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Best of The Program | Guests: Jason Whitlock & Jaco Booyens | 4/28/21

2021-04-28 | 🔗

Journalist Jason Whitlock joins to preview his upcoming speech on the African American journey and give his predictions for President Biden’s first address to Congress and thoughts on LeBron James. South African native Jaco Booyens warns that America is heading down the same path toward extreme racial equity, affirmative action, and vengeance.

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Welcome to the forecast is big night tonight, because job I'm gonna be out there doing speech, and that's always funds, because at some point, he's gonna, say squirrels in the middle of it and Moroccan alive said it, and it's just get me funny. Please also gonna spend about four trillion of your dollars. We go through all the details of what we have spent, what we're apparently going to spend now its shock it, to say the least. We ve Jason whitlocke on he's always fantastic when he comes on Yahoo billions as well to explain to us what the heck is going on in South Africa and what lessons are learning from South Africa that might be coming here very soon. One of Miss that police, tv dot com, Slash GLONASS, please to go for tonight's coverage. If you use a promo code gland, the guy you twenty bucks off your subscription and how this incredibly programme has not neglect back, but also mark Levant rejoined us among others, including myself, I'll, be there as well to react to a speech, and that will be right after a brand. New stew does America, which starts at eight p m, so eight p m for students, America, nine PM plans, life coverage of the speech with Joe Biden. Ten, then don't forget those free on podcast. You can check it out right here. I subscribe to this Pakistan subscribe to students, America, as well, pretty taken the time. Here's focused
the only thing tat, Mister Jameson, built into the programmes or how are you all some awesome headed well, I'm home young and you're, giving it you're. Giving a speech. Give us a little highlighted the speech. Well, I think we discussed some of it here is certainly has been inspired by some my conversations with you, but if you really understand America's journey and how central the african american Journey was too again America live up to its promise of freedom, and so the african american Journey, expanded freedom and made a mess hyper focused on freedom, it helped us become the greatest nation in the world, the african american Journey and having to live up to things?
promise in the declaration of independence and in our country to show air if you really understand, what's going on in America right now, Africa, Mary, and have been targeted by our adversaries. China, Russia, the Middle EAST. the let the far left to a laugh and they I understand that without Africa, Americans on their team? They can't bring down America. And so they have targeted us and have moved us away from our faith based world view. have removed us from being America's moral conscience and Why so much degeneracy with is promote did by liberals? In control of design gazed in Hollywood, culture Degeneracy is promoted within black culture and now you have Gaslight Lebron James and all the Hollywood influences and athletic influencers
pressing all of this anti american sentiment That's why we have so much chaos here in Amerika, heavy, Have you met Leubronn, I mean you're. Sportswriter of you met him. What he? What do you think of him? I've met him, but not in a real way. I've been it all pray this is game. Press conferences, have you know seem question to press conferences, things point. I was tight with the people solar, Braun, Maverick Carter, his business partner in rich Paul. sat down with a lot of those guys What I mostly think is that an end up, look, and it's gotta be we're. I'm a former athlete when you focus that much time on your body and athleticism in developing your athletic ability- There's not a lot of time left over to develop your intellectual capacity, so
Most of the guys that I have known who are blessed with the most physical ability the brightest lights in the world, the bronze, not one of the brightest lights in the world there are some athletes will grant heal others who are you know pretty smart, come from really solid family foundations and are more well rounded than Libra, Laplante the greatest basketball players of all time, he's not one of the greatest thinkers, and it's not surprised- and if I was blessed with that Kind- ass living talent- I wouldn't be one of the brightest Nick. It's not that I am now, but, but I just think it athleticism that level of it gets in the way of the Look in your intellectual capacity of the Brons not very bright and but he's got a lot of money in that trumps. All in America, when you worship money. The way we do here in this country, we tend to think of ass, got a lot of money. He's gotta, be really smart, and I say a lot of times of people with the most money or the people either
physically blessed or the people willing to cut the most corners to get the money And you know, there's a reason why God says you know a rich man get me a kiss, also a needle for him to see the kingdom of Heaven, I guess that's why I blow so much money Glenn I want. I want to die poor. So much to my kids chagrin. I want to die poor as well the so what's his motivation, do you think all Think he and Nike he's being a great Nike employ and night is beholden to China, and there. Interest in growing their market share in China. perceives growing their market share in America. China has one point: four billion citizens. We have three hundred and thirty three million or something along those lines, and so Nike is most interested in China, and so
Lebron James being a good Nike employ you know, things the praises of China or ignores the. the problems in China and as on being a good propaganda tool for China, Nike that you know America's the evil place, he just being a good Nike employ and serving his bottom line, I know I saw some tweets saying that you know you are a rich elite. You know call out him as a richly you're, a ritual eat no Are you not even in the same, and none of us are in the same category as Lebron James, but you earned your money just like he did and you aim from from nothing. It is that! Instead of Org, wing who's, got more money or what you're doing, because you have money, the idea is that yeah I. Of money, but I come from money. I earned it and I I did it the right way and in a
Erica anyone can make it. I think that would argue, Leubronn earned his money. He came from nothing. He did at the right way. All those things are true, I think, would rhyme writes me in Le Braun, though, is I am aware that I live a pampered privilege life. However, I want to create the opportunity four kids who were in the same situation, is yes to elevate, and so I can't be pro elites, I wasn t I was not an elite, I was you know a kid grow. Put, women dad didn't graduated high school in a mom was a factory worker and care from my theme, and so a lot of things. I am arguing, aren't in my particular best interests. I'm are doing for people who were like me thirty years ago. How do you
climb the latter, because, again America has the most economic Mobility there? any country on the planet that there. my story, is not unique there are other black white asian hispanic people that have came from nothing in climbed, the social and economic ladder here in Amerika? It's easier to do it here because of our freedoms and the prince, rules that were founded, long before any of us we're alive some of the principal does work. The greatest, but we corrected and improve those and kept the ones There were great and they allow people like me to elevate from maybe a poor, station in life to a life of privilege. I just one: the kids and I am arguing for things that will allow other Jason Wit locks when there too twelve eleven ten years, all that they can climb at ladder the same way idea that if we,
no the way of the elites, and, what's for Nike and the globalist again there will be less people, like Jason, Whitlocke, less I'll, read and smile. My lawyer and friend in Kansas City Kirk May White gathered from nothing in Springfield, Missouri. it'll, be a lot harder for him to climb that ladder, go the way that the elites like Lebron James and my here put our pushing us. There will be less stories of people overcoming their circumstances, an elegant. It is it, is the story. It's why people are coming from South America here in South America, in the rest of the world, China. You have to be connected, and you have to be in the Right party and the right class and know the right people to be We'll do make it here. the rule of law was supposed to be. Justice is blind, so it does. Matter. You don't have to be
long to a union or a guild or be from the right family. All you have to do invent a better mousetrap, but now, making that damn near possible and you can because of all the regulations you have to have money and you have to have connections, and if that, Sir, ends and continues to grow. People down. The bottom of the latter. They don't have a chance they never ever make it I know I wouldn't have- I wouldn't made it They are gonna, make those people dependent. on you, be I am. I am. I wanna, be dependent on you? Be I am there already done it? Yes, they they have on the other day, sent me The letter or the newspaper column that Paul heart we turned into a broad awry. YO broadcasts beat
It was about if, if I were, the Devil, Amelia written nineteen sixty five m m so profound, and so ahead of its time and in one of the great lines and there is about, I would take those who have and give to those who wanted thus light destroying the incentive of the ambitious. and that's what we're doing look what's happening what's happening with just the bail out. We have people making more money than they can make it work and so on, not going to work what people don't understand? Is you know everybody says all inflation is not coming. All inflation is, is too much money chasing too few goods, so have to do- is not be able to make the goods well if no one's taking their job. The factories can keep up with the demand so that demand
and will will promise you higher prices and everybody's gonna, bitch and moan about higher prices than going to the capitalist system. No, it's not it's! This. It's this government hybrid here of socialism and corrupt capitalism, that is the cause massive massive pain for everybody in your listening to the best of the global problems, so part of our infrastructure bill is to make sure that we have broadband available for everywhere in the country that we gonna be blanketed. This thing coaster coast and the government is gonna be involved in it. I dont want the government involved in any of this stuff,
I dont think the government has a place in her role in it, and you know when things go wrong. You become China very quickly if It's all government lines if its everything was built by the government governments gonna build in things for the future? You know some things, it maybe we'd like to do I would rather have people like Elon Musk, building them Elon Musk is just done. Space, excess starling internet service and the rolling out around the world and it is a service, so you can have high speed internet anyway, in the latency is about forty milliseconds to twenty milliseconds. Well, so you know We are now all have a latency issue of about a hundred milliseconds. When you it below five. You can do surgery remotely, but twenty milliseconds in a hundred for sure too long you bill.
Location on the table. If something goes wrong, but I've, milliseconds and below that like having the sir. His hands right there in red. time will this gets from space this, it's- u I latency of twenty milliseconds two, forty milliseconds, that's good! that's really good for something in space low orbit, and he he's paying for it now. Why am I talking about this because I think it's an amazing project that an otter manure has taken on in said I'll- get internet too appellation I'll get internet anywhere, we're just a ring, the earth with satellites and he's done it now oh, he is going and opening it up all right. It's available in the U S in Canada, Australia. and this is just the beta system- it's gonna- get faster one
they have more satellites up, but they are now asking other countries. Do you want to buy into this? Do you want part of this? Well, the problem, is in South Africa. they desperately need this, but in South Africa. They have. They have something called the shoot. What is it the black by Yan or something you to have black either ownership or black C e as the head of the company for you to be the do anything in South Africa will will liniment. So what is, was I mean it. I mean you're, not gonna, give high speed internet because Elon Musk is the ceo and he's white. The answer is yes, that's exactly what means. So we are no longer on meritocracy. We are
Only judging things on race, which how You can find ways around it. I would imagine, but is is that a job? You would want that you would the guy who's, not really the ceo, but your black and so you're gonna. Be The ceo, be horrible. Think of what kind of a country you would have if you, creating those kinds of things that this happens often in foreign countries and in sometimes in the U S as well a friend of mine, but one of purchasing Miss in Hawaii and the rules were basically that there had to be a certain percentage ownership of a native Hawaiian, so it was. The business was purchased and then basically, the native Hawaiian was sort of like the the billboard front of the company. You know I can't not necessarily doing a lot but had to be on the ownership papers and get paid to beyond the ownership papers, while
the the regular American, which I guess Hawaiians aren't. I don't know exactly how that works with the regular American actually owned and operated the business. It's bizarre and it happens all over the world before countries that happens all the time with a merry in foreign countries. In foreign countries it happens in foreign countries, even Mexico, you, can't buy oceans, front property in Mexico unless you're mexican, so Oh, and I understand that you don't want a foreign foreign nationals to own all of the property. That's good! So p. What they do is they they buy something, and you can only through the bay, if you're a foreign national, but only for a hundred years, and it goes back to the bank and but if it's it's water, front property. It has to be purchased through ex again, so you what people do in life is that, I think, is they these properties and they buy I'm through
people who are saying you live there, but really, though just the caretakers. So I mean it. It's it's just a sham its away for people to make money it's a sham wanted to talk about South Africa, because it's a really unique situation but we have. Somebody who we know through the blaze is a really great. I President founder of share together and is from South Africa actually saved his sister from sex trafficking. It's an amazing story, Jacobo ruins is with us now Yoko. How are you, We can get Iago another he would at whose actually schedule for about ten minutes. For now, I did see him walk in those times are album. If you, if you would, I thought it was on the phone. I'm sorry, yeah yeah bring him in Brigham and he has a really interest Take on on what all of this kind of stuff means
because he sees it in South Africa and South Africa is a disaster is a disaster. It was getting better under Nelson Mandela and they Massive changes, its not America, its, Certainly not Israel and it has some real poverty problems. I mean the the difference between the black community in poverty and the white com de in poverty, is something Americans have never seen. We just never seen that kind of poverty, How do you get out of it Have you go on with his high yoko? How area Blaine good to be with you? good, I'm sorry, too, Polina thought Europe. I thought you were on this half hour nuts. I wanted to talk to you about what Elon Musk, is dealing with, and what that means in South Africa when you have have to have a black south african at the head of a company.
and it's a sham? a hundred percent Glinda the Black economic empowerment Act- and this act no doctor, Helen Zella, the leader of the Democratic alliance, was hidden in a k province. It's the only province, it's not governed by the agency. She wrote a book recently called stayed, woke, go broke in. Books he says we don't know of South Africa can survive the culture wars in the USA. I disagree. I don't think the USA can survive I've a type policy as what we ve had for the last twenty seven years in the culture wars in South Africa, South Africa's really a test case. It should be the test case for the world everything we've seen through Covid in twenty twenty I've seen that movie before I lived it to Apartate. I can script it to you what's coming next and what's coming. Next. Is affirmative action in the US? It is a b e black economic empowerment, like kind of policy, and this is what that does it mandates by the state
you have seen sweet level executives with a fifth. one percent majority ownership of your company. If you're the founder of the company, it doesn't matter you, higher a black face you give equity and qualifies you for certain privileges by the state, lower taxes etc and then, most importantly, you can qualify for roman contracts and here comes the massive corruption. This is why you see President Zuma indicted for fraud. The group does why you see banks going down, why you see s come to power company funding money, billions of dollars out of South Africa, because a black economic empowerment, but the policy does the following blocking compare this preferential procurement, affirmative action quotas, even in sport to wear a sports team says: hey. Seventy seven players, this color three players
two players that color not on merit even its rays. Even in sport on a national level, our national level, then it also, of course, economic equity. And in a note representation that needs to be across the board so literally how it works. Is this a scoring system plain and if you, look! I'm not going to subscribe to the EU at all I am a business owner and South Africa still and I had to do I do I want to subscribe to be, and if you don't you get paid as your capital gains your taxes or through the roof. Now you, are playing the game because, as a scorecard oak I'll bring in one c sweet guy, I own a couple points to see sweet guys. percent ownership in this this game and what happens give you example the head of our educate Department, in South Africa, the head so down our equivalent of head of education in the. U S and we have ministers. Our Minister of education does not have an education degree
our Minister of Health, is not a doktor. Think about for Sudan. The person whose writing policies on health in South Africa is not a doctor. a person who used to work in economic department who, to be in mining and just kids placed at the top of the terror. of a whole sector? This is Elena, stepping into This is what this this is: the great risk, ET absence is what the World economic forum I mean. The score card is already there is the Eu S chief system, a hundred percent? I think that's what you're going to hear a Tipp of the hat to tonight about finding new ways to equity and to make things more, fair, etc, etc, and what you describing I think Molly, was the prototype and now I just figured out how to do it and how to cast it out for the whole world, through the
The world economic forum is all of those things are being proposed right now in the United States. All of those things I am sad to say Goin, but I called several economist because thank you for inviting me on your show. I really always a very shit you, I called them I just want to be on the cusp factual, on your show that even this morning spoke to one of the top economists in the country and said Jack, who we are we're cringing over here, because you are literally following our a book from ninety. Ninety seven, two thousand one, two thousand five. It is like its scripted DE guys, can predict what's next, so tell me: what it was like and and what they sold and what happened. Yeah yeah, I'm from South Africa, but you know born and raised twenty seven years for twenty seven years of my life glinda. So through the apartheid year I was raised and it was. We were raised right by a mom who sit. I all men are equal created by God. But what we saw is a massive pendulum swing in Rome, racism and in the result and end the email
ITALY. The proposed economic plan was black economy. environment, and it took three years to employ from nineteen for when Nelson came out of prison to ninety ninety seven here though he was part of this oh honey. I didn't know who did not have heeded. the Communists, didn't, have you Didn'T- seem to have a bone his body where it was vengeance. No, but but now send its. I could always now a version of this plan with President Mandela that then you know those kind, followed was kinder and it was truly about in a building a nation together and really bringing people right, because the men had a hard chains in prison. He was a communist, yes, but had a hard change, but very quickly. Those who over power from him swung the angel em all the way. That's what we're seeing in the? U s now. I firmly believe that radical left feel like Barack Obama was not radical enough and this
This is the time to come, get the pound of flesh, and this is always going to happen script it so when pendulum, swung the reverse. Racism kept me, but this is what happened. Three trillion dollars. U S. Dollars was spent by the apartheid government on them the majority, which is always black in Africa. The majority is black, the minority is white, only three million people that speak my language on the planet. Africa There's a small group of people right, so we pendulum swung they brought in black economic empowerment. Here's what happened we're now it weenty, nine percent, nationally unemployment rate, twenty, nine percent. Oh my gosh! Today, that's a figure. Today. That's black economic empowerment, there is no middle class, it in which is the political Ass, they hand out contracts, government contracts due to government. employees. This is pay four players is everything you cringe about as
Free American and it's coming in the end. They and they call it. Nah Mc Forum in South Africa. The equality act. They have done nothing. This policy does nothing going to uplift, it's as black as bad for Black South Africans, as it is for white. South Africa it's a facade, their riding on the backs of their own people? It's a cannibal isolation of their own people. It's a voting block, so we can stay in power. The agency, through blue economic now at foreign company comes in Islam. Is a south african born I'm south african we're both citizens, the- U S but Eliza, to step into a mess. I mean Is it going to do it? I don't think so, because what they're going to require of him, I can't that man give it up. He's gonna have to give up he's going, to position he's company at fifty one percent, black ownership in South Africa. Fifty percent. That's controlling interest clean! You know that I mean this is how the other the corporation is steered in.
the reason they do that, whether it is our version of Walmart, which is mass marked, or our version of nests lay. We Cadbury they put these eyes in senior swiss- see sweet positions? but the answer to the government stew. They answer to the governments of the government says, turn left Operation shifts cultural shift; they control strings and they pay these guys. We got people education and South Africa that earn more than doctors and by the way it goes down today, if you're, a white kit, which is the minority in South Africa by number. Ok, that minority you cannot go school to become a doktor. They won't. Let you in your skin color is not right. You can't become a doctor. a trickle down a sport. We talking about quotas in Pee, wee our version of pvc football pee Wee rugby. I saw only for white kids allowed on the team not merit. hey Bud, Johnny's really fast. Now you're wrong skin color. That's coming
more in just a second. I want to talk to you about something else that is going on with the when Nelson Mandela died? There was a turn towards vengeance enough of this reconciliation and they interventions, and it is the dark side of what happening here in Amerika as well and it hasn't led to anything good when you talk about that coming out the best of the Glenn Beck program, it is so sad because his beautiful and you know it is a it's a system that was built. I think I,
Nelson Mandela? Out of love, he thought he was right about his economic policies, a communist, and he thought he was doing the right thing by the people now once he died. A new guy came in and said to her. With all the nice stuff and You are telling us in the break that You know the guy who is in jail with Nelson Mandela, yeah I had to fortune of meeting a cell might of Nelson actually became a professor and had a heart change, but they were policies drawn up a battles, tragedy plan, a plan while they were imprisoned for almost three decades right of how to take this country back, and it was a direct connection with the outside world. the foreign world and prisons, system with the agency, which was the African National Communist Party, does not forget that, Nelson Mandela was not put in jail because he was a black man. They blew up a building
during got. This is this is that the issue is acts of treason right and so so, but anyway, Nelson comes out. He said he was a people person, no glass, he loved people The guy who followed him up taboo Becky was a radical apps, radical communist and am It forget about this nice stuff forget about this their version of a reset with Nelson loving people and wanting in a true true no relationship and the nation, the rainbow nation, as we were called right back he just said forget now, since our drop the hammer- and it's been down here from there and the policies are absolutely radical and we should as a it can make a study of South Africa. Since nineteen. Ninety four today, really. Ninety ninety seven, when this came in when Nelson start losing his group, because it was all he was still there president, but he was losing his grip on his party he's party. Stood him way before he actually left as president. They they took him rang. It was really just three years of him them following him, because it wasn't euphoric kind of
in emotionally driven thing and then, when I realized will now says not really going to justice, hey do eyes? People right into and I started taking power back and then in the J consumers of the world. Who is does so radical? And now we have several rum, a porter who is an absolute free, a fake and in India, in fighting in it's the corrupt sheds corrupt, is yes the corruption your seeing now in black lives matter the corruption you're, seeing now in the Biden family, where they enrich themselves because their part of the deal. We hide it better. you will notice that here in Amerika people are starting just to just be out with it. I mean look at black lives matter, just I'm just gonna buy in houses. How? How are you by? Where is that money? Coming from how you buying all those houses. In its
cliche follow the money, but it's a disk president Zuma, Jacob Zuma. Currently it's from opposes Zuma goes in and up to the equivalent of a hundred million dollars. You s plus builds himself houses around the globe. Bills for you can always followed the money black lives matter, ink literally falling the play book of the south african state, the State Department, at the moment they walking hand an end to the point where we have your foot square- were black businesses are now at a business there, didn't do anything. I'm in the black businesses is black light and out of ink funding, it's better assess no, no and they're calling for the police. Please begging, plea of cronies. Come back of yours come back, and this is South Africa. Today we have no borders. My family owns a form on the border on the orders have most northern border South Africa fence the families. Farmers is a border fence. I mean you don't do anything someone walks onto your land, shoots an elephant! Shoots! Rhino goes to the world,
you can't even you not South Africa. You can't fire upon somebody if there in your house, unless they fire upon you first is just Look at where we're going. I can take the gun issuance out in the USA. Been there saw that happen. Take your guns three Chemic confiscated guns and people's homes right. I can do the playbook is there and we should not in it, should shame on us. If we get fooled by this going because there is how on earth How are you feeling about tonight and the speech tonight You know me, I am an optimist. I free fight evil, but I have a really really bad feeling but to night. I feel, like I told you this in a break in I'm, not a doom and gloom guy, but I feel like we're going to remember tonight as a marker that will look back and said that moment thanks, pivoted think they getting so bold that tonight there. lay our policy and on foot Thirdly, I think America is just too numb some the deaf
Thirdly, the left who voted them into power to even see what they're doing their dissembled at fort for those with sanity and our country, like the clan backs in the stews in this network, we're going look at it and say there: it is: It is there now so bold they're gonna lay out a plan, and I just asked people look at the planet's laid out tonight in look at what's currently in South Africa. Are going to see so many line up so Yahoo you- and I have spoken offer many times because there's something going on in south africa- that is horrifying but beak, has the old right got involved is the reporters well no one will report on it and it is very similar to what happening here in Amerika, I think the Is there is a part of it, that is race. There's all a part of it. I think a big part that is that is just lawlessness now, because you,
do anything we're seeing this here in Amerika. Those people people who were burning things down in an rioting and taken things from Walmart I believe in anything we're just that is just lawlessness, because who's gonna stop them. There is a problem we Farmers generally white that are just being slaughtered in their homes. by these gangs when from nobody is nobody, is very nobody's willing to verify, nobody's willing to go on record, and so many people in the mainstream media just deny that its even happening. What was it happened, a glaring. I'm gonna tell you I'll go on record. I have the interviews to prove it. My family is there it's absolutely happening. We have gone from three hundred thousand farmers and ninety ninety four to thirty thousand farmers in South Africa in twenty seven years. Three hundred
thousand farmers to thirty thousand farmers. Ok, the farming community, is a direct attack. community in South Africa profiled a hundred percent, if you're it do. You know that by the World forum. The most dangerous job on the earth today has to be asked the african former. That is most dangerous job. the whole World Forum agrees to this, but in the U S, mainstream media. Don't wanna! Go there! Why? Because its predominantly nine five percent white farmers and we're not talking about killing a bullet a bullet would be merciful. We'll talk, about killing raping women, killing them by burning them with blow torches were talking. dragging them behind vehicles de Lemming people, the cap, updating people right children in front the fathers pouring of hot water down their throats. They just had a young kid. Twenty two year old farmer Brennan, they skinned him you skin, a deer and a public square huh, I'm a tree and skin
I am glad this is not. We got the photographs, this is verifiable, but the ultra right, unfortunately, try to I could work it's bad enough. We don't need to make it worse, just let the truth stand for itself and the resident of South Africa says nothing to see here and any defences. Well, this this. You know this fifty motors a week in South Africa. Is nothing to see here. Disproportion genitally when you look at while who is being murdered. You see what wait a second does, not another sector and society on earth that is profiled Zenda, south african former, yes black farmers being killed too, because they there no considered traders because they were Could the White farmer right and so net. Ninety to talk about the land grab. That's going on the government. Just grab and get the land the government and is no compensation, so got a mortgage on the land. You got mortgage on your tractors or your equip and they go. That's your problem with the bank we're just taking what,
we're taking the lead and do you think, they're selling the land that a black format and South Africa today want people to hear this. by his own format, police Is it from a government? So they take land from the white farmers and in the least to the black former he can't even buy it? They were allowed to evade the cash white farmers are going around putting mortgage is down for black former saying we want they want it. Can't it's state owned. under the guise of democracy. These are facts. Absolute fact, I'll bring the proof I'll bring the owl set up the interviews, but the world doesn't touch it because it's reversed racism and they don't want to talk about that at a we have. We have talked about this and I talked about this with my producers for almost two years. and we argue to do a we'll, do a special with you on it and will do it this quarter. Thank you. I promise you that it is a region,
have to be very careful, because the old right, as you said, makes it worse than it is. You don't have to make it not at all national, whether it is because of of black radicals or job. chaos and art. I think it's. A combination of the two is just it's- it's what's happening here in Amerika and if you'd to hold thing that will come here are your sadly mistaken. Sadly, mistaken bliss walking in the streets in someone commits a murderer and they went to the day when the prosecutor gonna, we can't do anything to this guy he is not. Here is a ghost because, as an illegal immigrant, Kenya Rwanda in Ivory coast. Happening at the moment. What Marla walking through other countries into our country. Honduras is walking in this is literally, I'm telling that little country of South Africa in the political cycle is the United States and its very young country, but it is a head we have done this. Is it
The exercise does not work, it's gonna break. this culture, if we do this ingrained, I promise I'll bring. You is the horse s mouth, a verified truth will bring black white economist black white farmers and you yourself in your audience, because you always give your audience fact and I love the show, and I love this network will be to you. We have to shed light on these things, because it- It is a warning for should be for all our politicians in four four people in this nation to say, if you keep voting this way or supporting this radical stuff. This is this is, what happens? It's human nature, anarchy, yucca thing he's so much thing Yoko billions. You can find him at Yoko Buoy, but we can spelled right just the way it sounds. J, a c o b, o O. Why IE and ass you can find radio, billions ministries, dot, org!
or share together now dot org
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