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Pfizer claims it was never part of Operation Warp Speed, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo isn’t pleased that the vaccine could be released under Trump. Cindy McCain has joined Joe Biden’s advisory board. Democrats are championing Al Gore and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as Georgia heads into runoff elections, but still insist that Trump must admit Biden won. AR500 Armor CEO David Reece discusses the true purpose behind body armor in these trying times and how we got here in the first place.

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What a programme. Today we started with where we started with a little wreck. We have asked for a friend who we finally loss than it's time to put Fox news down, I mean, maybe maybe tomorrow maybe tomorrow will name, will name Fox NEWS, corporation, yellow and please please all the other. I don't know, but anyway we we're starting at campaign, and that is Tucker to blaze, TV, that's hashtag, tuckered, ablaze tv. We would like to send out the message now to Tucker Charleston and anyone who was with really making an impact who might come under the thumb of these laughed too come join. Us tat lays tv we urge you to do the same. There is strength in numbers and strength. In the truth, we need to stick together. His Franklin said we all have to hang together or were certainly going to hang separately and that's becoming more and more true. We go in to the truth and reconciliation project. The website is up the altered it in the last couple of days they ve taken out some of the names of the judges, etc, etc, but the left is actually making a list and checking twice. We also have we have the attorney general from whereas Louisiana he's on to talk about these amethysts brief that they filed yesterday in the Supreme Court, the attorney general's for the Republicans across the country. We also have the greatest governor on the face of the earth. At least I can say that now might change no, not from Texas but governor known from South Dakota she's on with us, and we also talk a little bit about the election fraud and what's really happening all entities, but can I just cannot get over the cowardice, the cow?
it is of some of these companies. I think that's what Fox NEWS is doing. They just want to make sure that there are not on the list that they they don't, you guys are going to attack us not allow one. Do you like you suck fox but we have Pfizer yesterday. Yesterday we found out that fire said you know I look. Got a we ve got a vaccine. That seems ninety percent. Effective. That's great Are we weren't part of that work? Speed thing we had nothing to do with Donald Right did not end with a true where media these, but now there is, a story here of the private sector, right, like is that the way is being presented shockingly. The media that make this one company decided is that take initial funds and decided to develop it on their own by their own telling because they want to avoid bureaucracy. That's not gonna, be the story here, but they are
taking money that they ve been working with warp speed. I entirely around the May, I say transom annually many time there's but on they ve announcing their own press releases. Our producers reached out two h h s and the White House for a statement here are the official statements given to us in July, the: U S: Department of Health and human services. This is from Michael Pratt, Hs spokesperson and parliament of defence, entered into an agreement with: U S based Pfizer ink for a law, large scale, production and nationwide delivery of a hundred million doses of their covert nineteen vaccine in the United States. Following accede, successful manufacturer and approval. The Agreement also allows the? U S government, to acquire an additional five hundred million doses at a prefix pre established Bryce. Operation. Warp speed continues to work very closely with the company, through constant communications at all levels, to ensure on time, delivery of the vaccine and other
materials required for distribution and administration once the vaccine is approved, we also down to the White House. Here's Michael Bars way how spokesperson press in trumps operation, work, speed, expedient aided the regulatory process and provided bill, of dollars to a portfolio of companies to deliver a safe and effective vaccine five. Times other faster than any other in history, Pfizer was among the companies that began working with the administration beginning in March, followed by an investment of one point. Nine five billion dollars announced in July Disappear, large scale, manufacturing and distribution of a hundred million doses of Pfizer's vaccine can to the american people free of charge. Today's else. When demonstrates the historic success of president trumps, unprecedented public private partnership, harnessing the full power of the federal government, the private sector, military and scientific community to say millions of lives fight
There came out and said: no, no. no that evil Donald Trump. We had nothing to do with him. Wow Eddie, and the timing of their announcement it's not a bit of that. Couldn't have happened, I don't know, six days before. No, they lay woke up one day and said Monday. We don't have its ninety percent effective just now right now. I wanted it gives due and opportunity to comment on this, because I don't understand this story. Vat in timing. Is bad news suggest undermining trumps covert vaccination plan. This is Cuomo coming out and saying the bad news is is that Joe Biden won't be in for a couple of months. Here is this quote?
is good news and bad news. George. The good news is that Pfizer tests look good and we'll have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is that it's about two months before Joe Biden takes only- and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan. The vaccine plan is very important and is probably the most ambitious undertaking undertaken since covered began. You have two months and we can't let this vaccination plan go forward. The way there administration is designing. A legally binding, can't undo it two months later, we'll be in the midst of it. so his his basic argument here is that the trumpet are really trying to orally here they're gonna. Do a poorly trump is going to use the private sector, which is the big problem that was the apparently the big problem of the entire virus was that we use the private sector too much, which is actually the reverse of the entire staff. Actual story of the panel
make, but that's a totally different issue. Every one would expect Edric woman to be completely incorrect on all of his arguments about the idea, the deed in almost not alone on us he's just as usual, the worst offenders but the fact that they're out there trying to scare people away from taking a vaccine or a treatment that could help this go away, shows how little they care about now. Only the lives of human beings in general, but the lives of the people in their own party, the people who actually are dumb enough to vote for them. They don't care if they gather in two parties of thousands screaming at each other from four inches away. They don't care because they don't. air about their lives. They just you know, area whether Lord agenda, I won't hear of it, did you. your pat who It has now become a leading member of Joe Biden covered Nineteen Advisory Board I do I don't know, I don't think so, seek Emmanuel
oh well leave, lie yeah, yeah great. Yes, they complete library. I he was a key key architect in Park Obama's healthcare programme. He's the guy who you know came up with a complete lives system, which means, if your zero time and I'm just trying to get at these ages. I used to know this by heart, but I think it's from zero to nine. You get very little health care so like at birth. He get not very at no extra help to live. We haven't made any potatoes, yet exactly in your a long way away from making it. Then, when you hit your teenage years, you get a little bit more when twenty to forty, you get a lot of healthcare care. That's their designers, your productive year, so we gotta he'll. You then you're forty, it starts to go down after I think sixty five, it's like nothing,
back to an inn for you can die while- and this is the reason of course, why is equally emmanuel- wrote an essay for the Atlantic? Yes, cussing, why he, she doesn't want to live pass the age of seventy five, while he said, and if I may quote hears us- pull truth that many of us seem to resist living too long is really a loss, no work hitting a life sucks. It renders many of us, if not disabled than faltering and declining a state that may not be worse than death, but is none the less deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work society in the world. It true forms. How people experience us relate to us and, most importantly, remember us who are no longer remembered his vibrant and engaged, but its feeble ineffectual, even pathetic. I can see why he voted furred Joe Biden shut
eight seventy eight years old authority that take us game clearly remember complete live system. He called This theory he said that he will, by the age of seventy five. He and others will have lived a complete life yeah. Ok, so I can't wait to get some of above. I can't wait yet some of the treatments from him monotony. this covert thing, everybody in the nursing homes or a lax, relax nothing go on there, isn't it be great too if the government decides, when you're no longer useful to society, and then they just areas tube. I don't know some warehouse somewhere. No, no! No! No! No and put you know some happy play some. Happily someone really it's a real that how player how issues I mean Special Blyth yeah. Special place city just for
whose conservatives and an old people we can walk off. They can have it have you can have it? You know what a man, let's protect them by walling them off his since, for their own protection, arraying good, they won't wander off and get lost. We won't have to have any rights, silver alert right, and maybe we could do something useful, like I don't know I haven't, go to sea pc for ever want to nice video though, as the drift off to death you do and then we just turn him into soiling green thence. What about that? What's the hurry mete out made out of people providing young people? soil of Greece may be met. I never watch that moody and had no effect pad kept, save as rid of people like soil and Green Charlton. Heston ISA you'd have receded. Now all you ve got watch it so agreed is Baden people, and I watched it- And if you know the toilet green is made of people there.
no use watching them, not it's like knowing no end of brute Brazil's is actually a lot and I will go did was to move away through its great. Would you know that, but it's all playing still good, that still get so the green, not good. Now not good Another idea here what? If because this is because we talk about Andrew Cuomo and the guy's pretty innovative? Yes, we have old people. We want to protect them. Another of people that needs to be protected or covert positive patients. So why If we were to take the colored positive patients and import them inside the wall, the area with the old people and a great idea that will be great as in both of them will be protected. Not while he experienced in the experiment. One look, I'm going to tell you killed, is really going to really well. I don't know about you guys when I make that I M excited, I'm excited for the time when they say. Oh, you have to have it.
because I really be first in line. Are you are you have for the further end of the matter is mandated vat. I love government mandates, user fan of them any doubt in your mind that that will be oh, no, no, there's no doubt my delight. I really believe they're going to do. You think we got a mandate. The vaccine right out and out of the integrated were certain things like I don't know, work screw. You want to go to work. A lot of you wanna go to grab. You want to go to a grocery store. If you want to do anything that involves papers, please, I will say to that. One thing in now look were reading off of a press release from Pfizer with the ninety percent number. We be clear, there's no, there's no reason to know that that's accurate, yet the good thing about it. If it is ninety percent effective, effectively eradicate the disease and a lot less people are going to have to take it. You erika need Joe. No, we will all need to take it and we will all need to take and don't
fight against that now I would like to point out that it was developed under the Trump administration and calm, Allah and Joe Biden we're both saying that they would never trust a vaccine. So interesting that the Good NEWS today is that Pfizer has won the bad news in just the distribution. Arise here I will I'll take it now, they're all for it before, before the election. They were like it. We can trust any vaccine roadmap grower rose on points on all of those that this line were there like. Look on the Isle, all trust public, Hope, officials, but I'm not going Thus, Donald Trump Donald Trump is mixing. The vaccine for you here like who do you think, is doing this, that they are public health officials. The guy was running leg. The the vaccine programme is not Donald Trump he's not in their mixing. Toothpaste with diet, coke and try to come up with exceeds the guys. Did it a doctor,
who has said outwardly multiple times. There has been absolutely no political interference in this. Yes, transatlantic mixing. He was mixing toothpaste with detergent universities for United, that you're gonna trust, public health officials; ok, not one its aid off. I commend all now that I wouldn't it's like. I've got the final solution for everyone who is over seventy five. I don't think we trust that guy get now. Let's definitely not a good. That's not a good idea to trust that guy is definitely not, but I'm glad he was the first one to Joe Biden, rent The guy was like look at this old man, s income, but Eddie senile. Gotta, be remembered as a joke. Oh I can
wait to get onto his cabinet is where it look at some point. You have an awkward conversation. We like you, I wish you were dead, Joe ethically always think that would have if Joe was mentally stable. That would have been the first thing I did so, if you want to kill me, your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme stood out just talking off air about Joe Mansion and how he has said that he won't vote for any crazy stuff, but don't let that dollar bill at that penetrate I don't like to count on some people on the other side a very important elections happening in Georgia in January and that will decide whether or not they can get away with. All of these things and it is going to be hard fought and if
Do I No, I don't what the world looks like? I will tell you that You know I did tell you year ago what the world would look like today and you know people in the streets and- and we have staff? in body armor and everything it's crazy, it is crazy wanna, take a minute to introduce you to somebody this guy who helped us with our body armor at blaze tv he is actually the guy who is also an arrow even If he knows this butter, I bought some I did something. I never thought. I would do when my kids were small and we were at Fox, I, by a kevlar blanket, but I could throw me my little kids under if You know the house came under attack or anything like that. It was crazy, crazy.
I just purchased Kevlar Jack for my grandchildren- and they don't know it, but it's it's This is really crazy. It's knots and I thought This is the kind of stuff that is not going to be in other Gunnar, if there's a crack down there. Make sure you crack down on. You know, though, the criminals will have kevlar vests, no, no, no by. I bet No for children have Kevlar vest and for good reason anyway, David races with us he's the ceo of a our five hundred armor. I David how area. well. Thanks for having me on your show an honour to be here, I wanted to say siberia quickly and that I remember about a decade ago. Getting go. Watch you on television and hearing you say things what are the cause of liberty that I was surprised.
You could get away with that? I appreciate the fact that you have been a force for the cause of liberty, and the Tunisian for a long time out. So thank you for that. Thank you of full disclosure. five hundred is a sponsor blaze, tv, but less now, I'm having upon on it David When you were watching a decade ago, did you say that we could get here it. Sadly, yes, I think that one of the problems is that there is a long march through the institutions or people or try to spread division and to undermine liberty, and so, like my concern, is you know our but he is about. Liberty We believe that body armor as a tool of liberty, and we want to help people to get tools of liberty, so they can do gender, their god. Given rights against criminals, tyrants in any of the threats to personal liberty,
the problem is that ideas also are a cause of the undermining of liberty, and so it's important that people have good character and be ready to resist with ideas and to argue for liberty. It liberty isn't just something: it exists that exist in a vacuum. It depends upon people advocating for the preservation. Of our rights, and so sadly, you see people undermining our rights and that they argue for things that are about the redistribution. property and about the owner having people be allowed to say What they believe in the public sphere- and so this is the net the result of ideas not being properly argued with? then challenge with truth I will tell you: everybody needs to go to war tromp accountability to, I think it's dot net. Can you check on that too? But I think its trump accountability dot net,
This is a new website that has just been put out by the leftist elites where they are tracking bull and making lists, of every one that needs to be shun from society and don't worry. Their list only includes people who work four trump supported. donated to Trump or voted for Trump and you have no place in the public square, I guess this is what you mean by body, armor, being a tool of live because I have a it's not an easy one to wrap your arms around that that is a tool of liberty. Yeah! That's a good good point. Blank think we think about the second amendment. Right second limit is about tools to preserve your liberty and firearms: are the primary tool of liberty to be able to victory when you are in a situation. Defend yourself and body armor.
the tool that allows you to survive right so that the goal is to protect yourself to protect your family and to be able to get through that process of self defence, as a body armor allows you to get through that order in a situation where there is simply a rescue, backpacks have armor in them, and that should be. The situation we are simply trying to flee and being able to believe success really so that you can get out of a dangerous situation and have your back protected when you are just a place where you anyone know what's happening is: unless you have the right, I mean that there are situations where peace. are not ready or able to defend themselves effectively, but another danger and eighty get out there, and so the body armoury tool of liberty, the college about protecting your own individual liberty against potential threats, in only when I also dietary knucklehead, gonna I think that one of the tools- liberty, is the media, and in a year I had a lot of insight about media. I'm curious a yearly
he had the media landscape. Do you see anything? It looks like x for years ago, to be changing in terms of that landscape and how we can for our liberties using that platform yeah. I think the media is the cable news. Networks gonna burn themselves to the ground, soon, you know once they have control of the FCC watch the commissioners, because after talk, radio they'll go after us on the internet, as they already are. You're gonna see an increased level of people saying that We are dangerous. Our points of view are dangerous, anti government, etc, etc. None of which is true, but I think the next four years honestly think in the next year Many of us will be lucky to have jobs, When things go ahead,
the way things are going to meet as taxes look like there to be increased. As theirs continued regulation that gets port on, I think that their recipe for the during the economy is taking away people's rights. To be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour by the fridge. Whereas what motivate people to work? the regulation is that undermine people's ability to freely do what they want their own property and to do what they think is honourable and the sight of it? when you undermine that you destroy people's motivation, for working and that's work for jobs come from his people's desire to create to exercise dominion to build things to pass it on to the next generation, and so I think, you're right as a real risk there, the destruction of a lot of them. do people have a hard time seeing the guy who's, the ceo of our five hundred body armor as a path. or a church full time in Phoenix. Well. I am honoured to be a minister of the word and I
I think that sometimes people might think they're incongruous. Jordan, which is that I believe that the Bible is the word of God and that basically the law of God is king right. So I think that there's nothing incongruous there. I think that there illustration that body the tool of liberty and that all liberty comes from the Bible and Lee recognition of the fact that their is no incongruity with self defence and the LAW of God. It is wholly thing. It's a good thing. It's a righteous thing to protect yourself into protect other people's rights, and so I tried to tell that to my congregation as part of what the scriptures clearly teach and in a lot of people, I don't think today, the case, but you I'll tell you what a lot of people from the point of the Bible to advocate for some sort of gun control, or something like that. The only place in the Bible that deals with weapons control is in first the old and the book of First Samuel. Will you have the Philistines took away the soul? of the Israelites
so the only arms control example in the Bible is one it's condemned, where realising our distant warned by people who are oppressing them, and so that this refuge are very clear. That self defense of the writer exodus teaches that, if a person operation to your house, you have a right to defend yourself. Others example it if a woman is being assaulted, is the duty of men to come to her aid. If they hear her being a sultan. This idea is talk clearly in the scriptures, and so there is no incongruity, But some people do have a problem seeing how they can be consistent. I think it's because you don't know the Bible, so air from her body. Armor is perfectly in alignment with the teachings liberty that are in the structure and the ability of a free man to defend himself and to preserve the rights they gotta given the kind of a different way of looking at the full and put on the full armor of Christ David. Thank you so much. Thank you for your help with our staff. I never thought we would have to I have our staff in body armor?
for anybody who is listening, body armor is protective. It it's not necessarily in military, its use to go in and texts armor. It is honestly going to become more and more apparent that you may have to go to work in an inner city. You may be travelling across the country and something is happening you just want to be able to get through a city into a city mere trying to do anything you're, not a part of a man, a terrible thing. You're, just protecting yourself and your family I highly recommended for those who live around the cities or travel an awful a lot. It always in the trunk of my car, David Thank you very much. I appreciated gutless. Thank you got you that's a are five. hundred armoured.
Com, a our five hundred, this is the best of the Glenda Programme. I just cannot take the lectures from the left on you know not counting every ballot. I like, I can't take it about Donald Trump should back. We right now and he should surrender right now this from the already, who told us two weeks ago. They would never never accept the verdict of Joe Biden, one and air win and
they would fight in the courts and they would never concede that goes back to at least the year, two thousand, every single time they have an election and they lose yes. I mean it's amazing to watch as they are a fight, in a battle for, for example, the state of Georgia, where They are trying to get a trump to win this in their filing lawsuits in their doing all these things, whether you think they're going to work or not, utterly amazing, to bring on as an expert on this process. Stacy Abrams a person who has still to this day not conceded the two thousand eighteen governing gubernatorial race in and she lost by a lot here. What was there was a thing was fifty thousand she lost by about fifty thousand an interest in a state race. Only that's a huge number do as much from a much bigger than the margin is right now job and
and write about fifty five thousand, then she still has not concede. She's. Still on tv saying I'm the rightful governor of Georgia, she said she said. I acknowledge that I have no more legal recourse, but this is not a concession because basically was stolen from her. You know they were trying to do to take the votes they they are getting rid of votes that should have counted and all the things that are complaining about Donald Trump today and then they bring her on as an expert to talk of at she's, still saying she's the governor It's it's insanity. It isn't that no Hillary Clinton, I can't talk here, come on. You know, he's try a deal agenda, Mises he's trying to deal with Judah mice Biden as print he's. He is trying to do that. You do you remember what you guys did incredible or or another one they one of the big arguments against Trump is look he's trying to he. You know, stop the count and stately
Pennsylvania when he was a head and he's the count to go on and a state like Arizona where he's behind, but catching up right. That was the big criticism. Raindrop do you were Amber Al Gore, specifically selecting the counties which they would recount rather than having the whole state. Do it. He filed who only in the counties that were positive, Hamley regulators menu, many votes, z, wine. They fought against a statewide recount lady fawn, again against it, because the course they would have lost the state right, breakout, Zack, led to this day. Al Gore says he went all the way to the end and used every single piece of legal recourse possible to win that like, and it should be done if legal, legally, votes have not been counted. Org votes, it were illegal work counted. They should correct that, don't know That's so darn controversial, wow facts when they get into the way
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