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Best of the Program | Guests: Joanna Mendez, Josh Hammer, Tim Pool & Mark Skousen | 6/27/19

2019-06-27 | 🔗
Best on the Program | 6/27 Buzz Word Debates - h1 The Moscow Rules (w/ Joanna Mendez) - h2 SCOTUS Rulings (w/ Josh Hammer) - h2  Google Bias & Censorship (w/ Tim Pool) - h3 Freedom Fest Dot Com (w/ Mark Skousen) - h3 

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Hey pod castors. We get a great show for it. Today. It is tat we had so much we just couldn't even get to we start with Elizabeth Warren and debate last night in its fun. If you didn't have to actually watches and don't tonight's debate will watch it for you and then we'll make it fund also the author of the book, Moscow rules, this is the woman who really was in it. Are. The CIA was kind of inspired to hire her by watching mission impossible. She was in the disguise unit of the CIA back she's, the one really put it together. Her husband was r c h q and she That's a little bit about the biggest threats that we have in is Moscow. A big threat, Josh gives us the scottish rulings and what they all mean. We talked a marked scouts and about freedom fast, which you can still get the tickets to I'm, I'm gonna be going there, and I am speaking about socialism
freedom, fast dot com go there. Also TIM Pool is on, with this group conversation with ten about googled their bias, their censorship and, what's coming all on today's podcast The only thing tat the patriot, Mobile Jake viewing Talking about how people are using your money using you using you, your product, you as a product and none of us like it. Well, what about Patriot Mobile Heavy, about your phone companies, because your phone companies eighty and t that they're giving money hand over fist to plan parenthood, these these
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Company actually is on your side, please it's right now, patriot, mobile Dotcom use the promo code back you'll get a free month of service when you switch over Patriot bull, dot com, slash back Patriot, mobile Dotcom, promo code, back El Way, Ealing Vey, ready, pay, good gay Ellie re excited a day all day bout. A asked sleigh night, nays Debate day. Yes, I'm supposed to acknowledge that rapporteur source to act as it is that, unlike us, just like ok, I guess I'm just reaching out to a new constituent all than people speak Latin PIG, latin and she's, not my first language. So I'm sorry if I butchered it, but I want you to know that. I'm just like you part
of your community! You stress that in that proves that nothing proves it like awkwardly blurting out language like that. I'd re state. A rights. Do oh, ok desire. I This hope my eyes, usually when was it better first broke out uses want to come out of the game with Spanish, NEA and Corey book. And Elizabeth WAR in their faces were like all but the inquiry Booker's. The perfect example he it was such a Corey Booker, because it was being shared all over the internet. Like look at Corey Booker he's like rolling his eyes at better that's why he was rolling, as I do that crap. This guy took my good idea, He was mad that later on, he was going to speak in Spanish awkwardly and he's pissed off a better, so bad it was so ok can I cause I'm excited to get to some of the highlights. Let's
Let's start with war and on guns, ears, as with war and on guns in this it is time that I've been running for president. I've had more than a hundred town halls, I've taken more than two thousand unfiltered. Rational. That's real single, hardest question: I've gotten one from a little boy. I got one from a little girl these, that is to say, when your President Howard, going to keep us safe. Our responsibility as adults What is it that will die today, some gone via dot children and stop stew, seven chilled and we'll die today from gun violence. Few ever heard that stead I dont know the breakdown. How are we getting to? Seven children will die today from gun violence. While I mean you know, there's obviously they're going to probably cow.
Suicides and their am assuming yes, but among others, tens of like what is its roughly thirty thousand p. Full year die. So if from got from guns, I'm saying so your counting suicide and your counting like Chicago you know and marry you twice you about. Are you saying school shootings essential yours now? No, she says not in school, shooting she set out by the pool. You know just from just from guns: okay, well, wait a minute, there's a difference, tween somebody some kid getting hold of a gun that shouldn't you know the, because parents did fuck it up or whatever and are you know in the Vienna in the play, Roman there's dad's gun, they pick it up and they accidently shoot themselves. There's a difference between that and suicide that an you know a gang violence. There is a huge difference, whereas the cut off for kids
right, a minute to it really does depend. I mean, if you, but that's, it is thirty thousand roughly gun deaths in the United States. If you include everything and then the is seven a day for children would be about twenty five hundred right for the debt so like that, I think, It's not out of the line of what you would think is is the number of course it does matter. Wow earning Whitworth exactly what their trade. Of course, the pick. The picture there trying to paint is seven kids a day get shot as they're just sitting in school in the cafeteria be growing school shootings they're, trying to what she says: she's gotta play their own children and teenagers they won't just dying and mass shootings don't die on sidewalks they'll Dian playground still die in people's backyards guns. Violence is a national health emergency. In this kind, restart and winning really important a national health emergency. Why do you think they are pushing Trump on the border? Why do you think
they are making it, so he only can take emergency presidential powers to do it. They want him. That's so badly if they're gonna do the same thing. Radio erect men their setting it up right now this is a national health emergency. We have to do something about guns. Now she goes on desolately Elizabeth Warren could possibly do in smoke, signals right now we can do the things that are sensible weakens the universal background checks. We can ban the weapons but we can also double down on the research and find out what really works where it is that we can make the differences at the margins that will keep our children's safe. We need to treat them like them
wars. Killing our chilled union resign rigidly to treatment, needs to go and figure out a way to get the guns that is already out there one. I think we need Do we need to treat it like Asturias, we're search problem which we have not done a series of stuff to stop? Stop. We have not done as serious research on on what works. What look John LOTS book. There's a lot of serious research. A serious resurgence see mobility on the things you're doing in Research shows it doesn't make any difference everything. You propose makes no difference. There's lots of serious research done on their assault. Weapons, ban shy, no effect at all. They had an assault weapons ban, it was repealed, did because it
word expired, but yeah wasn't renewed because it did. Nothing is much more aggressive policies in places like Australia, also lots of serious research done on those that should there was no impact whatsoever on a homicide rates, but yeah hey, let's eat. This is a very common left wing, but talking point, which is they won't. Even let us research guns and can research didn't think like that they were a they there talking with the federal government paying for that research, which, of course is a big part of it and one of the protection this is goes back years and Democrats were involved in this at the beginning. Was we aren't going to allow money to go? oh, and do all sorts of research on gunners, because there's or in the concept being what they're going to do is, is a violate the privacy of gun owners, which an
I to overturn this right of theirs. That is constitutionally guaranteed Saellvertu get certain restrictions on guns, they said. Well, we will promise you that we're not gonna make a registry if of gun owners, and all these thing now, of course. Obviously it's been some time. People forget that, so they ve completely reverse their position on it. But this is not aid a right wing position. It used to be very american that you don't want the government going any minute. Nor register less a register is the first is the first way, the first step to gun, control and gun. Banning and Corey Booker called for them. I'd I'd love here, let's go to book or on guns. Well. First of all, I want to see my colleague I both have been hearing this on the campaign. Trail was even Ursus, I hear gunshots in my neighborhood. I think the only one? I hope? I'm the only one on this panel here that Hats people shot in their neighborhood just last week, so
I knew she. Hot Smith was killed with an assault rifle at the top of my block last year. I stop Anyone writing of. Does anyone think that Corey Booker lives in the ghetto? I do not. Ok, What he just. Let me just translate political bull crap into English, because I speak political group now not fly at least not my first language, but I will therefore assignments pig, latin right, piglet, Brazil, S, big Latin, ok, but I also speak political bull crap. So let me translate this day. Two English. Ah I hope I'm, the only one I thought I am cause, I'm the only one that lives in New Jersey that has the euro some of the most stringent laws, but even in that really nice sections of New Jersey is, you know, pretty powerful guy and I'm not going to be living in the slums. I'm not gonna, be living and in all places, like Chicago, you can live it up or you can live in places where there shooting people all the time. But my
town and my state and the town that I was you know, mayor of, is so horrible through and through that, even the new ace neighborhoods, where we Or a senator can live so bad that I'm hearing gunshots in the middle of the night and seven people were shot in my neighborhood, so what really trying to say is good. Lord help, New Jersey completely out of control and with that but he actually was saying yes last night, but The political speech was my gosh guns, or just guns are out of control. I mean, I think I the only one, but it's coming to your neighborhood too well yes, if you live in New Jersey, it's weird thing to brag about considering he was
control of the city has portions of this time and I could have had an influence in a hurry. The about how the city was doing well. No, you can't because they ve already enacted all of the Bands New Jersey. You don't want to go to New Jersey with a gun, you don't believe me. I know that I used to live a block away from it and I was tear in legitimately terrified of it, because I looked one block from the river separates Pennsylvania, enters Yosemite, Pennsylvania, side and Pennsylvania has a relatively normal. I would say: God laws, you know that not super. Relax. Let lacks but not restrictive, and so you know you you might put if you have a gun, I put it in your trunk, you I have it with you but there's a lot of things you might do, got a pretty girl cross that bridged one step into New Jersey. They pull over and you can go to prison for years like. I think I want to clarify to take it anywhere, kindness, mistakenly, forget it in the back, the bat or or go to that guy.
Station that I would go to that's right across the bridge and you know- or it like, because of course gases, inexpensive and New Jersey in comparison, so you'd cross the bridge logjams here and if you forget- and you could legitimately go to listen for multiple years and its happen to people know what happened to advertise fly out of Newark. I remember distinctive, one time I flew out of New York, New Jersey and I was taking my gun cause. I was going out west and I gonna go, do some shooting, so I my gun with me I remember having like an hour long conversation? Ok, I'm going into New Jersey. I don't have any hollow points. Make sure there's no hollow points, you know what is this, what is the magazine supposed to be? Is it is the man ASEAN supposed to be in the Glove Box and the gun is in the trunk of the car and then fucking in with a locked case into the airport in New Jersey,
in and I was treated like I was a terrorist. I brought the gun up and they told me I had it in two separate cases the ammunition in one locked case and I had the gun, in one lot case gay unless the gun or the ammunition, suddenly became Houdini. And they were also sexually attracted to to each other. There was no way they we're gonna get out and made on the plane underneath the plane. Oh my gosh, the The airline Tommy I needed in three pieces and three is of locked luggage. And so we had a we had to do all of that and then the airline law, my luggage, they shifted up Canada. So my gun was going around a carousel up in Quebec, Canada. Nobody approached it for a while, because the entire nation of Canada surrendered to my luggage,
it's crazy what's going on, Corey Booker, he's he's afraid for his life. So last night I think we're very clear. Your gun rights are going to be infringed if not taken away. If these radicals, find themselves in office and it was important to notice that all of them talked about an emergency This is why they are not doing anything down on the border because they need Trump to declare an emergency through executive order and take over the border one DE does that they are all going to sit in their office and laugh we'll be outraged. They will laugh because they know when they get an office, it's an National emergency on climate change is a national emergency on gun laws. It's a national. Emergency on speech, it will become a dictatorship.
No, we have sands robots once start going and legislating or not legislating just declaring national emergencies. Press It has all the power he wants and if you get somebody who wants to do that and start by passing the system which I believe that but cracks are now setting up for that's a problem and it's a problem for Republicans its reports, a problem of Democrats. Do it it's a problem. At the best of the best program, hey its Glenn, and, if you like, what year on the programme you check out pad gray, unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast up, I want to bring our guest Johnny Mendez. She is the author of the Moscow rules. She is the form, chief of disguise, the CIA.
And we'll get into some of her other things at work and how you know her in just the same. First of all, a welcome program. How are you. Thank you, I'm great good beer, so you're the you're, the former chief of disguise, which the CIA, if I understand this right, didn't have until They started watching the old mission impossible series and there, like hey Joe. Can we do that? There was a disguise capability. It was not dormant if it wasn't up widely There is, then it wasn't really well thought out. It was. It was my house You really went in and stirred things up and started, bringing some created to what we did with disguise, how we used it and it became it became an incredible tool So how come we weren't using that when you think of spies? You do now think of mission impossible, which, by the way we don't
of the masks like that right do have masks. We have our. We want this mission impossible for years, sort out of the corner of her eyes. While we were developing our own programme, what they said, oh a mission impossible and screens Attila Gee. I it's a lot right by Jean what we needed with them then you could put on in ten seconds and take off in five and something that you could breathe briefer. Someone in something that animated something that actually was realists, You get more developed that and what use those extensively the guy who was first did the work on planet of the apes is the guy who helped develop the the asks what you'll get that's where it began was His name was John Chambers. He was. He was the first Hollywood make up expert to get up star on the work of fame to get an Oscar. I he did planet of the apes we
turn people in the apes right, but we were really interested in his technology and his materials. That really the beginning of our mask programme. We went way past what they do and movies they have lights. They every takes. They have all kinds of opportunities to make it right. We had one shot, when were using a mask on the streets of Moscow and it had to be, it had had to be difficult because without lights and an masks and heavy make up and everything else that sometimes you know. When you see people in heavy, make up, etc, it's very obvious, and it would be really difficult to make it look right he'll and not like a rubber mask weather, If our mass, what you had to be able to put it on a parking such an animated parking garage get out of the car and no there was perfect that there was a line that it was registered. That was on
it would not drawing attention with the hair on everything so with the hair and everything you just pull it over your head, like a stocking cap, quite like a sudden cap that you'd, pull it on and you would pull it off. I stood in front of George H, we are pushing me oval office when he was president. I was wearing one, I had just briefed him. I told him: I was there is showing a new product. He said, while he looked at my hands, he looked around, I didn't have a baggy civil. Where is it and I I Tom Cruise reveal. Actually I put my finger on one side of it and just peeled and offer my face and remind all cross. Their new was thereby gates was there and they were all incredulous at times and how good it was? Oh, my gosh, you do you and your husband also the author of Argo, which was made into a movie. You went in
your husband, your husband did. You did not go into do. I did not yet I watched from the sidelines holding my breath. That tell me a little bit tell me about that in case of anybody doesn't know about our go in and what you and your husband were involved in. What Tony Mendez was was an artist. He retired is an artist by the CIA. He had a very state of mind and when the iranian Revolution happened and sixty some Americans were taken hostage at our embassy after it was over, run six escaped out a back door. They were on the streets of Tehran, didn't know where to go. The Canadians bless them took the men and the Canadians held onto these American. We call them houseguest, they call them house guess they kept them for eighty four days, but someone had to come up with a way to get them out of the country and Tony and with his connections to Hollywood,
came up with an idea of disguising them. Has a Hollywood location, scouting party looking for just the right bizarre for their movie he said everyone knows that Hollywood that crazy possible cover. They Sir Tony, when TIM gave them all their new bios, their new names, their new histories, their new background, he said, learn it learn it. You have two days and he walked it out to the tayron port through the revolutionary guards with their trigger a finger, an attitude with their guns. At their side, without airport, with dangerous, dangerous place,. Walk the and everybody went home, safe and happy, and we still see those six houseguest. We still see them. Maybe once a year we we we bump into them frequently I just got a letter from one saying: how many times can we thank you for saving our lot amazing, that's amazing,
and it's it's amazing to me. You are in your in Moscow. The Moscow rules which it will it means means what exactly the Moscow rules. But I gave a book tat last night. In Seattle and the chief of Station Moscow, how the CIA chief a station Moscow who was in the book without the talk last night he said that one rule that you put in float like a butterflies thing like a b before Mohammed Ali declared a bitter ever
motto that was the CIA station in Moscow? That was our mantra and Jack was very pleased to see that it was in the book. They are rules compartment their rules of behaviour when you're mothered within with with with surveillance, but you still have to communicate with the Russians who are providing us with intelligence, and what are you gonna do these? These were the rules that allow you to stay safe, to keep your agent safe, most importantly, to keep the agent safe, because if the EU were found out, it would simply be thrown out of the country and embarrassed but whose paper photos, but if that agency was exposed and that's what they wanted was the agent he would be arrested, taken to look beyond tat, he would be executed. He would be shot in the back of the head. They did it over and over and over and when Aldrich aims.
That huge Aldrich aims casing any reason. Yea officer about a dozen Russians were arrested and killed all regions exposed. So do we have Moscow rules. Now I mean if I, if I understand this right, its rules that we all kind of play by in some regard where Are we don't have those rules. Any more such as basic spy etiquette Moscow rules or different this. These Those will always be morphine and changing as tactics evolve. So in the news cyber do we all live in, I'm sure, then
There is a technological bend to these rules. Now that was not there then, but a lot of these are kind of evergreen. One of them is don't harass the opposition, which means pardon me, but it means don't piss off your surveillance because they will come after you and they can do the big upper like you, they can smother you with surveillance. There was there's an incident at the very beginning of the book. It happened and twenty sixteen where an american diplomats is, is trying to exit a taxi and walk into his american Embassy three clock in the morning his attacked and is beaten to a bloody pulp and he's met backed out the next day. He never could go back, they broke his classical. Men was really wounded. When Tony Mendez, my husband, Saudi
to video that attack taught. You looked at me and said: never harass the opposition, they would be so we don't know what he did, but he they really did so we're tired John Amend as she was former chief of disguised CIA? Her husband was of the lead character. If you I think, played by Ben Afflux in Argo. Is she was a CIA officer working on Moscow and end and other areas. What looking This I'm sure you and your husband, you know, have, how much experience to be able, look at and say, here's what everybody's missing what is this? What is the but poses the biggest threat to us right now. Do you think is it? Is it technology? Is it I know, a ran. Russia. Global warming, what what
What do you say? Yes, there? Is there a box for the above mean every one of those is serious, profound threat, every one of them, every one of them is an opportunity to stumbled into or or over, site or react. Every one of them is about a bomb waiting to go off. If, if we play IRAN so poor, Now pollutant said much more intricate place than it used to be prudent, Putin go ahead. I'm sorry! I couldn't what did you do not want? Is a prudent Putin says that were already in world war, three, the just doesn't recognise it. But I think is that I think that we are still in the cold war and
even though the title of this book is slightly misleading, because you could make a pretty strong case and grow stronger all the time that the cold war perhaps never ended, but that is just went dormant that it just one You know I'm at a low burned for a while. Yet I think that the same people are just they just changed uniforms, you and I are on the same page on that yeah. I mean it that way, that dawned on me about twenty years ago, when thought we want, and then I went wait a minute, but where did all the old communists go where they just off their uniform and started using different titles and put on a suit, and there still running it. I'm
he needs a paragraph at the very end of our book. Talking about the cold war, and it says the game is changed. This is part of that great game. It's become more of a contact. Sport rougher rules more elastic the prize, more precious Putin's attempts to manipulate the. U S, government, Have broadened the playing field and taken the game into new territory? The? U S, political arena, and we go on to talk about his golden. They belies in the west, and these russian intelligence officers have tools that we could not have imagined twenty years ago. The cyber tools, the digital tools, are we prepared for what we're facing I'm pretty confident week. We came out of the technical side that the media Isn T directed of science and technology at CIA. We were the queue we worthy gadget.
But we were much more than gadgets. I think our technical expertise, absolutely at least matches what they have and probably overmatch, is what we have America's power in that in that area is profound. I feel good that we can counter any threat today that they offer an and weaken our probably do some interesting counterattacking around Gentlemen does thank you so much she's the author of the Moscow rules. She was former chief of disguised CIA, as she just said, her. Her husband, Tony was was really kind of Q from the James Bond Series, the new book written by both of them the Moscow rules worth the red. Thank you so much John it when it was a pleasure,
you bet this is the best of the planned back programme was under the programme. Today's big day, we will give you an update coming up on the commentary on last night's debate and prepare for tonight. If you missed this we did a full hour the first hour and you can find it in wherever you find your podcast dislike for the Olympic programme. Podcast and you'll be able to get our coverage on that. I I personally, I thought was fun, you know if it wasn't for the destruction of our country. You know we can all enjoy and have a good laugh it was. It was Karl Marx, at his best, it was the marks brothers at but just not grouchy or Harpo or Japan.
I can remember the other one. But it was definitely Japan of Frazier. It is, I think it, but it was definitely the marks brothers and and we'll talk about that coming up and not just the second. The supreme court has ruled on a few. Cases and some of them some of the big with Josh Hammer, He is editor at large of the daily wire and watching these, and has a quick we're standing of what has come out. They just came out a few minutes ago. They have also It's a decision on the census. Question were waiting for that, come out, so Josh welcomed the programme is always we have begun. You bet so tell me, what is it? What what did we find out today- and I so two opinions come out, so far were waiting on the big one, as you suggest that were still waiting. I guess. Hopefully, Now any minute now have to see that they accept this case come out.
Now I am live on the air with you. I see a real and actually tweeting. It looks like the said it inside the fairy did not violate the enumeration clause or dissent. Is that in the sign to reinstate the question about almost like that ain't gonna come out in the trunk ministrations paper based on the absolute later something on Twitter, so that the citizen that viewed Whinever John Ministration land. This is this is a big where, in my opinion, it's very very legally straightforward case. This was a practice that was on the census. They also become that every ten years for over a century was understanding going back to amuse the middle of the nineteenth century, perhaps even longer than that there are they be very lengthy history. They ve got a garment asking some questions that are not strictly necessary to purely apportioning congressional districts. Honest answer if they had a very long time, it is
it was on a long formations ended up until twenty had won. The Obama administration took it out, Miss Lytton, legally straight out of my mind, is a big one of a chump administration. What does what we wait? What does it mean to to the states and to the left? What does the reinstatement of of this question? does it mean wise, important right so. The actual narrow legal reason why it's important is actually not super obviated, actually very important for mitigation under section two, nineteen sixty five Voting Rights ACT, A lot of the cause of action that fall under particular statutory provision require very accurate data. As to this the citizen mounted and total person population, but the actual citizens,
bring a viable claim. Foreboding disenfranchisement under that particular tat provision, but the broader kind of macro picture here Twice importing is important, just for the film ever meant to have its sense, not just as to the top the number of persons and goods. Going but citizens I mean think about the constitution. Granting the preamble think about basic structural principles. We the people, we, the people who form this union, We, the people you know in the fundamental in the framers conception of that are thinking of citizens rang. It's kind of just one of the more symbolic ability of this disease taking back their country in and inconvenient back the entire notion that the citizens clearly government, not the other way around
it is right about that here and the real reason why the left is gonna go ballistic over. This is the real reason nonetheless, vine ballistic is that they think I'm going to say rats alien, both legal and illegal aliens, from responding to the senses so late? I think that a well suppress response in such a way. I do not only might be from their respective zena- fell back by also my actually potentially politically benefit, more red tape and blue state for purposes of between twenty status. Me pretty unfounded. To be honest with you, either plenty of rice day, like our stated. It is clear that had a large love legal yes very marked everywhere, and people are alien population, not just California, New Yorker, ok, select, go to gerrymandering, because that was the other one that came out yes said. Was the other kind of big hey they can out this morning,
Haven't had time to do more than a very quick Skinner, the opinion by looks. You know this is a traditional five horseplay to combat along the lines of units that teaches Roberts right. The opinion for the cord justice Kagan found other sent for the for the liberal block, basically saying that this is not a judicial case This to me is very clearly correct. Gerrymandering as a practice. That literally to the beginning of the republic, the very term gerrymandering refers to founding Father Eldridge Jerry, and her glad for gerrymandering politics reason, I constitution clearly grant the legislature the ability to draw congressional maps. So if you want to change
congressional delegation, your stay, the way to do that and the way that you ve always had do I'm going back to the beginning of the republic, is to win elections at the ballot box and under the constitution under article three, which is out of the judiciary, you have you hey standing, notably you're standing here. The hardy I have all what article three or four do a case or controversy, and This mean quietly over prefer cases for centuries. Ok make money to pay, is called behind the jacket, Scalia opinion. If I recall, became broke down and showed exactly what you need than be standing. There has to be an injury. In fact, direct causation ended and the court has to be able to redress said in a suitable fashion and accorded traditional tools of equitable remedy. The court had going back. It was common law, and this does not mean that the threshold I mean we're talking here
bout, ports or criminal law or a direct injury, but a body of partisan Democrats or Republicans comply that the other party jerry manner than out of district interests. So far removed from the case or controversy requirement, of which the constitution speaks up very, very clearly correct, holding on his side? Bigger will deepen it, so this is. This is one that I hate agreeing with, because I hate gerrymandering, and even Justice Thomas comes out and says that, in the opinion that Roberts Robards, that this is a this- really bad thing. I don't agree with gerrymandering its toxic thing, but it is this The power is in the state. It's not at the federal ban, and so, as a as a libertarian,
I lean towards yes more power to the local, then the state and the least amount of power going to lead to the federal government. So I agree With it it's just that. I disagree with gerrymandering and the room. Applicants are going to celebrate now, but they there will come a time when they dont have control of the states and those things will be gerrymandered back. And they won't get happy that we are not in that. Right right I mean I'm missing You call you back in the kind of light to this case, though one with North Carolina, where a Democrat complaining and one without it Maryland, where I believe the Republicans complaining so daddy. Both parties are having their complaints kind dismissed here by the court. I think you're right no enemy for my gay or is in perspective for trying I like prime, drawing channel what the Republican National Committee might be thinking. It would be short. I do think this is a victory, but by perspective.
Of someone trying to get the original public meaning of the cost. Asian ray. I think, at the clear victor suggestion I'm looking we're gonna Josh Hammer of daily Wire, I'm looking at this rule, on the Sensus and its seemingly incredibly complicated and way above my intellect UK Obviously, when you read this thing in full, it happened breaking here as were on the air, but it does he it says it's. It's affirmed in part, reversed in part in remanded and we're seeing the image of the breakdown of subject several parts I mean you know, Roberts, the unanimous court on parts one and two pin the court with respect to part three for being fought foresee, which Thomas Leto gorging cabin. I join with respect to foot for a Thomas Ginsburg, but Briar. So air Kagan Cabinet like it is like all over the board on all different parts, and the summary I am starting to see here is they will not allow the sense. This question to be on the twenty two, the
They citizenship question to be on the twenty twenty senses, though it almost like they're, going into the motivations as to why it was placed there in the first place. I know This is a I mean I've. Like I'm, in the middle of you know like so wait a really bad episode of law and order, which I really don't explain things well hello, Josh. I t what, instead of wasting time with conjecture, can we just you lose here and then have you read this and come back and tell us what you really think it means sure absolute how do you do that on its own will cut you lose now? You go and study that when you're ready, you just call us back
and will I will get into the census your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like they show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters. But for now, where ever you download you baby Temple, then a fan of yours for a while you are, you are fair, outspoken unafraid, and you know what you're talking about more than I think almost anybody else in the media when it comes
to what is really happening when it to freedom of speech and censorship at at Google in Twitter and Facebook welcomed the programme. Banks are having that so do. You agree that what we're What we're facing now, what's coming out in most people in the media are ignoring with project vera toss and everything else that this is a beginnings of an of an understanding of an all encompassing control all everyone's life in mind. Yeah. I absolutely- and I gotta say it's it's astounding- that you know I was a lifelong liberal and not and conversations about massive powerful corporations? infringing on our lives and our rights with conservatives and you my life all the liberals, were the ones channel
corporations, even even in the debate last night, bring up all these corporations. Where was the conversation about Google and Facebook are controlling what we are seeing in hearing it's not coming from the left there. There and any you look at the mainstream press. I use that term, but there's a website called all sides that tracks the biases various sites and they straight up said the baron story has been largely ignored by left wing media as best that's crazy to me. Well, It is crazy also because we know where's the icy you where, where our people that are are They say therefore, freedom of speech. I disagree I mean I vehemently disagree with Alex Jones. I bet a target of his no there's no love between us at all, but I stand for his right to be heard. We can't we can't. With this. I don't want any marxist silenced. I don't want any great a person silenced this the what
happening. These. These organizations are not only silencing people, by taking them off but they're all, so doing, for instance, the Donald and read it baby remove them. They just remove them and put them in their own little special little ghetto a hand out eventually just it decays away, because you're not seen any more right. I think that Donald I am sure you know. You're listeners are familiar slates, especially the biggest programme forum, and what particularly worrisome to me about this. They claim that was taken down because people in the form of making threats of violence towards police? Well, I really Doubt conservative trump supporters are gonna, threaten police, but but may be right, but bullets worrisome. Is there anyone can make an account go into any forum post, whatever they want a screenshot
and then you away flags say: hey, look ban them, they're, saying bad things. You know if you're gonna tell me that conservatives are making threats against cops like laugh, and I wouldn't believe you, and so I'm confused as even the even the Trump supporters are posting borders police time we love cops. That would never happen. So how easy would it be for some activists to go and make some fake posts then flag that to write administrate administrators and say hey banned them now, while the first war in that area, unless they have banned, you know black lives matter and and anti far they don't. They don't have a clue. Just in case it all up I'll. Tell you what there was opposed. On one form of the far left form where they you're saying that people should bring firearms to confront yo. You know a trumpet tromp rally and they said: hey. We better bring our guns, cracked ourselves, now for one on like ok, that's you know you're a second, my right. I can understand that. But how is that not? You know far logical same is gonna be violated relish which bring our guns, ok with red it by
You know right and in its capacity as a bunch of better example, but to give them that, because that we're gonna get close to the two way argument, but eight it's it's an exam. In my opinion of double standards. So if you look at some of these left wing forums, they all day call for four miles and harm against other people. So, I talked to Doktor, Robert Epstein. You know him from Harvard the creepy the millionaire. Ok, you should. You should talk to him, he's fantastic huh, he started doing research he's a guy who voted for Hillary Clinton? He's a lefty I'm not a lefty he's a is a Democrat and he's we're doing research on Google because he wanted to see if they were swaying elections at all and he found ill evidence and said that it is much worse in the twenty eighteen than it was in the twenty. Sixteen and he believes that they can join through their their search engines.
The way they by the way they give you answers, your queries, and how they stack those things. He says that eighty per cent of undecided can be swayed and he has evidence that Google is doing it now will is at the same thing by saying your vote Those my videos, Dave Rubens Videos, Ben Shapiro videos when you go on Youtube and you find one of our videos, but then your Your videos don't come up in the recommended its something else which they say they are doing right now. That's, the Celia bless the same thing. It's a really interesting argument on principle. For me you know, I don't believe that you'd who is legally required to recommend my content to anybody right, so I will say
No, it's all right. My listeners, listen, you know if you like, my content share it. Otherwise I don't deserve it, but here's the thing. If we then recognise that Youtube is, I believe, like the largest media distributor on the planet. Second largest search engine, we recognise that and if they are specifically targeting certain perspective, because I consider myself a conservative, a moderate slightly to the right? But if they're gonna take down someone like me order, Reuben or Prager University and there still gonna provide, I'd recommendations to leftwing voices and mainstream media voices. Well then, I understand right. I don't think that I am I, but I have the right to have my content promoted, but then you are going to see a massive shift in the in the perception of of Americans and the world, because Google is feeding them specific ideas,
correct correct. So I heard you speak earlier this week in end and you were talking one of your videos about how you think it might be too late to get out of the beginning of this matrix. Why do you think that? Well, if there's data published a couple weeks ago on Twitter. I came up with a researcher was, but he took a look at Lexus Nexus Data. This is a big tracking company. They look at stories going back to the Seventys and they tracked. I left wing identity area. Ideological terminology, rights, kind of jargon, but basically far left words like intersection quality wine privilege and around the beginning of twenty ten there's a hockey stick on all of these grass a massive skyrocketing. I think this has to do with
digital media companies were not ideologically driven, who discovered hissing people loss of opposing people off result in shares which results in money. So they end up. Hiring is activists to push this now this this ideology over and over again and read a point now where you look at some of these internal messages, like would bear toss leaked where they refer to Prager you and then Shapiro George Petersen as Nazis, and you can see that these people are really been infected with what what I dug matic ideology of some sort. So now, at a point where you have such a very young, a very large group of people who, I guess you can say you know- have been in doktor unaided through with this algorithmic money chasing they're, not gonna, let those views those that their world is built around this idea that they face reality it. How do you break that? I dont know right because these companies- certainly I dispute over night. They are hurting now. You know the buzz feeds the boxes etc, but now look at what happens with the beat these people are
entrenched in their tribalism, but you have Donald Trump come out. What years ago saying we have a border crisis and it took two years for the media and the Democrats to finally recognised. We actually have a border crisis now there finally got so because the media was so you know look, is media companies are making money off this ideology, all of them. You know when it's infecting the bigger more credible sources now is well like the New York Times runs a front page story about one. I who watched Youtube videos to push some narrative about the far right. It was complete nonsense, so the so the New York Times now hiring on these people. They refuse to acknowledge reality. And naturally terrifies me- and you know it's crazy- is there. There I feel like were worked were to forego at this point I mean- maybe it's a bit hyperbolic, but when you look at the rhetoric we have where we say hey these people are pushing things that are nonsense. There's there's nothing! We can do. How do we stop this? I mean they're, saying the exact same thing about us out.
People live in a fake reality. Like look, you know I go. I go on the ground. I've been on the ground across the world. I talked to regular people. They dont believe these weird things that you guys believe on the internet, but the other five left, but they live in that reality and now, because all of these young people have started to pick up this. This indoctrination through the boxes, the Lebanon was the buzz feats. They are starting to work at the New York Times are starting work at NBC and their weapon icing these media platforms to silence their political opponents. So it's all add this very quickly. I recently was leaked. Some information where I was. I was able to publish an email from a left wing journalist who accuse us. Essentially it sounded like they were saying. Chased bank was supporting the proud boys by providing basic financial services about a day a day after that, Emily Assent, Chase cut off the personal and business accounts of Enrique Tarja Broadway's, but you're, not the like the Prague Warsaw up it s, not the point. The point
these journalists know that bad pr a weapon and are using it for activist reason like their activists. Now it's not about sharing information. It's about weapons, rising their platform. To hurt political opponents
and it's only getting worse so you know when it comes to the issue of Google. I look. I look back to the same example of border controls. Have those across the border. Everyone finally agreed for the most part. You know Gaza Cortez still doesn't, but it took years to get to this point. We have project fair toss. We have leaked video of Sergei burned. The co founder of Google saying he's deeply offended by the election of you, know the twenty sixteen a luncheon and that transporters don't share his values. That was last year when Arthur, is the media going to finally say: hey, it's not a conspiracy theory more two more years well, but this censorship that were saying I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I gotta say the damn pervert coincidence that the same day as a democratic debates, the Donald gets quarantine so can lend them most anymore. Project very toss has basically been banned by of all the big providers. Even video now has banned their account right. It's bands of their account you to Youtube, took down their video. You took this off. I was really crazy. This is what what brings me up.
I made a video commenting on publicly available information that was reported on by Buzzfeed by the guardian by you know. Just all of these major outlets, they said Pinterest, you know, has banned, live actions pro life group. Why made a video I commented on it? You tube took my video down without warning without any chances to fix any problem saying I was violating the privacy of the people in the story. Even though the information was public was on Twitter. They took my video down so that I take great offence. Do I understand you don't look? You too wants to argue that very toss is violating, so privacy. I think that's ridiculous, but the argument over when a name is newsworthy. Fine, we can have argument. I still think their houses in the right, but for me we ve stepping into even crazier Estonia, where the act of come.
The thing on the information that was already made public is now being banned from the platform to me that scary, because that means independent people do what you do. The only game in town right, you're not Get a million views on daimio you're, not gonna, get a million views on these. These other video platforms Youtube has really monopolized video space, and that means, if you want you, each people, Youtube's Guiana gave in town they named dominated and they're, using that power to suppress those that are critical of what's happening. Soaps all say that shares my things happening We know the censorship has been going on for a long time. I think this is partly due to the fact that in reality, conservatives are better at the internet. Then liberals are they say the left can't mean so we re in response to this. We see these people at Twitter. At Facebook, a Google start taking down conservative content to try and rectify that we know what's happening. Even Jack Dorothea sadism. Conservative noise are scared to speak up, Pinterest, really odd, Jane, ah James, O Keefe, really cracked, like the case open with interests, overt censorship of life,
action and you can see that interest panicked bait they at first. When the story broke, they unblock live action, but then immediately sure saving thing. You know it no we're gonna banned them anyway. I think that was an opening of the floodgates that emboldened all these other platforms, so unfair tat comes out with a bigger expos. I hate, Google, here's what their employees are saying: Pine, closed doors. Google now says you know what screw it regulations coming anyway, knock em down. I think they're at a point where they just don't care anymore, rests was the floodgates behaved open weren't. You can't denied any hour as an out and out Google says you know what? Let's just but just go for TIM. I know we have a podcast scheduled with you in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to being able to have. You know some real. I am to sit down and talk to you about all of this. I appreciate your time today. Thank you, so much TIM pool. You can follow him at TIM.
Asked the best of the background data, have marked scouts and join us by way we're gonna we're going to hear from Josh hammer who is one of our legal minds that is following the Supreme Court he's gonna, give us the latest on what has been released today from the Supreme Court. But Mark Scouts, and is on of this right now. He is a producer of freedom fast, and I have been invited to speak. It, freedom, fast and He is with us now high Marco Aria under Greg learn. It might be like to be on your shower to talk about the big show and beggars freedom fast, okay. So it's it's in Vegas. When is it it's a few weeks away? Isn't it yeah July seventeen through the twenty year
They say Wednesday, starting the evening with our opening ceremonies and hands with far Saturday yeah programme. We ve got the false. Dad you're on line freedom fast start com, and we expect a couple thousand people were very excited to have you know these? Are these are low retiring conservatives. This these the people that are actually looking at the constitution and trying to rule their life on the unconstitutional things we we do have a constitution day with Douglas Game Birds. Ginsburg. The YAP judge he's gonna be covering that topic as well as two hundred and fifty others passion, General Glenn the whole idea of freedom past, which I came up with over it. Kate ago go was the we're losing this war,
for freedom, mainly because we're all going our separate ways- and I know you tried your bed to gather people together. My idea is that once a year all the freedom lovers come together in LAS Vegas entertained the capital of the world and we come together to network to Social to learn to celebrate Liberty, and you ve, been you been there before you came in thousand and fifteen, which is when Donald Trump came and we had the twenty five hundred people there. It was standing room? All my mark were who do you? have this year. You have justice skins, not justice, Ginsberg, you have you you just say gorse area, and then you have you have me. I know pendulum is coming. Who else is coming?
We have by Kevin O of shark tank and he's gonna debate. John Mackey, the sea of whole markets about the while the real purpose of businesses make big money or is it I have a higher per person. Of course, John Mackey argues for a higher purpose really does mention The cabinet Larry says: listen, it's all about making money. If you want a friend by a dog, he is it. An idea, let that sighing that's going to be a great ability to yeah, but we do a lot of debate. We're gonna have a debate on now. Is it eating meat, ethical and nutritional is one of our debate John Mackey as well as Joel Charlatan, whose who say yeah Terry in a christian farmer from Virginia we have John STAR so George Gill,
were rich Lowery from National Review. Alan Dershowitz and Randy Barnett are gonna talk specifically about these recent Supreme Court decisions, We have seen more and Herman Kane who both were going to be nominated to go. Abed and we're gonna ask them what would they have done if they had been man nominated and became members of the FED? We have Candish Owens the fiery black conservative who took on Congress recently it's it's real lay upon upon conference well, it will be there, and if we have you wanna join us. How do you get to? How do you get tickets, so the best thing is to go to freedom, fast dot, com and if they register before July, first Get a hundred dollars, often the it's really. Gonna be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to having you there again and to meet all of these People were anxious to jail.
You know my feeling is. If we all gathered together once a year, they can't ignores anymore. I am the whole idea and we can get as big as the grey or was accurate me. A big difference, so mark. You are a Europe on award winning economist and I don't know you saw the debate last night, but there talking about ending the free market now in the Democratic Party How fast in this thing be dismantled? Well, I think- their the Democratic Party is trying to. Distinguish themselves some way so the way they are doing it is by going further and further towards the cause of socialism. Me, let's call it
it is in that's what your topic is going to be at freedom fast, and you know I have to deal with this, as I teach economics at Chapman Universe, They have also taught at Columbia, business school, and I write on bored- I say: ok, let's take this quote. It sounds really good from each. According where's ability to each according to his knees, and I dont tell him it's from Karl Marx because I dont want to affect their buyers tonight just by show of hands all my view: upper middle class students at chat university. How many of you agree with this and I get about seventy five percent to raise your hand if it sounds really good and then I said, puts you're economics cap on and what happens
Anybody who earn more than the knee need level which for them was believe in seventy five thousand a year for these students I said: wait you're more than seventy five thousand well, it's all taken away and its put into this community part. So I sent in essence, what's the marginal tax rate under this plan and its a hundred per cent. Once you once people once students get that and they get it right away. Suddenly they realize all this isn't really a great plan. After all, And when you're through, I am one hundred percent voting against that they say we don't want it, so we have to educate our people and obviously the Democrats who are running for office, offering free medical care and free free college education. Everything before they all sounds very
appealing until you realize it's going to resolve an extremely high tax rates which is going to destroy what caused this in the first place, to become a process Zack. They re Mark look forward to seeing you at freedom fast. You go too far, infest dotcom freedom fast dotcom. I highly recommend that you come and I'm gonna be there and by my topic, Is socialism versus the free market, and I am- I am anxious to present that and will see their marks cows and thank you so much freedom fast dotcom ya, becoming along to raise radio network on demand.
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