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Best of The Program | Guests: Jason Whitlock & Josh Rogin | 4/21/21

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Glenn revisits a story of unexplainable forgiveness after an Amish community was shaken by a murderer and asks how this differed from America’s reaction to Derek Chauvin’s convictions. Journalist Jason Whitlock joins to review the final Chauvin trial verdict and discuss what could happen next. “Chaos Under Heaven” author Josh Rogin joins to ask the taboo but reasonable questions about COVID-19’s origin and discuss China’s rise to a new degree of power.

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We'll go to the Pakistan. Today we get into Dirk children trial. We spend most of our time on that going into several perspective, and what to take from where we can go in the future and was is the right thing? Was this justice system working or was this justice system under pressure we get into that today? We also have a really great interview with Josh Rodion becomes on much talk about his new book about China and what was the origin of covert nineteen? Was it really just this innocent thing and, as we know, was it a mistake? What what happened there and was there a cover up? He says there was and we'll get into that is well today, make sure to subscribe to police tv dot com, Slash, Glenn provocateurs, Glenn, save ten bucks in her subscription of waste, even when, as a new special tonight how violence spending spree could end our currency. As we know it is a big one. You'll miss that right after a brand new stew does America and you get all the pot cast by the way, ran his palm cast out just click on subscribe, and course on students. America is wealth subscribe there. It's all free check it out, because the Pakistan contain a lot of one of the greatest memories
a day of tragedy. For me, has to be October second thousand six, No, if you remember what happened on that day,. But a guy named Charlie Roberts. Walked into a one room, Amish Schoolhouse, it was beautiful Monday morning, unseasonably warm here thirty, two years old, he was a dad. Father of three young children. He Walked into the school house and ordered the boys and the adults to leave them and tied up eleven little girls between the ages of six and thirteen and then shot them. He killed five of them. Indeed, the others and he killed himself.
It was it was. when evil came to town I mean there's nothing more peaceful than the amish and if you ve, never had a chance to be an economic community in our go to have amish community. next time, you're in Pennsylvania, which might be you know, never You should go two amish country, it is beautiful, and the people are amazing, their amazing and here comes this monster- to this school, then he shoots these innocent little girls and it is. It was one of the most shocking scenes I had ever seen, and it was a honourable terrible day.
everybody was talking about the little girls. The news was focused on the little girls. What was really made that day so memorable to me. Was when the Amish were still gathered in a barring Waiting to find out who's child was alive and whose child was dead. Still, waiting to find out if their daughters survived. there was a knock on. On Terry Roberts, doors carry Roberts is the mom of the killer. And it was an amish man named Henry. Any knock on the door.
they had already talked inside the house. We're gonna have to move far far far. Away we're now Para: of a mass murderer and how can this community. I mean We can never face this community and the knock on the door from Henry. And Henry said. We don't see you as our enemy. We lost her daughters today, but you ass. The sun now Can you imagine what that felt like as apparent. On the day of Charlie, the key Where's funeral through The amish men and women, some parents of the victims came to the cemetery.
And formed a wall to block out the media cameras. These were parents whose daughters had died at the head. The guy they were burying. and they did the work of blocking the media. and then one by one they went over and express their deep sorrow. For the mothers loss Probably all you know about this story. But I have to tell you when you actually put into practice what you believe. Miracles happen. For weeks after the shooting the Roberts were invited to meet with all of the families in a local fire home. can you imagine.
Your son kill these parents, children one, other, looked across a fire hall and held the gaze. both women looked at each other, the mom of the killer, who is grieving, the loss of her son, and the grieving all of the ones that he had kid old and the mother of one the daughters that had been killed. This mother looked over with tears in her eyes and said we're all grieving, were all Trying to make sense of the senseless theirs
there's a word in black cursive. and its honour. It hangs above a big double pain window and Terry Roberts, son room. the sun room itself was built by the Amish. And as they gave that to her there? her a sign that just says forgiven. Now imagine how hard it's been, but as time went on. The Amish, went on the It was an empty words. They embraced her as a member of the community She was in the hospital with stage for breast cancer, of the girls that her son tried to kill
in her home before she returned from the hospital round Christmas time. The amish came to her house to sing Christmas carols. These people know how to live these people I mean me personally, I think they do. They have electricity link that that's the it's. The other group That doesn't have electricity right, the Amish, just have horse and buggy, but I think I don't. I don't know I dont want to live like them. But you know what I do want to live like this: either. I think I'd rather be amish. I was looking for that yesterday, I can't find it.
These families have found a way to come to you, yesterday, you people saying this is injustice. Well it, It may or may not be The way you mean it I dont know I wasn't in the jury room. I mean there's a lot of evidence that they had to go through and the jury by mean in Minnesota. You have to be one hundred percent all jurors need to agree. in just a few hours. They all agreed on all three really I would think there would be might be a struggle a little bit now again. I wasn't in the courtroom dont know the jury instructions. I dont know Minnesota LAW, but really I pray
that these people were not trying to send a message to the rest of the world not to to send a message to. The community not true. to send a message to anybody who might harm them if they did otherwise, but actually were looking at the facts of the individual case. and I wasn't there. I don't know all. I know is, I didn't hear anybody talk about. the family of Chopin yesterday did you hear We talk about his family theirs. Two people involved here. there. There is the victim. And the perpetrator, both of m have families both of them. now have lost their son
your daughter, their husband, their father. Both families have had tremendous loss and can guarantee you in Minneapolis, if you're the family of Chauvelin Europe, thinking today. I should move far far away from here you, thinking. How am I going to stay close enough to be able to visit him in prison because close enough to visit him in prison is not far enough away from the people. Who would do me harm call me racist. You know. justice was done yesterday. We all saw the video and we all saw something that horrified all of us. Now I personally don't think that right or regional rises to the level of murder, but they define it differently.
in Minneapolis and in Minnesota. It's a d. For a standard than the one you and I are used to again. I don't know I'm. laddie plate is paying a price, but is is price right. But was was justice done. see, people are looking for. So he'll justice and social justice is not real. Collective justice is not real because you asking for something to happen. That is impossible to happen. When men are involved,
recalls mistakes and murder will happen because Men are flawed. People must pay for their sins and they will nets up to God. We need to make sure people pay for their crimes and. All we are doing right now is playing musical chairs. I personally think America was on the man I thought America was. struggling to be a more perfect nation, and that takes time- and I think, the progress that we had made from. Eighteen nineteen fifty nineteen sixty.
To the year two thousand was astounding: astounding. Was it right now, did we made real progress. Yeah Racism still exist, yeah bad cops, yeah, bad priests, yeah Bad, you know bad artists, bad tv people, bad whatever. Yes, because it's a collection of people, miracles. Madness mistakes and murder all happen when you have a group of people. I I want to hear from you today. Eighty eight seventy seven be easy Kay. But I urge you to SK yourself this because I haven't heard this from any one Ivan
heard this from any I watch tv last night, I haven't heard it from anyone. Everyone has an agenda, Have an amazing opportunity, to reset to this. Even if you agree or don't agree with the verdict, it's the system, Get to talk a little later about how the system has failed. and the system has failed because it failed to protect people who work be the bridge. Yours it failed to protect the possible innocent Does information was held back. Can we just. Can we look at this story today as
just a story, because this is all it supposed to be a store about two men. George Floyd, not a perfect man, deserve to die, Chauvelin, not a perfect man, but none convicted of racism. Nowhere in the trial did they say, and he was racist here here and here. Oh, he has a long pattern of racism here that with this story has become, but that's not what this story is about. I would ask that you would ask yourself: how am I going to serve my nation best. What is the thing that I can do today? That will serve my nation best. And the best thing you can do is serve your God,
and the best way to serve God is to serve your fellow man is anyone thinking of all families? I pray you are listening to the best of the planned agro. Grim Jason went long. Let me go to you, I'm sorry to make you holding, but I wanted you to hear at least one voice of of people date, because I am seeing in the phone calls that are stacked up, and I am hearing from from phone calls. People are sad today there afraid of of where were headed Gimme your effective the verdict yesterday.
Well, first call you back off your comment. I think people are justifiably confused, like what. What are we doing here? Where what direction are we hurried in America? We ve always been headed in the direction of expanding freedom, expand in fairness moving against a race base worldview and now we're pivoting really. Quickly and really passionately the opposite direction and it's a bite prior to technology, the term big tat? The way we communicate now is is: is cheap, not so relative again what you think about those of us in our fifties. You know
We grew up in homes with one in the home. No car waiting one record player one. Maybe two tvs in the hall. But now there is just- and so I think, like communication has been cheapened and it's been dumb down to a point, where it is just much easier to people the wrong direction- and social media promotes an anecdote. Driven worldview We haven't the men I may just interjected on. You know, you're talking about how it's been cheapened idea anybody that ever wrote a letter to the editor cause. You have to sit down. Think about. I write it put it in an envelope, get a stamp get the address, send it in I mean it took Forever, by the time that thing was out now, every bodies, writing a letter to the editor and it's all equal value,
Only the ones that are the hotheads are the ones that make it to the top. I mean what are we expecting to happen and again, so someone who write write a letter would really be passionate and probably really informed on the topic and they would take time to do that, and now all it takes is ten thirty it goes to ride out a tweet that says I hate to himself my reaction to the verdict was. I thought that to me Clearly I thought Derek slogan was can guilty of manslaughter. I don't. He had an empty the queue. I do think he was a bit drop one is power and a bit distracted by the crowd harass you him in combination, turn lethal for joy. toy, however, having said that, I'm just amazed at how big dick in.
Remedial working together- have us so focused on George Boy and other reason. Steam criminal suspects and what happens to them and No people get tired of hearing it, but, but I'm just may the seven year old girl got shot. and killed sitting in a Mcdowell dried on his window the one cares. There's! No! No one question around a seven year old girl in I'm just amazed that again because this is about anything real Jason. This isn't about action justice. This isn't about anything this. about political power capital and and in some cases, actual dollars
loaded actual dollars. My I wouldn't say in some cases in a lot of these cases, there is money to be made in being raised still criminal suspects, blacks, us, but who are you'll buy? Why cause there's lots of money per tree? collars, car makes up ahead and now she has for home scattered across Amerika and as it would Warner brothers in all this. For making a hashtag and pretending like He cares about George Roy there's. A lot of money to be made if our shocked him takes a picture of himself getting on a private jet to go be with George Floyd's family that again The message is: look at I've made it I'm flying on private jets off the backs of criminals.
Breaks, resisting arrest and TIM being like. their life has ten times the value of the kid, but a m m. Some adult being split in the streets every day and we ignore that Seven year old girl, she had no shot like she's expensive, a thing. Done no harm to anyone. and she's watered- and no one cares, it's mine blinded me and I get why people rely, compete, can values are being change rapidly rapidly either I mean this is just over night. It's driven by social media. I will say this about irritated people, but again. If you go he had how a miracle on a dying changed on same sex marriage. That's the info.
once a social media. That's the influence of twitter, an apple. Voices in Jack. Dorsey says it. did that the goal of social media in Twitter to amplify voices that did he We need to be simplified and in Again, as I said last time, I warn you show, I have great Before the algae BT community and how we have demonize, there said Anne not being used, are all its huge. I get it, and so there needed to be a correction of up among those believers and Christians. We needed to correct our behaviour, the relation, but again. It is just like I said, there's This is why I have been Mary Ann and so everything not for everybody.
listen. I appreciate I've gotta network break, I have to hit, but Thank you for the the reason And the logic that you're using today, I really appreciate you're listening to the best of the global Josh Roguishly is a is an author He has had access to the top Eu Us officials from the white house in our foreign policy machine and he has written a new book called chaos under Heaven And it talks about our relationship with China. what happened under Trump and with the issue Hon virus. Welcome to the poor,
ambrosch our you spread Glenn. Thank you So thank you for at least asking honest questions and letting the chips fall where they may. I I don't know why we can talk about where the virus came from. I dont think that it was. a man made virus that was intentionally released. I think, there's good chance that it did come from the womb Hon. Institute and it was accidentally was released, but I dont know if we have any proof of that Tell me about what you have found, that's exactly right when, as it turns out the origin of the the virus is not political question? It doesn't matter if your honor after the right, it doesn't matter if you like Trump or if you dont like dropped to the matter greater Republican. It is simply a scientific and forensic quest
and probably the most important question that we have the answer in order to solve the crisis that we are in and prevent the next pandemic, yet, for over a year, we ve been told that, just to even utter even mention the possible still yet proven, but certainly possible theory that the outbreak began due to human error. In one of these, why lives? Just imagine that was considered quite impolite and quite at about IN in Washington, but its society and the media for a number of reasons. So before we get into the reasons, let me ask you we, but the We knew something was wrong. I mean About the war on cables, yet so when I reported the time and then again in this book, was that for you There have been concerns amongst yours, diplomats and others about that,
We have left the one is due to viral the largest repository of background of viruses in the world where? U, s and chinese scientists we're working together to create viruses, not create, but to use science to develop fire in an interview that were more violent, backward affected. In fact, human more easily and therefore were more dangerous and more transmissible and then, when the outbreak break happened right next to these labs, it went if it were a lot of people inside the. U S: government who wanted to look at these labs and who saw these reports from years ago about concerns about his laugh, but they were. able to do so because of the political environmental because of the things that were going on inside the: U S: government enemy, you as China relationship, including the chinese government was blackmailing the? U S government it tonight, asking any questions and also mailing a lot of other countries and also lying about the origin, the virus covering up the sciences and jelly besides, isn't
only the journal. It too there was a very extensive and well founded. campaign led by the Chinese Communist Party and also the friends of this latin american friends. Slap whose orders were to then with the land, where the clear conflict of interests who were telling all the journalist you better not talk about the lab at by the way. We don't think the lad did it and because, where the best friends of the lab The best people to tell you that they didn't do it. So there was a perfect storm of horrendous nets that combines pusher towards this idea that we couldn't look at these labs. Then you know here we are a year later and of course, now we arrive. But Redfield he was the CDC director. Doktor Tito's the head of the future and many other people, including many scientific, we gotta look at these words. It doesn't matter what political side of the spectrum your now we have to look at you: go ahead, the bottom line we wasted a year? Are we wasted, crucial time and energy and resources, and the question is only more important than ever, because it believes that. How do we stop this endemic?
having again, we can't do that if we don't figure out how it happened in the first place So now, let's go to! Why have they? Why is it Ben? I mean you're, you're called a conspiracy theories. Jerk, you called all kinds of names. Your shut down. People had been, down on social media, some have lost their jobs just questioning what why Why you so powerful that this is all is shut down like that you Couple reasons: one is because of again this propaganda campaign that was run by the Chinese Communist Party, but aided and abetted by american scientists, who are the best friend I'm talking about Peter does: the Eco Health Alliance and all the rest to you know told us that it was a conspiracy theory. Because I didn't want any want to look at the lab and then, when the W H did its report, they hired these same exact scientist, including Peter Desert, the girl lab.
are there for three hours, talk to the scientific, didn't see anything dink it get some data, but not really all the data and making a vacuum We don't need to look at the lab anywhere in this is a cover up. Ok, this there's no other word for it. It's a cover up to distract us from the urgent need Look at this: let s look at the other theories without appointed that we need to look at all the theories and figure out what's widen wherever there Actually, that's where we have to follow in its it is solely as nipple is bad men in the media. The red met there we'll get they picked up on. This was because Donald Trump, during the last period in most of the mainstream media? Didn't want now I'll be right. They couldn't bear with the fact that tunnel what might have been right about something, despite the fact that he also that all these other today, they considered couple, but even the broken clock is right place every day. Here- we are your leader. Donald Trump is no longer president, so it doesn't matter he was right it but the meeting Still doesn't want to correct their error if it is an error Because I don't want to get drunk dawn and but getting
that is really not was born with important. Protecting our country from this stand. Em, started calmly rice last week, and she said something that I had not heard. Anybody say before she correct it's me when I said rising China. She said it's a risen, China it's a risen, China it's not rising anymore. It's gonna get more powerful, but it's already at the table and its eight powerhouse. What does. What does the shift in our raw president mean to China and may because I am not for trade barriers. I was strongly against trade barriers. However, I was torn on trade barriers with China, because China is just there. Control and they are not the friends of freedom. and and not friends to us
and so I was. I was glad to see that we were taking a hard line on on China and now I feel like we'll just Excuse anything again that China is doing that all accurate oars, yeah Glenn real with almost everything that you said you know in the trunk administration came in what they did, was they slipped over? The chess board be ended. Forty here's. What was largely a policy of engagement, first cooperation for its work meant bearing on the idea that is, China got more powerful than it would liberalized economically and then that would lead to liberalize Let me add that would not solve the reservoir, Problems but it became pretty cool. after sheeting think that power and twenty thirteen and more and more over the years that that just wasn't it happening it was going another way and actually they were abusing our engagement to advance their interests
as ours, and actually they were interested in changing the world order to make it safe for autocracy and repression and aggression of all kinds. In that we were, we were later knowledge that much less risk under that now the problem with Tromp administrations response, of course, is embedded in that the title of my book, a thunder avenue, was very chaotic. You were there was a man it was very little. It was hard for anybody to really understand what was going on and the factions thought internally and trumpet His mind on the tactics and all the rest, and you know we didn't, for human rights and against them yours in Hong Kong and the trade war. You know I can make an argument that the terrorists were useful, but that, because that will trade where was executed in such a happy The manner it undermined its effectiveness, but here we are four years later and Trump put over the chest: chessboard, But by the administration has yet to set it back up again and they could, if they choose
set it up in a way that give us back the advantage we still have by ground. We still have the best economy. We still have the right. You know we still have the position of moral suffocation that we stand for the things that we believe in equating: democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law, and then still have allies and partnerships professed to believe in them, thanks. So we don't know yet if they're gonna pull this off. If they're gonna take this new approach, that the treatment vision. Admittedly, man stop at times, but handed them and make it more international and more effective. They could do that if they chose, because, though not yet, What are the signs that show us one way or the other receiving yet well absolute they suffer right now we have a lot of continuity and we saw you know we still have the tariffs that you know, I'm not our sky either, but hey, listen, that's leverage, you don't want just give them away. You want to use them to get the things they want. The drug barons Illustration confirm that is a genocide going
enjoying against the weakest guess what there is agenda going on it Jane you get the Wiggers and out, but they had to actually do something about it. So the indications are that their hope either They also haven't said that we can get the lab accident. Very divided administration confirmed that there were some shady I'm going out the lab that they did. It admitted, in other words they want to get to the bottom. but they're not invested in the idea that we can talk about lab accident there because they were there at the time. So Who is it Oh, please finish: the indications are leaving. These are that they are open open to a more assertive, more aggressive policy towards because that's what the american people want. That's what the polls show that Democrats and Republicans one because the chinese communist parties- aggression, Affects us in our own lives, in our schools in our mind,
it's in our support in Hollywood in Silicon Valley everywhere. So now that, now that all Americans are woken up to this, especially if you're sitting in your base, it scared of getting grown a virus. You know What happens in Beijing no longer stays in Beijing, and you want your leaders to do something about it and that's what the market people are calling for an that's. What the violent you you're starting to respond You bet it's not enough. Yet. so what was it that the Americans were doing that in this lab that Many Americans didn't want other Americans to know about what where are they doing something nasty or was it just? Do it? Looked bad This is the crucial question, and this is a great question because, according to Robert Redfield, again, not a completely Problematic person, but not someone with bailing out the Trump team for the sake of it. According to him, virus likely came from what Gardena Function, research password
we're doing merits where you collect all these viruses from a while, and then you run them through mice that have lungs better adapted to act like human lungs out a few thousand times, and you see what happens and that the figures to predict the net endemic in wooden the ironic if the programme to predict the next friend pandemic actual because the pandemic sparkly quite accidentally, of course, and the press one with that is badly. These Americans were doing this involvement, because this research had been largely ban. By the Obama administration in the United States, so they moved to China, where there was less. The site and now here we are trying to get back into the lapses, but basically impossible, because the chinese government won't allow it. But what we can do is weakening Diamond these american lapse and then Is there any age? And that means the end I ate the, which is run by Anthony, cloudy and eco help alliance, and this is what you see. This is what you see in Congress. More and more of our makers, then you have to say
ok, well, listen! If we can't get into these blue eye lapse, we want to know what all the american lives were doing in conjunction with them, and we want to know where the procedures followed and, if not, why not in it and get up the account held the cap over that May we gonna take a look at all this unification research because- and this is gonna blow, My group and the green plant response a pandemic is to increase this research six. By spending another one point, two billion dollars to collect five hundred- in new viruses, Finally, while the brain, the labs all of the world's caught the global by road and you want to do every year. We wanted to have this problem every single year, so my simple Possible again not reproach Some guy merit at thy drunk, I a moderate. Looking around a democratic. This the rapporteur would like did not have a pandemic every year and my let's figure it out before we sit fold increase the this was eraser research figure at that level the pandemic would be helpful.
I don't think so, Lynn no and I think, if we're going to do this research anyway, we should do it in the United States. Shipping at all to China and having them do it in China, where their standards are a lot lower than ours is insanity in sand, and not just now, just like that the allegations by the tropical restriction, which was confirmed by the bided administration, by the way again not grow Trump conspiracy. Theory. Jake solve, and all the rest was that they took. Research, Mme had their own game going on with their military, that. We didn't know about. Ok, I'm at a real danger that we think we're the art we're just doing open science with a bunch of nice chinese scientists. But these nice. Many scientists may be very nice people, but they don't get to make the decisions about what research then do what they tell us. What goes on the land bats run by a party in the Party act as it acts This is not in our eye.
Josh Rogan, author of chaos. Under Heaven, chaos under Heaven is the name of the book. Josh Rogan. Thank you for being on prescience.
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