon
It is a. I look there's a lot to question here. I think, and wheat you're, as you point out, there's not like us smoking gun there is no of like you want to What is the reason for the switch an opinion? It could be right that the scientists an opinion early on and had the end sod x x that information and believes that they, their initial opinion, was wrong. I mean that does happen. But it s only suggest you wonder why it's so just a coincidence that he got five years of funding in his first instalment of two million dollars united, a couple of months after you know being on record over and over and over again saying that. That's not true. It also could be that doctor found He had no idea that Eco Health alliance- I had funneled six hundred thousand dollars to the war on Institute of our Ology too,
Daddy Corona Buyer Corona viruses in bats, something that something that fact she wanted desperately to happen which which is weird because it was his group that a Vigo Health Alliance, the six hundred thousand dollars to the war. an institute of archaeology I mean I just I'd. I think the guy is But if we lived in a world where justice actually happened, I this guy might end up in jail. because I think he has lied to the american people over and over again, and I think there was something there was a big cover up on this. That's my opinion, we'll watch to see what happens and unfortunately, in the old days, you would have to wait for the media to do it. Well, thanks
You places like the blaze, media and others are on the case, and we don't wait around for them anymore, you're, listening to the best of the Glen Deck Programme. Well, we have an announcement today that I have been waiting for and I am bomb that I'm out of town, that I can't be there and stand shoulder to shoulder with Jason. Whitlocke who is now a new blaze tv host, the host of fearless with Jason Whitlock Jason Welcome brother Thank you also to be here, been waiting just as long as your father came again. Today is finally here, yeah,
tell us what fearless is why it's going to be different and even death. Aren't really from anything the blaze has ever seen. Well, I don't know The goal is gonna, be the say: we're gonna, be digital media platform, dedicated promoting a culture of fearlessness free speech. She'll see game in american patriotism and I think that's what everybody at the blue. Is trying to do where just Goin could probably be a little more melanin rich as we do it. Maybe you look a little clear first day I think we're all gonna we are most of us will be united by our faith in God and our belief in country. I believe, like they pay me with this, can't go.
Much farther. We can continue to strip America of what made great and That was our judeo christian culture and its being straight and taken from us, and I want to go at this boldly indirectly and pointed out and try to explain to people that are christian, faith has been our seas weapon combined with the Black Africa American Journey here in Amerika, in of making. America live up to the ideas expressed in the declaration of independence in a constitution and two I was talking to a love one family member yesterday and the day were saying you know we do need to be taught blackened and I know we need to be taught american history properly. Yes,
yes! What, because for years separating us from America and wrong, because if America really understood its history and others the wall that African Americans have played in making Amerika great in this the greatest human the experiment we ve ever see, if not, for yeah good american Journey and what people of faith. Compelled forced America due to live up to our eyes. Spouse christian faith in things we said a declaration of independence. So we are baked into american greatness and if everybody understood that we quit separate You myself, along this black, why racial divide and understanding we accomplish these things together, And yes, there was paid and there were struggle, and there was unfairly, but what we accomplish over the
horse of these two hundred and fifty some odd years event. Credible. If unmatched across the globe, we need to take pride in map african american journey. Does damn America, it explained America in our unpressed. Then it resolve to do better. you know I am so glad due to hear you talk about? We don't need to learn african american history. We need to learn a man. In history properly, I ask you a question, and I bet you don't know who is the following soldier that is credited as the reason, the American Revolution started. You know it's like this with crystal yes good good good good. You got that when most Americans might know that one
who was the african American that ended the revolution that was critical and ended. It Don't know well, yea James ARM instead he was a spy for George Washington, the he went in and was under cover with the British said, I'm honest, a slave and all they just treating me sore ably. They, both Eve Dim. She became instrumental in the hierarchy, as an assistant in the british army. He got word where Cornwallis was going to be. He said to Washington, Washington was their unbeknown two Cornwallis, and that's what ended the war? We have the ending of that war. Just saying James Armies dead, for ending it and ending the bloodshed by the way,
The guy who saved the american military very early on, I think it was at the battle of York town, was Peter Salem, another black guy? He would he took the shot that off Americans were running because they were just routing us. He said his ground, he had one shot left he shut the commander of the british Army in the head. That's then pushing otherwise they would have rounded us and we would have had no soldiers left there. Three examples of a man Rick in history. Revolve around very important black american citizens, but nobody else Do I keep off the top of my. He called me, but George Washington, these guys we're trapped somewhere and, I think all the smallpox Likud epidemic that ran through and it was in Forgive me
slave that taught them too and put the small, park in the wall. It was the first vaccine basically and that their shop are Contribution to America's history. An offensive is unquestioned, it's just until it's under appreciated. We think that the laugh has turned the african American Dirty and it's all you can be explained by tragedy. It can only be, explained by what White Bigot did. Does it again it it's like weird. We haven't been participants in America's greatness. We ve only been participants in suffering and that's a joke and if its races to teach him
three that way it's your basically assign emails to a place where we have no agency, we what were less than human. We're not is courageous. We're not as fearless we're not is motivated by us we're just victims. It's wrong. It's good, to be on taught. People have to black and white people we need to see, are necessary myth of each other but we have made a great em we been an incredible combination that has, the world and and the world realise that one. You're trying to tell us against each other and pro Moreover, this ratio division Maria, let me ask you this: the Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association just lists a peer reviewed research, article it says, being white is
A malignant parasitic, like condition its Dane risk discriminatory and a perverse mental condition. The purpose of Paris. Civic whiteness, has the power without limit force without restriction, violence without mercy, the drive to hate and terrorize it easily infiltrate infiltrate even groups founded on the protection of individuals and democratic principles, It has no law, term or permanent, cure What is most re food? That's medicine. Now for racism and propaganda. It speaks, To me to China's in Florence over me. And culture in all of our institutions, that I don't believe it people did road, it believe it, but I believe they are benefiting they believe they're benefiting by promoting that type of
Three, a nonsense in the eye I believe that the global speedily, they China's system of government and they want to adopt that em and so related to sports, whom you mention the brand names animals hated envy. Play or whatever, but Brian James, when he goes to China, he's treated like a king, they showering with affection, love money, adoration Bob in so he think what The matter which I am. This is great American to be more like saying that there are more basketball fans, a there's, a more passionate love affair with Basque, in China, then in America, and so from abroad. The aim to work. I have billion dollars or whatever China illnesses Ms Grey, and he Why should there be like it should be like
It's over here in Amerika, look up great, I'm being treated The overwhelming majority of Americans, Andy overwhelming majority of American with black. He dared not six foot, eight NBA stars I wish we could shrink Le Monde rained down to five team and send him what a China and see how he gets treaty when he's not in millionaire MBA, superstar, Jason Woodland. Now, officially ablaze tv host of fearless you already have the Apple podcast out episode, zero. What what people need to do to were who find you and make sure that you are growing at a very rapid race race at a rapid pace? Oh, my gosh on Apple podcast, Well, maybe to go it. That's ascribe button provide a rating before Thirdly, row is this the conversation between me and
oh dear me, many people know also Jimmy's my sidekick radio in Kansas City and television, Fox sports unease jointly with me the blaze and fearless to be my sidekick there. He does interviews me in episode. They were, we pray, go for our twenty minutes, but it give you an indication of what the show and what the platform and what we're trying to accomplish, and while she threw some of my history- and he asked me questions about what train spare me the past couple year. The fox sports and I'll kick what go check that out. It'll do is just warming you up for the large the pod cares. The official launch on de la thick, I think, is when we first step well come on, we'll do that from here in Nashville Tennessee, but do it better I Bergmann and leave a comment arabian remark. A review in Vienna will keep.
We'll just get the momentum road. Yet, and when do you were when you do a tv show due everywhere now alive when his wife July six? It'll be I'd. Lays signal a brave the delightful on the fifth, because the poor falls on Sunday and so we're gonna the day after are Independence Day celebration be agreed kick off the water. what a great addition you are to the blaze and I'm thrilled Jason Wit, Formerly vs began a fox sports and what was that all the other? What I'm sorry? I can't remember the last mile going cause of airports and I've been out everywhere: cable city, star, yeah, yeah,. sixteen year, though the column less than that you know, I think This is going to be the good
This thing I do in my career because I think I'm gonna get to be before version of Jason Whitlock in I think very bided, far removed the penal humorous like to laugh. Lady said people, people people they all the time. The early LISA used the Glen back controls all the ship. Do you even know what your show real she is have I ever talked and played a role in any of that at all other than no. The line being welcomed. Eva been a light in terms of inspired me making me look when I came to I was one of the treaty to be over to the museum and showed me Original documents from Thomas Jefferson, you have no idea. What impact that had on me- and I just think it's important
those of us that a believers we gotta support each other. And we have to work together, and we have to be the example that America needs now and through that you're just I am doing our little part. You it'll, have a huge impact on the rest of the country. Jason went luck, I'm thrilled thrilled to have you part of the blaze of thrilled to be. Your coworker? Thank you so much gutless, goblet. Jason Whitlocke. His show fearless with Jason Whitlocke is on Apple Ipad. I ipod, and how can you think straight for some years now, Spotify you can listen to episode zero right now, wherever you get your podcast make sure that you subscribe ray to an review that help set to be discovered by other people. This is a great
rate addition to the blaze he is truly fearless. He is being called everything. I'm the guy. The guy helps create Fox sports and divisions. It Eddie S P M when he is a mover in shaker who is now on the outskirts, because he won't told the line, and he is truly fearless on that, and I think you're gonna see an even more fearless Jason Whitlocke, you ever have before, because he this is him he doesn't have to play by anybody else's rules. These are his rules, fearless. If you want to see his show, you gotta subscribe the blaze. Let's all stand together, subscribed to the blaze and save ten percent. Now, by going to Is tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the problem, Glenn and save become part of the family join us.
The american economy is in trouble. I believe we are going to all of us be in for about a forty percent hair cut when they change the dollar to a digital dollar. It is coming. I just don't know when inflation is coming. I just don't know when, but we're printing more and more money fuel and would skyrocketing most people's jobs
keep up with inflation. At some point, food prices are rising fast, taxes are going up, whether you want to admit it or not. We are facing tough times. Please take some of the pressure off of yourself right now and prepare for what is coming right. Now you are an opportunity to say fifty dollars of a full four weeks, supply of really good calorie, rich meals that the whole family will love. My patriots apply makes it easy to stay prepared at all times and everything, ships fast and discreetly, to your door. Everyone should have at least a for weak food supply on hand, and you can say fifty dollars now on this apply. Please don't put it off any longer. Go to prepare. Would lend outcome, prepare Wick land not come here listening to the best of the Glinda die every day, I'm looking for people who are standing up and doing things, be it small or big, but
standing up with the power that they have and whatever that is just doing their part of of standing for the truth and saying now this is, and this is a lie and I'm not going to go along with it. Those are the people that are going to actually save our country and our culture and, quite honestly, the truth. You are going to love this guy name is Chris right. He's the ceo of Liberty, oil field of services, Just let me just give you a little bit of his background. He spoken on energy to the Uk House of Lords States attorney general federal estate judges debated the merits of shale revolution on TV, given over a hundred talks. He's graduate degree and mechanical engineering at MIT, gradual work in electrical engineering. At both you see Berkeley and MIT. He
has consulted in and taught courses ons all six Inhabited Cobb continents and author of co authored over sixty technical papers and our articles he has referred numerous industry wards, several. U S Patten's he's what on fusion energy, solar energy and GMO geothermal energy. He grew up. California I'm sorry in Colorado and is passed It is skiing, cycling, climber, he's an outdoor, guy, but I'm not gonna, hold that against him. Welcomes the programme Chris area take laid great guy. be here very glad to be here again, so tell the audience what you I've done with billboards in Colorado well, North face which makes about door apparel that I've been using for years and they made a bunch a jacket for my cut. Two years ago, proudly co branded liberty and nor face- and
this year I dont know why, but they change their policy and another company tried to make outdoor jackets from north face with their logo on it, and Northeast chose not to you that saying they essentially, they didn't want to associate with oil and gas, and I've been for years trying to get a real this dialogue about energy going. So we took this opportunity to point out that northeast its are made out of oil and gas almost completely made out of oil and gas. So how can you get choose? Not
we associate with something that the essential materially make your equipment out of appearing put a billboard ass, Glenn Egrets Europe that can be done, but we put up a billboard. The billboards has that north based Popper look good on you. It's made out of fossil fuels. Thank you and most billboard companies did not want to run that billboard. They thought it was controversial. Facebook put a hold on our this brave video to sing the jacket looks good. This is what is made up in today's world that is controversial, and it's it's strange that they can hold you back from saying the absolute truth: you're not saying bad about north face, you're. Just saying look most of most of the fabrics most of our clothing in the world is made out of fossil fuels. It is if fossil fuels weren't around today, so many millions of people would die off
just over night, because your medicine, a lot of the medicines, the capsules all made from from petrochemicals us of the some of the things that we put on four fertilizer and and also to keep the ugh from eating all of it. Petrochemicals everything he took petrochemicals out. How long would we survive Chris well likely half of the world would die. Certainly within a year or two food food production would drop. Sixty percent just getting rid of the natural gas that used to synthesize, nitrogen and pesticides. That's not even counting factories and transportation of tractors and interpretation, so you have food supply would drop rapidly as grain stocks pleaded. Yes, certainly would be mass death, but I gotta grieved join in that way way way way way way way way way. Sixty we would be reduced by sixty percent and that's not including the trend.
irritation that uses fuel that correct give food opium production would drop by sixty percent yeah you're right that the detailed impact even worse than that, because the remaining forty percent of the food without fossil fuels have would be transported across the ocean? How would we get it and trucks that towns, judges and trains so you have a real impact would be much worse than sixty percent of, manatee dying from a guideline fossil fuels and, as you said so nicely gland, there's nothing wrong with northeast dinner, pulled out a fossil fuels. In fact, it's fantastic, it's their cheap, simple material but if there are taken the pressure a little bit off grow cotton and why or the other big natural fabrics course. We couldn't grow cotton wool in magnitude. We do today without fossil fuels, for tractors, for shipping, for spending for the manufacture of it. So are we?
The whole point that I think you ve made it already is: fossil fuels are bad. They are hurting the world, in fact their enabling these wonderful lives we have in the modern world, and we should elaborate that and we should work our butts off. So the last third of people living in virtual energy poverty can get these modern Georgie conveniences these modern products, so they can have the wonderful lives. We have that. That's the real crisis, So when you see things like the green new deal, what do you think it's it's? It's not because it won't meaning. We change the energy mix of where we get energy from in the world, but it will make energy expensive. It will make the electricity grid. Like reliable. You don't move trillions of dollars doing it. So I think it's hard to make a case that really is gonna better people lived at so that you give people
to be naive. About energy, it's become very political, very dogmatic and of course you know what good comes out of that when, when we think about you know they they talk about a world without fossil fuels. You can't even you you wouldn't be able to so without fossil fuels the oil that is used in in just lubricating, simple things. you wouldn't be able to do these things so when they say a world without fossil fuels and work. Be all on. You know solar and wind, which is nonsense: Have you ever heard anyone address what we do besides go back to whale oil, he had played its just unfortunately just a misinformed dialogue and an end to follow up on your point. It simply impact,
possible to build a wind turbine or a solar farm without fossil fuels. There's over a hundred tonnes of coal. Inside of every power of every wind turbine. The blades out of oil and gas there manufactured employ, about all gathered installed with giant cranes powered by diesel and train, deliver these giant things to assemble em. wind power itself couldn't exist without fossil fuels, and if you look at the last more than twenty years. The world is spent a few trillion dollars on winded, so or a lot of its subsidies, some of it real investment money, but they provide somewhere between two to three percent of world energy out for all, resources solar, certainly got a role to play in the world and fifty other new energy tax. He comes along fantastic, but you're right that this this disorder
now you believed that in ten years or thirty years you know we're gonna, see we're gonna, spend some trillions of dollars and get rid of fossil fuels that simply on physical. It simply not gonna happen. Whether it's good or bad is different argument, but it's definitely not going to have Do you have, I saw list once and I dont know where I saw it. I wish I could find it again all the things that petrol chemicals are. responsible for It is just there's just the inventions that would have to be hatched the the patterns that would to be filed the ideas that would have to be completely changed, the new substance to replace it. That has not been invented yet is almost in everything in our life when we think of fossil fuels we're not just thinking cars, I
give very personal me I wouldn't be alive today. I never would have celebrated my fourteenth birthday party, if not for oil and gas pipelines diabetic my pancreas stopped working. When I was thirteen years old, that's death, then it's you ve got a few weeks, maybe a few months throughout all of human history, only hundred years ago because of modern medicine, wealth travel for conferences plan, x, which are essential, as you already mentioned, for making drugged and pharmaceuticals without all those things I never would it got to fourteen think of the cove it think of battling covered all that personal per active equipment, although medical, gowns and mass at everything there are made out of oil and gas even the carrier fluid in the vaccine itself, that's injected into people's army, that is, oil and gas. Thea petrochemicals, are just central to modern life there, one of which is truly often think that
from oil and gas independent of energy, fifteen percent of oil. Is used in materials, not in energy, So when you put the north face billboards up, hey North Place, that north face puffer looks great on you made from food biofuels thanks. What was the response? Have you had any response from north face no risk from from north face, and you know it Look, I should say I think, north basis, more symptom van, a cause of this problem. You know we do live in a world and think of green new deal where people can say yes nonsensical things about energy and everyone else repeat em. It believed their true or sort of true, and so in kids, kids talk today. You know that oil and gas or evil and climate change he's gonna end the world in ten years. It's a crisis. Kids have nightmares over this, and so where we were
preaching a narrative. That's just a law way away from reality. We this published up our report, glad on the Liberty WEBS called battering human lives- and it just goes over. Where is the world get energy? What is issue with energy poverty? A third of humans are cooking their daily meals, burning wood, dongle, her cultural waste in there are, however, their heart. You don't get killed. Millions of people, so and in climate change, of course, is a real phenomenon, but it's a slow moving relatively modest problem compared to poverty. Energy poverty malnutrition in a number of other things, that the world is making great progress on, but if we make energy more expensive and less reliable, we're gonna slow that progress to age. We tried to put some perspective around it, but perspective sobriety is very rare. Any energy while these days, unfortunately,
You can find that I assume at thank you north faced outcome. Well, it's the liberty, frack dot com website www, it would have a pointer there to get you from there. Kay liberty, frack, dot com, but again liberty, I've already rally the dot com and then it's called caressing human lives. Thank you so much I am sure we will be running into each other again. I love what you're doing you know you say it's north face is just a symptom. Now, every single one of us have the opportunity and quite honestly, the responsibility to now. Make money off of lies, but instead to say, let's slow down here. This is right. This is wrong idle
this, I believe that, but not to further lies and and especially to profit offer. Those lies is ugliness thanks. Chris appreciated thanks for your time, gland view in the viewers take care.
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